Your Daily Horoscope!

Aries Daily GayScope for May 26, 2017

You've more ambition than talent, but that hasn't stopped you from climbing the ladder. You successfully overcome your shortcomings with a can-do attitude, and a few creative embellishments. Keep up the good work. There's a place in the world for marginally talented people blowing their own horns.

Taurus Daily GayScope for May 26, 2017

You've met a guy who never seems to slow down -- it's always rush, rush, rush. In the beginning, this whirlwind of activity was heady, exciting. But now it's just gotten exhausting, and your enthusiasm is waning. Repeated attempts to slow him down have failed, and it may be time to let this roadrunner go.

Gemini Daily GayScope for May 26, 2017

You've met a great guy, but you're not sure. Today, ask friends and acquaintances what they think. It's always good to let others make your decisions for you.

Cancer Daily GayScope for May 26, 2017

You'll be prickly as a cactus today, and just as friendly. Your emotions will be easily aroused, and that's not going to help. Keep your mind sharp today, and think carefully before speaking. You're known for your talents with the free flowing expletives deleted, especially when under pressure. Staying cool could keep this day from being a disaster.

Leo Daily GayScope for May 26, 2017

You've a strong sense of self. Maybe too strong. You tend to dominate every situation you enter, whether you realize it or not. There's nothing wrong with that, but people can be intimidated, and put off by such shows of alpha male dominance. Tone down your personality just to the point of letting others think they have a say, which, ultimately, they don't.

Virgo Daily GayScope for May 26, 2017

You've always been the annoying type who has to unravel the magician's secrets, but to you it's all part of keeping it real. You always need to know how things work, and you spend much time analyzing how it all goes together. That's cool, but it can take all the fun out of things. Sometimes it's not best to ask 'why?' but 'why not?'

Libra Daily GayScope for May 26, 2017

There will be no middle ground today, and that lack of balance will really throw you off. It will be black or white, yes or no, with no room for interpretation. Sometimes gray becomes you, and all these stark contrasts are hurting your eyes. Balance will be hard to achieve today. Until then, enjoy the teeter-totter.

Scorpio Daily GayScope for May 26, 2017

Avoid conflicts today, as each one has the potential to be a powder keg. It will begin innocently enough, maybe a misunderstood word leading to a fight, which leads to more fights, which leads to divorce court. Walk on eggshells today, and learn to be flexible.

Sagittarius Daily GayScope for May 26, 2017

You will be projecting masculine energy today, and you're making the Marlboro Man look like Liberace. Use this manly attitude to your advantage today, as guys will be flocking to you. But don't forget the real guy inside, the one that makes a mean creme brulee, and who has seen 'Steel Magnolias' five hundred times -- and cried each time.

Capricorn Daily GayScope for May 26, 2017

The security you once thought you had at work is threatened as budget cutbacks have you on edge. You're not sure if your talent and experience is enough to save you from the axe. It could be time to start polishing the resume and ironing the interview suit. Let the job search begin!

Aquarius Daily GayScope for May 26, 2017

You have advanced ideas that dwarf those of others, but people still look at you like you're Dr. Frankenstein whenever you try to present them. Don't undermine the brilliance of your ideas because people are skeptical of them. If people thought like that in the past, we wouldn't now have such life essentials as TVs, video games and iPhones.

Pisces Daily GayScope for May 26, 2017

Today will be like a circus funhouse, with crazy mirrors, foggy rooms and mazes that lead nowhere. The trouble is, once you enter, you'll have a hard time getting out, and weird guys want to sell you maps to the exits. If life is an illusion, then treat it as such. Maybe that's when things will start to make sense.