Country Singer, Dixon Dallas is Driving Both Gays and Rednecks mad

As interviewed by GayTies.com, controversial country singer has opened up all about his haters, his lovers, and his new heartbreak anthem. Dixon Dallas has been dodging haters for quite some time with his very popular and controversial bops that have taken over TikTok.

By singing about bussies, bouncing off booty cheeks, and being cracked open like a cold Bud Light, the star has definitely rattled Conservatives and anyone who likes to complain for a living.( BTW, a bussy is a mash-up of the words boy and pussy used to refer to a man’s ass.)

Well, this legend isn’t letting trolls get in the way of him putting out the songs he wants to. His latest single, “Leave This All Behind,” shows a softer side to Dallas. Boys who arch their backs have feelings, too!

Dixon Dallas, “It ain’t easy being the number one country music artist in the world. I’ve got labels blowing up my phone, broke my thot swatter because I keep having to swat away all these men and women. A lot of country boys wanna beat me up, a lot of country boys wanna beat IT up, etc... the list goes on, but we’re hanging in there.”

GayTies, “You have been getting a lot of criticism online for a ton of reasons (if your music is really country music, sexual content in your songs, queerbaiting). How have you been staying strong despite some of the backlash?”

“Backlash ain’t nothing new to Dixon... it doesn’t bother me one bit. People can keep being mad if they want. The rednecks that don’t accept me can keep calling me fake country and keep demanding I be barred from making music again. The ‘he’s queerbaiting’ crowd can keep saying I’m making a mockery of the LGBTQ+ community and whatever else. I’ve said it before, but I want to keep doing this for the people who tell me my music means something to them. The haters can stay mad. This music isn’t for them.”

Dallas continues, “In my opinion, the best way to fight off the haters is to release more music, which is exactly what you’re doing!”

“You have a new song, ‘Leave This All Behind,’ that just dropped. How would you describe this song compared to your previous singles?”

Dallas, “For sure. This new song is definitely a little different than the more ‘fun’ singles I’ve put out. This song is actually quite emotional and deep as it’s about breaking off a relationship.”

“Why did you want to be more vulnerable in this song?”

Dallas, “This is a song I wanted to write for people that are currently or have been in a bad relationship, especially ones that you’ve been in for a while but your partner just ain’t partnering. Sometimes, you love someone so much that you try to look past the abuse and manipulation because you’ve been with them so long that you can’t imagine a life without them. You’re only hurting yourself in the long run. That’s what this song is about.”

“You also went on tour late last year. What was that experience like performing and meeting so many of your fans?”

Dallas, “Tour is fun, I love it! There’s nothing like playing with my band on stage and hearing an entire crowd scream the words with me. I can’t wait to see all your pretty faces again.”

“We also love your bestie, Jake Hill. He actually just dropped a new album recently! How’s Jake currently doing with new music and touring as well?”

Dallas, “Jake is still trying his best to get on my level with the whole music thing, but he just comes up short every time. His last album was pretty good, though. A nice little heartbreak album I can relate to, called So Much For Closure. He might be going on a summer tour in the East Coast but I’m not sure just yet. We’ll see!”

“What’s next for you, Dixon? You’ve built a very strong fanbase, and I’m sure your fans would love more music this year. Anything you can tell us?”

Dallas, “I’d love to get an album done this year. That’s the goal. I definitely want to tour more, too, but there’s nothing in the works just yet.”

“Last fun question for you - what’s your favorite song you’ve put out, if you can pick?”

Dallas, “Definitely ‘Good Lookin,’ because it’s just the best song I ever made. I don’t think too many people would disagree. It’s such an elegant love song that I think a lot of people can relate to.”

“It’s always a blast chatting with you, so thank you for the time.”

Dallas, “You too! Thanks for keeping in touch and supporting the music. I, too, appreciate GayTies.com. Thanks for your support of the LGBTQ community.”(2/14)