098 Truman High, the Sequel

98 Bullies at Truman High: The Sequel
Part 1 of 4,

Cast: Brian Huff – senior, baseball star
Jim Huff, Brian's Dad and Minister
Sal Merker – childhood Friend of Brian
Bo Dunner = Sophomore High School Bully
Bo’s 2 cohorts = Sophomores Jeff Summers and; Chris Collins
Westley Moore 13-year-old neighbor of Brian’s

From the original story: Brian Huff was taking a leak in the sports field restroom. When he was caught and teased by the worse bullies at Truman High School. They made him strip and used a cell phone to video him jerking off. Well, it was that or getting the crap beat out of him by Bo Dunner and three of his cohorts. The video gave the bullies all the leverage they needed to haunt and humiliate Brian, and it got really very bad. Brian felt trapped.

The last thing that Bo Dunner did to Brain was lending him out to his girlfriend, Alisha. She was having a sleepover with four of her friends. Bo threatened Brian if he did not do all the girls required. He'd get his face smashed in. And Brian knew he meant it.

The first thing they required of Brian was for him to join them in their own simple version of strip poker. Needless to say, he lost. It was a rigged game. When Bo showed up four hours later to pick up Brian, Brian was naked!

"But my clothes," Brian protested. "I need my clothes!"

I'll get you your clothes, but first, we'll walk you out to Bo's car." Bonnie told him. Then Bonnie grabbed Brian by his stiff dick and pulled him totally naked out to the waiting car. Alisha then handed him a sheer G-string.

"But my clothes!"

"You have your clothes, Huff," Bo said. "And now you need to take care of me."

Bo pulled the naked senior out the door and pushed him into the front seat of his car. Brian was grasping his G-string. Alisha came running out the door and then quickly kissed her boyfriend goodbye.

"Thanks for lending Brian to us," she cooed. "We'll save you a copy of the video we took of the whole party. We all had a really good time with Brian."

Continuing: "Video?" was all Brian could mumble.

Bo started the car and peeled out of the driveway. Still naked. Brian cringed in the front seat holding the G-string. It took a while, but Brian finally calmed down. He had come off his humiliating, sexual high and was glad it was over. He sat back in the front passenger seat.

"Reach around the back seat and pull that ass plug out of the bag in the back," Bo instructed when they got to the highway. "There's lube in there also." Brian was astonished to see this ass plug again. The janitors took it a few days ago. So how did Bo get it? Did he get it from Festus and Mr. Jenkins? He was baffled, but he obeyed. Or maybe the janitors were hustling him in Bo's direction.

"Come on, Bo," Brian started to protest.

"Huff, you'd better do as you're told, or I'll have Chris forward those videos you watched earlier to all your schoolmates and parents." Then he yelled, "YOU GOT THAT?" Brian nodded his head, reached around, and grabbed the bag. Pulling it in the front seat with him. He fumbled through its contents until he found the ass plug that looked all too familiar and the bottle of lube. He sat there and looked at it. Wanting nothing to do with it.

"OK, tell me the truth," Bo asked. "Do you want to put that plug up your ass?" What was Bo saying? It must be a trick question. Brian shook his head no.

"No? Did you say no?" Bo pretended to be shocked. "Well, OK, then you don't have to. Just put it back in the bag." Brian felt relieved.

"No, if you don't want that up your asshole, that's fine with me," Bo said in a declarative way. OK, Brian thought, Bo is finally coming to reason. He was really very good at that. Maybe he'll end this whole domination thing. Finally, Brian smiled for the first time in many days.

"OK, so you don't want that one. Open the glove compartment and get that other little toy." Brian didn't know what he meant. So he opened the glove box, and there it was. Another packaged ass plug, except …

Brian just stared at it. It was a lot bigger than the other one. It was maybe 25% bigger. It was longer and fatter. He just stared at it and wanted so much to cry.

"Take it out of the package and grease it up good, Huff," Bo instructed, "then stick it up your ass."

Brian's hands shook as he opened the wrapping and took it out. He ran his greasy fingers up and down the plug. When it was slick enough. He reached around, greased up his asshole, and slowly slid it in. He cringed as he tried to get this larger plug up his sore, tight hole. He was sure it wouldn't fit.

"Come on, Huff, shove it up there. We don't have all day." Try as he would, stretching his ass lips wider than ever. He couldn't get it in further than the last half-inch. Then Bo put his hands on Brian's shoulder and sharply pushed him down into the car seat. It snapped in.

"OOOOH, MY GOD!" Brian complained.

"Just relax, wiggle your ass around. It was only tough getting it past your ass lips. Now your ass lip muscles are comfortable hugging onto it, so it's perfect now, right?" Brian didn't answer, but it did feel better once he moved around on the seat and relaxed.

Bo handed Brian his phone and told him what app to bring up. "Set it on medium," Bo ordered once the app was activated. Brian tapped the screen a few times, and the plug vibrated. It tickled his hard-little nut. So, Brian was stripped naked with Bo fully dressed, driving down the street. What a sight.

"Now, get over here and pull my dick out of my pants," Bo ordered. "Give me a blowjob." Brian scooted his naked ass across the seat beside Bo and popped the button on Bo's pants. He opened the bully's jeans. Reached into Bo's underwear and pulled out the hoodlum's dick. He leaned over and stuck the hardening cock into his mouth.

"Don't make me cum. Just keep me nice and horny," Bo ordered. During the whole trip. Brian sucked Bo's cock while the ass plug in his ass vibrated. By the time Bo stopped the car. Brian's dick was hard and leaking precum.

Thinking Bo was taking him home, Brian was greatly disappointed when he sat up and saw that they were at Bo's house. "You're coming with me, Huff," Bo told him.

"I can't go out there like this." Brian protested. "I don't have any clothes on."

"Then you'd better run," Bo said.

Bo grabbed his phone and got out of the vehicle. Brian stayed in the car until Bo had the door open. When the coast was clear. Brian opened the car door and dashed toward the house. Bo switched the ass plug on high as Brian ran toward the house. He nearly tripped when the plug changed speed. Bo just laughed as he watched the stunned teenager's hard dick twitch as he ran.

When Brian was on the porch. Bo quickly stepped inside the house but closed the screen door. He locked the car doors with the remote control. Leaving Brian stranded on the front porch, naked.

"Come, on, Bo," Brian pleaded. "Please let me in." Brian's dick was still hard and leaking precum. Bo flipped the plug down to low.

"Turn around and start jacking off," Bo told him.

"What?" Brian said in amazement.

"You heard me, Huff. Turn around, face the street, and start jacking off."

"But someone will see me." Brian objected.

"Then you'd better hurry up," Bo said, flipping the porch light on and off.

Brian was embarrassed, but he was also aroused. The plug in his ass was really turning him on. He grabbed his hard cock and started to jack off. Bo kept flipping the porch light on and off to draw attention to him.

Since it was late at night. No one was outside, and there were very few cars that drove by. Brian didn't have to stroke long before he shot his second load, sending four long spurts of cum out onto the porch floor.

"Lick it up, Huff," Bo ordered after the senior had shot his load. "It had better be all cleaned up, or you're not coming inside."

Brian got down on his hands and knees and licked it up. Bo flipped the ass plug back on 'high.' Brian's ass involuntarily rotated in a circle as he responded to the vibrations in his asshole, sometimes almost missing his mouth as he tried to eat his cum. Bo was laughing hysterically.

It was amazing. Truman High's baseball team leader and star pitcher Brian Huff was naked on the front porch. Just having been made to beat off in public. He was now on his hands and knees. Licking his own cum off the concrete porch! Amazing.

Finally, Brian had cleaned up the porch, and Bo unlocked the screen. Brian quickly dashed inside the house. "This way," Bo instructed as he laughed at the senior's earlier actions. Bo led him into the family room at the rear of the house. Jeff and Chris were sitting on the sofa watching the videos they had recorded of him and his sexual romps. The one of him in the field restroom jacking off was currently playing on the TV. Both Jeff and Chris were rubbing their dicks through their pants as they watched the video.

"Hey, Huff," Jeff said as he looked at the senior, "having a 'hard' night?" He laughed at his feigned attempt at humor and then went back to watching the video and rubbing his cock.

Bo walked to the middle of the room and removed his clothes. When he was naked. He sat down in a big overstuffed chair with his hard dick sticking straight up.

"All right, Huff," he said as he switched the ass plug down to low. "It's time you started worshiping my fine body. Get your ass over here." Brian walked over to the big chair and knelt beside it.

"You can start with my feet," Bo said. "Start licking 'em." Brian wrinkled his nose as he picked up Bo's foot. He licked the in-step, then stuck Bo's toes into his mouth. He sucked on each toe as Bo wiggled the others, slipping his tongue between each digit and thoroughly washing them with his mouth. Bo giggled as Brian sucked on his feet. Brian alternated back and forth between his two feet, licking the bottoms, tops, and arches and sucking on his toes.

"All right, Huff, time to move north." Bo snickered after a while. "I want you to suck my tits and rub my chest."

Brian dropped Bo's foot and gently nipped Bo's tit, taking the little nub into his mouth and running his tongue around the area. He massaged the teenager's smooth chest and pecs and gently tweaked Bo's nipples.

"Oh, shit, Huff," Bo moaned as Brian sucked his nipple, "That feels really good."

Jeff and Chris were still watching the videos, and Brian could see himself and Sal going at it on the TV as he massaged Bo's upper torso. His face occasionally flushed with embarrassment as he briefly observed some disgusting videos on the screen. Bo loved every humiliating moment of it.

"All right, Huff, time to suck my dick." Bo finally said. Brian parted Bo's legs, grabbed his cock, stuck it in his mouth, and leisurely started to suck him off, curling his tongue around the spongy dickhead and licking up and down Bo's hard shaft.

"Oh, Huff, you're a really great cocksucker," he moaned. "Lick my balls." Brian slathered his tongue down Bo's ball sack and licked each of Bo's balls as he jacked Bo's cock.

"Fucking shit! Huff that feels great," Bo said as he opened his legs a little further. Soon he was close to cumming, and he pulled Brian's head off his dick.

"Eat my asshole," he ordered.

"You're fucking crazy if you think I'm getting my face anywhere close to your asshole," Brian said defiantly. Jeff and Chris looked over at Bo. Their eyes were as big as saucers. Bo kicked out his leg. Hitting Brian in the chest. Knocking him on his back onto the floor. In a flash, Brian got up and lunged at Bo. Knocking him down and punching him in the gut. Jeff and Chris promptly got up and grabbed him by the arms. Pulling him off their friend.

"Oh, Huff, that was a really stupid move," Bo sneered. Jeff and Chris had a firm hold on Brian's body, rendering him immobile. Bo came up and grabbed Brian's cock, and started to stroke it. Then suddenly, he punched him square in the balls.

Brian yelled as he doubled over onto the chair, clutching his nuts. Jeff and Chris quickly grabbed him again. Pinning him face down on his knees in the chair, exposing his ass. Bo picked up his pants and pulled out his leather belt, doubling it up. He smacked the belt on Brian's backside, and a large red mark formed on Brian's ass cheek.

"I'm going to continue to whip your ass until you beg me to let you lick my ass," Bo said vehemently. He smacked Brian's ass again. Brian groaned. Bo laid 42 more lashes on Brian's ass before he spoke up.

"You gonna lick my asshole?"

"No. Please. I can't. I just can't." Brian pleaded.

Again, Bo used the belt even harder, belting him repeatedly in constant swats. No stopping, no pausing. Just a constant rain of plows onto Brian's ever-reddening ass.

"STOP! PLEASE STOP! OK, you win. I'll lick your ass." Brian completely broke down, sobbing and whimpering. "All right, I'll do it." He finally surrendered. Bo hit him one more time.

"Not good enough. You've got to beg me," he said.

"Please, may I please lick your ass?" Brian begged. Bo hit him again, three more times, as hard as he could.

"That's not good enough. You address me as Sir," he demanded, striking Brian's ass. "And you'd better say, 'May I eat your asshole?' You got that?"

"Please, SIR, please, may I eat your asshole, SIR?" Brian spat out in between sobs.

Bo hit him two more times. Then motioned for Chris and Jeff to let him go. Brian fell to the floor. Curled up in a fetal position, sobbing. His ass was red, and welts formed on his very painful ass cheeks. Bo's dick was rock hard. He looked at his two buddies. He sat on the sofa, pulled his legs up, and exposed his asshole.

"Get your mouth hole over here and start eating," he ordered.

Brian crawled over to the sofa and got between Bo's legs, gingerly sticking his tongue out, and he licked Bo's crack. He tasted a salty tang. He licked Bo's hole again and smelled a slight musk, but thankfully, Bo's asshole was not dirty, just sweaty. He licked it again, this time a little harder.

"Oooooooooo, that feels really good," Bo moaned.

Brian licked Bo's musky ass crack between his cheeks at Bo's insistence, causing him to moan again. He coached Brian as he continued to lick his hole and stick his tongue up his ass. Jeff and Chris were naked now also, and their dicks were hard. As Brian licked and sucked Bo's hole, Jeff and Chris came over and put their dicks in Brian's hand. He began to masturbate them. He worked Bo's hole and jacked off the other two sophomores. Bo's dick remained hard the whole time Brian serviced him. Finally, Bo pulled his ass away and rolled over on his back, his hard dick sticking straight up. He grabbed his cock and started to slowly jack off.

"Come here, Huff," he ordered. Brian dropped the other two sophomores' dicks and crawled over to Bo.

"Turn around and get on your hands and knees," he commanded. Brian did as he was told, his asshole facing Bo. Bo sat up, grabbed the ass plug, and pulled it out.

"Ooomph!" Brian groaned as the plug quickly exited his asshole. He looked around behind him. Bo was aligning his cock with his asshole.

Brian begged in his most pleading, sobbing voice, "Please don't. Please. I'll be good. Please, no, please …”

"Time to get a piece of that ass," Bo sneered.

"Please, no, please don't fuck me," Brian begged. "Please, Sir, please don't fuck me. I'll be good." Bo loved hearing the senior beg but paid no attention to Brian's pleas. He grabbed some lubricant and liberally smeared it on his cock. Brian plopped down on the floor on his belly.

"Please, please don't fuck me. I'm not ready to be fucked." he pleaded again. "Please don't fuck me. You'll tear me apart." Bo slapped Brian's already sore ass.

"Get back up on your hands and knees, Huff," he ordered, "Or we can have another session with my belt. It makes no difference to me because I will fuck you whether we beat your ass with the belt or not."

Brian sobbed as he got back up on his hands and knees. He knew it would do no good to protest any longer. Bo was right. He was going to get fucked regardless if they beat his already sore ass again or not. So why suffer through the additional pain? He felt Bo's cock at the entrance of his hole as the sophomore globbed more lube up his ass. With one mighty push, Bo shoved his whole cock up Brian's ass.

"YEOOWWW!" Brian yelled, tears streaming down his cheeks again. His ass felt as if it was torn in two as his hole stretched to the maximum around Bo's big cock. He felt a burning sensation.

Bo didn't move after hearing Brian scream. Mercifully, he waited a few moments for Brian to adjust to the large dick in his ass. Finally, Brian wiggled his ass slightly, attempting to accommodate the large pole up his hole and relieve some of the burning sensation. Bo interpreted that as a sign to begin and started to slowly fuck the senior with short thrusts.

Brian whimpered as the sophomore shoved his large cock in and out of his outstretched hole. Gradually, Bo increased the tempo of his thrusts. His greased cock was like a piston in Brian's once virgin hole.

"Oh, Huff, you've got a nice tight ass," Bo moaned as he continued to increase the tempo. "Your ass feels so good around my dick."

He progressively initiated a steady fuck rhythm and moaned in pleasure as he fucked the senior's asshole. Eventually, the burning sensation in Brian's ass began to subside, and a more pleasurable sensation intensified as Bo steadily increased the tempo. Frequently, his dick would rub Brian's prostate, causing Brian's cock to jump.

"Oh, Huff, I'm going to fuck this tight little ass frequently." Bo cooed. "This feels fantastic!" Brian's dick was now responding to his rapist's thrusts, and soon he was meeting every thrust of Bo's steady fuck.

"I'm gonna cum, Huff," Bo started to chant. "I'm gonna cum." He thrust his hard dick deeper into Brian's hole, constantly rubbing the teenager's prostate. Brian's dick was now hard and began leaking pre-cum.

"Oh, fuck, Huff, you've got a great, tight little hole," Bo repeated. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!"

He thrust harder. His stiff dick constantly stimulated Brian's prostate, causing the senior's cock to continuously leak pre-cum.

"Oh shit, I'm cumming!" Bo howled, "I'M CUMMING!"

He arched his back and began shooting jizz in Brian's tight hole, triggering Brian's orgasm also. Both guys shot their loads simultaneously. Bo's baby batter shot into Brian's ass, and Brian's jizz sprayed all over the floor. Bo kept pumping his dick into Brian's asshole, shooting at least five good volleys of cum up the senior's ass. While several puddles of jizz collected on the floor as Brian shot his load. They fell apart when their climaxes subsided, both guys breathing heavily as they lay in a heap on the floor.

Jeff and Chris stroked their hard dicks as they watched the two guys recuperate from their fuck session. When Brian's breathing returned to normal, Jeff and Chris grabbed the senior's arms, pulled him up, and "walked" him over to the coffee table. They quickly cleared the table's surface and laid him down on his back. Jeff got between Brian's legs, pointing his hard dick at his asshole.

"Please, not again!" Brian pleaded. "I can't get fucked again." But Jeff ignored him.

Chris was at Brian's head and reached over to take hold of his knees and pull his legs into the air. Chris held his legs up and wide apart to give his buddy, Jeff, maximum access to Brian's asshole. He watched the senior's face grimace in pain as Jeff shoved his hard cock into his sore, sloppy asshole.

"YEOOWW!" Brian screamed again. Chris let Brian's legs rest on Jeff's shoulders, so he could use his dick to plug Brian's mouth hole.

Brian got fucked while he sucked Chris's cock, and then the two switched places, spit-roasting him back and forth. Both sophomores were so horny that they didn't last long and soon were shooting cum up Brian's shit chute and down his throat. Needless to say, all four students were exhausted. The sophomores crashed where ever there was space.

Brian was left alone and naked on the living room floor. He had no clothes to wear home and didn't want to borrow whatever clothes he found there, thinking that Bo would have him by the balls for stealing. So, Brian climbed onto one of the beds to rest until he was told he could get dressed and leave.

"What the fuck are you doing, asshole." Brian came to life with a start. "Who said you could use one of my beds?" Brian was at a loss as to what was wrong. "Get the fuck off there and follow me." Bo bellowed.

Brain got off the bed and stood there, "No, on your knees, and follow me." He stayed on all fours and followed Bo through the house and to the back door. Bo opened it, "Out there. Your place is in the backyard. You stay there until I come and get you."

Brian was so stunned. He was exhausted. His body hurt, especially his ass. He had been fucked and used for hours. After Bo had left and left him alone, he sat there on the grass and looked around. A high wood fence was all around the yard, and a gate led to the front yard. He was cold. He sat there fuming. What was he supposed to do in the yard? Sleep? For how long?

Brian had had enough for one day. Wise or not, he was going to leave and go home. He walked over to the gate. It was locked. But it was obviously easy for anyone to climb over, and he did. Now he was in Bo's front yard and totally naked. It was probably 2:00 AM. The street was quiet, except for the street lights. Everything was dark.

What really irked him was that these humiliating predicaments were forced on him by bullies YOUNGER than he! How in the world did he end up in so many embarrassing and publicly humiliating situations by someone his junior! And he, Brian, was certainly a much more popular and respected school student. Amazing.

He snuck along the various front yards trying to stay low and out of sight. Many homes had large bushes where he could duck for cover as needed to hide his naked body. Then, the lights of the house he was at turned on suddenly, lighting up the entire front of the house and yard. It was one of those motion-sensing devices that must have been triggered.

He darted to the other side of the street and kept low. He continued the slow, sneaky trek home when he thought he was clear. Which was just about two miles away. He noticed the interior lights at a few homes had come on, but he thought it was best to go along his way quickly.

Apparently, someone called the cops because a police car drove down the street, shining a spotlight along the sidewalk and the bushes of all the yards. He sought a hiding place behind a couple of trees. The cop shined the light directly where he was hiding, but he molded himself onto the back side of the tree, hopefully out of sight of the patrolman.

"How," Brian wondered, "am I going to get home now with no clothes and a cop searching for me" When things had quieted down, he finally stepped out from his hiding place onto the darkened sidewalk.

"Looking for something?" asked a police officer standing there with his flashlight now on the naked boy. Brian just about jumped out of his skin. He turned around. A cop was standing on the other side of the tree. Brian quickly covered his genitals.

Bullies at Truman High: The Sequel
Part 2 of 4

When he left Bo's place, he had to go home naked. And more, people called the police when they saw a young man sneaking along their street in the dark. "Looking for something?" asked a police officer standing there with his flashlight now on the naked boy. Brian just about jumped out of his skin. He turned around. A cop was standing on the other side of the tree. Brian quickly covered his genitals.

Continuing: "Uh, yes, Sir," he said. The cop was about 35 years old. His eyes were locked on Brian as he walked toward him. His night-stick was raised.

"Turn around and place your hands behind your back," the cop ordered.

"Yes, Sir, but . . ." Brian started to say.

"Say nothing," the cop commanded.

Brian shut his mouth and turned around. The cop grabbed one of his wrists and snapped a handcuff on it. He grabbed the other wrist and cuffed it behind Brian's back. He turned the naked teenager around to face him.

"What's your name, kid?" the cop asked. Brian responded with his name.

"Where do you live?" the cop asked. Brian told him.

"No need to frisk you, as I can plainly see you're not carrying any weapons." The cop sneered as he nudged Brian into the shadows of the trees. "I assume you've got a good explanation for your state of dress."

Brian went into great detail about his ordeal with Bo and his two cohorts. When he'd finished, the cop just stood there and eyed the naked teenager up and down. Brian stood there in silence. Finally, the cop reached over and gently pinched Brian's nipple and then reached down with his other hand and squeezed the eighteen-year-old's cock and balls.

The cop grabbed Brian and led him to the police cruiser. There were several residents on their porches. All gawking at the naked boy. The cop opened the back door and placed him inside. Holding his head so it would not bump on the car door. After closing the door. He went around and got into the driver's side of the vehicle. He started the car and headed in the opposite direction of Brian's house.

"Where are we going?" Brian questioned when he realized he wasn't going toward his house. The cop said nothing.

"Please, Sir," Brian pleaded, "can you please just take me home? Please, Sir, I just want to go home. I've done nothing wrong." The cop said nothing and continued driving. Brian kept pleading for the cop to take him home.

"Look, my being naked was a big practical joke, a prank. One of the guys at school, Bo Dunner, forced me into it. I had no choice," Brian pleaded.

Brian wasn't sure, but he thought he heard the cop mutter, "Bo, Chris, and Jeff must still be at it." So, he was aware of their viscous shenanigans! The cruiser headed out of town. Brian now became frantic and started to really beg.

"Please, Sir, just take me home. Please, I just want to go home. Can't you please take me home now, Sir? Please, Sir! I've done nothing wrong, Sir. Please, please, please, Sir. Just take me home."

The cop continued in silence as Brian continued to plead. Soon, he pulled off onto a country road and drove about four miles. He pulled into the driveway of what appeared to be an abandoned farm. He stopped in front of the deserted barn. He turned off the ignition, popped the trunk, got out, and pulled out the emergency blanket and electric lantern from the trunk. He went inside for a few minutes, returned, walked to the car, and opened the back door.

"Get out," he ordered. Now really scared, Brian started pleading again with the cop as he exited the vehicle. With an open palm, the cop slapped him on the face.

"Shut up, kid, and do as you're told," he said sternly.

A small tear crawled down Brian's face as he walked toward the barn thinking in his frantic state, "Was it this? Is he going to kill me?" Once inside, the cop directed him to the middle of the rustic space. He had laid the blanket down on a bed of straw, and the battery-powered lantern moderately lit the barn.

"Now, kid, you just keep that yap shut. I'm tired of your begging. One more word, and you're getting this belt across your backside. Do you understand?"

Brian nodded his head. "Yes, Sir," he said.

"Good!" the cop said. "Now we're just going to have a little fun. Do as you're told, and we'll both enjoy this. Got it?" Brian reluctantly nodded his head. The cop unbuttoned his uniform shirt, took it off, then neatly folded it and draped it over a nearby wooden rail. He wore a sleeveless T-shirt which exposed his hairless chest, His pecs were well-defined, and his nipples were hard and pointy and clearly protruded out through the cotton shirt. He walked over to Brian, grabbed the kid's nipples, and gently pulled, pinched, and tweaked them. With his other hand, he reached down and gently pulled on Brian's dick. It took a while, but Brian started responding to the cop's manipulations. The cop began to gently suck Brian's tits, alternating between his nipples. He used both hands to stimulate Brian's cock and balls, fondling the teenager's hardening dick while rubbing the kid's balls. Eventually, Brian's cock got fully hard. The cop stooped down and took Brian's cock into his mouth. He started to suck the boy's dick while he played with the handcuffed teenager's tits.

Brian was soon moaning with pleasure. Brian subconsciously thrust his hips forward as the cop sucked his cock. He could feel the cum start to churn in his balls. The cop sensed the teenager's impending orgasm. As soon as he felt Brian was going to explode. He stopped! Brian let out a loud groan. The cop just snickered as Brian kept thrusting his hips in an attempt to "fuck" the air, but his stiff dick just bounced up and down, leaking precum down the hard shaft.

"Just priming the pump," the cop laughed. "I've found that I get better head when the giver is horny and needs to cum as badly as I do." Brian gasped when he heard that. "Here, I'm going to remove the handcuffs." Just relax." Those metal cuffs hurt, and Brian was glad to have them off.

"Please, Sir, please don't make me suck your cock." he protested.

The cop noted that Brian's dick was getting soft again, probably from fear. "If you don't want to, that's fine with me." It was the first sign of compassion Brain had heard all day and night.

Brian hung his head down and sobbed. The cop watched the kid for a few moments, then slowly pulled off his T-shirt, folded it, and placed it on top of his uniform shirt. He leisurely sat down on the blanket. He untied and loosened his boots and pulled off his shoes and socks. He tucked his socks into his boots and stood them up neatly beside the fence rail under his shirt. He eventually stood back up. He unbuttoned his pants and opened them up, exposing his white jockey shorts. He looked over at Brian. Brian was no longer crying but was watching the cop intently. Their eyes met briefly.

The cop pushed his pants down to his ankles and stepped out. Brian looked down at the cop's white underwear. The cop's cock was tenting his shorts. He walked over to Brian. He grabbed the kid's semi-erect cock and started to jack him off. With the cop stroking his cock, Brian soon succumbed to the manipulations, and once again his dick was hard. He placed his hands on the teenager's shoulders and gently pushed him down onto his knees. The kid was now face-to-face with the cop's groin.

The cop grabbed the waistband of his jockey's and pushed his briefs down. His hard eight-inch cut-cock sprang free, slapped across his stomach, and then bounced profusely in front of Brian's face. He pushed his underwear down to his ankles and stepped out of them. Now he was as totally naked as Brian.

As if in a trance, Brian opened his mouth. The cop laid his cock on Brian's tongue and gently pushed it into the teenager's mouth. Brian formed his lips into an "O." He closed his mouth over the hard shaft and gently began to suck the member down his throat. He let his tongue glide up and down the hard pole and then gently sucked the cop's dickhead. The cop moaned whenever Brian sucked his sensitive knob, and he began to face fuck the naked teenager in a frenzy. Brian did his best not to gag but occasionally choked as the cop forced his dick down his throat.

"Suck my balls," the cop whispered when he felt he was about to cum. He wanted to prolong his impending orgasm. So he pulled his dick out and got on his tiptoes to raise his balls up and over Brian's outstretched tongue and plant them in Brian's mouth. The kid licked the cop's balls. He gently sucked each one into his mouth, then washed the cop's ball sack with his tongue.

For a good twenty minutes, Brian either sucked the cop's dick or licked his balls. The cop moaned in ecstasy. Breathless, he pushed Brian away.

"Stand up," he said. Brian likely did not notice that the cop's "angry" voice was now much more mellow, but it was. "Now, lay down on the blanket," the cop told him. The teenager lay down on the blanket on his back. The cop knelt beside him and again put the kid's dick into his mouth. The cop started to suck him off again, and soon Brian was writhing in ecstasy. The cop got up on all fours and straddled Brian's body in the opposite direction, placing his dick right in front of Brian's mouth. The cop was just about to "order" Brian to suck his dick, but then Brian did just that, on his own, naturally.

The two were now in a classic 69 position. The teenager grabbed the cop's prick and started to suck, while the cop grabbed Brian's dick and reciprocated. Occasionally, Brian felt the cop's tongue slide up and down his ass crack. He shook whenever the cop's tongue found his sphincter. It felt wonderful. For fifteen minutes, the two "feasted" on each other's meat, toying with each other's balls and asshole and slowing down whenever they felt the other was going to shoot.

Finally, Brian was determined to bring the cop off. He sucked the cop's dick deep down his throat and thrust a finger up the cop's ass. That did it. The cop moaned one last sigh and started shooting his load deep down the teenager's throat. That triggered Brian's orgasm too, and soon both guys were drinking each other's jizz.

When they had both shot their loads. They broke apart and lay on the blanket, gasping for air. They grabbed their own wilting dicks and continued to fondle themselves, milking out every last drop of boy juice. Finally, the cop's breathing returned to normal. He rolled over on his side and grabbed Brian's nipple. He gently pinched it a few times and then stood up.

Brian lay on the blanket and watched the cop get dressed, which was odd. He put on his uniform shirt and pants without putting on his underwear and T-shirt. Odd, Brian thought.

"At least you can wear my underwear home. And you can also wrap yourself up in the blanket." the cop told him.

Brian started to grab the underwear, but the cop stopped him. He took Brian's hand and gently pulled him close to his body, front to front. Then the cop leaned his face down and kissed Brian passionately. Brian was surprised but gladly returned the same wonderful, passionate French kiss.

"Here, kid," he said, handing him his underwear, "Get dressed." Brian quickly scrambled, pulling on the underwear, glad to have something to hide his nudity for the first time in many hours.

"It's time to go," the cop said after Brian had "dressed." They left the barn and got into the cruiser, Brian in the back seat. They rode to Brian's place in silence. When the cop pulled up in front of Brian's house, he turned to Brian and said.

"Tell your folks that Billy says Hi!"

"You know my folks?" Brian asked, totally astonished.

"Yeah," Billy said. "I used to babysit you when you were small. I changed your diapers and saw your cute little dick many times." He laughed and then added. "But it's a lot more fun actually playing with you now than just babysitting you back then."

Now totally stunned, Brian got out of the car with a smile and closed the door. The police cruiser pulled away as Brian entered his house.

Needless to say, Brian was exhausted. He snuck upstairs into his bedroom, still wrapped in Officer Billy's blanket. That was a pleasant memory. But the crazy dreams he had during the night freaked him out. He dreamt about his long-time best friend, Sal Merker, whom Bo had forced Brian to have sex with. And ever since that time. It was just too awkward to reconnect. They mainly avoided each other after that. It was sad since their 69 sex was so wonderful, but each was living life as a straight boy. And being gay was ... well, neither was prepared for that dramatic a change, especially Brian since his Father was a conservative Minister.

It was now Monday, and Brian Huff dreaded going to school. He couldn't deal with Bo and his hooligan cohorts. Those three sophomores were just bad news. He went directly to his locker to get his books. When he opened it, he was shocked, or, better put, pleasantly surprised, that Nothing evil popped out at him. He was leery and walked quickly to his first–period class.

"Hey Brian, did you hear the news?" Sal Merker actually spoke to him before the class started.

"No, what?"

"Bo Dunner got suspended," Sal told him. "Yea, it's all over campus."

"WHAT?" Brian shouted.

"Yea, Bo and his two buddies got ousted, and we are free," Sal said.

"As my Father would say, "Hallelujah!" Brian was letting it sink in. He considered that maybe Officer Billy had something to do with it, but at any rate, he was free. "Wow! What great news!" Then Brian paused: "Say, you want to do a movie this week?"

"Ah … Brian … well. I don't think we can be …" Then he started again, "For Christ's sake, Brian, your Dad's a Baptist Minister! You and I would both be fucked if he found out." Sal whispered to his former good buddy. "I just don't think we should … you know … do it again."

"But you liked it. The 69 and all. OK, Bo forced us into it for his amusement, but you liked it. We both did. Can't we see where this leads us, I mean, for old time's sake?"

"Brian, your Dad, the great Reverend Huff of Longview Baptist Church, filed a report with the school board on his nephew just because he had a porn magazine in his backpack. Your Dad is crazy. Sorry, but I'm out."

A few weeks passed, and even though Brian was frustrated that he could not restart his important friendship with his childhood buddy, Sal Merker, there was a big plus in his life now. His tormentor, Bo Dunner, and his sophomore cohorts, Jeff and Chris, had disappeared from his life. When all the details of their lifestyle of harassment came to full light. They were not just suspended. They were kicked out of school. What happened to them now was of no interest to Brian, Sal, or anyone who had suffered at their hands. So, for Brian Huff, the baseball star at Truman High, life was good again.

He reflected on the extreme humiliation he was put through. He realized he had lost all his dignity in doing those disgusting sexual acts and being forced to go into public naked. He was just at his wit's end. If Bo hadn't left the school. He would have. That's how bad it was.

But, to Brian, the worst was that he had been harassed and dominated by younger guys. He had just started his senior year, and Bo and the others were only sophomores, almost 2 years younger. And worse, they were low-lifes. He was a school hero, a baseball team champion, and a school celebrity of sorts. How in the world could a younger guy, a younger, worthless low-life, dominate him like that? He fumed for a week, then let it all go. Almost a month had passed before he could truly feel free and could settle back into the normal life of a typical high school senior. He was thinking about the girls at school and which ones he would like to start dating. Yes, life was good again.

But then, he received an ominous text. It was from Bo. FUCKKKK!!!! "Hey buddy, I guess your cop friend Billy got me out of your way. Such a bummer."

"What do you want?" Brian returned.

"Just to tell you, you win. I am not returning to Truman High or Ridgeway City, so you are free of me and my buds. We are definitely out of your life." Bo texted back. It was still unsettling.

"OK, goodbye," Brian replied to end the conversation. He thought to himself, "That was strange. It was certainly out of character for Bo to admit he lost … anything."

"Oh, BTW, I still have one little buddy who lives near you, Wesley Parsons." That was it. No more texts … thank God!

Wesley was that 13-year-old who lived a short distance from the Huffs and attended the same Baptist church where Brian's Dad was the Pastor. Brian reflected on Wesley: "He's no threat."

The good news is after several months of being forced into being humiliated and doing weird sex acts, Bo and his cronies got kicked out of school. For good! And Brian was free. It took a few weeks to really believe it, but he was free.

"Wesley Moore is just a snot-nosed, skinny nerd, an ass kisser. Everyone thinks he is so goodie-two-shoes. He's just a harmless little kid in middle school. The only time I see him is at my Dad's Sunday services. He's no threat."

Bullies at Truman High: The Sequel
Part 3 of 4

Sunday morning, and, as usual, Brian got ready for church. It was a regular family event. His Dad was Reverend Jim Huff, the local Baptist Minister. And, also, as usual, Mr. Huff left early to prepare to greet his congregation. Brian drove his Mom and sister about an hour later. When Brian arrived. His Dad was greeting the Moore family as they entered the church. The Moores lived just four blocks away and often walked to church. Brian overheard his Dad talking to Mr. Moore about his son, 13-year-old Wesley.

Mrs. Moore explained that Wesley was doing well, but as of late, Wesley was a pain in Brian's ass. The 13-year-old middle-school student would hover around him and pester him continuously. Finally, Brian hauled off last Sunday and punched Wesley in the face. It happened in the church parking lot because Wesley wouldn't leave him alone. Naturally, there was a rash of controversy within the church when it was discovered that the preacher's kid was bullying a little kid. Actually, it was more the other way around. But it never got physical until last week. Brian had had enough.

Rev. Huff made Brian apologize in front of the congregation, embarrassing him terribly. And Wesley "humbly," said he forgave Brian and would forget the whole incident. He is putting on a big show before the members. Brian's Dad was impressed with Wesley's exemplary behavior and often cited him as an example when disciplining Brian. The preacher didn't know that Wesley secretly vowed to himself that one day he'd get revenge. Knowing Wesley Moore far better than his Dad did, Brian didn't fall for the phony act in the least bit and knew the kid could not be trusted. He was certain the 13-year-old would try to retaliate. He didn't know when or how Wesley would strike back.

"Reverend Huff," Westley looked up to Brian's Dad and asked, "I know how you want all of us to sit in pews as close to the front to better listen to the service, but I think I am getting a cold, and ... well ... would it be OK for me to sit in the last pew. So I don't make anyone else sick?"

"Wesley, you never fail to impress me. You are so kind and considerate. Yes, of course, you may sit back there." Rev. Huff told him.

Then Rev. Huff looked back up to Wesley's Father and said, "Phil, you have a wonderful son." Phil nodded with pride.

"Brian, Brian." Wesley was tugging on his arm.

"What?" Brian responded annoyedly, not wanting anything to do with the kid.

"I need to talk to you now." Wesley looked at him sternly.

Brian thought that with so many other people around, they'd be better off talking away from the others, so he nudged Wesley away about 20 feet.

"What?" he asked in a strong, husky whisper.

"I need to show you this. It's a present to me. Well, actually, it's a goodbye present to you, as Bo put it." With that, Wesley pulled out his cell phone and pushed a couple of icons, and a video started to play.

"I am such a fag. Please let me suck your dick…." Brian recognized it in a second. It was his voice! It's a video of him submitting to Bo! He tried to grab the phone away from the 13-year-old, but Wesley anticipated it and quickly jerked his hand back.

"What the fuck are you doing with that? Give that to me - NOW!" Brian screeched in a low whisper, not wanting to be overheard by the church members 20 feet away. "And where did you get that?"

"As I said, it was a parting gift from Bo to keep for you. Isn't he nice? Oh, and watch this part ..."

"Sir, I am fucking begging you to let me lick your asshole. Oh God, please let me worship your hot, manly asshole with my tongue. I'll do any. I’ll …." The video went on.

"Stop that. Now! Wesley. Give me that!"

"I will. I'll give it to you during the church service when I 'accidentally' hit the play button with the volume turned up." Brian made another grab for the phone but missed. "Look, if you really want my phone, here, take it. You can erase the video if you like. Go ahead." And Brian quickly grabbed it. Not waiting for Wesley to change his mind. He deleted the video and returned the phone to the boy.

Brian was relieved. It was just a bad daydream. It's over now, and he was safe again.

"You did it. You deleted that awful, faggot video of you sucking Bo's dick and rimming his ass. Wow. I am so proud of you. Now I can't play it in church as I had planned." Wesley went silent…ominously silent … but was still smiling. "Actually, I should correct myself. I can't play it in church … today. But next Sunday, I'll upload another copy on here, and I'll play it in church then." he smiled cheerfully.

Brian knew, just then, with that one sentence, that he was cooked. He changed his tone and went from angry to a sad, pleading voice. "Look, I know we got off on the wrong foot. I am really very sorry. But that video could …”

"Actually," Wesley interrupted, "I have seven videos of your various performances. In fact, I haven't even reviewed them all yet."

Brian had a blank stare as his hopeless situation was beginning to gel. His stomach felt like a big knot had formed. "Look, we can work this out. I'll… I'll… I'll pay you. A hundred dollars each. I don't have it now but let me work on it. And …”

"No … I don't think so. I think it would be fun to play the video in church and watch all the …"

"OK, Wesley, you win. I give up. What do you want for the videos? Anything." Brian offered.

"Well, can you call me … ah …" Wesley was hesitant to say it out loud for fear it would sound stupid, but then he sheepishly added, "Master?" as he bowed his head. He didn't really know if Brian would haul off and slug him in the face or wring his neck and choke the life out of him. I mean, this was Brian Huff, a Truman High senior, the hero of the baseball team. The star pitcher whom everyone loved and respected. Hell, Wesley himself idolized Brian.

There was silence from both boys. By looking at Brian's sad face, Wesley realized that he would not act out any violence. They searched each other's eyes to try to determine what the other was thinking.

"Master." It was a weak voice, but there it was.

Wesley, feeling his newfound power, whispered, "Good. Now kneel down and kiss my feet."

"Wesley! This has gone far enough. I can't do that out here, in the church parking lot, with my Dad and the others nearby! Are you crazy?" Brian yelled in a hoarse whisper.

Wesley dropped his pen on the ground near his right foot. "This is the last time I'm going to help you out." he just stared into Brian's face.

Brian got the message. He managed a contrived smile and said loudly, "I'll get that for you, ole' buddy." Then he stooped down. Quickly pecked Wesley's foot and rose up with the same stupid smile. No one really noticed the kiss. It was alright with Wesley that he kissed only one of his feet because even that alone was amazing! Wesley puffed out his chest as his head began to swell with the new knowledge that he could control the star of the Truman High School baseball team. The very guy he would fantasize about in bed as he played with his developing dick. This was awesome!

The two students were about the same height. 18-year-old Brian was 5' 8" and 140 pounds, and 13-year-old Westley was tall for his age, at 5'9" and 130 pounds. He looked like a typical skinny nerd. No kidding, he even wore glasses with gray plastic frames and white tape over the bridge of the nose. Perfect nerd … Master.

"OK, friends, let's all go inside and participate in the service." Rev. Jim Huff called out. And the few lingering parishioners followed him inside.

"Brian, you're sitting with me in the back pew."

"We can't do that. My Dad wants everyone up close to the front and keeps the back pews empty."

"No, I told your Dad I felt a cold coming on. So I should sit in the back. He thought that was a kind gesture. And you will sneak into the same row with me but do it quickly so no one notices you. You'll be on all fours, keeping your head down at my feet."


"No, that is not correct. Address me with respect."

"Master." That's all Brian said, and he realized he now had no choice but to obey. He'd work this out with Wesley tomorrow, but for now, he did as his … "Master" wanted. Surely it would be only one day of stupid stuff like this, and then it would be over.

With all the commotion of people milling around, taking their seats, it was easy for Brian to follow Wesley into the last pew. He was on the floor. Rev. Huff began the service.

Wesley looked down at Brian. "Take off your shoes and hand them to me." Brian wanted to yell that he couldn't do that, but he was in his Dad's church, and everyone was so quiet, listening to the service. He couldn't say anything. Brian took off his shoes and handed them to Wesley. "Socks." And so, he removed his socks and handed those over as well. Brian sensed Wesley was satisfied and relieved to sit quietly and wait for the service to end.

Wesley Moore sat there with Brian's sock-filled shoes on the bench next to him. He was fingering the shoes as if they were a great prize. He was smiling. He felt so powerful. It was all new to him, and it was wonderful. He looked at Brian, cowering barefooted at his feet. Brian, the guy who hauled off and punched him in the face a week earlier. Yes, that Brian.

You might wonder if being in the back row was "dangerous" because anyone coming late or leaving early could walk past the last row and see the two boys. But there was no "back" door. The main doors to the church were in the middle of one side. People entered and left the church through the main doors on the side. So, no one would have any reason to walk past or even go by the area of the last pew.

"Shirt," Westley whispered. And he said it calmly, unexpectedly, as if it were nothing to request Brian's shirt. In fact, he didn't even look down. He only stared at Rev. Huff. Wesley was gaining more and more confidence in his power. He didn't need to reinforce his words with a harsh stare at the boy on the floor. He said nothing else. He didn't even put his hand out, gesturing for the shirt. It felt awesome. He only said the word "shirt" in a tone that would suggest he was bored and that the request for the shirt was insignificant. With some hesitation on the cowering boy's part, the shirt eventually appeared on his lap.

Now Westley looked down at the bare-chested, barefooted boy. To be more descriptive, he looked down at a terribly frightened and trembling boy. Brian's face was ghostly white.


Brian reached up and gently placed his hand on Westley's knee to get the 13-year-old's attention since he was still looking up at the Reverend speaking. Wesley looked down, smiling, to see Brian slowly shaking his head no. But the look on Brian's face was not a "FUCK NO!" It was a terrified face that was saying, begging Wesley, "Oh God, please have pity on me! Please, all-powerful Master, please don't make me give you my pants. I am not questioning your authority. I am only pleading for mercy. Please, please, please, Sir, please don't make me give you my pants in my Father's church, with my Father lecturing and all these people here. Oh please, please, please …”

Would Wesley change his mind? Or was he going to reaffirm his demand and again say, "Pants?" Was he going to reach down and slap Brian's face?

No, he did none of that. Why? Because he felt it was not necessary. He just looked at Brian, smiled, and waited. His smile grew into an open-mouthed grin. Brian removed his pants, being as quiet as he could, and handed them to Wesley. But Wesley did not immediately take them.

"Fold them." Shocked, Brian folded them and handed them to his … "Master."

Wesley placed the folded pants on the shirt and neatly piled shoes beside him. After a few minutes more, Wesley leaned way down to whisper to the almost naked Brian, "You have been good and obedient. You have obeyed without question. You have earned a reward."

Brian was so relieved. He figured his clothes would be returned now and this stupid, daring prank was ending. He even allowed himself to smile and was about to whisper a "thank you" back at Westley since he thought all their past issues were now resolved. They were even! The punch in the face was forgiven! The friction between them was over. Maybe they could look back on this one day and laugh, maybe even become friends.

Brian wondered why Wesley took out his cell phone. Who was he going to call?

"Your reward is a choice. You can either give me your sexy blue underwear, or you may take off my shoes and socks and lick and suck my feet. BUT you must lick them all over and be thorough." Wesley said, not really caring which choice Brian took. He'd enjoy it either way.

Brian didn't move. How could this be? Here he was in his underwear. Hiding on the floor of the last pew, scared out of his mind. HOW IN THE FUCK WAS HE GOING TO HAND OFF HIS ONLY ITEM OF CLOTHING? He'd be the town's laughing stock, thrown out of school and beaten with a belt by his Dad. As well as ruin his Dad's church and all the respect his family had earned over the years. He would not be naked in his Dad's church, PERIOD!

And another thing: he was furious that a 13-year-old was telling him what to do. He hated that. He was 18, and why in the world was a fucking teen-nerd giving him orders?

Wesley felt his shoelaces being untied. He didn't bother to look down. He liked that his "orders" didn't need to be reinforced with gestures. With every passing minute, he felt his abuse of Brian could go further and further. He had none of this planned out. He had no idea Brian was going to obey him … at all. All this power was a fabulous surprise. And for a 13-year-old to control an 18-year-old was euphoric.

Now Brian, the hero of Truman High, was clad only in skimpy blue briefs and was licking his feet. Ever since Wesley heard of Brian Huff, the star baseball pitcher, he was enamored of him. He idolized him. He worshiped him. Now, look who was worshiping whom. This had to be the highlight of his life for a young teen.

If only Brian had known that when Wesley told him that Bo had given him seven videos showing the star baseball hero doing humiliating stuff. He was lying. Bo had only sent him the one that was on his phone. The devastating video he showed Brian just an hour earlier in the parking lot.

At that time, Wesley was only joking around, pranking Brian to see how he would react. Wesley had no intention or plan to actually try to abuse Brian. I mean, that thought did occur to him. But he didn't have the confidence or the where with all to actually pull it off. He didn't know how to do it, and he was afraid that if he tried. It would somehow backfire.

Even more amazing was when Wesley handed over his cell phone to Brian and let him delete the video. It wasn't a copy. That was the only video he had of Brian, and Brian had deleted it. Wesley was joking when he said he had multiple copies. Brian was completely free of any blackmail. There were no longer any humiliating videos in Wesley's possession.

Of course, Brian didn't know that. There he was on the floor of the pew, practically naked! Doing a great job sucking his "Master's" toes and licking his feet all over. Brian was terrified that if he didn't do a perfect job. The non-existent videos of him would ruin his life and the lives of his entire family. Wesley took his phone out again, filming Brian, clad only in underwear. Brian sticks his tongue between each of Wesley's toes and uses his hands to massage his feet at the same time. Brian wanted Wesley to feel good and satisfied, so he wouldn't be further embarrassed and publicly humiliated.

"I had a rather nice lecture prepared to give this morning," Rev. Huff said loudly to his congregation, "But this morning I am filled with joy at the behavior of one of our parishioners. I want to recognize Wesley Parsons. Please stand, Wesley."

Wesley was surprised but not shocked. As he stood and waved his hand to acknowledge the compliment. Brian heard his Dad praise Wesley. The boy whose feet he was licking while wearing just his underwear. Brian felt so foolish. What the fuck was going on? Was he being used and abused by this kid as his Father was praising that kid? WHAT THE FUCK! As Wesley stood for a few moments. Brian thought he'd best not stop licking his Master's feet. So, he licked on. Then Wesley finally sat again.

"Yes, Wesley, who my son punched just last week. Has the kind and loving heart to forgive Brian. I suspect they will even become very close friends. And that close connection will be because of Wesley's strong determination to be a good person."

"Yes, thank you, Wesley. I think that the next time my wife and I need to travel out of town. I'll ask Wesley to babysit Brian." The congregation laughed. "I did say that with a bit of humor! But as I reflect on it, I will do just that." Then the Reverend motioned to Wesley, "Would that be OK with you, Wesley?" Wesley made a thumb-up gesture, and the congregation applauded.

The Rev. Huff returned to his sermon, and Wesley leaned down again. "Wow, your Dad thinks I should be in control of you. Wouldn't that be great?"

Brian was feeling sick. But then he thought maybe after Wesley heard such praise from Rev. Huff, Brian's Dad, he would be satisfied and finally end this daring humiliation. Yes, he thought that until he heard Wesley whisper, "Underwear."

Bullies at Truman High: The Sequel
Part 4 of 4

Brian’s world came to a grinding halt. He stopped licking. He stopped touching Wesley in any way at all. His mind just shut down. He was in a daze. His Dad was speaking, and he was nearly naked and on the floor of the last pew.

Wesley had no idea that his power over Brian could possibly extend this far. To have Brian totally naked in his own Dad's church during Sunday morning service, no less. Still, Brian did not move. Wesley thought to himself, "Well, OK. That was fun while it lasted. I had a great time using and abusing my baseball hero. It's fine if this goes no further. I don't actually have any humiliating videos of Brian anyway. At least, this was a wonderful prank, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And more importantly. I taught Brian a lesson he will not soon forget. Do I feel bad for Brian? OK, maybe a little, but I'm only 13. How often can a 13-year-old dominate an 18-year-old? And with a non-existent video at that?" However, that had changed because Brian was being filmed – THIS TIME BY WESLEY – who had been recording every step of Brian's descent into subhuman status.

Suddenly, Wesley heard a faint, very faint sob. Brian was as quiet as he could as he carefully cried. What was this about? Why was he crying? Should Wesley let him out of this awful predicament and finally tell him it was all a big hoax? To be honest, he didn't know what his next step should be with Brian, so he did something neutral.

Wesley reached down and gently pulled Brian's head over to his thigh and held it there. Brian didn't resist. He let his head stay where his Master placed it. Then Wesley began to pet him. He brushed his hair lightly, as if with compassion as if comforting a child, as if petting a dog. Brian quietly sobbed.

Wesley was done. He had gone as far as he could to humiliate Brian and had no regrets. Wesley was enjoying this newfound domination side of his personality. It was wonderful, but all good things must end.

With teary eyes, Brian looked up at Wesley. It was a look of complete sadness. He seemed to be asking, "Is this over now? Can I please have my clothes back?"

Wesley relented and nodded as he held Brain's head gently against his thigh. It was an exciting, fun event for Wesley, but it had to end. Wesley looked at the clothes and considered how he would hand them back to Brian. BUT Brian misunderstood Westley's nod. Brian assumed the nod was Westley's way of telling him to give up his underwear. As such, Brian sobbed again and reached down to his waist, and slowly slid the sexy blue briefs from his hips. Wesley couldn't believe it. He had misread Brian's look. They misread each other! Brian's sad look was not, "I can't do what you want and be naked in my dad's church." It was actually a total look of surrender.

Westley watched as Brian slid the briefs further down to his knees, then down his calves, and finally off his bare feet. His very quiet sobbing continued. Wesley was amazed! FUCK! WHAT POWER HE HAD OVER THIS BIG, 18-YEAR-OLD BRIAN! A SENIOR! FUCK YEAH!

Wesley made his petting of Brian's hair more firm and obvious. Still, Brian didn't move away from where Wesley placed his head. In a way, it was not Wesley who was pushing Brian to humiliate himself. But rather it was Brian who inadvertently guided Wesley on how to proceed even further. Brian, having offered his underwear to Wesley, was Brian's unintentional way of signaling that his Master had a green light. That his surrender to Wesley was now open-ended and TOTAL!

Wesley took the underwear that was being offered to him and used it to wipe Brian's eyes. Then he did something totally unexpected. I mean, every step of Brian's descent into total submission was unexpected, but this, this was mind-blowing. Wesley whispered, "Bathroom," stood up, left …, and took Brian's clothes with him. Brian knew it was over. His life was over. He was just left there naked and alone. Huddled on the floor of the last pew. He was so fucked! He was so used. He was so very sorry he had ever punched Wesley or disrespected him in any way. Brian was praying, at least, for Westley's return. He desperately needed his Master. No other person in the whole world could help him now.

Then Wesley returned to his seat but without Brian's clothes. He leaned down to Brian's tear-streaked face, "Put my socks and shoes back on." Brian hurried to comply. He had no choice but to comply with every slight desire Wesley expressed.

"Now, open my zipper, take out my dick and balls, and work on them as if your life depended on it because it does." Westley continued in his whispering tone. "Only I can protect you now. Pleasing me is your entire world."

There was no confusion. There was nothing to say or do other than comply. Brian unzipped Wesley's shorts and put his fingers inside. He pulled his underwear out of the way. Then he fished around and pulled out the boy's dick, followed by his big balls. Wesley was capturing this all on video, of course. He filmed the hungry mouth first licking and then sucking, on the balls first and then the dick. If anyone watched this portion of the video, they would hear no instructions voiced to Brian. It was as if Brian was doing this all on his own. It was as if Brian was a child molester, forcing himself on a young teen.

When Brian first saw the cell phone and thought Wesley was videoing him, he hardly cared. Wesley had told him that Bo Dunner had sent him seven videos showing him in sexually explicit and dehumanizing, humiliating acts in private and public. He knew that if any of those videos got out. He could end up in prison. Not to mention that he and his family would be ruined. So, since Wesley already had all those videos to blackmail him with. There was no point trying to stop Wesley from filming him more. Nothing could be worse than the videos he already had.

Of course, Wesley had bluffed; he didn't have all those videos. He only had the one, which was deleted. If Brian had only known that. He would not have allowed himself to be so used and abused. But he didn't know it. And now, even if he had, it was too late since Wesley was filming him naked – anew - in his Dad's church, sucking the dick of a minor.

"As I was saying earlier about Wesley, we can all hope to live up to his high standards." Wesley again gave a thumbs-up gesture as many parishioners turned around to look back at him sitting in the last row. "Now, I am not saying my son Brian is lacking in good behavior. But he is a typical boy. Actually, he is a man. And because Wesley is just a boy. It might be difficult for them to relate. But Brian can be trained to behave more properly in a way that shows complete love and respect for Wesley. Brian is a good man. But he may still benefit from getting a spanking once in a while." Rev. Jim Huff paused a moment, then joked: "Maybe I should give Wesley my belt as a tool for him to use on Brian. To aid him in forming a proper man-boy relationship." Everyone chucked.

If Rev. Huff only knew who in that "relationship" was the "man" and who was the "boy," he'd be very surprised.

Brian was chowing down on Wesley's now very stiff dick. It was not big, but it was nicely shaped and very suckable. But who was this twink nerd to tell him what to do? He was a senior, a baseball star!

"I don't see my son at the moment," Rev. Huff looked at the many faces in his church, "But I am sure he is doing something very important. He does like to help out others and be of good service. He enjoys being useful."

Yes, and Brian was helping Wesley and being as useful to his new Master as he could be. Wesley was getting really hot and horny, and the sucking was so intense and expertly worked. He was about to climax. He didn't want that, not in this church. But he didn't know how to get Brian off his dick. Wesley was being a Master, but he did not have any experience. Brian would not stop unless Wesley signaled him to stop or yanked him off his dick. But he needed to remain totally silent and more or less motionless and calm.

"Thank you all for coming," the Reverend said, "I hope …"

"Ah … ah … Oh ... AHHHHH! "Wesley could not help yelling out.

"Yes, Wesley, I know you are happy." Rev. Huff heard Wesley's jubilation from the pulpit. "Praise the Lord."

“AHHH YEAAA OH My God … AHHHH!” Wesley came into Brian's throat, right on cue, so to speak. And when everyone heard Wesley voicing his exuberance. They thought he was so cute they applauded. Then people began to stand and exit the church. More than a few were walking back to Wesley. Who was in the back row? To congratulate him on the Minister having praised his conduct.

Wesley had to act fast. He shoved Brian off his dick. Stuffed his junk back into his pants and quickly pulled up his zipper. To prevent anyone from coming closer to the naked Brian. He immediately stepped out of his pew and tried to take a few steps in their direction. It was too late. They were already just in front of his pew. Naked Brian was no more than two feet behind Wesley's back.

Wesley tried to walk them back, away from poor, naked Brian as they talked. But they just stood there thanking him for being such a good young man.

"Oh, I agree with everything Reverend Jim said about you, Dear," one older woman told him.

"Oh yes, me too. Don't tell the Reverend, but I think his son is a little too big for his britches." Another chimed in. "I think his son needs a good spanking. Why … to punch a cute loving boy like you … well … I'm appalled, just appalled."

"Yes, when you see that boy. Just grab him by the baseBALLS. OK?" said a teen who was about 15 years old.

"You all have my assurance. When I see Brian. I'll put him in his place. I'll train him to be respectful. I'll borrow Rev. Huff's wide leather belt and whoop his ass with it. I'm sure he'll soon start sucking up to everyone." Wesley declared.

"Have you seen Brian?" Rev. Huff interrupted.

"Oh, yes," Westley told him, "He said to tell you he went with a couple of his other friends to the library to study."

"Well, at least that's a good thing." the Reverend said, more under his breath and to himself. Then he went toward the other end of the building where his office was.

The parishioners all drifted away and out of the building. Wesley was now alone. So he returned to the church pew where Brian was still hiding, totally naked. Finally, they could speak. Or, more accurately, Wesley could speak, and Brian could listen.

Brian was still on the floor, and Wesley sat on the pew just to his side. Immediately he heard, "WESLEY! Where are my clothes? You little piece of shit! You fucking ass ho..." SLAP! Wesley hit him hard across the face. SLAP! Another hit on the other cheek. SLAP! And again, back to his left cheek. Back and forth, right and left, a good ten strong blows. The slaps hurt Brian's pride more than his body. Wesley was a skinny, nerdy kid and not very strong.

"Stop, please. I'm sorry. Wesley, I am just freaking out! I am so totally fucking naked in my Dad's church and … and … I don't know what to do about it." Brian wasn't crying, but he was scared and teary-eyed. He really had no solution for his predicament. "What am I going to do?"

"That is the question, isn't it? After all, I now have this new video, which I already emailed to myself, for security…"

"And the seven other videos." Brian cut in.

"What? … the seven …" Wesley had to think about what Brian was saying, but then he remembered the lie he had told him earlier. "Oh, yeah, the seven videos Bo sent me. Yes, of course." He paused. Brian was trembling. Wesley gently pushed Brain's head against his leg, as before, and once again stroked and petted his hair.

Oddly, Brian felt comforted. No one else could help him out. No one else could rescue him except … 13-year-old Wesley. Wesley had so much power over this Truman High School baseball star, and it would take time to fully understand how to use it. But he would begin right now.

"First, after school on Monday, you will tell your folks you are going to my house to tutor me in math." Brian listened intently. Second, my parents will show you to my room when you come to my place. The room's door will be shut. Enter without knocking. Immediately strip naked and get down on all fours. You will crawl over to my feet. Remove my shoes and socks and begin to lick them. You will automatically do this. I might be sitting on my bed or at my desk. I will not acknowledge you in any way, but you will get on your knees and immediately crawl to where ever I am, and if my feet are not bare, you will make them bare and immediately worship them. I may ignore you so some time, but this is the way you will greet me in my room.” As he told this to Brian. He continuously petted Brian's head as if he were a big puppy. “Understand?”

"Yes, Master," Brian said in a low, sad voice.

"Oh, I forgot one thing which you will do first," Westley said. "Sometime before Monday. You must go to Peterson's Pet Shop and buy a black leather dog collar. Make sure it has a place to put a padlock on it. “

"What? Sir? … a dog collar?"

"A black leather collar of a size to fit a big dog like you. Now, your clothes are in the restroom trash can. You may get them as soon as I leave. Lick my hand to thank me like a good dog." Brian licked the boy's hand and fingers all over.

"Good dog, good puppy. And you will wear that collar to school on Monday. I don't care what you tell people. Just make sure you wear it all day."

"What?" Brian said in a daze.

"You may take it off at home, but when you leave your house to come to mine. You will wear it."

"Oh, God. Now I am the dog of a skinny, nerdy, 13-year-old?" Brian thought to himself, hoping that Wesley would suddenly break out in a smile and say he was only joking.

"Now, give me a few good barks to say goodbye."

"ARF, ARF." Wesley continued to pet Brian's head and ruffle his hair.

"Good doggie. I will see you Monday at 7 PM, on time and collared."

"ARF, ARF." Brian didn't know why he barked a second time, but it seemed like the right thing to do. Wesley smiled at the unrequested barking. He loved this.

Wesley left. Brian got up carefully. Looking around to be sure no one was entering the church. He ran to the bathroom and found his clothes, got dressed, and left out the back way. He walked on side streets to get home. He reflected that he was finally free of the biggest bully of all, Bo Dunner and, of course, his cohorts. But with Bo gone, it was easy to sever ties with the others. That was an enormous weight lifted off his shoulders. Now, he had only one dominant bastard to deal with. But he couldn't be as bad as Bo. Although, as he thought about it. He dreaded this snot-nose-nerdy kid ordering him about and … becoming his … what? Dog? But frankly, he saw no way out of it. And, yes, it would last a while, maybe a year? It would be until 13-year-old Westley got bored with his new big puppy. The End

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