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GayTies News for April 15, 2021

Questions Surround Trans Woman’s Death in North Carolina

 Transgender rights advocates are seeking answers about the death of a Black transgender woman found dead in a hotel room earlier this month in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jaida Peterson... Show more

Former “Bachelor” Star Colton Underwood Comes Out as Gay

Former “Bachelor” star Colton Underwood came out as gay in an interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts on April 14. “I’ve ran from myself for a long time,” Underwood told Rob... Show more

Schneps Connects: Chinatown NYC Returns with Wellington Z. Chen, ...

As the New York City economy recovers from the pandemic, leaders like Wellington Z. Chen, the Executive Director of the Chinatown BID and the Chinatown Partnership, are working hard in ... Show more

Lesbian Bar Cubbyhole Opens Back Up

One of the last lesbian bars in New York City, the Cubbyhole, has officially reopened for business. A large crowd of patrons flocked to the LGBTQ watering hole at 281 West 12th Street i... Show more

Gay City News Earns 12 New York Press Association Awards

Gay City News scooped up a dozen awards at the New York Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest for 2020, capping off a strong performance by Schneps Media, the newspaper’s parent ... Show more

Biden Administration Aims to Boost HIV/AIDS Funding by $267 Milli...

The Biden administration is proposing a $267 million increase in funding for HIV testing, prevention, and treatment programs in the US, according to the administration’s discretionary f... Show more

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Article of the Week

Don Lemon and Tim Malone Don Lemon Reveals He’s ‘Thinking About Starting A Family’ With Fiance Tim Malone

“Why not get married, why not fall in love and have all the happiness that everybody else is entitled to?” the CNN anchor asked on the “Tamron Hall Show.”

Don Lemon recently revealed that he and his fiancé, Tim Malone, are exploring the idea of growing their family. On the “Tamron Hall Show” on Wednesday, the CNN anchor shared that he and Malone hope to wed before they pursue having children. Their wedding plans have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he explained.

“I’m thinking about starting a family,” he told host Tamron Hall during his virtual appearance on the show. “Listen, we have to get married first, and we’re waiting for COVID to be over to do that, because I just don’t think it’s a good time to get married during COVID. Now, we want to be able to celebrate with our friends, and we want to be able to celebrate safely.”

Lemon then shared that he and Malone are considering different options for parenthood, like adoption or surrogacy. Speaking about his decision to get engaged, Lemon said that he knew Malone was “the right person.”

“I found the right person, a person who believes in unconditional love, who believes in the challenges, going through the challenges, weathering the storms of a relationship — because relationships aren’t easy and I don’t think they’re supposed to be easy,” he said.

Lemon, whose book “This is the Fire: What I Say To My Friends About Racism” was released last month, said that when he was growing up, he never envisioned that he’d be able to be open “about my love life or my relationship.”

“I actually grew up thinking that I would never get married, or that it would just be a ‘roommate,’ and I could never tell my family or be honest with the public about it,” he said. “Once same-sex marriages passed, I said, ‘You know, why not? Why not get married, why not fall in love and have all the happiness that everybody else is entitled to?’”

Lemon and Malone got engaged in April 2019. The two memorably shared a sweet New Year’s kiss in New Orleans on live TV as they rang in 2018.(pub 4/11)

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Fixing Video Issues We want to talk about why some videos won't play for YOU, or maybe no videos will play for you, and how you can fix those issues. The first thing we do when a member says he cannot play a vid… Read more

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