201 The Hitcher

The Hitcher
Part 1 of 5

I'm Alex. Justin and I had been friends for years. We both had the same shitty factory job during college. It was hot dirty work and involved some toxic chemicals, too. The only good part of working 2nd shift at the factory was a hot shower at 10 PM before changing back into my street clothes to go home. Justin was over 6' 2" and had a handsome face, light brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, a broad hairy chest, and beefy legs. But it was his fat, soft cock. I loved to sneak a glance at it in the showers at work. I was always careful not to get caught. It was a rough workplace and would have been really bad for me if Justin had caught me looking and told anyone. Or worse yet, if he beat the shit out of me. He did the martial arts thing to stay toned, so he could do some damage if he wanted to.

We car-pooled to work most days. We often stopped by Jax’s, a favorite bar, some nights after work. One night, I got too drunk, too early, and passed out in the back seat of Justin's car while he played pool till he was ready to leave. I woke up when Justin and Doris got into the car. I didn’t move or say anything. I wanted to see what was going to happen. When the slut Doris' head went down, I knew. I should have said something, but I just watched the side of Justin's face by the neon lights and listened to Doris give him a sloppy blowjob.

I thought of myself as mostly straight back then, but this scene had me rock hard and ready to bust a nut. Justin made some noise, too, when he emptied his nuts into Doris' greedy mouth. I jacked off as soon as I was home. I wanted to make Justin groan and cum down my throat instead of down the slut’s throat. But that did not happen. We had just graduated, started our careers, and got married. We were just average guys. After a while, I admitted to myself that I was gay, but I didn’t share this with my wife or anyone else. It was just too unsettling--too much to lose. She did not need to know what was in my head while I fucked her. Justin and I kept in touch but rarely saw each other, even though we both lived in Memphis.

I was surprised when he called and asked if I was attending the Dallas trade show. When I said the boss was making me go, he suggested we drive over together rather than fly since it was only about seven hours. I said, “Sure.” I did wonder why he wanted me to ride with him, but I just figured he wanted someone to talk to about his divorce from Megan.

The first part of the drive was spent talking about the old days and that kind of junk. Then we stopped at a truck stop in West Memphis to get gas. There was a dude bent over looking at his engine. He had a fine ass. I thought he must be adding oil to his old pickup or something. Justin went over and asked him if he needed help. I was shocked when Justin returned and said the dude was riding with us to Dallas. The guy's name was Todd. I figured he must have had a great hard luck story to get Justin to give him a ride in his car. I did not mind too much. Todd was tall, lean, blonde, late twenties. He wore a tight pair of Wrangler jeans and a blue, checked western shirt. If nothing else, he might be a good jack-off fantasy that night.

We made small talk for about half an hour. Out of the blue, Todd brought up an old horror movie. "You guys remember that movie ‘The Hitcher?’ It was scary as hell."

"Yea, I loved that movie,” said Justin. “If I had thought about it today, I might not have given you a ride." We all chuckled.

I recall what a powerful film that was. Not the remake, but the original 1987 version with Rutger Hauer as the perfect sadistic villain hitchhiker and that cutie, C. Thomas Howell, who was the victim, picked him up. I tried to hide my sense of panic, but thoughts of that movie sent chills up my spine.

"Yea, it was awesome. I always thought they should make a porn spoof of it.” Todd continued, “Maybe ‘The Hitcher Horror Story’ or ‘The Sexed-Crazed Hitcher.’ Instead of chasing and killing the nice people, he could fuck and use them in the car at various places he’d made them stop along the way. You get the idea."

I shot Justin a look that screamed, "Pull over and dump this maniac.” I guess Todd saw the look. That is when I felt the pistol at the back of my skull, and Todd became much less easy-going.

"Actually, we’re going to play ‘Porn Hitcher’ right now,” Todd said calmly but directly. “You seem like nice guys. Do exactly what I say, and nobody gets hurt. We'll all have an exciting, enjoyable drive. I'm going to enjoy it, anyway. So let’s get better aquatinted. I’ll tell you this much: I have always wanted to have a couple of puppet strangers to do with as I want. You two will be the stars of my new movie.”

"Please, we’ll give you our money, the car. Please don't hurt us," I said frantically, as I felt the gun pressed a little firmer against my skull. That got me a slap across the side of my head.

Then Todd started with the instructions, "First speak when spoken to. I already said I would not hurt you if you followed orders. And I do not want your money or your car. I'm interested in taking something a lot more personal unless you have already given it away. So Justin, are you guys really just friends or corn-hole buddies?"

"Look, we are just friends. Please, put the fucking gun down. Alex and I are just friends.” Justin got a bit excited for the first time. “That thing might go off by accident or something. We’re just buds from way back in college. I`m straight and married. Alex has never done anything with me." I could not help but notice Justin did not say I was straight or that I had never done anything. He just said not with him.

"Alex, you straight, too? Never experimented in college? Never sucked off a drunk buddy or let him pork you?” Todd probed, “I can't imagine you being a pitcher. You look like a catcher to me."

"I'm not a catcher or anything else! I’m married, too. I only have sex with my wife. And no, I never experimented with any man, so shut the fuck up!” SLAP! Todd hit me much harder that time, still on the side of my head. I immediately apologized for the “shut the fuck up” remark.

“We’ll see. We’ll find out. Just more fun for me today if your lips are cherry. Just remember who has the gun, and lose that attitude. It’ll be easier on you both if you keep your cool and do as I say.” I took a deep breath. Then Todd continued speaking calmly, “Now slide your seat all the way back to get the foot hole as large as possible.” I did, “Now crawl down on your knees in the floor area.” I was trying to comply. I didn’t want to get walloped in the head again, especially with the butt of the gun. “Good boy. Just keep doing as you’re told. You do look natural on your knees, Dude. Now lean over toward your partner and put your head in Justin's lap.” This was getting weirder by the minute, but I did as told. “Keep your face sideways, turned toward me. Want to get some of this on record for our homemade ‘Porn Hitcher’ movie."

My face turned red. There I was, on my knees, with my head resting on Justin’s lap. Just the thin fabric of Justin’s shorts separated my face from Justin's junk, and Todd pointed a small cam recorder at us. Actually, more at me. Todd continued, "Now, Alex, rub your face in his crotch. Good boy. Justin, your buddy here, wants to be your new doggie. Keep one hand on the wheel as you drive, and pet your puppy’s head with your other hand.” Justin was not fazed by this at all. I suddenly felt his hand stroking my hair, petting me like a fucking dog!

“Now, Alex, stick your tongue way out like a dog in heat and start panting.” I didn’t move. This was crazy. Me? A fucking dog? A fucking lap dog? No, I won’t do it. OK, OK, so I have had a secret crush on Justin. But this is not how I will experience it for real. And Justin’s straight, anyway. Then I heard, “CLICK,” as he cocked the gun, ready to fire. I immediately pushed my tongue out as far as possible and made panting sounds. I even bobbed my head like a dog panting hard.

My tongue rested on and wetting the thin shorts’ fabric on his lap. I could actually feel his dick under my tongue. It was resting on the top of his right thigh, just where it got moved to when I was told to rub my face in his crotch. Now my tongue was soaking that material even more, partly because I could not stop my slobber from oozing. When your mouth is forced open and your tongue forced out, you ooze puddles of spit. I could even tell he had no underwear on. I felt like a two-buck whore, practically licking my straight buddy’s dick. OK, as I said, I would like to lick his dick, but not like this, with some pervert pointing a gun at me.

I was brought back to reality when Todd said, “Now, Alex, ask Justin if he would allow you to lick his dick like his loyal, big puppy.” By now, I knew better than to push the psycho dude. I assumed his gun was still cocked, so I did as asked.

I had a pleading tone in my voice. “Can I suck your cock?" Justin just drove, one hand still on the wheel and one hand still petting my hair. Was Todd going to whack him on the head, too? Instead of Justin speaking, Todd did, “Maybe you need to ask him nicer. I mean, Alex, you’re the fag cocksucker. You just admitted that when you offered to suck his dick. He’s the straight buddy. You’re really asking a lot of him to give a fag cocksucker his manly dick. So put more thought and emotion into it. Try with more feeling.

“Justin, please let this doggie lick and suck your straight, handsome dick, please, Buddy, please let this fucking asshole cocksucker make it feel good?” Todd looked at Justin and asked him what he thought?

“Even though he’s drooling all over me, he’s not my fucking dog. He certainly doesn’t look like my dog or any dog,” Justin said with irritation in his voice. I don’t blame him. He’s being manipulated, too, by a guy with a gun. Oh, fuck! When will this end?

“You know, Alex. He’s right. You have the panting part down, OK, but since when do dogs wear shoes or socks, for that matter? Better lose them. But keep your head on Justin’s lap. I guess he likes petting your head. he has not stopped it yet.” Todd gave a bit of a chuckle. “And make sure you continue panting with the sloppy tongue hanging out.”

This was awkward, but I reached down with one hand, slipped off one shoe at a time, and then struggled to get my socks off, all the time panting. Then I handed Todd the shoes and socks. He rolled down his passenger side window, tossed them out, and then rolled it back up. What the fuck! Good thing I have my better clothes in a suitcase in the trunk! “That’s not going to fool Justin,” Todd said. “Let’s get rid of your shirt and shorts, too.” I hesitated, afraid of where this was going, but I reached down and removed my shorts and then unbuttoned my shirt and removed that, also. I wadded up the two items and handed him the bundle. This time he appeared to be folding them neatly to put them on the seat. But all of a sudden, he rolled down his window again and tossed out my folded clothes. SHIT! Now I have on just my tee and my white jockey underwear.

Amazingly, Justin said nothing. He didn’t even look at Todd or me. He only drove and petted my head. “I don’t think this is working yet. Better shuck your undies, Boy.”

I could not hold back. I just blurt out, “Please don’t throw them away, please, Sir. Will you give them back to me?” I half expected to get clobbered on the head again. But this time, I did not. But I did not want anyone to see my boner. I wanted to cover it up before I returned to my seat. I mean. Here I was with my wet, slobbering tongue feeling up my buddy’s dick just under that thin wet fabric, without him having underwear, my tongue on his long tube of flesh. I was imagining it getting hard and stiff! Well, of course, I’m going to get a bone on. My tongue could even feel the cut mushroom head of his dick!

“OK, it’s a deal, Alex puppy, you strip naked like all doggies, and I won’t toss your undies out the window. I promise to return them to you as you request.” Todd smiled. I awkwardly stripped, trying to get my underwear off of my feet, even as I kept my head on Justin’s lap. Then I quickly lifted my head, slipped my t-shirt off, and handed my jockey’s and tee to Todd. Then I put my head back on his lap, now all stripped naked. My boner was fully erect, and I hoped my scrunched-up lower body hid it from view.

Todd, still holding my underclothes (thank God!), turned to Justin and told him to stop petting me and place both hands on the wheel, and leave them there. “OK, Justin, take a quick peek down and see your naked dog slut, and then get your eyes back on the road and keep them there. We don’t want any accidents. Now he’s begging to suck your dick. He did a lot of work to get you to agree and get your approval. I mean, he practically lost all his clothes and did beg you nicely. What do you say? Since you’re the straight guy, I’ll make it your choice.”

“Todd, it really does not feel right. I mean, I sort of thought he was gay, but I was never sure. I’m no bigot, either. If he is gay, and he is my buddy, then I won’t stop him. But if he is not gay, I really don’t want to let him do it.” Justin made a lot of sense, I thought.

“OK, so let us see if he is a faggot. Alex, show us your dick. If you are soft, I’ll accept that you are straight and leave you alone. Furthermore, you can let me out at the next hotel you come to. So, we need proof. Keep your head on his lap and keep panting. Apparently, your buddy likes that. Now twist and tilt your body back to see your dick.”

I just started to tear up with embarrassment as I twisted my hips upward and, BINGO! My huge boner sprang up like a stiff rocket, ready to launch. Todd stared, and Justin took a quick peek at my boner.

“So, you really are a fucked-up faggot cocksucker. aren’t you, buddy?” Justin shouted. I never heard him use derogatory words until now. It shocked me. “You’ve been staring at my dick in the showers all these years?” It wasn’t really a question.

“So, Justin,” Todd said blankly, “now that you know, I’m not forcing him to do anything that is against his nature, and as you said, he is your buddy, and… he did ask nicely. Are you going to let him suck your fuck stick?”

“Unless you put that gun down, it’s your show, I mean, movie. I can’t stop you or him. I’m doing what you asked, keeping my hands on the steering wheel. I don’t want either of us to get shot.”

“Good. At least you accept my rules. Yes, keep driving,” Todd commanded. “OK, you’re on. Showtime! Get your buddy’s dick out of his shorts and suck him as hard as your faggot cock-sucking mouth knows how to do. You have been dreaming about doing this for years since you were school buds.”

There was no point in trying to hide anything now. The cat was out of the bag. These guys saw how boned up I am. There was nothing left to deny. I confessed that although I didn’t like the gun and this sick guy threatening me, I would enjoy this very much. Oh God, I have always craved this. I wanted to suck Justin’s dick so badly. I guess if this psycho dude never came alone, I would have never gotten the chance. Weirdly, this has become OK with me. I’d do anything to suck Justin’s magnificent big, fat dick.

Sensing Justin’s discomfort, Todd said, “He asked you nicely. Just keep your eyes on the road while this fucking cum dump gives you head. Imagine anybody you like is blowing you, and don't look down. You'll get off and be doing your friend a favor, too. His dick is leaking all over the floor of your car. He's hot for your meat. Fuck Face, open up Justin's shorts, and get his dick out.” I did exactly that. My hands were shaking a little, but I managed to unzip the fly of his shorts and grab hold of his wonderful tool.

Justin's dick was not hard yet. I often caught glimpses of it in the locker room while changing at the gym or work. But now I was seeing the big, plum head up close. I was holding the white shaft in my hand. I was so excited I could hardly breathe or think.

Then Todd calmly commanded, more like a friendly conversational request, "Look up at me. Lick the head. Lick it good, Fag Boy." Todd was recording my first taste of Justin’s dick with his mini cam. I did not care. I had crossed the line when my tongue touched Justin’s cock head. No going back now. I was a dick licker. I was Justin's faggot cocksucker, and his cock was growing. I didn’t want to stop. “Keep your eyes wide open for the video. Remember, this is for the ‘Porn Hitcher’ movie.”

“Take the whole head in your mouth. Nurse on it. Feel all around it with your tongue. Make your friend’s dick feel good. Show him what you have been craving for years. What a good cock-sucking faggot you are. How you love being a cocksucker, especially for Justin." Just then, the car swerved to the shoulder of the road and back to the center. Justin was having trouble keeping his attention on his driving.

Justin's cock was getting hard now. I could feel it pulse every time his heartbeat. I knew, from gazing at him, that his cock was long and fat when soft. Now that he was hard, his dick head was much thicker, filling my mouth. Neither Justin nor Todd said anything for a few minutes. I just kept doing what I was told: lick and suck my buddy's cock head.

“So Justin, how is your fag buddy doing? Treating your dick, right? If he had been sucking on my meat for ten minutes, I'd be pumping his mouth full of precum. So, has he got your juices flowing?"

"Yea, I make a lot of dick snot when I'm getting sucked. I leak all over my wife. I can’t really help it. I'm leaking a lot now, and my new faggot friend slut likes it,” Justin said cruelly.

"How do you know that?" Todd asked.

“Because he keeps sticking his tongue in the slit where my cum and piss come out."

“Cool,” Todd said, “so do you really believe he has never sucked dick before?

"Hey, Alex Fuck Face,” Todd repeated, trying to get my attention. I looked up. “Stop sucking cock long enough to tell me again you are straight, and the dick between your lips is the first you have ever sucked."

"Never, before today. Justin's is the only dick I have ever sucked." I told him honestly. Well, looking at dicks and craving them is not the same as sucking dicks. This is my first.

"You did not say you are straight?” Todd went on, “Maybe your lips were virgin. If so, letting your friend bust your mouth cherry was nice. I wonder if you would still lie about being a straight man.” Then he looked at Justin, “Justin, ready to face fuck him really good? You can take one hand off the wheel to control your buddy’s head, giving you head." Todd laughed.

It was what I wanted, too. I knew it would happen, but I did not expect Justin to say "Fuck Yeah," with so much enthusiasm.

It was as if Todd was directing a movie, “Do it. Do it NOW, Justin! Use your friend’s faggot, cock-sucking mouth like a jack-off toy. Yeah, like that. Don't stop till you are close to creaming his throat. Tell me when you are close.” Again, the car swerved to the right, went on the dirt shoulder a bit, and squealed harshly back to the middle of the lane. I did not fucking care. I was happier than a pig in a pile of shit.

Justin grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed my mouth down onto his cock till it hit the back of my mouth. I stifled my brief choking. The angle made it impossible for him to get his cock deeper into me, but he used brute force to try. All I could do was keep my lips tight and try to breathe. After three or four minutes of face fucking, he moaned, “I’m going to cum. Going to cum in your mouth. Get ready to swallow you fucking, cunt-mouth, bitch faggot!"

"STOP!” Todd yelled. “I did not say you could cum yet. Get hold of yourself. And faggot, stop sucking, you cum -hungry whore. Get your lips off his cock. You almost caused Justin to lose control of his dick and his car. Better drive a lot slower, Justin. This way, the cars and especially truck drivers passing you can look in and see how lucky you are to have your own faggot cocksucker along for the ride. This is my movie. You both better do this my way. I’m not going to tell you again.” Justin shook and moaned with frustration but collected himself and calmed down.

"Good boys. Remember, the man with the gun makes the rules. This is too much fun to rush. After you cool down, you two are going to do that again. Going to keep repeating that till we get close to Little Rock. Justin, you'll have so much cum built up in your nuts, you may choke him to death on the first load of jizz he tastes.” Then he turned to me, “You stroke your puny rod while you're giving head. Bitches give better head when they're on the edge."

As Todd announced “Scene Two,” he told Justin to recline his seat, to lean back a little so he could still drive OK, yet at the same time, he could give himself more room to thrust his hips up to “fuck my faggot mouth,” as he put it. Getting road-head from his buddy was not Justin’s idea, but since he had no choice, he was determined to get the most out of face-fucking me. With his body slightly reclined, I had to adjust the angle of my head. This time, his fat cock head did not stop at the back of my throat. He pushed my head down and bucked his hips to get all eight inches in me. I gagged and tried to pull up, but he did not let up the pressure of his one hand pushing down on the top of my head until my lips touched his brown pubes. This rough treatment made my dick even harder. I did not stroke my cock much because I feared cumming without permission.

That's the way it went for the next 50 miles. Justin face fucking and gagging me, then cooling off to get ready to mouth-fuck me again.

"About time for a pit stop.” Todd broke my concentration. “I need to take a leak. How about you, Justin? Want to stop at the next gas station and piss, or maybe... You want to give your little buddy, Alex, something for his dry mouth? Some piss for your faggot Bro?”

The Hitcher
Part 2 or5

“No, no, a pit stop is good," Justin begged. “Please, a gas station.”

“You’d better blow your load then. No way a guy can piss with that big hard-on. Fuck that cocksucker hard and cream in his throat."

Justin needed no encouragement from Todd. Less than a minute of sliding my face and throat on his pole made him go rigid. He plowed his cock into my throat and pumped cum straight into my belly. He was still shooting cum when he pulled his cock head out of my mouth.

Todd yelled at me, "Don't swallow it all, you greedy cum whore. Let the cum fill your pretty mouth. Wait till he’s dumped his load in you. Then look up here and open wide. Show me Justin’s load of cum."

I thought Justin was done, but he used his hand to milk his cock to put the last monster load in my mouth. I have no idea how much cum was in me. I did not know anybody could cum so much. I looked up to see Todd recording the scene with his mini cam. Some of Justin’s cum leaked out when I opened my mouth to show Todd my mouth full of jizz. It was bitter, astringent, and thick like wood glue. It turned my brain to mush. Finally, he told me, “Swallow now. We know you want to. Lick Justin's jizz off your lips. Get those drips on your chin, too. Eat every drop, fuck cunt. Now, what does a good cum dump say after a man gives you cum?"

I would never have said anything like this if I weren’t forced. But I had not cum, and I was so horny. I sounded sincere when I said, "Thank you for your cum, sir.”

How could I ever look Justin in the eyes again? I not only stayed rock hard while I blew him, I ate his cum, thanked him for it, and called him “Sir.” Just then, Justin pulled into a gas station in the middle of nowhere. There was only one other car being serviced. He pulled up to the gas pump and yelled to the guy, “Fill it up with regular, please.”

Todd continued as the director of the supposed “Porn Hitcher” movie, “OK, Justin, now that your dick is down, we can all get out and hit the head.” I immediately spoke up, but my dick was still hard. “I can’t go pee like this? May I cum now, Todd? Sir? Please?”

I had just lived out a fantasy. I had sucked off and swallowed the load of my old friend Justin. I never expected it and did not want it to happen like this. With a gun to his head, we were both forced to perform for a good-looking stranger. Todd seemed to love the control he had while recording the fun. If I had not been scared and very horny, I might have wondered what Todd would do with his video of me sucking dick for the first time. I wondered what I looked like when I licked Justin’s cum off my lips.

We had stopped at a run-down gas station somewhere near Little Rock. Todd made me go inside and ask for the bathroom key. Told me not to do anything stupid, or he would blast Justin's kneecaps off and then do something really cruel to me. I hoped the old guy behind the counter did not notice I was naked. Hopefully, he just thought I had my shirt off.

“Oh … fuck you. A cunt’s dick should be boned up, and anyway, it’s so small no one will notice. Let’s go to the restroom.”

Again, I spoke up, freaking out, “But my clothes? I’m naked! I can’t go out like this. I have a suitcase in the trunk, could you…”

But Todd cut me off, “Alex, you have two choices. You can get out and go to the restroom with us, or you can get out, and we will leave you here. Your choice.” I peeked out the window and saw no one looking our way. The service attendant was still with the other car, so I quickly opened the front passenger door and made a beeline to the door at the side of the building with the rusted sign, “Rest Room.”

We three crowded into the small room. Todd looked around. He said this was perfect for the next part of his spoof movie, ‘Porn Hitcher.’ “Alex, drop on your knees and get into position.” Todd used his 9-mm pistol to point at a spot just in front of the toilet. “Justin, when I say action, walk up to the toilet, take out your dick, and aim it as if you are going to piss in it, but look down at your cock-sucking toilet fag. Don't stand too close. I want to get your cock and Alex's face in the picture. Alex, you don’t want Justin to waste his piss in the toilet, so you object to what he is about to do. Justin, when you hear Alex object, you point your dick at Alex’s face and piss in his open mouth. And beef up the language. This movie is about turning your bud, Alex, into a cock-sucking, piss-drinking, ass-eating faggot. So get him into character.” I could not believe what Todd was saying! I am naked, fully boned up, on my knees next to a filthy public toilet, and he thinks I will open my mouth and swallow Justin’s piss!

Justin starts to piss in the toilet when, all of a sudden, Todd yelled, “ACTION."

]And just as I protest, yelling back, “Wait! You want me to do what?” Just on the “what,” Justin turns to me and directs his stream directly into my mouth. I quickly turned my head. “Please. PLEASE!” I cried out to get my buddy to stop pissing on me. I was tearing up, angry and confused, as I looked up at the gun pointed at me.

“Alex, this is your time to be the water sports, thirsty pee-pig. So play your role right, so we don’t need to do a retake. To end this as quickly as possible, just beat off. We can all return to the car as soon as you do, and this scene is over.” Todd spoke deliberately. At least we were near the end of this horror movie version of “The Hitcher.” I heeded Todd’s encouragement to jerk off quickly to get out of this dirty, filthy, disgusting place. Justin drew out his piss, not just shooting a steady stream at me. He was holding back and shooting spurts. He COULD NOT be enjoying peeing on “his best bud.”

Todd must have told him to do this- draw it out, I mean. I grabbed my rigid boner and started pumping it. Justin directed his piss stream to my dick, and the stream spurting on my dick got me more excited. I pumped harder. Todd smiled as he filmed me. I was in a daze, all this filth being pissed on. I had been thinking about sucking Justin’s dick and finally being allowed to climax in all this awful smell and stink. Everything was all mixed up. Someone said, “Open your mouth,” and I did. The piss was hitting the back of my throat. I was beating off as fast as I could and was swallowing a full-force of rancid piss. As I climaxed, I choked and gurgled up the yellow urine. Most of it just bubbled back up out of my mouth. Then I collapsed on the dirty, piss-puddled floor as Justin shook out the last dribble of piss over me.

Justin put his dick away while the cam was still filming and then zipped up, saying to me with a smile, “Sorry, you fucking piece of fag shit.” Then he bent down closer to my ear and whispered in a low voice, “Sorry, I had no choice. Todd is holding all the cards.” I just nodded that I understood. Justin straightened up and spoke loudly to the cam, “Just be the dick-slurping fuck-face you were born to be. But you’d better get your cock-hungry, cunt over to the sink and rinse off. And wipe yourself with those towels… if you want to get back in MY car, you god damn piece of dog shit!” I just stared at him and his “acting” role. I got up and over to the sink and washed up. Todd was ignoring me and complimenting Justin for his great performance.

“That's great, Justin. Yeah, the name-calling shit was perfect. Yeah, the ‘hitcher’ uses you to make your buddy a cock pig. A piss-hungry, cock-sucking pig. It’s the key to the movie. He’ll need to work on his acting role a lot more. He is not coming across as realistic. With your help, he’ll wrap his head around it, or at least around your dick.” Todd was laughing, but so was Justin. I was wiping off but kept wondering why Justin was laughing in agreement. Then Todd added, “That was funny, but to be absolutely serious, I don’t want you to refer to your bud as ‘Alex,’ even when my cam is off. Stay in character to help him. His name is Cock- sucking Fag Pig, or words to that effect… from now on. And if you ever call him ‘Alex’ again, cam or no cam, I’ll blow his fucking dick off.” That was a weird comment for Todd to make to Justin, especially in front of me. I looked down at my dick, which was all stiff and bobbing. I don’t know if I actually did cum as Todd told me to or just thought I did. Or just want to? I’m not sure what is going on. I feel woozy and sick.

Justin went out to the car, and Todd turned to me and finally complimented me, "Got it all. You looked almost believable as a toilet slut. But you’ll need to work on it. You’ll need to come across as hungry for dick and piss, like a whore cunt slut, like you crave eating out a guy’s ass… like it’s what your pitiful, disgusting life is all about. Don’t worry. we’ll help you find your character.” I looked at him in awe, my mouth hanging open. “You’re clean enough. get your naked ass back to the car.” And back I snuck, avoiding anyone seeing me.

Todd made me ride in the back seat with him for the next leg of the ride. I'd done a lot more than blow Justin. I had jacked off while he shook the last of his piss on my face. Don't think we'll ever be buds again. It was too humiliating for me, but… was it hot for him? Weird, too, is that Justin seems so cool and calm, as if nothing is strange or out of place. Is he just pretending to be calm, so we can all get through this stupid fucking game this psycho hitch-hiker is putting us through?

Then, as Justin took off, continuing our drive, Todd said, "I’ve been watching you two have fun in the front seat for the last 60-70 miles. It's my turn.” Todd starts up the cam again. “Actually, I’ll be having a little fun, but the cunt here is the lucky one here. He, obviously, loves chowing down on any cock he sees.” He’s looking at me and filming, but talking to Justin, “Did you hear what he said about leaving him in the crappy, smelly restroom? How he asked us to tie him to the toilet plumbing and leave him all boned up and naked so other guys would freely use him?”

“What the fuck?” I yelled to myself. I never said that, and Justin knows it. But without the slightest pause, Justin fired back, smirking, “Oh yeah, Alex has turned into a fucking cunt whore dirtbag, begging filthy strangers to please feed him their cocks and piss all over him. I guess that’s his basic nature, being a piss-prick-pig. I guess you’re doing him a wonderful, loving thing to help him come out and live the rest of his life as the cock-sucking bitch he really is and loves to be.” I was in shock by what these two were saying. I was so humiliated and embarrassed.

“Say, Justin, before I let him swallow my dick, tell me how he did on yours.”

“To tell you the truth,” Todd, “he pretended not to know what he was doing like it was all new to him. But then he eagerly swallowed my whole dick. I tried pushing him off and making him go easier, but he would not. He wanted my dick fully down his throat. He would not let go of my dick even after I shot my load. Then I figured he wanted my piss as well, so I had to relax and started pissing in his belly. I had a few false starts, but when I heard him moaning, I finally let it go and filled his belly.” Justin laughed, “Yeah, he’s a fag cunt, all right, but he’s my good buddy, too. I just never knew what a fart-face asshole he is. I just hope I can keep my balls loaded enough to feed him all the fuck snot he wants. Got to treat my best bud good, you know.” Both Todd and Justin laughed. I found my hand slowly pumping my leaking dick. What the fuck was I doing?

“Yeah, Justin, there’s enough cum in my balls alone to keep him happy all the way to Dallas.” Then he addressed me, nudging my side with the point of his pistol to warn me to stay in character.

I replied, “I… I… was just overwhelmed by the huge size of Justin’s dick. I never saw it hard before. I could not control myself, Sir. I just had to have it, all of it, all at once, and he did give me a huge load of his precious cum. I mean… his man slop-juice.” Oh god, I was so humiliated, yet I felt like I had to shoot my own load. I was dizzy with all these conflicting sensations, and now hearing my own faggot words flow out of my mouth.

“Get up on your knees in the seat and turn around so your pussy ass faces me. Strip your T-shirt off and show me your pussy hole. Spread your cheeks nice and wide for the cam. Cool. Is this your pussy cunt?” I nodded. “Speak up!” I repeated that is was my “pussy cunt.” Not only was o showing him my ass hole after stretching my ass cheeks wide apart, but as he told me, my dick was hard and pointed down to the car seat. I was dripping precum! No wonder Justin had insisted he cover the back seat with a sheet at that last stop. He must have anticipated I'd make a mess back here. "Wider, and look back at me with a smile!" I did as he told me.

Then he continued, “Now put your hands behind your back. I want you restrained when I use you. Don't want you to try something brave while I'm distracted, like when I come down your throat."

I was now completely naked for the first time. Todd used some kind of soft rope to tie each of my wrists to the opposite elbow. He used a lot of rope. He was fast at it and, obviously, had done it before. With my hands tied, he had to manhandle me back to a kneeling position with my face over his crotch. I could tell from the bulge that he was ready and hung. I saw his big, round, pinkish head on a long shaft that stopped in a big bush of blond hair. He grabbed a hand full of my hair and controlled my head that way, toward his dick.

“I'm not as thick as your friend is. But I'm longer. Justin only used about seven inches of your throat. I get to break in another two inches of throat, pussy."

Todd pulled my face to his hard cock and told me to lick it. He used one hand to slide my mouth up and down his cock, while he videotaped my performance with his other hand. With my hands behind my back, I kept losing my balance. I did not want to love what he did to me, but I could not help it. If I could have reached my dick, I would have jacked my meat while Todd used my mouth to pleasure himself. I moaned when he finally put his leaking cock head more into my mouth. I licked the precum up without being told. I fucking loved his cock until he started a long, slow invasion into my throat. I could do nothing to stop it. I was tied firmly. I was like his puppet. I really don’t want to admit I enjoy his power and control. I was trying not to gag or choke.

"That's it, Bitch, gag on that dick for all your life. Don't worry, Alex, I won't let you pass out. You're not the first faggot or cunt I've made take it to my pubes,” Todd explained. “Ok, I'm going to back off a second. Catch a big breath. You will take it all next time, and I will not rush this. Feels too good opening up a fag’s throat to rush the job.”

I really did think I was going to pass out on the second plunge. Todd had no mercy. He just slowly kept pushing my head down his meat. I could not believe my lips were ground into his hairy crotch. I could not breathe at all. But oddly, I did not fight him. I trusted he knew what he was doing and would sense that I needed air soon. I allowed him to plant his long dick down my throat to block my airway, and I did nothing. I thought about trying to signal, but I did not even do that for some stupid reason. I was his rag doll. Or is that rag mouth hole? Finally, he lifted my head, and I took a big air gasp. Then down he pushed me again. It did not get much easier the third or fourth time, either. He just kept slowly long-dicking my throat. I gulped air every chance I got.

"Hey, look at that. Such a nice mouth cunt to fuck. Your throat is nice and tight. You must be a natural-born cocksucker. Not gagging much now. Wish I could hold out. Watching the show you and your buddy put on for me, in the front seat and in the restroom got me hard and horny. Got to blow my load. Got a big load for you, fag hole. Going to start shooting down your throat, then slowly pull out, and shoot the rest of my ball juice all over your face. Your job is to keep looking up at me while I cream yours. Then lick up every drop you can reach with your long tongue and swallow it. EAT EVERY DROP BITCH."

Todd face-fucked me fast now. It was difficult to take his harsh abuse. He did start cumming in my throat. He pushed my face all the way down again, and I could feel this fat cock head get fatter and the shaft pulse as he put the first shot in my belly. As he pulled his cock back out, he coated my throat, mouth, and finally, my face with his jizz. I was so fucking horny. I needed to cum so bad. When I looked up at his face and the camera, I licked the cum up that I could reach. Todd used his softening cock and fingers to pull all his baby batter into my face fuck-hole so I could swallow it. Sucking his cum off his fingers was just another humiliating stunt of the day.

After Todd ensured all of his jizz was in my mouth, he was ready for a break in the action. He untied my hands and let me get up off my knees to reposition myself in a normal sitting position. My dick was bobbing and leaking, so I placed my hand around it to beat it off. As soon as he saw me doing that, he stared into my face and gave me a look like, “What kind of a fucking piece of dog shit do you think you are to touch that dick?” I understood the look and let go immediately. I didn’t think he would mind if I licked my own jizz off my fingers, so I did that. Apparently, that was OK with him.

Despite what he had just put Justin and me through, especially me, he wanted to talk like we were three buds on a road trip. I was surprised Justin actually carried part of the conversation. I still had a boner, and with the taste of Todd's cum in my mouth, I was not ready for this kind of switch back to normal. As normal as any situation when one man has a 9-mm pistol, and the other two don't.

After about an hour, we were well past Little Rock, and Todd was ready to shoot the next scene in his “Porn Hitcher" movie. His hand wrapped around my finally-soft cock, making it, once again, not so soft, and gave it a few pulls. It was his toy to do as he wanted, and now, it was stiff again. When I was rock hard again, he pulled a jock strap out of his backpack and started recording again.

"I work out at the YMCA every day after work,” Todd informs both of us. “Been working out in that jock for about a week now.” He giggled, “It’s got to be so funky and rank, it’d make a straight man throw up.” He giggled again, “But we don’t have to worry about puking any vomit in your car Justin, not from a cum-dump-sponge-pig like your buddy, Alex. It’s so soaked with ball sweat and piss dribbles. He’s probably the only bitch on the planet who gets a drippy dick from wearing the pouch over his nose.” Todd laughed, and Justin joined in, saying he got that right. I was never more humiliated than right then. My dick was dripping the more I breathed in the many funky smells. It made me dizzy with erotic feelings, seemingly loving piss and stinky sweet and dried cum. The smells went straight to my brain and turned me into a willing cum-slut man whore.

"Justin,” Todd smiled, “Look at your buddy. He's really getting into it. Look at him and take deep breaths of my raunchy jock pouch. He'd do anything I tell him to now, even without the gun. You had to know he was a fag. Come on, man. Look at him.”

"I knew he was a little bit queer. Everybody at work did. But he is also married. So… you never know if someone will act out as a faggot. You know?"

"He's not a little bit queer, Justin. He’s more like a cum-hungry hole yearning to be filled. Isn't that right, Alex? I mean, cock-sucking cunt? You've wanted to suck Justin off for years. Haven't you? Alex, tell Justin the truth. Tell him the truth, and I'll let you cum." Todd started to pump my dick, but he was careful not to trigger it. I could tell when he got close.

"You've been jacking-off for years fantasizing about sucking Justin's cock. You wanted to blow him the first time you saw him. Didn't you?"

“I never realized,” Alex hesitantly confessed. “But, yeah, now, as I think back on it… Yeah, I guess you are right. From the first day I saw him at work, I’d sneak peeks at his cock in the showers.” I could not believe my own soul-searching confession., “I never thought of myself as a cocksucker. I only thought I was curious. Then I’d jack off at home, thinking about what his dick looked like hard. I only saw it relaxed."

"Oh! When you were in the workplace shower with Justin, how did you keep your little faggot dick from going hard whenever a real man was in the showers?” Todd asked. “I bet you would have gotten on your knees and slobbered all over Justin’s knob in the showers. You dreamed he would face-fuck you hard. You just never thought about it in these blunt, no-bullshit terms. Is that right, little Alex, the closeted cock whore?”

The Hitcher
Part 3 of 5

Todd was still jacking my dick. I was squirming in my seat and lifting my hips to get him to do it faster. What he was saying and the smell of the jock over my nose had me at the edge. I wasn't thinking with my brain anymore, just my dick.

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. OK, YES!” I screamed at Todd. “I would have sucked Justin off right there at work if I could have. Suck off our buddies, too, if they came in. I’d fucking take cocks in both my holes." Shit! I just wanted to come right now. I admitted everything. Why the fuck doesn’t he just let me shoot?

Then Todd asked an embarrassing question, "What buddies? What were the names of the other dudes you wanted to fuck your mouth? Who's cum did you dream about drinking?”

“Please,” I begged Todd. I did not want to utter the names of Justin’s friends. Not in front of Justin. Not now. But Todd was waiting for an answer. I blurted out, "Blake, Scott, Hector..."

“You wanted to suck my friends off?” Justin asked. “In the company showers? Oh, wow, buddy.” Justin laughed. “You got some balls, or… should I say. you have a hungry, faggot mouth.” I was glad he was not upset because I mentioned the names of three of our co-workers and his friends.

Todd kept slowly jacking my cock, but now much slower and more gently. I guess he wasn’t ready for me to shoot yet. Todd asked me what I’d rather do: suck Justin’s dick or for him to let me shoot off. Fuck, I wanted to shoot so bad. I was oozing cum all over myself and even Todd’s hand. But the image and taste of Justin’s dick were overwhelming, so I said I’d prefer Justin’s dick.

"Justin, he’s still hungry for your dick. I hope that makes you feel proud.” Justin was smiling and gloating.

"He's not just gay. He's a faggot slut that gets off from getting used and abused by us. You had to know he was a fucking HOLE. Didn’t you, Justin? Why haven't you used him? You got off face fucking him today. His throat felt good, and you shot your wad right down his throat. You could have been enjoying that any time and any way you wanted for years."

"Like I said, Todd, I'm straight. I could get pussy. Dudes aren't my thing."

"But he's not a dude. He's a bitch – a bitch always in heat. He can be your bitch in heat, anything you want him to be, anything your wife does not put out.” Justin did not respond. He seemed to be thinking it over.

"Men need their cocks serviced and holes to nut in. Your buddy is a natural cunt hole. You’re telling me you don't want him to service your meat now?”

"Not saying that, Todd. It’s been in a dry spell and hasn’t been fully drained yet."

"You hear that, Slut? Your best bud has nuts that are not drained well. Oh, fuck! Now, whose job do you think that will be? When Justin pulls the car over, you get up front. We have something special for you.” Justin soon did pull off the side of the highway onto the dirt shoulder. Todd took his hand off my fully bonded-up, bobbing dick and grabbed his jock off my head. Then ordered me out to sit up front. I wondered why he did not just have me crawl over the front seatback to sit next to Justin. I hesitated to get out of the car. Cars and trucks were whizzing by. I was glad I was on the passenger side, so the car blocked the view of anyone looking in this direction. I’d die if someone saw me naked, not to mention all boned up.

I got out of the back seat, closed the door, and went to open the front passenger seat, but it was locked. I yelled through the closed window for Justin to open the door to let me in the car. He simply put his cupped hand to his ear, signaling he could not hear me. Again, I yelled, “Open the door. Someone might see me.”

Justin made a pointing gesture with his right hand, then curved it over to his side. He was signaling for me to go around the front of the car to his driver’s side window and talk to him. I could not believe what he wanted! I am totally naked, and he wants me to stand outside the driver’s window and talk to him with all the cars and trucks whizzing by! I yelled out, knowing he could hear me, “You’re supposed to be my friend!” I looked back at Todd, in the back seat, for help. He shrugged his shoulders as if to say he could not help me. Fucking shit. Finally, I did walk around the front of the car, covering my boned-up dick, and got alongside Justin’s window. He rolled it down and looked at me as passing drivers were honking horns.

Immediately I screamed, “What the fuck are you doing, Justin? I’m out here bare-ass naked, and all these asshole drivers are slowing down to honk and laugh at me. Who the fuck do you think you are, asshole? Let me in, NOW!” I was really losing it. This was not funny. A cop could drive by at any time and arrest me. I’d never yelled at Justin, but my blood was boiling.

“You just called me an asshole. Even after I let you suck my dick.” Justin spoke calmly and slowly. He was in no hurry to open his car door for me. He seemed to enjoy my helplessness and neediness, my naked, exposed body that I had no choice but to show to the entire fucking world. “Tell me the truth. Do you really think your very best buddy in the world is an asshole?” I was frantic but now aware that he held all the cards and power. There was no way I would get into his car without him allowing me in. I was powerless. And, for the first time, I realized he was not unhappy with Todd and all his shenanigans. All the humiliation was directed at me, none of it, really, directed at him. This was not Justin and me against psycho hitchhiker Todd. It was he and Todd against me. Oh, fuck! How fucking stupid I have been, not only being used by Todd but also by Justin.

Then I did something I never ever thought I would. Right there on the side of the highway with cars and trucks zooming by and drivers making obscene gestures, I kneeled on the filthy road shoulder and displayed my ass to traffic. I was now much lower than Justin’s head, which I could barely see until it peeked out to look down at me. “Justin, oh god, please, please let me in the car. Please, I’ll do anything. Please don’t leave me here. please let me in.” And two things happened at once. I started crying and looking down. I saw my dick start bobbing and twitching even harder and leaking more. I was so humiliated. I projected such hopelessness to my best friend. Of course, he’ll let me in. But, then…

“So, Alex, have you come to a realization of who you… I mean, what you are?” I was still weeping and trying to understand my best bud in my whole life. “Alex? Did you hear me ask you a question? Wait a minute. I know why you are confused. Let me start over.” Using his calm voice, “OK, so you used to be my best bud, but now you are a fucking cock-sucking cunt of a cum whore. That’s not a bad thing, not for me, and not for you, either. Now that you are out as a cum-hungry fag, you can have what you always dreamed about – my dick.” Justin produced a big smile as if he was prompting me to smile as one does to a baby. “And, for starters, you can call me ‘Sir.’”

I had forgotten that I was kneeling on the shoulder of a public highway with my naked ass to all the traffic until I heard more horns blasting away. “Justin, you are right about everything, but may I please get into your car? I am naked out here.” I started to cry again and had trouble speaking clearly, as I babbled. “I have nothing, Justin, I am nothing, and I can’t do anything. Please, let me in? I promise I will be good and do whatever you tell me.” My tears and snot were slowly stopping. “What do you want from me? Sir?”

“Ah, finally. It took you a long time, with your faggot ass displayed to the public, to get to the only important thing you really need to know. That is what I want you to do.” I just stared up at Justin, waiting for the answer. “Everything. Absolutely everything I tell you to do, without questioning me or hesitating, that’s it. It’s just that simple.”

I agreed readily and realized Justin needed to try me out. “Let’s try this. Stand up,” I did, slowly, suspiciously. “Now turn around and show the traffic – all the car drivers and especially those burly truck drivers – your boner, and… wave to them.” I could have just died right then and there. I knew I needed to comply so he’d let me in the car. I imagined myself in the desert, looking at no one, only a sparse cactus, and put my hand out and waved to the cactus. “Oh, and… flash a big smile, too.” And I added a smile, too.

I was facing away from Justin, so I never saw him turn his head to look at Todd in the back seat. He gave him an “OK” sign with his right hand. If I had seen that, I would have realized that Todd was Justin’s plant, his planned “stranger” hitchhiker. That the two of them, with Justin as the leader and instigator, created this entire scheme, the psycho hitchhiker and all, just to turn me into his personal pussy, fag cunt. He had his friend (who I had never met), Todd, pretend to threaten both of us, but of course, I was the only one being threatened. Or, should I say, tricked and manipulated?

"Well, now, everyone can see your dick, but they don't have a good view of your asshole," Justin said calmly. I freaked out when Justin began to slowly back the car into a parking lot that was right there, at the side of the road. I quickly followed and obeyed, just to get in the fucking car. He stopped with the hood of the car pointing to the highway. I pleaded for him to let me in. I promised him I’d be good. “OK, Alex, climb up on the hood, get on your back, head to the windshield, and lift your legs way up. I want all the passing cars and the truck drivers to see your ass hole on display.” I was stunned, in shock. I just looked at him, begging with my eyes. I knew he could just drive away. Hell, I was naked in public anyway. And once we drive away, no one will know. So I got on the hood as he told me and raised my legs.

“No, Alex, I said to raise your legs as high as you can.” I did, now, spread your feet wide apart so your pussy hole will be properly displayed for all to see.” I did. “And lift your head so everyone can see your cock sucking face. I complied like an obedient dog. He had me hold that position for a long time.

“OK, Cunt Boy, get around to the passenger side and get in.” I ran and hopped in. Fuck! Was I glad to be off the hood? I wondered if anyone phoned the police. But then Justin very soon turned back onto the highway and quickly took the first turn he found. If anyone did call the police, they would be looking for us further down Interstate 30. We were still in the country, with very few buildings. Most likely, we were on the outskirts of some small town.

We drove mostly in silence. But I did notice that Todd was no longer giving orders. He was very quiet, too. I took a long, sneaky sideways look at Todd, and neither his cam nor his gun was anywhere around him.

“Justin?” He looked sternly at me, and I knew I had misspoken. “I mean, sir, may I beat off now, please?” He and Todd reacted in a burst of laughter. I knew that was the wrong thing to ask.

“No, but I’ll go one even better. Lean over and put your fag hands on my lap and work my zipper down, and then park my dick in your mouth, as your mouth hole is my new garage. But don’t suck it. Just keep your cunt hole open, and let it rest in there. You can tongue it gently. just no sucking.” I did exactly as he told me. I played with his dick with my tongue and felt it filling my mouth, gradually getting bigger. I stayed there for half an hour as he and Todd bullshitted. Then, I guess, it was close to time to eat dinner.

“Todd, you hungry?” He told Justin he was. “OK, I think I see a McDonald’s down there a bit. How about some burgers and stuff?” Todd was all for it. No one asked me. As we approached, Todd suggested, “We can leave cunt mouth,” as he referred to me, “in the car, since he is boned up and naked. You don’t want him inside, do you, Justin?” I felt relieved.

“No, Alex is my bud, and I would not want him to embarrass himself on my account by going inside and ordering food for us, all naked and boned up. I just could not do that to Alex after all the years we’ve been so tight and all.” Suddenly, I relaxed and realized that Justin had his limits. He would not, could not, be so cruel as to march me into that place and allow people to see me close up. He still saw me as his best friend. Thank god for that! I’d stay in the security of the car while they went into order. Justin does have a heart. Thank God.

“No, that won’t be an issue. We don’t have to send our slut inside. I see they have a drive-thru here. I’ll drive us thru it so my fag cunt won’t have to get out. Always looking out for my property,” Justin said as he made sure his zipper was fully up and pulled into the drive-thru to order. There were two cars ahead of us and no one behind us.

“Sir, may I please have a coat or something to put over my lap? I see your coat lying in the backseat. Can I borrow it, please? We don’t want anyone to look into the car and see me naked.” I asked Justin calmly, knowing he would just say “yes” to lend me his coat, especially since I was in the front passenger seat and clearly would be in view of whoever would pass us our order from the drive-up window. I imagined that from the drive-thru window, that man, or woman, would be looking in and downward on my lap. He or she might not see my face, but my dick would be the center of his or her focus.

“There you go again, Faggot Boy, always thinking of yourself. You want my coat. But what if I suddenly had a chill and needed it?” I wanted to interrupt Justin to point out he was not using it now, but I said nothing. “Can’t you think of my needs once in a while?”

I just mumbled, “Sorry, sir.” Then he continued to drive up to the speaker to place our order. He ordered three jumbo burgers, two jumbo fries, and two large cokes. I thought to myself, I guess I am getting just the burger. What will I wash it down with? My mind was ablaze with erotic embarrassment and humiliation to think we were going through a drive-thru window with me like this! Why did I feel a rush of excitement from the top of my head to the tip of my dick? I covered up my re-excited boner with both hands.

“Again! What a fucking, selfish cunt-wad you have become! You’d cover up your dick even though I might want to glance over and see it! What a selfish, ungrateful piece of degenerate shit you are to think I have no right to look at my faggot’s cunt dick whenever I want.” And then he just stared at me, waiting until I removed my hands. I not only showed my dick to him but also let it bounce upward, pointing to the car roof, as it let out an uncontrollable belch of precum. It was now running down the side of my dick. I did not even dare to wipe it off.

Justin now pulled up to the window, ready to pay for and receive our order. I saw there was a high-school kid, quite handsome, with a diamond earring in one ear. He had not looked at us yet. He was gathering up our order and bagging it. Finally, he said, “That’ll be $19.51… Oh! Wow!” he added, as he finally looked at Justin and saw my boner in the next seat. “Dude? What’s he doing there all naked and… and… ah… and… What’s he doing all naked?” As his name tag indicated, Darren was staring at me with his eyes bugged out. Justin pretended not to notice a problem or anything unusual.

“I’m sorry, what was that amount again?” Justin asked politely. Darren stuttered the $19.51 amount again. “Oh… here’s a 20, but let me get the 51 cents. I have it here in my console. As Justin fished around the many loose things in his console, Darren asked him, still with a bit of a stutter, if he wanted catsup and hot sauce. “Yes, to the catsup, and did you say cunt sauce? You really have cunt sauce?” Justin pretended as if he were asking seriously.

“No, I said, hot sauce. Do you want hot sauce for the fries?” Darren was talking to Justin, but his stare was locked on the boner, my boner, my dripping boner. Meanwhile, an older teen, or maybe he was 21 or so, came over to stand next to Darren to see what the holdup was. His name tag just said “Manager.”

I suppose the manager was being polite, not to mention anything about me and my anatomy, and asked both his employee and Justin if everything was all right. “Just fine, I just got confused when Darren… I mean, when I thought Darren offered me cunt sauce. But I see we have enough cunt sauce now, so just the catsup will be fine. The manager was called away, so Darren and Justin were interacting. Justin was still trying to find the 51 cents, but now I think he was just holding things up so the worker could look at me all he wanted. Luckily, there was no one waiting behind us. Actually, it was unlucky because Justin had no urgency to finish up and move out of the way. He apparently felt fine to dawdle.

“Here you go, Sir.” And he handed a couple of bags and two Cokes to Justin. After checking them, Justin handed a bag and a Coke to Todd, who was remarkably quiet, seemingly just taking this all in. He took out one burger and handed it to me, “Better open it up to see if that’s how you like it.” I did, and then he returned to Darren and handed him some change. “Here are 43 cents, but hold on. I see some pennies at the bottom here. Just give me a minute.” Darren was only too engrossed to hurry anything, especially with no waiting cars behind us.

“My burger is fine… ah… sir.” I didn’t know if I should call him Justin or sir in front of the worker after opening the wrapper and lifting the top bun.

“Whoa, there, stud,” that’s way too dry for you. better put some cunt sauce on it.” I just looked at him. Did he mean catsup? I reached for the squeeze packet of catsup. “No. Not that! You need your own special cunt sauce. Go ahead. squirt it out of your squeeze tube right in front of you.” I knew what he meant, but I would not do it, not in front of Darren or on my burger. Then Justin leaned a bit to me and whispered, “This is where you either do whatever I say, without question or hesitation… or I let you out, here and now, just as you are.”

“But the guy is looking. I… I can’t, not….” I was really stuck on what to say.

Then Justin pointed to the door, my passenger door, and whispered, “Alex….Out you go.”

“I did not say a word. I just took my dick with one hand and began to beat it fully, up and down. I was so loaded with pent-up cunt slop and had developed a hair trigger. It was only going to take a few strokes. I held my burger with the top bun off and placed it in the line of fire to catch my cum as it shot out. Darren never took his eyes off my dick, which made me even hotter. I shot the “cunt sauce” in spurts and globs all over my burger meat. Justin pretended to have nothing to do with it. He turned to Darren and said, “Oh my god! He is so gross, Darren. You know he has to shoot his slop over any burger he is to eat. Can you believe that? Darren, have you ever seen anyone so degenerate? He is such a slut to come through your window all naked and boned-up just so he could beat off on his meat to season it? Huh? Now you know why he calls his cum, his cunt sauce.”

Justin laughed, and for the first time. So did Darren. “Yeah, I hope you don’t mind, but he won’t let me drive off until he seasons his food. He can’t even wait until we drive somewhere private. What do you think, Darren? Is he a fucking cunt freak or what? Look. Look now. He going to put the top bun back on and chow down.” And I took his cue seriously and followed his coded orders. I placed the top bun on top of my goo-topped burger meat and immediately took a big bite.

“Darren, bend down, look at his face, and see if I’m not telling the honest truth.”

Daren bent his body down so his head was even with the car window and just looked at me eating my sperm burger and exclaimed, “Oh shit. He is a… a…”

“You can say it. He’s a cum slut eater.”

“Yeah, so he is,” Darren finally allowed himself to say. “Wow, if I didn’t see it… Wow… a cum slut eater.”

“And, Darren, his dick! Look at it. It’s still huge and bobbing… like he’s ready to explode again!” It was true. I was so excited. AM I SO FUCKING EXCITED TO BE HUMILIATED? I can’t believe what I’ve become!

“Oh my God, A cum slut eater,” Darren repeated as I continued to take bite after bite, knowing that was what Justin wanted me to do and hoping we’d get the fuck out of there. I soon downed the cunt burger, and Todd leaned forward and said something in Justin’s ear. God, why didn’t they get me a soda? I was thirsty, but no one cared. Justin got Cokes for just the two of them, not me. And… it was fucking hot!

“And look at his dick, Darren. See, it’s all sticking up again like a steel rod, seeping more cunt sauce. You know. He’s my best bud, so what the fuck can I do? I just let him do whatever he needs to. Oh, I could not find those extra pennies I owe you, so here’s another 20 bucks. Keep the change as a tip. We may be back this way on our return. Maybe we’ll see you next time, too. See ya, Dude.”

It took a while for Daren's initial look of horror to slowly fade into a childish impish grin. He looked so cute in his green apron as he waved goodbye to us, or at least to Justin.

Then Daren shouted, "I mainly work weekday afternoons. Hope to see you then on your return."

"You here that bitch, you got the first member of your fan club." Justin joked with me as he pulled out of the drive-thru and started back down the highway.

We must have been driving for an hour. I needed to pee like crazy since I wasn’t allowed to pee at the gas station for some stupid reason. And now I was dying of thrust! It was fucking hot. Those two still had their super large drinks. I got nothing to quench my thirst.

Justin turned to me and said, “Hey, cunt-sperm burger eater, do you want some of my Coke? I guess you are thirsty, too.”

I just politely said, “Please, yes,” knowing it was the response Justin wanted to hear. But then I heard Justin sucking up the very last of his Coke through his straw. Then Todd did the same noisily thing sucking up his drink. They were each trying to show me I was getting no soda. Justin shook his large soda cup with the straw through the lid, rattling the ice cubes, and again sucking more to make sure he got every last drop of soda.

“Yeah, it is hot, and you must be parched. Here,” Justin held his cup in my direction but not give it to me. “Remove the lid, will ya?” What was this all about? Was he going to offer me his leftover ice to suck on? I took the plastic top off, which still held the straw. He then placed the opened cup in the cup holder on the console. “I got to take a wicked piss. Do you mind unzipping me so I don’t have to pull over and do it myself?” Unzipping him, by now, was no big deal, so I leaned over and unzipped his shorts. Then I took out his dick, just as he told me.

The Hitcher
Part 4 of 5

“That’s my good little bitch. Now take the cup and hold it under my dick and hold my dick head into the cup.” As instructed, I held the cup with one hand and held his dick inside the cup with the other hand. Fuck! Am I now his dick maid, too? “Now, don’t move, so I can concentrate.” In about 30 seconds, I heard an “Ahhhhh.” I saw he was peeing on the ice. I was worried that he might overflow the cup. But I did not say anything. I watched as the cup filled halfway with his yellow piss, then three-quarters, and then his flow stopped, maybe two inches from the top rim. So I guess he peed about 20 ounces since it looked like a 28-ounce cup. I shook the tip of his dick to dribble out the last few drips. With his nod, I replaced his flaccid dick into his pants and zipped him up.

“Now, Alex, I don’t want you to spill it, so carefully put the lid back on.” I pressed the plastic lid on, sealing it by moving my thumb around the edge. The straw was still halfway through it. Now it looked like a lemonade drink with ice and a straw. I chuckled to myself.

“Now, I know you are thirsty ….

So here’s the deal,” Justin commanded rather harshly. “I will give you exactly one minute to drink that entire cup of my golden apple juice. When I say ‘GO!’ you’d better start gulping it down fully and quickly.”

Oh God… I did not want to do this. I mean, taking a quick gulp of a guy’s urine is one thing, but this nearly-full cup? I was just about to speak up when he added, “If it is not fully consumed in 60 seconds, you will finish it as soon as you can, but then you will hand that empty cup to Todd and ask him to kindly refill it. So, the deal is, drink only mine in 60 seconds, or you'll end up having to drink both our bladders of piss. Is that clear?” Then he added, again,” After you drink it all down, tells us how much you appreciated it and how good it tastes. Convince us it was the best drink in the world and that you are so pleased to have my piss.

I was thinking all about how I would object and how this would not be good and that… “GO!” was all Justin said, and I immediately put the straw in my mouth and sucked and sucked, gagging a little but sucking and gulping. Sucking and belching. I was very thirsty. I tried not to think about what I was drinking, just repeating “apple juice, apple juice” in my mind.

It surprised even me that I managed to down that entire drink in 60 seconds. I was glad not to have to drink Todd’s also. I was gasping and bloated. I felt like I was going to throw up. Justin smiled and congratulated me. “Wow! What a piss-drinking slut you are. You were not only thirsty, you enjoyed that whole experience. Didn’t you, you pee-guzzling cunt fag. Didn’t you?”

I know what my role was. I did not need to be reminded. Whether Todd was rolling video or not (and at the moment, he was), I looked up and smiled, “Justin, I am sorry I drank that full cup of your pee like a piss guzzler. I am a real pig.” Then I gave a large belch on purpose and smiled. “But honestly, I could not help it. It was not that I was that thirty, but your piss is so wonderful, I can never get enough of it.” Justin smiled broadly and proudly as if he was getting through to me.

Then it hit me. My bladder was going to explode for real. “Justin, sir, I need to go pee, or I’ll bust.” He nodded. Thank God he believed me.

“Yeah, I guess so, Alex. OK, fine, but we can’t stop, you can go in the car. Use the empty cup you’re holding. Pee in that.”

Thank you, Jesus! I held the cup under my dick without hesitation and let her rip. I peed like a horse! AAAAHHHHH. The cup was filling up fast, too fast. “Ah… Todd, sir, May I use your cup as well?”

“Sure. Here you go.” And he handed me his, and I pissed the last bit, maybe half s cup in it. AAAAHHHH. I was so relieved.

“Feel better, buddy?” I nodded and smiled. So thankful for his kindness. “Great, and, as you know, my policy, waste not, want not. So I’ll give you a full hour to down that full cup, as well as the little bit in the other.”

"Justin, your little buddy really gets into this shit. He's got another boner and wants another taste of my cock. Is that right, Cunt? You want to blow me again?"

I shook my head, ‘No,’ as I sipped on my own urine. But that did no good. My response fooled nobody, not even me.

"Oh. Then it must be Justin's dick you want back in your mouth.” Todd said, “You got a hard-on for Justin. But that is nothing new. Is it, you little cocksucker? You've had a hard-on for Justin for years. Do you even remember how many times you've beaten off thinking about Justin's hard cock in your fuck holes? Answer me, Alex,” Todd said. I shook my head no.

"Too many times to remember, huh, Alex? Justin, you've own natural pussy boy dreaming of being used by you for years. You wasted a lot of time, Justin. He would have done anything you say, anywhere you say, and thank you for every load you pumped into him. Why haven't you tapped this fag before today?"

Justin shrugged, "Like I said, I'm not queer, and I never had a problem getting pussy or head from my wife and a few girlfriends on the side. I was never hard-up until after I got married."

"Yeah, but you can never bust a nut too often,” Todd said, “and a cocksucker will do anything to get his next fix of jizz. Your new pussy boy, here, would have been your eager horny, suck slave. A woman does just enough to get a ring on her finger, and a whore is just trying to be a girlfriend or get your cash. Did your wife let you skull fucker like you did your little buddy?"

"Hell, no. She never gave me great head after we were married. If anything, she just took the head tip in her mouth, and if I came, she’d spit it out. I guess that was supposed to be enough for me. She got really pissed when I told her my cock would not suck itself. That’s when I hooked up with girlfriends, and my wife first mentioned she wanted a divorce. I should have found a good slut to drain my balls way before that, but I tried to be faithful to the ungrateful bitch of a wife. Well, sort of faithful… I mean. I was faithful, as far as she never caught me." The two of them let out belly laughs.

"Too bad we are close to downtown, Justin. Your pussy boy is so horny his balls are blue. He wants you to feed him another load. Reach over and feel how rock-hard Alex is. He doesn’t even have your meat in his mouth. Ask him. Ask him if he wants you to face-fuck him again."

"So, Alex, is he right? Is this what you wanted from me all these years? You want me to feed you again right now?"

Justin reached over and wrapped his big hand around my hard shaft. Slid his hand up and squeezed my cock head. I could not answer. I was confused but could not keep a deep moan from escaping me.

"I guess that answers that, Todd. A moan is as good as a ‘yes,’ any day." Justin ran his thumb over my piss slit, smeared my precum around, and then wiped it off my face. "You're leaking, Cunt Hole. You are one horny cocksucker. You really like being forced, or do you want my cock so badly you get off on it in any situation, no matter how humiliating?"

I could not formulate an answer. This was all too weird. Justin did not seem to expect one. Not sure what I would have said. I did not want to say “yes,” and could not say “no.” We were all quiet for the rest of the way to downtown. Todd had Justin drop him off at the bus station, and finally, he left carrying his one bag. Good fucking riddance. As soon as he was gone, I started grabbing and pulling on the clothes I saw in the back seat. I don’t know why there were loose clothes there. I did not care. I was almost dressed when we pulled into a parking garage near the Double Tree Hotel.

"Justin, we've got to call the police before he gets away. He could take a bus and be hundreds of miles away by morning." I said in a panic.

"Are you crazy? Do you think the police will believe you were raped when they see the video of you getting a boner even before your face got near my crotch? What do you think they will think when Todd shows them the part where you describe your shower room gangbang fantasy? You should want to keep this secret. What would your wife and friends say after the video of you willingly licking up cum from our boners is shown in court? If this goes public, it won't be that bad for me. My wife has already trashed my reputation. She has presented me with a divorce agreement. I just needed a few days to think about it. Yeah, now I am ready to sign. Most of the video shows me as an unwilling victim with a soft cock until you started sucking on it. The video will show that. At least, I was the forced pitcher, not a willing catcher in his little ‘Porn Hitcher’ movie."

"But... but… I was forced to… he... he… made… We… have to do something." I was hot to do whatever. That asshole, Todd, should not get away with this.

"Todd is gone. We both busted a nut. We are both in one piece. It’s nearly 5 PM. We are going to check into our rooms and get some rest. Then in the morning, we will attend the training seminar like normal friends and coworkers.” That sounded good and comforting. Justin was not pissed at me. “No one except us knows what happened today, and it can stay that way. We both learned something today. I learned you get off on some kinky shit. I'm not judging you for that. Even though I know I'm straight, I also learned that my dick responds to your warm, sucking fag mouth just as it always has when I let a slut blow me. It felt great when I rammed your throat up and down my cock. You should not be upset because I responded to the cocksucker and shot my wad down your throat. Come on, Cunt, you liked it. Let's go get some rest."

I did not say anything. What could I say? Justin stopped calling me Alex and now uses derogatory names like “Cunt This” and “Cunt That.” Have I gotten so used to it? I did not even question it.

Justin went to his room, and I to mine. I was going to take a badly-needed shower. I sat on the bed to strip naked and started wondering what Justin had said. Would he let me blow him again after the ice was broken? He said it felt good using my throat. Why was I turned on? Because he said, it felt good using my face and throat like a jack-off toy? I wondered if I could ask him to let me suck his cock again. I inadvertently fell asleep, as I thought, right after I stripped down to just my underwear. I was exhausted.

I woke to the sound of noises in my room. The clock showed 7 PM. The bathroom light was on, and… and… in the shadow was… was… Justin. I blinked and tried to focus, “What are you…” and then I noticed he was naked. “ What are you doing here naked? Aren’t we going down to get some dinner?” I repeated, wondering if I was dreaming. “Why are you naked?”

Then another figure came from the bathroom, fully dressed, and both approached me while I was still lying on the bed in my Jockey briefs. Justin leaned over and turned on the bedside lamp, which lit the entire room. He looked good, broad, lightly hairy chest, strong thighs, and a mess of brown hair falling almost to those sky-blue eyes. I was kind of drinking the view in when I heard the other man’s voice.

"So, Little Faggot Pussy Ass, I guess you're still hot for Justin," Todd said, to my surprise, thinking he was in the next state and out of our lives.

“What? Where? Justin. What?" I was in shock again, rubbing my eyes from a brief but deep sleep.

"Calm down, Alex,” Justin said, never losing his smile. “You don’t think I really just picked up this Todd stranger at a gas station to give him a ride to Dallas? Do you? I’ve known Todd for several years. He works with me on my side of the building, so I correctly figured you never met him before. He and I are buds, too."

"You? You set this all up? Humiliated me? Embarrassed me? Peed on me? But why? Why did you do these awful things to me? Why did you… Oh, god… Why?" My head was spinning.

"Because Todd suggested you could be my own pussy boy. I knew you had been hot for my dick since I first met you. I told Todd all about you. I figured you owed me, Alex. I let you get your faggot jollies looking at me in the showers at work. I never said anything about it, but now it’s payback time. You see after I was presented with my divorce papers, I got drunk with my buddy Todd here, and we talked about how he relieved his sexual needs when his girl was not around or when he was between girlfriends. He told me he had a boy to use in such cases, and, well, being drunk then, I accepted his loan. I’m not gay, never will be, neither is Todd. But to make a long story short, his pussy boy came over the next night, and I was in heaven. I had the most wonderful mouth on my dick that any real man could ever have. It was great having an eager-to-please faggot do anything I say. Wow! I had to find a way to repay Todd. So I invited him to share with you, Alex, this weekend during the seminar. So far, you have not been disappointed. ”

Justin continued, admitting everything, “Yeah, I planned this out. Actually, Todd was more of the scheme designer. He came up with the idea that he would be a stranger we’d pick up on our way to Dallas. And Todd would force ‘us’ to have sex. I mean, he would force YOU to blow ME. I would be ‘forced’ to let you do it. I must tell you, Buddy, it turned out better than I ever thought. I not only found out what a great mouth you have but also that I now own you. You like my dick? HUH? Well, it will be yours anytime I’m feeling horny with no real bitch to satisfy me. Then you will be my bitch boy.”

Then Justin said something that hit me like a sledgehammer in the gut, “Don't think of me as a total dick. We would have called the whole thing off, declaring it a big joke, if you truly had refused to suck my dick. But you were so hot for dick meat in the car. You were rock hard even before you dropped your pants, got on your knees, and worked my dick with so little help from me. And now you can’t get enough.”

Oh god! He was right. These bastards set me up, and I went for it, not just momentarily, but I took the hook, line, and sinker. Yes, I wanted Justin, and I got Justin, just not in the loving way I always dreamed about. This trip was brutal, fucking brutal on me. Just then, I noticed my stupid, stupid fucking dick was hard all over again, just looking at Justin naked. Oh, fuck! I can’t be someone’s life-long cunt bitch!

But… but… he was right about something. I did not put up much of a fight, at least not a real fight. I secretly wanted this “stuff” to happen, although it went much further than I had ever fantasized. I was way out of my comfort zone. These guys brought me to know new degrading adventures. Some I liked, and some I did not like. But at least they all included Justin. Was this the new me coming out?

I made one last halfhearted effort to defend my dignity, "No, Justin, I did it earlier only because you two assholes scared me into doing it. I won't do it again."

"So it is only fun for you if you are forced,” Todd chimed in. “I like that game, too. Justin sure did. He’ll force you to do all those nasty things repeatedly. I have the cam footage. You remember all the things you did that I filmed? All the begging you did to make a realistic audio? When I edit it, your cock-sucking talents will be known to your boss, pastor, and, of course, your wife. It would be better for you if you just came out. Tell the world, or let my video show the world for you. But you won't be that honest publicly. You'll just drop to your knees like a good fag. Do whatever Justin tells you. Your pussy ass belongs to him now.

I probably would have dropped to my knees eventually, even without the blackmail. Justin stood naked before me. He pulled my face to his crotch and ground my face into his junk. I was glad he had not showered. The smell of his balls made it easier for me to become a fag slut for Justin while Todd watched.

"Congratulations, Justin,” Todd proclaimed. “You now own your very own faggot pussy boy. Soon you will wonder how you ever lived without one. Gag him with your meat. Make him slobber all over it. The sooner your knob is wet and slick, the sooner you can make… er… ah … what WAS his name? Oh, ‘Alex?’ into a real pussy boy."

Justin took charge and face-fucked me. I gagged when he forced every inch down my throat. I could not breathe with my lips pressed against his hairy pubs. When he let me up, I was too busy breathing to notice Todd move my hands behind my back. I then felt and heard the handcuffs being clicked on my wrists. I was scared, once again, and… fucking hard at the same time! Scared, helpless, and hard! My Jockeys were ripped off. I am so fucked! Justin dicked my throat a few more times, then pulled out. Todd and Justin repositioned me sideways on my narrow bed, on my belly. They stuffed pillows under my hips so my ass was more in the air, my hands still cuffed behind my back.

"Just need to do one more thing, Alex, before you are made a real pussy boy.” Todd was doing much of the directing. “I’ve got to gag you so you stay quiet when Justin opens you up and makes your ass into his personal pussy."

The ball gag Todd used on me was nearly the size of a tennis ball. He pushed very hard as he inserted it. My jaw was forced open as wide as possible when he shoved it in. My lips automatically closed halfway around it. “Humph! Humph!” was all that came out of my mouth when I tried to call for help. At my rear, Justin hocked up a spit wad, and I felt it hit my ass crack and dribble down to my asshole. He used that to lube his dick head and lean against my ass’s entry point. I had never been fucked before. I was frightened.

"It will hurt a lot worse when he has it all in you. That's why I gagged you,” Todd told me, “Busting a pussy boy open with just spit lube makes sure he feels every inch and never forgets it. They say it will hurt less if you relax. I don't know. I'm not a bitch like you."

I did try to scream, “Don’t. Please. Don’t,” when his fat head popped past my ass ring. But all I got out was a muffled “HAWH. HAZ. HAWH.” Justin sank some of his tool in me and then pulled out most of the way. He then put more in me with the second stroke as he wiggled his hips. I felt every inch of his hard cock. My eyes teared up, but all I could do was take it and hope it would start to feel good, as in the jack-off stories I had read. When he had all his cock up my hole, my pussy, as he now called it, I was stuffed and in pain.

"You must love the feel of my cock in your pussy ass, 'cause your pussy ass feels great wrapped around my meat. Maybe too tight, though. Going to lube my cock for your tight pussie." He withdrew his cock, and I felt a great relief. Then he lubed up his dick with a type of skin lotion. Next, he slammed his cock home with one motion and never slowed down. After the initial stab of pain, it started to feel erotic. A few minutes later, he almost roared as he bred my now wet, busted pussy ass.

Then Todd started again, giving directions, "That was a great show, Justin. I have it all recorded. You fuck like a machine when you get going. My turn now. You can take the gag out of his mouth now. Don’t think he’ll be screaming after your fuck. Just moaning. Besides, you need to make him mouth-clean your cock after every breeding. Let the pussy boy taste the cum you planted in his shit hole. Make sure he knows to keep his pussy clean, or he’ll always be sucking his shit off your dick after every fuck."

"That's fucking gross, Todd, but I don't see any brown. But you’re the one with the pussy-boy experience, so if you think so, he can clean me off anyway.” And with his fingers, he freed the ball gag and quickly inserted his slimy dick into his personal dick-washing mouth machine.

My hands were freed to get up on all fours like a dog. Todd was enjoying sloppy seconds while I sucked Justin's still-hard cock. "This is the way to use a pussy boy. One man fucking his boy twat, and another man washing his cock down his throat." For some weird reason, I was being fully used, and… and… it made me feel good. It made me feel more desirable and valued, more than my wife ever made me feel.

Justin looked at me in amazement. He, or actually Todd, had brought me around to seemingly accept my pussy-boy training faster than either of them thought it could be done. For me, I don’t know where the fuck my mind was, but I realize I am no longer resisting them using me. I was Justin’s brand-new sex toy. "Yeah, going to do this every time after I fuck you. I like having the last drops of cum sucked from my nuts after I dump a load up your twat. Got to get a shower now. Todd will let you lick his dick clean after he shoots up your ass. By Todd's grunting sounds, it looks like he is close."

Todd did not last long after Justin left to shower. His whole body shook while he was pumping his cum into me. Then he briefly collapsed on top of me. It was like a full-body hug, in a sick way. But that “hug” felt good. He quickly recovered, got off me, and pulled out as he stood. Oddly, very oddly, my ass felt empty. I was wallowing in two sensations, the need to cum (I was so hard) and the emptiness I felt in my ass with nothing in it. That emptiness was my dominant sensation. Weird. I had a raging boner, but my thoughts were occupied with the fact that my ass was empty. Weird.

As Todd pulled out a huge black butt plug from his bag and held it up to my face, he announced, "I’m going to jam this fat plug up your pussy hole. It will keep all of today’s cum from leaking out of your hole. Every time you move, you will feel that butt plug and know you have our cum in your pussy, ass, belly, and on your breath.” OK, I wanted something up my asshole, but that butt plug was too big. I thought it would split me open! I guess Todd knew a lot about sex toys and pussy boys because he shoved that black plug in my ass slowly, over my plea to please stop. My ass finely swallowed the huge bulbous head section to relax and tightly secure the narrower, recessed part into my hole. It was not coming out, and gladly, it no longer hurt. I was feeling uncomfortably erotic if that makes sense. Weird. Why wasn’t the huge plug as painful as hell as I thought it would be?

Then Todd went to his little bag again and pulled out some small contraption of leather straps and snaps. “It’s a cock and ball harness I got for you. I wasn’t sure we’d reach this point so fast, but here we are.” Then he strapped the larger straps around my dick and balls together and the smaller straps around the top of my ball sack to separate them from my dick. Finally, the smaller, single strap – snap still dangling – was snapped into place between my two balls, separating them from front to back. So my dick and each ball were separated as if they were now fully on display.

“You are rock hard now. This cock harness will help you stay hard anytime you feel the slightest sensation in your balls or dick. Your dick will expand like a pussy boy’s dick should. The other benefit is that your junk will be thrust out from your groin when you have clothes on, giving you a nice bulge and causing you to look like the cock-sucking, cum-hungry fag you are. Guys will look at you all boned-up under your pants zipper and know that your only goal in life is to suck them dry.” I was amazed. I looked at the leather contraption and saw that it made me harder. I wanted to climax, but somehow, I knew it wasn’t in Todd’s plan.

“Now lick me clean fag boy.” I did without hesitation. My reasoning went from, “Who do you think I am? I’m not doing that!” to just responding as I was trained to. As I started licking, it took me just a moment to realize that he just secured a black leather dog collar around my neck, not with the snap of a fastener, but with the click of a tiny padlock. I could think of no reason to speak up. To be more accurate about it, my brain never processed a thought about it. “There you go. I don’t want your dress shirt to cover this up, so you’ll wear your shirt unbuttoned at the neck, with no tie, of course.” Todd paused and added, “Now, what do you say? We need to go to our training class.”

Was he kidding? ‘WHAT DO I SAY!’ I became Justin’s cunt-fag, cock-sucking whore… WITHOUT ANY SAY! But… I admit there is something right about that, primarily serving Justin. But that’s a private matter. Do they expect me to go to our work-related seminar all boned up and… and… wearing a dog collar? Then it occurred to me. What about my climaxing and getting some relief so my dick can go down? And I need a shower, too. They had their fun and showers, and I was sweaty and stinky, covered in cum, spit, and sweat. I think there is cum in my hair. I started to tear up when I looked down and saw my dick was harder than ever and leaking. It was not just the harness contraption doing it. It was ME! Fuck! What a sucking slut-cunt I had become. And where is my suitcase and nice clean clothes for the meeting? I saw Justin and Todd bring in theirs, but I don’t remember grabbing mine. Is it still in the trunk of the car? I was trying to remember which suit I had brought, and if I had remembered to bring my brown dress shoes, and…

My thoughts were interrupted when Justin and Todd came into the room together. Both were dressed sharply in sports coats and slacks. And I, still on the bed, fifthly, boned-up, my hair full of goo, and wearing a dog collar, a butt plug, and a cock-and-ball harness, looking around the room for my clothes. The seminar started in 30 minutes.

I asked Justin if I could clean up and prepare for the company seminar. But Justin had planned his next step with Todd’s devilish hand in it.

“Oh, yes, and… no. We are all attending a training seminar, but Todd’s and mine are downstairs in the convention hall. Your training seminar is here, in this room, and… lucky for you, you are already appropriately dressed for yours. We will have to make a few adjustments and leave you alone to experience your training program. We, unfortunately, will be down in the conference hall, learning all the boring company stuff.”

The Hitcher
Part 5 of 5

I tried to protest, but all my protests thus far have only brought me down to this point, the lowest point in my life. Protesting never worked with Todd; now, I’m sure it would not work with Justin, either.

The two of them approached me. I tried to explain how I could get fired if I did not attend the seminar. That was the last I was able to speak clearly. Todd picked up his bag of gadgets. This time, he pulled out what looked like a back cylinder (about 1.75 inches in diameter, three inches long), so a stubby, black plastic pipe with two straps dangling.

I scrunched up my face wondering what it was. Without forewarning, he said, “Open,” and I did. Then he shoved it in my mouth, about two inches deep, and strapped it securely behind my head. As I now realized, it was a hollow tube, which depressed my tongue and stuck out my mouth about one inch. It prevented me from closing my mouth, and he tested it by sticking a few fingers in my mouth, deep enough to touch the back of my tongue. It would allow a good-sized dick to comfortably slide into my mouth, and I could do nothing about it. My teeth were on the outside of the hollow, stubby tube, so any dick would be protected from being scratched by my teeth.

Weirdly, I was amazed by the diameter. It was the perfect size for an adult mouth. Any fatter and would not fit into my mouth, or my jaw would be dislocated. As it is, my mouth was fully held open, making me totally helpless to prevent whatever anyone chose to put into my mouth tube-gag. I was panicked about the tube forcing my compliance. I did not know what was going on. I tried to scream, but all that came out was “HAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAA!” It was not even that loud. It was more of a horse-hushing sound. I was sure no one in the hallway could even hear me. Justin and his long-time buddy, Todd, continued with whatever plan they had. I was still hoping that when this stunt was over, I’d quickly shower and get dressed, and all three of us would go down to the seminar.

My body was already crosswise on the narrow bed, but they repositioned me onto my back and made adjustments. They positioned me so my head (at the middle of one side of the bed) was just a little off the bed, my neck rested down over the rounded corner of the mattress, and the back of my head was at a slight downward angle, so my chin was pointed at the ceiling. It took a lot of energy for me to lift and hold my head up level. I just let it relax as they placed it, which caused my throat to open more fully. But the purpose of this position never dawned on me. I was too busy trying to figure out all the futzing here and there.

I kept wanting to close my mouth, but the stiff, rubber cylinder thing would stay where it was and keep my mouth open for as long as I was forced to wear it. So here I was, lying sideways across my bed, my head slightly hanging off one side and my feet off the other. I had a tube gag locking my mouth open wide. My cock and balls were all strapped up, and I had a huge butt plug up my ass. What the fuck!

Both guys were working on me. They had an exact plan and must have discussed it in detail. Each knew what he was doing. Todd was giving directions occasionally to Justin. “OK, I brought many six-foot pieces of rope, so let’s start at this end.” I freaked out. They were going to tie me up with a ton of rope! I began to freak out! No! No bondage! Period! But, of course, it came out, HAA! HAA HAAAAAAA! HAA HAAAAAAAA! HAAAAAA!”

The two guys came over to stand by my head. “OK, as we discussed, let’s tie each wrist pulled toward the floor. So, you secure his right wrist to the bottom leg of the headboard, and I’ll tie his left wrist to the bottom leg of the footboard.” Each took what looked like a quarter-inch white cotton rope and did as planned. “Make sure it’s tight, Justin, and don’t worry, with this type of soft rope, he can stay like this for days, and his blood circulation will not be affected. So, he’ll be fine.” Justin just calmly nodded.

I COULD BE TIED HERE FOR DAYS! My mind was swirling. I was drifting in a cloud of confusion. But somehow, I would accept whatever they would do to me. I was not even paying close attention. Don’t ask me what’s happening. Fuck, I don’t know anything. No one consulted me. No one asked my permission.

When they finished, my arms were stuck outward and downward to opposite legs of the bed, while my legs were up high in the air. It was comfortable in an awkward way, but I could not move my legs or arms. My head rested comfortably over the edge of the mattress, and my chin was upward.

I wasn't thinking the obvious, that my mouth hole was lined up for throat fucking. I would realize later that these hotel beds were fairly high off the floor. Which would put my head, I mean, my mouth hole at fuck-level, at least for a shorter man. Anyone taller would only have to bend his knees a bit. But stupid me, I only thought about getting out of this and attending the seminar… on time!

Then, Todd directed, “OK, now that his arms are secured down and properly stretched out, let’s fix his legs in the correct position.” They went to the other side of the bed where my feet were. I thought they were going to do something with my feet. But Todd took a long leather strap which I didn’t see where that came from. He secured it around my waist, right above my hips, just where one would wear a belt if he wore pants. But I was totally naked. I heard tinkling sounds, so I strained my neck a lot to look. It had a couple chrome D-rings attached to it. The belt was securely but comfortably fastened around my waist.

Then they each picked up one of my feet and brought them over to the side of the bed as my wrists were tied. So I was doubled over in half, causing my knees to nearly rest on my chest. Justin tied a rope around my left ankle and the other end to the top of the footboard post, while Todd looped the rope around my right ankle and tied the other end to the top headboard post. I was doubled over, not uncomfortable, but awkwardly. Since all four of my limbs were now tied to only the right side of the bed. I felt I would tumble off the bed onto my head. I mean, my feet were over my head, so it would not take much for someone to lift my jutting ass and flip me over on my head.

“Now, the hard part is done, but we need to secure his waist to keep his body stable and his ass in this position,” Told told Justin, “But first, we need to elevate his ass a bit higher. It would make his ass a lot more inviting and easier to fuck.” They both laughed. I tried to yell that this was enough. We already had sex. I screamed through the gag, “HAAAA! HAAAA! HAAAAAAAAA!” It was so muffled. I don’t think anyone in the hall could hear me.

A couple of bed pillows were firmly tucked under my lower back as they told me to make my ass stick up more. And it certainly did. I can’t imagine how silly I looked with my ass angled up like that. The elevation also increased my sense that my body would slip off the bed onto my head. Then Todd took a deep breath, “We are almost done. Soon we can go downstairs to our business seminar and leave our pussy boy alone so he can get some much-needed rest. But first, let’s finish. Justin, take another rope. Tie one end to the metal D-ring on each side of his waist belt and run the two lines down to this side bed frame. This will hold him still and in place. His waist will be secured on this side of the bed as a counter-pull, while his four limbs are secured on the other side. So I had two ropes coming off my waist strap. Each guy tied a rope to that side of the bottom bed frame. I no longer felt like I would or could fall off the bed in any direction. In fact, my hands and feet were doubled over and pulled to the right side of the bed while my hips were held firmly down and pulled to the left side. The pillows jammed under my lower back still fixed my ass in the air.

Also, tied like this, my knees and thighs were forced wide apart. Since I am trim, I could be bent over more than most guys. In the final result, my knees ended up to the sides of my chest, spreading my ass cheeks in the process. I could not see who was doing it, but one of the guys was tickling my balls. He was not pumping my dick, just teasing my tied-up balls. Then, I felt my dick start to grow and twitch. I heard chuckles. I was tightly bound, but as I stopped struggling and relaxed into the bondage, I did feel comfortable.

I must have looked appetizing to a top man, a Dom, with my legs secured wide apart, my balls tied up, and my dick fully hard and resting in full view on my chest, pointing to my head as it pulsed. FINALLY, they would let me blast my huge, pent-up load of cum. I mean, it was all so simple. They let me cum. I quickly shower, dress, and we all go to the seminar. That’s it! So let’s get to it!

“How’s my little cunt boy, all trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey?” Justin addressed me. “Do you want to cum now?”

“Oh god, yes, Justin, yes, thank you, thank you. I will be yours forever! Thank you for letting me cum.” Except... with the hollow tube gag depressing my tongue, it came out as “HAAAAA! HAAAA! HAAAAAAAA! HAAA!”

“Oh, you don’t? Well, OK, Buddy. You have a nice, long rest. You have learned a lot, and you have grown a lot, too.” I could not believe he was just going to leave me there. I pleaded with him to stay, beat me off, or at least untie me! “HAAAA! HAAAAA! HAAAAAAAA!”

“OK, Pussy Boy, no need to shout. We’re leaving. Then we will have some dinner and… I suppose you don’t want anything to eat if you just want to rest.” I was starving and thirsty, “HAAAA! HAAAA! HAAAAAAAAA!!” “OK, Pussy Boy, good night to you, too.”

Justin walked to the door. Todd took a few steps to me and placed a sheet of paper on my chest, between my wide-open thighs. It nestled there, so it was not going to fall off me. Of course, I had no idea what the note said, but I did not care.

Then he reached down to my ass, slowly pulled out that large rubber butt plug, and wiped off the outside of my ass. “Just want you to look presentable.” What the fuck did that mean? Anyway, I was relieved and empty again, but at least I could rest. That’s all I could do. Then he went to the door and left but carelessly left the overhead lights on. Oh well.

I attempted to strain my neck to pull my head upward to look at the sheet left on my chest, but I could not see it. I hadn’t a clue what it was. I wanted to cry, not from pain, but from knowing that this was how I needed to be, not due to my individual wish but because it was Justin’s desire. I wanted to cry, but I was just so conflicted. I just started to nod off to sleep.

I was nodding off to sleep when I heard a knock on the door, followed by a shout, “Room service.” I froze and silently waited. If I just remained silent, he’ll go away. I held my breath, knowing they would soon leave. The way the bed and I were situated, my head was away from the door, and my upturned ass faced the door. My heart pounded, not wanting to be seen. Again, a young male voice, “Room service, please,” and another knock as the door slowly opened. He was coming in. He was going to see me. My first thought was this would be a disaster. But I changed my mind with a second thought. The room-service guy could untie me. I could be free. I thought that Justin would be disappointed, but this went too far. Yes. Yes, I do want to be set free. Though he was not close enough for me to see him yet, I heard him say in a youthful Latin voice, “Oh my god! You are all tied up.” The man with the nametag, ‘Diego,’ continued to come up to the bed, to my ass, and look down at me. “I never see nothing like this. Oh, what is dis?”

He leaned over, and I struggled to lean my gagged face up to see his face. He was a very handsome man. I did not make a sound yet. I wanted to hear him tell me he would release me or call the police. Whichever he wanted was fine with me. Then he pointed to the paper on my chest as he read it, mumbling to himself. I did not hear him, so I still did not know that it said:


Then a pause, “So… you want me to help you out?”

I was so happy I just spoke and told him, “Oh, yes, please, Diego, untie me. It was all a big prank. Thank you, thank you.” But with the large tube gag, it came out as “HAAAA! HAAAAA! HAAAAAAA! HAAAA! HAAAAA! HAAAAAAAA!” I guess the Latin bellboy understood me because he walked around the bed to my head. I stared up at him, and he smiled. He pulled slightly at the ropes, I guess trying to figure out how to untie me. I told him, “Thank you, thanks so much – “HAAAAAAA! HAAAA! HAAAAA! HAAAAAAAA!”

He smiled more, placed his hand on my messy hair, and petted my head. His other hand slipped into my mouth hole-gag, and he felt the inside of my mouth. I had closed my eyes as I imagined him untying me. I could not keep holding my neck up and finally let it fall back a little off the end of the mattress, so I could relax my neck for a while.

“Oh, you let your head down. You welcome Mexican cock. Yes, you want me to fuck mouth pipe hole. I see.


“Mi amigo, calm down. I see you want. No worries. Mr. Todd tell me you love Mexcian cock. You get your hole filled. I please you much.”

I felt something on my face, like his hand, but it was not his hand. He had unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. I really had enough of this. “HAAA. HAAAA! HA!”

“Jes, I see what you what. Be patient. I do your wish, mi amigo.” I then felt him stick his dick in my mouth tube. And he slowly moved it in and out, but just a few inches. Then he got braver and pushed it in farther. He had to squat a bit but pushed his dick to the back of my throat. With my head backward and my chin pointing to the ceiling, it opened my throat and made a straight line for his dick. I was gagging a little.

“HA! HA! HA! HA!” But then it got harder to breathe when he leaned over my chest and touched my harnessed dick. His leaning forward pushed his dick all the way to my throat and blocked my airway.

I now could not make a sound. I was trying to move my chest up and down to signal I could not breathe. But then he became fascinated with my tied-up, bobbing dick. After all, when he leaned over me to fuck my mouth hole deeply, his mouth ended up on my dick, which he began to lick.

FUCK!!!! WHY IN FUCK SANK DOESN’T HE JUST SUCK ME OFF! On the one hand, I could not breathe. On the other hand, he was driving erotically insane, licking my hair-trigger dick. “HAAAAAAAA! HAAAA! HAA! HAAAAAA! HAA! Which means, suck me the fuck off!

My dick was happy, bobbing, dancing, dribbling, and leaking precum. Maybe so much precum that it scared him into thinking I would shoot at any minute. Of course, I had no idea of the note’s warning not to allow me to shoot. But he knew that. Plus, at that moment, I was about to pass out! from a lack of air. Finally, he backed off and pulled his dick from my mouth tube. He must have heard me gasping for air. Or did he interpret that as my expression of ecstasy? My chest continued to rise and fall deeply as I pumped air into my lungs.

“You has mucho lovely dick. You want me yes to go on? Work it? Or you want me care for it for you. Make mucho happy. Or make you no cum?” I nodded my head to tell him to bring me off, suck me off.

“So, yes? You want me no climax you, only tease, si? OK, it you birthday. I care for you no cum.”

I shook my head wildly back and forth to not stop. I moaned and HAA, HAAed.

“Ok, mi amigo, I tease you, no wories. Ah… I lick tus bolas, yes?”

I didn’t know what he meant, but I nodded yes so he’d climax me. Then I felt his tongue on my balls. Oh… ‘bolas’… balls.

My dick was dancing, bobbing, and twitching as he licked my balls and even behind my balls. My entire body shook and trembled.

I just stopped trying to get him to do anything. I stopped trying to communicate. I just fucking surrendered. Maybe Justin and Todd were correct. I need to just fucking do as others tell me to. Now I was so turned on I just moaned continuously through my mouth tube, which must have sounded like a bull elephant’s mating call. I could not stop humming and groaning with pleasure. My body jerked and flinched like a lively fish on a hot pavement. I was out of control, or otherwise, under his control.

“Oh, sir. Yes, note say you nosies ask me to fuck you hard. Yes, mi amigo. I care for you to enjoy.”

He moved around to my stuck-up ass, and I noticed his dick was as hard as it could be. He spoke in a kind tone, “But, Sir, I must to care, especial to help you, no?” This time I didn’t nod or shake my head. I was his, regardless. He placed his hard dick against my asshole entrance and then slowly shoved it in. My ass had lube from Justin’s turn at fucking me. Fuck! That felt good. Fuck! A fucking stranger in a fucking hotel comes into my room without my permission. He began to fuck me. What a fucking piece of shit I am. God, I love it.

He pumped and pumped. Again, he placed his hands to tease my throbbing dick. “You no worry, Sir, I especial care to you wants. I no let you shoot. Me mucho like to see that. But I respect you no want.”

Shit, he felt good. But then he began to explain Todd’s plan. “When Mr. Todd say you wanted especial Mexican room service, he say go to this room, and I see you especial need care. He say, you no tip me, cause he will.” The bellboy was fucking my ass slowly as he leaned over to tongue-tease my hard, trembling dick.

I was trying to push my hips upward to get him to suck my dick firmly and let me shoot. But the waist strap Todd put around e held me tightly down to the bed. Then he started sucking my dick making slurping noises. I started making louder noises, not to try to say anything, but I was in a sex-crazed frenzy. I was approaching climax… FINALLY! He let my dick head slip out of his mouth when I was on the verge of climax. And then he grunted and grunted, and his body went stiff in one long-held thrust. He climaxed! He had a great time. I did enjoy it, but I wish I could have climaxed, too. Maybe what Todd and Justin meant about me being trained was to realize that I couldn’t be selfish enough to just cum whenever I wanted. I guess I am learning my place.

He walked around to where my head was hanging off the bed. I guessed he was going to say goodbye. Instead, he picked up a water bottle from the bedside table and started to drink. He was taking long gulps. “Haaaa haa haaaaaaa.” Then he asked me, “Are you thirsty?” I nodded yes. “OK, Sir, I no do this before, but I here to do your wish. Mr. Todd say I get big tip if you pleased.”

Without another word, he dropped his now flaccid dick into my mouth hole tube and just waited. I figured he wanted me to suck his dick clean, so I waited for him to let his dick slip down further into my mouth tube so I could suck it for him. My air was not cut off, so I was not panicked. Fuck! Then I felt his piss stream down my throat! Shit! What am I, some fucking toilet? I tried swallowing as fast as I could and managed to drink it all, though some came out of my nose.

“OK, Sir. I go back to work now. You please say to Mr. Todd, Diego I make you happy? So I get big tip? Si? And, before I go, you want anything? You satisfy? Mr. Todd say he may come in here when I leave. To see if I do good job and left you happy.” Then the handsome Latino bellboy looked down at my semi-flaccid dick. Drinking pee may be my new job, but it is not an erotic thing for me. So my dick got mostly deflated, which actually felt good. At least my dick was relaxed. Finally, I would be left alone. “Oh no, Sir. Your dick is no happy. It my fault. Wait. I fix for you.”

I really wanted him to go and leave me alone. I had way too much training for one day. I told him, “No, my dick is fine. Thank you.” And, of course, it came out, “HAAAAAAA! HAAAA! HAAAAA! HAAAAAAAA!”

“Patient, sir, Diego fix.” Then he took the body lotion on the bed table and started to put lotion on my dick. He just used his hands. Fuck! It felt so wonderful and cool. All his fingers of both hands were tickling my dick and balls and poking my asshole making me very hard again and twitching. “Si, I care buno for you. Happy. No? You want more?”

I tried one more time to shake my head yes, violently to tell him, “Yes! Diego! Make me Cum! HAA ! HAAAAAAAAAAA! HAAAA!” He smiled and felt he was doing as I asked him. He teased and lightly pumped my dick shaft one more time, but no luck because he did itso lightly. I nodded again to signal for him to do it more, and firmer until I climaxed.

He bent over and licked my balls and perineum as his hand slowly, agonizingly slowly, rubbed my dick. I was so hard, so rigid. I was dripping pre-cum like a fountain. Then he let go to watch my bound-up dick dance, jerk, beg, and plead to be allowed to shoot. Then he did something cute. He stood up straight and tall and saluted my dick as it saluted him. He said, “Adios.’ And then he added, “I will call for you next bellboy in 20 minutos, as Mr. Todd instruct. He say you want one visitor each hour, during night.”

I screamed, “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” My dick was jerking forward and backward, standing proudly, jerking, and slowly dripping my fagot pussy precum.

“Oh, Sir, no thank me, Sir. I just care bueno you room service … as you desire.”

He replaced the note on my chest and left. I rested. About 20 minutes later, I was jarred back to alertness with a sharp knock on the door. “Room service.” And the lock clicked open, and a blonde bellboy, maybe 30, entered. At first, he was shocked to see me and came over to help untie me. But then he saw the note and read it aloud. What a big fucking smile came to his face. As he licked his lips, I said, “Please, untie me and let me rest,” which came out of my mouth tube as, “HAAAA! HAAAA! HA! HAA! HAAAA! HAAAA!

The man, whose name tag read ‘Terry,’ joyfully shouted, “Oh yes, Sir! Terry here for your special 45 minute room service!

The end

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