319 Interview

The Interview
Part 1 of 3

What a crazy misunderstanding! Handsome and sexy, David went into a meeting for a job interview for a simple part-time sales clerk job and was stripped naked. That’s insane! He didn’t go in there and just took his pants off. In fact, he was pretty embarrassed to find himself in this situation at all, the center of attention of these important businessmen. But at some point, he found himself displaying his dick, balls, and ass to these wealthy guys - it was all so overwhelming.

But let me explain just how this happened. David Stone wished to apply for a job as an entry-level salesman for Elite Male Skin Products, based in his hometown in England. Elite is an international chain he was familiar with. He had tried their products a few times but ultimately found them too expensive for his wallet. Normally, one would simply apply at any of the local retail outlets. But he lived near their headquarters and thought it would be a kick to go there directly to fill out all the forms. He was 20, blonde, had a strong build, and was taking a break from college. In short, the perfect image of a hard-working young man.

It was a Friday afternoon when he walked into the tall office building, read the directory, and then rode the elevator to the tenth floor where their offices were located, but, to his surprise, the reception desk was empty. He guessed some employees got off early on Fridays. He then noticed a young man coming down the hallway toward him. So, David asked him where one might get a job application. The fellow didn’t seem to know much but said he’d check in Administration and find out. Meanwhile, David waited, looking out the window and down onto the street.

All at once, he was startled and a bit surprised by a well-dressed Latino man with a neatly trimmed beard, wearing a beige coat and a pink shirt, who came hurriedly out to greet him. “Hi! You’re a little late, but that’s OK. There’s still a boardroom full of Directors here to conduct the interview, but we must hurry as we’d like to decide this afternoon.” Grabbing David’s arm, the man ushered him along quickly.

Inviting David into the boardroom meeting was a big mix-up. The Board was staying late that day because it was holding final interviews to decide which actor-model candidate they would choose to be featured in their TV commercials. Mr. Crasser, the one pulling David along, had mistakenly assumed that David was applying to be interviewed as a TV model – to be their Elite image of a sexy man.

One would assume that David would be delighted to be considered for a TV commercial instead of the counter position as a part-time cologne salesman he was applying for. But at that point, he had simply allowed himself to be guided into the boardroom without asking any questions. He did, however, think it odd to have a first interview, or any interview at all, for a lowly sales clerk job conducted by the Board of Directors of the corporation, and, when he thought about it, he hadn’t even completed the fucking application!

The Board for the Elite brand men’s skin products was terribly excited about their new ad campaign and slogan: “Wear Elite, and nothing else matters.” The mock-up of the first TV ad for international release was already approved. The opening scene: It’s an elegant evening party in full swing, with everyone dressed in tuxedoes or gorgeous gowns. An opera singer, accompanied by a string quartet, was performing in the background. The camera pans around and shows all the fashionably dressed men and women and the opulent furnishings, crystal lighting fixtures, and silver candelabras placed here and there. Everyone had a glass of champagne and a brilliant smile.

Then, casually walking into the scene is the star Elite image icon, completely naked - not even wearing shoes – immediately attracting the attention of all the glamorously dressed men and women. (The Elite Corporation is a cutting-edge company that recognizes gay relationships as a natural extension of its marketing strategy.) These ritzy guests immediately surrender to the allure of the well-tone hunk with blue eyes and impeccably styled hair as if he is a glamour magnet. He does not gesture to cover his full-length, semi-erect dick but rather stops and stands tall unabashedly. The evening hostess, a charming woman in a baby blue silk gown wearing ruby stone jewelry, says, “I have never experienced such a wonderfully exotic scent.” And then, a man standing next to her says, “Your scent is everything I want in a man.” The scene closes with the company’s motto on a black screen: “Wear Elite, and nothing else matters.”

“Hello, Sir, I’m David Stone, but perhaps I should come back another day?” he tried to explain to his ‘guide,’ worried that he was upsetting everyone’s schedule as he was ushered further down a second corridor. “I don’t even have my forms, so … so … perhaps I could just apply at one of the …” he uttered as they arrived at a door with a sign stating “BOARDROOM.”

“Mr. Stone, I’m Mr. Crasser. I know this seems unusual, but we want to fill this position today. We have deadlines, and we’ve been stalled all day. We can’t agree on a candidate, and we’ve been interviewing all day. If you’d just be patient and bear with us, we promise not to keep you very long. Just let me do the talking and try to avoid asking questions - we already know you want the job.” And with that, Mr. Crasser pushed the doors open and guided David in.

“Gentlemen, this is David - a bit late, but let’s just complete this last candidate interview and make our decision, shall we? We were critical of the others for being too muscular or skinny, and David may be exactly what we’re looking for.”

David was shocked at the size of the room, the huge wooden conference table, and the fact that eight important-looking men who seemed interested in him were sitting around it. “God! I’m just applying for part-time work at a cologne counter…do I really need to face all of this?” he thought to himself but said nothing.

There was no real formality here. The Board members just spoke their minds, asked specific questions, and scribbled down notes. A few just sat back, sipped water, and observed.

“David,” Mr. Greenly asked, “are you familiar with our products?” David responded affirmatively. “Good! You’re the first one to say that. How do you wear it? Only on your face or all over your body?”

“I use it on my face and chest, but I don’t use it often because … well … ah … it’s a bit expensive for me. I got it as a gift and …”

“And your groin?”

David blushed.

“I said, have you also used Elite on your testicles and penis?”

Wow, he thought, what a weird question! Seeing that he couldn’t avoid answering it. He shook his head no and added, “But I could wear it to work at the store and …”

Mr. Greenly was finished for the moment, but then Mr. Cornish spoke up, “By the way, Mr. Stone, thank you for coming in today, and I’m sorry that our questions are so blunt, but so far, we haven’t seen the type of candidate we want,” he said by way of explaining as well as apologizing for their seemingly harsh approach to questioning him. “Now, about your comfort level with men and women. Have you ever done any naked activities with either? Activities such as camping, swimming, or hiking? Anything at all in the nude with others?”

“Well, Sir, I swam nude once. As for the other things you asked, ah… no, Sir.”

“Tell us, David, the circumstances of swimming nude and how you felt about that. Was it at a public or private event?” Mr. Cornish stared at David, waiting for his response.

“I was at a college swim meet, competing in diving. I was required to do two dives in succession. As I climbed up to the diving board, I snagged my speedos on the head of a screw stuck out from a handrail that ripped my suit off. Since judges won’t give you any time to change, or at least I thought I had no chance of doing that, it was either dive naked or accept a penalty fault for my team. So, I just dove naked. I got out of the pool naked and immediately went back to the diving board again. I stood there, as all divers do, with my hands at my sides, totally naked, as I mentally prepared for the next dive. I used good form, as always, and dove naked again. I was embarrassed, but my team and school thought I showed a lot of courage and team spirit.” David reflected briefly on that moment with pride, and he smiled.

“And did you have an erection in front of all those people?”

“Sorry, Sir, I don’t know. I was honestly too nervous to think about it.”

“Well, are you nervous now? Thinking about it? Talking about it with us and how everyone saw you naked on the diving board and around the pool?” Mr. Cornish asked.

“I … I … ah …” David was at a loss for words. Fuck! He was applying for a part-time job at a cosmetic counter, and they asked him about his boner? “A … maybe I should look for a different job. Maybe this isn’t …”

“Nonsense, lad. Take down your pants and underwear, and let us have a look.”

Well, David wasn’t going to do that. No, this wasn’t right, and it made no sense - absolutely not! But as he was thinking those thoughts, he mechanically unbuckled his pants anyway, lowering them along with his briefs. He thought this was too ridiculous to do, and showing his dick was absolutely acceptable. No. He wouldn’t. But... all the while mentally unaware that he was already doing it.

“That’s fine. You can pull your pants back up now.” Mr. Cornish said, “I think you are fine - we just don’t want our TV model having wild erections at work.”

And once again, acting robotically, David pulled up his briefs and pants and continued the interview. He never picked up on having been called a ‘TV model.’

After having exposed himself, David suddenly realized what he had just done. His face turned beet red, and he was utterly embarrassed. But, on the other hand, he was glad he had gotten that... that … ‘display’ over with and could now get back to more relevant questions about how well he’d treat customers at a cosmetics counter. Yes. He felt so relieved!

Then Mr. Crasser spoke up. “OK, David. Now go ahead and take off your jacket. It’s warm in here, isn’t it?” David proceeded to do so, appreciating that the Board member was being thoughtful. “We need to see your physique, so please remove your shirt too.” Then, after a pause, he added, “And your undershirt.”

Now they want to see his upper body, too? He guessed it was because their counter staff must meet some high standards in building and overall healthy tone. Yes, he thought, they want to know if he’d project the glowing image of a user of their products. Of course, he thought – yes, this all makes sense. They want healthy-looking people to sell their products! David figured that they wanted every male employee to have an athletic body so that customers would make the mental connection between male virility and the line of skin care products they sell.

So, he was OK with stripping to the waist. He wondered where to place his clothes and set them on the conference table before him. The fellow on his left moved them out of the way. Oddly, that individual stood up, took his jacket and shirts into another room, and returned empty-handed. Still, David didn’t overthink it.

“Gentlemen,” Dr. Striker spoke up, “He certainly is better built than the earlier applicants, except for that Joseph fellow who maybe had a more toned chest. But then again, Joseph’s feet were too… too ... well, unattractive.” After a pause, “Mr. Stone, please remove your shoes and socks, and let us please examine your feet.”

David hesitated and said, “But, Sir, I… my feet? I … what? I just want the job as…”

“Please, Mr. Stone, we only have a limited amount of time. If you don’t mind.”

So David bent over, removed his shoes and socks, and held them in his hand. He started to ask if he should leave them on the floor, but a hand reached out and took them. His stripped-off footwear left the room while David looked down at his bare feet. A voice told him to get up on the conference table and walk around for all to take a look.

“Dr. Striker, this is not going to work. His pants are too long,” another Board member complained. “This is ridiculous. David, let’s just cut to the quick. Please, just get down from there and remove all your clothes so we can see your entire body.”

“Is… is… that really necessary?” David asked with a mild stutter as he climbed down from the table. “I… I… don’t even have my application completed … And, ah … I don’t even know the hours. What if… if… my suit gets wrinkled and… and… I can be your best employee! Really, I can sell your… I can… I mean… I think I fit the bill perfectly. If you are looking for a… a… I mean ... someone ... physically fit ... or… who…” David mumbled to the board members and rambled on, trying to give them time to say, “Stop, we’ve seen enough,” but no one said anything.

David put his hand on his belt, but they just stayed there. However, some helping hands came from behind him and began unbuckling his belt. He wondered if these were the same tan-skinned, youthful hands that had taken his shoes and other clothes earlier. It was funny how the hands came around each hip and unfastened the belt, almost like a bear hug from behind. Dumbly, David watched the hands pull the belt free from the pants loops, which seemed unnecessary. Oddly, David never turned around to see whose hands were taking charge of this stripping procedure. In some kind of a daze, David just stood and allowed himself to be stripped naked. After all, he wasn’t going to do it.

Then, the hands unbuttoned the top button and pulled the zipper down. Then tugged the tight pants down, a little at a time, the right side, then the left side. Back and forth down his hips and firm muscled thighs until they dropped to the floor and puddled around his bare feet. He was in his underwear. If he was to be naked, why didn’t the hands remove his underwear at the same time? Was this young man with his hands teasing him?

“Ah, sirs, I don’t think... I mean...” But the hand continued their task. Suddenly, the hands were back at his waist, fingering the waistband of his underwear. Not pulling it down yet, but feeling it all around, as if to play with the elastic band. Then, slowly, very slowly, the hand slipped his jockeys down, over his thighs, down his legs, down to his bare feet, where they joined his pants. All eyes were on David’s dick, not fully erect, just nicely plump and hanging down, happy. David mumbled softly to himself, “It’s just that you’ve already seen me and… well, all these questions... I know you want a well-built… but do we have to… I mean, I... have to…?” all the while thinking to himself, “Oh, God, can’t they say something? Something like, OK, Mr. Stone, that’s fine. Just have a seat.” But no one halted my stripping. “Fuck, how much time do I have to just stand here, naked? I just want to be a fucking sales clerk. I… I have been stripped naked? To sell cologne?” David had many questions he couldn’t articulate well or even ask out loud.

It was fascinating to watch David’s nervousness and his delay tactics as the Board members remained absolutely quiet, staring at him as he went through his stripping maneuvers. They patiently waited, and no one paid any attention to his gibberish. “I really don’t mind obeying your policies and… but… my girlfriend… if I had one, I mean… she wouldn’t care ... It’s just a job… so ... yes… I hope I have undressed all of your questions and… I mean… I don’t know...” He did not notice his feet being raised one at a time and his underwear and pants removed to join his other clothes, wherever they were.

He was now standing there completely naked in front of all those men in expensive three-piece suits, his would-be bosses. Unaware of where his clothes went, David asked, “So, are we finished? I mean… I mean, I hope I have stripped away your concerns and… undressed your requirements and stuff…” David was utterly embarrassed and more than a little freaked out. “I… I… told you the naked truth. Can ... can I do anything more, Sirs?”

“Now, Gentlemen, if we can get back to the applicant and wind this up,” said Mr. Crasser. “Those who were critical of the other candidates’ physiques and attributes, please come up here. Walk around David and examine him in detail. I don’t want any second thoughts, so please be thorough. Let’s get whatever info we need to rule him in or out right now.”

Mr. Crasser, seated, looked up at the naked, blonde boy and asked, “David, where are the forms you were to bring with you today?”

“But, Sir, don’t you remember that I told you at the reception desk that no one had given me any forms?”

“OK, David, we can complete some things now, then the rest can be done later if we select you.” David suddenly felt even more uncomfortable as he was now being encircled by various board members, some of whom were touching him as if they were inspecting a champion thoroughbred. They pinched his skin here and there, squeezed his tits, and even estimated the weight of his balls in the palm of their hands.

Thinking he was being interviewed for a part-time counter sales job, David was at a loss as to why all these high-powered, business-suited men needed him to strip naked and be examined in detail. I mean, he was expecting a job that would pay him only 200 pounds a week (less than $300 US dollars by 2018 exchange rates). He was confused, but he just went along with it, hoping it would all eventually make sense.

The Board members, for their part, needed to be very picky about the build of the man they would ultimately choose as he would be their company’s international image, hopefully, for the coming few years. They wanted to know his chest size, what his bare feet looked like, his body hair type, everything. All this fuss over a man they never realized was there by mistake!

“Gentlemen, documenting his measurements is critical, so let’s do that while we ask our questions. I know it’s usually done beforehand, but this is crunch time, so let’s just get it done now.” Mr. Crasser pushed the intercom and asked Ramiro to come in and bring a cloth measuring tape and measurement forms.

“Up to now, David, I’m sure you have found this interview to be quite routine,” pointed out Mr. Boswell.

This caused David to want to say, “Routine? A fully naked interview just to hire a stupid counter clerk? God, what do you put janitors and secretaries through when you want to hire them?” but still never picked up on the fact that he was in the wrong interview.

Mr. Boswell continued, “However, I must ask you some personal questions. Do you get embarrassed easily?” David asked what he meant.

“Well, let’s say you’re at a party with a lot of well-dressed men and women, and you are the only naked person there. Say, for example, you were the naked bartender. Would you feel OK or not?” David started to answer, but then another question came, “What I mean is, just because you are naked with other people, would you get an erection?” David was trying to figure out how to answer.

“Mr. Boswell,” interrupted Mr. Crasser, “David’s naked with other people right now, and he’s not erect, so I think we are fine on that issue. But, Mr. Boswell, you do raise another point of concern. Would David ever be shriveled up due to nervousness? We can’t have that. Or would his penis be relaxed and somewhat more filled out than it is now? Well, we should see.”

Once again, Mr. Crasser looked up at the towering, naked young man and, without asking permission, pulled on David’s dick gently. David started to back away. “David, don’t be alarmed! We need to know if your penis naturally gets longer and fuller when you aren’t nervous.”

The Interview
Part 2 of 3

Just then, Ramiro walked in carrying a measuring tape and a clipboard with papers on it. He was an intern, still in high school, very slender and short (maybe only five feet tall), and spoke with a ghetto style of speech.

Ramiro knelt in order to measure David’s bare right foot.
He first tapped it to get David’s attention to lift it as Ramiro guided it away from his other foot, spreading David’s legs wider apart. It felt as odd to David as it would to anyone, but he was trying to pay attention to the questioning. He could feel Ramiro circling his ankle with the cloth tape and then touching his long toes, but David tried to ignore the tickling sensations.

The weirdest part of all of this was that David was completely naked and standing with his thighs almost touching the conference table, so given that, how did Ramiro position himself? The slight-built man was under the table on his knees. In front of David, facing his body. Apparently, Ramiro wanted David’s feet to be further apart so he could place his own knees between David’s bare feet. Something about having Ramiro between his feet made David feel even more helpless. For one thing, due to Ramiro’s position, David could no longer place his feet together for proper balance or to protect his private parts. Another thing to mention was that when Ramiro was under the table like that, he was blocked from being viewed by the Board members on either side of him.

In the meantime, the Board members continued to ask their questions. One asked him if he was gay, bi, or straight, to which he responded, “Straight.” Another asked if he ever shaved his body hair or if he would if hired. David tried to focus on the questions, but it was challenging to ignore Ramiro down at his feet, touching each of his toes. Ramiro’s knees spread a little more, pushing David’s feet out a bit further. This also caused David to feel a constant, though slight, pressure on the inside of his ankles. He tried harder to concentrate only on the various questions. He could simultaneously feel Ramiro lifting his toes and even separating them, which made David need to stifle a chuckle due to his being ticklish. In truth, Ramiro was getting a head trip out of his ability to maneuver David at will. David didn’t want the Board members to catch him giggling - he wanted to come across as a serious candidate – so he tried to pretend Ramiro wasn’t even there, but that made it difficult to focus on hearing the questions.

“Again, I asked if you’d have an issue kissing women and men, you know, as a greeting during your work?” David replied that he’d be OK with that.

At first, David felt that many of these personal questions and his required nudity weren’t appropriate. After all, he was applying to be a fucking part-time sales clerk! Man! It was a lousy $300-a-week job! How had he ended up standing there bare-assed naked? It had just happened as he had followed the questions and directions of the Board members. Paramount in his mind was to impress the Board with his eagerness to be a good and obedient employee, but somewhere during the process, he seemed to have adopted a more submissive attitude that was entirely new for him.

David reasoned that if all these prominent people didn’t see anything odd or unusual about this interview. They had been doing this for many years. It must be the way this sort of thing is done here. And, after all, he was just a college jock on summer vacation.

With little Ramiro now fidgeting around David’s naked legs, responding quickly to the questions became difficult. “I said, Mr. Stone, do you have a girlfriend, and, if so, would she mind you doing this type of work? We need an honest answer. We certainly don’t want to hire anyone and cause his family issues.”

“Well, Sir, I can tell you that, as of right now, I do not have a girl, but if I did, I really couldn’t imagine that…” But just as he tried to get through his answer, little Ramiro’s measuring tape and fingertips lightly touched his right thigh, giving him goosebumps and sending a chill up his spine. David suppressed a spontaneous chuckle because this wasn’t funny, and he was annoyed at himself and his inability to focus on the questions. If he giggled, they’d think he wasn’t serious.

“Go on, Mr. Stone. You were saying?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand the conditions of this job, and nothing about doing it would in any way be a problem with my family.”

Then, in a follow-up question, he was asked if he was currently having sexual relations with anyone. Before he could answer, his body shook again as Ramiro moved the cloth tape around his thigh, seemingly trying to find the largest part of his right quad muscle. But that wasn’t the most unbearable erotic assault he felt because the top of Ramiro’s head had frizzy hair. Since little Ramiro was crouched down directly under David’s groin, the top of Ramiro’s head acted like a feather duster, tickling David’s low-hanging balls. No one, and especially not David, picked up on the fact that Ramiro was purposely looking for areas on David’s body that would produce erotic tickling sensations. No Board member had ever looked down under the table to check on how Ramiro was coming along with his measurements.

“Ah, yes, I’m sorry,” David told them, “I’m just a little nervous being undressed in front of such important people. But yes, I have made it with a couple of girls, and, as I said, I can’t see any girlfriend of mine having any issues due to my working with such an esteemed company as Elite. I have no conditions - I’ll be all yours and highly focused, and I’ll be your top, best salesman ever.”

“Excellent, Mr. Stone. Now, please elaborate on body shaving if you ever get a rash. If you use our product exclusively or not,” Mr. Littlefield asked.

No one paid attention to the new intern as he tormented David while ostensibly doing his job. Which was meant to be only taking boring body measurements. Meanwhile, Ramiro worked his way up to measuring David’s inseam, lightly holding the end of the cloth tape to the crotch space between where David’s right testicle hung and his right thigh attached to his trunk. Ramiro’s fingertips tickle-touched David in that tiny, erotic hollow, causing an electrifying tremble to travel up David’s spine. All David could do to avoid any overt reaction was stare stonily at the questioner, tensing his body to try to keep it from showing any movement.

“I said, Mr. Stone, do you shave your body?”

“I… I… ah… yes, Sir. I do. As you can see, I don’t have a lot of hair down there. So if shaving is required, I can strip myself down quickly.”

“Could you please be more specific about how and where you shave?”

“Well, down there, but not on my backside…” Then Mr. Littlefield pushed again to know where down there was, and why not on his backside too?

“Oh, along my penis and down to the root of it and around that area, and further down around my testicles and… and…” David felt terribly embarrassed to be naked and talking about sex and girlfriends and body shaving, especially in front of all those well-dressed men.

AND WORSE … Ramiro began tickling each body part as David mentioned it in his answer. When David said, “… along my penis…” Ramiro lightly raked his fingernails up and down David’s dick. And when David said, “… around my testicles …” Ramiro tickled all around his testicles, sending shivers through David’s body. David couldn’t help but begin to get an erection, and he was quite embarrassed about that.

The Directors couldn’t see Ramiro crouched on the floor, hidden by the table, and anyone who caught a glimpse of his mischievous activities would only assume he was taking the required measurements. As the discussion centered on David’s physical attributes, several Board members rose and went over to him and personally inspected his muscle tone by rubbing the contours of his body. Ramiro quickly lowered his measuring tape from David’s groin, placing it around David’s knee so he looked diligent in his duties. Some Board members actually lifted David’s balls to examine the amount of pubic and groin hair, as well as to note the manly size of his dick and balls.

“David, this may seem unusual, and sorry if it does, but we need you to lie down on the conference table, on your back, with your legs hanging off the edge.” It was Mr. Burger’s request. A few board members pushed the tabletop items aside.

“Wow, what the fuck?” David thought, “But why not? They’ve already surveyed my dick and balls.” So David reclined on his back on the table as directed. At the same time, Ramiro simply sat on the floor and waited for his toy to return to a standing position. Then David was asked to raise his knees to his chest and hold them there with both hands on his shins as tightly as possible.

Without explaining anything to him, this was their way of inspecting David’s ass cheeks in order to see that they were muscular and that his asshole was healthy, both of which were true on all counts. A few members came over to rub and pat David’s ass and one member bent over to get a close-up look at his ass lips. “That’s fine, David, just fine. Nice muscle structure there, too,” complimented Mr. Burger.

As Ramiro remained kneeling on the floor, he planned different ways of erotically torturing David, all with the outward appearance of being very professional in taking detailed measurements, of course. Finally, David was allowed to stand again.

After David resumed standing, one of the Board members began to manipulate his flaccid dick, indicating that the visual state of David’s penis seemed more concerned than the Board was outwardly admitting. They realized David was nervous, but regardless, they needed to know that his dick was a normal ‘man’s size’ when not erect. They weren’t being overtly sexual or lewd. They were just concerned. After all, he was to be nude in the commercials and would become the youthful, virile image of an Elite man.

Erotic tingles began to spider through David’s body, causing him to twitch. With the Board members once again back in their seats, Ramiro was again free to explore and play with this naked, hunky stud. David found himself again standing next to the conference table as Ramiro knelt on the floor before him. Mostly hidden under the table, supposedly to better measure David’s lower body but with the added benefit of never being too noticeable. The tingles shuttering through David’s naked body were caused by Ramiro holding the eraser end of his pencil against David’s ass lips and lightly running it along the full length of his crack, up and down. He paid particular attention to David’s ass hole. Since David was facing the Directors around the table, no one could see Ramiro’s pencil at work.

David was now being asked about his nipples and whether they could be made more prominent with a suction device or minor silicone injections. Ramiro, meanwhile, was lightly tapping David’s asshole with the eraser end of his pencil, tapping out a beat. No one could see Ramiro’s teasing antics as he held the eraser tip right on the opening of the asshole and twisted it, wondering if that would cause David’s asshole to pulse open in response. Ramiro counted on the fact that David couldn’t say anything about this playful, erotic teasing since it would make David seem uncooperative.

David’s body shuttered again as Ramiro slowly inserted the eraser end of the pencil - first only a little - then twisted and pushed it up into David’s asshole a good seven or eight inches, leaving only the lead tip sticking out about a half-inch. Then Ramiro flicked the exposed end of the pencil with his thumb and forefinger, repeatedly causing the buried eraser end to vibrate and wiggle in David’s ass and tickle his prostate. Ramiro continued nonstop with his playfulness while trying to hush his soft giggles, wanting to remain unnoticed. David heard the question for the third time but was so distracted he couldn’t form an answer.

Finally, David had enough of being Ramiro’s toy. There he was, standing with an erection caused by a pencil being jiggled up his asshole while a mild erotic sensation flowed from the top of his head to the tip of his toes, forcing his dick to stiffen even more. What the fuck? He’d had enough of being made a fool of - that fucking faggot punk Ramiro was ruining his chance of being hired, and that was just a waste of everyone’s time. So what if it was just a fucking cologne salesman’s position? He wanted that job! David tried to speak up, to call it quits, but suddenly his knees buckled a bit in response to the erotic feeling in his asshole. Christ, all he wanted right then was to get dressed and get out of there… immediately!

“I’m so sorry, Sirs, but I can’t… I… I have to tell you that …” David was about to point out that he was being secretly teased and tickled during the interview by Ramiro and that the measuring process was too distracting for him to concentrate and continue, but Dr. Striker interrupted by jumping up and saying, in a loud voice, “Gentlemen, look! David’s penis has grown to a nice full, plump size! Yes, his nervousness has made him erect, but look! He has a nice-sized penis, nice and full and perfect! David, how did you do that? I mean, how did you get it so big and full? This is great! He’ll be perfect – he fulfills our image goal!”

But this was all so confusing to David. First, Board members were concerned that he might get uncontrollable erections while being filmed naked - that the job might prove to be too erotic a situation for him. Then they were concerned that he might not have the correct size dick - that it might be either too big or too small. Now they seemed to be OK that he had an erection because they assumed it was because he was nervous, their thinking being that if his erection was caused by simply being nervous, he’d get over nervousness once he was filmed a couple of times. Wild, spontaneous erections wouldn’t occur.

At first, David was taken aback by the exuberant smiles and the fact that every Board member nodded in agreement. David went from feeling angry and embarrassed to feeling accepted and pleased. He suddenly realized they wanted him for the job!

“I… I… guess I just gradually became more comfortable with showing you my full penis,” David said sheepishly, not wanting to mention Ramiro’s impish role in covertly, erotically teasing him. “But when I’m not nervous, I don’t get … ah … erections. I usually am ... well, I mean, I just need to be by myself and …”

Ignoring David’s remarks, Dr. Striker went on, “Gentlemen, I think we may have found our new image! Of course, we still need to complete the paperwork and review all the forms, but we’ve been here all day. Mr. Stone is the only candidate who seems to have what it takes in all departments.” Then he turned to Mr. Crasser, adding, “I vote we double his starting salary. I really don’t want him looking elsewhere for a job.” The group smiled and nodded in agreement. “This is good. We finally did it! Let’s call it a day, shall we? Let Ramiro finish his measuring job and then have Mr. Stone come back here Monday morning to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

“Yes, great idea! It is late,” said Mr. Crasser as he adjusted himself in his chair to look down at the boy and address him more directly. Knowing he’d now been looked at closely, Ramiro had already moved his hands away from David’s ass and back to his mid-thigh, circling it with his cloth tape. The pencil remained up David’s ass, but no one could see it in there. “Ramiro, how far along are you, and how much more time do you need?”

“Mr. Crasser, it’s just that Stoner has trouble standing still. If he would stop fidgeting, it’d go a lot faster.”

Where did Ramiro get ‘Stoner?’ Was that just Ramiro’s accent or a demeaning jab? Although he was trying to sound a bit irritated and tough, Ramiro was delightfully excited to have this hunky college athlete to control and play with. So, he was intentionally drawing out this procedure.

“Now, Ramiro, keep calm, and David will cooperate fully, I’m sure. If he doesn’t, just let me know, and we’ll hire someone else.” He was joking, of course, but David was looking down at Ramiro and not at Mr. Crasser’s smile, so he never picked up on the joke. David was nervous about this entire interview process. David was taking everything said very seriously, especially now that his salary was being doubled.

“Ramiro, you’re doing fine. Just do whatever you need to do, and David will behave. We’ll be leaving you two alone and in charge of finishing.” Then he congratulated the Board, everyone stood up, shook hands with each other, patted David on his bare back or naked buns, and left for the day.

The huge double doors to the conference room swung open with a click and stayed open, leaving David in full view of whoever might walk past the doors. David then meekly asked, “Say… ah… Mr. Ramiro… would you mind closing the doors, please?”

How odd! A college jock addressing a kneeling high school kid as “Mr.” That small but important element of authority that David had subconsciously surrendered to Ramiro didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, it gave little Ramiro a higher level of control and power over David, just as Ramiro had hoped.

“Not right now, Stoner. I want to finish this. By the way, how do you think you’ll like your new job?”

“What’s to like, except the pay? You can’t get too excited about selling cologne at a mall counter, can you?”

Ramiro was stunned but hid his surprise. Had he heard David correctly? Did David actually think he was being hired to sell Elite products at a retail outlet rather than being hired to become a big, international star, the Elite spokesperson of television commercials worldwide? How misinformed could this idiot be? Ramiro wanted to test him further, so he spoke to him in a calm, low voice.

“So, Stoner, what mall are they assigning you to?”

“Oh, they haven’t said yet, but I’m hoping for the Whitman Mall because it’s close to my flat,” David said.

“That’s nice, and they’re going to double your pay, I guess, from five pounds to 10 pounds per hour? Sweet.” Ramiro said.

David repeated the “sweet.” In reality, if David did the TV spots, it would likely be millions in the first year alone.

Ramiro knew all about the Elite model star position, which would now go to David. The entire company was excited about the daring, cutting-edge ad approach. He wasn’t going to tell David without having some fun at David’s expense first.

“Of course, you know, Mr. Crasser is the CEO and makes everyone he hires toe the line. That’s a big thing with Elite - if anyone can’t follow orders. He’s out the door and can kiss his £10 an hour goodbye.” Ramiro knew he had David’s attention. “Yeah, this one guy I was working with wasn’t very cooperative. He wouldn’t take instructions seriously. When I told my Uncle, he fired him on the spot.”

“Your Uncle?” David asked with a surprised tone. Ramiro lied and told David that Mr. Crasser was his Uncle, and that’s how he got the internship while he was still in high school. David felt relief because he had been on the verge of criticizing Ramiro, but now he knew he needed to get on the good side of this snot-nosed high-school punk.

“Well, Mr. Ramiro, I certainly trust that you are finding me to be good Elite material so far, right, sir?”

Ramiro remained silent but smiled broadly, keeping his head down so that David couldn’t see the expression of delight spreading across his face. David remained standing still, feeling embarrassed as he saw people walk by the open doors, some even poking their heads in and smiling. A couple of ladies stepped into the room and asked Ramiro if THIS was THE ONE they had selected. Most of the employees already seemed to know about the magnificent position David was being offered, though David remained clueless. Ramiro looked up at the ladies, smiled, and told them, “It all depended on how well David behaved and what I wrote in my report to the Board.” Everyone laughed, knowing Ramiro was obviously joking since he clearly had no authority or clout, but David took it seriously, thinking that Ramiro was going to submit some kind of report to his Uncle.

“Ah, Mr. Ramiro? Could you please close the doors now, and could I remove this pencil from my butt?” David asked very politely.

To which Ramiro just said, “No.”

“Stoner, you probably think all this measuring is silly, but it all concerns company policy. I’m doing my job, and I do it well. My Uncle appreciates everything I do here. He’s proud of my work and the way I do it. He has told me more than once that he likes how I make new employees toe the line - he doesn’t put up with nonsense or complaining.”

“Yes, SIR, Mr. Ramiro! I always follow …”

“Even the pencil in your ass will help you get a better butt muscle measurement just from squeezing down on it, and it’s time to squeeze down on it now - squeeze for 30 seconds and release for 10, then squeeze for 30, and just keep doing that until I tell you to stop.” David started immediately, taking it all very seriously. Of course, Ramiro was making all this up and laughing uncontrollably on the inside - he was having a blast.

The Interview
Part 3 of 3 Ramiro felt as if he could do whatever he pleased to tickle-torture David as long as no one noticed. Ramiro was still camped directly under David’s widespread legs, and, being a short guy, he fit nicely there; plus, he enjoyed the view when he looked up. Speaking in a low, serious voice, Ramiro said, “Before I stand up to take your upper-body measurements, it says here on this sheet that I have to do the standard sensitivity analysis, too. God, I hate this part.” Ramiro lied - there was no such test, but David had already decided to be compliant in every way, questioning nothing.

Ramiro then reached up and pulled on David’s ball sack but avoided causing him any pain. He gently pulled the balls to the bottom of their stretched sac to make them smooth and tight and held them there, away from David’s body. “Now I’m checking for any irregularities in the ball sack skin. As I do this, clench your asshole tight around that pencil.”

David then felt fingertips lightly scratching and teasing his stretched-down balls, and he released a low moan. Ramiro giggled. David felt his dick becoming enlarged and said, “Sir, could you please close the doors? Someone may walk in, and may I also please bring my legs together… Sir? I feel too exposed.” This, of course, was exactly what Ramiro wanted. He glanced over at the wall clock and knew that only the custodial staff was around, so he wanted the doors left open to embarrass David even further.

“And your problem with that is what, Stoner? That you can’t follow directions? Well, I better write that down for my Uncle.”

“Oh, no, Sir. Please leave the doors open. I was just joking.”

Ramiro smiled and let it pass. He was quite comfortable with the double doors open because if anyone did come in, it would just look like another naked candidate, like all the others, and Ramiro would quickly remove his hands from the measuring tape and start to write notes on the form.

“OK, now here’s the tricky part. Usually, there’s someone around to help me, but this time, I’ll have to do it myself. I will move the exposed end of the pencil, but I want you to NOT clench your ass closed - keep your ass lips open and relaxed while I move the pencil in and out and all around. It may tickle, it may feel erotic, and it may even give you a stiff boner, but that’s not important. Just do what the fuck I say. Got that, Boner?”

David responded quickly, “Yes, Sir,” not realizing his name had gone from Stone to Stoner to Boner. Once Ramiro started, David began to moan and gyrate his hips in an erotic dance. He was getting zoned out, enveloped in wave after wave of exotic, erotic sensations.

“Boner, no one told you to move your hips or anything. I’m trying to test your ability to focus and control your body. If you can’t do a simple thing like that, well…”

“Oh yes, Sir, yes, I can definitely do that. Please continue - I can do it to meet your satisfaction.” David begged.

David apologized and stood like a naked Roman statue, with his legs firmly planted wide apart. He was trying, with difficulty, to keep his asshole loose and open in order to allow Ramiro to wiggle the pencil, as he was required to do. He felt so humiliated, especially because the room’s doors were still wide open.

“Now, help me out here because we both want to go home. I’m doing all the work, pulling on your balls with one hand and working the pencil with the other. Your job is to simply concentrate on preparing your dick to be measured.”

“Wha ... what… how do I… I mean… measured? How?” Ramiro told him it must be measured at a 90-degree angle, parallel to the floor. David immediately grabbed his firm dick, which was pointed slightly down, and lifted it just the tiniest bit to get it to 90 degrees.

“No, Boner. Don’t touch your dick! It’s not a toy. Just use your will to make it go up a little. Think stiffer and firmer, and it will come up a tad more by itself.” David kept his hands away, tightened his body muscles, grunted, and concentrated. His dick started to bob and leak precum.

“God, Boner! Are you an idiot? You’ve tightened up your dick muscle, but your asshole muscles must stay loose. Stop fighting me! Got it, Boner?”

David responded with a “Yes, Sir.”

“Hey, you all,” a voice came from the hallway. “Is this the guy we just hired?” David nearly broke down in tears as a man walked into the room, pulling a cleaning cart with buckets and mops. It was TJ, the custodian.

“Pa… pa… please, Mr. Ramiro, close the doors, please, Sir.” David was a mess, standing naked with a pencil being wiggled up his asshole, and now someone was coming in.

With no response from Ramiro, he looked at the custodian, “Would you please close the doors?” but he, too, ignored David.

Then TJ and Ramiro spoke to each other in Spanish and laughed. Then, more Spanish and more laughter. Ramiro was obviously explaining his prank on David and why.

“TJ, my friend, would you give Mr. Boner a hand? You know the strict measuring procedure we are required to do here. His dick must be at 90 degrees to get the accurate length. Even though it may seem really stiff, now it’s leaking precum all over the fucking place. He needs to raise it a tad higher. I’m working on the pencil thing, but it’s not doing the trick. Let’s try a bigger tool. TJ, please hand your flashlight to Mr. Boner.” David took it.

Ramiro withdrew the pencil and tossed it into the nearby trashcan. Then he said to David, “OK, Boner, hold the round handle end of the flashlight up to your asshole.” David obeyed. “Now, slowly shove it up your ass.”

“But… I can’t! It’s too… too… big… Please, I… I… need…” David was trying to tell them he needed to leave.

“You need help?” Ramiro interrupted. “OK, TJ, help Boner push that up his ass.
Do it nice and slow.” At once, both David’s and TJ’s hands were on the shaft of the flashlight, with TJ doing all the inserting while David made animalistic sounds. When it was finally in up to the wider flare of the lens end, TJ let go and told David to move it in and out, but David was trembling and whimpering. He couldn’t fuck himself with this heavy flashlight. “Please don’t make me do that,” David was nearly in tears, begging. “Please, can’t I just go home? Can’t you, at least, just shut the doors? Pa… please.” He was so humiliated. How did it ever get to this?

“OK, Boner, you win. We’ll shut the doors, and then you’ll shove that in and out of your asshole as I tell you. Deal?” David nodded and cried. With a glance from Ramiro, TJ went to the doors, shut them, and returned to watch Ramiro’s puppet jump through his hoops.

“OK, Mr. Boner, pull it out and jam it back up in there. Do it until I tell you to stop. That’s it.” He heard David moan, mumble, and cry, and then he saw him shudder and jerk as he fucked himself with the shaft of the flashlight. It was obviously excruciating. “Now, TJ, his dick seems to be at 90, so take the measuring tape and measure the length of his dick.”

As TJ went for it, trying to place the tape on top of David’s rigid dick, he stopped. “Can’t do it, Boss. His foreskin is covering it.”

“Fucking shit, Boner, can’t you be more cooperative? Christ!” Ramiro paused as if rethinking something. “OK, OK. Here’s what we’ll do. Boner, you keep slowly fucking your sloppy cunt hole with TJ’s huge flashlight, and with your other hand, pull your dick blanket back all the way so TJ doesn’t have to deal with it. Got it?” David didn’t answer - he simply looked down at this stiff dick and slid his foreskin fully back, never stopping the slow in-and-out motion of the flashlight.

“Finally, you’re finally starting to get with the program! My Uncle will be so pleased.” Then Ramiro turned to TJ and added, “You know TJ, I’ve been working with Stoner cunt all afternoon, and I badly want to give my Uncle a good report. Finally, I can. If Stoner the shit hole continues to behave, I’m going to give my CEO Uncle an outstanding report about you.” TJ nodded his head, but it was difficult for him to hold back his laughter.

Again, TJ approached David’s dick with the measuring tape and again stopped. “Ah, Boss, do you really want all this sticky ooze all over your clean tape measure? His dick is dripping, and it’s making a mess.”

“Boner, I thought you wanted to go home so fucking bad?” Ramiro was almost yelling now. “But look how you’re holding us up! This is the last measurement, and fucking Christ, you keep goofing off at every turn.” David, still moving the flashlight in and out of his tight asshole, had obviously begun to enjoy the sensation. He let go of his foreskin and used that hand to wipe the full length of his dick, even catching a long string of dripping precum in the palm of his hand.

“May… may… I have a napkin, please?” Ramiro gave David a mean, angry stare and a hand gesture to indicate he was to lift his hand to his mouth. David stared blankly back, raised his hand to his mouth, and licked his palm and fingers clean.

“One more time, Boner. Scrape all of that fuck sauce off your dick and lick your paw clean like a good doggie.”

David whimpered when he heard that but did as he was told. As David felt TJ fondle his stiff dick, pretending to place the measuring tape on and around it, Ramiro pulled harder on his balls and twisted them a half-turn. David moaned louder, his body shook, and his hips thrust to push his dick into the comfort of TJ’s big, warm hand. TJ and Ramiro exchanged winks, signaling that they would let him shoot.

“Good, Boner. I bet you like this big firm dick fucking your ass oh so slowly, isn’t that right? This huge dick owns your ass, isn’t that right?” David didn’t know when it happened, but his ass had relaxed and no longer hurt. “Show Master Ramiro that you like to slow-fuck yourself. Move it very, very slowly in and out of your cunt.” David slowed his self-fucking motion to a crawl, which only made him hotter and leak more precum. “Is that your fuck hole, Boner, or is that my cunt?” Answer me!”

“Yes, Sir, it’s your cunt hole, Sir,” David whispered. TJ held his big hand loosely but fully encircling David’s dick and let David slowly fuck his hand. David couldn’t stop as he unconsciously pushed his hips backward and forward. His dick was moving like a piston in TJ’s hand.

“Are YOU just my fuck hole?”

David nodded and sobbed.

“No, say it.”

David mumbled, “Yes.”

“Louder, GOD DAMN IT!” Ramiro screamed in his ear.

“YES, I AM YOUR FUCK HOLE! A FUCKING HOLE FOR YOU TO FUCK!” David’s body jerked rapidly back and forth, fucking TJ’s hand as his whole body shook. He mumbled and believed … “I… I am… I am… your fuck… your fuck ... your fuck hole.”

Suddenly, he shot blast after blast all over the place. His knees gave out, and David finally collapsed, crumpled up into a heap on the floor. TJ and Ramiro laughed at the fact that the flashlight had somehow turned on. “Guess he got more turned on than we thought!” They gave David a couple of minutes to return to full awareness.

“Now listen to me very carefully,” Ramiro said to David, more seriously than ever before. “When you come back here on Monday to finalize your job, you’ll find that I have persuaded my Uncle, Mr. Crasser, CEO of Elite, to give you a much higher position. I’m actually going to get him to feature you in Elite TV commercials and make you the international Elite image man.” Of course, this was a huge lie, but David looked up into Ramiro’s stern face and took it all in as truth. “Say nothing about what we did here today. EVER!”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Now listen to me again. On Monday, Mr. Crasser will act as if you had applied for this TV job right from the beginning. You will not attempt to correct him, or anyone else, EVER! You will earn millions and lots of fame and celebrity, but you’ll owe all of this to me and only to me. I can make it happen, but you will never mention me to anyone. If you see me in this building, you will never even greet me - you will pretend to ignore me. Do you understand?”

Of course, Ramiro knew that David would be hired as Elite’s ad man regardless. Still, as long as David questioned no one, he would believe that Ramiro was all-powerful and solely responsible for his international stardom and his new wealth.

David was trying to process all of the new information that Ramiro had given him. He wasn’t sure if it was true, but he’d find out on Monday morning. What did he have to lose? He trembled and said, “Yes, Sir, I understand, and I will follow all of your instructions.”

“Here are your clothes,” Ramiro said as he plopped David’s suit and shoes down in front of him. “Get dressed, and you may remove the flashlight. Starting on Monday, when you learn that I really did get you promoted - big time - you will acknowledge me as your Master. I may be only 16, I may be only five feet tall, but trust me. I’m much more powerful than you. When you accept your new role here, I will own you, body and soul. What will bind you to serve me is your realization that as easily as I handed you this mountain of fame and fortune, I can also take it all away, just - like - that.” Ramiro snapped his fingers. David was wide-eyed and stunned.

On Monday, Ramiro called in sick so he could wait outside the building at a distance. He watched as David entered the building and was, Ramiro, assumed, presented with Elite’s international image man position. An hour later, David exited the building, jumping for joy as he walked toward his car, where he found Ramiro standing and waiting. When David approached Ramiro, David could only stutter, “Ha… ha… how… how… did ... did…”

Ramiro told him to get in the driver’s seat as he got into the passenger’s seat, all the while smiling at his nicely built boner slave. David thanked him profusely and began to weep, releasing his pent-up emotions and doubts sweetly. This job was beyond his wildest dreams; he would do anything to keep it. David continued to express his thanks when Ramiro said, “Never mind that now. Besides, I haven’t decided whether to let you keep your job for a year, a month, or a week. I can override the terms of that contract you signed, all depending on how well you obey me,” Ramiro told him flatly. “Hand me all the stuff in your pockets.” David was puzzled by that command but did as he was told.

“Now take off your shoes and all those ugly clothes and toss that junk out of the window. You can now afford much better threads than those cheap rags - do it.” David looked around the street and saw people walking everywhere. He hesitated but complied without saying a word. As he did so, he noticed that Ramiro had unzipped his pants and fished out his dick and balls, proudly displaying them.

When David was naked and his old clothes were on the pavement outside his car window, Ramiro whispered, “I have something for you.” Ramiro then leaned back, his big cock sticking obscenely out of his jeans, and presented himself as David’s new Master.

“Lean over here and place your mouth on my dick. This dick is your new Boss. Say ‘hello’ to him, gently suck it, and caress it with your tongue. Don’t worry. I’ll train you later on how to do it exactly to my liking.”

David twisted and bent his naked, muscular body in such a way as to place his head on the lap of his new Master. “Hello, Boss,” David said as he swallowed his owner’s dick. Ramiro, a cool, calm, confident Latino, showed no signs of being in a rush. He petted David by continually stroking him from the top of his head all the way down to his muscle butt as if he were a big, obedient puppy. As David gently devoured that surprisingly-large dick, he wondered if anyone walking by was looking into the car. After several minutes, David was tapped on the head and told to sit up. Ramiro handed him back his keys and said, “Now, drive me to your apartment. Of course, as the one in full charge of all your finances, we’ll soon be moving to a much better place, but... your new life begins now.”

The End

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