036 Bandaged into Submission

Bandaged into Submission
Part 1 of or 3

Jack Saunders lay in his hospital bed, for the second day, at the Methodist hospital in Arcadia, California. He had some surgery on his eyes to correct the muscle problem. It was neither a complicated nor serious operation, but it did require him not to move his eyes.
He could not avoid looking around if his eyes were open, so his eyes had to remain bandaged for 2 weeks.

The wrap-around bandage made his condition seem worse than it was. However, it was necessary to prevent him from looking around and putting stress on the stitches. The "bandage" was a blindfold, taped on securely so he could not remove it. He could not watch television or read. He could not feed himself or shave. When he needed to use the toilet, he needed someone to help him walk there slowly and assist him in wiping his ass. In addition, he was not to move about too much. In other words, he was to lie in bed and be bored.

There was a knock on the door. Then he heard a female voice ask in a heavy accent, maybe some Eastern European dialect, "Would you like your bath now, Mr. Saunders?" When Jack first noticed the nurses, when he was doing the paperwork to be admitted, he assumed that the ladies who dressed in grey and white uniforms were actually nuns. Their uniforms did sort of look like habits.

He was going to say yes but changed his mind, saying, "Not right now, thank you." Jack was bothered by this woman, who had bathed him yesterday, as well as assisted him to the toilet and back again. He envisioned her as a rather chubby, stoic nun. What bothered him was that she seemed not very caring and touched him as if she felt very uncomfortable. It was just too uncomfortable for him to receive n receive such intimate services from a nun. Years later, he discovered that these women were not nuns, just regular nurses. But while he was there, and in that mindset, he felt too weird to be bathed by nuns. Sometime later (when your eyes are bandaged, you really have no concept of time), another female voice, one kinder, spoke to him and asked if he wanted to take a short walk down the hall and back to stretch his legs. She said taking a slow walk once a day was important to get a little exercise. Jack gladly accepted because he was thankful to get out of bed and had a mission he wanted to fulfill.

She helped him out of bed, not because he was weak, but because she did not want him to bump his face, particularly his eyes. So she gently guided him out of the room and down the hall for his brief stroll.

It was quite a sight, a petite blonde nurse, or maybe she was a candy striper, you know, a hospital volunteer, guiding a tall, well-built Italian young man, 19 years old, wearing a hospital gown opened at the back. Jack was a handsome, masculine college student, blinded by the bandage wound around his head, walking very carefully on the arm of his escort. Jack leaned over to the nurse leading him and whispered to her, "Can you take me to the nurses' station?" To which she responded cheerfully and affirmatively.

She pointed out to Jack that he was at the station. "Is there a supervisor here?" Jack asked politely. A voice said she was the nurse in charge and asked what he wanted.

"I feel uncomfortable with the nurse who comes in to take care of me and bathe me and stuff. I don't mean to complain, but is there a male nurse who could care for me?" Jack spoke calmly, not wanting to make a big deal from his request. He added, "It's more like she feels weird attending to me…"

"No need to explain further. OK, I'll have a male nurse look at you this afternoon." Jack thanked her and was then taken back to his room and helped slowly into bed.

He either fell asleep or was just in a deep state of rest when a male voice spoke up, "Hi, Mr. Saunders. May I call you Jack? I'm Warren. I'm here to give you a bath. Is this a good time?" Jack nodded and said yes to both questions.

Jack was not at all surprised it was a male nurse there to assist him. Maybe that's the interpretation the nurse-in-charge put on Jack's request. He did not really care one way or the other. From his perspective, he was bored and wanted to go home and take care of himself as soon as possible. He knew that even when he went home, he'd have to stay with his parents for a week or so since the bandages would not come off until later.

"So, Jack, how are you doing? I guess there is not much to do with your eyes all bandaged up like that." Jack nodded as he heard the male nurse go into the bathroom, run the water, and get some items ready to bathe him. After a couple of minutes, Warren returned.

Since his surgery, the day before yesterday, Jack started to play this mind game where he visualized the look of the people talking to him. With a slight southern accent, this pleasant voice seemed to be a young man about 30. He heard the guy come close to the bed and place things on the side table.

"Ok, Jack, if you lean up for me, I'll get this gown off you, and we can get started." With that, the nurse untied the drawstring at the back of the neck and pulled the material off slowly in one motion. "OK, now, lift your hips a bit." And off came his underwear. In the process of slipping the underwear off Jack's feet, he pulled the blanket and sheet down and off, completely exposing Jack's tan naked body. It was odd to be so completely exposed, but then he thought, how else should he bathe someone? With a sheet covering him up?

Then Jack wondered if the modesty curtain around the bed was pulled open or closed. Once opened, he did not remember hearing it being closed, so he envisioned it opened. Jack correctly thought it was left open to give Warren more space to move around all sides of the bed in order to wash him. Jack wanted to ask Warren if his room door was open because he could hear voices in the hall. Was it ajar? Or what? But then he did not want to insult Warren, whom he properly assumed was a professional who knew what he was doing.

"OK, Jack. Let's do your backside first. Just roll over. I'll hold your head to keep you from bumping it and help you turn onto your belly. That's right." Warren started at Jack's right foot and soon began slowly rubbing the wet soapy cloth over his foot and working his way up Jack's lower leg. Warren talked about his work in the hospital and some of his more interesting days. Jack did not chime into the conversation but rather just enjoyed the warm, relaxing feel of the washcloth gently moving around the back of his leg. He was not even listening to Warren's words at all, just zoning out, face down on the bed, with his bubble butt ass in the air.

Jack envisioned people walking by and looking in, seeing his ass and all of his naked body. He was going to tell Warren to please close the door, but he got distracted when he felt Warren get up and move to the foot of the bed. Then Jack felt his right leg gently lifted and moved to the right side of the bed. Next, Warren picked up his left leg and positioned it on the left side of the bed. It was not that Jack was uncomfortable. Actually, he felt good to be stretched after being in bed for most of 48 hours.

Jack wanted to ask what he was doing with his legs, but he let Warren do his job instead. "This position does not hurt you, does it, Jack?" He answered that it did not. "Good, just relax, Jack, as I soap you up. Let me know if the soapy water is too cold or too hot as I do this. I can adjust it. Just relax. Let me do all the work." Then he felt the bed move as Warren re-positioned himself to sit at Jack's side, near his right hip. Wow, Jack thought to himself, this feels so good. He felt the warm water-soaked cloth gently being maneuvered from the back of his knee to the back of his thigh. He understood why Warren had positioned his legs wide apart. It made it easier to wash him.

Up the soothing cloth went to just under his butt cheek, and over to the outside to the hipbone, then back to the inner side of Jack's thigh. Warren continued his soft chit-chat as if Jack was listening, but Jack was not. Jack was engrossed with the wonderful sponge bath he was receiving. He was glad he could feel that his dick remained upwards, under his belly, out of reach, and sight of Warren. At least he had that bit of modesty.

There was Jack, lying naked in his bed, with his ass in the air and his room door wide open. He was starting to feel a little uncomfortable being so vulnerable. He slowly and gradually maneuvered his legs closer together to keep Warren from washing too much between his legs so close to his ass and around his balls. Warren said nothing as he leaned over gently but firmly, pushing one leg over and the other in the opposite direction, rereading Jack's legs wider apart. At that point, Jack just let go and stopped worrying about his modesty.

Then Warren patted Jack on the lower back, "OK, just lift your hips a bit." As Jack did, Warren gently placed his hand under Jack's belly and positioned his dick downward to point to his feet. With Jack's legs spread wide, his nice-sized cut dick was in full view and could now be washed. Warren mumbled, more to himself, "That’s better.” He continued with the warm washcloth, now lightly rubbing Jack’s dick as he washed it.

So there was Jack. The wrap-around eye bandage made Jack Saunder's condition look worse than it was. However, it was necessary to prevent him from looking around and putting stress on the stitches on his eyes. The "bandage" served as a blindfold, which was taped on securely so he could not remove it. He could not watch television or read. He could not feed himself or shave. When he needed to use the toilet, he needed someone to help him walk there slowly and assist him in wiping his ass.

It was, indeed, an odd situation for Jack. Nursing staff would come in periodically and do whatever they needed for him or to him. He had no say, and he was truly helpless without his ability to see anything. At this moment, male nurse Warren was giving Jack his daily bath when a co-worker came by and poked his head in.

“Hey Warren, how you doing, man? You going to the meeting this afternoon? I think it’s at five, isn’t it?” Warren acknowledged his friend and fellow nurse, Jeremy, who was standing at the open door. Warren was saying something about that meeting being tomorrow and that he was not planning on going. Jack was half listening to the back-and-forth discussion of the importance of the impending staff meeting but more absorbed in the blissful feeling of Warren’s gentle washing of his dick. Jack could not tell if Warren was intentionally overhandling his dick and balls or just doing it robotically as he focused on the conversation with his friend.

“Warren, this is about all of our overtime. You’d better be there.” Jeremy spoke with some level of excitement. Though Jack was blindfolded with eye bandages due to surgery, he heard Jeremy’s voice become much louder and closer. It was obvious to Jack that Jeremy had entered the room and now stood beside the bed. Surely, Jack thought, Jeremy was watching, probably staring at the dick-and-ball washing Warren was giving to him. Warren was now using both hands, one to scoop up Jack’s dick off the mattress surface, and his other hand had the washcloth with which he was gently rubbing.

Jack’s dick was expanding in length and firmness. All Jack could do was to try to hold his breath occasionally, hoping his dick would not continue to expand. Jack could not help but involuntarily close his legs again, wanting not to be so vulnerable and exposed to these two guys. Was Warren manipulating any of this? Jack did not have the advantage of looking these two guys in the face to see any telltale signs of their intentions. However, if Jack could see, he would find Warren just doing his job and Jeremy looking on with curiosity.

“Say, Jeremy, will your work hours be cut back, too?” asked Warren, to which Jeremy said he was not sure, and that’s why the meeting was important to attend. “Jeremy, would you go to the foot of the bed and spread Jack’s legs a bit? I need to finish up washing around his testicles.” Jack could not believe this! Was Warren eliciting his friend’s help in bathing him? What the fuck! What was he supposed to do now? It’s a little late to make a fuss or say, “Hey guys, could you please not touch my dick and balls?” For all Jack knew, Warren was just a male nurse thoroughly bathing his patient, not meaning to embarrass or tease anyone, certainly not to intentionally erotically play with his ever-hardening dick.

Jack felt his legs being spread by Jeremy, who just picked up each ankle simultaneously and placed them down, wider apart. Warren looked and was not satisfied. “Just a bit wider, Jeremy, that’s it. Thanks. Now, if you don’t mind, would you toss out this wash water and bring me some clean, warmer water? Thanks.” And Jeremy did as Warren asked. Then, it was back to their ridiculous staff-meeting argument. Warren and Jeremy continued to try to convince each other of their own position.

“Jeremy, would you mind taking the towel there and drying off Jack’s feet and legs as I continue to wash him up here? This will speed things up, and then we’ll still have time to go out for a beer later.” Jack thought it was odd that neither one of the two male nurses was asking him for permission or considering his desire for privacy. It was as if Jack’s temporary blindness with the bandages over his eyes meant that he was unaware of anything and did not need any consideration. Jeremy finished drying all of Jack’s lower body. As Warren moved from washing Jack’s private parts and worked his way up to Jack’s ass cheeks and ass crack, Jeremy then gently patted his private parts dry and also lifted Jack’s dick and sort of wrapped the towel around it and slightly squeezed it a little to blot up any moisture.

“Do you want me to do the lotion now, Warren?”

“Please. And start at the feet and work up. Then, when we turn him over, his backside will be all clean and soothed. He’ll sleep very well. Then you can help me with the front side in a bit.” It was not unusual for nurses to help each other when they had time. It made the day go by quicker. “Use the lotion that’s on the table here. It should soften his skin and help prevent bed sores, with him being in bed too long.” Warren said, “Yeah, we don’t want him to get bedsores.” Jack did notice the cream felt good being rubbed on his toes and feet, and he certainly didn’t want bedsores. It was nice to have two professionals caring for him as he thought about it.

Jeremy worked his way up Jack’s legs, applying and rubbing the soothing lotion all the way to his upper thighs. It was a type of white slippery cream that needed to be worked on for a long time to get each blob of lotion to disappear into the skin. Warren was now putting his index finger into the washcloth and gently, tenderly, rubbing Jack’s ass lips with the soapy cloth-covered fingertip. Then he wiggled it and almost tried to insert it into Jack’s asshole, but not quite. Jack felt his dick stiffen, but he trusted these guys had seen it all. They’re nurses, for Pete’s sake, and guys get hard when they get their bodies washed like this. They know to overlook such a common human reaction.

Without being told by Warren, Jeremy actually got on the bed, kneeling between Jack’s spread thighs, and planted his knees close to Jack’s ass. He applied a bit of pressure to the inside of Jack’s thighs to push them apart further and hold them there with his knees. Jack's thighs were already wide, but Jeremy had the habit of applying some pressure so the patient did not try to close his legs. Jeremy worked the cream all over the upper thighs. And when finally done there, Jeremy asked Warren if he wanted him to apply the cream to the genitals as well, knowing some patients did not want that.

Oddly, no one asked Jack. “Yeah, might as well,” Warren offered. “Let’s just get him all finished up so we can get on our break.” Jack thought that was the third time Warren mentioned the need to hurry up and finish, but hurrying up was not what they seemed to be doing.

In preparation to lotion up Jack’s genitals, Jeremy tugged on Jack’s dick, pulling somewhat firmly down to stretch it directly toward his feet to have as much of his dick exposed as possible. He noticed that Jack’s dick began to twitch, but he pretended to ignore it as a professional nurse, not wanting to embarrass the patient. Then he lifted his balls to see how he would hold them out of the way. Jeremy was very precise when doing tasks like this. He was ready to begin, so he took the bottle of lotion and squirted a little blob on each of his palms.

“Warren, would you hold his testicles out of the way for me?” Warren was ready to help. What was interesting was the meticulous way Warren took hold of Jack’s balls and lifted them obviously painlessly. You might think that one would grab them in his fist and pull them up, but that would cause those precious eggs to be squeezed, at least a little, and cause some discomfort or pain. No, these medical professionals had a special way to do this.

Warren used both hands to finger the ball sac gently to maneuver Jack’s balls to the bottom of the sac, separating his balls away from his groin area. Warren made an “OK” circle with his thumb and index fingers and placed it around the top of the ball sack where the skin was loose. With these two fingers encircling the sack like this, he could gently force Jack’s balls to be pulled away from his body. Warren then closed the circled fingers tighter, never squeezing the balls, only forcing them away from Jack’s trunk. Now he could apply more pressure in pulling without squeezing the balls. This actually feels good to most men.

Bandaged into Submission
Part 2 of 3

So there was totally naked Jack, completely uncovered on his hospital bed, lying on his belly with his ass in the air and his legs stretched wide apart. The hospital room door remained fully open. Perhaps the two male nurses were too occupied with their tasks to notice it was not closed.

Warren was leaning over, holding Jack’s balls with his left hand, firmly pulling them up and over to just above his asshole. Warren’s right hand, specifically his right index finger, was still wrapped in the warm, soapy washcloth that was slightly pressed against Jack’s closed asshole in an attempt to wipe and blot that area clean.

Jeremy was on the bed, on his knees between Jack’s wide-positioned thighs, helping to hold his thighs wide apart so he could massage the lotion on Jack’s private parts more easily. Jeremy had his right hand under Jack’s now fully hard, eight-inch dick to lift it off the mattress slightly and cup it gently into his left hand. It could be quite erotic for the patient to lie face down and have his dick pressed upward toward the ceiling, sort of backward. But Jeremy was not trying to do anything sexual with Jack. He tried to avoid sexual arousal by keeping his hand still as he held the rigid dick. He merely wanted to rub the soothing lotion in as quickly as possible to avoid causing Jack any discomfort from embarrassment.

Using only two fingers on his right hand, Jeremy rubbed tiny circles on the underside of Jack’s circumcised dick as he cradled it off the mattress with his left hand. As with all of Jack’s skin, it took time for the cream to be worked into the skin until the white color disappeared. He applied one drop of lotion at a time and worked it in with two fingertips. He started at the base of the dick, just under the balls, which were being held up by Warren, and worked his way slowly down to the dick tip.
It all seemed like a weird dream, he was in a hospital, recovering from a type of eye surgery where he needed to have his eyes bandaged for 2 weeks. As one might imagine, you’d feel pretty helpless if you have never before had to live for the time being blindfolded. He had nurses come in to feed him, help walk him to the bathroom, and change his gown … whatever he needed had to be provided by someone else. Today, on his second day here, male nurses Warren and Jeremy were giving him a sponge bath, and because they noticed Jack's dry skin - it was the winter time - they were massaging a medicated lotion into his skin. Of course, he had to be naked for this treatment. The trouble is, with these two guys rubbing him all over, Jack was getting an erection. Being professional and not wanting Jack to feel embarrassed, Warren thought it best to avoid mentioning it and continue as if nothing was usual.

Finally! Finally, Jack could not take any more. He spoke up for the first time. He reached his limit of embarrassment and humiliation. He was overwhelmed with erotic sensations from his asshole being tickled with Warren’s washcloth, his balls being snugly pulled away from his body, his thighs forced-held spread wide apart, and the underside of his firm and now pulsing dick being massaged all along the sensitive underside of it. His body trembled as he spoke up to complain. “I… I… I…” That was all Jack managed to vocalize.

“Jack, you OK?” Warren asked, not waiting for an answer. “We are almost finished here. I know staying in one position is a bit uncomfortable, but the doctor’s notes say you should not move around too much. Your bandaged eyes must not accidentally bump into anything. So we are being very careful. We’ll be done here in a jiffy, and soon, we will help you turn over on your back.” Warren didn’t realize Jack was trying to complain about all the sexual stimulation he was getting from these two male nurses. He wanted them to know he could not control his dick that had reached its maximum length and rigidity. He wanted them to stop touching his private parts and to cover him up. After all, he was just supposed to get a relaxing bath.

Jack was very shy and could not find a way to tell them they should leave now. At the same time, Jack trusted their medical expertise and had a basic attitude of letting professionals do the job they were trained to do. Jack, just coming out of eye surgery 48 hours ago, and being blindfolded by bandages gave him a helpless deposition. He looked helpless and was told in no uncertain terms that he must follow his doctor’s orders and stay as still as possible. Jack was told that if he were to bump his head, the eye surgery could be ruined. Still, Jack wondered if he should mention his discomfort in being handled so immodestly.

Jack raised his head to get their attention, “Please, can you… ah… I… I… need for you to... to… jus….” Jack was too embarrassed to say the words like “dick” or “balls” or to tell them he was about to climax.

Warren, thinking he knew what Jack was trying to say, again interrupted him, “Jack, I understand you’re feeling helpless and unable to do things for yourself. Please, I am trained to take care of you; it’s my job, and I know how to do it very well. I enjoy doing it, so please try to relax.”

Now, Warren was not stupid. He saw Jack’s raging hard-on. He knew Jack was having an erotic response to the bathing and the application of the lotion. Warren thought that when you touch a man’s dick, he might become erect. It's natural. No big deal. Warren realized that if someone were to massage medicated cream onto his dick, he’d also get erect. It does not mean anything is inappropriate or harmful. It’s just the expected result male nurses see when they need to do intimate touching.

So, Warren never considered Jack’s huge erection an issue, a problem, or even a concern. It was only a natural reaction to being touched in sensitive areas. Therefore, Warren’s obvious interpretation of Jack’s attempts to speak up was that Jack was trying to complain that the bath was taking too long, that he was frustrated that he was not allowed to move much, that he could not get up by himself to go for a walk or even to the bathroom. Warren felt Jack was just an independent type of person who was uncomfortable with the idea that someone else needed to feed him, trim his toenails, or in this case, give him a bath, at least for the next few weeks.

So, neither Warren nor Jeremy, for that matter, was acting inappropriately. Surely, they could have used some additional sensitivity training to better read a patient’s needs. But they were merely doing their jobs and, as such, had no awareness that Jack felt like a victim of erotic torture.

Warren gently touched Jack’s shoulder to get him to lie flat again. Since Jeremy had finished the lotion on Jack’s private parts, Warren let go of Jack’s balls and moved up to wash Jack’s back and neck. Jeremy followed, drying the water off his skin and applying lotion to Jack’s upper body.

“OK, Jack, that was fine. You did great. Sorry, it took so long.” Jack was relieved, forgetting they were now going to do his front side.

“OK, Jeremy, let’s carefully turn him over.” Now Jack lay on his back, flat on the mattress, as completely naked as ever. “Jack, if it is comfortable for you, will you place your hands under your head under the pillow? This will allow us to bathe you better, including your underarms.” Without a word, the blindfolded, bandaged patient did exactly that. How wonderful to see his magnificent chest expanded and his tummy stretched so flat in his arms-up position. He certainly was a naturally beautiful young man.

It wasn’t really a problem, but Jack still had his erection. Usually, a guy lying on his back with a hard-on has a dick that lays flat against his tummy and points up toward his face, but while Jack’s dick also pointed to his face, it was stiff enough that the head of his dick was about one-inch off his tight tummy. It was floating above his belly button.

Warren whispered to Jeremy that they should not point it out, just don’t mention it, and don’t even touch it. Jeremy nodded his agreement. Now, as for Jack, they supposed he knew his dick was full, but if he did not touch it, and could not see it, maybe it would just escape his senses, and he would not be aware he had a huge erection.

The male nurses bathed the front side differently. Jeremy would wash Jack’s lower body, and Warren would do his upper body. Since Jack’s feet were already washed, he started at the lower legs and worked his way up the front of each one, just as he did Jack’s backside.

As Jeremy methodically maneuvered the washcloth toward Jack’s groin, he wanted to avoid touching Jack’s dick. It had already been washed and coated with lotion, so there was no need to do it again. Instead, he gently washed up to the groin and around the balls. He heard Jack moan something and twitch his hips, but he thought Jack was stirring in his restfulness. Jeremy didn’t realize that the washcloth tickled Jack as it brushed against erotic areas on Jack’s inner thighs, hips, and various places around his balls.

Jack’s dick was slowly arching upward. Now it was raised about two inches off his tummy. Warren, at this point, had washed Jack’s underarms, at which Jack released a slight giggle, which was ignored as simple nervousness. Warren moved over to wash the chest. Jack’s nipples were getting to be more erect. He gently moved the warm, soft soapy cloth all around them and his full upper torso.

As Warren finished there, Jeremy tried to work the cloth around Jack’s dick without touching it. It now stood about three inches above Jack’s belly button and slightly twitched. Some precum dripped slightly, and Jeremy took his cloth and dabbed the tip of Jack’s dick to catch the few drips that leaked out. Jack twitched and groaned. Feeling satisfied, Jeremy dried Jack’s lower body as Warren dried off his upper body.

Warren broke the long silence, “OK, Jack, you are almost done.” Jack asked if he could put his arms down now, but Warren asked him to wait until they were finished. “We just need to lotion you up to protect your skin.” Jeremy applied the lotion to Jack’s entire lower body. He then told Warren he needed to assist another patient, and off he went.

Warren applied the lotion, starting where he was, at Jack’s shoulders, chest, and belly. It was an odd thing. Warren noticed that as he tickled Jack’s nipples, Jack’s dick would bob up and down. Warren was not being funny, just very curious to see that a man’s nipples could be that sensitive. He was not trying to get sexual with Jack at all, only momentarily stuck in a state of fascination as he observed Jack’s physical reactions to his touch. It was like an electric wire ran from Jack’s nipples to his dick.

Warren mumbled to himself, “My god, that’s amazing.” He lightly flicked Jack’s nipple with his fingernail, and Jack’s dick would stretch straight up, bob twice, and release a dribble of precum. “Wow. Amazing.” Again, Warren flicked Jack’s nipple, and again Jack’s dick would stretch straight up, bob twice, and again release a dribble of precum.

“Knock, Knock, Knock! Hello. Lunch is here,” a cheerful female voice called from the open door.

“Wait just a sec,” Warren yelled back. “Say, it’s 3 p.m. Why are you bringing lunch now? Aren’t you three hours late?” Warren questioned the food-cart woman.

“Mr. Saunders wasn’t feeling well earlier, so we returned his lunch to bring it now. Sorry to disturb you. The doctor doesn’t want him to skip a meal, so I’m here to feed him. My name is Sara. I feed the patients who can’t feed themselves,” she said as she stared at the handsome naked body with the full-blown boner pointing to the ceiling. She, too, became mesmerized at the sexy, hunky sight.

“But... but… I… I’m naked. Please tell her to go away. I don’t want to be seen by anyone now. Please.” Then Jack whispered to Warren, “Besides, I think I might be getting an erection. At least cover me up. Please.”

“Look, Jack,” Warren whispered to his patient, “We are all hospital staff here. Nudity is nothing to any of us. And I can’t even offer to cover you up. This medical cream needs to dry in the air.”
“Look, Jack,” male nurse Warren said just after he finished bathing him, "We are all hospital staff here. Nudity is nothing to any of us.
And I can’t even offer to cover you up. This medical cream needs to dry in the air. However, you're mistaken. You are not erect.” Warren blatantly lied and continued to lie to Jack, thinking that if he deceived him, he would feel less conspicuous and more relaxed. “The cream just gives you a warm tingly feeling, so you might think you are stimulated, but your penis is flat on your belly. Just don’t touch it. If you do, you will only be drawing attention to yourself.” Warren noticed that Jack’s lunch had arrived and continued, “Just keep your hands away and let this nice lady feed you some good eats.”

Warren got up, and as he left, he whispered to the nurse at the door with the food cart, “Look, Sara, Jack needs to stay uncovered for another 30 minutes. He is a little nervous about being naked in front of people. He even has a nervous erection. Please don’t mention that to him. It would only embarrass him. With his eyes bandaged, and if he does not feel his private parts, he will likely believe us when we say he is not erect at all. OK?” Sara looked into the room and was startled at the patient’s tall, standing penis. It surprised her, but then she settled down and told Warren it was fine, that she could handle it. She walked over to Jack’s bed and introduced herself.

Jack was lying on his hospital bed naked and totally uncovered with his huge erect dick pointing to the ceiling, though he believed Warren that he was not indecently. He felt relieved when the female nurse wheeled in the food cart to serve him his late lunch.

Sara pulled up a chair near the head of the bed and, one more time, looked at the blindfolded patient from head to sexy toes. “OK, Sweetie, open wide. We have some soup for you." Jack was hungry and gobbled it down. But just as soon as he began to eat, another female nurse poked her head into the room to ask Jack a quick question.

She did not even say her name, just asked abruptly, “Mr. Saunders, the barber is scheduling appointments for tomorrow morning. Since your eyes are all bandaged up, he can shave you if you’d like. It’s completely up to you. I have to do a short form to schedule it.

Jack rubbed his cheeks and realized he must look pretty scruffy. He spoke to the unknown voice and said, “OK, that will be fine. sure, I suppose I need it.”

“OK, Mr. Saunders, let me fill in the shave request here. She took a moment to savor the gorgeous man lying naked and all boned up before her. She was mesmerized but pretending not to be so enthralled and continued. “Okey-dokey, I wrote you up for tomorrow morning.” She paused to scan the form for completeness, then added, “Oh, I need to know what type of shave. There are boxes here to check off for ‘leave a mustache,’ ‘long sideburns,’ ‘beard,’ and so on. I guess the barber is very accommodating. He can even do that five o’clock showdown look. Would that be nice for you?” Jack did not have to think about that. He never wore facial hair and was sure that that rough shadow look would look awful on him, so he told her he just wanted to be shaved totally smooth.

The female voice at the door responded, “That’s fine. I’ll write a note at the bottom, ‘Patient wants to be shaved totally smooth.’ That should do it, thank you, Mr. Saunders. I’ll leave this for the barber. Have a nice day.” And off she went all googly-eyed like a little schoolgirl.

With that distraction passed, Sara finished feeding Jack. But she did not want to leave immediately. She first wanted, somehow, to touch Jack’s amazing dick. Although he was relaxed enough to be flaccid by this time, he still displayed a rather nice, beefy, 7-inch cut dick. It isn’t that Sara was a sexed-up nurse. It’s just that she had been staring at it for half an hour. And it was just resting there quietly, on his lower belly, pointing up to his head like it was waiting to be caressed. She wondered how she could manage to touch it without Jack being aware she was intentionally touching it. Then, an idea came to her.

“All done. Now, that was not bad. was it?” Jack shook his head no. “I’ll just clean up these things and go.” Jack heard a little clatter as she gathered up the few food plates and utensils. Then, in a pretend tone of excitement, “Oops, I’m so sorry, Jack, I spilled some of the leftover applesauce on you. Let me get a cloth from the bathroom and wipe it up. Now, don’t touch it, or you’ll make the worst mess.” He heard her quick steps to the bathroom, run some water, and return to his bedside. Jack held his hands hovering over his belly, not knowing what to do or touch, not wanting to spread the mess even more. “I’m such a klutz. Just relax and let me get this for you.”

Without asking his permission (and why would she), she wiped up the applesauce on his chest, which was all she needed to do to totally clean him up. She only spilled a tiny bit, and it was now gone, but since Jack could not see, she acted like more of a mess spilled on his belly and dripped down over his groin. Jack felt the cloth wipe his chest, and now she was moving the cloth to his lower belly. “Oh dear, I made such a mess, didn’t I.” She lied to Jack. “This will turn sticky if I don’t wipe this completely." She then took a second clean, dry cloth and cleaned her pretend mess. Jack felt her lift up his flaccid dick and gently rub the soft material along the full length of his dick. Then she said, “Spread your legs a little, Honey. some dripped between them.” Jack complied, appreciating her help.

Jack felt the wonderful tickle soft cloth pass over his balls and all around the sensitive inside of his thighs. He was not aware his dick was growing more rigid. “Spread a little more, Honey. It did drip down under you.” Feeling a little embarrassed, he felt the cloth go under his balls and lightly tease them. It almost felt like a feather duster the way it tickled and teased his balls. “Lift your hips off the mattress a bit, Honey, so that I can get it all.” And he did and held that position as he felt her wiping the pretend applesauce that was supposedly running under his butt. Jack’s dick was quickly growing stiff.

“There, almost done. Let me get some warm water and do a final pass to avoid sticky residue.” She scurried to the bathroom and returned with a new warm washcloth. She handled Jack’s now fully erect dick as if it were a gearshift knob of a sports car and not so gently rubbed it from the base to the tip. Then she did more pretend wipes all around the balls again. Jack stuttered some sounds to try to get her to finish quickly and cover him up. He was so embarrassed because now he knew he had a full erection. Sara momentarily stopped wiping and removed her hands to lean back a bit. She wanted to see the full result of all her erotic teasing. There it was. She softly spoke the word “Eiffel Tower” as she noticed his dick reaching, stretching toward the ceiling, like a steel column. Sara was in awe. It was not that she sexually lusted over Jack. She felt this strange and wonderful power over this helpless, handsome, well-built patient who had eye surgery. She was encouraged to do as she wished, all under the cover of needing to clean him up.

Bandaged into Submission
Part 3 of 3

Although the nurse feeding Jack was finished, she was now pretending to clean him up. Sara was in no hurry to leave the naked, sex, big-boner patient. She lifted his balls and passed the tickling cloth under them. Sara was back to his dick with a dry towel, and she gently wrapped it around his stiff pole and teased it to its maximum girth and length as she moved his car shift knob around in wide circles and finished up with it pointing, once again, at the ceiling. Sara had hot flashes. She never knew playing with a helpless man’s penis would be so enlivening and erotically powerful. She could not resist a final reward for herself, a memento if you will. Again she uttered to herself, “Eiffel Tower,” and told Jack, “Oh Honey, I see I missed a spot on your butt. Just lift your butt off the mattress as high as possible so I can wipe up that last glob of applesauce.”

Jack thought nothing of it. It was the last bit to clean up. He lifted his butt about 2 inches off the bed. “No, Honey, lift higher, please.” He lifted another couple of inches so his body so only his shoulders and heels were touching the bed, and his belly was now wonderfully curved up, like a bridge. Jack was strong, so he could hold that position ok. Sara stared at his might towering dick, now forced more powerfully to the ceiling. This was her “Eiffel Tower,” being shoved upward as she had him thrust his butt into the air and hold it there. Oddly, Jack was so concerned about holding this position steady that it never dawned on him that she never wiped under his butt. And, of course, with his eyes all tightly banded up, he had no clue that she took out her cell phone and snapped several photos of his towering “monument” to her. She even placed her smiling face next to his boner, held her cell way out, and took the selfie. She got her big thrill and was now satisfied with the souvenir photographs.

“OK, there we go. All cleaned up. Just don’t touch it. I use a disinfectant soap, so just let it dry by itself. I’ll lightly cover you with a sheet to protect your privacy.” Jack replied with appreciation and thanks, thinking Sara did her best to protect his modesty.

“Since you can’t see to press the nurse call button, I’ll leave your room door open if you need to call for anyone.” Sara placed the sheet loosely over Jack’s body to cover him from just below his hard nipples down to his toes. She smiled as she intentionally placed the sheet to allow his upward-pointing dick to stay that way, making a nice tent at his groin. She knew his erection would subside soon, but she enjoyed the idea of leaving the room with his dick standing at attention, saluting her.

Jack had a good night’s sleep, though he felt strange that he needed to beat off. But that could not be done. His room door was always left open, and even if he quietly snuck his hands under the sheet and jerked off, how would he clean up? He had no towel and could not see to discover the box of tissues on his side table. There would be cum all over the sheets. Wisely, he put it out of his mind and had erotic dreams but never climaxed during the night. All was calm.

The next morning, Jack Saunders had a helper come in to feed him breakfast. The young male helper also led him to the bathroom and back again. It was uneventful, which suited Jack just fine. No one uncovered him or even touched his body. Maybe he had dreamed up yesterday’s sensations of erotica. Maybe it was the meds, he thought to himself. Sometime before lunch, he could never tell what part of the day it was due to his eyes being bandaged from surgery. He heard the “pill lady” come by to give him his meds. “Here you go, Mr. Saunders, your meds.” She handed him a tiny paper cup with a few pills in it and then a cup of water. “These may cause you to be slightly light-headed since you have not had lunch yet. It’s a relaxant, so you don’t get fidgety and move around too much.” Jack just nodded, not caring too much about anything. He was back to being bored since he could not read the paper, watch TV, or see anything.

He had dozed off and was awakened by a loud voice that sounded like a Latino. “The barber here, Mr. Saunters.” Mispronouncing his name, “May I call you Mister Jack?” The booming voice said with a heavy Spanish accent. Jack was groggy from waking up and a little looped from the meds he had taken a few hours ago. He was not in the mood to converse. However, he didn’t want to be rude, so he politely acknowledged the man, Carlos.

“Thanks, Carlos. You want me to sit up or sit on the edge of the bed?” Jack asked, speaking slowly and not all clear.

“No, Mister Jack, you are patient. I do all work. I have my own way to do this. I’ve been a barber, cut hair for many years, so you just lay back, relax, I promise no nick you.” Carlos joked. Jack smiled. “Let’s see, Mister Jack.” Carlos looked over the form on his clipboard, “Form say you get full shave, and you no want any mustache or beard. I guess Doctor what that for you. Es Correcto?” Carlos asked. Jack just nodded in agreement, not really in the mood to display cheerfulness. “Why you no want mustache, Mister Jack? Doctor, leave that part to you. He requires full, smooth shaving, but the doctor say you can choose face hair if you want. You would look good with mustache. No?” Jack mumbled in a low, sleepy voice, “Shave it all off.” Jack wondered, but only briefly, if the barber would use shaving cream and a traditional straight razor, a disposable razor, or maybe an electric razor. But it was not important to him.

“Okay, Mister Jack, you boss, I begin start shave you now. Just try not to move, please.” Being blinded by the wrap-around eye bandages from his eye surgery, Jack found it easy to let go and relax. He felt the sheet covering his nude body pulled down to his waist. The cool air felt good on his chest. He thought the moderately hot cloth just placed on his face, just below the eye bandages, was soothing, too. It was removed in a few minutes, and Carlos soon applied shaving cream to his face. Then Carlos used a disposable razor to gently shave his face, then some pleasant-smelling after-shave lotion was patted on him.

As Carlos prepared to do his job, Jack’s thoughts were occupied with his upcoming lunch. When you are blindfolded with bandages and can see nothing, do nothing. You are bored. The only event that offers any interest is mealtime. He had enjoyed the hospital food, even though most people don’t. He was read a menu yesterday, so he could select what he wanted for each meal today. He had several choices. He could select from a short list of items he wanted for his main course, side dish, dessert, and beverage. Of course, his favorite beverage was coffee. God! Did he love his coffee? But he could not remember from yesterday what he chose for lunch today. He was a bit spaced out with the meds he was given, which may have set his mind off to wonder about insignificant subjects such as food.

“Buzzzzz.” Jack’s chest tickled from something vibrating on his chest. It was moving back and forth and then circling his nipples. Jack giggled and moved his hands to stop what was tickling him. “No, Mister Jack. Stay still while I shave your chest like your doctor wrote on form. I try not to tickle you.
I go fast. Just calm, OK.” Carlos spoke most pleasantly. “Besides, if I shave all your body, you need be still.” The words, “shave all your body,” did not register with Jack.
“Shave my chest?” Jack asked in surprise, “But why? Besides, it tickles.” Jack could not help chuckling and remained confused. That made Carlos chuckle also.

“I not know why. I no your doctor. So, is it Ok for me to continue, Mister Jack? I do an especial job, take care no hurt you.” It really was not a request for permission that Carlos was seeking. He knew that hospital policy was to carry out all doctor’s orders. Neither Jack nor the nurse who incorrectly filled on the shave request realized that “shave totally smooth” meant that the patient needed to be shaved completely, except for arms, legs, and the top of his head, of course. It would take another doctor’s order to change it, but there was no reason to request a change since no one considered it a mistake. Jack resigned himself to comply with the misstated doctor’s orders, thinking this was indeed from his doctor. Under the effect of his meds, he was not thinking too clearly, and it really did not matter to him.

Carlos was trying to shave Jack’s chest, but, at least for the moment, Jack needed a break. He was just too ticklish to have those vibrating clippers work around his sensitive nipples. Carlos was smiling at Jack’s little-kid reaction to being unintentionally tickled. “OK, Mister Jack. Let’s do you back first, and we leave your chest for later. Here, let me help you turn on your belly.” Jack didn’t give it a thought as to why he was turning over. He was just relieved to be lying on his front side so his nipples could not be assaulted. He was glad to stop giggling as he lay completely naked on his belly, totally uncovered.

The first thing he felt was Carlos spreading his legs wide apart. Then he felt the cool foamy cream applied to his ass crack. Next, he felt Carlos’s fingertips, on the one hand, spread open his ass cheeks, and the razor gently cleared his most private manly valley of hair. Carlos was gentle and careful and made numerous passes to shave off as much hair as possible.

Jack was put off by the shaving he was told was part of his doctor’s orders. He was trying to figure out why his doctor wanted his chest, and now his ass cheeks and ass crack cleared of body hair. The meds he was given earlier to relax him were probably too strong for him since he felt it was like a strong buzz from alcoholic drinks. It’s not as if he did not care about what was happening to him. It’s just that he was having trouble comprehending what should and should not be happening to him. Worse, he was having trouble communicating with the Latino barber.

Every time Jack tried to formulate a specific thought, his dick would start to become erect in response to the tickling from the carefully scrapping razor moving along his ass crack, which had the effect of gently massaging his ass hole. Jack would moan. He was on his belly, his ass in the air. Carlos was doing his best to “follow the doctor’s orders” and strip this patient of all his body hair, from his face to his groin, and Jack’s dick was how growing stiffer and longer. Since it was elongating down on the surface of the mattress, stretching toward his feet, at least it was not sticking up, and Carlos, he thought, would not even notice it.

“OK, mi amigo, your doctor should be happy with that,” Carlos said with a smile, not really trying to be funny or to embarrass the patient. And Jack was correct. The barber never noticed his erection. “Now, let us turn you over to finish up on your front.” Carlos just gently rolled him over and then centered him on the bed, belly side up, totally naked, even with his hospital room door open.

“Dios Mio!” Carlos exhaled in surprise, under his breath, as he first saw Jack’s ridged dick standing tall. “Lo que un enorme pene!” Carlos tried to keep his shock to himself. He did not want his eye-bandaged patient to be embarrassed to know he had a huge erection since Jack was lying there, somewhat drugged and seemingly unaware of it.

On the positive side, Carlos realized that a stretched erect dick was much easier to shave around than a folded-over flaccid dick. So he said nothing to Jack, took out some shaving cream and a disposable razor, and proceeded to lather him up and shave him around his boner.

“Carlos, I’m fine down there. I don’t need to be shaved. Aren’t we done?” Jack said with a bit of desperation, not wanting the barber to touch his private parts.

“Ah… Senór Jack, your doctor has ordered no hair down here. OK, mi amigo? I have no choice, but do what doctor say.” Carlos shaved all around Jack’s dick, then along the shaft, and gently lifted his balls with one hand and smeared shaving cream all around them. Then he lightly pulled on the balls to stretch out the skin and shaved them smooth.

Jack moaned with pleasure and began leaking precum. “Carlos, please... please don’t touch… my… my… ah…." Jack spoke pleadingly with a trembling voice. Carlos worked quickly to avoid any further embarrassment from Jack and any unnecessary stimulation that might cause him to climax. He shaved all around that area and removed all Jack’s pubic hair. Finally, he was done. Carlos, not sure what to think about Jack’s now stiff, dripping boner pointing to the ceiling, still needed to pat on shaving lotion to prevent irritation. Carlos wisely surmised that any more stimulation and Jack’s dick would explode.

True, Jack was raising and lowering his hips, unconsciously humping the air, but at least, Carlos thought, with Jack’s blinding bandages, he would not really know he was so erect. Sure, he thought Jack was feeling erotic, and his dick was probably tingling, but since Jack could not see and was not touching himself, he would not realize he had a huger boner. The only thing left to do was apply a small bit of soothing lotion the shaved areas. Carlos rubbed a little in his palms and patted some on Jack’s chest, including his nipples, then all around Jack’s balls, and he had Jack raise his hips and reached under and patted lotion along his ass crack, as far as he could gently reach. Jack’s dick started bobbing back and forth.

Carlos, noticing the erotic dancing, begging dick, hurried to apply lotion up and down this towering boner, trying to be oh-so gentle not to trigger it. He carefully rubbed it up and down lightly to finish his job. Jack’s hips were actually off the mattress as he was involuntarily shoving his fully-edged boner up to find some firm friction to set it off. Even without that added touch, it was too late. Jack’s erotic need clicked into automatic. He spewed various primal moans and grunts that signaled to Carlos that his impending climax was beyond the point of no return.

“Santa Madre de Dios!” Carlos uttered as the human volcano began to erupt. He could not quickly retract his hand to prevent his patient’s explosion. He stepped back and watched in amazement. Volley after volley of Jack’s manly juice blasted into the air several feet and land all over his chest and face. Jack’s body shook and twitched in the process, which fully released all his pent-up energy. Jack physically and emotionally collapsed into the soothing, calming darkness of quiet, restful sleep.

Carlos, feeling awkward, cleaned up the sleeping patient’s cum, covered him with the sheet, packed up his barber equipment, and quickly left the room. He told no one about the “mishap.” Jack lay there, dead to the world and oblivious of the impending erotic event that tomorrow morning would bring when the two male nurses showed up, again, to give him his daily bath.

The End

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