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GayTies News for September 24, 2018

Character Issues

See this story at GayCityNews.com.BY STEVE ERICKSONCommunity News GroupIn a musical landscape where the distorting effects of Autotune on vocals are the clearest hallmark and glitchy production effects are in... Show more

Farewell, Marin

See this story at GayCityNews.com.BY CHRISTOPHER BYRNECommunity News GroupThe dazzling, diminutive production of “Heartbreak House,” now on Theater Row, draws its emotional heft from several sources. It start... Show more

Public Advocate Possibilities Include Daniel O’Donnell

See this story at GayCityNews.com.BY DAVID NOHCommunity News GroupIf you were lucky enough to catch the Michael Blakemore-directed 1999 revival of “Kiss Me Kate,” then you experienced pure musical theater bli... Show more

One Step Forward: NYC Approves Non-Binary Gender Category

See this story at GayCityNews.com.BY NATHAN RILEYCommunity News GroupWith Letitia James winning the Democratic primary for state attorney general, the question of who will become New York City’s next public a... Show more

Fore: Golf Has its First Out Gay Male Pro

See this story at GayCityNews.com.BY ANDY HUMMCommunity News GroupThe New York City Council voted 41-6 on September 12 to add an “x” category to birth certificates for people who are non-binary. The bill was ... Show more

Kim Davis, Kentucky’s Lawless County Clerk, Brings Bigotry to Rom...

See this story at GayCityNews.com.BY ANDY HUMMCommunity News GroupProfessional golfer Tadd Fujikawa, 27, came out publicly on World Suicide Prevention Day. “Now I’m standing up for myself and the rest of th... Show more

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Article of the Week

Johnson Ong at gay pride rally This DJ Is Challenging Singapore's Gay Sex Ban

This will be the first case brought against the archaic law since 2014.

A tide of change is lapping at the shores of southern Asia. The decriminalizing of gay sex in India last week has galvanized people in the region to take more strides towards equality, with the newest push coming from a DJ in Singapore.

Johnson Ong, whose stage name is DJ Big Kid, is challenging Section 377A of Singapore’s law that states that incidents of “gross indecency” between men are punishable by up to two years in prison. The law, similar to India’s former edict, is a remnant of British colonial rule.

Ong’s case is the first one brought against the homophobic law since 2014. Though authorities have promised not to enforce that section of the country’s law, officials have been reluctant to remove it outright because of the country’s strong conservative presence.

“I am considered a criminal in the eyes of the law and that is an emotional and psychological burden that I carry around as I go through life that no heterosexual Singaporean has to,” said Ong to GayTies.com.

Ong plans to present evidence that shows “sexual orientation is unchangeable or suppressible at unacceptable personal cost” in court, with a pre-trial conference set for September 25. Petitions have been started both for and against repealing the law, with those in favor of keeping the homophobic rule in place having around three times as many signatures. (Pub 9/20)
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  • Posted on 11/16/2017
Yes, We Now Have Text-Chat, Voice-Chat, AND Video-Chat!All members who are Paid and Premium Members will see the blue chat box in the lower right of your screen. It’s all free to you, even video chat! (Basic and Regular … Read more

There are sites that show standard gay videos. Those can be fun at times. On GayTies we have those too, but we specialize in all the international amateur videos that catch guys naked in public or in a locker room or sho… Read more

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  • Posted on 02/17/2017
Profile Photos First, understand that PROFILE photos are uploaded under the "Profile" tab, and then click on "Change Photo." Your private ALBUM photos are uploaded under the tab "Media" and… Read more

Yes, there are two of them: “Date Match” is for nonsexual friends and causal to serious dating. But there is also “Sex Match,” which is for those NSA (no strings attached) hot sex hook-ups, either in person or … Read more