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  • Posted on 03/15/2020

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Questions as of March 15, 2020:

Questions: I real LOVE those special videos that are filmed by such as the "Underwear model, and the "Hypnotized Detailer."  Where is the full list? I can't tell you why, but these give me such a bone!

Answer: Thank you. Yes they are THE favorite videos on GayTies. The full list of GayTies filmed videos is available to PAID members only. Just become (or already be) a Paid member and request the full library list.

Questions as of March 7, 2020:

Questions: I have only a 3.8 star rating. Why is that? How do I get a higher rating?

Answer: Great question. Other members give you a star rating based on your photos (both profile photo and album photos) and your profile. I looked at your profile and photo. Your profile photo is just as bad photo, It's dark and shows only your shoulder. We do fix photos, but a bad photo is just that. You don't have to show your face, and if you don't want to, at least upload a photo showing you from the neck down. Bare-chested seem to get the highest ratings. Also, your profile info is nearly all blank. Tell us about you, that's a big help. In addition, you have no photo album. Add one and upload some photos in it. In short, those who rate the highest have: A complete profile, a sharp, well-lite face photo, and some naked photos in their album, or at least some great underwear shots. OK? Buddy?

Questions as of November 23, 2019:

Questions: I see that Regular members get to mark 15 videos as favorites for easy "re-finding." I am a basic member, why do regular members get more benefits."? They are both free groups, right? I don't want to pay to be a regular member.

Answer: Great question, BOTH basic and regular members ARE free. And yes, regular members get more benefits. However, you do not have to pay to be a regular member. Regular members simply complete more questions in the profile. Basic members complete the very minimum. Tor be comer a regular member, just to to "My Stuff" and click on edit profile, (remember to click on all the headings such as Life-style, Appearance, and Personal, etc.) and complete at least 80% of all the questions. You don't even have to complete all of them, just 80%! So you ... and any other Basic members, can go update your profile and become a regular member! With more benefits!

Questions as of May 17, 2018:

Questions: I am blocked from seeing videos because it says my email is bad. I've been using this email address for a long time, why are you blocking me now?

Answer: We installed an a new program that checks email addresses periodically. And if a member's email is no longer valid, it will change your status to "Bad Email." and you will not be able to see videos until it is updated. We have to update it for you. Use "Find Member" and type in "AdminJC". Send your valid email address there. Messages there. Allow 12 hours for response.

Question 2: Why do I need a valid email if just want to see videos?

Answer: GayTies staff send out special notices, and so do members to say "Hi," or whatever. If the email address is bad, Google thinks it's spam. We can get in trouble for that.

Question 3: What if I don't want to receive emails?

Answer: This is easy. Go to "Settings" then "Notification" and down to where it mentions "weekly notification" - the bottom one- and change "Yes" to "No." This will stop almost all emails.

Questions as of January 27, 2018:

Questions: I don't know how to see members' photos in their albums. I only see one photo.

Answer: First of all, most members do not have photo albums, only a profile photo. Some who have an album only have one photo in it. But for those that do have a multiple photos in their album(s), there are couple of ways to view  them. For example, click on the link, "Find Member." then type in a member's name, such as, "brandniron," (or copy and paste it in). When his photo/profile comes up, under his photo you will see what photo albums he his. If it shows no albums, then he has none. brandniron has 8 photo albums (as of the time of this writing). And each album contains multiple photos. Those photos that are marked "adult," can only be seen by Paid Members or the temporary Premium Members. 

The other way is just to click on any members profile photo.  And again, his photo albums will be shown under his photo, if he has any.

And another way is to click on the link, "Member's Latest Photos." These are those who do have photo albums, and posted a photo in it recently, and this is different. Here you click on the link "Albums" above his photo. Then click on each album to see the photos inside.

Also be aware that a member can mark his photo(s) ”For friends only." And in this case, send him a friend request. If he accepts you, you'll see all his photos.

BTW, "brandniron" has a lot of photos albums and videos too, because he is a "Gold Member." Gold Members get the most benefits, such as being able to upload more photos and videos.

Questions as of November 4, 2017:

Question: Why can't I see naked photos of other members in their photo albums?

Answer: You have to be a Paid member to see the nude photos of members, as a Regular or Basic member, you can only see the non X-rated photos. 

Questions as of November 1, 2016:

Question: I'm new here, what's the best way to see the videos?

Answer: Click on "Categories" and scroll down to the subject matter you like. 

Questions as of August 1, 2015

Question:  I really feel uncomfortable putting my email address on any adult site. I feel site owners trade and sell email addresses.

Answer: I am glad you raised the question. We are not a large corporation that owns a lot of sites and manipulates you to migrate from one to the other. Those sites or group of sites do throw you all over the internet and can give you lot of spam and trick you into paying on different sister sites. GayTies does not. is owned by 3 guys who only work on, and promote only this one site. We never share your email address, we never manipulate you or redirect you to other websites. Never. We value your visitors here. We provide personal customer service. We keep you safe. That is our promise!

And, BTW, what other site actually responds to your questions (usually) in 12 hours? This makes GayTies independent and personal and unique.

Questions as of October 30, 2014

Question: What is this new Lottery Number thing on the home page? Does gayties have a lottery? How does it work?

(First, our disclaimer: This is presented for entertainment purposes only.) Answer: No GayTies does not have a lottery. What you see on the home page, at the very bottom of the left column, is what mathematicians call a "random number generator." According to those who mathematically calculate odds, choosing a truly random number (or a series of numbers) is more likely to win (say in a lottery) then numbers one might thinks up, or using a birthday or phone number or whatever "lucky numbers" one has. This program generates random numbers for any purpose. You put in a range of numbers by putting in the highest number (the lowest number is always 1), then the quantity of numbers you want, and click "generate." The computer will generate that many random numbers in that range.

For example: Lets say you want to enter a lottery where the highest number is 80, and you what the computer to give you a total of 5 random numbers. In the first box, place "80," in the second box place "5." When I just did this, I got: 3, 10, 47, 69, 73. But each time you click "generate" you will get different truly random numbers. 

3, 10, 47, 69, 73

Questions as of October 27, 2014

Question: Why is it that you post some videos twice. For example "LAPD Arrest Protesters" and "Problem Protesters?"

Answer: Actually, these videos are of the same naked protesters, same event, but they are different videos taken by 2 different people, and they show different content. For those who have not seen these, LAPD Arrests Protestors was posted recently on 10/18/14 and is 1.38 minutes long. The earlier video, "Problem Protesters" posted 3/8/14, is much more spectacular. It is much longer at 6.06 minutes, very clear and sharp, and tells the whole story. And it it from a different view point. So these are 2 different videos.

Now, if you find that we really did post the same video twice, and that does happen in error, give us the date posted of each video and we will remove the one that is of the lessor quality. This will be a big help to us.

Questions as of August 28th

Question: I notice other gay websites feature all very handsome young men. I think they could all be models. Why doesn't GayTies do that? No offense, but GayTies shows everyone.

Answer: LOL. Do you really think all those "handsome men" are real members? Those sites have the same variety of members we have, except they feature ONLY the male mode images. Worst, most of those people are not real members. They are made up profiles. And the photo come from the internet. Even worst, if you write to those "models" your either get no response, or their system will send you back a form email as if they are real. Worst, that means if you are not a "male model type person, you will never be featured there.

Gay Ties does not allow phony profiles or phony profile photos. We only want real members. If you suspect a phony photo, please report it.

Question: I was in chat with more than one fellow who received a free month for being a helper. Are there helper positions? For doing what? How does it work?

Answer: Actually, you can receive a free month for helping. We do put out a notice once in a while. But it seems to work better if interested members use "Contact us" at the bottom of the home page, use the drop down box and select "I want to be a volunteer." And offer your help. What helper jobs are available? 

We can use member who are good at:

1. Placing back links to GayTies (from Facebook, other gay sites, etc.)

2. Hosting chats several times a week.

3. Being a greeter to welcome new members.

4. Editing future stories, etc.

and there are other jobs. The first one listed (for those who know how to do it) is always in demand.

Feel free to offer to volunteer.

Questions as of July 5th

Question: I noticed the photos in the main photo albums ( ) are larger and clearer. It seems to have started a couple of months ago.

Yes, we installed a new photo program that sharpens photos more and makes them larger. Of course, some photo are poor quality, and we try not to upload them, but there are some that are just plain hot, so we do upload them even if a little blurry. We figure you would like those anyway.

Question: I created a photo album. and was going to upload photos into it the next day, but when I logged in the next day, the album was gone. What happened?

OK, when you create an album, add at least one photo to it. That will save it. Empty albums (albums with no photos ) are deleted each night. You can always add additional photos wherever you want, but whenever you create a new album, just add the first photo right away to save it.

Question: I uploaded a profile photo to get the free upgrade, but my photo was deleted. Why?

I just checked your account. The photo you uploaded was of you and someone else. Unless you indicate that you are joining as a couple, (monogamous or open relationship) you can show only you in the profile photo.

Question: I noticed the photos in the main photo albums ( ) are larger and clearer. It seems to have started a coupe of months ago.

Yes, we installed a new photo program that sharpens photos more and makes them larger. Of course, some photo are poor quality, and we try not to upload them, but there are some that are just plain hot, so we do upload them even if a little blurry. We figure you would like those anyway.

Question: I created a photo album. and was going to upload photos into it the next day, but when I logged in the next day, the album was gone. What happened?

OK, when you create an album, add at least one photo to it. That will save it. Empty albums (albums with no photos ) are deleted each night. You can always add additional photos wherever you want, but whenever you create a new album, just add the first photo right away to save it.

Question: I uploaded a profile photo to get the free upgrade, but my photo was deleted. Why?

I just checked your account. The photo you uploaded was of you and someone else. Unless you indicate that you are joining as a couple, (monogamous or open relationship) you can show only you in the profile photo.

Questions as of April 5th

Question: Why is it that a few videos don’t play for me. Some don’t play at all, and a couple freeze up.

Answer: When members report a “bad” video. Of course we check it out. If it does not play for us, we remove it. However, if it plays for us, we look at how many others, if any, can’t play a particular video. If only 1 or 2 of our members can’t play it, it if definitely the member’s computer.

Follow up question: But I can play/watch, like 97 percent of them. So why not all of them? And what can I do about it?

Answer: Some videos are very long, or recorded with an odd combination of settings (out dated settings). We try to fix those, but an older computer, or one that does not have enough RAM, or you do not have the latest browser, will have some problems. Here’s what to do: Update to the newest browser and empty your cache. Other than that, you may need a new computer.

Question: Why do I see some videos duplicated and on here twice?

Answer: That’s our bad. Just use “Contact us” and report both videos, we need the dates of each to find them, so give us the dates. Also, one may be a clear/better video, so tell us which one to delete?

Questions as of Jan 20, 2014:

Question 1: I see you have a new membership class of “Basic Member.” How is that different than “Regular member? They are both free. Both are entry level. Aren’t they?

Answer: Yes, they are both free and both entry level. We added the Basic membership because some people did not want to complete a long registration sign-up, just to see free videos and free photos. Basic membership makes joining quick and easy. You only answer 5 questions (green text) and confirm your email address, and you can see all the free videos and all the free photos.

Basic make is easier to join. If you want more interaction with other members (like exchanging messages, chatting, having friends and favorites and hook-ups and dating, etc.), complete the full registration form, and become a Regular Member.

Follow up question: Do Basic members get the free 2-day upgrade to see everything?

Answer: Yes. Both Basic and Regular members may received a FREE 2-day premium Membership if they upload an approved photo. Of course the photo must be really you, recent, and show your face (preferred), or your headless torso. So you can remain discreet. You only get one free 3-day upgrade, but go ahead, get it and enjoy it.

Question 2: If I just want to see videos, can I join as basic (which I now am) and just buy a membership upgrade? I don’t want to upload a photo, and I don’t want to do the friendship thing, just see videos.

Answer: Yes, you can just join as a basic member, and just pay the very low fee for the upgrade. It’s instantly approved. No photo and no long registration form needed. This is why we created the Basic membership level. If you just want to see videos and photos, just join as a Basic Member and pay for an upgrade only if you want to.

Question 3: Do I have to join as a Basic member? Can’t I join as a Regular Member when I first sign up, so I get the extra features and benefits?

Answer: Of course. Complete the short form and be a Basic Member or the longer form and be a Regular Member (with more benefits like messages, friends, favorites, and more). Neither one requires a photo.

Question 4: I joined as a basic member just to quickly find out what the site is all about. Now I want to complete the longer signup and become a Regular member. Do I have to sign up again?

Answer: No, you already signed up. Just complete your sign-up form (also called your profile). Click on the green link "Profile" then "edit profile" and click on each of the 4 headings and answer the questions. BTW, you do not need to answer 100% of the questions on the registration form - Only 90%, in case there are some you'd prefer not to answer. Many member answer all but the Erotic (kinky) section. That's fine. As long as you complete 90% of it you will be automatically a Regular member, and get more benefits.

Questions as of Nov 23, 2013:

1. Why are some of the videos shaky and or blurry. I really don't like those.

Answer: I am kind of LOL. We ask the question repeatedly if members would prefer we not upload a video that is sort of blurry, and we are always told "Please upload them any way. If some members don't want to see them, they can skip them." The fact is, we upload amatrue videos, and those are somethings,, or usually, not perfect. We do have limits on sharpness, and we do toss out ones that are really bad. But we fine members want them all. So we upload the,

Questions as of Sept 22, 2013:

1. Why do you have bonus video and photo albums that I cannot see as a regular member? That’s not fair.

Answer: My friend, do you see any commercial ads? Any annoying pop-ups to buy stuff? And links to click on that take you to other site to buy their stuff? No, you don’t. We are a self-sustaining website. All staff is volunteer. No one gets paid. But we have bills to pay and we constantly pay programmers to make improvements, many you don’t even see, but they help the site work better and give it more content. So we do have bills to pay, continuously.

 We greatly appreciate all the support we get from guys buying Premium Membership and Sponsoring Memberships. We want to reward them by giving them special benefits and privileges. Giving them additional videos and photo to view is just 2 special benefits, there are many more. Sorry this sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s the truth.

2. Why do you make it so hard for people to join? Everywhere else you put in an email address, ANY email address,  and bingo, you’re a member. Here your system would not ever accept the first 2 addresses I put it. Don’t you want more members?

Answer: I  just checked out record. Those first 2 email addresses you tried to use were temporary address, not real addresses, so those were blocked. And, yes, we do want more members, but we want real members that other people can interact with, if they choice.

3. Follow up question: Why did you reject my profile photos? OK, so they were from the internet, but what do you care if they are not really me?

Answer: t all comes down to what kind of a website one wants. We want real people, with real photos. If you want to meet others guy in your area, or to chat on line, don’t you want them to be real? Many of our members like the fact that we screen people before they join, just to make sure they are real. If you are only interested in our videos and photos, and not into chatting or meeting other people, just do the minimum profile, as long as you are real, you don't have to give away any family secrets..

Also, keep in mind that if you choose to upload a photos, you do not have to show your face. Furthermore, you don’t have to upload a photo at all. With no photo, you stay a regular member, but you can still view 80% of the web content and chat, etc. And finally, you can pay for an upgrade and then you do not need a photo at all, AND you get to view everything. So you do have choices.

4. Sometimes the videos play for me and sometimes they don’t’. I’m even talking about seeing a particular video multiple times because I enjoy it and beat off to it. And it does not play each time.

Answer: Since very few people have trouble viewing our videos. We get about one complaint every 2 or 3 months. This tells us that it is not our system, but that person’s computer or mobile device that is the problem. The main issue is people don’t delete their cache and history. Full cache usually stops you from viewing any large file. Some of our video files are 80 MG. So clean up your computer. Second, update to the latest version of your browser. Finally, we recommend Firefox browser if you can use it. It tends to work the best.

Questions as of Jun 10, 2013 (these were all on videos)

1.I see you updated your video system. it does work much better. I upgraded to Firefox as you suggested, and some videos are still blurry or without sound. Not many, but some.

Answer: Yes, it took 2 months, but we changed over to an  MP4 player so mobile devices can view videos, as well as traditional computers. As for your issue. some videos (a few) are blurry. We try not to upload videos that are unclear, but in some cases when the video is unique, we think the membership would rather see it blurry than not see it at all. As for no sound, a few videos have no sound. So your system is doing fine

2. I have a older computer with Windows Vista, and could not see all the videos, the main problem is it took like 5 or 10 minutes to load it, and it would stop periodically. Why are your videos doing that? I even ungraded to a huge 500 MB of Ram. So what goes.

Answer: The staff was clucking at your question. My friend, Windows Vista was released in 2006. That is old, very old. And 500 MB (which is a half a Gigabit), is not enough RAM to play most videos well. Yes, with the small about of Ram, it would take several minutes to load a video before it starts to play it. I assume, when you upgraded to 500 MB of RAM, that that is the most them could add into that ood computer. That is why they did not add more.A computer build in 2006 does not have the capacity to do a lot of internet function well, if at all. Sorry, my friend, you really need a new computer, Your computer was updated all it can be, and it is not powerful enough to run many programs of today, including playing videos properly. Any new computer you get today, even cheaper ones, will come with at least 2 or 4 GM of RAM.

3. OK, so Firefox, Mozilla and Chrome play videos better than when I use Internet explorer 7, but I like Internet Explore. I don't want to change.

Answer: .First, Mozilla and Firefox are the same browser, it's call Mozilla's Firefox, or Firefox, for short. Yes, I now what you mean about getting used to Explorer. I tried Firefox several time and deleted it because I hated it. A few years ago, some of our staff members took college classes in computer science and in each class they were told by the instructor NOT to use Explorer in class because it was so inferior in so many ways. Just to name a few issues, Explorer does not meet international internet standards, and if lacks security, lack video codecs, and it tracks your every move, recording every website you go to. Firefox meets ever standard, does not have security issues, does not track you (you can turn off tracking) and comes complete with all codecs to see all video, (providing you have enough RAM), and ... .clean out your cache and history. THIS IS A MUST.

Internet Explore is popular because it comes installed on many, many computers, it's just that it is not very good. Sorry Microsoft.


Questions as of Apr 4, 2013: