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The Descent of Lucas Hunt
Part 1 of 8

It just seems a fact of life. Some of us are born into wealth and privilege, and some are born into blue-collar hardship. What's important is not who we are when we come into this world but who we become on our journey through life. Try to tell that to Lucas Hunt, a 17-year-old junior in high school. He was a good-looking lad who attracted the goggling eyes of many girls in his class. But Lucas didn't date the girls from his school or anywhere else because he could not afford to take them out. He came from an impoverished family, and the economic crunch hadn't helped any.

He was bright. Lots of people were impressed that Lucas got a scholarship and did so well his first two years at Carter High School, but some of the rich boys at the school were not so pleased. They felt it was demeaning to the school to have someone in Lucas' class getting a higher academic average than they had. It especially irked Dean Hobart, the handsome senior jock hero of the same school. What irked him even more was that Lucas was starting to attract the attention of some of the freshman girls that Dean had designated in his mind for his big fat dick. Dean loved to fuck the freshman girls.

Truth be told, Dean loved to fuck girls younger than freshmen, but he didn't do it often because he didn't want to end up in jail. His dad could have fixed it if he got in trouble. However, still, he didn't want any scandal for his wealthy family to deal with. Shit, his Dad was fifty-six and, on occasion, would fuck a seventeen-year-old himself. Dean and his dad even fuck dumb teen sluts together sometimes. But Dean had always had all the younger girls at Carter High drooling over his big jock dick. Now, suddenly, several of the chicks had made comments that Lucas Hunt was charming and that they would like to date him. Dean decided to turn his jealousy into a plan of action and degrade Lucas to no end.

Dean's dad was the wealthiest industrialist in the town. He owned several companies and factories and had money coming out of his ass. In fact, most of the poor families in the town had at least some members working for Dean's Dad. The stores owned by Dean's father also extended credit to many of the families, so they were always in his debt to him.

Lucas was standing at his locker going over his books for the upcoming classes when Dean sauntered up to him. Dean never just walked. He strutted. He wore very tight, high-fashion jeans, which showcased his thick jock thighs, and his round muscular ass, and “promoted” his enormous dick in a centered bulge. Dean would swagger around the locker room bare ass naked so all the guys could see how big and thick his fuck meat was. His dick was bigger than his own father's. His dick ripped open a cunt when he fucked it, especially if the girl was only 17 or 18. It was heaven for Dean to shove his huge, leaking fat fucker into a tiny hairless pussy slit and stretch it almost to the point of tearing.

The guys had always commented on what a huge, awesome cock Dean had. Many students said this. After all, they had to butter up Dean because their dads worked for Dean's Dad. But still, it was true. He would walk his muscular young athlete’s body around the locker room, and his fat fuck meat would swing over balls the size of peaches.

When Lucas was at his hall locker, Dean sauntered up to him, his ass globes rising and falling as he moved. No one could miss his muscular pecs, outlined clearly in the tight white t-shirt, so thin that the brown of his large nipples showed through. "Morning, Lucas!"

Lucas looked around, totally surprised that Dean Hobart would even talk to him. Lucas was no slouch in the looks department, which perhaps made Dean even angrier. But Lucas looked more natural and cuter, whereas Dean was made up to be a well-groomed rich boy jock in both looks and manner. Lucas's eyes did slide down to the huge lump in Dean's pants. There was nothing gay in the look. Lucas was one hundred percent straight. He looked down just as most kids did, just because the fuck lump was so prominent.

"Listen, dude, I need your help," Dean said, his big-toothed smile flashing at Lucas.

"Ugh, sure. What's up?” Lucas was more and more amazed. Why would Dean ever need his help?

"Oh, how is your big bro doing? He got married last weekend, didn't he? "

"Yeah. It was a real nice wedding. Your dad let us use one of the party rooms at the plant." Lucas' brother and father both worked for Dean's dad.

"Yeah, that was real nice of him. My dad is super that way. So, I bet your bro is fucking up a storm now, Huh? I bet he's got his dick in his new little bride all day and night." He added a little chuckle to his broad smile. Lucas did not respond to the insult. "I don't know what that is like. I have never been married. But anyway, I am having this big party this weekend. Almost everyone will be there."

Lucas swallowed. He had not been invited to that party or any upper-class event. His large sensitive eyes squinted at Dean just a bit. What was the jock up to, he wondered.

"Listen, no insult intended, but I know your family is strapped for dough. Your dad spoke to my dad about a raise just the other day. I know you are having a hard time with the economy in such shitty shape, and jobs are not easy to find. Well, I thought you might want to come over on Saturday, help me set up for the party, and do some stuff for me. I can pay you pretty well."

"Naw, thanks. I'm pretty busy this weekend." He smiled at the senior jock. Lucas may have been poor, but he would not put himself under Dean's thumb. That would just be too humiliating. He would not stoop that low. He would try to get a job in one of Dean's dad's factories over the summer. But he would not personally serve Dean.

"What you going to do, sit around all weekend and watch your brother fuck his new bride?"

"I don't think that is a very nice thing to say!" Lucas turned away.

"Just joking, man! Come on, dude, lighten up. I am trying to be nice here. You can hang around for the party after. My folks are out of town for the weekend, and I need lots of help setting stuff up. Be a good guy and just say yes!" He slapped Lucas gently on the back, and then his hand lingered on Lucas' naked neck, in sort of a pinch and hold grip, but not hard. He wanted to show power, but subtly.

"Thanks for the offer, but no thanks." Lucas closed his locker and was ready to move away.

Dean stiffened. "I don't think you understand. This is not a request. You will come to my house at nine o'clock Saturday morning to help me." Lucas was stunned by his tone. Who was Dean to command him? He was about to walk away, but Dean continued his grip and told him, “Do I have to spell it out for you, dude? Both your brother and dad work for my dad. What would you suppose would happen if they both lost their jobs? Times are so hard right now, and your bro just married some young slut. Also, your dad is deeply in debt to mine. You would lose your home, everything. That would be a terrible shame."

"You are kidding me, right?" Lucas could not believe what he was hearing. "This is a joke!"

"I just want to be your pal. If you come over and help me Saturday, it will give us a chance to bond as buddies. You are such an outsider. Let's make this work."

"You want to be my friend? You just told me if I didn't help you with your stupid party, you would have my dad and brother fired. And you want to be my friend?"

Dean smiled. "I'm spoiled. I'm not used to rejection. Now, I expect you to be on time Saturday. Nine o'clock sharp. Okay? If you behave, your family will continue to be safe." Dean didn't even wait for an answer. He just cruised off to chat with some young chick with big tits. Lucas stood there opened-mouthed and stunned.

At nine o'clock Saturday morning, Lucas walked up to the front door of a mansion built some fifty years ago with Mediterranean-style architecture. It had lots of stained glass and gaudy, ornate wood trim. He knew the home from before, that it was owned by the Hobarts, but had never been invited there nor even approached the front door. He rang the bell, which sounded musical chimes. It took a few minutes for someone to answer, but then Dean opened the door. He was wearing very small tight white gym shorts, and his cock and balls were obscenely on display. The entire shape of his genitals was right there up front. The shorts were so tight on his ass that they went up the ass crack. He wore a wife-beater t-shirt that showed off his flexed muscular arms. Sprouts of hair hung out from under his armpits. He brushed one hand through his hair and cracked that big friendly smile.

"Hi. Right on time. I like that. I may have to speak to my dad about a raise for your father. That would be cool, huh? Come on in." Lucas didn't know if he was being jerked around and did not respond with words. "I hope you cleared the whole day. I got lots for you to do. And then, of course, you can stay for the party. Maybe you can help, serve drinks and stuff."

"Look, Dean, I'll help you for a while, but I am not a waiter or anything."

Dean patted Lucas on the ass. He reached out and slapped the butt of the teenager only one year younger. "You are if I say you are." He quipped.

In the huge kitchen, there were four bags of garbage piled. "Empty this garbage. Just throw it in the dumpsters. You better sort through it to ensure the recycles are separate. You don't mind, do you? Then after you finish that, meet me on the circle drive."

Dean expected Lucas to sort through his garbage. Lucas shook his head, grabbed the trash bags several times, brought them out to a trash area, and then looked down at them. His hair fell across his forehead. He scratched his head but got to work. He had thought about this long and hard and knew he had little choice. He could not put his family's security at risk. He was trapped for the present.

On the circle drive, all the neighborhood could see were three gleaming new cars, including a BMW. Dean was standing there shaking his head in disgust when Lucas joined him. "Got the garbage out, Okay? Good, we usually have a spic to take care of that stuff, but he's off today. I wouldn't be caught dead taking out the garbage. Just the thought of it makes me want to puke. Anyway, look at those cars. Nice new cars like that, and they look like shit. All covered with grime and dirt. "

"They look pretty clean to me," Lucas said.

"Naw, they need to be washed. That can be your next task to help. Wash them really good so all the kids can see how beautiful they are when they arrive tonight. There is a bucket and sponge and hose and shit over there. Do a real good job now. I got to call up some of the girls coming tonight and line up some fucks for my buddies. If you need me, I'll be on the phone." Dean turned and walked a few steps. Lucas stared at him with fire in his handsome eyes.

Dean turned back. "Oh, what an ass I am. You can't wash those cars in your nice clothes. You'll get them all wet and messed up for the party. Better strip down to your underpants."

Lucas blinked. "What? What did you say? You want me to wash the cars in my underwear?"

"I don't want you to mess up your good clothes. You probably don't have all that many, to begin with. I noticed at school that your wardrobe is rather limited. So, shuck out of those duds and get to work, boy. There is lots to do today."

"I will not take off my clothes out here for the entire neighborhood to see. I won't do it." The way the house was set on the property put the house back a distance from the street, as one might expect a mansion would be. But the part of the circular driveway where the cars were parked was near the sidewalk. It was as if they had been placed there for maximum exposure for anyone walking or driving by to admire.

"Think about it, Lucas. Do you really mean that? What will your poor bro do with a new wife and no job? And your mom and little sis losing their house. Think of the shame your father will feel. Do you want to push the envelope? Now? With me? Come on, be a sport and strip down your underpants for me.” Then he thought, “Oh my God, you ARE wearing underpants, aren't you? Or are you too poor to have underpants? Maybe you and your brother take turns wearing the one pair you guys have, huh? Remember, I can engineer a nice raise for your dad and bro to express my appreciation for your help and cooperation. Soon you'll all be able to afford your own underpants!" Suddenly his face grew serious. "Now, strip before I lose my patience."

Lucas blinked. "Dean, this is so stupid." He felt like he wanted to cry but knew he didn't dare. He would never fall apart in front of Dean. He kicked off his trainers and peeled off his white socks. He reached up and peeled off his t-shirt. He stood there bare-chested, his nipples hardening in the morning air. His breathing grew heavy. This was harder to do than one might expect and so fucking stupid to have to strip in front of a schoolmate - an arrogant bastard.

Dean smiled. "You're doing fine. Now the pants! Besides, people driving will see you in your undies and assume you're wearing a bathing suit. What else do people wear while washing a car?"

"Last time! Just strip off the pants and get about your work. I got to make those phone calls. The teen twats are waiting to hear from me." Dean stood there with his hands on his hips. His muscles flexed. Lucas shrugged, pretending not to care, but the trickling sweat dripping from his armpits was from fear, not from the heat. He undid his belt and opened his jeans. He peeled them down and stepped out of them.

"Oh my, you wear Jockey briefs, huh? Most straight dudes wear boxers, Lucas. We think Jockeys are kind of faggoty. Still, it's your choice.” The jockeys were way too tight. Yes, he tended to outgrow his clothes. “You look damned good in them. Your ass and basket show real clear. Toss your clothes to me, and I will take them inside so they don't get all wrinkled." Dean took Lucas' clothes, leaving the high school junior standing there in just his white underpants. Lucas felt completely vulnerable and obscene. His eyes scanned the houses nearby. Anyone looking out the windows could see him standing in nothing but underwear. He didn't look down, so he did not notice that he was presenting a nice full package that could be seen through the thin cotton material.

Lucas glanced up at the front porch where Dean was standing, talking on his cell as he nonchalantly rubbed his dick through his white gym shorts. As Dean was about to get inside, he looked over and waved to Lucas and gestured for him to get washing. Lucas turned and picked up the bucket. He filled it with water and got to work on the first car. Soon he had soap suds running off his smooth muscular body. It was true that his clothing would have gotten soaked. There were holes in the hose, and water spurted everywhere. His cotton briefs got wet, and to Lucas' dismay, the flesh color of his cock showed through, as did his dark pubic hair just above it. Lucas was frustrated and humiliated. He swore he would somehow get back at Dean, but when and how was not yet clear in his mind.

Lucas finished with the first car and moved on to the second, closer to the street. Now anyone passing by would see him, and as it was approaching 10 a.m., more and more people were leaving their homes. An older woman stood and stared at him for a moment, then walked on, shaking her head in disgust. Then the door to the Hobart's home opened, and Dean came out again. He was now wearing tight jeans, hugging his muscular legs and ass. He still had on the wifebeater and was still on the phone.

"Yeah, Marcy, if you are a real good bitch tonight, I might let you lick my balls! I know how much you love that. I'll make sure they're nice and sweaty for you, you sweet little cock whore you." Dean laughed. He hung up and then stood watching Lucas.

"Yo, Lucas, my man, how's it going? You know, I got to apologize to you. How stupid it was of me to make you wash those cars in your underpants. That was really insensitive of me. I am sorry, buddy."

Lucas stood there with his naked chest covered in soap suds. Water dripped from his nearly transparent wet underpants. He curled his naked toes on the cement driveway to control his temper. He wanted to deck the asshole. Dean was only one year older than he, yet he acted like a fucking god.

"I can see what a mistake it was for me to make you wash the cars in your panties. Shit, they are soaked, and I can see your dick and balls right through the material. The whole fucking neighborhood can see it, and I got delivery guys coming any minute to bring food for the party. What the fuck would they think, seeing your dick right through the material?"

Lucas suddenly brought his hands together in front of his dick. He was a pretty shy boy. Just a few nights ago, he came out of the bathroom at their small home after showering. He thought he was home alone in the house. He had forgotten about his new 18-year-old sister-in-law being there with him at the time. He walked out of the bathroom naked and stood frozen in the hallway. There she was, staring right at his naked body. He saw her eyes go down to his dick. His new sister-in-law was staring at his naked dick and balls! She quickly looked away, blushing. "Sorry, Rosa," he had muttered and ran down the hall, his ass cheeks rolling toward his room.

"Anyway, dude, I apologize. And I brought you something else to wear, so you don't wreck your only pair of underpants. Here, you can go into the garage and put these on!"

In his hand was a thong, a kind of silk or satin, brightly colored posing strap like gay models wear. It was tiny with just a string in the rear that would go up the ass crack. It was obscene in and of itself and looked too small for any normally endowed male.

"Are you crazy? Are you nuts, Dean? You want me to wear that? Outside? Here? I'll get arrested."

The Descent of Lucas Hunt
Part 2 of 8

"Don't be stupid. You are on private property, and all the essentials will be covered. Well, almost!" Dean laughed again. "Take it and go put it on, or I swear to God, I will make you strip and wash the last two cars bare-ass naked. I am not fucking kidding!" Dean's voice shifted instantly from a cheerful buddy-buddy warmth to a cold, ruthlessness tone.

Lucas' hand shook as he took the bright pink posing pouch. He willed his hand to be steady, but it would not obey him. He was scared, and Dean could see it. "Come on, Lucas. You can do this. I have confidence in you. Show me you got what it takes, and I promise to make things good for your family. Use the garage. And hurry, we got a shitload of work ahead of us."

Lucas took the tiny thong into the garage. It was more like a G-string with a string back. He stood there frozen, water dripping from his handsome body, looking at the posing pouch. He peeled off his wet underpants. His dick flopped down over his balls, and water dripped from his teenage scrotum. What could he do? He lifted one of his large teenage feet, stepped into the posing strap, and stepped into it with the other. It was so tiny; he could hardly pull it up over his thighs and hips. The pouch in the front was so small that his fat dick and big-boy balls pushed the material out obscenely like a tent. When he moved sharply, one nut or the other would plop out from the side of the pouch.

The pouch rode so low that all his pubic hair and even a bit of his dick root were obvious. The string going up his crack in the back emphasized his round full teenage-ass globes. Now he wanted to cry. His legs felt weak. He heard Dean calling him from outside to hurry. On naked feet, wearing this grossly faggoty posing pouch, Lucas returned to the driveway.

“Here,” Dean roared with laughter as he put out his hand, “give me those wet panties so I can dry them for you.” And Lucas did. Dean took in the full view of the boy, “That's much better. You look, darling, Lucas. Jesus, I can see everything. Now finish the cars, but don't rush. I want a careful job. If they are not perfect, I will only make you do them all over again. I have to go inside and pick out a wardrobe for tonight. I'll see you in about forty minutes. And when the teenage boys come with the food from the store, just show them the way to the kitchen, will you? You might know some of them from around town."

Lucas was too shaken up to notice that Dean did not go back to the front door but instead went around to the side of the house where the trash area was. There he went to one of the trash cans, lifted the lid, and placed the wet Jockey briefs on top of Lucas' other clothes. Dean thought, “What does he need those rags for anyway.” Then he replaced the lid on the trash can.

Lucas tried to hide behind the cars as much as he could, but two boys about twelve riding by on bikes whistled and called him a fucking faggot. An elderly couple passed and shouted that he was shameful. Three teenage girls giggled and pointed. Lucas was mortified. But just as he was finishing the last car, the horror escalated. A van pulled up, and three teenage boys got out. Lucas knew two of them from his school. They were “tough guys” who were occasionally in detention for one reason or another. They started to haul the boxes of food out of the van when Lucas approached them.

"Holy Fucking Christ! Get a load of this guy!" Shouted one cute sixteen-year-old he knew.

"Holy Fucking Shit, its Lucas Hunt the Cunt.” That was what the mean kids called him at school. “Yo, Lucas, what the fuck you dressed like a fucking faggot in that fairy hot pink string thing for?" The teenage delivery boys could not believe their eyes. That thin satin-posing pouch was mind-blowing. Lucas wanted to die. He was so humiliated. He knew these guys were going to be trouble. They were lower-income kids, just like he was; only he had gotten a scholarship. And they somewhat resented it. "Hi guys, I'm just washing Dean's cars for him. Helping him out ..." It sounded so fucking lame. Lucas didn't know if it was soapsuds and hose water running down his well-built body or the sweat of fear and humiliation.

"Dude, you are washing Dean Hobart's cars for him like some fucking servant dressed in a silk pink pouch like some God-damned fairy. I think this needs an explanation." The three tough teens could not help looking at Lucas' posing straps. It left nothing to the imagination. Bright pink, incredibly thin material showed the complete outline of the boy's hefty teenage cut dick. The cock head was clearly outlined. It was so tiny that even an inch of prick root was visible at the top. Lucas' pubic hair looked wild above it, like it was bursting out of the pouch. And speaking of bursting out, when the self-conscious boy moved even the slightest wrong way, one of his balls would slip out on either side. The fact the material was silky meant it was also slippery. He was outside, on the driveway of a wealthy neighborhood, washing the cars of some fucking rich kid. And now his old trouble-making “buddies” were laughing at him.

"Boys, please bring those groceries inside, and don't bother the help. He has work to do!" Dean's voice cut through the crisp morning air. The help! THE HELP! THE FUCKING HELP! That was what Dean called Lucas. And there was nothing the confused teen could do about it.

"Finish up out here, Lucas, and then come into the kitchen. I want you to sort out the food for tonight." Dean, looking hunky as hell in his skin-tight jeans and tee, led the way into the house, followed by the three delivery boys. Lucas curled his big toes on the wet cement of the driveway. He wanted to die. The story of how he looked and what he was doing would be all over town by tonight. What would all the girls think? How could he face anyone? What would his family think?

Lucas had had enough of being outside. The fucking cars were spotless anyway. He cleaned the last windshield and then headed inside. The delivery boys were lounging around the kitchen, having a beer. That seemed odd. None of the boxes had been unpacked. Dean was telling them about some girl he had fucked.

"You know, you guys are pretty cool.” Dan told them, “I apologize that I never realized that. You wanna come to my party tonight?"

"Na, it's out of our league. We'd just feel out of place with all those hockey boys and rich cunt holes. But thanks anyway." Tony said.

Dean smiled. "Have another beer. Is there anything I can do for you? "

Tim, a lean kid with long red hair, spoke up. "Well, there is. You can talk to your dad about getting us summer jobs in one of his plants. That would change our whole lives. Delivering groceries sucks!"

Dean smiled and high-fived the kid. "Done. In fact, there may be some openings soon. Lucas' father and brother may be leaving one of the plants."

Lucas froze in the doorway as he heard that. He knew his family would be ruined if he and his brother lost their jobs. He knew he also needed summer work at one of Hobart's plants. “Ah … Dean? Could I have my clothes back now?” Lucas muttered.

"Oh, Lucas. You finished the cars. Good boy. ‘No’ on the clothes, they are being laundered.” Of course, that was a lie; they were in the trash can. “Will you get in here and start unpacking and sorting the groceries for tonight's party? The liquor will arrive in a few hours, and I want to get the food out of the way first."

Face red with humiliation, Lucas had to climb over the long-extended legs of the delivery boys slouched in the kitchen chairs. The teenagers chucked at his awkward maneuvers. When he raised his leg to climb over Tony, his entire ass crack opened, and his asshole could be seen. Then both his balls fell out of the pouch. He wanted to cry. It was just awful.

"Oh, Lucas, that pouch of yours doesn't fit you. I don't know why you insisted on wearing it. And it's soaking wet. Why don't you take it off, and I'll toss it in the laundry too?" Dean said.

Lucas froze. That would mean he would be bare-ass naked in front of the four teens. Gary, the largest of the boys, burst into laughter. Lucas' face became even redder. He just stood there, looking at the floor, praying that what he heard was a mistake.

Dean lowered his voice to a sexy mellow growl like he used to seduce teenage girls. "Lucas, you heard me. Lose the faggot pouch. I know I said you could wear it outside, but now it's all wet, so lose it now!" Lucas raised trembling fingers to the posing strap, slipped his finger inside the string at the hips, untied it, and lowered it. His private parts plopped free of the bright pink pouch like bouncing balls. He stood there totally naked. His teen dick was long and thick, something to be proud of. And he had nice low-hanging full young balls as well. Still, he was terrified, humiliated, and shamefully embarrassed. As he moved nervously from naked foot to naked foot, his big boy dick swung from side to side.

"There, isn't that better, Lucas? You can move more comfortably now. Go ahead, unpack the groceries, and put them away. We want to finish our beers. Oh, and Lucas, you can't leave your faggot strap on the floor. Why not put it in your mouth!"

Lucas's eyes rolled up in his head momentarily as he almost passed out from hyperventilation. He trembled and even felt a little dizzy. He had to catch himself from falling. The other boys rocked with laughter. Dean just stood there smiling, the lump in his tight jeans looking larger than ever. At that moment, Lucas truly believed that Dean Hobart was a psycho.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Dean?" Lucas said through the tears in his eyes.

"Are you sure you want that raise for your dad and bro, or would you prefer they get fired instead? Considering your posing strap's color, you might prefer they get nice … PINK ... slips!" The laughter grew in intensity. Red-headed Tim put a hand down to his large dick lump and squeezed himself through his pants. Teens often do that when they are excited. The atmosphere in the kitchen was heavy with testosterone. These dirty fucking teenage boys were having nasty thoughts. High school senior Dean Hobart had a large toothy smile. He ran a hand through his hair and stretched. "Come on, Lucas, you still have my room to clean and the bathrooms."

Lucas leaned over, his muscular young ass cheeks spreading as he did so to pick up the tiny silk pouch. He stood before the four guys and raised the strap to his mouth. He took the waist string and put it in his mouth, letting the pouch hang on his chest. Then he turned to unpack the first box.

"No, no, Lucas. Put the prick pouch in your mouth too! After all, it is only your dick sweat on it."

"Is this guy a faggot or what?" Tony asked Dean. "I mean, I've always known him as Lucas Hunt the Cunt, so … it must be true. Right?"

"Well, look at him. I used to think he was Okay, too, until one day, I caught him scoping out my fuck meat in the locker room. I don't mean just a casual glance to size me up like guys will do. No, I mean he was practically drooling like an 18-year-old cunt in heat. He couldn't take his eyes off my fat dick and huge balls." Of course, it was all lies.

"Jesus fucking Christ. I hung out with him." Tony said.

"He was probably trying to get into your pants all the time," Dean explained.

“Thath noh thlu!" Lucas shouted, but the silk pouch “gag” caused him to slur his words. He looked so stupid, totally naked, his nicely formed pecs heaving with stress, his dick swinging as he moved about. "I am noh a fahhhggg!"

"Kindly shut the fuck up, Lucas. We can't understand what you are saying with that cock strap in your mouth. And shove it all the way in, and keep it there.” Then Dean added, “And try not to brush the top of the kitchen table with your dick as you unpack the boxes. Christ, my family eats off that table. Anyway, guys, I was shocked, so I turned away, and the faggot’s eyes got even bigger when he stared at my ass. He even licked his lips."

Tim squirmed and groped his crotch again. "He probably wanted to eat your ass out! God, I'd kill anybody who tried to eat me like that!" All the guys agreed.

Dean nodded his head. "And worse, real faggots want to get fucked in the ass. He wants his ass turned into a cunt. He needs big-dicked jocks to fuck him, just like he was some brainless twat. So what I am thinking is that Hunt the Cunt wants to suck my ass. You know, bury his face in my shit hole and lick it out and then have me fuck him." All three boys stared at the naked teen with disgust. Lucas kept shaking his head no and muttering into the spit-soaked cock pouch that it wasn't true.

"So you are kind of teaching the faggot a lesson here, is that right, Dean?”

"That is exactly it, Tony. I am helping him out. I am helping him to accurately know himself. Keep unpacking the boxes, Lucas."

“But why is he going along with it? I mean, I wouldn't let anybody do this shit to me,” Gary asked, scratching one large nipple on his muscular chest through his tee shirt.

Dean took a swig of beer. "Two reasons. First, because if he doesn't, I will make sure his fucking family is ruined. They are in such debt to my dad and work for him too. Second, and more important, because secretly, faggots love this treatment. They fucking get off on it. Didn't you know that? Just like a bitch loves to get fucked rough, even though she cries and pretends not to, so a faggot may protest you're 'bullying me or forcing me.' But secretly, he gets off on it big time. Watch.” Then Dean brought the teens' attention back to Lucas. “Lucas. You put those cans on the middle shelf. You can see that shelf is for packaged goods. Cans go only on the lower shelf. Now I am going to have to punish you. I don't want to, but I have no choice. So come on over here and spread your legs. I am going to spank your balls with this wooden spoon."

The Descent of Lucas Hunt
Part 3 of 8

Lucas' ears were ringing. He thought about his recently married brother. He thought about his kind, gentle dad and his wonderful mom. He stood naked and looked toward the high school jock, posing pouch in his mouth, drool running from his chin. He looked so fucking stupid. His chest heaved.

Dean told him, "Take that stupid gag out of his mouth and come over here." He spat out the pink G-string jock-gag but was afraid to move toward Dean. "I said come here and stand with your legs apart. If you work for me, you need to learn to follow orders. Feet wide, I want to see your balls hanging there and your dick sticking out!" Ordered Dean. Lucas did have large hanging balls.

All the boys could see Lucas' balls. They were quite large. They hung full and low in a rather long sack. But more obscene was his big stiff, uncontrollable dick. Large tears ran down Lucas' cheeks.

"Now, you see, boys, from those tears, you might think Hunt the Cunt here hates what I am about to do to him. But that is just not true. Secretly he loves to get his balls beaten." One of the teens asked Dean how he knew that.

Dean shook his head. "That's just how faggots are. Tonight, he'll jerk off while thinking about me beating his nuggets. Won't you, baby?" Lucas did not react but stayed still. “Lucas? Be honest if you want your family to stay working. I won't tolerate any more lies from you from now on. I just want to hear the fucking truth, or your family will pay big time.”

Lucas knew what Dean meant. Dean wanted him to say he was a fag and loved his balls beaten. And there was no way out of it. Lucas sobbed, nodded his head, and tried to say, “Yes, sir.” That's all I wanted to hear. Now you can replace your undie gag. He did.

Dean first tapped the inside of the hunk's thighs with the large wood spoon to signal for him to spread them even wider. He did. “Now, I know you want me to beat your balls, not your dick, so you'd better hold it up out of the way.” Lucas lifted his dick, placed the mushroom head against his belly button, and kept it there. Then Dean gently tapped the bottom of Lucas' hanging scrotum with the wooden spoon as if that was all he would do to Lucas. "You know, guys, chicks would love sucking on these nuts, quite a mouthful. Too bad he's a faggot and only into serving guys. What a waste!" On the word, WASTE, Dean slapped the spoon harshly against Lucas' nuts. Lucas collapsed onto the floor with gut-wrenching pain, and the room erupted in wild laughter.

Lucas tore the pouch out of his mouth. "Please don't do this. Please stop. Dean, for the love of God, think about what you are doing. I am begging you, man, please stop."

Dean's smile broadened. "In faggot talk, that means please, 'can I have another.' He is begging for it. Lucas, put that fucking prick pouch back in your mouth, now!" He did but stayed huddled on the floor, holding his balls.

"Shit," Tony said, "this is better than playing towel snap in the locker room."

"Watch this,” Dean commanded everyone's attention, then spoke to the fallen Lucas, “If you want your balls slapped more and harder, get up and spread your legs again.”

Lucas could not refuse. He knew what Dean wanted him to do. The price would be too much to pay. So, he immediately got up and stood before Dean with his legs spread wide.

“No, let's have you stand in front of Tony. Let him have a couple of slaps. But this time, stay standing. If you fall, Tony gets to smack your balls two more times.” Lucas let Tony whack him with the spoon. And then another, and then one more. He almost fell as he cried out loud, like a little boy. “You know how excruciating the pain is when you get hit in the nuts. There is nothing quite like it. It combines nausea with coursing agony and sometimes dizziness. Lucas was bare-ass naked in a kitchen with four fully clothed teenage boys. He was getting his scrotum beaten with a wooden spoon. And his day was just starting!

"Jeez, what a fucking sissy he is. Can't even stand a little nut pain. Me and my buddies used to have contests where we punched each other in the nuts to see who could take the most pain. None of us ever cried like this cunt." Said Tony, nudging the naked boy bent over with vomit reflexes. After Tony, Tim and Gary wanted a chance. So poor Lucas was nut-whacked! Lucas could not stand; his knees gave out, and he bawled constantly.

"I think the time has come for Lucas here to show me some proper respect. He has not gotten the hang of this “ball” game. Lucas, you need to think of this as a kind of game. We are just a bunch of normal guys having a little fun. Be a sport and play along. Otherwise, you will be an outsider all your life. Now, you know I can make things good for your family. A nice raise in pay for your father and brother. Lower mortgage payments on your house. All kinds of stuff. But you have to show me that you understand who I am and show me a bit of respect. Understand?” Dean nudged Lucas with his foot. The naked boy on the floor looked up at the richest kid in town. "Now, just climb up onto your knees."

Slowly and painfully, Lucas got onto his knees. He stifled his crying. His balls hurt terribly. They hung rather low naturally and so were a perfect target for the teen's games. He felt sick to his stomach. He knelt before the high school senior, who was now ruling his world, and who stood before him clad in nothing except his skin-tight jeans.

"Good. Now you need to show these fellas that you understand our relationship. You need to show them that you respect me and honor me. Now … open my pants, Lucas."

"Oh God, no, Dean. Please! You don't want to go there. Please. I came to work for you. I did what you said. Now please leave me alone. Not this!" Lucas was cute and a little boyish when he blubbered like an infant. He knew inside what was coming.

"Open my pants, Lucas. Do it now." Dean smiled and rubbed his hard naked stomach. He was a real hunk, all right. No wonder every girl in school was after his big dick. With fresh tears in his eyes, this time not of pain but of humiliation, Lucas reached up with trembling fingers and unbuttoned the waistband of Dean's jeans. He had never undressed another guy before. He felt his fingers brush the boy's lower belly and felt the start of the kid's pubic hair against the backs of his fingers. He wanted to push Dean away and run from the house, but he also knew he was trapped. It's the price you pay for being poor and at the mercy of this upper-class asshole. And some say there are no social classes in America.

"Jesus Fucking Christ, he's going to do it!" Tony cheered and leaned in for a better look. Tim shook his head in pretend disgust while Gary muttered, "Fucking faggot," under his breath.

Lucas was not a fucking faggot. No way. Lucas was a normal straight all-American teen. But he was trapped by his social position and the tremendous money power of the Hobart family.

"Now pull down my zipper, Lucas. You see, it's not so bad. If you just do what I tell you, we can get along real well. We can be special friends. I can help you and your family a lot. You just have to get with the program. Pull that zipper way down … now.” Lucas did so with a shaking hand. Then Dean added, “Oh, and Lucas, we've got a problem here. Because my fucking dick is so huge, even with the pants open and the zipper down, it is still trapped in the jeans. It's just too fucking huge. It's also very uncomfortable. Do your new buddy a favor, will you? Reach in and take out my dick for me. Go on, don't be a scared little sissy. It's not so different from your dick. Maybe a little bigger. Go on, take out my dick, Lucas."

"Please, Dean, I am begging you; I don't want to do this." Lucas could hardly talk; he was so scared and trembling. He could see the root of Dean's fat dick right in front of his face.

"Take out my dick, Lucas!” Dean snapped, sounding a bit like an angry parent. Breathing grew heavy in the kitchen as anticipation hung in the air. Four boys waited patiently to see if Lucas would do as he had been ordered. Lucas' chest heaved with stress as he reached up and dug his fingers gently into the older boy's jeans. His fingers touched dick flesh. For the first time in his young life, the dick flesh of another boy. He curled his fingers around the fat dick and lifted it from the confining material. It plopped out and hung there, half hard, curved, almost pulsing with its own life.

"Thank you, Lucas. I feel much better now. That was a nice show of respect. My dick feels better out in the air. It is going to fuck a lot of cunt at the party tonight, and so it needs to prepare. Lucas, could you be a buddy and lift my balls out too? They need some airing as well." The quiet chuckling in the room grew louder. Tim was rubbing his crotch openly. You know how horny teenage boys get at the drop of a hat.

"This is so sick, Dean. Why are you doing this to me?"

"Don't snivel, Lucas. I hate snivelers. Just be a good boy and take my balls out." He once again dug his fingers into the trousers hanging about Dean's slender hips, and this time, he lifted out the boy's heavy loose hanging scrotum. No doubt about it, Dean Hobart was well-hung. Some guys just have everything going for them in life. Lucas knelt there before the older boy's fat dick and bloated balls. He could smell the sweat on them. Lucas felt like he wanted to die. Surly this was enough respect. Surly the sick game would stop here.

"You are doing excellent, Lucas. You are proving to me that you know how to respect a dude like me. You are proving that you want to be my friend. I am proud of you. Now, my dick feels cramped after being all stuffed in my pants. So, you may lightly massage it. Go ahead; just rub it all over gently. Lucas thought he could do that, but no more, so he put his hand on Dean's dick and rubbed it.

“No, use both hands. Good news, buddy. Gentle massage my dick. It is your Lord and Master. Worship it with your hands.” Lucas obeyed. He rubbed and massaged it, and Dean’s dick grew to a full seven inches. He was not trying to touch it erotically, just lightly massaging it as he was told. “The balls, too. Work both my dick and my balls, tickle them, rub them, and make love to them with your hands.”

Lucas was in a kind of trance. He did as told. He wanted to stop, but he waited to be told to stop. Surprisingly Dean's dick increased to an amazing eight inches, and it was now sticking straight up and bobbing. There was a little precum dripping from the slit too. Lucas just wanted to stop; he wanted all this to stop. “Now, lean in and give my dick a little kiss!"

Time stopped for Lucas Hunt. The other teens froze as well. They could not believe what they had just heard. Sure, they had all demanded blow jobs from some faggot they knew. But to do this to a kid like Lucas, who they thought was straight, was another thing. Lucas also could not believe what he just heard.

"That is sick, Dean.” Lucas started to tear up and cry. “This is sick.” His whole body shook while he cried. “I am not a faggot. I will not do something like that. I will help you with your party and wash your car and even let you embarrass me with stupid games, but I will not kiss your fat, fucking dick."

"Sure, you will, Lucas. If you just stop to think about what is at stake. Come on. It's not such a big thing. Well, my thing is big, but kissing it is not such a big deal. Girls kiss it all the time. It won't kill you. And it will show me you respect me. I bet you have had girls kiss your dick. So, what's the big deal? It will be over in a few seconds. So I will be happy, and you will be happy. Now be a sport. Lean in and give my twat fucker a nice big kiss."

Imagine the power you feel as a high school senior to have your dick kissed by another boy and to have other kids watching it all happen. To have a nice sweet cute boy like Lucas on his knees kissing your schlong is … awesome. Sweat ran down Lucas' cheek and dripped from his chin. It also ran from his naked armpits. His naked dick shriveled up with fear. He looked at the amazing full-hard naked dick pointing up and those big balls hanging in front of him. He thought of his family.

"Nobody's going to know, Lucas. Nobody but us guys here, and we swear to never say a word to anyone. Just give my dick a nice kiss." Handsome Dean Hobart stood there waiting to have his fucker kissed.

Lucas' lips and tongue felt dry and swollen. He could hardly swallow. He leaned in slightly, and the smell of the cock grew stronger. "Come on, Lucas. You can do it." Dean said gently, softly, now petting the boy's blond hair like a puppy as he smiled down at the kneeling naked teen. Dean did not and would not pull Lucas' fact to his dick. No, it was for Lucas to surrender.

Lucas puckered his lips and leaned in. He felt the prick flesh of Dean's dick brush against his lips. That dick responded with a jerk from that brief contact.

"Holy shit," Tony said, rubbing the giant lump in his pants. He couldn't help it; it was just so fucking awesome. Lucas pulled back and looked up at Dean with a face like a trained dog trying to please his master. “Did I do good,” it seemed to ask.

"Oh, Lucas, that was terrible. That doesn't count, and you know it. You have to kiss my dick right on the dickhead. I know there is a lot of skin there. Now try it again. And for Pete's sake, make it a nice long kiss, not just some little peck. Show some respect."

Lucas shook his cute young head, tears or sweat. He didn't know which clouded his vision. "I can't. I just can't. I … I …" and he yelled in a sob, “Dean … PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME … PLEASE! I CAN'T!”

"Of course, you can.” Dean's voice was soft and calm, and encouraging. “You already did it once, just not very well. Now come on. Be a man. Do it right this time." Dean coached.

Lucas looked up into Dean's powerful stare once again. They urged him on. He leaned in and put his teenage lips on the dickhead of the high school jock. He felt the soft, smooth cock head skin of the older boy. He held his mouth there for ten seconds in a mock kiss. The smell of cock was overwhelming. Lucas felt dizzy. He felt something wet in his mouth and realized the dick was leaking precum. That was so gross he almost puked. When he pulled back, a long string of precum connected his lower lip to the piss hole of Dean's dick.

The Descent of Lucas Hunt
Part 4 of 8

"That was great, Lucas. That was much better. See, I knew you had it in you. I am proud of you. We will get along just fine, and all of this will be over in no time. Think how proud and happy you will be when you know you saved your family and gave them security during these hard economic times. Good work, Lucas. How about a round of applause for Dick Kisser Lucas!" All the guys in the room clapped their hands as their dicks hardened and twitched in their pants.

“See Lucas? That wasn't so bad now, was it?” Dean smiled and ruffled Lucas' hair.

“I guess not," Lucas said, feeling great relief. That it was over. All his humiliation was over. Everything will be right with his family. He even released a quick smile.

"And we are almost through here. Now just kiss my balls, and we can move on."

"Dean? You … you said … you said … just …" Lucas could not even get the words out. At what point does one lose the power to resist? At what point could one still say, "NO! No Way! Forget it!" At what point does the submissive take over and give in to a naturally more powerful control? After all, he just kissed his dick. Could he refuse to kiss his balls? Was that any different? Was it any more humiliating? All Dean Hobart seemed to do was smile! Smile and perhaps thrust out his hips a bit, causing his fat scrotum to dance in front of poor Lucas Hunt.

Lucas's nose wrinkled, and his lower lip quivered as he leaned again. This time he pressed his lips against the wrinkled scrotal flesh of Dean's balls. He felt the velvet-soft skin and the wiry ball hairs. As he kissed, the sack seemed to move and envelop his face. The nut inside the sack shifted. Lucas was afraid to breathe. He kissed the left ball and then moved over to the right. Some sweat from the scrotum got on his face, carrying the odor of teen balls with it. Dean looked down like he was watching a scientific experiment. Lucas finished kissing the balls and leaned back. His mouth hung slack, and his eyes had a distant look. His breathing was ragged and heavy with tension.

"Way to go, Lucas. See how easy it is when you put your mind to it. And you made such a big fuss. And look what a good job you did. The guys here are impressed. They wish it was their dick and balls you kissed. Now that the hard part is over, just lift your head, open your mouth, and stick out your tongue."

Lucas frowned. "Why? What are you going to do?"

"Lucas, if we will get along, you must stop questioning me. You have got to learn to trust me and have faith in me. Now tilt your head and stick out your tongue as far as possible."

Lucas followed orders. He felt so stupid there naked on his knees like that. What was going to happen?

"I am just going to rest my dick on your tongue. NOW HOLD STILL. DON'T MAKE A FUSS. EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT."

Dean lifted the huge hose of a dick and gently rested the cock head on Lucas' tongue. Lucas made a moaning noise like a sick calf. The guys in the room emitted low-growing laughs that sounded ominous.

"Hold still, Lucas. Feel my dick on your tongue? You are doing fine." Now Dean began to move his hips, so the cock moved on the tongue. Ever so slowly, the cock moved down the tongue into Lucas' mouth.

"You are learning how to respect me, Lucas!" The cock moved into the younger boy's mouth. Not all the way, but about four inches laid on the boy's stuck-out tongue. Some dick ooze leaked from the piss hole and dripped into Lucas' throat. Lucas tried to pull back, but Dean was holding his head this time.

"You are learning to respect me. That is all I want. And the world will be right." Meaning YOUR world will be right. Meaning I will help your family. But to poor Lucas Hunt, it seemed he was only being trained to suck Dean's cock!

Tim shook his head. "Jesus Christ, man, I never knew he was such a fucking faggot. And here I spoke to him in public and everything. I could have gotten a bad reputation. You just never know when a guy will turn out to be a cock sucking faggot. Dean, what about having the faggot suck our dicks? I could sure use a good suck after looking at these twats on the internet."

Lucas froze in terror. Sure, he had been forced to take Dean's dick into his mouth, but only on his tongue, and he did not have to suck him off or even suck him at all. The game had ended there. He couldn't bear any more sexual harassment. Lucas just wanted to go about his chores.

"Well, let's give Lucas here a choice. What say you, fellas? Lucas, would you like to suck our cocks?" Dean spread his legs, displaying his boner.

"Shit, we could chat with some of these cunts on Facebook while the Hunt the Cunt sucks our dicks."

"Guys, I insist we give Lucas a choice. He can either suck our dicks or do something else to show respect. How about it, Lucas?"

"I, eh … you wanted me to clean upstairs, Dean,” Lucas mumbled, not wanting to be goaded into anything sexual with any of these guys. “I'd better start on that work for you.”

"I know, Lucas, but you can take a little break and suck our dicks. How long does it take a cocksucker to suck four dicks?" Dean asked politely.

"I don't know, I am not a cocksucker," Lucas said in a snap.

Gary leaned in. "You had Dean's prick in your mouth. That proves you are a cocksucker." Lucas shook the sweat out of his eyes. Nervous sweat also ran down from his armpits and coated his scrotum. He stood there naked, an object of ridicule.

"Please, Dean, don't make me do this," Lucas asked him.

"I won't, buddy. I won't. I told you, you have a choice. You can suck our dicks, or… " The word "or" hung in the air like the sword of Damocles about to fall.

“Or what?” Lucas stuttered.

"Or, you can attend my party and serve my guests." Dean's words seemed harmless; after all, what could he do to Lucas amid dozens of people, many high schoolers? Yet, his voice had an evil tone to it. Still, Lucas saw it as the lesser of two evils. And he agreed to help out at the party.

“Great! Yes, I knew you’d come around, and we'd be friends. So you will stay for the party and help out for a few hours. Great.” Then Dean added, “And to show you how I feel about you, I'm going into the kitchen and getting you some lunch.” Dean left with Tony, apparently to do that.

A few minutes later, they returned. "Do you like salad, Lucas?” Dean asked, “I made a nice salad for you for lunch. I think we don't eat healthy enough, don't you agree? I don't want to get any forks dirty before the party, so you will have to just eat it out of this dog bowl on the floor. But I don't imagine you will mind that will you?"

Lucas stood there looking nakedly dumb. His dick had shriveled up from fear and trauma. He blinked as he looked at the red dog dish on the floor. It probably belonged to the Hobart's dog. And now it was being used to hold his lunch. The salad did look good, and Lucas hadn't had any food yet this day. The lettuce seemed fresh, as did the tomatoes, cucumbers, and bits of onion. It was topped with slices of hard-boiled egg. It did look mighty good.

"Come on, Lucas, get down on all fours, crawl over, and eat your lunch." OK, Lucas thought, let Dean play his power game and treat him like a dog. At least feeding him was civil, even if the manner of doing it was not. Lucas dropped to his hands and knees and started to crawl across the kitchen floor. The three delivery boys laughed. Tony stuck out one big foot, so Lucas had to crawl over it. Tim leaned in and slapped the high school boy on the bare ass. Lucas did look very hot, totally naked, crawling across the room. There was something very sexy about such a cute boy being completely submissive. As he crawled, his teenage balls swung back and forth.

"OH FUCK!" Dean's voice cut through the room. Lucas stopped crawling, wondering what he had done wrong now. The delivery guys looked up at the rich kid. "Oh Fuck! … Salad dressing. I forgot the salad dressing. My good buddy Lucas can't eat a salad without any dressing. That would be terrible. Imagine how awful that would taste. But I think we are fresh out of dressing. Oh, Fuck!" Dean's mock concern was over-acted, and the other guys laughed at his performance.

Dean said, Tony. "Before you guys go back to work. Can you help Lucas out? Can you provide some salad dressing for him?"

Tony stood up, a handsome Italian boy with dark hair. He rubbed the crotch of his jeans. "I think we can help Lucas out, can't we, guys? I think I have some Italian dressing. Bet Lucas likes lots and lots of Italian dressing on his salad! Don't you, Lucas?”

Lucas, on all fours, totally naked, trembling, looked up at the kid his age. "Not too much," he said meekly. It sounded so stupid. He assumed these delivery guys as some bottles of dressing in their food delivery truck.

"He's being modest. He doesn't want to take advantage of our hospitality," Dean said. “I'll bet he likes lots of dressing on his salad. I bet he loves to see his salad just swimming in dressing.” It was quite a sight, like something out of a sick porno movie. The three teenage boys stood around the doggie bowl full of salad. Then they undid their jeans and hauled out their dicks and balls. Then they all started to masturbate.

Lucas now knew that they had planned all along. He was sure it was Dean's idea. He knelt there on the floor like a statue watching the three teenagers jerking their dicks over what was to be his lunch. "Oh fuck, here it comes." Tim shot. First, his prick twitched and began to spew water sperm onto the lettuce, tomato, and fixings. Lucas wanted to puke just watching it. It was so disgusting. Spurt after spurt of off-white jism sprayed the salad as Tim grunted and milked his teenage dick. That must have set off Gary, for he blasted next. His piss hole opened, and five shots of thick white cum splattered the salad, covering it now with a gooey whitish-yellow spunk mixture. Gary squeezed his large teenage nuts, and more and more cum shot and then dribbled out of his fat teenage dick.

But Tony still had not cum. He yanked on his dick hard. He rose on the balls of his feet. He grunted, and at last, he made an animal growling sound as his huge fucker sprayed the bowl with his version of “Italian dressing.” Thick as wallpaper paste, the sperm hit the salad so hard the lettuce and tomato moved. Dollops of cum rested on the hard-boiled egg. Cum coated everything, including the rim of the doggie dish. The salad was a sight to see. It was a terrible sight for Lucas to see.

"My, oh my. Doesn't that look good? What do you say, Lucas?” Dean coached. “Aren't you going to thank the boys for the salad dressing?"

"Thank you for the salad dressing." Lucas barely mumbled, with tears again in his beautiful eyes.

"What? They can't hear you!" Dean demanded.


Dean shook his head. "Is that attitude I am hearing from you, Lucas? Are you throwing us some faggot attitude? I will have to add that to your punishment for showing disrespect."

"I am not showing attitude, Sir," Lucas mumbled, looking at the floor, dreading the moment he would have to lower his face into the disgusting bowl.

The Descent of Lucas Hunt
Part 5 of 8

"The faggot fuck hole says he's not showing attitude, Dean," said Tony.

"Now the little twat is contradicting me. That means I have to up his punishment again! Jesus Christ, are all faggots that stupid?" Dean Pronounced. "Come on, Lucas, get your face in there and eat your lunch. A growing boy needs lots of good healthy food, including plenty of protein!"

Lucas looked down at the salad. It was unbelievable. There were huge globs of clotted cum from Tony, covering the creamier jism of Gary. And the lettuce rested in a lake of Tim's watery cum. Lucas felt the puke rise in his throat and had to swallow it. He made gagging noises. Dean leaned in with a very kind, gentle voice and said, "Lucas, listen to me. If you puke, you will have to lick that up too! Now be a good dog. Don't embarrass me in front of my new friends. Eat the salad!"

Lucas began to eat the lettuce coated with teen boy jism. He gagged a few times and coughed up cum that ran from his mouth and clung to his lips. It hung in strings from his chin. He tried to put the taste out of his mouth. He tried to concentrate on the veggies, eggs, and lettuce taste. Still, the bleachy bitter taste of the cum overwhelmed everything. He was eating cum. He was a normal teenage boy who was eating the cum of other boys. It was sick and depraved. He was naked on a kitchen floor, his young muscular ass sticking up in the air, his face down in a doggie bowl, eating cum soaked salad.

"Lucas, will you do me a favor?" Dean asked gently. "Lucas, I think it would be hilarious and entertaining for us if you grunted like a pig while you ate. Can you do that for me, please? Can you grunt and make pig noises while you eat?"

Lucas snorted and grunted and coughed. He didn't know how a pig should sound. He just wanted the humiliation to be over with. After he had swallowed one particularly cum sodden piece of lettuce, he had a coughing spell. He thought he would choke. But Tony, the Italian thug, came to the rescue. He stepped over to stand above Lucas.

"I think our boy is thirsty. I think we should give him something to drink!" Without permission from anyone, Tony lifted Lucas' head to have him kneeling. His head is now at waist level. Then Tony tilted the dog slave’s head up to look at him. He held Lucas by the chin. It seemed to be a gentle touching of the boy's face. "Open your mouth, Lucas,” Tony spoke softly. “Open wide like a good slave dog. I got something for you." Then he snorted, hawked up a huge gob of spit, and let it fall into Lucas' open mouth. Dean and Gary cheered.

"Swallow, baby, I got more." Tony picked up on the feigned tone of kindness he had heard from Dean. He hawked up another glob of spit and let it slowly drip into the boy's mouth he held open in his hand. Lucas was forced to swallow that gross second “serving” of spit.

Dean leaned in and spit but didn't aim for Lucas' mouth. His spit hit Lucas in the eye and on the cheek. Gary joined in, and soon Lucas' face and chest were covered in teenage spit as well as dripping cum salad dressing. Lucas wanted to protest, but although his mouth moved, no words came out. He was fucking freaked out. Finally, they let him finish his lunch. He collapsed on the floor with his face looking up at Dean.

"Well, Lucas. I don't think you should be just lying there when you know you need to be punished for your fucked-up attitude. We have to punish you for your lack of respect. I don't like this. I don't want to do this. I want us to be good friends. I want your father and your older brother, who just got married, to get raises from my dad. That's want I want. But that can only happen if you get with the program. Are you that fucking selfish that you'd want your family to lose your home? My dad can call in the loan on your house, and that would force them out on the streets. That's what would happen if I mentioned your disrespect to me. Is that what you want?” Lucas did not answer.

“But, if you learn and obey the rules, that won't happen. So, what say we get your punishment over with, so you can get back to work and we can get back to being good friends? Would you stand, please, and lean over the kitchen table?" Lucas struggled to his feet. He went to the table and bent over it. "Jesus, Lucas, you are getting spit and cum all over the table. My Mother eats there, for Christ's sake! Lick that jism and spit up right now!"

In a confused daze, the cute teen's tongue obeyed Dean's order. It licked the cum and spit dripping off his body and face off the table. “Good, now lean over the table and push your ass out as far as you can."

“Spread your legs apart more.” Lucas complied. “Now for your punishment, we will beat your ass with Tony's leather belt, if that is Okay with you, Tony?" Tony whipped off his thick leather belt and told him it was all his.

“Please don't hurt me. Dean? Please … Please?" Lucas whimpered and begged.

"Of course, it's going to hurt, dumb fuck! That is the whole idea, isn't it? We are each going to swat your ass ten times. And guys, don't hold back. I want to see that ass black and blue … and red!" Then Dean picked up his dirty jock out of his laundry basket and jammed it into Lucas' mouth … fully stuffing it in. “There. If one thing really annoys me, it's a whiner. That should shut him the fuck up!”

Tony got to start since it was his belt. The sound of a wide leather belt smacking the teen boy’s ass filled the kitchen and spilled outside as well. Lucas spit out the jock and released screams even louder than the smacking sound. The boy howled. He bit his lower lip. Dean calmly picked up his dirty jockstrap and shoved it much fuller in Lucas' mouth to prevent him from hurting himself. Lucas' hands gripped the table until his knuckles were white. His beautiful ass shook with each blow, and red stripes across the ass mounds turned to blue marks. Tony aimed for the full young swing scrotum on swats nine and ten. Lucas sobbed, screamed, moaned, and threw his cute head from side to side. He thought he could not take any more. Then Gary took over.

"Gary, my buddy, see if you can whack him harder than Tony did. I think Tony was too easy on him." Dean said with a smirk.

Gary kicked Lucas' legs further apart.
"Get those legs wider so I can really work your nads!" Lucas tried to rise off the table, but Dean leaned in and held him down.

"You see, Lucas. None of this would have happened if you had just behaved yourself and shown me respect.” Then looking at each of the three boys, “I think after this little punishment, we are going to have a very good boy on our hands." Dean scooped some cum and spit off Lucas' cheek with one finger and shoved it in the kid's mouth alongside the wet, foul jockstrap. "Go for those balls, Gary!”

Gary brought his strong young arm up with an underhand swat, and the belt smacked up into Lucas' ass crack, the tip of the belt snapping against his balls. Lucas went wild. He threw himself on the table, and both Tony and Dean had to restrain him. "Good one, Gary. See you if you can do that again."

Gary's aim wasn't so good on the next three strokes. The insides of Lucas' thighs were pink with the snaps, but his balls remained pretty much undamaged. Gary grew frustrated with his lack of ability, and like most teens, he took it out on others.

"God damned fucking faggot. Hold still, will you!" He leaned in and took a stance to better control his swings.

"Wow! Way to Go!" Tony cheered. Lucas was throwing himself wildly with each swat now, and the two boys had to hold him down with all their might. Gary concentrated on the ass for a while but tried for the nuts again on the last two swats and landed one good one. So good that Lucas seemed to almost puke up his guts, but the foul jock strap prevented it, and Lucas had to swallow his vomit back down again.

"My turn," Dean said cheerfully, like a kid in a candy store. He bounced up and down, and his fat package wobbled in his shorts. The big nipples on his pecs hardened into pebbles. "Now listen to me, Lucas. I am going to make a deal with you. I will reduce the number of swats I give you to five."

"Aw, why the fuck do that?" Tony protested.

Dean raised his hand. "I will reduce the number of swats I give you from ten to five if ... like a very good boy, you turn over onto your back and lift and spread your legs so I can get at your balls!"

Lucas tried to protest. He tried to reason. His frantic sobs and pleadings were all muffled due to the jock stuffed into his mouth. Tony and Gary flipped him over onto his back and held him down on the tabletop. Then each of the two teens lifted Lucas' legs so his knees were near his chest and his ass was up in the air. This gave Dean a clear shot at the boy's balls.

"No. No guys. Now you are showing disrespect to my friend Lucas.” The two teens that were holding the tortured boy in position were confused. Dean explained, “No. Don't hold his legs up. Lucas wants to hold his own legs up. Lucas wants to show me how he can lift and hold his legs up and wide apart with his arms.” As Dean spoke, the two teens let go of his legs and let them slide down to freely dangle off the table. “We can't rob Lucas of his desire to demonstrate obedience and respect to me. That would be cruel to him.”

“I mean, Lucas, you're supposed to help me smack your big bull balls,” Dean chuckled as if Lucas was being silly. If you want five instead of ten, you must hold your legs like that and never let go. And … you are not allowed to move. Try to stay still as I beat your balls into a bloody mess.” The distraught teenager wailed into the jock but did not move.

"First, let me get some duct tape. I want to tape your dropping dick up, out of the way, so I don't damage that.” Dean tore long strips of supper sticky gray duck taped off the roll and applied them over Lucas' fat dick, taping it to his stomach. Then he reached down and hefted Lucas' heavy, fat loose hanging nuts. "There, now that should give me a perfect shot at these. Hold still now, Lucas. And remember, if you move, the swat doesn't count, and we go back to one!"

Lucas curled his toes in terror. His whole body trembled in sheer terror. Tony and Gary reached to hold Lucas in place, but again, Dean told them that that was unnecessary, “Lucas wants to show me he can do it on his own.” Dean theatrically bounced around like a boxer. He doubled the belt in half, making it more rigid, and snapped it in his hand like a whip. Then he pulled his arm way back over his shoulder and brought it down fiercely to whack it down on Lucas' scrotum as hard as he could. Lucas bucked like a wild animal. He twisted and turned and arched up off the table in agony. He wanted to close his legs but knew he dared not. Searing nauseating, pain rolled up from his nuts into his whole body.

"You have to learn, Lucas, to obey me completely. You must learn to obey me the first time I tell you to do something. That is imperative if we are going to be great friends. You did good holding your legs in position. That pleased me.” Lucas, dazed and fully crying, shook his cute head, begging. Sweat had dampened his hair and dripped off his face. Dean smiled and whacked the boy's tender nuts a second time. Dean's dick was so hard it poked out of the leg of his shorts. Drops of pre-fuck ran down his leg. He didn't care. He was Dean Hobart, and his father owned this fucking town!

“Well, this is just not working. You’re moving too much. First, Tim, take that jock out of his mouth. If he is going to scream., let him do it.” Dean took a deep breath. “Okay, now, Lucas, lift your legs again.” The battered and bruised boy lifted his legs, bringing his knees to the center of his chest. “Circle each knee with each arm, squeeze them as tight as you can, and never let go.” Lucas did, and he started crying, knowing he would soon endure tremendous pain. It was uncanny as no one was helping the boy get into the prescribed position. Dean wanted to have Lucas obey all on his own, so he was detailed in his directions. “No. Lucas, not quite. You’re holding your knees to your chest. Don’t do that. Use each arm to pull each leg outward and down. I want your knees positioned just to the outsides of your chest and down firmly on the tabletop.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” Lucas screamed inside his brain. He mumbled almost incoherently, “Now I have to present my ass, my dick, and balls… to this fucked up Hobart?” He made sure he pushed his knees firmly on the table, which caused his ass to stick upward.

“There you go,” Dean smiled with approval. “That’s it. You’re almost perfect. You got your ass just right, but your feet are not pointing upward. I want the soles of your feet to my flat, facing the ceiling and level. This is important. It will help you hold your position perfectly while I smash your balls.” Lucas cried. He was not even trying to hold back his tears. He was obeying fully but sobbing his heart out. He did not fight. He had no resistance left in him.

The teens looked on, but they were so amazed they silently watched.

“OK, guys, watch this.” Dean took two small paper cups nearby, filled them with water, and placed each one on one of Lucas’s feet. His feet were acting like tiny tables. As soon as he did, he explained, “Now, Lucas, your one job is to hold your feet perfectly still. You have to be so still when I slam your balls that your feet will not jerk or react in any way that will cause the cups of water to fall. Yes, it will be difficult, but you can do this for me, buddy. Be a good boy and ensure your leg muscles don’t jerk or twitch when I work on your big balloon fagot balls. OK, good buddy?”

“But Dean,” Tony interjected, “he can’t hold that position. Can he?”

Before Dean could respond, Tim chimed in, “Dean, you are fucking amazing!”

Lucas was sobbing so much; Dean was not sure he understood. “Look, guys, this is all for Lucas’s benefit, to help him stay still. He must balance these little cups. If your move your legs, the cups will fall. If he jerks your ass or hips, they will fall. If he so much as wiggles his toes, the cups will fall. OK. It’s a challenge, but here is the good news.” Dean tapped Lucas on the head to get his attention, “Listen up, Lucas, I will only smack your balls five times.” Dean then picked up a large, sturdy, wooden serving spoon about 20 inches long. “I think this spoon will make a better tool than the belt. So, I’ll be spoon-smacking your nuts.” Everyone laughed. “That’s it. Five quick swats with my mallet… I mean, this spoon. And the big bonus is you’ll be seeing lots of colorful stars! Ain’t that great? See how reasonable I am, how kind, fair, and just I am? Only five smacks, and we are done. I know you can do this, and I will help you. That’s the good news. You want to thank me, Lucas?” But the boy only sobbed. “well? You’ll thank me later, I’m sure.”

“What’s the bad news? Tim asked.

“Oh, that's bad news. Well, I will smack Lucas’s balls five times - but if in the process - he jerks his body in any way that causes the cups of water to fall… well, I’ll have to start over in the count.” The on-looking teens were mesmerized. They were enamored by Dean’s detailed way of doing things, in this case, tearing Lucas down.

“OK, good buddy, here is one.” SMACK! Lucas shot his feet up and twisted his body in agony, sending the cups and water everywhere.

“Wow! Dean, this is not going to work. He can’t stay still. No one can.” Tim spoke up sympathetically, not expecting Lucas to react so violently.

The Descent of Lucas Hunt
Part 6 of 8

“Sure he can. But you can help,” speaking to Tim. Get about 10 small cups, fill them with water, and line them up here, so we can speed things along. 10 should be enough… I hope.”

“Ok, Lucas, that was one, but unfortunately, you dropped the cups. We have to start over. OK, set yourself back in your favorite position, knees pressed to the sides of your chest, knees on the table, and your feet flat to the ceiling.” Lucas was trembling. He couldn’t do it. “Tony, help him.” And Tony did. So again, Lucas’s feet were little tables, and Tim placed two more paper cups of water on his tabletop soles.

Without warning, SMACK! “FUUUUCCCCKKK!!” Lucas yelled. And he threw his legs up wildly, tossing the cups and water everywhere again. “PLEASE! DEAN! FOR GOD'S SAKE. PLEASE STOP. I’LL DO ANYTHING, ANYTHING. JUST PLEASE FUCKING STOP!”

“I am so touched. OK, I’ll go easy on you. I mean, you’re my good buddy. I’ll cut the five down to one smack, BUT you cannot spill the water. Deal?” Lucas nodded frenetically.

“You’re nodding? What the fuck! Don’t you know how to thank me for this favor you are begging me for? I guess we’ll go back to…”

“OH, I am so sorry, Dean. I am so pleased with your kindness. THANK YOU, THANK YOU ‘so much, my dear sweet, wise, kind sir. Please forgive me for being a selfish asshole. And please… OH, GOD! Please smack my balls as hard as you can. I promise not to spill the cups. I mean, I’ll try to be…”

“You see, boys? This is how you train a shit hole fagot slut. See, You thought this would not work, but see, he not only knows he needs his balls smacked really hard, but he is now begging me to do it. Let this be a lesson to you all.”

Dean bent down to speak calmly to his fuck toy, Lucas. “Ok, good buddy, here comes your only smack. SMACK! Lucas howled and cried, screaming, really. But his legs shook, and the water spilled.

“Let's try this again,” Tim offered. He looked at Dean as he placed his hands on Lucas’s ankles to help steady him. Lucas probably did not even know that. Dean saw it but allowed Tim to help the tortured boy remain still for his one hard swat. Tim held onto Lucas’s ankles firmly as the huge wooden spoon loudly slammed into the boy’s blistering balls. SMACK! “OOOOWWWWEEEE!” Yelled Lucas, and even though his body jerked and twisted, Tim held his feet firmly, and the cups did not fall.

"This is so fucking great, Dean. You are the best!" Gary chimed in.

Dean gloated. "Yes, I am the best. And if you play your cards right, it could benefit you greatly.

"Whatever you say, Dean. Whatever you say!" Gary, Tony, and Tim all knew as long as Dean looked at them kindly, as his friend, they had a chance to work their way out of poverty and into some better position in one of the Hobart family companies.

"Do me a favor, Tony. Replace that filthy jock into Lucas’s mouth hole. "

"Anything, Dean, anything at all." And he jammed the jock back in.

"Now, remove your jeans, get up on the table, and kneel. Place your knees on each side of Lucas' head so your magnificent horse dick is positioned over Lucas' face. Then take a long slow piss and try to make it just dribble onto that jock gag. Soak that jockstrap so he has some liquid refreshment as he recovers.

Tony peeled off his jeans. His fat uncut Italian dick was awesome. It hung as thick as a wrist over his low-slung nut sack. Tony scooted up on the table. And let his thick dick flop down on Lucas' face. Lucas could smell the sweaty dick under his nose. Tony fingered his fuck meat until it was poised over the jock-stuffed mouth and then peeled back his thick foreskin just a bit and started to let out drips of piss.

"Atta boy, dude. Nice and slow, so it soaks the pouch." Lucas, almost unconscious, swallowed the piss. It was unspeakable. It was like fucking waterboarding, except this piss was a slow flow he could swallow continuously. He wasn’t even choking.

After enjoying themselves thoroughly, it was time for the teens to get on with their day. "We got to deliver a shit load of stuff to Mrs. Johnston!” Tim said as the boys put their dicks back in their pants. Then the three delivery boys left. Lucas collapsed in exhaustion.

Lucas woke up on the floor of the bathroom. What woke him up was Dean standing over him, pissing on him. "Rise and shine, Lucas. Get on your knees while I refresh you.

You have got a lot of work to do. You've been asleep for hours. Now it's time to get ready. Get cleaned up. After you do, I will tell you your duties during the party!" Dean started to leave the room, then stopped and looked at the abused, groggy boy. “And Lucas, getting cleaned up means shaving your dick, balls, ass crack, and pubes. If you don't do that, your costume for the party this evening won't look good on you.”

Lucas was so dazed and more than sore. HIS BALLS WERE THROBBING AND FELT LIKE TWO LUMPS OF RAW HAMBURGER. He could hardly put the phrases together to form any meaning, “during the party,” ... “shave my dick and ass,” ... “party costume?” After a brief moment, not even knowing what was in Dean's mind, he spoke up, “Dean. Oh please, for god's sake, my balls ache. PLEASE, just let me go home. Look what you have done to me today. I'll help you get ready, but please, PLEASE don't humiliate me in front of my friends from school. Please, not in front of my friends! Please, Dean, I am begging you. Show some mercy!"

"I need you properly dressed when you help serve snacks during the party. What happens to you and what I make you wear depends 100% on your attitude and obedience. Now get showered and shaved, and if I see one fucking hair anywhere around your dick and pubes, or ass, I'll get out my belt and whip the crap out of you.” Lucas' whole body shook in fear. He knew, without a doubt, Dean would do exactly that. I take it you will choose to obey like a good friend always does. I'll be back in 30 minutes to inspect your work.” Then he left the room.

Lucas was fucking sore and trembling with nervousness. But he did precisely as Dean ordered. He showered and shaved his groin area and even his ass. He found it difficult to shave around his balls, but he managed. He placed one leg up on the sink to shave his crack and used a hand mirror. He figured out how to do it. There were areas he had to do a couple of times. He knew Dean was not kidding when he said he would inspect his “work.” Lucas stepped back and stood in front of a mirror. He gasped at how obscene he looked, at how big his dick looked with no hair around it, and how large his painful balls were. His junk was stark naked and hanging there like ripe fruit, begging to be squeezed and fondled. He kept wondering why Dean wanted his “stuff” to be shaved. It was going to be covered up in his serving costume anyway.

He could hear a few guests arriving downstairs for the party. Most kids at the party would be boys and girls from Lucas' school. They were probably students he knew, for Christ's sake. Lucas sat on the floor of Dean's room, all naked and shaved. He was afraid to sit on the furniture without permission. On top of that, his ass had dark reddish strips angled in all directions on his ass. His balls were swollen and sore. He felt like shit, his hands unconsciously covering his fat dick. He felt so vulnerable. So helpless. When he thought over the many disgusting things he had been forced to do during the day, he got sick to his stomach.

At least Dean had allowed him to shower, gargle, brush his teeth, and get clean. And, in truth, his being forced to shave his dick and ass didn't hurt. No one would know about it anyway. Lucas glanced at the clock on the desk. The party was meant to start at eight. It was 7:44 p.m. now, but some kids had already arrived. Lucas could hear the booming voice of Larry Farkuss, AKA “Larry Fart-ass,” one of Dean's big jock bully brown-nosing friends. No one liked him except Dean. As the moments passed, he could also hear more voices of both guys and girls.

Then the bedroom door opened, and Dean stood there, dressed in $300 jeans and a designer shirt. He had a big smile on his handsome face. "Well, buddy, the party is getting started. You did really good helping us get ready and setting out snacks and stuff. The place looks awesome." Lucas thanked him for the compliment. "But now I need your help during the party. I want you to pass trays of snack food among the guests. We have these little wieners and other hors d'oeuvre. I think that would be a perfect job for you. Come on, what are you waiting for? Get up."

Lucas struggled to his feet. He stretched broadly in all directions. That little respite did wonders. His body aches seemed diminished. At least they were not at the forefront of his mind anymore. The party was. “Dean, you can't expect me to go down there, bare ass! YOU CAN'T! WHAT WOULD ALL MY CLASSMATES THINK? MY LIFE WOULD BE OVER!"

Dean gave one of his winning grins, feeling high and mighty that he held such power over his new boy. "Of course not, you stupid ass. Do you think I am that uncaring, buddy? I don't expect you to go around the party naked. Who could eat and drink with your big dick swinging around the place? You might make the kids sick!" He laughed out loud. "Of course, I wouldn't do that. What happened today was a test of sorts. And I admit it got a bit out of hand. It's just that you are such a fucking submissive. You bring out the worst in a guy. But I forgive you, good buddy. Now come on, wipe that frown off your face and put on a smile, and get dressed for the party." Lucas felt a little embarrassed that he thought so poorly of Dean.

“Dean, I am so fucking sorry for thinking what I was thinking. Thank you for letting me wear a nice costume.” Lucas mumbled an apology.

Just then, Dean Hobart held out the most obscene piece of clothing Lucas had ever seen. Lucas' mouth hung agape at the sight of it. It was a jockstrap. A black jockstrap. But the pouch part was not a solid material; it was a see-through black netting. Netting would clearly show his dick.

"I hope you like it. I bought it with you in mind." Dean continued to smile and held out the see-thru prick pouch. Lucas was afraid to touch it. His fingers trembled as he reached for it but could not get himself to take it from Dean's hand.

"You have to be fucking kidding, Dean! I can't wear this. There will be girls downstairs, girls I know from school. A joke is a joke, but you can't be serious about taking it this far. I cannot go in public wearing this. I won't!”

Dean frowned now. And when Dean frowns, kids go scared. He was not the kind of guy to be messed with or crossed. "You know, Lucas. I am getting a little fucking tired of your insubordination. You never appreciate anything I do for you. I am sick and tired of having you question every fucking thing I say. I am sick of you disobeying me. I have a good mind to call my father right now, and by morning your dad and older brother would be out of a job, and you would have lost your home because my dad would recall the loan on it. Now … do I do that, or … do you put on this adorable costume I went out of my way to buy for you? Jesus, you are a spoiled sport. Think of this as a kind of costume party if you have to. Except you are the only one in costume. Or consider it a payment for me to give your family raises. Either way … put on the fucking jockstrap!"

Lucas reached for it again. This time he took it and held it up. He looked at Dean's face seeking some signal that it was only a joke. But Dean's demanding expression was penetrating. He stepped into the black-net jockstrap without a choice and pulled it up. Dean thought it fit great. It especially showed off his rounded bubble butt with the leg straps outlining the bottom of his ass cheeks, lifting and highlighting them nicely. When Lucas turned around to look in the mirror, his jaw dropped open. His large shaved-naked penis and balls could be easily seen through the black mesh pouch. This pouch was made of a very thin, thread-like net, almost invisible, hiding nothing. The cock and balls looked even more like an obscene display now that they were “framed and packaged” by the nearly invisible net. What was obvious now was that Dean had made him shave his pubic hair, as well as the hair on his balls and even along his ass crack … all to have them exhibited more clearly.

"Well, I think it looks great. What the fuck were you so worried about? You are a good-looking guy, Lucas, even if you are a faggot. And you look great in that pouch. You should be proud of your body and your equipment."

"Oh please, Dean. I am begging you. Please…" Tears filled Lucas' eyes. “Could I at least wear socks and shoes?”

"Why? And spoil the single focus of your junk? Besides, you have such sexy girlie toes. You’re perfect. Now that a few guests have arrived, let's give them a surprise early viewing, shall we? Follow me downstairs."

Dean turned and led the way. Poor young Lucas, totally humiliated, followed like a well-trained puppy dog. Each barefooted step he took on the carpeted stairs brought home the fact that he was an almost bare ass and that his entire prick and balls could be seen through the thin black thread-netting. As he walked, he could feel his dick and nuts wobble in the pouch.

As soon as he met the first few guests, the comments started. "Jesus, he must be a fucking faggot to dress like that. I ain't no longer letting him near me in the locker room.” Jimmy said as the other had a good laugh.

"This is Lucas' serving costume," Dean announced. "You know how poor his family is, so I am helping him out by letting him work for me. He will be serving snacks and drinks at the party.” Dean started to unabashedly squeeze and pinch Sandy’s nipples through her blouse as she leaned in to get a better look at Lucas' dick and balls. "Well, he's nice and big. I thought all faggots had small dicks. But he is nice and big. Not as big as you, Dean. But then nobody in the school is." She giggled, and Dean squeezed her tits some more.

"That's right, bitch. And if you are a good little cunt, and don't get too stinking drunk at the party, you may get to feel my big fat dick up your pussy later on." Dean bragged. It was obvious this teenage girl wore no bra. The brown of her nipples showed through the thin blouse material. But now Dean raised her short cheerleading skirt to show that his “prize” also wore no panties either. Then Dean openly started to finger her bald little cunt. Lucas wondered if Dean had forced her to shave her private parts too.

"Jesus, bitch, your cunt is juicing already. Your pussy is running like a fucking faucet." His fingers were digging in her cunt. Then he pulled them out and saw them covered with drippy female snot. "Jesus, I can't greet my guests like this with my fingers stinking like cunt." He walked over to the dumbstruck, embarrassed Lucas. "Here, Lucas, be a good friend and lick my girl's cunt juice off my fingers, will you?" Larry Fart-ass roared with laughter as the poor teenage boy opened his mouth, and Dean stuck his pussy-juice slick fingers into his mouth. Lucas wanted to puke. But he dutifully sucked.

"You see, girls, how powerful I am. This faggot will do anything I tell him to. He even sucked my dick today. Didn't you, Lucas?"

"Yethh Thir." Lucas said slurred because the fingers fucking in and out of his mouth prevented him from speaking correctly.

As more people arrived, the small group of guests around Dean grew larger. Dean waited until the party was in full swing at 8:30 p.m. when more than 40 guests arrived. Most were friends or acquaintances of Lucas. Lucas thought he was doing OK by hiding near the kitchen door in the back. Then Dean said loudly, "I want to welcome all of you guys. First, let me introduce our severing staff.” He looked around, “Lucas? Where are you? Come over here and let me introduce you to your friends. They may not recognize you.” As he slowly walked toward Dean, his face turned beet red, and the crows oohed and ahhed, not knowing what to think. “There you are.” Dean put his arm around Lucas.

The Descent of Lucas Hunt
Part 7 of 8 or

“Lucas wants to know what you think of his outfit, his servant's uniform for the party. Do you like it?" No one applauded, just a lot of gasps. “This is funny. When Lucas came to me a week ago and begged me to allow him to be my server, I was not sure he would qualify as a proper servant. But he is poor, and he needs the money. I mean, I told him he’d be working for tips, and he jumped at the chance. So, I agreed and bought him a formal, black tuxedo.

But, when he came over this evening, he saw it and refused to wear it. Instead, he pulled this thread-nothing thingy out of his pocket and pleaded with me to let him wear them.” Now people were laughing – at Lucas – who wanted to drop dead. “So, he put it on and showed me.”

Daren, a close friend of Lucas, yelled out, “Luke, why didn't you ever tell me you are queer? I would have understood… I think.”

“Look, he is stubborn. He was getting ready in my room when he asked me for my razor to shave. I figured he wanted to shave his face. But look at what he shaved?” Dean pointed to the full display of his shaved cock and balls. More laughter. That is not the half of it, of not the back half of it. Turn around, Lucas, show them your shaved ass crack,” Laughs. “Explain just how you did it.”

Lucas knew he’d better humiliate himself, or his family would be put out on the street. He held back his tears, “Well, I had to strip naked and put one foot high up on the bathroom countertop, use a mirror…” He was whimpering and tearing up.

“Oh look, tears of joy. Lucas can’t believe I allowed him to shave all over, even his ass. Let’s give him applause.” And the cheering was half-heated, laced with boos. “Lucas, you are my buddy or at least my servant. Now bend over, and pull your cheeks apart, show everyone your hard work. Lucas could only think that this must be over soon. He was so embarrassed to present himself as a whore and a slut. At least he could now go to the back of the room and stay out of sight. But then…

“Oh wait! Tell them about the shoes and socks I told you to wear and how and why you begged me?”

“Yea, Dean wanted me to wear, at least nice shoes and socks, but again, I begged him to let me present myself as a whore and a slut faggot. I told Dean that I wanted to be barefooted.”

“And why?”

“Because I wanted to show off my girlie toes.”

“Folks, not just me, but my dad has been helping Lucas and his family out in many ways. He's a poor, dumb, fucked up piece of slime shit, but we do our best to be kind and show him love.” Huge applause. The crowd somewhat dispersed into smaller groups and milled around.

Sandy stood there rubbing her bald pussy while looking at her obscene former friend. She said, "Well, I sort of like it. I guess because he's all saved down there and looks so slave-like.”

Julia spoke up, “Why is his ass all red-stripped?

“Oh, you can see I had belted his ass raw. Lucas was begging me to strap him good, how he loves to get whipped by a real man. Don't you, Lucas?” Lucas nodded sheepishly as he knew that was the response Dean wanted from him. “No. Speak up; tell everyone how you pleaded with me. I can't have my friends, or yours, for that matter, thinking I was mean to you. So speak up, tell them how you begged me to beat you and even held your legs up to make it easier for me to do it.”


“And with what else?”

“And, then, he used a huge, heavy wooden spoon to smack my nuts hard, over and over, teaching me how important it is not to move.”

Lucas looked at Dean, whose look indicated he was to say more. “I ENCOURAGED HIM TO HIT ME AS HARD AS HE COULD … AND THEN THANKED HIM FOR DOING ME THAT MUCH-NEEDED FAVOR.” Now Dean was finally pleased.

Sandy piped in. "Dean, Lucas kept asking me for a date at school. He was really bothering me.” Lucas never hassled anyone, yes, he asked her for a date once, but that was all.

"Really?" Dean said, slapping Lucas hard on the ass cheek. “Well, we'll have to punish him for that. He does like to be punished, as you just saw, but maybe we have to go further, I mean, to control him better."

Dean reached around and grabbed one of Lucas' nipples and pulled hard. Lucas turned, pulled by his tit. It hurt terribly. Dean grabbed the other nipple and raised Lucas onto his naked tiptoes, pulling him by his tits. "Is that right, Faggot? You asked my girl for a date even though you’re a faggot. And not interested in girls anyway. You just like teasing them? Making fun of girls?"

"No, Sir. I'm not gay. I just wanted to go out with her.” Lucas could hardly speak; Dean was pinching his tits so hard he had to grit his teeth.

"Lucas? Lucas? You are not being honest with us, are you?” The room became quiet again. Dean dug his fingernails deeply into Lucas' sensitive and painful tits. “Do you think it will feel better if you finally told us all the truth?” Then those fingernails became like vice grip pliers, seemingly to cut his tits off with his sharp nails. Lucas could not take anymore. He was gasping for breath, trying not to cry in front of his - now-former - friends.

Lucas shook from the pain in his nipples. "I... I'm a cock sucking faggot." He repeated. “I'm so sorry I lied; I love to eat cock.”

“Tell all your friends,” and the full group of 40 were all ears, “how much you love to eat out, Jock asses!" Dean reached down with one hand and cupped Lucas' hairless scrotum, and squeezed it right through his mesh net jock.

"I love to eat out jock asses."

No one noticed how Dean began to poke and finger fuck Lucas’s asshole. Sliding his long digit in and out. He had his finger up there for most of his welcoming speech to the group. No wonder his dick was getting so firm. But being confined in the ridicule jock, no one could tell. His junk just looked all squeezed and balled up.

Sheila and her bo, Jordon, wanted to hear more. They stood close to Lucas as Shella, taking a cue from Dean, pulled the front of Lucas' jock down and hooked the waistband under his dick and balls, now showing them off as his dick swelled hard and pointed. He was so humiliated. "Tell the girls how good jock asshole tastes," Dean demanded.

"Jock asshole tastes really, really good. I just love it." Lucas managed to say in pain, with tears running down his cheeks and dripping from his chin. But everyone watching thought the tears were from his embarrassment of admitting he was a fagot.

"You all know Lucas has a muscular older brother, fully macho and as straight as an arrow. In fact, he just got married.” These students all knew his football star, big brother. He was well respected, and they cheered at the news he had just gotten married. “Tell all 'our' friends here how you snuck up to your sleeping brother and ate out his macho, hairy asshole. How was it?"

The pain was unbearable. Lucas felt he would pass out. "I just love to eat out my older brother's hairy asshole."

Finally, Dean released the younger boy's nipples. He smiled and patted Lucas on the head. “Time to get to work. All these people need to be served some munchies, and that's your job.” Lucas wearing only the tiny black jock strap, still hooked under his balls and dick, thrusting out his junk, moved toward the door. His eyes clouded with tears, and his lower lip trembling from fear. He picked up the tray of tiny wieners and proceeded to walk among the crowd, now numbering about 40.

The gasps were not only audible, but they turned into shouts of glee and guffaws as Lucas moved through the living room filled with kids from his high school. Well, the laughter came mostly from the guys, and the squeals and giggles came from the girls. Some girls who had been Lucas' friends whispered to him that he should be ashamed of himself. Some turned away red-faced with embarrassment because they had dated him. But most of the guys thought it was hysterically funny that he was wearing nothing except a see-through black mesh jockstrap. His thick dick and heavy balls were hanging out in front of it, on full display. He tried to avoid eye-to-eye contact, but it was impossible. How could he ever hold his head up again? How could he return to school after this terrible humiliation? His naked ass globes rose and fell as he walked through the room carrying a tray of mini-wieners.

"What is wrong with you, Lucas?" One girl named Susanne, a rather good friend of his, hissed. "You are destroying your reputation in our school forever." He couldn't tell her that Dean Hobart was forcing him into this humiliating thing by threatening to fire members of his family. The Hobart family controlled most of the town, and most of the jobs. Lucas' family would become poverty-stricken if they became unemployed in this tough economy. He had no way out.

"Susanne,” Dean overheard her conversation with Lucas, “your former boyfriend here needed a little extra cash and asked me if he could help at the party tonight. That did not bother me; I was willing to help him out. He's a dear friend, you know. But when he insisted that he wear this … this … pouch net thing, I wanted to tell him no. But then he insisted and begged me so sweetly and softly that I gave in. That's the full story. Right, Lucas?” He did not respond. “So just send him for drinks, snacks, or whatever you want." Dean laughed.

"How about a blow job?" Came a male voice from the rear of the gang of kids, and laughter rolled over the room. A tear ran down Lucas' cute face. His pecs rose and fell with labored breathing. His nipples got hard from embarrassment. Sweat trickled down from his pits.

"I love his uniform. Too bad his dick and balls can't fit inside." Said one of the hunky jocks.

A dumb blond girl with her tits mauled by her boyfriend pointed and said in a high, harsh voice, "Look, he has a hard-on!" It was true. He was so embarrassed. Now he had a fucking hard-on from some more guys teasing his dick and fingering his exposed asshole. He sobbed as he continued to walk through the milling guests.

Lucas didn't know which way to turn to avoid more fondling. He was crying pretty hard now, making the kids laugh harder. Guys began to pinch his ass cheeks as he passed through the room. It started as a joke with a little pinch one dude gave him but escalated into serious finger fucking. Others pinched his nipples, and soon they were swollen and sore too. But the girls fondled his stiff dick on occasion, non-nonchalantly, and fondled him to edge him.

After a while, kids at the party mostly forgot about Lucas, but once in a while, someone would pinch him, slap his ass, or trip him, and a new wave of taunting would break out. Lucas prayed the night would pass quickly. Those kids he knew well as friends either turned away or glared at him as if his predicament had somehow marked them too. At times his hands shook so much that the tray rattled.

After a bit, Dean came up and slapped Lucas on the back. "I just want to say you are doing a great job, buddy. See, I told you it wouldn't be so bad. I hope you are finding time to enjoy the party. You are sure providing lots of good entertainment."

One of the guys came up to Dean and whispered, "His ride's here."

"Oh, Lucas, guess what? Your ride is here, and I'll bet you want to go home, right?"

"Puh-puh-please. … please … please … oh please … oh please." Lucas whimpered like a demented child.

"Tell you what. Go take a nice hot shower to clean up and relax. I'll entertain your ride in the meantime. Then come down to my father's study. You know where that is, and I'll give you your clothes."

He sat in the tub, unable to stand, and slowly rubbed and washed his body to soothe it. His ass stung still from the belting he was given. It would be a week before those strap cuts would start to heal and disappear. He let the hot water spray down upon him. The shower felt so good. He didn't ever want to leave. But as his mind cleared, he wondered who had come to take him home. Surely, they hadn't called his mother or father. Perhaps some other friend from school who hadn't been invited to the party? Josh Callan, maybe. Josh was a geek and never got invited anywhere.

Finally, slowly, he got out and toweled himself dry. His body still hurt everywhere. When he was dry and composed, he wrapped the towel around his waist and headed downstairs as best he could.

He reached the door to Mr. Hobart's unmolested, which was a relief. But just as he was about to open the door to enter, one of his school's big muscular bruiser jocks put a hand on his shoulder. "I don't think Dean would be too happy if you went in wearing a towel, do you? He didn't say anything about a towel."

Lucas sighed and dropped the towel to the floor. The jock slapped the boy's naked ass, and Lucas entered the study. The plush room was primarily lit by lamps, and Lucas initially had trouble identifying anyone. Dean was seated in a plush leather armchair near the big polished desk. Three other friends of Dean's hovered nearby, almost like bodyguards. And in the middle of the room stood …!

Lucas screamed inside, but what came out was a pathetic little wheeze of air. His hands flew down to cover his privates since he was standing in the middle of the room with Rosa, Lucas' brother's new bride. Her hands went to her mouth as she stared wide-eyed at the naked boy for a moment, then turned her head away.

"Jeez Lucas, it's one thing to trot around the party buck ass naked while you are giving blow jobs to the jocks,” Dean complained, “but you should have put on some duds before seeing your brand-new sister-in-law. Just think, your brother Steve's wife is checking you out." The guys in the room laughed heartily.

Lucas stood there, trying to cover his fat balls and thick dick with his hands. "How could you do this? How could you? How dare you bring Rosa here? She has nothing whatsoever to do with you or me or any of this. What the fuck are you doing, Dean?!"

Dean made a silly, child-like pout. "I was just explaining to your lovely sister-in-law here that you were a cock sucking faggot queer and often entertained us guys by sucking our dicks. I thought she might want to tell your brother and your parents."

"Lucas, how could you …” Rosa sobbed, still turned away, averting her eyes.

"It's a lie, Rosa. I swear to God. Dean blackmailed me into doing this stuff. He said he would ruin our family; he would cause Dad and Steve to lose their jobs. He would take back our house and destroy us if I didn't do all this stuff. I swear to God I am not a queer!"

She turned to glance into his eyes. She saw the truth there amid the pain and agony. Then her eyes drifted down his naked body to where she could see part of his fat dick and full scrotum hanging out from behind his hands. She quickly turned away again.

"Okay, Lucas, we'll see if you are a faggot or not. We'll give you a chance to redeem yourself. It's true, Rosa, that I could destroy your new marriage with your macho husband, Steve, and your future and Lucas' family with one telephone call to my dad. You would all lose everything. And I could probably even arrange it so your new hubby would go to prison for stealing my company's funds."

Rosa shot an icy glance at the boy seated in the leather chair. "Steve would never do something like that. He's an honest man."

"Ha, of course, he wouldn't. He's as noble as Lucas here. Brothers in every way. But I could fix it, so it looked like he did. I could alter a few records at the office, and your new husband would be off to prison, and you would be without his big beautiful dick for several years at least. By the time that gorgeous hunk got out, he would have learned what his asshole is really and how to entertain the violent criminals in there."

Rosa got tears in her eyes. "You monster! How could you treat Lucas like this? How could you lie about everything, even to the point of … of … falsely putting Steve in prison?" She screamed.

"Thank you for sharing," he responded. But our purpose now is to try to let Lucas prove that he is not a cock sucking faggot. My recently well-sucked dick says he is. He swears he is not. Very well, Lucas, I will call it quits. I will end this game and let you and your family alone if you prove you are not a fucking queer."

Lucas' eyes grew wide. This was his chance. "How do I prove that to you?" He asked.

"Easy ... JUST FUCK YOUR SISTER-IN-LAW.” The room went silent.

Rosa, who had been a virgin when she married Lucas' brother, had never even seen a dick other than her new husband's. Both Lucas and his brother, Steve, were very handsome young men. Steve loved to fuck Rosa, and she was still getting used to getting fucked three times a day. She was also still learning how to suck on his dick. Her new husband was very romantic and very patient. He told her how much he enjoyed his dick in her mouth while he relaxed and watched television in the evening. And she was getting to love it herself.

She loved her new hubby with every fiber of her attractive young body and soul. She was a shy, quiet girl from a poor Latino background, and Lucas' family welcomed her and made her feel worthwhile.

"Well, what's it going to be, puta? Do you put on a little show for us and let your new young brother-in-law fuck you? Or do I make a phone call and send your new husband to prison?"

Rosa looked over to Lucas with terror in her beautiful eyes. Now she looked only into his eyes, not down at his thick dick. "Is it true what he says? Can he do that?"

The Descent of Lucas Hunt
Part 8 of 8

Lucas averted his eyes to avoid seeing the pain in Rosa's. "I'm afraid he can. His father has the politicians of this state in his pocket. He can do just about anything he wants. It would be easy to fake charges against Steve. He wouldn't stand a chance. He also threatened to ruin our whole family and take back our house and all kinds of shit." Lucas' young eyes filled with tears that spilled down his cheeks and dripped from his chin.

Dean Hobart smiled. "You see, cunt, he understands the seriousness of the situation. Now, what's it going to be? My buddies here would love to see if Lucas is queer or not. If he fucks you, that proves he is not a queer, right?" Dean's friends cheered and swilled more beer.

Rosa balled her small hands into fists. She turned to Dean. “Why do you want to do something so terrible like this? For what reason?"

Dean stood up, took a few steps toward Rosa, reached out, and gently touched the clothed breast of the young woman. "Because it's fun. That's all. That's the reason. Because I get bored, and I like to have fun." Dean started to lightly brush the milky smooth skin around her neck.

Speaking of fun, let’s get a photo of you two love birds. Stand there and hug and smile.” Rosa refused to smile. If you don’t smile and look like you are having a great time with your new bo, I’ll beat the crap out of Lucas. GOT THAT?!” She immediately embraced her brother-in-law and put on a nice smile. “FLASH” Rosa blushed, feeling stupid in the photo. Then she pleaded with Dean. "Please do not do this. It is such a horrible thing. My brother-in-law. Please, I beg you, not this perversion."

Dean made a tsking sound and tilted his cute head. "Are you going to take off your clothes, or do I make a phone call? Think about this. Nobody has to know except those in this room. Your husband never needs to know."

With a gasp of shame and defeat, the poor beautiful girl began to take off her clothes. Imagine having to strip naked in front of five males. No one except her husband had ever seen her naked. Steve loved to have her naked whenever they were alone, but living with his parents and Lucas, they didn't have that chance very often. Only in the sanctity of their small bedroom could they be as intimate and natural as they wanted.

Now Rosa stood naked in a room filled with horny teenage boys. Dean glowed, not only with victory but also with lust. He loved how the innocent girl covered her ample tits with one hand and her pussy with the other.

"Sit on the edge of my dad's desk and spread your legs so we can see your cunt!” he ordered.

She shook her head furiously. "You said Lucas would make love to me, and that would be all. So where do we go?"

"I never said we didn't want to see your fuck hole, Bitch. And Lucas is not going to make LOVE to you. He's going to FUCK you. Now get up on the fucking desk and spread your legs for us." Her entire body trembling from fear and shame, Rosa hoisted her slender form up onto the huge desk. Then with her head hanging, she spread her legs, and all the guys except Lucas gathered around to look at her pussy.

"Hey, guys, look how red and puffy her cunt lips are. Looks like her new husband is fucking the shit out of her!" The boys all laughed at Dean's joking. "Ah, newlyweds, they just can't stop screwing!" Tears ran down Rosa's cheeks and dripped onto her big tits.

"Baby, just hold your cunt lips open a little for us, so we can see if the inside is fucked raw, too," Dean said.

Her lower lip quivered. Her eyes filled with fresh tears. “Please, no. Don't shame me like this. I beg you."

"Hold your cunt lips open for us. NOW!"

The poor girl reached down and spread her puffy pussy lips to reveal the bright pink inner cunt to the high school boys. This also showed her fleshy pink thick clit.

"Holy shit, look at the clit on this cunt! I'll bet her husband goes nuts chewing on it.” She did not respond.

Dean turned his head to Lucas, who stood on the other side of the room. "Okay, lover boy, get on over here and show us you are not a fucking faggot. Fuck this cunt."

Lucas swallowed hard and, on bare feet, padded over to his sister-in-law on the desk. Despite himself, his dick grew thick and hard at the sight of her. She was a gorgeous girl, after all.

"I'm sorry, Rosa," he said. "I'm so, so sorry."

"It's not your fault. Just do it and get it over with." Lucas started to climb up on the desk, his fat balls swinging and dancing in their sack.

"Oh wait!" She pulled away. "Have him use a condom." She told Dean.

Dean smirked and slowly shook his head. "No condom."

Rosa curled up into a little ball on the edge of the huge desk. "No. You cannot do that. I am fertile now, and I would get pregnant. Steve and I are not ready to have a baby. He always uses a condom."

Dean smiled a cocky, goofy smile and rubbed the hard-on in his pants. "NO CONDOM.”

Lucas' teenage dick was as thick as a wrist by now, bobbing in the air and leaking. He simply could not control it. He knelt there on the desk, looking at Dean Hobart with pure hatred in his eyes. "Dean, this is going much too far. You cannot treat us like this. We are human beings. I can't fuck her without a rubber. We can't take that risk. What if she gets pregnant?"

"She'll have to tell her hubby it must have been a defective condom. NO CONDOM! NO FUCKING CONDOM! DO YOU HEAR ME? NO GOD DAMNED FUCKING CONDOM!"

Lucas knew from what had happened to him all day that there was no use in arguing with the sadistic teen. “Come on, Rosa, we got to do it." He whispered with care.

"Yeah, you gotta do it," Dean mocked. The guys roared and moved closer around the desk, all playing with their dicks through their pants now. "Tell you what, I think you'll be more comfortable on that green sofa, so go there. See how kind I am to you?"

With a sob of reassignment, they moved to the sofa. Lucas reclined first on his side, then pulled her before him. It was like a spoon position with him behind her. It was obvious Lucas was straight. He was dripping pre-fuck onto himself. He released a huge sigh and placed his prick head at the opening of her cunt. He looked over at Dean. "No lube?" he asked.

Dean grinned and shook his head. “Only natural pussy and cock juice. It's more romantic that way. Now shove it in. And I better see it go balls deep!"

Lucas forced his huge cock head into his sister-in-law's tender cunt hole. She hissed and held her breath as the thick dick worked its way into her pussy. There was no foreplay, no romance. Just cold, methodical fucking. Lucas hated the fact that he was aroused at all. He hated that he found his sister-in-law so attractive. He had jerked off at home thinking about his brother Steve with his huge dick fucking his new bride. AND NOW Lucas WAS FUCKING HER. He pumped in and out as fast as he could, hoping to cum quickly and finish it.

"Harder, Lucas. If you want to convince us that you are not a faggot, you must fuck her much harder. I want to hear those balls slapping on her cunt pad."

Lucas didn't know what he was doing. He was out of his mind, not only with fear and hatred but now with lust also. "SLAP, SLAP, SLAP" His huge testicles slapped the girl's cunt mound as he rammed his dick into her, and his handsome but still red-beaten ass rose and fell. For some reason, Dean's huge dick gave a lurch and a squirt in his pants as he watched the teenage boy's ass rise and fall. He loved to watch kids fucking. Something about it. Not just on DVDs. In real life.

Lucas had set up a fucking rhythm. Rosa lay there with her eyes squeezed shut. Lucas arched. He was almost ready to cum.

"Okay, buddy, now pull out."

Lucas' head snapped to the side to look at Dean through the tear and sweat-blurry eyes. "Huh?" he asked.

"I said, pull out!"

Both Rosa and Lucas gasped in happiness. He wasn't going to make him shoot inside her after all. Lucas pushed his muscular young body up, and his thick dick came out of the cunt with a squishing sound. Pussy slop and cock drip coated the big prick.

Dean moved in, almost on top of them. "Good. Good going. Who fucks better, Rosa, your husband Steve or his little brother Lucas?"

She tossed her beautiful head from side to side in shame. "I don't know ...” She didn't want to play this game, especially thinking it was now over.

"'fraid the boys and I need an answer. Who is the better fucker? Lucas or Steve?"

"Oh god. . . Steve is. My husband is BETTER! " She wailed in shame and distress.

"You hear that, Lucas. You are not very good at fucking. Maybe you are a faggot. Last chance. FUCK HER IN THE ASS."



Lucas was out of it. He was in shock and freaked out. He was being used as a machine. He lifted her legs and put the head of his dripping dick against her tiny brown asshole.

"Please, Lucas, no, don't do it."

"I have to, Rosa," Lucas sobbed, "To save the family and Steve, I just have to." Then he pushed hard so the plumb-sized dickhead would pop into the rectum ring.

"AAAGGGHHH,” the poor girl wailed in agony. The jocks in the room had their dicks out of their pants now and were spanking the monkey for all it was worth. Lucas had no choice. He fucked his sister-in-law in the ass. Dean puffed up in glory. He was the man. He could do anything he wanted to. His trousers in front were stained with cock leak. Teenage boys are incorrigible.

Lucas fucked her harder and harder in the ass. Once again, his balls slapped against her flesh. Both of their breathing grew erratic and ragged. Their young bodies were covered in sweat. Lucas fucked her asshole. He was getting very close.

"Now pull out!” Dean screamed in an almost maniacal way.

Following orders, Lucas pulled his throbbing dick from Rosa's asshole. It was excruciating for the girl. The fat dick was covered with ass slime and shit. “Now, slut, get on your knees. NOW!” And see, she did.

"Lucas, shove it in her mouth!" Dean yelled, his face red.

Clear, milky, and brown slime dripped from his huge fucking dick as he brought it to the poor kneeling girl's mouth.

"OPEN THAT FACE CUNT, BITCH!" Dean yelled. Rosa opened her mouth, and the foul pecker of her brother-in-law entered.


Mindlessly, Lucas obeyed. He was no longer human. He was just a machine belonging to Dean Hobart. He fucked Rosa's face. Rosa choked and coughed. Snot ran from her nose. Shit and cock drool dripped from her chin.

"BALLS DEEP. FUCK HER SKULL BALLS DEEP!" Lucas rammed his dick down his sister-in-law's throat until his huge cum laden balls slapped her chin and neck. His pubic bone smashed against her nose.

"USE THAT FACE LIKE THE FUCK HOLE IT IS!" Once again, Lucas arched his smooth young, sweat-slick back. He was about to cum.


Gasping for breath and control, Lucas reared back, his fat red fucker sliding from the girl’s slop-soaked mouth. Her eyes rolled wildly in her head. Pre-fuck and even shit slime now ran from her nose.

"Time to get back into her cunt.” Dean pointed to the floor, and Lucas keeled there and gently pushed Rosa backward onto her back. Then he lifted her legs to line up his dick. “BACK INTO HER CUNT. HARD! I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD, IF IT ISN'T HARD ENOUGH, YOU WILL BOTH BE VERY SORRY."

Like a wild beast, spit spraying from his mouth, Lucas scooted forward and shoved his thick throbbing, hair-trigger sausage back into the girl's sore cunt. She gasped, her mouth wide open and inside of it a lake of fuck drip and ass slime.

"FUCK HER. FUCK THAT BITCH. UNLOAD IN THAT USELESS CUNT." It was too late to stop. Lucas did as directed. No sooner had his huge dick hit bottom in her cunt than he screamed as a spray of sperm filled the poor girl's womb.

She screamed. He screamed. The boys in the room cheered, and three shot their loads on Rosa's agonized face. Lucas collapsed atop her, his dick still squirting in her cunt. Dean removed his swollen dick from his pants, twisted Lucas' handsome head to one side, and shot his load all over the boy's nose and mouth. Then he wiped his cock in Lucas' hair. The fucking couple was an absolute mess.

"Get the fuck out of here. You two disgusting pigs." Dean said, zipping up again.

Rosa sat up, dazed and disoriented. "My clothes ...”

Dean sneered. "Ugh, ugh, you two did a lousy job. You both go home bare ass."

"But how will we get in the house? Steve … my family … maybe home."

"I don't give a fuck. That is your fucking problem. Now unless you two want to start sucking all the dicks of my guests in the other room, I suggest you get out of here now!" Lucas scrambled naked from the desk, his big flaccid dick swinging and dripping. He took Rosa's hand.

"Let's go, Rosa," he whispered. Cum bubbled from her pussy and ran down her legs as she followed him. They got into his car and drove home on back roads, wanting no one to see them. When I got home, it appeared no one was awake, or at least not. So, they sneaked in, went to their respective rooms, closed their doors, and cried. Not knowing when her husband would return, Rosa showered quickly and tried calming down. On the other hand, Lucas just fell into a deep, restful sleep. Finally, Lucas was free of Dean. He had met all his demeaning challenges. And it was now all over. What would happen at school was anyone's guess. But he was not going back there, at least for a good long while, if ever.

The End?

Fucking shit! Is Lucas’s life now stuck in a fuck-up slave mode? Is it really the end? Is there no way out for Lucas and his family? I mean, there are so many unanswered questions: Does Steve find out about Lucas fucking his wife… in ALL her holes? What possible vulnerabilities do Dean and his all-powerful, mean dad have? Mr. Hobert must be such a bastard! Is there any way to stop him? Will this degrading harassment go to the point where the Hunt family loses their home, just as Dean constantly threatened? The good news is all these questions are answered. Look for the sequel in 2 days, “The Revenge of Lucas Hunt” ….

The End?