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Skater Twink Show Off
Part 1 of 2

Those damn show offs! Those twinkie skater boys. You see them everywhere, on skate boards, with the shirts off, and their pants down off their hips. Check out the Photo album number 408. You’ll see those straight boys who love to tease us gay guys. But before you do, let me explain my close encounter of the 5th kind. I got my first up close and personal interaction with one, it was all by chance.

You see, the noise came from the abandoned skate park across the street. There were few kids living in our neighborhood, so the park was closed two years ago, as it wasn't considered safe anymore. But now there was one guy riding his skateboard on the concrete slopes and steel rails. I got out my binoculars and to see exactly who he was, or more accurate, if he was cute and worth observing from my bedroom window.

The guy caught in my sight was maybe 17, tall and slim. He had blond and wavy hair almost down to his shoulders. He was wearing a tank-top that was generously open on the sides, showing large areas of his tanned body. He seemed to be muscled, but in a wiry way, as I could clearly see the outlines of his ribs. The hem of his shirt was long enough to partly cover his waist, so I couldn't see the entire form of his butt, but from the visible part I could tell it was in line with the rest of his body.

I kept stalking the boy and wished I could be there hanging with them. My folks were away on a family thing, so I had the house to myself for a couple of weeks. Even from a distance he seemed to be from another planet than the jocks and losers of our town (I belong to the latter genre).

"Get up and go to the park, stupid!" a voice in my head told me. The voice tells me all kinds of things all the time, but I'm usually too shy or scared to follow its advice. But this was a chance of a lifetime. If I wouldn't be able to actually speak with this guy, At least I could watch him for a while without raising suspicions.

I grabbed my shorts and took a quick look at myself in the mirror. I’m not so bad, at 26, I was OK, 158 pounds in a 5 ft. 7 frame, but not muscular, nor athletic. I was nerdy without really being a nerd, bookish without being much of a reader, not girlish at all, but definitely gay. A strictly closeted one; you know the type, whose behavior doesn't betray his sexual orientation, but who is at school constantly under suspicion of being gay. Or, as the jocks put it, when they laugh at you in the school yard and speak just loud enough for you to recognize the pivotal expressions: fucking faggot, queer, homo. I had friends, but they were terrified of the bullies and mostly avoided being seen with me in public. I decided.

I tried to walk nonchalantly, taking side paths, until I reached the park – just incidentally, you know. A part of the chain fence surrounding the park was missing, so I went in through it; probably the same way this stranger had done. I sat down on a weathered bench and tried to look casual, pretending to be busy with my phone, stealing glances towards the guy. The boy kept riding his boards, but I noticed him looking at me every now and then. Once he looked at me a bit longer. I felt embarrassed and considered leaving, when the blond rolled his skateboard towards my bench and stopped right in front of me.

At closer look the teen was even hotter than I realized with my binoculars. His body was effortlessly taut and pleasantly muscled; some guys just have the right genes. The tank-top he was wearing had a large graphic image printed in black on the front: a huge fist with a middle finger pointing upwards. I would never dare to wear something like that in public!

The boy smiled at me, showing a nice collection of white teeth, and shook his head to clear the blond locks that partly covered his eyes. "What's up, dude?" he asked in a friendly tone. His blue eyes were fixed in mine as he waited for me to answer. The simple question took me by surprise. "Aww, nothing, really. I just stopped by... uhh... to check my … my … Instagram," I stuttered.

In real life I didn't have an Instagram account, of course, as nobody was interested in seeing my photos. The guy looked amused. "You were checking your Instagram? Yeah, cool, that's a good thing to do every now and then."

He lifted the hem of his shirt absentmindedly to scratch his abdomen, revealing sweat-covered washboard abs and a sexy love trail. The thin path of hair, darker than his blond locks, disappeared under the waistband of his blue Ethica boxers and low-hanging jeans that were defying gravity with the help of a yellow canvas belt. The dirty and tattered jeans had rips here and there in the knees and thighs and even one so high up that I could see the leg of his boxers. The sight caused me an instant boner. With difficulty, I forced my eyes to turn away from the teen's loins.

"By the way, I'm Luke," he said and extended his hand after wiping it on his dirty jeans. I shook his hand. It felt warm and the handshake was firm.

"Hi, I'm Rob. I live across the street." He smiled.

"Yeah, I saw you in the window." I felt my face turn red, but Luke didn't push me on the subject.

"Look, Rob, could I fill my water bottle in your house, maybe several? Right now I’m living out of my car, so it’s a bit difficult. I tried to do it at the gas station but some old motherfucker drove me away. He threatened to get his fucking shotgun." I laughed.

"Yeah, that's Stan, the owner. He's a crazy bastard. Sure, follow me." And we walked the short distance to my place.

I filled his bottle from the kitchen tap, trying to make some small talk. I supposed he’d get the other bottles for me to fill later. "You guys hungry?" he chuckled to himself.

"What is it? Did I say something funny?"

"Oh, no. It's just that I haven't had a decent meal for days now. Been living on chips and soda," Luke explained.

"You ran out of money? Not that it's any of my business." Luke smiled.

"Yeah, kinda. I was laid off without notice from a skate shop and I haven't got may final pay yet," he explained. I saw an opportunity.

"Look, I was just going to order some pizza," I lied. "It's no big deal to order their largest instead of the medium."

"Fuck no, I can't let you buy my food," he told me. The tone of his voice told me he hoped I wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Sure you can. I can afford that," I said and handed Luke the menu of our local takeaway.

"In that case,” he said as he scanned the various types of pizza on the list. “How about a cheese and sausage?”

I was being offered the opportunity to spend some quality time with a very attractive boy skater, and if it cost me a few bucks, so be it. I spend money for less important causes all the time, like my own food and clothes.

I phoned in the order. I got us some sodas from the fridge and we sat down. I was curious to find out why Luke came to my town. There's absolutely nothing to see; believe me, I had been living there for seventeen years. The explanation was blunt.

"I knocked up a chick back home. Her brothers got pissed, so I had to leave town to let things cool off.” Luke laughed at his own answer.

"Anyway, his brothers got some fucking gang relations and I don't want my beautiful life to end yet. I've got so much more to give to the ladies of this planet," Luke exclaimed and emphasized his words by making thrusts with his hips, making us both laugh.

The pizza guy rang the doorbell. I paid the bill and gave him a decent tip, and then set the steaming box on the table. Luke practically ripped the box into pieces and started to wolf down the first large slice. I ate at a slow pace, enjoying the hunky skater twink in my kitchen. Finally he was satisfied. "Thanks, man," Luke said with a loud burp. "I hope I can return the favor somehow." I could think of some ways, I thought to myself.

"Well, I’d better get going, man. I need to find a place to stay before it gets dark." Luke told me. Did I mention I'm not stupid? An idea shot through my head like a lightning.

"Look, I've got this whole house to myself for a few days. You are welcome to stay for a day or two. We've got a guest room upstairs." My idea was not hard to sell.

"Cool man, thanks! I sure would appreciate a real bed and a hot shower," Luke said, clearly delighted.

"You can take a shower anytime you want," I said, trying not to seem too eager. The boy went to his car to collect a hefty back pack, and returned. Luke started to go through his stuff.

"Fuck, I thought I had a set of clean clothes left. No, just boxers. But all my t-shirts and socks are dirty."

"No problem. I'll lend you some of mine. Just bring your wash downstairs and I'll take care of it." I gave Luke an unused, large plastic trashcan bag and told him to stuff his dirty clothes in it.

"Thanks man, I really appreciate this," he said and was about to leave when he changed his mind and peeled off his white ankle socks.

"Put these in too, willya", he said and tossed the socks towards his bag. He missed and they fell on the floor. He didn't bother to pick them up.

"Time for my shower," he said and left. I looked at the socks on the floor. Luke had been wearing them just seconds ago. I closed the laundry room door and picked up a dingy white sock. It was still warm and moist and I felt my cock harden. I sat down on a stool and picked up the other sock too. Despite a strong feeling of guilt, I closed my eyes, pressed the socks on my face, and took a deep breath through my nose. A strong odor of teen feet filled my senses. I took another whiff, and a third one, rubbing my crotch with my free hand. Suddenly Luke's laughter made me freeze.

"Dude, what the fuck? You're sniffing my socks!"

Shocked, I opened my eyes and felt my face turn beet red. Luke was standing in the doorway, barefoot but otherwise fully clothed, laughing at me. I dropped the socks and sunk my head down. "No, don't get me wrong Luke, I was... I just wanted to see how dirty they are," I stuttered.

Luke found my pitiful comment even more hilarious. "Hahaha! And to see that, you had to bury your face in them?" I just sat there and wished the floor would open up and swallow me. Luke kept laughing for a good while, but finally he was able to stop.

He moved in front of me and put his bare foot on the stool between my legs, just an inch from my tenting crotch. "You got a boner from sniffing my socks? Dude?" He snickered. "No, I just..." I started but he cut me off.

"Come on man, you've been eyeballing me from the very second we met."

I tried not to cry but I was too ashamed. Tears welled up in my eyes. "I'm so sorry Luke. Please don't tell anyone. I'll do anything," I sobbed.

"Chill out, man. Move over," he said tapping my shoulder.

I moved as much as I could so that Luke was able to sit on the little stool next to me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer. My head was resting against his bare shoulder, my face only inches from his armpit. I could smell his deodorant, already starting to wear off, and the scent of his sweat. His warm body was pressed against mine. In spite of my embarrassment, my cock was rock hard.

"I won't tell anybody, Rob. I promise. This stays just between you and me. Have you ever told anyone you're gay?"


He ruffled my hair. "It's all right dude, we're all different. I don't judge you by that. But it's so fucking wrong that you have to live closeted in this hick town without letting your true feelings out. And when you have a young guy in your house for once, you wanna sniff his socks to get off. That sucks, man."

"Yeah, it sucks," I sobbed. I felt so much better now that I could share my inner secrets with someone. We sat silent for a while. Then Luke spoke with a soft voice.

"Wanna smell the real thing?"

I couldn't believe my ears. Was he saying what I thought he was? "What... what do you mean?"

Luke stood up, moved right in front of me and ran his fingers through my hair. My eyes were level with his denim-clad crotch. "I've been zigzagging through this fucking redneck country for a week now. No pussy, sleeping in the car, and hardly a private moment to jack off. I could sure use some assistance."

"Luke, I..." I couldn't finish my sentence. He stepped even closer; his pelvis was just inches away from my face. I could feel heat radiating off his body. He took a gentle hold of the back of my head and pulled it until my face was pressed on the crotch of his jeans.

"This is the real thing, Rob.” I inhaled through my nose. The mixture was intoxicating: dirty denim, sweat, urine and testosterone; the scent of boy. "You like it?"


"Would you like to help me out?" I was too scared to answer him. The voice inside my head was yelling "yes, yes, yes!" but that would be crossing a point of no return. Maybe Luke was just making fun of me?

He continued to talk soothingly, all the time petting my hair. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to, Rob. Your secret is safe with me anyway. But I think we might have a win-win situation here, dude. I'll let you suck me off. I really need that, man."

He leaned back a little and grabbed the hem of his shirt, pulled the tank-top over his head, revealing his flat abdomen and the dark blond love trail I admired in the skate park. Then he lifted my chin with his finger and leaned closer, so that my nose was pressed on his lower abdomen and his love trail tickled my lips. Luke's smell was heady and promising. He let go of my head but I didn't back down. We both knew I was hooked.

"Go ahead, Rob. You can touch me." I touched his abdomen carefully with my fingers. He didn't flinch, so I started to caress his hard stomach lovingly. "Do you like me, Rob?"

"Yeah. I like you very much, Luke."

"Good, that's good. Now show me how much you like me."

Skater Twink Show Off
Part 2 of 2

Emboldened by his encouragement, I pressed my lips on his belly. That was the first time in my life I kissed another person in a sexual way. I loved the way Luke's skin tasted and felt against my lips. I kissed his abdomen over and over again and explored his navel with my tongue. Luke took hold of my wrist and pressed my hand on his crotch. The worn denim was soft but I could feel his cock getting hard against my fingers.

“Why don't you give it a little rub," he said and let go of my wrist. I started to rub his crotch gently, sliding my fingers back and forth on the shaft of his rod.

"Mmmmm. That feels so good. You want to take it out, don't you?" Tears welled up in my eyes. I nodded, unable to speak. "Yeah, you do. It's waiting for you there, dude. Just open my jeans."

I unbuckled Luke's belt and opened the top button of his jeans. Only three copper buttons were now hiding the promised treasures from me. The frayed buttonholes gave no resistance as I popped the buttons one after another. His cock strained against the confines of his tight blue boxers, waiting to be taken care of. I caressed it with my fingers. After a few strokes the cotton became moist and I could feel and smell warm slime oozing through the thin fabric.

It felt so natural for me to lean closer and lick the bulge of Luke's underwear, tasting another boy's precum for the first time in my life. It tasted salty and a little bitter. I wanted more, a lot more. He let me slurp it for a while before giving me my next instructions.

"Help me get rid of these jeans, man." I pulled the rugged jeans down to his knees. Then I kneeled on the floor and with some difficulty managed to pull them completely off. I tossed the jeans aside and looked up. Luke smiled at me.

"You're doing fine, Rob. You wanna make me feel good, don't you?"

I nodded. "I do, Luke. But I haven't done this before." I looked up at him and I could see his surprise look at me. Of course, he is thinking, a 26 year old gay man has never sucked a dick before? He was not being rude at all, but quite supportive, and calming. After all, we both wanted me to suck his dick.

"Don't be afraid. You'll know what to do. Trust me, I've seen it happen."

"You've done this before?" I ask?

His blunt reply surprised me. "Sure, there's this faggot in our school. I let him suck me off sometimes." Luke surprised me even more by pressing his middle finger between my lips. It tasted of pizza. I sucked it instinctively. "Yeah. You've got it in your blood. Go on."

I reached out with my hands and felt Luke's firm thighs, enjoying the magnificent feeling of being able to massage his powerful muscles. I let my hands slide slowly higher until I reached his waist. I hooked my fingers under the waistband of his boxers and peeled them down. A bush of short pubic hair came into sight. It looked like he usually groomed it, but it had grown a bit longer during their road trip.

I lowered the boxers a little more and revealed his cock. It was a man-sized sex organ, maybe six inches long, but it wasn't fully hard yet. I knew Luke expected me to take it in my mouth and suck it. I was a little scared that I wouldn't be able to fit it in, but I sure would try hard. I caressed the silky shaft with my fingers.

"It takes a while for a guy to get me ready to be sucked. Just lick it up." I stuck my tongue out and gave Luke's teen gun a loving lick from the root to the purple mushroom head. He sighed. "Yeah. That's it. Keep going."

I took a longer lick, this time starting from his ball sack. And then I just kept licking, feeling his rod grow under my tongue. After maybe twelve passionate licks his cock was pointing towards the ceiling, ready to be serviced.

"That's enough. Open up."

I opened my mouth and Luke didn't waste any time penetrating it. He guided his joystick between my lips and made a tentative push. It surprised me and I gagged a little. He pulled out and let me catch breath for a second or two. Then he pushed in again, this time a bit deeper. The musky taste and smell of unwashed teenage crotch filled my world, and I loved it. I was now tasting another boy's cock; something I had dreamed about so many times alone in my room, never expecting to experience it in real life.

Luke started pumping his dick in and out; gently at first, but his moves became more determined with every thrust. I panicked at first as he forced his cock deeper in my mouth, but after a minute or so I suddenly realized my nose and upper lip were pressed on his pubes and my lower lip met his ball sack. Every six inches of Luke's love ambassador were now inside my mouth. He saw that too, of course.

"Yeah, that's the way." Luke told me. Like his was instructing me; a 17 year-old instructing a 26 year old. Yeah, it was odd, but that’s exactly what I needed. When he saw I could now take in his entire young cock, all his inhibitions disappeared. He took a strong hold of my head with his both hands and started to pound my face for real.

"Squeeze your lips tight and start sucking. Use your tongue and watch your teeth." It wasn't a suggestion or a request, it was a command. And I obeyed, tightening my lips around Luke's pumping cum-missile. I took hold of his rock-hard buttocks, pulling him closer with every inward thrust.

"Oh yeah. This is what faggots are for. You're a better cocksucker than the school fag," he panted. His degrading words were humiliating, of course, but the dirty talk was also a huge turn-on for me, coming from this young stallion. It was a part of his enjoyment; he was pleased with my performance as his sexual attendant and that was all that mattered.

Luke was now lost in his own lust. There was no warmth or friendship between us anymore; I was just a fag he used as an outlet for his needs. And I accepted that with gratitude. We both had only one ambition there, to bring Luke to orgasm. The forceful skull-fucking took maybe five minutes. A mixture of precum and spit ran down my chin and neck and my jaw was numb, but I was determined to serve Luke until he got his satisfaction.

Finally I felt his rod starting to pulse heavily between my lips and I knew the finale was at hand. Right after that he grunted, exhaled deeply and filled my mouth with cum. Most of his first load went straight down my throat, but I backed down a little so I could catch the next one in my mouth. This copious shipment of teen fluid was a gift from Luke and I was determined to drink every drop he deposited in me. I realized that a young cocksucker and cum-junkie had been living as a prisoner inside my body all these years; and now Luke had opened the doors. I finally knew who I was.

He withdrew himself from me after shooting four shots of warm slime into my mouth. I swallowed the rest of it and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

Suddenly I felt a rush of emotions and started to cry. Luke looked surprised and put his hand on my shoulder. "What's wrong, man? Did I hurt you?" I shook my head, unable to speak. "What is it then, tell me. Is it because I called you faggot? That's just guy-talk."

I took a deep breath and looked up, meeting his blue eyes. "No, no. It's just that... that was the best thing ever, thank you so much, Luke," I sobbed and leaned over to kiss his softening cock.

Luke laughed. "You’re thanking me for letting you suck me off?"

I smiled, tears still running down my cheeks. "Yes. And I want to do it again, soon. And you can call me whatever you want. Just let me suck you off again."

"Well, you're welcome. And I see you enjoyed it a lot," he said pointing my tenting shorts with his finger.

"Yeah. I guess it's no use asking you to do something about it?" He chuckled. "Use my dirty boxers and socks to jack off while I'm taking a shower," Luke told me, sounding more and more like he was directing me, ordering me to do stuff. But still … being very pleasant. He poked his discarded boxers on the floor with his toe, as if to say, “this is all you get.”

Ouch! I guess that was meant to be a kind and helpful. Luke saw the hurt look on my face. He looked embarrassed for a second or two but then a shining smile appeared on his face. He reconsidered.

"I tell you what, Rob; I'll let you wash my back." My mood brightened immediately. I was once again ecstatic. I followed Luke to the bathroom, admiring his bubble buttocks swaying as he walked. He stepped in the shower cubicle and adjusted the water temperature. Then he moved under the shower and let the warm water embrace his body while I waited outside. He reached for the shampoo bottle, but I intervened quickly.

"I could wash your hair, too." He laughed.

"I bet you could. Okay, Rob."

I stepped inside the cubicle and took the bottle from him. I was fully clothed as I reckoned that Luke wouldn't want to see me naked. But that didn't matter. I poured some shampoo on my palm and spread it into his hair. Then I kneaded his thick locks thoroughly with my fingers. I repeated the process as I could feel that his hair really needed a good wash. Finally he rinsed his hair under the shower while I stood there watching. The foam ran down on his taut body, making it shine in the dim light of the bathroom. He looked absolutely divine in my eyes.

I took the soap bar and rubbed soap on my palms. Luke saw that and turned his back to me, clasping his hands on top of his head. I started to soap Luke's back gently, worshiping his tanned skin and hard muscles. His armpits were fully exposed, so I extended the definition of "back" and washed the sensitive skin and soft hairs of his pits carefully. Then I worked my way slowly downwards, making sure I touched every spot of his back. I hesitated when I reached his buttocks. He flinched and I backed immediately. I didn't want to scare him, but I hated the idea of having to stop worshiping his body, so I tried another tactics. I poured more soap on my palm and rubbed it on his neck and chest. He didn't stop me so I soaped and washed his sides. Then I reached to his front with my hands so I could wash his stomach. I took extra care to clean his navel and the small canyons between the mounds of his six-pack. Then I continued downwards, until my finger met his pubes.

"That's far enough. I don't feel like it now." Shit! But I wasn't going to give in without trying. I had just sucked him off, so there was little need for shyness.

"I could wash your legs."

Luke laughed. "Oh my god, what have I done? I've created a monster! A fag monster!" We both laughed. Luke's laughter turned into a mischievous grin. He bent his head back and filled his mouth with water. Then he sprayed it directly in my face.

"Ask me nice." So Luke wanted me to beg his permission to wash his legs! Well, if that's what was needed, so be it. I kneeled down on the plastic floor. Water was now pouring straight on me and my clothes became soaking wet in an instance, but I didn't care. I looked up to Luke's grinning face.

"Luke, please let me wash your legs. I'll wash them really well if you let me. Please." But his expression did not change. “Please kind sir. I promise to be good and please you. Please let me wash you to your liking?”

Finally, he laughed and ruffled my hair. "Go for it, dude."

I rubbed soap on my hands again and started to wash Luke's feet. I could hear him chuckle above me, but he leaned on the wall of the cubicle and lifted his feet one after another so I was able to give them a thorough wash. When I had cleaned his every toe with great care I let my hands move up, working on his hairy calves. My target was to wash him up to, and including, is well-rounded ass checks.

When I reached his knees he interrupted me.

"Okay, enough treats for one day, dude. Maybe I’ll be kinder tomorrow, and by next week, I might even let you kiss my ass. Now get the fuck out of here." He chucked, knowing I was going to do whatever he wanted me to do.

I got up and stepped out of the shower stall, closing the sliding door behind me. I stepped out of my shorts, stripped off my shirt and dropped the wet clothes on the floor. I dried myself hastily and rushed to the laundry room.

I picked up Luke's boxers and sat down on the floor with my back to the wall. The taste of teen cum was still strong in my mouth, and when I inhaled Luke's scent through his underwear, and then began to rub his dirty underwear all over and around my hard, pulsing dick. I shot my load immediately into his boxers.

Luke had called it a win-win situation. Sure, he used me to drop a load. But I felt he had given me so much more. He had changed my whole life in less than an hour. I knew I would be grateful and in debt for him for the rest of my life. All was well. That is except for his comment that he’d be kinder to me tomorrow and next week. I wondered what he had in mind. Was he going to move in? For how long? But … for right now, I was not concerned about the tomorrows.

The End

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