Your Daily Horoscope!

Aries Daily GayScope for March 05, 2021

Pity to those who light a match around you today as your moods will be combustible. It's a given that you'll be prone to histrionic displays of drama, but try not to go too far over the top. You'll look like a character from the classic 1939 version of 'The Women', not last year's crappy remake.

Taurus Daily GayScope for March 05, 2021

You'll hope that new blessings are a part of this whole deal. A new job would be nice, as would a new man, a new car and a new nose. Dreams are only an illusion unless you do something about them. Making them reality... now that could be a new and interesting experience.

Gemini Daily GayScope for March 05, 2021

Don't make it obvious that you're talking down to people today. Whether it's the sneer or the look of contempt you display, people know that you're being snooty. Don't hate them because they don't share your finely-honed eye for fashion, not even the ones wearing the complete Hollister uniform.

Cancer Daily GayScope for March 05, 2021

Being attentive to the needs of your partner or boyfriend could make for a blissful day. He'll appreciate the attention and it'll foster your nurturing side. You guys will be like two bugs in a rug as you nest blissfully at home. Clothing, of course, will be optional.

Leo Daily GayScope for March 05, 2021

Someone you meet today will challenge your every opinion. His may actually be based on reality, so expect to learn some lessons today. Don't be the loudmouth queen if you don't really know what you're talking about. Then you just look like a, well, loudmouth queen, and don't we have enough of those?

Virgo Daily GayScope for March 05, 2021

You'll have energy for the game tonight. You'll feel confident, sexy and ready to play with the big boys. But make sure that you're not out of your league. Some of those boys play rough, and they don't let you wear protective padding.

Libra Daily GayScope for March 05, 2021

You'll be all about relationships today. This could pose a problem if you're single. Hanging out with your coupled friends is okay, but the third wheel is the loneliest wheel. Start the search for a man of your own today. Your friends are tired of you sleeping on their couch.

Scorpio Daily GayScope for March 05, 2021

There's no time like now to kick off that fitness resolution. Visualize yourself in a Speedo if you need motivation. Hang in there. Don't let the hacking, wheezing, nausea, muscle cramps and ill-fitting gym shorts keep you from your dream. That'll all go away in a few months.

Sagittarius Daily GayScope for March 05, 2021

You'll strut like a peacock today. Of course, your tail feathers may be firmly encased in a new pair of tight designer jeans. They can't be tight enough; you like displaying your best assets. Jam a quarter in your back pocket and people will be able to see Lincoln smiling.

Capricorn Daily GayScope for March 05, 2021

You'll need the stability of home life to keep you grounded today. Too much revelry may be getting to you. So feather your nest tonight. Relax with a few movies and a bottle of wine. Being alone might be nice for a change. You may actually feel like yourself.

Aquarius Daily GayScope for March 05, 2021

You'll gain a connection with someone today that will feel electric. You hope he feels the same, although he doesn't seem to be throwing off sparks. You may want to pull that plug right now. Any further pursuit will be a waste of energy.

Pisces Daily GayScope for March 05, 2021

You may have to find a way to channel an overflow of energy today. The gym may be the best place for you today. Getting physical will be the positive and mental release you need. Go home and get very, very Zen with yourself. You can do that in the shower if you like.