Your Daily Horoscope!

Aries Daily GayScope for September 15, 2019

Expect nearly everything to go wrong today. Armed with that knowledge you shouldn't be surprised when that happens. Dealing with setbacks takes poise and maturity. But you'll elect to handle them in true diva fashion with histrionic displays of emotion. It's a lot more fun that way.

Taurus Daily GayScope for September 15, 2019

It's silly to be jealous of those who have better stuff than you. There's always going to be someone with a better house, husband, car or electronic gadgets, and keeping up with the Joneses can be expensive. Who knows, maybe they're jealous of you. Not everyone can drive a Subaru Hatchback.

Gemini Daily GayScope for September 15, 2019

Your thoughts will be deeply scattered today. This may cause some disorientation as you find yourself making unpredictable decisions. How else do you explain screaming yourself hoarse at a Jessica Simpson concert? Chances are, much like Jessica, your screaming will be horribly off-key.

Cancer Daily GayScope for September 15, 2019

Your moods will ebb and flow like the tides today. This will make you intensely frustrating to be around. One moment you'll be setting hearts aflame with your beguiling charm. The next thing you know, you'll be setting your hair on fire as a way of having people notice you. Sad.

Leo Daily GayScope for September 15, 2019

You can't think of anything more boring than shopping for antiques. But that's what your boyfriend may want to do today. Make up an excuse quick or you'll be riding miserably down the nostalgia highway. It won't be so bad. Maybe some of the dealers will have cute grandsons.

Virgo Daily GayScope for September 15, 2019

Your emotions may cause you to take actions you normally never would. This could be trouble if you get sad or upset today. You could fall deep into a bottle of alcohol or into the arms of someone who will only use you and throw you away.

Libra Daily GayScope for September 15, 2019

You may meet your opposite today and sparks could fly. Maybe it's true that opposites attract because you two will be like magnets and metal. The ensuing relationship could be dynamic as all of your differences counterbalance each other. Then you'll be like two peas in a big, happy pod.

Scorpio Daily GayScope for September 15, 2019

Honesty will be the best policy in getting out of an empty and dissatisfying relationship. Beating around the bush will only prolong the inevitable, and that's unfair to both of you. Treat it like a band-aid and yank it right off! It won't be as painful as you think.

Sagittarius Daily GayScope for September 15, 2019

Keeping to yourself today will be harder than you think. You get invitations to breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, not to mention the movies and various social gatherings. It'll be impossible to say no to everything. Maybe you weren't meant to be alone today after all.

Capricorn Daily GayScope for September 15, 2019

Today will be a good one for decision making. After careful consideration you'll narrow down a field of choices and then decide on one. In the end you'll be glad you decided to talk to the Asian guy rather than the blond. You know, the one with the muscles, not the skinny one.

Aquarius Daily GayScope for September 15, 2019

You'll feel emotionally exposed today, and you better put on a coat to cover up. You won't want other guys to see you in this state of vulnerability -- they'll be like sharks in bloody water. So nurse your wounds at home and hope no one stops by to see you in your housecoat and curlers.

Pisces Daily GayScope for September 15, 2019

Don't be a doormat for ex-lovers and boyfriends today. You've let them use you as a punching bag for too long. Rise up and assert yourself today, and show them you're tougher than they think. Too bad you didn't do that while you were together. It might never have come to this.