All About Upload Photos

  • Posted on 02/17/2017

Profile Photos

First, understand that PROFILE photos are uploaded under the "Profile" tab, and then click on "Change Photo." Your private ALBUM photos are uploaded under the tab "Media" and then click on the "pictures" link.

Second, make sure the photos you want to upload are .jpg or .gif format; photo formats like .bmp will not upload. If you have the wrong format, you can send them to us --- -- and we will convert them to .jpg for you at no charge. To connect with other members it is good to have a gay photo showing yourself as both a profile photo, and several photos in your private photo album.

In general, a larger profile photo is much better than a small one. Let the system crop, size, and fix photos (as much as possible) when they are sideways or too light or too dark. Before we talk about your private album photos, here is more detail on the profile photo:

A profile photo really helps you connect to other members and adds a lot to your written profile. member look for a nice gay photo of you. Especially if you are into gay dating members, photos are critical. It is true with any website for online gay dating, or if you have casual hook-up interest, Photos can seal the deal. Photos are key to make important contacts.

However, it must be of you. And it must be approved by us. Allow 12 hours for our review.

IMPORTANT: FREE! If you are a new Basic or Regular member, and upload an approved profile photo, you will get a FREE 3-day upgrade to Premium Member automatically! This is a one-time offer. (Allow 12 hours to process.) You can see and tryout EVERYTHING! Nothing is blocked! Free memberships also see much of the content, so that is up to you.

Upload a recent, color, G-rated profile photo of YOURSELF. A gay profile photo helps other members to feel comfortable with you especially if they are into online gay dating. We understand that some of us are not out (or may be more straight), that’s cool, so here’s the compromise: We prefer a face photo, but the profile photo can be of your headless torso (front neck to waist or neck to knees).

Here's what you cannot use as a profile photo:
**Photos showing your private parts or a clear outline of them
**Composite photos
**Black and white photos
**Distorted or altered photos
**Old/outdated photos
**Artwork images
**Photos with writing on them (other than the date)
**Photos of someone else
**Photo of more than you, unless you join as a couple.
**Photo of individual body part, such as your eye, ear, tit, foot, etc,
**Any photo we deem inappropriate

Nude photos are not allowed for profile photo, but can be uploaded to your private albums. If a gay profile photo is not your thing, you can buy a Premium Membership for a low cost. Click on “Upgrade” and you do not need a photo, and approval is instantly given for your membership: Instant Access!.

We reserve the right to reject, crop, or adjust any photo submitted. Go to “My Profile” and click on “Change Photo.” Click “Browse”, find the photo file (JPG), and click “Submit.”


Your Album photos

When uploading private alum photos (which can be adult) you must first CREATE the album, then OPEN the album you just created, then UPLOAD photos to that album.  This is the place to put your other photos, and your hottest gay's photos, and even nudes if you want. To do this, click on "Media," then "pictures" then click on "create album." Next, in that big white space, write in an album title, such as "Photos of me" (you can change this later)... Most people leave the album open to "everyone" AS IS, so the gay photos can be seen by all members, instead of just your selected friends. If you want to meet others, be as open as possible. Uploading your hottest gay's photos helps.   Then click "submit."

Now you have an album without any pictures in it. So click "Add picture."

In the big white space you can enter a title and/or description of the non adult and adult member photos. You can leave it blank and add text this later.

Then click “Browse” to fine the photo file you want to upload. Note that the system will only upload .Jpg and .gif formats. So if you have a photo that won’t upload, just send it to us (mention your user name) and we usually can change it in a way that will allow you to upload it. 

Mark “picture as adult” as “Yes” if it is showing private parts. See Guideline for photo content restrictions.

Also upload your profile photo into your album. That's right, put it in both places because the profile photo will be cropped, and the album photo will not be cropped, so member can see the full photo.

Then you can make any particular photo, your cover photo for that album. (You can change the cover photo later.) Then click “Submit.”

Continue to add more photos to this album as you wish, just click “Add picture” and continue with the same process as above. Or add more photos later.

Question: How do I move a photo from my album into my profile?
You can’t. Profile photos and album photos are uploaded under different uploaders, in different places.