All About Our Very Special Gay Videos

There are sites that show standard gay videos. Those can be fun at times. On GayTies we have those too, but we specialize in all the international amateur videos that catch guys naked in public or in a locker room or shower room when a team is celebrating a big win. We love all the videos that are caught on cell phones and spycams of naked men in public or private event where there is at least one drunk cute guy who strips naked.

A word about our video quality. Early videos might be blurry. We wanted to remove those earlier ones, but members objected, begging us to leave them on here. Starting in 2016, and especially in 2017, we greatly improved the quality and clarity of our videos. In addition, our logo marking in the videos are much smaller and less noticeable. The titles are 3 seconds long, instead of 10 seconds. Big improvement. Now, on occasion we will still upload a video that is not real clear, but we do that ONLY when that subject mater is outstanding and hard to fine. So, if you are keen on seeing only clear videos, just watch the more recent ones.

Some of the topics you will see are guys pranked to run around the block naked or run through the campus quad naked. Some of these hunky guys had to get drunk to expose themselves. And of course, we have vids on naturally nude guys, nude massages, doctors’ examine, sports where uniforms get actually ripped off on public TV, and then there is kink. Oh yes, kink. Not for everyone, but we have guys in bondage, leather masters and slaves, muscle men posing, nude surfers and swimmers, practical jokes that leave the “victim” stripped naked, and we can’t forget the streakers. Many times there is a streaker who strips naked and runs around the field. When they show this on TV, (if they show it) they blur out the guys private parts. WE NEVER BLUR OUT PRIVATE PARTS on gay videos.

Frat house pranks is a big deal on, we love those naked guy video that show what handsome college dudes will do during initiation into their chosen fraternity. These make some of the best naked guy videos ever. Yes, a few of these are commercially produced, but the majority is real. They are not staged gay videos at all. That is why some will be a little unclear or shaky. If they are too poor for in quality we will not upload them. But, hey, these are amateur all male videos.

There are a lot more gay clips on all topics. Just click on “Video Library” and then on “topics” and go down the list. Seattle gay news said we have the most organized and searchable gay video topics of any website. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, we have wonderful spy videos when these are real, the cam is set up and hidden, and when you see what was "per chance" captured on that cam will amaze you! Yes, lot of hidden cam vids. Enjoy!

Some videos are Free to all members, but for many you need to upgrade to a Premium or Sponsoring Membership. But it is well worth it! Plus, our paid members get a download button to down load all our gay clips to save them. These are the best male porn videos because they are real, not contrived or made up. Guys naked in public are real! And, right now, if you just joined, and upload an approved photo of yourself (does not have to show your face) you get a free 3 day upgrade where no gay clips are blocked! (Allow 12 hours for approval.) But even as a free member you will see most of our content, including many videos.