196 Gym Quest: The Sequel

196 Gym Quest, The Sequel
Part 1 of 4

OK, so maybe he thought this was something he’d just remove whenever he wanted. And maybe he didn’t mean all he’d just agreed to. That’s possible. That’s probable. But remember, his training just started, and if he ever changes his mind, of course, I will let him. I don’t want him if he does not want to be here. But then we’d do the Tazer game and see if he really wants to leave or does he freely prefer worshiping all our dicks and assholes. I want it to be his decision.

I only keep a fully trained pussie boy for two or three years, even though I initially tell them three or four months. After that, they lose every shred of resistance, become compliant, and become boring. So, not fun anymore. That’s when I’m done with them. I usually take them to a gay leather bar on the most popular night. This was true in the case of the last pussie boy I created. His name was Thomas something. He was the president of his high school class. God, was he a challenge. He insisted that he was straight. He fought me for nearly two full months, insisting he was not gay and that, as he put it, “You can force me to suck dick, but I will always hate doing it.” Tazer training helped quite a bit in his case. Call it shock therapy. I left him at a rather rough motorcycle bar maybe eight months ago. I had him wear clothes as we entered, and after a drink or two, I maneuvered him into the restroom. “Strip. Kneel.” And he did.

I took all his clothes and put them in a plastic bag I brought in. He never earned his collar, never made it that fair. So, I tied hands separately, to the corners of the steel urinal. On the mirror, I taped a brief note that read:

“Feel free to use this well-trained slut for tonight or more permanently. He is available for anyone to take home and own.”

I know one of the bikers who used him as a toilet, made a video of him and posted it on GayTies.com. I learned months later that Thomas something was brought to the bar owner’s attention, and he was auctioned off the following week in a fundraiser for AIDS. So, you see, I am also providing a service to the gay community.

[If any readers are interested, there is a video showing Thomas something tied up in the men’s room of that leather bar, begging for piss and cum. To find it, log in to GayTies.com, click “Video Library,” then click “filter,” and then type in Toilet Sub. It will pop up. Enjoy!]

Now, let’s stick to one pussie boy at a time, so back to Chad. There he was, kneeling in front of me. “Chad, since you insist on wanting the full pussie boy training program, you just earned this.” I held up the collar to his face, and he cried. He had no idea what would happen to him, but he just decided to fully comply. He was sobbing. His body ached, his asshole was painfully stretched, and even his nipples were red and swollen. But he presented his neck to me.

“No, Chad, I won’t place this on you. You will have to place it on yourself. That would please me so much. But first, feel how heavy it is.” Chad took hold of it and was surprised at the weight. “There is a titanium steel banned inside the leather covering. It can’t be cut, not even with bolt cutters.” He stopped sobbing and was now focused on learning about his new collar. “And look here, you see these metal fasteners that will be pushed together to secure it around your neck? Well, this is ingenious. It’s a titanium locking system. Once closed together, it cannot be opened. It’s a one-way lock. There is no key. There is no place to stick a key into it.” Chad was amazed.

“How … how … a … how do you … ah … ”

“How do you remove it? I never tried, so I really don’t know. I’ve never seen anyone try to remove this style of collar. The instructions warn the buyer to ‘be careful because it is not removable.’ So, I think it really is permanent.”

“So, here you go.” And I dropped the weighty collard in his hands. “But, get up. Let’s go over here.” I walked Chad over to the full-length mirror. “See if you can do it yourself. Make me proud.”

Chad placed it around his neck but could not figure out how to secure it together. “Please, Sir?”

I was so boned up. Chad was going to be mine for as long as I wanted him. “You want me to lock this on you? Do you? Then what do you say, Chad? You’d better really express your sincere feelings.”

“Sir, please lock this around my neck, Sir,” Chad politely asked. But I wanted to hear more gut-wrenching defeatism.

“Lock what? And why do you want this? And who are you to want this?” I encouraged him to lay it all out on the line.

He looked me directly in the eyes. I told him before to only look at my dick, never my eyes. But, in this case, needed to see my look of absolute seriousness. “Sir, please lock this slave collar around my neck to symbolize that I am your slutty pussie boy, and I realize it can never come off. And I really want to please you and obey you.”

“Turn around.” Yes, it is a bit complex to fasten. I took the two sturdy metal ends, depressed the two tiny metal buttons, and then pushed the ends together and down. Then I tested it. I wiggled it. I even pushed the same buttons again to see if it would release, but it did not. I have used several of these new self-locking collars made in Amsterdam, and I am always amazed at how well they lock. I stepped back and admired it.

Chad also stared in the mirror, stepping closer to clearly examining his slave collar. He was feeling it all over, the chrome studs, the shiny black leather, and even reaching around to feel the locking system at the back of his neck, but there was nothing to feel. I looked down, and for the first time, Chad had an erection all on his own, without him or anyone touching his dick. He probably did not even know it at the time. I didn’t point it out, but I did enjoy seeing it twitch and jerk upward.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you, Sir, Mr. Brock,” Chad said calmly and sincerely.

“What do you do?” Chad looked a little confused but took a good guess. He kneeled and started sucking my dick. I mentioned that I wanted to just keep my “happy” boner for a while, but his cute, boyish face had me fully in his power. I just let it go and couldn’t hold back any longer. I thrust my hips sharply into his mouth and down his throat. SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! AH, YEEEESSSS! Yes, he spilled some, and yes, he was too eager, but there will be a lot of time for me to train him further in cock sucking and other sexual whore games.

I signaled for him to remain kneeling where he was as I turned my front away and presented my backside. I wondered for a moment if I needed to instruct him, and before I could issue that commend, I felt his hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them, and his soft wet tongue lightly licking up and down my crack. FUCK! This pussie boy felt so good. I leaned forward just a bit to give him maximum access. Man-oh-man, did his tongue feel good.

Then I was amazed. I looked in the mirror, between my wide-spread legs, I saw Chad’s dick harder than before and now leaking faggot snot. He was oozing pre-cum. I watched the slowly elongating crystal rope hanging from his dick slit. Again, I don’t think Chad knew he was oozing pre-cum. His hands remained on my ass cheeks, and his tongue made love to my ass. It just seemed clear that that was his total concentration. It had nothing to do with himself. My ass was his world at the moment.

To avoid him touching his dick and splitting his attention between my ass and his dick, I was about to order him to keep his hands on my ass checks and avoid touching his dick. I like to correct a boy before he does the wrong things. But I took a chance and said nothing, hoping he would figure out what to do. So, I said nothing.

I felt a bit of pressure on the inside of my legs, nudging them. I didn’t think about it. I just placed them a foot apart.

WHAT WAS THAT?! I heard a strange sound. What the fuck?! I wondered if it was Rick, out of my line of sight, who was beating off and moaning at watching me. But Rick was not nearby. There it was again. What?! Oh my god. It is Chad. He is involuntarily moaning with pleasure as he is licking my ass crack! And again, another moan, so pleasing, so loving, so wonderful.

I checked Chad’s dick in the mirror. That glassy rope of pre-cum reached the floor, though it did not break free from his dick. Chad was tethered to the floor -AND HE DIDN’T EVENT KNOW IT! He was actually making a tiny puddle between his knees. AND Chad was not noticing it. HE WAS TOTALLY UNAWARE AND UNCONCERNED THAT HE HAD A MIGHT, BOBBING, JERKING, DRIPPING ERECTION!

Now, during our marathon cock sucking ass-fucking training session today with the 28 other muscle guys here, it also included Chad licking and sucking assholes, a lot of assholes. Since Chad is treating my ass so well, many of the guys here must have instructed Chad on various methods and techniques they liked. I mean, in the very first instruction I gave Chad on kissing and licking my asshole, it was just basic, “Do it.” I did not go into any techniques I wanted him to learn. That detail would be taught later. So, Chad must have learned how to please many of the men he rimed. He must have learned these wonderful techniques he is using on me now. I never considered using others to train him, but this is nice.

Another method I like that he is doing to me right now is applying a nice amount of pressure by pulling my ass cheeks wide apart and steadily holding them in the position. It shows me that he is aggressively interested in getting every bit of my ass crack washed in his spit. And it allows him to make teasy detail patterns on my crack. He has not even pushed his tongue into my asshole yet. He was just concentrating on pleasing my ass crack.

Again, some tapping on the inside of my legs, at my ankles, so I stepped them now 2 feet apart. It was an unconscious action on my part. I was only aware of the wonderful sensations around my asshole.

And then, it just happened. Chad’s tongue darted over my ass lips. That gave me a little charge. There, he just did it again. The thing is, he is using his creativity and his inventiveness to be extremely erotically thorough. At first, he avoided tonguing my hole or even touching it. And now he is making tiny circles on my ass lips. Still, he has not attempted to enter my ass. I pushed back at his tongue to signal it was time to enter my hole. God, I want his tongue inside me RIGHT NOW!

However, letting him do it his way because he is reading me correctly is also heavenly. Fuck, I am really enjoying this. Now, I don’t like a cum-dump, faggot pussie slut to tell me what to do. Like now, he is telling me he will stick his tongue up my ass when he thinks I am ready for it. I know I could just shout out, “FUCK! Do it now, pussie bitch! Stick your fucking tongue up my hole NOW!” But how can you argue with success?

I just came a few minutes ago. And I can see my big dick throbbing again. AND HE DIDN’T EVEN RIM MY HOLE DEEP, NOT AT ALL. HE WAS JUST LICKING, TICKLING, NIBBLING, AND TEASING MY CRACK AND MY ASS LIPS. AND I NEED TO SHOOT OFF AGAIN, AND NOW. It usually takes me at least an hour or more to get the need to climax again. But not this time, and considering this has been a very stressful day, I just like to have Chad work me over.

More tapping. I found myself spreading my legs wider, more uncomfortable, now three feet apart, no… more like four feet apart. I’m not thinking. My asshole is my focus. With my feet spread wide and Chad’s hands forcefully spreading my ass cheeks, he had total access and control of my asshole. I wanted to give him commands to tell him what to do, but I couldn’t think of anything to say. FUCK! Whatever he was doing was perfect. Fucking perfect. Why would I disrupt his… his… power.

So, what if I’m not giving him direction at the moment. He is just intuitive. He can read body language he has practiced on two dozen other men today. So, this boy can learn.

And Chad is still moaning with pleasure. Amazing. I know when we leave here, which we will do soon, he will fight and resist full bore when I take him out to the parking lot totally naked, not even in his string mankini, just in his flesh. Oh yeah, he will rebel and complain and try to argue.

I am so fucking on edge. My dick is bobbing, twitching, spasming. I can’t take it anymore! I immediately turn around and shove my leaking boner into his face. Let’s see what he has learned from the guys he sucked off today. When he milked me the first time, I just shot. I just needed that. Or … did he cause me a quick blast off?

When I turned around, he let go of my ass cheeks and refocus on my dick. I first noticed that his hands never went down to his own throbbing dick. It can’t be true, but it’s almost like he has no concerns about his dick, his need to shoot. His dick just twitched and dripped. Chad placed his hands on my muscular thighs and positioned his face a little lower than my dick. I decided to let him preform whatever new technique he learned today. I do like seeing his cute, sweet, innocent, boyish face.

He moved in for the suck. And then, no suck. I wanted to thrust my hips forward to get him to get me off… like now. Rick had locked up and was in the office doing paperwork, so I did not want to keep him here too long. Then I felt his wonderful, wet, silky tongue on my balls. FUCK! Can’t he see my fuck pole jutting out like a baseball bat? Leaking pre-cum all over his face? Needing release? Now?

He was tenderly licking my ball sack. He actually contorted his head to reach way under me to my perineum, That super sensitive area between my balls and my asshole. He slowly licked me all the way from my asshole to the back of my hanging all sacks, up to the front of my balls, to the base of my dick, all the way to the twitching dick mushroom head., He avoided going any further than the ridge, stopping and reversing that trail. He went slowly, and I mean SLOWLY, back down my dick, to my balls, to under them, all the way to my asshole. He worked my balls fully, sucking my big fellows into his mouth and tonguing them like a washing machine.

My dick was begging, and I do mean FUCKING BEGGING his mouth for just a little bit more friction. It was standing at full mast, twitching dramatically, poking him in the nose, for Pete’s sake. Then – FINALLY! - he placed his mouth on my dick! But… did not suck it. I could not help it. My hips just thrust forward to fuck his mouth hard. That’s it. I’ll fuck his mouth like crazy and blast off. So, I did, but he merely moved his head back each time I moved my dick forward, and he never closed his mouth around my angry pole.


I’m the God damn Master here, the Dom, the Boss. Look, I know I could just grab his head and force it sharply onto my dick. I can root my dick firmly into his throat. But … this is different. This feels so good. I could pretend in my mind, and to anyone else watching this slave suck session, that I have trained him to do exactly this, to edge me, to use all his cleverness to draw out my impending climax.

OK, now he is gently sucking my dick, taking long, slow wiping motions with his lips. He swallows my dick fully and then, without much pressure, pulls his lips slowly over my dick to the tip. He avoids only the head of my dick. Then, very slowly, he “goes down” on the shaft, all the way down to the root – HE’S NOT EVEN CHOKING OR GAGGING! - and just when my dick head bumps his throat opening, he reverses and slowly pulls his lips fully back to the tip.

My hands were hanging down by my sides, so I placed them on his mussed-up sweat-soaked hair. I am so tempted to force his head roughly onto my dick to thrust my hips sharply into him. FUCK! I really want to do that. But … is he teaching me something new. He’s never sucked a dick before he met me. I know that’s a fact. And here, this fucking newbie faggot, pussie boy, cock sucker is showing me new heights of pleasure. Well … isn’t that what one trains a slave slut pussie whore to do? And I’m supposed to stop him? Are you fucking crazy?!

Now he has my hair-trigger dick fully in his mouth. He’s not sucking it at all, just holding it in his mouth as it twitches and dances around wildly. My fucking hands are resting gently on his head, but I’m not grabbing his hair and forcing his head this way or that. I want to, but I don’t want to disrupt his artfulness. Then it starts. Oh, no. OH FUCKING NO! His hands begin to fondle my balls. Worse even, he’s using his thumb and index finger of each hand to tickle and fondle my big balls. He’s lightly scratching and teasing them. Playing with my balls. THAT IS SO FUCKING COOL. It’s like erotic ball torture. I want my hands to pull his face into my junk, choke him to death any way I can. I just want to fucking climax.

Chad was moaning a lot. He was really pleased to pleasure me. Now, that is impressive.

Look. OK, this edging is cute and teasy, even extremely erotic. BUT… I am not into that. I just want to fuck a nice warm hole, any hole, hard., Slam it good, and nut all over the place. That’s how I do it. I’m not into little prissy games. I’m a man! Damn it. I just want to fuck a bitch and go. Shit, now I feel his other fingers on the inside of my thighs. His thumb and index fingers are continually playing with my balls. Then, I feel both his hands firmly pressing against my inner thighs, kind of pushing there. This pussie cunt boy is so funking demanding, always wanting clear, unobstructed access to my balls and asshole. What’s that about?

I found myself responding to tapping as I spread my feet further apart… even wider. OK, yes, it’s OK. And then Chad’s fingertips push into my thighs again; I adjust my feet a bit further apart. BUT WHY THE FUCK AM I SPREADING MY FEET WIDER, PLACING MYSELF IN A MORE VULNERABLE POSITION?! WHO THE HELL IS HE TO POSITION ME AS HE WISHES?! WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING? WHAT THE FUCK AMI DOING? I don’t know. All I can think about is getting my dick to shoot Master juice, but suddenly, my asshole feels good again.

So, now he has his mouth around my dick, not sucking it, but now occasionally rubbing it with his tongue. Good, that’s something. And his thumb and finger of each hand are tickling my balls. I can actually feel his fingernails tickling my balls. OK, OK, it feels terrific. BUT NOW HIS MIDDLE FINGERS, BOTH OF THEM, ARE REACHING BACK TO MY ASS AND poking around MY ASSHOLE. He’s controlling my dick, my balls, and now my asshole. He does have large hands and long fingers. I did notice that.

“Please … ” there was a soft whisper. One word. I heard it. I was wiggling my hips when I heard it again, “Please.” WHAT THE FUCK? How could Chad whisper, his mouth is fully anchored on my dick? In my mind, I am begging him to let me climax. We can edge more another time. But fucking …, please, just let me cum now, PLEASE. I found myself begging my fucking faggot cunt pussie whore to please let me cum? Did I mumble that? I hope Rick didn’t hear me. Chad was tickling my ass lips like he wanted me to let his fingers inside my asshole.

I bent my knees to lower my ass half a foot and put myself in an awkward position with my feet wide apart, and now my knees bent to give him access to my hole. I was like a giant two-legged crab. Bingo! There it was. Now one, or was it two, middle fingers slipped inside my asshole. Fuck that’s it. I grabbed his head and tried to force his face into my steel rod. But when I tried, Chad pulled his head back. So, I could still not get any fuck-action motion. His fingers went into my ass quite deep. It was like his handle to move my hips back and forth as he moved his head back and forth simultaneously, in unison. He would not stop to let me do what I wanted. Or … was he already doing what I wanted? I let go of his hair. Fuck, I just wanted to fucking climax.

I gave up. That was it. I quit trying to maneuver him. I just let go of all my effort. I let Chad have his way. THEN … he began to slam his own face onto my dick. He slammed his own face on my rigid dick. He even started sucking me. With one hand, he grabbed my ball sack and pulled it down firmly, and with the other, he inserted several fingers deeply into my asshole and finger fucked me good. I was wiggling my hips, or so I thought. But then I realized he was wiggling my hips, and I was some passive nobody. I was his toy, for now. Chad used his hands - the one in my asshole and the other firmly gripping my balls - to pull my dick into his throat. I had no control over anything. With my dick fully lodged into his throat, he still pulled me harder, using my asshole and balls as a handle until… until… I blasted off like an epileptic crazy man. Jerking and twitching and flaying like someone in a head-to-toe, involuntary body spasm. Somewhere during my frenzied climax, Chad shot loads all over the place without ever touching it. Did he just derive intense pleasure at my relieving pleasure?

We both collapsed on the floor in our great, sweaty organism. We were silent. I needed to respond in a way that indicated that I was Boss, top dog, and he was my faggot pussie slave bitch. I wanted to say something besides, “Wow, that was great.” But I could not give up my power.

Then he said the darnedest thing, “Thank you, Master.”

I was at a loss for words. I couldn’t thank HIM or tell HIM how overly pleased I was. For now, “You’re welcome, my pussie boy.”

I gestured him to the locker room. “Let’s go shower and get to your new place.” Chad pointed to his collar. I guess he wondered if it could get wet. “Well, it’s not coming off, so yes, you can get it wet.” It looked like leather, but it was an all-weather leather-like material. We showered together, but I made him wash my body and dry me off. I got dressed as he dried himself with my used towel.

I thought about what just happened. I was so freaked out knowing that I must have begged HIM to let me climax. Wow. Did he hear that? God, I hope not. I figured he was so focused on pleasing me that he did not hear anything I said. That could really fuck up our new relationship. It could mess up his need to be the slut pussie whore and me the absolute top. Period. I went out to talk to and visit with Rick as Chad finished cleaning up. It was about 3:10. We were all exhausted.

Chad crawled onto the main gym floor toward me, in the manner I taught him, with his ass upturned and his knees apart so anyone could see his balls swinging. Of course, he was totally naked, wearing only his leather collar. He knelt and kept his eyes on my jean-cover crotch as previously ordered. Those were all good signs. He still knew his place. So, I just came out and told him, “You did good tonight. You did me proud. But you need to always know your place as a pussie whore, cum-dump, and be proud of that status.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I’ll see you, Rick. Thanks for hosting a very good and intense training session.”

“Brock, I don’t like to admit it, but this may be your best pussie boy yet.” Rick said, smiling.

“Chad, follow me to my car.” He started to follow me out the door on his hands and knees. “No, inside you crawl, outside you walk … or we will never get anywhere.” I smiled. So, he crawled to the front door, and when I exited, he did also, then stood up and walked at my side.

198 Gym Quest, The Sequel
Part 2 of 4

I wondered if he would hesitate about being out in public naked and in that beautiful, black leather studded collar. After all, cars were still driving by, even at this early hour. I could tell he was nervous, but he did as told without question. That surprised me. I also wondered if he remembered I was parked in the back parking lot. When we arrived and entered the gym through the back. But again, he did not question me at all. I liked that. Of course, I intentionally left through the front door because I wanted him naked on the street, wearing only my collar. Chad was uncomfortable, but he stayed at my side as I walked down the block, about 600 feet, to the corner. There, I stopped and pretended to read the early morning newspaper on the news rack under the bright streetlights. I was watching him with a side glance. He was fidgeting and looking in all directions. I pretended I did not notice his anxiety, but I liked that he had some, maybe a lot.

“Looks like we will have clear weather all week,” I told him, meaning nothing at all. After a good five minutes there, and a few drivers honking their horns or hooting, or the one car full of teens when they yelled out, “Hey fag, need a good fuck!”

Then I casually strolled down that street to the alley, then down the alley to the back parking lot behind the gym. I know it was painfully slow for Chad, who, I’m sure, just wanted to get his naked body out of public sight. As we approached my car, some people were in the parking lot. There is a bar across the street, so maybe they are the staff who had just closed up. Chad went to the passenger side and put his hand on the door handle, ready to hop inside the moment I unlocked it. Without opening his passenger side, I got in, started the engine, and turned on all my lights on high beam.

Still, instead of unlocking his door, I push the bottom to roll down that window. Chad stuck his head inside but did not ask me to open his door. That was good. That’s what I wanted. “Chad, I think I do want a copy of that mourning newspaper. I fished around in the ashtray change and came up with two quarters. “Here you go, go get me that paper, and don’t run.”

This time, he gave me a scrunched-up look of puzzlement. As if he was asking, “Sir? Do you really want me to go back there by myself? All naked?” But he did not say anything. That was good. “Oh, when you come back, and before you get into the car, make sure you have a boner for me. You know, it’s like a ‘thank you’ for taking such good care of you tonight.” He was really nervous. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure he would leave the safety of the parking lot.

But I did get a very shaky “yes, Sir.”

“Chad, I know you think this is humiliating and embarrassing being out naked in public. And you probably hate it. But look on the bright side, I FUCKING LOVE IT! Isn’t that great?”

Chad absentmindedly nodded, “Yes, Sir.”

“See how many ways your life can be twisted to please me? You can be really proud of letting go of all that nonsense about modesty, the need for school or a girlfriend, and all that crap about a job. Now … you have me. Isn’t that just wonderful?”

“Yes, Sir,” he said with a bit more confidence.

Then quickly, Chad “walked” all the way to the corner news rack. Got the paper and then fast-walked back here to stand so beautifully naked at the passenger door. I let the “fast walk” go. He was being too well-behaved to punish him. He handed me the paper through the open window and then quickly began to pump his dick. He has some exciting energy in his body because he was semi-erect when we left the gym, and when we stood at the corner, I saw his dick growing firmer. Not erect, but nicely filled out. Super. That’s a good sign. Pussie fags like him need to have someone to tell him what to do and push him more than he feels he can take. I am the only one who can give him that true-lived experience.

He was at the passenger door, playing with his dick, maybe having a little trouble getting it to full erection. I tooted the horn to get his attention, making him look up at me quickly. I just pointed to the front of the car, and he knew what I wanted. He went to stand in my headlights and beat his nice plump dick, just for me. The headlight did it; it added just enough humiliation for him to become fully erect. “Yes,” I said to myself, this boy needs me. And he needs me to push him.” I was pleased. I waved him over to the driver’s side to check out his dick. I placed my hand on it and fingered it along the shaft. I swear, he would come any minute if I continued to touch him. Now, that’s a wonderful sign. Still, with his terrified look, he did not ask me to let him in. Something had clicked in his mind. To be honest, I don’t know when that happened. But he was making me very happy.

“Hold your dick up. Let me see your balls.” He did, and I fondled his hang balls. He moaned. “OK, Chad, go around to the other door and come inside.” He gladly did. And as he ran to the passenger door, his big boner bounced up and down. But when he went to open the door, it was still locked.

He looked at me, “Sir?” He pleaded as he stood all naked, cute, and vulnerable in the parking lot lights.

“No, Chad, you may never take the easy way out. You ran around the back of the car to avoid the headlights. Now, come back – around the front of the car to my window.”

“Yes, Sir.” And around the front, he came. I was so fucking excited. Man-oh-man, did I luck out with this one!

“Chad, do you think you can subvert my wishes? Do you think you can try to trick me? Cheat on your training? Fight me at these little things?” I wanted him to remain outside the car and know there was a real possibility that he would not come into my car if he misbehaved. He needed a scare. He will always need a scare, but that’s my job, and I am good at it. “You’d better explain yourself now, or maybe you’re not the good pussie cunt boy material I first thought you were.”

Bingo, he started to cry. Well, it had been a very long day and night. So much had happened, and most of it was excellent stuff. He is so exhausted. I know he is so totally worn out that he can’t think straight. This is just the time to push him. His resistance faded. “Look, faggot pussie cunt. You better explain yourself to me and what you just did, sneaking around the back of my car.” I spoke as if agitated.

“Please forgive me, Sir. I know I need to learn a lot. I know I fucked up, but please don’t dismiss me. Sir, you are so right. I fucking did go around the rear end to be safer. To cheat. And that was just like disobedience to you. I can try better and harder.” Then he cried more, probably thinking I was on the verge of kicking him out of my life. That’s good. I also noticed he was not concerned about me keeping him naked in public. What was much more important to him was that I was displeased with his behavior. That’s a great sign of progress.

“And your punishment?” I thought I would toss that out just to see what he would offer. To see where his mind was at. And to signal punishment is often dished out for poor behavior. Subs need these fixes when they do wrong things.

“I have no suggestion, opinion, or concern.” That was as great a surrender as a Dom can get.

I clicked the door unlocked and waved him in. He opened the door and sat inside. I’m sure he was relieved. This was an important exercise. It accomplished some essential elements of slave training. First, he could trust that I would protect him if he obeyed and did as I said. Second, he feels good when he is pushed to expose himself. Third, he needs me. As much as I enjoy him, he truly needs me to train him.

Still, he has not yet complied with all my commands … without question or hesitation. He’s getting there, but he is not there yet. That’s a big deal. But now, with his scary, imagined threat that I may dump him, the time is right to push further. As I said, he is extremely exhausted … perfect timing.

Chad was looking at my crotch, as was the basic rule when idle. Then I started talking to myself so he could hear me. “Yeah, it sure has been a long and tiring day. I want to sit here and relax. Take a breather. Yes, it feels good to do nothing for a while. The only thing better would be to have my shoes licked all over as I sit in the car and … ”

I didn’t even finish expressing myself, and the next thing I realized, he was naked, in the foot weld, stuffed in that small space, with his head projected to my side, moving his tongue around to lick my tennis shoes. I expressed pleasure, and Chad did not hesitate to give it to me without my specifically asking, which is fine in this case. It was awkward in the small space for him to tilt my foot sideways to lick the bottom of the sole and continue. He said nothing and seemed content, or … maybe actually happy.

But I wanted to talk to him. “OK, stop now and just stay in your little foot weld there and listen.” He looked so cute, hunched in a ball on the floor. “You may have thought that I forgot you have not eaten today. Well, I mean, besides all the wonderful cum.” Chad involuntarily licked his lips at the word ‘cum.’

“Yeah, I know you have not eaten. And I am hungry also. Look, it’s almost day light, and some 24-hour cafes are serving delicious breakfasts. Would you like a good, fat, juicy hamburger with lots of fries?” He nodded eagerly. “Yeah, or I can get you a fabulous breakfast with eggs, bacon, hash browns … wow! Wouldn’t that be great! But … you tell me what food you crave the most right now. Speak up. I want to know what would please you most.”

Chad, very hesitant to offer any suggestions of what he truly craved, said, “Well, Sir, I really, really would love a nice tender steak and eggs breakfast.”

“OH? And how do you want the steak cooked?”

Chad’s face lit up like that of a little kid in a candy store. “Oh, cooked medium, please.”

“And, anything else on the side?”

“Oh, yes, please, hash browns, cooked a real crispy.” He was so excited. He was so fucking cute. My personal little faggot whore, expressing the most wonderful breakfast even I could imagine. We were both famished.

I noticed a trash truck down this way. I was parked in the back parking lot of the gym, which was located in a rather large strip mall. And the two guys at their truck were emptying the trash cans at the other end and slowly working their way toward us. Rick had put out 4 trash cans that they would eventually get to.

“And what kind of toast?”

“Oh, yes, Sir. I love that whole wheat bread with all the healthy seeds and grainy bits. YES, THAT WOULD BE GREAT!” Chad even started to drool a little as he got more and more excited. I’m sure he could taste every bit of what he was describing. His hands and feet were fidgeting with anticipation. He probably guessed that he had pleased me so much that I would finally reward him with a super fantastic meal.

“You know, Chad, I think what you just described is probably the best breakfast I can think of. Maybe we really do think alike. Thank you, Chad, for being so helpful. I was not sure what I wanted to eat just now, but your suggestion is perfect.”

I could tell he enjoyed pleasing me. “OK, I will head to an all-night cafe and order everything you mentioned. The steak, cooked medium, the eggs with hash browns, extra crispy, and even the whole wheat toast. You have pleased me so much today, and especially just now.” I reached down to his head and ruffled his hair like one would do to a little boy or big dog.

Looking at his backside, I saw his hands move up to his eyes. He was joyfully crying now. He was so fucking happy. As I put the car in gear and was about to drive off, I looked at him, “Breakfast is going to be great. But before I leave, I want you to get out and go to where those four trash cans are behind the gym. Play with yourself and get and keep a big, super-hard dick. Don’t cum, but do enjoy your dick. Think wonderful thoughts about me being so pleased and enjoying your favorite breakfast.”

Chad’s face caved in. He was at a loss for words, stymied. But he did not complain, or at least he didn’t express his obvious monumental disappointment verbally. He slowly extricated himself from the tight floor space. At the same time, he was trying to hold back tears of disappointment and pain. He said nothing as he continued his slow naked movement to the seat and then placed his hand on the door handle to open it. Chad was likely moving slowly in his hopeful anticipation that I would stop him and tell him it was all a big joke and that, of course, he was coming with me to breakfast.

I just stared at him with a big smile as he crept the door open and moved his naked body, once again, in the full bright lights of the parking lot. He asked for no clarification. He did not plead or beg me not to do this. And he slowly began to walk away from the car with his head down. I waited for him to get 20 feet away and then yelled out loudly, “When the trash men approach those trash cans, offer to suck their big dicks.” He turned his head around, looked at me, and nodded to acknowledge my order. Then waved goodbye.

You may think I voiced some safety assurances, such as, “Don’t worry; I’ll be back in an hour and bring you some food.” Or “I’ll be back in two hours.” Or “I’ll be back.”

No, I wanted his obedience without regard to making any kind of a deal with him. Legally speaking, a binding deal can only be made between two responsible adults, not between an adult and a minor, an adult and a big puppy, or an adult with a subservient mouth hole. No, no deal. No conditions.

I drove away, tooting my horn to make a lot of noise in case anyone was around to look in this direction. However, instead of going for breakfast, I circled around the block and parked out of sight. After retrieving my binoculars from my glove compartment, I sneaked into a nearby bushy area and watched him from there.

I saw the trash men come to those cans, and I saw the two guys physically surprised by the collared, naked teen beating his dick. The trashmen went about their job, picking up one trash can after the other and dumping their contents into the truck’s lift bin. I could see some exchange of conversation. The trashmen were done, and I expected them to drive off to the next business.

Then I was surprised. Chad was not trying to hide behind the cans; he was actually out in full view of them with a raging boner for whoever could see him. I think he really learned not to hide his body. And he did this without any awareness that I was watching. I saw non-stop action of him playing with his dick. They were actually talking back and forth. Well, not all three. One of the trash guys obviously wanted nothing to do with Chad and stood way back on the other side of the truck. Then, I saw Chad kneel under the brightest light near the gym’s back door. He continued to pump his dick.

The trash guy talking to him stepped back to place himself in the shadow, and then I saw him lower his pants. Chad had to “walk” on his knees to where the worker was, and he leaned his face forward. I could not see all the details clearly because one guy wanted to stay in the shadows but placed his hand behind Chad’s head. That wonderful, naked, kneeling boy was moving his head back and forth in a sucking motion. My wonderful, naked, kneeling pussie boy! The worker was slamming to hips forward and fucking my faggot mouth hole. It didn’t take long, plus I’m sure the trash guys had to quickly get back to their business.

The one guy fixed his clothes, and both men hopped into their truck and rode off to the next waiting cans. Chad remained on his knees for a short while and then moved back behind the empty trash cans to wait. But to wait for what?

As an experienced dominator, I still can’t read the mind of any boy that I am training. Was he thinking I abandoned him? I gave him no assures I was coming back. Was he overly meditating about his wonderful breakfast, which seemingly he was getting none of? Did he realize I was never coming back? Was he planning what he would do next in life, maybe see about dating a girl? Or is he getting his job back? Or getting any job? Was he missing me?

I let him be there, all alone, for another hour. We initially got back to my car just after 4 AM, and it was now near 5. I knew some business might open soon, so I got in my car and drove as silently as I could, coasting the last 100 feet to the trash cans. He must have been in deep thought or, maybe, sleeping. I got out, quietly shut my door, and soft-walked to where I could see him sitting on the pavement behind the trash cans. He was turned away from me, rubbing his face as he sat there. I stepped behind the cans and greeted him with a hand on his bare shoulder. He was so startled and jerked his head around to see me. He immediately grabbed my legs with his arms, encircling them in a tight bear hug.

He cried so hard and loud, continuously, squeezing me so tight, like he never wanted to let go. He cried and rocked his body back and forth, so happy to see me.

I was telling him it was OK, to calm down. But he was not hearing me. He continuously mumbled between his sobs, “Thank you, Sir. Oh, thank you. You are so fucking great. Oh god! Thank you so much!”

I tapped him on the shoulder and gestured for him to raise, but Chad would not let go and not stop thanking me. I was pleased beyond belief. I lovingly petted the hair on his head. I knew he was not thanking me for simply returning. That was not it. He was not thanking me for not punishing him. No. He was thanking me for keeping him. He was thanking me because I still wanted him as my sub-faggot, slutty-whore pussie boy. You see, I was now his world.

I had been thinking a lot, or should I say, rethinking, since our Gym session ended. I hesitate to utter out loud that I am very impressed with Chad. “Pussie boy, up now,” I spoke softly. “To the car. “I gestured for him to get in, and he did. He immediately squished himself into the foot weld, placed his face on my tennis shoe, and began licking it. “OK, Chad, time to go home. I can’t drive with you down there,” I told him with a big smile.

“It’s kind of cool, and my car heater is not working, so undo my pants, nudge them down a little, and my jock down, and warm up my balls. Breathe on them as I drive. That should warm me up.”

Chad did just that. But he first had to lift my dick and balls, which were wedged between my thighs, to rest in the open on top of my thighs. Then, with one hand, he held my floppy dick out of the way, so he could place his head sideways on my bare lap with his open mouth against my hairy balls. Then he got into a slow rhythm, exhausting his hot breath on my balls. Ah, so nice.

As I drove him to my place, which was the plan, he never stopped his breath heater. That was fine. He needed to be used, even if only for body heat. We bonded extraordinarily. Having said that, I know he is in a heightened state of anxiety. He is naked, without anything. He was not just void of clothes; he now had no job, nowhere else to live, and no family or friends to whom he could turn. He only had … me. Chad was hungry, starving, actually. And he was extremely exhausted, 100% spent.

I engineered all of this. And I know that tomorrow, or whenever Chad regains a mental space from where he can think clearly, his allegiance to me will be considerably less. More training will be needed. It is always required.

I parked. I escorted Chad, collared and fully naked, up the steps to the porch of my modest house. I unlocked the door and let him in. “First, go to the back where my bedroom is,” I pointed, “into that bathroom room and kneel. He didn’t speak; he just nodded, a guess as a thank you, and went to do as asked. I soon followed and stood before his kneeling form. “I need to shower,” I just looked at him and waited.

He began to undress me as if he intuitively understood. When I was naked, I entered the shower and stood there again. And, something clicked. He entered, turned the water on, and began to soap me up. He moved my arms and legs to get every area, including my dick and balls. Then he raised me off, and I stepped out when he finished for him to towel me dry, then kneeled. I turned my back to him and bent over with my ass in his face. Without hesitation, he placed both hands on my ass cheeks, spread them wide apart, and hungrily worked his tongue into my hole. He was moaning and enjoying his job. After about five minutes, I pulled away, or … tried to, but he gently held onto me and continued, so I let him. The moaning sounds he made, and the stiff boner he displayed pleased me, but this was not the time to clarify our relationship. It was a time for rest, complete rest.

I lay on the bed, on top of the covers, and wiggled my finger for him to join me. I did not direct him as to how he would lay there or what he was to do or not do. I just closed my eyes and went into a deep sleep. It must have been near 2:00 PM when I woke and found Chad still asleep with his body squeezed between my outstretched legs and his mouth on my dick. Chad was softly snoring.

I lay there for quite a while. Thinking. I untangled myself from him slowly and climbed gently out of bed. I had made a decision. But this particular decision needed Chad’s approval. When he woke up, I told him something he did not expect. It must have been very confusing to him. I remembered that cute saying, “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If it does not, it never was.”

“Chad, I want you for my permanent slave slut pussie boy. However, you get to choose to stay or to leave. And this time, there is no Tazer, no coercion, no force, and no threats of harm to you or anyone. No blackmail. On that chair are some clothes I am lending you, jeans, a T-shirt, socks and tennis shoes. In that envelope is $5,000 in cash. And here is your wallet and your ID. Sorry, the collar cannot be unlocked, but a locksmith might be able to remove it.”

When I initially found Chad, I told him (and every new trainee I picked) that I’d be training him for a few months. In truth, training is such a long and complex endeavor that to get my “money’s worth,” I might keep some for a year or two. Then, if he chose, he could leave and return to his previous life. That is, what he could patch together again. But Chad was different. Oh fuck, was he different?

“Now, Chad, you will leave,” I spoke calmly. He reached out to hug me, but I gently and firmly pushed him back. “You have until midnight tonight to return here if you wish. And if you do, all your social, economic, physical, financial, and even medical decisions will be made by me. You will become my property unconditionally. There will be legally binding agreements you will sign later when you turn 18, codifying your purpose and function as my property, though the word “property” can’t be legally used. There will be no going back, so choose wisely. Do you have any questions?”

He started to speak but realized there was nothing to ask. I’m sure he has lots of mixed feelings and emotions. I did, ever since I first met him. But as I said, I made up my mind. He got dressed, took the few items, and left. You might think I felt strongly about whether he’d return. I really did not have a sense of it. I was saddened to see him leave, but this was necessary.

I went about my business, doing errands, laundry, and such, making no plans for his return even though his return would create a totally changed lifestyle for both of us. I looked at the clock. Midnight was a long way off; it was only 7:10 PM. I went out the door to get something out of my car, and I almost stumbled and fell over the naked form on my porch. There was Chad, naked and collared. Kneeling and looking up at me. I wondered where his clothes were, but that was unimportant. His wallet with ID and so on was not anywhere around, either. He held the envelope with the $5,000 cash in his hand.

No, I did not embrace him, jump up and down joyfully, or call him my “friend.” I said very calmly, “Boy, good to see you. Come in.” He crawled into my living room. “We have many rules to go over and learn, but there will be lots of time. All my desires for what you will do, how you will behave, and what you will fully become will be told to you over time. But, for now, you may ask for clarification about anything you do not understand. That’s fine for now. Training is an ongoing process. Often, I will not answer your questions; some things are just not for you to know or contemplate. It’s not your job to know why; just do it. Next week, I’ll have a carpenter here constructing special quarters for you. For now, you’ll sleep on the floor by my bed. You will be my alarm clock. Every morning you will slowly wake me with your mouth sucking gently on my dick.

“Did you eat when you were out? Have lunch?”

“No, Sir. I didn’t think that was right.”

“Chad, that’s just great. And the good news is - and this will really please you, it’ll just blow your mind - I had a wonderful steak and eggs lunch, the same one you described as the best breakfast. I really enjoyed myself.” Chad smiled at my ‘good news.’ “You see how your new goal in life is making sure I am pleased? That’s the thing. I love seeing you feel embarrassed, humiliated, uncomfortable, and degraded, especially publicly. And more good news, I will train you to perform the most degenerate, indecent, sluttiest, emotionally painful, and physically challenging acts you never ever considered. And I will enjoy your torment immensely! How does that make you feel?”

Chad started to cry and said, “Sir, I only hope I can live up to your expectations. Please help me get there, Sir.”

196 Gym Quest, The Sequel
Part 3 of 4

“Of course. And you have no recourse, no one to help you except me. No place to go except here. Isn’t that wonderful, Chad? You don’t have to worry about anything. Hell, I’ll have your mouth hole and asshole fucked to oblivion, not just by me, but by whoever I allow to use your holes. In the meantime, usually, your cock-sucking brain will focus only on me.”

Chad was so exhausted. Who knows what real thoughts he was thinking. He was tearing up as he realized he needed to be used. I didn’t tell Chad this, but I would give him another 48 hours to reconsider.

“Oh, my little pussie boy, thank you for those tears. Thank you so much for all your struggles, pain, resistance, and surrender. But soon, you won’t be thinking about what’s right and wrong, or good and bad … you’ll just be thinking about what your Master wants.”

“OK, more later. For now, stand up, get in the kitchen, and prepare me something for dinner. Keep it simple.” He made me a very tasty sandwich. Yes, I do remember he never ate for a very long time.

When I was finished, I took two mixing bowls out of the cabinet, filled one with water, and placed it on the floor in the corner. “Drink.” He did; he was really thirsty. Now, I had no dog food on hand. This whole new situation would take a few weeks to fully set up the basics. I had a can of spaghetti, but I wanted him to have more protein. So, I grabbed a tin of sardines and smashed them into it. It did look awful and probably tasted grouse. I placed it on the floor but gave no command. He did not charge for it. In fact, he didn’t make any move at all. I was getting more impressed.

I stood over his food bowl and took my dick out to pee on it, but I was empty. “I just emptied in the toilet. “Sorry, boy, help me out.” He had no clue what I wanted. “No problem,” I explained. “Go ahead and lift one leg, like a dog and piss on your food to give it some flavor.”

He just did it. No hesitation. He lifted a leg and peed, flooding the floor as well as getting some in the bowl. “No worries, it takes time. You’ll learn. But before you eat, lick up all the piss that missed the bowl, and then chow down.” I felt that I didn’t need to watch him obey me. I was beginning to trust him, but watching was fun.

It was time to kick it up a notch. I like to put a boy through the wringer early on. I had to really test him forcefully in public, with strangers all participating. I must strip away even the tiniest bit of pride, modesty, personhood, self-respect, or desire to make decisions or to control himself. Fortunately, a special event would occur in a few days, on Friday. It is the grand opening of….

It was time to kick it up a notch. I like to put a boy through the wringer early on to know if he’s worth my continued efforts. I need to test him forcefully in public, with strangers all participating. I must strip away even the tiniest bit of pride, modesty, personhood, self-respect, or desire to make decisions or to control himself. Fortunately, a special event would occur in a few days, on Friday. It is the grand opening of a new gay bar in my neighborhood. They’d been hyping it for weeks. Playing it up so that it’ll be a rough and wild S and M hangout.

The flyer said, “Masters and slaves welcome. Dress to impress.” The bar was called “The Pendulum.” What a fagot, sissy name! Why not call it “The Hell Hole” or “The Pussie Stretcher.” Anyway, that day arrived. And I am bringing Chad. I knew that part of town. The parking is a bitch. We’d have to park a couple blocks away and walk so Chad can’t be naked. “Boy, go put on one article of clothing.” He chose jeans. “Nah, that’s not appropriate. I went to my closet and brought out a type of muscle shirt. One that had a scoop neck and exposed shoulder. Since I am tall, muscular, and broad-shouldered, and he’s a toned 5’ 7,” it will be way too big for him. PERFECT!

“Here, put this on.” He did. “Now, take off your pants.” With a puzzled look, he followed orders. My oversized muscle tee covered him down to just below his hips. His relaxed dick was hanging out the bottom of the shirt, showing four inches. What a fantastic sight! Chad was totally naked, except for his collar and the oversized T-shirt.

“But my dick, Sir?”

“Yes, your dick must not be showing in public.” I caressed it and teased it. An, BINGO! It was hard and sticking straight out level to the floor. Now, it created an obscene tent under the tee. Actually, the tee “draped” over the jutting-out pole. But his dick doesn’t show.

We arrived, and I parked. I ushered Chad out of the car, and we walked side-by- as people gawked and stared as I led him in a slow sauntered walk to the entrance of The Pendulum. What a nice crowd. Most were dressed in jeans and boots, many in full leather, and some of the subs were nearly nude, except a jock or whatever. Then I saw it, the pendulum, in the middle of the room. It was a mannequin or, rather, a dummy hanging by heaver ropes. The dummy, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, had its wrists and ankles secured to rope ends hanging from the ceiling. The dummy was faced up, so its body formed a “U” shape. An additional heavy rope was under its belly, so it did not sag much. Kind of stupid. Guys would walk by and push it to swing back and forth. They called it “motion art.” Still stupid. I had Chad kneel in the corner while I walked around and met and talked to several guys, including Colton, the manager, and Blake, the bartender.

Then went back to Chad. “Boy, go get me a beer while I find a table.” Of course, I had set up a challenge for my pussie boy. I added, “And don’t come back here without it.”

Chad maneuvered his way through the crowd, with guys pinching and rubbing his all over. When he reached the bar, he said, “May I have a beer, please?”

A handsome, trim-bearded man of 30 spoke loudly, “Sure, boy.” The bartender grabbed a large mug and filled it with beer. “Here you go, boy.” As Chad took it, “That’ll be $5.”

“Oh, but… but… I don’t have any…”

“No money? Boy?” What do you expect, to suck my dick as payment?” This was the Blake I spoke with earlier. There was a microphone on him. People started to quiet down and listen in. It wasn’t loud. I doubt that Chad was even aware of it.

“But… ah… I… I can …”

“Oh, so you want to suck my dick as payment for the beer. Is that what you said?”

“I… if you want. I can come around there, and behind the bar, kneel and…”

“Wait, let me come around to you.” Now, the room was silent. The sexy man stood in front of Chad, “Well?” Then Chad began to kneel. “No, not here.” He led Chad to the middle of the room, in front of the strung-up pendulum dummy. “Now, this is better. You may kneel, and you’d better do a perfect job.” For the first time, Chad noticed the lapel mic clipped to the bartender’s leather vest. This was some kind of setup. Everyone was watching and listening.

Chad began to unbuckle and unzip the man’s jeans. “Hold on, what’s your name, boy?”

“Ah… Chad, Sir.”

“No, what’s your real name.”

“Ah… ah… pussie boy. Sir”

“And did your Master teach you how to suck dick? I mean, in his special way?”

“Ah… yes, Sir. Master Brock taught me to start at the balls, and then…”

“Stop explaining and just do it. Do it like I am your Master. Like your Master is watching you right now.”

Now, my boy was nervous. He knew I was watching him. Chad lowered Blake’s pants to mid-thighs, no underwear, and his big stiff dick “BOINGED” out rigidly. Chad cupped his balls and brought them forward. Holding them carefully, he began to kiss and lick them. The crowd mumbled and moaned in pleasure.

The bartender had his head back and his eyes rolling. He couldn’t allow the boy to do his complete job since he had to get back to the bar. In fact, Chad never got to suck that gorgeous big, stiff dick.

“Sorry, pussie boy, I don’t have time now.” Then he bent over, grabbed the bottom of Chad’s oversized T-shirt, and l pulled it up and off Chad. The room erupted with applause. “I’ll keep this as payment for the beer. You can get your beer to your Master Brock,” Blake snapped as he pulled up his pants and bent his dick to stuff it back inside. Frustratingly, he returned to bartending.

Now, Chad, in his glorious nakedness, was the focus of the room. Yes, a few other subs were scantily dressed, but only Chad was completely naked… and fully boned up! I was so proud.

As I was sipping on my third beer, Colton, the manager I spoke to earlier, approached me. “Say, we all saw your boy… ah… performed to pay for your beer. He did a wonderful job.” Naked, collared, Chad was kneeling at my feet, licking my boots.

“Thank you. Pussie boy is just a beginner, but he’s learning.”

“I can see that. Customers are asking how the pendulum works. Would you mind if we borrow him to do a demonstration?”

“No problem,” I told him as if bored. “Do what you wish.” Then, to my boy, I said, “Pussie, go with this man and obey him to the fullest.”

No, I was not bored! I watched intently as my plan began to play out. However, in these “planned” events, there are a lot of unexpected spontaneous interactions with third parties, which makes the entire scene so excitingly wonderful.

Chad was brought to the center area where the “pendulum dummy” had been hanging. The dummy was gone, leaving six heavy ropes hanging loosely from the ceiling.

Chad looked at the dummyless dandling ropes. He put two and two together and became nervous and deliciously frightened. That’s a magnificent sign! Instilling an element of terror, real or imagined, is essential to pussie boy training.

Colton secured comfortable, padded leather cuffs to my boy’s wrists and ankles. Then he placed Chad on the floor, belly up. The wrist cuffs were secured to one rope, and the ankle cuffs were secured to another. The ceiling ends were connected to a motorized pully system. But there were four more ropes still dangling.

Before lifting Chad’s body by his hands and feet, which would be very uncomfortable, a black leather-covered, padded board about a foot wide and two and a half feet long was slipped under Chad’s back. This board had heavy-duty eye-bolts at each corner. The other four rope ends were then secured to those four eye-bolts.

Now, the pully motor was engaged, and the loud grinding noise started as Chad was lifted to a waist-high level. A couple of points. First, the motor’s noise was intentional to sadistically unnerve the subject. Second, the padded board that supported Chad from his shoulders to his lower back was essential for his comfort and to display his torso in the horizontal configuration they wanted. His body would have been in a useless U” shape without the board serving as a small, flat support.

You might ask, “Why not just use a standard leather sling?” Well, the four corners of a sling are attached straight upward to the ceiling to four separate connection points. It’s designed to be stable and unmovable.

Here, all six ropes are connected to one pully point. If the subject is nudged or pushed, the entire apparatus moves like a swing, like a pendulum.

Setting Chad up in the required position took a couple of knowledgeable guys several minutes to adjust the rope lengths as needed. Now Chad was level, waist high. His back was completely supported, and his hands and feet were positioned to the ceiling.

The room was quiet. Colton also wore a lapel mic so everyone could hear. He calmly asked Chad, “Are you comfortable, pussie boy?”

“Yes, sir,” he replied in an uneasy tone.

“Well, we’ll just have to fix that, won’t we.”

“Yes, sir.”

It seemed like Colton was speaking to himself or Chad, but his words were actually intended for the audience. “Let’s see. With your legs up and close together, no one can see your hard dick. It’s squished between your thighs. How dare you hide your dick from all of us? That’s fucking rude!”

“Oh, Sir, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” How in the fuck was Chad to adjust his tied-up body in any way? That was funny but a nice touch.

Colton took a two-part wooden device thin, and held it up to the audience. Then he squeezed his hand between Chad’s tight thighs, found the boy’s stiff dick, and gently pulled it out, BACKWARD, so it stuck out behind Chad’s thighs. It now projected stiffly out at about a 30-degree angle from above the boy’s balls and asshole. Then, the critical part. Colton wedged the thin, smooth stick between the jutting dick and the boy’s thighs, so the dick could no longer slip back in. Chad’s dick was now forced on display and… twitching.

“I know you can’t see what I just did, but I hope you appreciate my fixing your stupidity and rudeness. How arrogant of you to think you can hide your dick from all these honorable men. Your dick is now properly displayed outward.”

“Oh FUCK! Thank you, Sir! Thank you so much. I’ll try to do better. I’m so sorry for my rude behavior.” My Chad started to cry with extreme embarrassment, believing he was responsible for bad behavior. The audience applauded Chad’s admission of wrongdoing.

“Now that you apologized, there is no need to hear from you again.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Colton held up what looked like a large, black ridged ring, about two and a half inches in diameter. It was actually a double ring of ridged rubber with a tiny space between them.

“Open up wide,” Colton told Chad, and the boy did. Then Colton maneuvered the ring device into Chad’s mouth, “Open wider, as wide as you can.” Chad had to stretch his mouth to the max. With difficulty, Colton inserted one ring behind the boy’s teeth and the other in front of his teeth. What a snug fit! Once in, Chad could relax his mouth, but only a little. Since Chad’s arms were tied upward to the ceiling, that mouth stretcher could only be removed with the help of someone else. My pussie boy’s mouth was as wide-jawed as practicable without dislocating anything.

Initially, my boy was scared out of his mind. His eyes bugged out. He was freaked out that he had just lost control of his mouth. Secondly, depending on what might be inserted and how deep, he thought they would take away his ability to breathe. But my pussie boy got used to the mouth-stretcher within a few minutes.

WHAT A FUCKING HOT IMAGINE! Chad, stripped totally naked, the only naked one in this public bar, tied securely with ropes and lying on his back on a small stiff board. The wood board did not support his head, so his head dropped back and down, causing his chin to point upward. His forced-opened mouth hole was now at dick level. His legs were tied upward, with his stiff dick – and big balls - forced behind his thighs, on full display, with everyone watching his dick twitching and bobbing.

Colton put his finger into Chad’s mouth hole, not harshly, but just to signal that he could play with the boy’s mouth as he pleased without objection or interference. “Oh, yes, not only a lovely, sexy, wet mouth hole,” Colton pointed out, “but one that is nicely wide-stretched open for any of us to use.” Playfully, he slid two of his long fingers in and around the boy’s wet hole.

“Do you want a lot of guys to stick their dicks into your mouth hole? Boy? To give you their cum and piss?”

Those words made Chad’s body shake and tremble. “HHHEEESSS. HHEERRRR.” Was all he could utter.

“So, and want of your asshole.” Colton went to the boy’s ass end. “Oh, lovely to see you holding your ridged dick out. How nice of you.”


“You look like a slutty whore cunt, pushing your dick out like that, begging someone – anyone – to suck it for you. Don’t you, boy?’


“Well,” Colon continued to speak calmly, as all listened in, “I can’t imagine anyone here, among all these fine gentlemen, would want to suck on a dick of an ass-eating, piss-drinking, fagot, cum dump like you.” Then, with a fingertip, Colton lightly touched the tip of Chad’s dick, tracing the edge of the mushroom head.

“AAAAHHHHH!” Chad’s body bounced and jerked in reaction. His body was not tied down to the board, so his hips could jerk up and down in response.

“Oh my, I merely, barely, touched your dickhead. And it bothered you that much, huh?”


“OK, my pussie boy. OK, I won’t touch it anymore.” Colton joked. “Oh, and lookie here, just under your dick, are your large balls. May I play with them?”


I love Colton’s sense of humor, asking the boy this and that as if his opinion mattered. “Oh, thank you, my little pussie boy. You are so kind and agreeable. But I see your balls are hanging loose. That’s not very proper, is it? Would you like me to fix them for you?”


Colton held up a small black leather band, like a tiny wristband, maybe one inch wide. After gently pulling Chad’s balls out, he gently forced the balls fully down into the ball sack. Then he wrapped the band around the top of the kid’s ball sack and snapped it closed. Chad’s balls were now forced away from his body like a double balloon. Colton could not resist using his fingernails to light scratch the tightly stretched ball sack skin.

“HHHAAAA! HEEEEEE! AHHHHH! HEEEEE!” Chad yelled wildly, wiggling his body all around as if he could escape those teasing touches. “Oh look, gentlemen.” Colton pointed out to the room, “I only tickled his balls, and it made his dick bob and spit precum. I wonder if that’s important.” A roar of laughter filled the bar. “well, let’s see. I’ll try it again. I will use just one fingernail this time, my little pinky.” And so he did. Just his little finger touched Chad’s balls. And again, Chad went frantically wild. “And look, again, his dick twitched and jerked and spit.” More laughter. “As our opening celebration will go on another six hours, you all will have all the time you want to tickle torture our new pussie boy ‘cause he ain’t going nowhere.”

THIS SHOW WAS FUCKING AWESOME! I’ve never encountered such a drawn-out, detailed presentation of step-by-step public humiliation. FANTASTIC!

To be continued…

196 Gym Quest, The Sequel
Part 4 of 4

“Now, I know you can’t see what I did, but it does feel right to be properly displayed, don’t it, boy?


“Oh, my, I forgot about your asshole. Do you mind if I examine it for you?”


Colton now held up a HUGE dildo. “This should do nicely. But, let me give someone else a chance to work you over.”

A man, not in leather but in jeans and a T-shirt, made his way to the pendulum. His name was Landan. “Can you figure out how to loosen up his asshole?” Colton asked.

“Sure, Colton.” Then Landan took the giant dildo and walked to Chad’s face to show it to him. “You see, boy? You see what I’m going to jam up your pussie hole? Would you like it shoved up there quickly? Or do you prefer it slowly inserted to give you time to adjust?”

“HHHAAA HOOO HEEES, HO EEESSS!” No one knew what Chad said, but it didn’t matter. That dildo was just for show, to scare Chad and make him uncomfortable.”

As Landan took the colossal dildo back to Chad’s ass, Colton waved me up there. This was part of “our agreement.” I made sure my boy did not see me walk up there. When I did, I took the dildo and set it down. I quickly unbuckled my pants and lowered them. Boy, was I fucking hard. Not nearly as big as the oversized dildo, but in Chad’s mind. Anything that touched his asshole… he “knew” was that giant dildo. Such a good mind fuck!’

I kept silent and stood two feet from Chad’s ass. Landan, who was standing beside me, would do the speaking as if he was the fucker, the dildo fucker. I greased up my dick really good, because I knew Chad would try to clamp his asshole closed, trying to resist the imagined giant-sized rubber dick.

Jerry, dressed in black leather chaps volunteered to fuck my boy’s mouth hole. So, the teen then slowly moved the pendulum “swing” to me and let my dick kiss my pussie boy’s ass. Then it was swung back slowly to Jerry, and his dick entered Chad’s mouth hole about 3 inches this time. Then back to me, and my lubed-up dick entered, but only an inch. I could tell he was clamping his asshole closed.

Landan then called out to the audience, “We need a helper up here. Who is an expert nipple pincher? Anyone?”

Oddly, a 30-something black guy came up. He was obviously a sub since he had a collar, rings in his nipples, a leather jock, and nothing else.

“Yes, Sir? My Master calls me ‘cunt mouth,’” He said. “I know all about nipple torture.”

Landan took one look at the young man’s red, swollen tits and said, “I’ll bet you do.” Remember, Chad thought Landan was about to fuck him with that oversized dildo. He did not know I was the dick “owner” starting to fuck him.

“OK, cunt mouth, your job is to stand at pussie boy’s side, pinch his nipples super hard with your fingernails, until I tell you he is relaxing his asshole and becomes more compliant with me dildo-fucking him.

“Yes, Sir.” cunt mouth pinched both nipples and did not let go.


“Do you get the situation, pussie boy?” Jerry asked him.

“HHHEEEESSSS HHHHEEERRR,” Chad shouted louder than ever.”

“Then you’d better relax your ass so that giant dildo can get shoved up there. Understand?”


As the pendulum swung back to me again, Chad let my dick slide in his hole about two inches. That’s progress.

Landan, speaking as if he was the fucker, “That much better pussie boy, but relax more. We have nearly a foot more to jam up your ass.” We were all smiling at Landan’s choice of words.

Then back to the mouth dick, and Jerry was able to stick in four inches before the teen slowly reversed Chad’s body back to me. Ah, now it is all happening as planned. The pendulum swings back and forth. Each time, he receives a dick deeper in his holes.

Landan, speaking for me, “Yeah, pussie boy, just keep it up, keep both of your holes open for our use. Let the pendulum guide you. Let it move naturally to work you at both ends, to spit roast you, one end at a time.”

What a fucking sight! My pussie boy was tied on a “swing” on his back, arms and legs secured upward, and his head lolled back so his chin was up and his mouth hole aligned to receive dick. That fucking mouth-hole contraption held his mouth in a receptive “O,” allowing Jerry’s big powerful cock to go deeper at each swing.

Then there is me. I’ve got my fuck pole slamming into my pussie boy’s now relaxed asshole. So the pendulum swung to Jerry’s dick, making the boy swallow, gag, and choke, then back to my fuck pole, plowing his ass balls deep! Controlled by a fucking 15-year-old! Pussie boy has no brakes, no steering, no control, no way to affect what enters his throat or asshole, or how deep. Over and over again. Back and forth, the pendulum swung.

Fuck! I was so pleased!

All the ropes from a single pulley apparatus made this gigantic pendulum swing SLOWLY back and SLOWLY forth.

The teen knew it was time to increase the length of the swing strokes, and he did. Now on the mouth end, Jerry slid his dick in 5 inches, just barely touching the boy’s throat. Then back to me as the teen had Chad’s ass gobble six inches of my dick.

Chad started to cry. The room was silent because everyone wanted to hear whoever was speaking and Chad’s sobbing.


The 15-year-old teen, mostly hidden under Chad’s body, had a boner as well. He was enjoying slowly moving the pendulum back and forth, controlling everything. He’d giggle periodically, excited about his power. Now, the teen used more force, making slightly longer swings in each direction, driving dicks deeper.

I didn’t know this teen was Colton’s son until after the event, but it makes sense that he was allowed in the bar at his age. And that he had experienced and/or observed many DOM-sub-erotic activities. After all, even though this was a new bar, Colton had been involved in S & M kink for a long time. I guess he raised his son to learn about the, shall we say… “the ins and outs” of these activities?

Now, the 15-year-old is moving the pendulum the full length each way, but still slowly. Hey, in erotic torturer, everything is done extremely slowly. He swung it to Jerry, who now impaled my pussie boy fully into his mouth and a bit into his throat, then back my way where my dick now went balls-deep.

Then, the teen let go of the pendulum. It was now free-swinging, back and forth. Giving Chad a quick throat fuck and then a quick ass fuck. A throat fuck, then an ass fuck. On and on. Throat fuck, ass fuck. Like a giant machine set on automatic.

Ass fuck, throat fuck. Chad’s entire body started to jerk and bounce uncontrollably. I could not take it. I had to plow his asshole as deep as I could to blast off. The next few times, his ass swung in my direction, and I grabbed his hips and did a quick one, two, three thrusts into him with all my might, then unloaded blast after blast into his gut. The audience, noticing my erotic high, applauded. It surprised me, so I took a funny bow and left to sit in the front row to continue to watch. Guys were patting me on the back.

I thought the event was nearing an end. I thought Jerry was also going to climax into my boy. But he had more staying power. So, Jerry continued to fuck my pussie boy’s throat, though no one was fucking his ass.

Cunt mouth, with the ringed tits, who had been pinching Chad’s nipples to get the boy to relax his asshole, stopped a while ago. The maneuver was no longer needed. But now cunt mouth was focused on Chad’s trapped dick, which was forced backward and secured behind his thighs with that wedged-in stick, and stuck out at a 30-degree angle. That trapped dick was continuing to dance, jerk and twitch. It had been left unmolested… until now.

Without asking anyone, cunt mouth kneeled where I had been standing at Chad’s ass, and each time the teen swung Chad’s ass his way, the Cunt mouth began to lick my pussie boy’ dick. In fact, he was most creative. Each time Chad’s ass was presented to him, he not only used his tongue on the boy’s dick, he also used his fingers on the boy’s balls to tickle them. The fact that Chad’s dick and balls were tied and held at full display made pussie boy feel the ultimate humiliation.

I guess I should say I know my boy was responding to the different erotic sensations and contorted himself, trying to stop all the attacks, but he was owned by the pendulum. Controlled by the teen guiding it SLOWLY back and forth. Chad had gotten used to the dick in and out of his throat, but the new ball-tickling and dick-tonguing were unbearable.

“HHHHAAAA, HHHOOOO, HHHHAAAA!” Since Chad was not tied to the board supporting his back, he tried to push his back up, his belly upward. Why? That’s the only maneuver he could do. He wanted to pull his dick and balls back between his legs to hide them, but they were secured behind his thighs. He tried to wriggle his ass, but nothing he did stopped the Cunt mouth from attacking those tied-up ballooned balls and angry ridged dick.

I’m sure Chad did not realize that the pendulum was slowing and eventually stopped swinging. The teen guessed that the climax was nearing. Jerry stepped closer, and since the boy was not swinging, he plugged his dick into the boy’s throat and pinched his nostrils closed to stop his ability to breathe.

Cunt mouth also scooted up close to Chad’s ass so he could fondle and tease pussie boy’s asshole and balls all he wanted. Chad could not breathe, but he was more focused on his balls and dick being artfully tickled and teased.

Finally, Jerry allowed Chad to breathe by releasing his nose and pulling his dick out an inch. You could hear pussie boy gasping and slobbering.

Jerry could no longer hold out. He began his full-body thrusts and blasted several loads down Chad’s throat. More applause and howls and whistles.

Now, there was only cunt mouth working on the boy. Colton did something weird. He put his head close to Chad’s and asked him some questions. Pussie boy mumbled back unintelligibly. Then Colton announced, “OK, gentlemen, I just spoke with our pendulum tester, Master Brock’s new pussie boy. I was concerned that he had had enough wonderful pleasure and needed to be released. Or, at least, be allowed to climax. Well - and this may surprise you - he said no. Let me ask again, “Boy, are you sure you don’t want to climax?”


“He said, ‘Yes, Sir,’ he does not.” Colton said, “OK, let me ask him what he’d like us to do further?” Again, Colton bent over, “OK, boy. Do you want cunt mouth to continue to play and tease your dick and balls?”


“You heard him, folks. He does not want cunt mouth to stop. Well, since you don’t want us to stop pleasing you, what else do you suggest?”

Chad went wild, yanking his body around as much as he could and yelling and ranting for everyone to stop and to untie him so he could beat off. Of course, Colton knew, as did I, as did everyone in the bar, that he was demanding release, both from bondage and from being sadistically and forcefully edged. He was screaming, “I need to climax!”

Unfortunately, it all came out in angry muffles and grunts.

“OK, OK, pussie boy! You don’t have to put up such a fuss. Calm down, and don’t worry. We’ll keep you all tied up and teased until you decide to climax. So it’s all up to you.” Of course, climaxing was not up to Chad.

Then Colton again stooped down as if talking to Chad. So, tell me precisely what you’d like us to do to please you.” Exhaustively, Chad mumbled incoherently.

“Well, folks, listen to this. Pussie boy wants a dick in his throat. That’s nice, but he also wants his nipples played with. He said to do it hard. And can someone shove something up his shit hole? Then he added that his most fantastic erotic fantasy is for someone to tickle his underarms and the soles of his feet. Wow! This beginner seems quite demanding.” Guys were hooting and whistling.

“Well, gentlemen, this is perfect. With the assistance of a few of you, we are going to demonstrate a rare experience called the volcano. First, I want to thank cunt mouth for his efforts licking and sucking pussie boy’s ass and balls. You may stop now and take a seat so others can help. Now, let’s have a couple of you up here.”

Oh my God, Colton called for a couple guys, and over two dozen men went up to the pendulum. “OK, OK. We can accommodate all of you in two or three groups. OK, the first group of guys, please encircle our tied-up pussie boy. Just squeeze in anywhere. The rest of you will just stand by; you’ll be next.” These men eagerly nudged their way to tightly encircle Chad.

“Great, except you two. You taller guys, please move to where pussie boy’s feet are.” Colton explained, “You’re tall enough to easily tickle and nibble on our boy’s toes.” And the two tallest took their positions. They were ideal for toe suckers since Chad’s feet ended up about six feet high. The rest of you may begin to touch whatever part of the boy’s body is in front of you. You may lightly tickle, kiss, nibble, lick, pinch, and otherwise molest that area. Yew, it’s quite alright to squeeze in. That’s fine. The more hands and mouths on pussie boy’s tied-up body, the better.”

“There are only two rules to create the volcano. One, no one may touch pussie boy’s dick until I say so. And two, all touches must be easy, teasy, and sensual.” I don’t think Chad was paying attention. I’ll bet he’s concentrating on just being released. And soon.

“Oh, one correction,” Colton pointed out, “no touching his dick in any way. But those at the boy’s ass end may do whatever you wish to his ass, balls, ass checks, and ass crack you want. Let’s see, I count 13 guys squeezed in. Perfect. That’s 26 hands and 13 mouths and tongues.”

“Does that include fucking?” Someone asked.

“Yes, but only gentle fucking. Same with the guys who want to shove their dicks into his mouth hole. You must be gentle and easy. Don’t make him gag or choke, and it’s OK to push your dicks into his throat, but only do it momentarily, like a tease.” Colton looked at the guys, “Any more questions?”

Can we pinch his nose closed when there is a dick blocking his throat to stop him breathing?”

“Oh, yes. I see what you mean. Yes, you can, and in that case, your dick can stay in his throat for a few minutes. “Everyone applauded and cheered.

“Blake, would you take care of making the video? We want to watch the close-up image of pussie boy’s volcano dick on our TV screen. Just hold your phone above everyone’s heads and record the money shot for all to see.”

“Sure, boss,” the bartender responded.”

“Now, you all will do this, all at once, but I’d like the armpits and feet ticklers to start first. And then everyone can join in.”

Chad went wild when my boy’s armpits and feet were tickled and licked. “HHHHAAAA, HHHHOOO HHHHEEESSS HHHHOOOPPPP!” That’s the best he could do with the awful mouth stretcher wedged in his mouth. His body shook and trembled and spasmed. His trapped dick, secured behind his thighs, was angrily impatiently waiting for attention… which never came.

I knew what was coming and placed a small bowl on the floor, just under Chad’s balls. Guys were taking turns fucking his mouth hole, others pinching his nipples. One guy was stooped way down at the boy’s ass, licking it like crazy, tongue fucking it. The others were licking, kissing, or scratching Chad’s body everywhere. After ten minutes or so, “OK, guys, let the others work in to assist.” And the bar patrons moved around. Some stood back, others came forward. “Wonderful!”


“OK, Master Brick, would you like to do the honors?” It was prearranged.

“Of course, Colton,” I told him and stepped up to my boy’s ass. I nudged a couple guys to make room as I kneeled there. “Everyone continue as you are doing. I’m going to touch my pussie boy’s twitching dick with one finger on the underside. Blake, make sure you capture this. I want everyone to watch this on the giant screen.”

And there it was. I looked up and saw the close-up of Chad’s dick, now quivering as I lightly – VERY LIGHTLY -traced the underside from his balls to his dick tip and back. I did that just once.

Chad went into a frenzy, jerking all over and screaming, “HHHEEESSS. HHEERRRR, HHHHEEESSS HHHHOOOPPPP!”

And then it started pussie boy;’ dick began to drip. No precum, not blasts of cum, just leak cum down the sides of his intensely rigid bound dick, like lava flowing from a mighty volcano. The cum was dripping down his dick, down his balls, and eventually into the cup I placed on the floor.

“You see? Let me continue.” I said. Then I used one finger and -VERY LIGHTLY-TRACED it around the edge of his mushroom head. “You see? Everyone, he is seeping cum. We all took away his ability to shoot a climax, so we are forcing him to seep and leak it out. Everyone was applauding and shouting cheers. They never saw a fountain of cum, a controlled climax.

I went on further, “Watch this. This time I won’t even touch his dick.” Then, the big screen showed my fingernails scratching pussie boy’s ball sack. Again, Chad went cray, jerking and “trying” to twist his body. Actually, trying to pull his dick and balls away. But his stick and balls were trapped, devilishly pushed behind his thighs, and secured there, trapped there, with a small smooth stick. And the balls were forced there also because they were snuggly collared, forcing them to be wickedly displayed away from his body.


Then it happened. Pussie boy stopped jerking and fighting. He went limp and still and…cried. He surrendered. He turned his body most willingly over to us, all of us, to use control and enjoy.

As he cried, and I mean loudly, he didn’t care who heard him – we all did. Talk about cheers and howls and applause? Everyone was ecstatic. Chad used to be a straight kid, a clean-cut high school sports hero whose main concern was his neat appearance, impeccable clothes, and being held in high esteem by others.

Now, Chad had no concerns about his clean-cut look or the need to dress in preppy clothes. And, of course, his image and self-esteem? He had none. All those here saw him as boy meat. A sex toy.

Everyone who had been tickling and tormenting him stopped. Of the two guys at his head, one pet his face, and the other pet his hair. All others touched him all over gently and compassionately. He continued to cry and remained still and limp. He was done trying to control himself or control what others would do to him. He surrendered. Totally. His tears were his sign of complete capitulation.

All that is wonderful. I signaled for one of the guys to remove his mouth-stretcher piece. He did this with some difficulty since it was really wedged in there.

Pussie boy blubbered in a soft, crying whimper, ”I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, so sorry.”

So… it was all over. ARE YOU KIDDING? I nodded to Blake to continue filming. All eyes returned to the large monitor on the wall. I gently slipped my finger into the pussie boy’s ass hole to find his prostate. I have long fingers, so it was easy. I simply massaged it slowly and lovingly.


Chad’s dick was continuously oozing cum, more this time. With my other hand, I delicately fondled his dick and his balls. Never enough pressure to “make” him climax. All were petting him, calming him, loving him. The petting was a way to relax him completely and to “pet” the remaining balls juice out of him. Finally, the volcano flow ended. I nodded to the guy next to me to take the small bowl of his cum and feed it to him. He brought it to Chad’s face, tilted his head fully up, and held it up for him since the boy was exhausted. And slowly poured the cum into Chad’s mouth. That did it. Pussie boy’s body shook involuntarily. And he collapsed.

As soon as I brought, half carried, Chad back home, I knew he was totally out of it. I set him down on my bedroom floor, and he was out… again. I left him alone. But I, too, was exhausted. I stripped naked, fell on my bed, and went into deep sleep.

I was having a weird dream, but a pleasant one. I felt so good. My balls felt wonderful, as did my dick. I refused to transition from light sleep to awake. I was on a cloud, floating, naked. My balls were sending waves of erotic sensations through my body. I didn’t want it to stop, so I refused to wake up and open my eyes. I didn’t want to leave this blissful dreamland. I even found my hips undulated, slowly up and down. Was I fucking a cloud. A wet, warm clod. Wonderful, fabulous. Awesome. My hips were in automatic, and my dick was gently rubbed with warmth and wetness. I* moaned, What a fucking joy. I didn’t want to open my eyes, but I slowly did. Chad was baked, of course, and between my legs. Gently licking my balls and lightly sucking my dick, his Master’s all-powerful dick.

Awesome. I didn’t say anything as my uncontrollable hip undulated slowly. As his mouth descended and swallowed my dick to his throat, all I could think of was that my dick was home in that nice warm throat. No gagging, no choking, just pleasing contact, like my dick was getting a comforting bear hug from his throat muscles. His throat muscles were hugging me.

Then I realized I should tell him to stop. He must be tired. Then, I realized, why should I? He is mine. Fully mine. My property, my mouth hole to use for as long as I wanted, in any way I wanted. I sort of giggled at the thought that my hips were slowly fucking his throat, AND I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! Yes, I am surrendering to his control, but it is the control I taught him to take. I am so fucking pleased at my ability to train a pussie boy. Chad had exceeded all my expectations.

I’ve said that my modus operandi is to train a pussie boy until I drain them off all fight, of all resistance, then dump them. Why? Because at that point, they are no longer a challenge, no longer fun. They become uninteresting. So, I dump them and move on to the next one.

But Chad is not uninteresting. He is perfect. Perfect boyish look, a perfect mildly toned body, and now, has the perfect attitude and maximum usefulness. Perfect.

He is now back to my balls, licking and kissing. He even tries to wiggle his tongue under them to reach my asshole. I think I’ll roll over, but then again, no. Let him continue. Worshipping my body is for him to do without my assistance. Now his mouth is engulfing my dick again, gently, caressingly. My hips never stop undulating. I guess he is not letting them stop. I am so fucking pleased. I am so complete, lying here in a state of mindless erotic bliss. My boner is being worshiped by my well-trained and obedient pussie boy, and all is well. Yeah, he’s a keeper.

The End

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