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Bound and Edged
Part 1 of 2

This is the true story. The video, “Bound and Edged” is about two cowboys in Tyler Texas, one a skinny little gay grocery boy, and a brawnier, horse-riding, cattle rancher who is anti-gay. Of course, you want to watch this video on GayTies.com. You can find it by clicking on “Video Library,” then “filter,” type in “edge” in the keyword search box, then click submit. You’ll find this title in the sort list. HOWEVER … DON’T DO IT! Not just yet. Read this article first so you’ll know how such a strange video came to be made.

Gant Blocker is a hunky ranch foreman. At 32, he was 6’2’ and weighed 180 pounds of lean muscle, slightly on the thin side by some standards. He is a real eye catcher for the ladies. Gant works on the largest cattle ranch in Tyler Texas. He drives a jeep when not working, but he’s always on horseback when out on the ranch acreage doing his job and directing his hands to get the needed work done. It was on a hot summer Friday when he left work early and stopped at a local bar. He was off work for the weekend. Gant was frustrated because he could not go directly home. His long-time girlfriend had texted him just a few hours ago, telling him it was over. It was not a big surprise; he had been cheating on her with a young woman who worked on the ranch. It was only a matter of time until she would find out. It was not just that, it was more like they fell out of love and were living on two separate levels. He was working too many hours, and she was not putting out. So, their split was inevitable.

I know what you are thinking, “What does this steer-roping cowboy have to do with the guys in the photo? Hold your horses, I’ll get to that.

The bar was called the Ironhorse Saloon. It sounds like an establishment from the old West, but it’s there today in 2015. It’s a popular spot for chatty patrons to strike up meaningless conversations with each other. Gant did not know what he was going to do, not next week, not tonight. He thought he’d get a motel room since he was not allowed home. She told him he could pick up his belongings, but not until a few days had passed when she cooled off. It was going to be an amicable breakup, but it would take a while to get there.

He sat alone and had a few beers, listening to some sad country music. Is there any other kind? There were not many customers in the bar; it was only the late afternoon. Then he strolled over to a pool table and played pool by himself, not really practicing, just hitting the balls around. Merle Jompper entered to get a beer, riding his bike there to grab a beer and relax. He had just got off his work, a part time job in a feed and grain store. He was the most non-cowboy type in the place. Merle was an odd sort of man, not by general standards, but for a cowboy bar, in a cattle town, he seemed out of place. He was diffidently skinny, only about 5’ 8, and had a thin scruffy chin beard. He used to be teased that he could not do anything right, not even grow manly face hair. He was not all that effeminate, but he was limp-wristed and walked with a noticeable sway. If you wanted to be kind, you’d say he was just not very strong and butch.

“Want to play for a quarter?” Merle asked Gant in a friendly tone after he walked up behind his bent over form, holding up his coin.

Gant turned around, look the young man up and down, and told him in a whisper, “Sorry, I don’t play with faggots.” And then turned his attention back to shooting balls.

“First of all, that’s a rude thing to say to any man. Second, I don’t play with ‘faggots’ either. And third, is that you reason you won’t play me, or … are you just afraid you’d lose to me?” Wow that was kind of ballsy thing to tell a real Texas cowboy.

“Look, I rope steer and brand them, I break wild stallions, and I can shoot that quarter off a cactus at 100 paces. Do you really think you could beat me at any game?” He was going to call him a faggot again, but instead, added the word, “boy?”

“So, ‘cowboy,’ would you like to up the stakes? I mean, you sound pretty sure of yourself. ”

“I don’t really need money, besides, I need to go soon and find a place to stay for a few nights. My girl …” he stopped his explanation. It was none of the boy’s business. “Never mind. Run along, I got some stuff think about.”

But Merle picked up on his needing a place; he assumed, some trouble with his old lady. “Look cowboy, I have a house, and there is an empty rental in the back, you can stay there, free of charge … if you can beat me at a game of pool.” Actually, Merle lived with his mom, and she was out of town. And there really was an empty room above the garage for him to offer. But Gant said “nope.”

“Actually, let me rephrase the deal. If I win, you have to stay at least one night in my rental.” To Gant that offer did not make sense. There was nothing for Merle to get out of the deal.

Merle explained, “If I win, you have to stay at my place. That will make you beholding to me. It’d be like you owed me a favor in return … for life. I like to have that upper hand on you. And of course, any cowboy who claims he can do all you claim to do, could not lose anyway. “

“And if I win? What do I get?”

“You win the most important thing to you. You get to keep your reputation as the almighty king of the cowboy. You will be undefeated champion of pool. You can add the boost to your cattle rusttlin’ and stallion taming and shootin’ claims. Besides, what do you have to lose? You ain’t losin’ are yah? Pard’ner? Merle was sort of mocking him as he egged him on. It was kind of a dumb bet. But if Merle won, he’d be mind-fucking Gant, and if he lost, he’d lose nothing.

“Alright, rack ‘em up.” Merle was shocked he went for it. This guy must have one hell of an ego. Or, maybe he was so depressed he was seeking a bit of interesting diversion instead of thinking about his girl. Merle was intrigued by this cowboy who was so macho, yet he came across as lonely and depressed. Merle covertly probed into his mind as they played. He found out he had a bad relationship with his girlfriend, no sex for months, had a lot of cowboy pride, a belief he needed to live up to what other people thought he should be. He seemed to be negative toward gay people not because he really hated them, but more because he thought he was supposed to hate and reject them. Merle found all this interesting.

No need to draw out the result, Merle won, but by just one stroke. In fact, he nearly lost the game to a bad bounce. Gant spoke up at his surprise loss. “Look, kid. Look, let’s forget about this game. OK? And forget about the bet too? It never happened. Right?” Merle looked slowly all around the bar. Gant copied his rolling stare and noticed that the dozen or so cowboys in the place were intently watching and looking at the two of them. Some of these customers were known to each of these two men. Gant felt crushed. He had his pride and his reputation at stake.

“Well, cowboy, everyone here witnessed this bet and the result. But I will tell you what; we can play double or nothing, and re-frame the bet. That is, if these gentlemen all agree.” Merle wanted these customers to be in on it. Gant accepted, knowing he could not possibly lose two games in a row to this nerdy, twinky faggot.

“OK, if you lose the next game, you will stay at my rental unit, but you will no longer be allowed to use the bed. You must agree to sleep in a chair.” Gant started to agree, just to get this all over with, but Merle added, “And just to be sure you don’t go onto the bed in the middle of the night, you will agree to let me tie you into that chair … for 12 hours.” Wow!

Now this started to get a little weird. A cowboy, the foreman of one of the largest cattle ranches in this part of Texas? Is to be tied up in a chair for the entire night? He was not concerned that he might not get a good night’s rest, since it was Friday night and he was not to be at work on the weekend. Plus, he could not go home anyway, not even to pick up his personal items. What the hell he thought. I can’t lose this game too. This little piece of fag shit has nothing over me. Gant was not going to use the ‘fag” word out loud, but that is what he was thinking as he weighed the pros and cons. But when he wins, the bet will be cancelled anyway. What the big deal.

They shook hands on it and this time Gant racked the balls up. Merle broke, and the plays went back and forth. Gant was good; he was playing better this second time. That is, until near the end when Merle suddenly sharpened his shots and sank the last 3 balls, one, two … and three.

“OK, you all heard the bet and witnessed his loss. Cowboy, that’s it for you. But first, hand me your wallet.” Gant questioned why he wanted to see his wallet, even though he was pulling it out of his back pocket. Merle just took it. “Here Jim, would you kindly hold this for, ah … this here cowboy?”

“OK, Merle. By the way, his name is Gant, Gant Blocker.” Jim was the barkeep and owner of the Ironhorse Saloon; he was respected member of the community. Everyone knew him, and Gant and Merle trusted him in return.

Merle wanted this group of customers to have an interest in what had happened between him and Gant. Having the barkeep hold onto Gant’s wallet gave Merle some kind of control over him. Without really explaining it, now Gant seemed to need Merle’s permission to get his wallet back. It added just a little bit of clout, and gave the macho cowboy an additional reason to comply with the conditions of the bet. He could not just go to Jim and ask for his wallet back without explaining how things went.

Merle turned to Gant, “What are you driving, Mr. Cowboy foreman?” Gant told him an open jeep. “OK, let’s go to my place and get you settled in. Put my bike in your back seat.”

When they arrived at Merle’s place, it was only 6:00 PM. Certainly not bedtime, but the time of day did not enter into Merle’s thinking. If he got Gant all tied up by 7 PM, the twelve hour bondage would take him to 7 AM. That was the agreement. He ushered Gant into his home, not the back rental. Gant felt very awkward and just wanted his one-night stay to be over, so he was not thinking about any details.

“All-righty then,” Merle cheerfully broke the silence, “we might as well get the party started.” He went to the corner of his living room and began to adjust his workout bench; more of an aluminum frame adjustable seat for bench presses. Merle set it so the back was reclined at a low angle. “OK, pard’ner, go ahead and get undressed for bed, and use the bathroom if you want.”

At this point Gant was thinking of just fleeing the place. He was a big strong guy; certainly puny Merle was not any physical challenge to him. But … then … there was the fact that the barkeep was holding his wallet. It had money in it, of course, but more importantly his credit cards and a lot of his personal stuff he needed regularly. What would he say to the Jim and the other men at the bar? That he flaked out? Needed to chicken out on the bet? Could not be a man? Was out-smarted by a skinny little faggot box boy? No, it would be better and easier to just go along with this stupid bet.

Bound and Edged
Part 2 of 2

From yesterday: A sweet young man by the name of Merle Jompper, stopped by the Ironhorse Saloon on his way home from work. He needed a beer and to relax. There is met a Blocker, a modern-day, rough and tough, cowboy who was alone and seemed to be feeling depressed. As Merle attempted to strike up a conversation with him, he quickly realized this hunky cattle rancher was anti-gay, saying faggot this and fag that. Merle took offense. Gant did not know Merle was a pro at pool, when he accepted his challenge. After the first game, Merle made the next game more interesting, it was a bet that he would tie up the cowboy and he’d have to sleep that way all night long. Merle won the game. Since all the patrons in the bar were watching and knew the bet, Gant, as a proud cowboy, could not chicken out of it. Little did Gant know that mild-mannered Merle had additional plans for him once bound. They drove to his house. Gant was told to strip to his underwear and have a seat on a padded, reclining exercise beach.

Continuing: Gant removed his outer clothes, including his boots. He left on his under clothes and socks. He also took a much needed piss and then returned in front of his “capture.” Merle noticed the handsome qualities of this man, no just his look, but how nice his entire body was. It actually made it difficult to hate Gant at all. “OK, let just do this.” He never questioned the weird workout apparatus he was prompted to sit in, he just sat in it. The back and seat were fully padded, so it was comfortable. He thought he could sleep in it OK.

Merle had some white cotton cord ready and began to tie Gant into the chair. What surprised Gant, was how precise and intricate he was bound. It did not take a lot of rope, just the correct placement of rope, to secure him snugly, but still comfortably. Gant was even amazed that the kid tied off the rope with square knots. Not many people know that a square knot cannot be undone by pulling on it. In fact, pulling on a square knot only makes the knot tighter. Gant began to respect the kid, now realizing he was not the stupid silly twerp as he first thought. Done. Macho cowboy foreman Gant Blocker was secured for the night, in his underwear.

“I’m going to add one other condition to the deal. Since it should be easy for you to do, you won’t have any problem with it. I do not want you to speak to me or to say anything from now on.” Gant had no plans to chit chat with his captor anyway, so he just nodded in agreement. “Good. So if you speak, the 12 hour period for you to be bound to that seat … starts over. He nodded that he understood.

Merle went into the kitchen to have some dinner and to do a few other things. One was to call a friend and co-worker, Benny, and asked him for his help to “work over” a cowboy gay hater. “Well, I don’t think he’s a bad guy, he seems kind of reasonable in many ways. But when I first met him, he was calling me a faggot. So he likely calls all gays faggots. So, he lost a bet to me and now has to stay roped here up overnight.” Merle went on to explain how the bet took place and what his plans for Gant were. “So, come on over, and bring your video camera.”

After he ate, Merle returned to the living room and brought scissors with him. He knelt down next to his bound victim and proceeded to snip away at Gant’s white tee shirt. Immediately Gant yelled at Merle to get his “fucking faggot hands off of him.” Merle stopped cutting and looked at Gant in the eyes. For the first time, he noticed the soft brown eye of this handsome man. Merle clearly had no hate for this man, only a strong dislike for his shitty attitude about gay people.

“Cowboy, it’s now 8 PM. You had only 11 hours to go until your freedom. Now we will start your time over. So instead of being released at 7 AM, it will now be at 8 AM.” Gant look frustrated. He realized he needs to control his emotions to get this over within the shortest possible time. Merle resumed him cutting off Gant’s tee shirt and quickly snipped the side of his brief. Gant’s eyes bugged out, but he held his tongue. As Merle was pulling on the remnants of the underwear, Gant absent-mindedly tried to lift his ass off the seat to assist. He was tied too tight to move much, but it allowed Merle to pull the last piece of brief remains off him.

Wow! There was mister bossman, the king of the cowboys, the cattle roper and stallion breaker, not to mention famous shape shooter ... all there, in full glory. Merle was not going to let on that he was getting a boner. He kept it hid under his baggy pants. Instead, Merle just went along, doing some things, moving some furniture and even moved the TV to be in front of Gant, so he could not avoid seeing it, unless he closed his eyes.

Sometime later, the doorbell rang. It was Benny, with a small bag of stuff in his hand. “So, here’s your tough cattle rustler, heh?” Benny looked him over good, nice chest, trim, naked, with nice relaxed dick and balls. “So, we’re going to just play the videos? Is that how you want to start?” Merle agreed. They discussed a plan, but more or less, they were just going to play it by ear. “I forgot to bring my tripod, so I’ll need to just hold the cam, will that be OK? It’ll allow me to move around to get the better close-ups anyway.”

Benny came around in front of the tied up Gant, to where the TV was. He slipped a CD in the disk slot and it soon began to play. It was not a full movie, it was part of a gay suck and fuck video. The beginning ws missing, and it went right into the sex scenes.

“What the fuck are you faggots doing? Shut that crap off and untie me I had enough, you homos!” Gant screamed.

“Oops. Sorry cowboy, but here it is, precisely 9:15 PM, and per our agreement, your 12-hour tie-up time now starts over. I told you not to speak out. That was the deal, you stay tied up for 12 hours, but if you say anything, the time starts over. Now, the soonest I can untie you is 9:15 AM. If you really want to over, I suggest that you don’t say a word.” Merle told him, glad that he fucked up. “So, you can close your eyes if you wish, but the videos have selected for you tonight will keep coming and playing all night. Even of you close your eyes, you can’t close your ears. You’ll have to put up with at least the moaning and groaning.” Benny and Merle had a good laugh.

Benny, got your video cam out, let’s start filming.” Gant was just going to blurt that they can go fuck themselves … but he caught himself just in time. He did not want to add any more required bondage time to what he already had to comply with. And, he thought, what good would it do anyway. These to pussies were going to do what they wanted regardless. Merle was actually please Gant stopped himself because that meant, he was getting with the program. More power to him.

“Say, Merle, I can’t shoot into the window, too much glare and shine from the glass. Have anything you can hang over it?” Benny watched Merle retrieve a black drop cloth with paint all over it and thumb-tacked it to the wall to cover up the window. It worked great. It helped to bring out Grants lightly tanned skin tone. Now they were all ready. At least Merle and Benny were ready, Gant had to just take it as it came, and hopefully, for him, say nothing.

So there was the naked hero cowboy, the foreman of the largest cattle ranch in Tyler Texas, all bound up to a workout seat. All because he bet he’d beat Merle at a game of pool at their local bar. Gant made the bet because he thought Merle was a fag, and repeatedly commented about gays using derogatory language. Merle knew he’d win the bet, so he wanted to teach this hunky cowboy a lesson. He had no clue Merle was so talented at the game. So Gant agreed to stay tied up at Merle’s house for a 12 hour period. What Gant Blocker did not realize is that Merle, along with his friend Benny, had some very interesting plans for him.

So far, Grant had several shocking surprises. Instead of being tied up to a bed and left to sleep, he was tied in a work out seat, with a reclining back. Then he was shock when Merle cut his clothes off him. AND THEN … gay porno was played on the TV right in front of his face. He wanted nothing to do with any fagot stuff, but if he spoke up and protested, his 12-hour bondage session would start over. He did not want that. He kept quiet and tried to ignore the man-to-man sucking and fucking on the screen.

Both Benny and Merle watch cowboy Gant Blocker, famous stallion breaker, foreman on the largest cattle ranch in Tyler … peek through his almost closed eyes to glimpse the gay fuck video. He was not turned on by it, showed no sign of an erection, but try as he would, he couldn’t keep his eyes fully closed. Tied to the chair, fully naked, hands behind him, his dick was long and relaxed, just landing over his big balls. The moans and groans seemed to be getting to him and was now holding his attention. He apparently forgot to pretend he had no interests in the fag sex. At one point, when Gant got engrossed in the video, Merle casually walked in front of Gant and stood there pretending to fiddle with something . Grant immediately moved his head to the side, craning his neck to be able to continue to watch the sixty-nine action now going on.

How could a “traditional” cowboy like Gant, who found gay men totally disgusting and depraved, now be so interested in watching two gays sucking each other in this video? As Merle discovered while playing pool with Gant, out he had a bad relationship with his girlfriend and no sex for months, had a lot of cowboy pride and a belief he needed to live up to what other people thought he should be. Furthermore, Gant seemed to be negative toward gay people not really because he really hated them, but more because he thought he was supposed to hate and reject them. Merle was an insightful man and found all that interesting. Since Gant’s girlfriend kicked him out, he had no place to go. That’s why Merle made that bet with Gant. Which was that if Gant lost, he would get to spend the night at Merle’s place, but he had to agree to be tied up. One other rule was, Gant could not speak.

Then it all started. Benny turned on his video cam and filmed their naked bound up captive cowboy. (You will see this actual, real-life video!) As soon as the video started, Merle stripped to his underwear and then kneels down between Gant’s spread open thighs, and begin to play with his dick. But remember the rule, no speaking. If Gant speaks, the entire 12 hour erotic “ordeal” begins all over again. So watch and listen. Does Gant fuck up by speaking?

The End

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