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GayTies News for November 13, 2019

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  • Hoylman to Pitch Ban on Nonconsensual Intersex Surgery

    There’s an amazing four-minute video where the countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo talks to sixth graders at the TAPCo Middle School in the Bronx about how feelings are communicated through music (here or below). I... Show more

  • Contributor’s Inflammatory Tweets Exacerbate Ritchie’s Donations ...

    Out gay State Senator Brad Hoylman of Manhattan will introduce a bill requiring informed consent by an intersex minor before doctors can perform non-medically necessary treatment or intervention on that individual, he ann... Show more

  • Gay Sex in 1980

    Out gay Councilmember Ritchie Torres of the Bronx made it clear from the beginning of his congressional campaign that he would not join the growing herd of Democratic candidates who have disavowed campaign donations from ... Show more

  • Love Unmasked Too Late

    Unseen for decades, the remarkable 1980 French gay porn film “Equation to an Unknown” offers connoisseurs of the genre a real eyeful during its week-long release at Anthology Film Archives. The film was rediscovered b... Show more

  • GLAAD Praises LGBTQ Gains on TV

    When a beloved, timeless classic like “Cyrano de Bergerac” is revived onstage, it begs the question: What fresh twist justifies recounting this story for the umpteenth time? In this latest “Cyrano,” presented by The... Show more

  • A Look Back at Bloomberg’s LGBTQ Record

    A record-high number of LGBTQ characters are expected to appear on broadcast primetime scripted programming by the end of the 2019-2020 TV season, according to GLAAD’s annual “Where We Are on TV” report, and there are ove... Show more

Article of the Week

Argentine's President's son in drag Argentina's President-Elect Is 'Proud' of His Drag Queen Son

Argentina's president-elect Alberto Fernàndez is "proud" of his son, a notable drag performer and cosplayer in the South American nation. Fernàndez praised Estanislao, who is also known by the name Dyhzy, in a June interview with Radio Con Vos via Ushuaia Noticias.

Estanislao (pictured left) is “one of the most creative persons in my life," Fernàndez told the radio outlet, according to a translation from

“My son is a rights activist in that community. I would worry if my son was a criminal, but he is a great man,” he said. “In that world, which I don’t know much about, [he] seems to be respected and very recognized. I feel proud for my son.”

Estanislao's creative gifts are on full display in his social media accounts. Recent posts to Instagram include a number of impressive drag transformations, among them Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and a Spice Girl. The 24-year-old also works in insurance and is studying design.

Fernàndez, a champion of LGBTQ rights, represents a new era for the country's queer citizens. He bested the right-wing incumbent, Mauricio Macri, last week in the presidential election. However, Estanislao's passion for drag has made him a political target since his father announced his candidacy last May. Trolls have frequently come for the politician and his son — among them Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of the anti-LGBTQ Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro.

Last week, Eduardo retweeted an image of himself holding a gun alongside a photograph of Estanislao in drag as Pikachu from Pokemon. “This is not a meme,” he stated. “Brazilian brothers, we are in this fight together. I love you," Estanislao clapped back in Portuguese on Twitter, along with a rainbow emoji.

“Many people from Brazil began to follow me and I want to tell the LGBTQ+ community and allies of Brazil that we are together in this fight,” Estanislao then stated on his own Twitter account in Spanish. “Remember that love always conquers hatred and among us, we must always take care of ourselves,” he declared. 10/26)

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The creators of this website find a great social value in establishing a sort of web-based, gay community outreach newspaper. Like many newspapers, GayTies has an up to the minute news section, a featured story, Personal Ads, a game or comic section (including Fun with Captions and dirty word crossword puzzles as well as a unique photos puzzle THEY designed), and an entertainment section. In addition to those common features, has a live chat room, a Video Library of over 5,000 videos (and growing), a Photo Gallery of 0ver 30,000 male photos (and growing), and some unique features such as daily GAY horoscopes, Lucky Numbers, tons of searchable profiles, and ORIGINAL erotic stories.

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They chose to remain anonymous because they do not want to over showdown their humanitarian outreach to the gay and bisexual community. But I can tell you that these men have worked for decades as volunteers in the gay community, many years assisting people with AIDS, working on improving relationships with police, One of these men is responsible for establishing and operating an anti-gay violence hotline, and in general, working to secure full right to the LGBT community. I know almost all private adult websites are probably big companies that spam everyone, trick them, plaster their sites with misleading advertising as well as awful and annoying re-directs. has it organizational model centered on establishing a valuable service. A service that is safe and private, run by a few guys who want to give back to the community. It’s a service that is entertaining and informative; a service that is largely free, and hopefully soon, self-sustaining.

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