447 Kyle's Submission

Kyle's Submission
Part 1 of 4

"WOW. What a rush, you are the best," Mindi was gasping in the aftermath of another powerful climax. "Please, Kyle, Stop. Give me a break," she pleaded to the amused-looking blue eyes of Lance Corporal Kyle Henderson, who had been fucking her for hours. His narrow waist relentlessly moved his 9-inch dick in her pussy like a well-oiled piston in a cylinder.

Kyle’s muscle-packed body was glistening with sweat. The Marine was wearing a cocksure grin over his red, sweaty face. He loved women and would show off by holding them every which way, including upside down! Kyle was 6.1 feet tall and a pure 230 lbs. of beefy muscle, which let him score with his hot blond girlfriend. Mindi was demanding a lot of the 23 years old hunk's special talents, and as he was only home from the base for 2 weeks, he had to give her quite a show to keep her memory awake while he was on duty.

"No chance, babe, I still want to cum," Kyle increased his pumping and clenched his flawless white teeth while approaching his climax… again, Mindi gulped in disbelief. Her friend had already creamed three times, and her breasts and belly were sticky from his cum. "Yeah. Fuck." Here it COMES! Uuuuh, uuhh, UUUHHH!" Kyle collapsed on top of her, kissing her gasping mouth.

The two lovers didn't know that Kyle's teen brother Timmy eagerly watched their "show." Unknown to Kyle, Timmy had installed a tiny wireless video camera with an audio pick-up in his brother's room. Neither the sturdy older brother nor his sexy girlfriend suspected they were the stars in Timmy's personal webcam sessions, which were uploaded to GayTies.com for all to see.

"Gee, you really saved yourself for me," Mindi moaned, enjoying the sweet exhaustion after the hot lovemaking. I was afraid I would need to call on your little brother for help," she teased him. "Huh, are you kidding? Baby bro can only dream about my joystick," Kyle drawled. "That nerd will never have the endurance to play in my league. By the way, ready for another round?" He challenged her while burying his face between her thighs.

“Wait, hold on. I think Timmy is sweet. You got a cute little brohe4r there, and he's so innocent and adorable.”

“Are you shittin’ me? You don’t know him as I do. He4 is one fucking faggot troublemaker. He’s mischievous, lazy, mean, vulgar, and an overall asshole. He’s probably selling drugs to his schoolmates., if not sucking dick or taking it up the ass. He’s got you fool.l Be thankful that degenerate bitch is not here now.

Timmy was speechless. His brother's arrogant, rude, and belittling remarks stung like a burning iron. OK, he was not as well-built as his athletic big brother, but he had more brains than that dumb, oversexed jock. That brainless hunk needed a lesson he would never forget. It’s not that this was the first time he heard this demeaning stuff from Kyle. It had been going on for a long time, years. But now he was degrading him to other people, people he knew and liked, such as Mindi. He had had enough. He vowed revenge.

It was a hot Friday afternoon in August when Timmy planned to put his revenge into place. Kyle had been at the base for two consecutive months and would be horny as hell. Coming home, he would shower and then pick up Mindi for an evening of hot and raunchy sex. This time, Timmy had other plans.

When Kyle drove the heavy motorbike inside the garage, Timmy was leaning against the backdoor. He grinned at the older hunk brother as he took his helmet off and walked towards him. "Howdy, Timmy," Kyle said, “everything all right?" Timmy's eyes admired his brother's look, especially now, when he was dressed in his Marine camouflage pants, combat boots, and a black leather jacket.

"Well, OK, I'm fine. Only Dad told me to tell you he wants you to mow the lawn. You need to trim it right away! He doesn't want the neighbors talking about our front yard being neglected, you know."

"Shit!" Kyle was not very excited about that job but didn't want to run into trouble with his old man. Anyway, as it was still early to see Mindi, who was still at work, he could mow the lawn.

"OK, no problem, I'll do it." Without entering the house, he peeled the jacket off his massive chest and displayed his impressive muscles. Timmy could only gasp when he was hit by a wave of male sweat and leather. Timmy sneered and almost giggled when his brother carried the heavy mower out on the lawn. The sun burned hot on his back while he kick-started the machine and began to move across the lawn.

Soon his back and chest were covered with glistening sweat. It was definitely a hot summer day. He should have taken at least a beer or two before starting the job when Timmy appeared with a jug of ice-cold beer. "Wow, that comes at the right time," Kyle gratefully took the jug and, ignoring the glass Timmy was offering, poured a large gulp down his throat. Timmy watched in fascination as two streams of beer dropped from the corners of his mouth down on his bulging pecs, mingling with the sweat.

"That was good!" Kyle called in delight. He didn’t realize it was spiked with their Dad’s tranquilizers which Timmy mixed into it. "I get you some more. It's really hot," Timmy rushed back inside the house.

Kyle finished the lawn half an hour later and joined his brother in the kitchen. He downed another beer while they were chatting. The heat of the relentless sun must have gotten to him as he felt drowsy and had difficulties following Timmy's stories. "I guess I’ll hit the shower," Kyle finally mumbled and staggered across the hall to the stairs to his room on the first floor.

Timmy fetched a roll of heavy-duty duct tape, which he had bought for this special purpose, and followed the dizzy Marine. He staggered along the handrail and finally disappeared into his room. Timmy waited, and as there was no noise from the shower, he followed his brother to his bedroom.

Cautiously he opened the door and glanced inside. With a smile, he noticed his brother lying on his bed. His muscular body was on his side, obviously passed out cold before he could get out of his boots. Timmy did not waste any time. Rolling the heavy body on his back took him quite an effort. He fetched the duct tape and bound the wrists of the slightly snoring hunk behind his back. A short moan escaped Kyle’s sensual lips, but there was still no sign that he would come out of his slumber. The drug held him firmly in its grip.

Timmy removed his brother’s heavy boots and sweaty, smelly socks. But before tossing them on the floor, he brought the socks to his face and inhaled deeply. FUCK! Then he crawled on the bed until he straddled the passed-out jock. He could not resist and kissed the navel nested between the well-sculpted six-pack of the Marine's abs. While his tongue was playing in the hollow, he tasted the salt of Kyle's male sweat. The touch, however, must have triggered something in his brother's nervous system, and he started slightly to stir.

Timmy moved quickly. His hands went to the belt, opened the fly of the camouflage trousers, and pulled them with a swift and determined motion down to the ankles. His eyes noticed that the muscular stud was wearing a black G-string thong holding in place an impressive set of heavy balls and a hefty, still-soft dick that would soon meet its match.

Timmy stripped the pants from Kyle's feet and fetched the duct tape. Another moan warned him that the man's strong body was successfully fighting the effects of the drug. He had to secure his prey quickly. He placed a baseball bat between Kyle's ankles and fixed them with duct tape to both ends, leaving the already stirring legs spread nearly three feet.

Then he undressed and straddled the tethered bull, who became more and more awake.

When Kyle came out of his "slumber," he was shocked to see a naked Timmy kneeling over his face giving him a perfect view of his teen cock. It hit him with a second shock to realize he was in bondage. "YOU PERV.” He struggled, surprised that he was firmly bound. “Untie me… NOW!” His furious shout was silenced when Timmy fell forward, sealing his wide-open mouth with his dick.

"Ts, ts, ts. How rude! Is this the way to flirt with your love," he was talking in a sexy voice. "I will not do you any harm, brother, just let me love you, and I promise you will forget all these bitches who can never please you. How does my cock taste? Isn't it delicious?”

While he talked to him, his fingers moved back across his bulging pecs and started to knead his nipples. Kyle was furious, but in reaction to his sensitive nipples being teased, his tongue started exploring his brother's dick. However, his anger was preventing him from feeling sexually stimulated. His abdominal muscles contracted as he wriggled to throw Timmy off and tried to get off the bed. With a roar, his body went up into a sitting position throwing Timmy - who was completely surprised by his brute force - from the bed to the floor.

"Are you completely nuts!" The enraged hunk was hollering, struggling to get on his feet.

Timmy was trying to figure out how to ensure his captive remained on the bed. Only the tightly fixed ankles prevented him from getting up now. Kyle realized he had to lie back again and bend his knees first so he could jerk his muscular body into a kneeling position.

This gave Timmy the time to recover and go back to bed provocatively, kneeling in front of the gasping stud trembling from rage and the effort to free himself.

"Bro, don't make it difficult on yourself. If you continue to fight me, I will milk you dry against your will until you admit that I am the best lay you ever had." Saying this, he wrapped his arms around Kyle’s neck and covered his mouth with a hot kiss.

Kyle kept his mouth tightly closed and did not allow his brother’s tongue to enter. When Timmy broke the kiss, Kyle growled, "You are definitely a pervert! I will never fuck you, and you will never see a drop of my cum. Stop this before you get hurt, and I will forget about this crazy thing!"

"Don't you find me a little bit attractive, stud? Why don't you at least try it once?" I promise you won't regret it." Timmy continued to plead, trying to soften the steel blue eyes gazing at him disgustingly.

"You don't get it! I would never touch your faggot body, even if we were trapped on a lonely island. Be reasonable. You’re my brother."

"Maybe you’re just shy because I am not a girl,” Timmy replied boldly. "Let me help you to get turned on!" With that, he grasped the strings of the G-string and pulled it hard, jamming the back string into his brother’s ass crack and opening the hunk's eyes wide. Before Kyle could speak up, Timmy pulled the tiny triangular pouch up and to the side, causing one huge ball to drop out between his thighs. Then he pulled the pouch in the other direction, making the second ball plop to freedom.

“My God, Kyle, you do have big balls.” Immediately, Timmy started playing with those balls. He’s gently moving them around in their big loose ball sack. Timmy giggled as he squeezed the sack skin, pushing the balls around like ping-pong balls floating in a sack of oil. How fun. Kyle wanted to yell and stop, but the erotic feeling was overwhelming. He involuntarily rolled his eye up. As Timmy was playing “chase the balls,” he continually watched this big Marine’s dick slowly stiffen and rises out of the top of the G-string pouch. I was like the flag raising at Iwo Jima. He avoided touching the mighty shaft. “Oh, wow, Mr. Marine, that’s amazing,” Timmy whispered in amazement.

“Can I set it free? Is that OK with you, Kyle?” Of course, he was doing that as he spoke, not caring what his brother thought. He definitely felt he didn’t need permission from his bound-up jock man. Timmy continued not touching Kyle's 9-inch dick, as he simply pulled the front of the waistband “string” away from his body and scooped it under those wonderful big balls. Now, Kyle’s balls and dick were free, and the massive dick towered straight toward the ceiling.

"Hey," Kyle shouted to protest, though he didn’t say it too loud or angrily. “Oh, would you like me to fondle it? I mean… I can if you want me to. Just ask me, big bro,” Timmy teased.

What the fuck! OF COURSE! he wanted his dick fondled and pulled and jerked… by a girl, man, or even his brother, but SHIT! He was a Marine and a straight man. He can’t ask his baby, twink, nerdy little teen brother to play with his dick! That’s insane! But… on the other hand, he was an over-sexed stud, big time. He was torn. “NOOOO! STOP! Fuck you, faggot! Stop!” He tried to sound more upset than he was.

“OK, I won’t massage your dick. I won’t touch it at all.” Then Timmy pushed his full body on top of Kyles and, in one continuous movement, planted a kiss by locking his open mouth against Kyle’s open mouth, quickly inserting his tongue, invading big bro’s wet, juicy oral cavern.

"Mmmmnng. Nooo!" With his hands tightly bound behind him, Kyle was using his tongue to push Timmy’s tongue out of his mouth. But that did not stop Timmy's assault. He simply used his tongue all over Kyle’s face and licked him all around his throat and neck while Kyle was writhing, twisting right and left, trying to avoid the tongue bath as much as possible.

"Kyle, darling, are you at home"!" Mindi's voice came from outside the open bedroom window. The only thing between them and her was a thin, pulled-down shade. Both Kyle and Timmy froze at the unexpected interruption. He was already about to call his girlfriend when Timmy covered his mouth with his hand and whispered in his ear. "You wouldn't want her to find us in this situation, would you? A strong stallion roped by his little brother, helpless on his back." Then Timmy added, “Well if you want her to come in, I’m Ok with it.” And he uncovered Kyle's mouth, daring him to speak up for help.

Kyle hesitated. Timmy had a point. Who would believe a Marine trained in martial arts, built like a Greek god, had been roped by a wimpy teenage nerd like a bull on a rodeo show? Mindi would believe he was into kinky gay sex, and she would be outraged to find him in bed with a boy, let alone his own brother.

While he was feverishly thinking, Timmy's tongue flipped in his ear. "Good boy,” he was whispering while he moved down and started to suck on his left nipple while both his hand fingered and teased Kyle’s balls. JACKPOT! Twinkie Timmy had his big bro by the balls, literally! Exactly where he wanted him. Now, if Kyle made any noise to protest, Mindi, who was just outside the window, would poke her head in. Kyle knew to be silent. However, Timmy re-thought the matter and whispered softly into Kyle’s ear, “As I think about it, Kyle, I think we are being rude. I’d like to call out to Mindi and have her stick her head inside so we can say a proper ‘Hello.’”

Kyle, in horror, immediately and frantically shook his head NO!

“Are you sure we should not invite her in? I mean, I don’t mind.”

Again. Kyle's eyes bugged out, and he demonstratively shook his head NOOOOO!

“Well, I’m going to the window and pulling up the shade so she can at least see us having a good time.” And as Timmy started to get up and off the bed, Kyle continuously and dramatically shook his head NO! Then Timmy relaxed on top of Kyle, saying, “OK, if you don’t want me to call out to Mindi and have her see us, then you must surrender your body to me… now.” He spoke as softly as he could.

Kyle hesitated. He had to give in. He’d be seen as a child molester of his brother if he did not do as Baby bro said. He delayed and then shook his head yes. Timmy smiled broadly and wickedly. Kyle was his toy to play with. To do whatever he wanted to do with him.

Now, you might think that it would be short-lived, since Mindi, upon hearing nothing, would leave in a minute or two. But Kyle and Mindi had a date planned. She was to meet him at his place and would likely wait until he got home. Mindi likely thought Kyle got hung up at work and would be delayed. It happened once before when she waited an hour for him to arrive. So, maybe Timmy knew this also.

OK, so Timmy knew to only whisper quietly, so he did. He leaned into Kyle’s ear and said, OK, know your ankles are bound together, but your knees are not. So I want you to lift your knees up high and keep your feet in the bed.” Kyle, thinking nothing of this, did as requested, no problem. “Great, now lower your knees flat to each side of the bed so that your legs form a diamond” Again, the captured stud complied. “Super.”

Since Kyle was tall and had long legs, Timmy could sit in that diamond shape, Indian style (with his legs comfortably crossed), resting his ass on the baseball bat bound to his now wide-spread feet. It is all about leverage. That was no way a bigger guy like Kyle could raise his knees or push his feet back down, especially with his hand bound behind him. Timmy had enough body weight to just sit there and be in control. There was little twink, nerdy Timmy, now in control of big jock bro, and right in front of him was Kyle’s big balls AND his mighty towering dick. He had yet to touch that dick. He only molested the balls. But now…

“Say, Kyle, would you like me to fondle your dick for you?” Kyle, without hesitation, shook his head no. “Well, I say yes, and you say no. That was a tie. Let’s ask Mindi if I should fondle your dick?” Again, he shook his head no, but more frenetically.

“Well, unless you want me to, I must ask Mindi. Or… did you change your mind? If you want me to, just nod yes. Otherwise, I’ll have to ask for Mindi's vote. Defeated, kyle nodded a weak yes.

“But are you sure? I mean, I don’t want to do anything against your wishes. So, are you sure you want me to hold it, lightly rub it, tickle it, and play with it?” Again, Kyle surrounded and signaled a definitive nod for YES!

Timmy leaned down and picked them up a roll of very heavy white cotton string. Where did that come from? Did Timmy have this all planned out? Kyle, do you want me to tie up your dick and balls? Wouldn’t that be fun? I mean, I’ll do it for you, but only if you want. Or, maybe I should yell out to Mindi and see what she thinks about tying up your dick and balls. Maybe she’d like to help. But, it's all up to you … would you like me to tie your dick and balls up with a string for you?” Just a frustrating nod from Kyle.

Boy, you sure ask a lot. Well, you're my big jock Marine buddy, so I’ll do my best. Well, let me see if I can do this right.” He began by wrapping the string around and around and around the top of Kyle’s balls. He wound so much string that he pushed his balls down about two inches away from his body. Then he looped the string so his balls were separated and pushed down so the ball sack skin was stretched smooth. Lastly, he wound several loops of the string around the dick and balls together.

As he did this, he whispered to Kyle, “I know you want me to believe that Mindi will be gone in a few moments, and you’ll be able to yell, scream, twist, jerk, and maybe throw me off you, MAYBE. But I heard you on the phone, telling Mindi that if you are late getting home, just wait. And the way she loves your dick fuck meat, she’ll be willing to wait a couple of hours if she has to. So, we have a long time together. And it makes me happy and proud to be able to please you.

"Kyle!" Mindi was knocking at the front door again. Kyle wanted her to give up waiting and leave, but she was loyal and continued to wait.

“OK, now, don’t you look great. Now, you asked me to fondle your dick, correct. He nodded. What else could he do? “You probably want me to jerk you off, don't you.” This time he gave an energetic nod YES. Well, he might as well be climaxed, that might end Timmy’s interest, and this will all be over. That might be true, except dick and ball bondage was not the only thing baby bro learned from the gay websites. There was a little thing called edging. He’s never done that before. Hell, he never tied up a dick and balls before either, but he did that OK.

“To be clear, you want me to jerk you off, right?” A solid nod. OK, let’s get this over with so I can untie you. I’ll do that as soon as you blast off.” Timmy wet his index finger with a globe of spit and then touched it to the tip of Kyle’s firm dick. He moved it around lightly and slowly, over the piss slit and round the mushroom edge. All of a sudden, Kyle's body bucked. Just once, but Timmy thought it was great. Timmy touched that swollen dick lightly along the underside, from the balls to the tip and back again, but he did it wickedly lightly. Again, his bro uncontrollably bucked his tight, muscled body. Timmy giggled.

“Bro, don’t do that. Don’t move your body, or I’ll have to call Mindi in here to hold you down. OK?” He nodded a strong YES. OF COURSE, TIMMY WANTED HIS BIG JOCK BRO TO SQUIRM AND JERK AND TREMBLE! He just wanted to torture him into trying to do the impossible. Timmy lowered his voice, and in a harsh whisper, he told the jock, “I might allow you to move a tiny bit, but if you move too much, I WILL call out to Mindi, and that’s a promise.” Inside little nerdy Timmy was dying of laughter!

“Now, do not interrupt me, or I’ll just call her.” Timmy pretended to calm down, “OK, let’s see. Oh, yes, you wanted me to jerk you off. Fine, let me try a few things.” Timmy licked the same index finger again and placed it lightly on this brother's dick tip. At the same time, he reached out to pinch Kyle's right nipple. He used his fingernails to pinch it firmly, then pull and twist it. Kyle's body shook, more like a tremble, but Timmy could see he was trying not to move, “Good boy, good big muscle stud boy.” He pinched those nipples harder and continuously as he used an excruciating light touch on his hair-trigger dick. Kyle’s dick bobbed and twitched. Timmy felt awesome power over his big strong Marine stud brother. “FUCK!” he whispered. Then Timmy tried a tactic he read in an article on edging. He placed his full hand around his brother’s dick and moved it up and down slowly, trying to barely make contact with the dick skin, causing Kyle to want him to rub his dick hard so he could shoot. The thing was, Timmy’s hand was small, and Kyle’s dick was girthy, so Timmy's fingertips barely met his palm. Timmy continued to move his hand up and down and made only tickle-light contact. That mighty dick jerked and spat up precum. “Wow.” Timmy was amazed.

There were a couple of lead pencils on the side table at hand. Timmy took those and used them like drumsticks, rapidly slapping them against the side of his stud pole-like dick as if it were a drum to beat. He did it so rapidly that he created a vibration through Kyle's entire body. His belly convulsed, causing his upper body to come up and do a series of short, quick sit-ups.


“So, you can’t stay still. That does it. You stay exactly as you are. Timmy got up, went to the window, and looked out as if to call Mindi to come in.

“PLEASE don’t. Timmy whispered as softly as he could, hoping Mindi would not hear him. Timmy closed the shade again and looked back at Kyle, “You sure you can’t do better and not move at all?”

“Please, yes. Please, sir. Don’t alert her.” Kyle begged. His life would be ruined. “Please come back. I’ll be good. I promise I won’t move.”

Timmy slowly returned to sitting in the diamond space formed by his brother’s legs. “OK, last warning. Timmy’s real reason for looking out the window was to see if Mindi was still there. She wasn’t. She left. Even her car was gone. But he told Kyle, “I saw her sitting on the porch, going throw her cell. So you best remain quiet and obey. One call out to her and you’re history. No friends, no more sports, no school, and maybe even jail time.”

“Thank you. I’ll be good.”

“Now, as I sit on your feet, I want you to lift your ass off the mattress.” He did. All the magnificent muscles in his torso tensed up. FUCK! He was beautiful! Holding this position will cause him to become tenser and tenser. His muscles will strain and tighten, a she stays like this. What is magnificent is that with his hips raised only about six inches off the bed, his dick is thrust up like a mighty sword.

Of course, Timmy had to push it. “I want your chest up too. I want those titties to push up like u-you are pride to display them to me.” Kyle did. He was very strong. Now, tell me, as you hold your nipples up, do you want me to play with them? I have these little drumsticks. Would you like me to drum on them all over your body as you hold it up for me?”

He whispered, “Yes, please.” Then started to sob. Not from pain but from the humiliation and, even more, from his need to have his little twink, nerd teenage brother beat him off. He was so ashamed. “I’m sorry.”

What was that? Is he sorry? Timmy did not understand. “Yes, of course, you’re sorry. I know that, and I know why.” (He lied but needed to find out what was in Kyle’s head.) “But you have to tell me why you are sorry. “I want to hear you explain it as I play my big stud drum.” And Timmy began his drumming of Kyle's nipples. The up-and-down motion of the pencils was very snappy and stingy. “I’m listening.”

Little Brother in Charge
Part 2 of 4

“Oh God, bro. I am so sorry for manipulating you to jerk me off. I’m sorry for abusing you tonight and making you play with my body.” He sniffled more. What the fuck? It’s the other way around. All this stress and erotic fondling have got Kyle all turned around and twisted in his thinking. But hey, Timmy thought that was great for him to think that.

“Everything you say is right on. You have been abusing me. But I will help you out. I’m helping you now. That’s why we are whispering, and I have not called out to Mindi, who is sitting just outside our window. (Of course, that is a lie, she left long ago.) As long as you cooperate, I will NOT call her to come in. OK? You see how good I am to you?”

“Oh God, Timmy. Thank you so much. I love you, man. I love to look at your fantastic little boy's buffed body. You are so sexy, man.” Timmy was shocked to hear that. Was it true? Or just the lust of the moment. He wondered. “I don’t deserve your help, Timmy. But I am so thankful we are keeping this all very quiet. You are keeping me out of prison. Fuck! You are so important to me. I’ll do anything to repay your kindness. I promise I will be quiet and obey. Thank you so much.”

Timmy wasn’t experienced, but he understood that his brother needed him, at least right now. So who is manipulating whom? He was not sure. And, of course, Timmy knew that when this little torture session ended, Kyle might beat the crap out of him. So he wanted to be careful, pushy, yet not insane. The safe route, Timmy thought, was just to agree with Kyle. He’s currently under great stress and not in his right mind. But that’s perfect, for now, Timmy smiled. Still, he wanted to push it a little more. He figured he was a kid in the candy store, and the candy was free.

“OK, I’m going to do you a huge favor to show you how much I care for you. I’m going way out of my way and getting you to lower your hips and relax.”

Kyle immediately let his torso fall to the mattress and just collapsed. “Oh, Timmy, Timmy. Thank you. You are so good to me.”

Timmy imagined his big brother fucking him right there on the bed, willingly, with no tricks, no bondage, no coercing. It’s all he wanted, his big bro fucking him lovingly. He’d lay on his belly, and Kyle would find him sexy and be eager to “make love” to little bro. He just needed to figure out how to get the mental image to become reality. Right now, he is working on it.

“Well, we are not finished.” Timmy took his pencil drumsticks and beat Kyle’s giant, stiff towering dick again. He rapidly beat the right side for 10 seconds, then 10 seconds for the underside, then the left side, and lastly, the top side of the shaft. THEN repeated the around-the-pole tour over and over.

“AAAAHHHHHHH!” Kyle’s dick was dancing all over the place. Twitching and bobbing and jerking and sitting precum as the dick drumming went on. Kyle curled his toes tightly. Timmy knew because he was sitting on them.

Again, he wanted t push t more. But he did not want to try something that Kylke would absolutely reject. So he had to be coy and probe his big bro. “Kyle, do you need me to jerk you off now?”


“But what if I want to have more fun first? Is that OK? I mean, if you think I deserve to have fun.”

Kyle was at his breaking point. His dick was screaming for release. “Please have fun.” And he cried aloud.

“Well, I’m tired of drumming, so where can I put this pencil drumstick so I will know they will be safe? I mean, I want you to keep them for me. So where can I put them?” Kyle did know what he meant. “Should I have you keep them in your mouth? No. I could place them in your pocket. No, you don’t have any pockets. In your ears or nostrils? No, now that would be silly. Hum. Now, where?”

“In… in…. in… my… my ass? Sir?

“Oh, of course. In your asshole. That is a nice warm place to keep them safe for me. Yes.” Timmy put both pencils together and pressed the eraser ends at Kyle's hole. “But, Kyle, I can’t put them in there unless you lift your ass up nice and high.” Timmy wanted Kyle to submit himself as much as possible. And up came Kyle’s ass. He was whimpering. “Now, what do you say?”

“May I please keep your pencil drumsticks warm in my asshole, please”

“Of course, Timmy slowly wiggles the eraser ends all around his ass lips, teasing them. Then inserted them a little and then out a bit. Then push them in a few inches and wiggled them aggressively, driving Kyle crazy,

“I’M CUMING! I’M CUMING! OHHHHHHH!” Timmy quickly slapped Kyle's dick really hard, sending precum – probably some cum as well - spraying against the wall. Back and forth, he slapped it. Then squeezed his balls, and the dick finally obeyed its new Master and returned from the edge without blasting off.

“Oh God, I was just there! Oh, please, please. Just one stroke will do it !”

“You’d better keep your voice to a whisper, or you’ll become someone’s bitch… in prison!”

“Oh, sorry. I am so sorry. I have no more control. I am so useless.”

“Kyle, I still love you. In fact, I want to give you a big wet kiss. Would that be OK with you?”

“Oh God, YES. I’d love that, bro. Yes, a wet kiss. Oh, thank you.” And I want to feel your tongue. Can you do that? Show me.” Kyle stuck out his tongue. “Yes, but push it out more. I want to know you will use your full tongue to give your Master a big wet French kiss.”

Kyle nodded eagerly and thankfully, “Oh yes, Timmy” It’s not that Kyle wanted to kiss his brother, but at least it was not anything extreme, and he could live with giving a brother kiss to Timmy.

Timmy stood up and, with difficulty, pushed his brother onto his side, then quickly cut the duct tape to free his wrists, though he left the tape binding his feet. “Remember, Mindi is just as simple call out away,” he warned his big bro. Kyle nodded. He had Kyle roll back on his back. Timmy stepped to his head and planted his feet at each of his brother's shoulders, facing Kyle’s feet. Then slowly squatted down, lowering his asshole to just over Kyle's mouth. “Are you ready to give me that huge French Kiss?”

Kyle knew what was about to happen. He never had his mouth near any asshole, man or woman, but he knew this was happening now. “Ready?” Kyle nodded. “No, what do you say?”

“Please, Timmy, please sit on my face and let me kiss your asshole.” Kyle wanted – needed – to throw up. He was a buff-up U.S. Marine! He was 23 and a muscled 230 lbs. AND! This faggot twerp, this nerdy, skinny teenager, who might weigh all of 120 pounds, wants to sit on my mouth. AND shove my tongue up his shitty asshole. WHO THE FUCK DOES HE THINK HE IS?! AND… he wants me to beg him for the privilege to do it! On the other hand, he reflected, if Mindi came in here or even poked her head through the open window – and he has witnessed Mindi when she gets jealous, she gets vicious us! He’d be convicted of child abuse, tossed out of my family and the Marines, and wind up in prison. These were real possibilities. He could not take the risk, that chance. He started to cry but held back. He forced a pathetic smile on my face.

“And tell me what a great job you will do. Describe it. Tell me how much you want to do this.”

Kyle did not want to do this but took a deep breath and whimpered, “Sir, it would be my honor and privilege to stick my worthless tongue into your fabulous asshole and lick inside and kiss it all over.” He held back his tears of humiliation. “And I will spread your ass cheeks to work my slave tongue way up in your sexy, masterful, handsome ass.”

Timmy lowered his ass and let Kyle take hold of his cheeks in his hands to guide his hole over the big stud’s open mouth. Then, for Timmy, it was amazing. Kyle’s strong tongue worked all around. He licked and nibbled everywhere he could. Timmyt was in heaven. He was out of his mind in erotic sensations unlike he had ever experienced or read about. He heard himself moan. He was in a blissful daze. The moaning continued. But then, oddly, Timmy realized that it was not him moaning, but … Kyle! But of course, Kyle was playing it up, fanning pleasure. That was fine. Pretending pleasure from his brother is just part of the game. Timmy felt very comfortable because Kyle, with his strong hand and arms, was resting his elbows on the mattress and easily holding up and supporting Timmy’s light-weight, teenage bottom, creating a nice seat or… throne for Timmy to relax.

Timmy had never felt so much erotic pleasure. He only saw it once in a video but never imagined it would happen to him. He sat on his brother's made “hand throne” for only a few minutes. Then, he realized he’d best not overdo his brother's humiliation. He wasn’t stupid; he knew Kyle wanted none of this. Just from reading the ghastly expression on Kyle's face as he lowered himself onto it, he knew Kyle would be angry and would feel absolutely disgusted. So, Timmy stopped the ass-eating and moved up off Kyle's mouth and out of his grip. But as he went to straighten his legs to push himself up, Kyle didn’t let go. Kyle’s big hands and long fingers held Timmy's cute little ass, keeping it pressed to his mouth and his mouth sealed to that asshole.

Tommy was confused. He looked down at Kyle’s dick. WHAT A FUCKING SHOW! It was fully boned up, twitching, jerking, and bobbing. It was dancing so happily, and it was not stopping. Kyle was not just holding Timmy’s ass cheeks. He spread them as wide as they would go, trying to get his tongue up there as far as possible. For the first time this day, Timmy was actually helpless. He was now the one being controlled. He probably couldn’t stand up if he tried his hardest. Kyle was moaning with such pleasure, and Timmy’s eyeballs were rolling around in their sockets as he was experiencing a drug-free high like never before.

Timmy managed to change his position without dislodging Kyle’s tongue. With his full weight nicely in Kyle’s strong hands, Timmy lilted his feet off the mattress and placed them on Kyle’s chest. So he was sitting with his knees elevated, like s man sitting in a little kid’s chair. This caused Timmy’s ass to be pushed down more, opening it further. Kyle moaned. He was feeling good vibes from his personal ass-eater. More than that, Timmy strategically placed his feet near two gorgeous perky nipples to tickle them and squeeze them with his toes. He even used his toenails to scratch at them.

“AAAAAHHHHHH!” Kyle's body bounced up and jerked a few times. His hips were moving rhythmically up and down, desperately trying to find friction to trigger his climax, but he was only fucking air. For many of us, there is something about sexy bare feet touching us that drives us to an erotic high and over the edge. This was a formerly unknown erotic sensation for Kyle. But he sure realized it now. AND SO DID TIMMY!

After working on Kyle’s sensitive nipple for quite a while and staring at his dancing dick, Timmy wanted to push it more! He turned his attention to Kyle’s mighty power tool. Timmy stretched out his legs a little, enough to fondle Kyle’s mighty, twitching dick with the sole of his feet. Just like one would use the palms of their hands to work up acock to a frenzy, Timmy now uses the bottom of his feet to work on that massive, dancing boner. Do you know how you quickly rub your palms together to warm them on a cold day? Yep. That’s how Timmy uses the soles of his feet. He rubbed them rapidly in opposite directions like he was forming sausage.


Timmy was going to demand he stop moving, but he was enjoying the wavy ride his big hunk stud Marine bro was giving him and giggling all the way, so much so he continued to work Kyle’s dick with his bare feet. Kyle was now biting all around Timmy’s asshole and nibbling, which may be harder than he should have, but Timmy was glad to pay the price.

He finally stood up as exhausted Kyle let him. Kyle immediately reached for his hair-trigger dick to shoot off. “STOP NOW!” Kyle, feeling embarrassed, quickly released his twitching dick. “Shit, I can’t trust you, can I?” Timmy nudged his brother on his side and taped his wrist behind his back again. “I should punish good for that.”

“Please, Timmy, please don’t call out to Mindi. Please.”

“You fucking idiot. I was just fucking with you. Don’t you know I love you? That I would never hurt you like that? Mindi left an hour ago, you fucking stupid jarhead.”

Kyle shook his head. Mindi was not there this past hour? he reflected. He calmed down. So did Timmy. The only thing that wasn't calm was Kyle’s huge, intense boner. “Ok, Timmy, Ok. Now that this is over, please release me and let me beat off, Please?”

All the fun and this wonderful power trip were nice… for the moment, but Timmy was a bottom. He wanted nothing more than to get fucked by his big bro.

“No, I don’t want you to waste your load. You’re going fuck me crazy.”

“Timmy. I can’t do that. That would make me a faggot like you. No. I won’t. I can’t.” Kyle was direct and insistent. He thought about it, though. He had to get out of this mess Timmy got him into. He changed the expression on his face to be more compliant. He had a plan, “Ok. You win. I know the only way you’ll end this is if I fuck you.” Timmy’s face lit up. “So… I give, I give up."

"What do you mean, bro" Timmy smiled.

"I’ll fuck you as you wish," Kyle replied, seemingly embarrassed, "but let's do it properly. Cut me loose. I promise I won't do nothing."

Although Timmy was suspicious, he grabbed the scissor. Kyle sighed with relief. This was going easier than he expected. That nerd really fell for his trick. Timmy cut the duct tape from his ankles and removed the baseball bat.

Kyle moved slowly into a kneeling position, offering his wrists to be freed, but Timmy had other plans." Not so fast, bro!" He made him face him and watched in the satisfaction that his cock still bounced rock hard in front of his six-pack

"What is it now? I told you I give. Cut me loose!" Kyle snorted angrily. His muscles bulged as he struggled to tear the duct tape from his wrists. At the same time, he tried to get up, but that was what Timmy had expected. Timmy’s hands shot forward and grabbed Kyle around his thick-muscled neck. Kyle howled in anger, stumbled in surprise, and fell on the floor, face up, lying in his still-bound hands. PERFECT, Timmy thought. While Kyle was stunned, still catching his breath, Timmy aimed his asshole for his brother’s pride and joy and fully sat on it, engulfing the shaft. Yeah, it hurt, but he needed to insert himself quickly to get to the fucking.

Kyle's mouth opened as he gasped from the sensation of his cock held in a viselike grip by Timmy's sphincter muscles. The twink started to buck himself furiously.

"Stop, you bastard pervert faggot. I’ll get you for this. No!"

Kyle's muscles were tensing. His body was dripping with sweat, and his animal smell filled the room. His athletic body was glistening, and the play of his muscles gave the impression of a brutal wild animal, a ferocious predator playing with his prey. Only, in fact, he was the prey. His mighty biceps were bulging as he continued to try to break free of the tape binding his hands behind him. But even if Timmy weighed a mere 120 lbs., Kyle had no leverage in his awkward position with his back on the floor and no hands to use. He arched his back arched against the weight of the teen, but the little, scrawny kid was winning the battle of the fuck.

The head of big bro’s cock was sucked deep into the tight hole, and an iron ring of muscles was fixed below the jutting rim. Kyle's eyeballs rolled upward as Timmy started riding him. He humped him feverishly.

"Oh shit! Oh no!” Kyle burst out. His body writhed and twisted in heated sensuality.

As during the prior erotic manipulations, Kyle felt completely helpless. It was all so odd and perverse. Usually, in all matters of life, he was in control. In his normal sexual experiences, he caused the girls he fucked to have endless chains of climaxes, or at least he would.

Now he could not defend himself because the sphincter was steadily massaging his sensitive prick. His sexual prowess was now turned against him, and he realized that his brother was actually fucking the shit out of him. Timmy continuously played with his fingers across Kyle’s broad shoulder, and since he was face-to-face with his captive, he planted his mouth on Kyle’s and forced them into wild kisses. This seemed to silence Kyle’s objections and his uncontrolled moans.

Kyle’s muscles tensed again to free himself and regain control. The thing is, Kyle was torn. HE WAS STRAIGHT. HE LIKED GIRLS. HE WAS NOT A FAGOT! But Timmy was creating an extraordinary BUT powerful erotic sensation in every part of his brother’s body, mind, and soul. His cock was the teller of truth. It was sizzling, submerged in an ass that hopped wildly on him, knocking the air out of his lungs.

The Marine's eyes first closed and opened wide as his features contorted. He struggled to get up. He struggled to continue.”AAAAHHHHH, FUCK!" With a roar of a lion, his body collapsed back on the floor. Powerless. “AAAAHHHHH,” he howled in the rhythm of the pumping fuck ride he was unwittingly giving.

Timmy knew he had him. Kyle's ecstatic quiver and his strang gasping grunts told him he was close.

There was no holding back and no control. Timmy was virtuously playing with the soldier boy’s system and driving him to his now – finally – allowed climax. The pounding fuck ride caused Timmy to scream out his lust as never before. "OOOOOHHHHHH FUUUUUCK!"

Timmy sped up his pound on Kyle’s tense body with his ass fucking his brother’s dick. He quickened his pace, pounding away at that dick he had coveted for years. Sucking it him in deep. Fast, faster. Kyle was out of control. Timmy was out of control. Harder, harder. The Marine shot bolt after bolt of hot cum. He cried aloud, and he moaned. "AAAAAHHHHH, YEAAAAAHHHH!” He bucked his hips upward to fuck back, fast and hard. “I can't stop coming. Oh shit, I can't stop cuming!" His body twitched and jerked about lifelessly on the floor. He couldn't speak, only make grunting roaring, animal-like sounds. Kyle was gone. Drained. He was covered in sweat; his massive pecs were heaving like bellows, and he grunted like a frenzied ape.

The air was filled with his helpless moans and squeaks and the animal smell of raw lust emerging from his male sweat, soaking the carpet. His eyes were glazed when Timmy left the room. Lance Corporal Kyle Henderson was broken.

It was nearly evening when Kyle was finally able to get up. He had difficulties accepting what had happened to him in the afternoon. He could not believe that he had been raped and abused by his nerdy, twink, 120 lbs. teen brother. However, his aching muscles and the dried cum, which covered his body, told him that it had not been just imagination.

He took a thorough shower, hoping to wash the shame away with his cum. An all-nighter with Mindi would clear his mind. His hair was still damp. He chose a tight pair of jeans and a well-fitting T-shirt, grabbed his leather jacket, and went downstairs, where he heard his mother preparing the dinner. Timmy was sitting with his father at the table, looking as innocent as ever, pretending nothing had happened.

"Hi, soldier," his father greeted him, "Thanks for taking care of the lawn. The job must have worn you out. Timmy told us you worked hard, so we let you sleep. Mindi called several times already. She sounds quite upset."

"Yeah, the afternoon was quite tough," Kyle glowered at his brother," Anyway, I'm going to see Mindi now. "Enjoy your evening," Timmy grinned.

Kyle didn't enjoy the evening at all. Or… did he? At least, he told himself he didn’t. When he arrived at Mindi’s, she was upset. She scolded him for standing her up but… then quickly let it pass. Honey, let’s go to bed.” They did. For the first time in his relationship with Mindi, he couldn’t produce a boner. Mindi was as frustrated as the confused Marine. Ultimately, he gave up, grabbed his clothes, jumped on his motorcycle, and drove home.

Ignoring his family, watching the latest soap opera on TV, he went straight to his room. Kyle undressed and lay naked in sullen silence in the dark, trying to gather his thoughts.

It started after he had finished mowing the lawn. The beer had gotten to him much more than usual. He could take a lot, so why did he pass out like a fresh recruit? This fucking faggot had spiked his drink! That was it. That miserable little prick had just scored a lucky shot!

He had to put that whimsy nerd back in place. Teach him respect. His lips twisted in a menacing grin when he fantasized about how he would beat his queer brother to a pulp.

He heard his parents go to bed and waited for a while until he could assume they were sound asleep. Quietly and avoiding any noise, he walked across the aisle to his brother's room. The door wasn't locked. "Gotcha!" he thought while he opened the door and slipped inside. He approached the prone form of his brother on the bed and jumped him. Before Timmy was fully awake, he was forced down by the full weight of his brother's muscle-packed body. “OK, pal, now it's payback time. You are mine," he heard Kyle hissing in his ear with an undisguised vengeance.

"Nooo… mmppf!" Timmy's cry was muffled by Kyle's big hand closing his mouth. The twink teen, who had also slept naked, was lifted from the bed and carried away like a rag doll. Kyle carried his desperately writhing brother down to the basement and into the garage. Despite his desperate resistance, Timmy was wrestled down to the floor behind the family van. It took the combat-trained Marine only moments to subdue his smaller brother. He straddled Timmy immobilizing him by pinning his arms down with his knees. His right fist went up, preparing a full swing right into his brother's fearfully contorted face. "Yeah, now you’ll shit in your pants. If you were wearing pants, you miserable fucking faggot," Kyle growled," I'll beat the shit oudda ya!"

"Is anybody here?" their father's voice interrupted the fight. Timmy's struggle on the way down to the garage had not gone unnoticed and woke up his dad, who had come down. He investigated the garage, obviously wondering why the lights were on. Kyle hunched down and closed his hand firmly over his brother's mouth, preventing him from calling for help. That could mean disaster. How would he explain to his parents what he was doing with his brother buck-naked in the garage?

Fortunately, his father had stopped at the door. "Anybody here?" he asked again. "What's wrong, John?" he heard his mother calling from the living room. Kyle froze.

While Kyle was thinking about the embarrassing situation he had brought himself into, Timmy freed one arm. He reached between the muscular thighs closing his hand firmly around the flaccid dangling shaft.

"Nnng," Kyle flinched but bit his tongue. With his dad only a few feet away, he remained motionless to protect them from being detected. Kyle was petrified and hoping his dad would quickly leave. But Timmy started to pump Kyle’s dick like a maniac. It made no noise, and they were behind the family van, so they could not be seen. It was like when Mindi was outside the open window. Kyle had to restrain himself and be still and quiet. Now the same situation here. Kyle couldn't cause any commotion as long as dad was there, listening. So, Timmy was free to fondle Kyle’s dick.

“Maybe you should look around inside there, John,” his mom said. This freaked out Kyle more.

Kyle clenched his teeth and tensed his six-pack abs. He could do nothing while his parents were right there. He needed to wait to shove Timmy’s hand away and continue his punishment of Timmy.

"Nothing, Mary. We must tell the boys to switch off the lights when leaving."

Timmy was enjoying pumping his big bro’s dick unencumbered. He thought if they did get caught by their folks, it would be boned-up Kyle, who’d be in serious trouble. He smiled, and as he pumped that dick with one hand, he tickled Kyle’s loosely hanging balls with the other. Kyle closed his eyes, praying for his folks to leave.

Finally, Kyle heard their father, who didn't bother to check out the garage, say, “It’s OK. Let’s get back to bed before we wake up the boys. The lights were switched off, and the door closed. The lights from the streetlamps shone through the windows and dimly lit the garage.

“What the fuck. Get your hands off me. You fucking faggot." Kyle barked, enraged but in a lowered voice.

"Shhhh, will you be quiet, Kyle, or I'll shout," Timmy warned, "And besides, you like it."

Little Brother in Charge
Part 3 of 4

Kyle looked down with a shocked expression. Timmy had succeeded, whereas Mindi had failed. His cock was already hard, obviously eagerly responding to Timmy's jacking.

How could he, a straight jock, not get it up anymore when his chick spread her legs but was so easily pumped up by his brother? Memories of the afternoon flashed like snapshots through his mind. Horrified that the whole story would repeat itself, he wanted to get up. But his brother didn't release his grip and pulled him back down by his cock. Of course, Kyle could have just stood up strongly and left, but he only half-heartedly tried. Timmy picked up on Kyle’s feigned resistance.

Timmy stopped tickling and began to knead his jock brother's balls. "Noooo... oooohuuuuhhmm," Kyle moaned. While his brain was putting up a desperate fight, his mind and dick knew the fight was over.

Without releasing his brother's swelling dick, Timmy simply lowered himself backward, placed his knees on his chest, and lifted his feet up in the air, exposing his asshole. Then he guided Kyle’s hard, throbbing dick between his buttocks. Then nudged him in.

"Noooo… oooohuuuuhhmm," Kyle groaned when his brother's sphincter closed around his dick with an iron grip. Knowing how well his Marine brother reacted to stimulating his nipples, Timmy roughly grabbed the powerful pecs above him. He taunted and twisted them mercilessly. Almost immediately, he sensed his brother's dick hardening even more. He wiggled his ass, scooting a bit closer to Kyle, who felt his cock pulled and twisted.

"Noooo. Fuck," he protested again.

"Shhh…," Timmy silenced his brother by letting go of his nipples, closing his hands behind the big hunk’s muscle neck, and pulling him down. Yes, there was some resistance, but not much. Timmy pulled Kyle’s mouth to his, making Kyle’s dick insert more into that welcoming, warm, sweet, joyful ass for the second time today. Then mouth-to-mouth contact, the kiss.

"Mmm… mmpfff," Kyle was protesting against the invasion of his brother's tongue. With his fingers interlaced and thus locked together behind Kyle’s neck, the nerdy teen started to rock back and forward, forcing his older brother trapped on top to follow his rocking motion, using Timmy’s curved back as the rocker. Whether he liked it or not, he was turned on.

Soon Kyle eagerly responded to Timmy's tongue play without needing his head to be forced down. So Timmy had started again to work on his brother's taunt nipples. He increased his rocking, making the jock even hotter.

Timmy felt the grip of his brother's strong arms relaxing. He knew he would be weak if he managed to keep his big muscle bro hard. He seized his brother's wrists. Pushing them first down, he finally broke the weakening resistance and bent Kyle's arms behind his back.

To Kyle's frustration, Timmy ended the kiss. However, before his turned-on brother knew what hit him, one of his hard protruding nipples was trapped between Timmy's sharp teeth. Holding his brother's tit tight, he started to suck and worked his tongue over the sensitive surface.

“AAAAAHHHHH!” Kyle arched his back and threw his pecs out to expose his nipple to even more suction. His eyes almost closed, and he started to moan softly. "Ooohhhh, yeah!"

Never had the horny fucker experienced such overwhelming sensations. He had conquered countless pussies, but none had turned him on as it did his brother's tight asshole. While he usually could pound pussy for hours, he felt the exciting first contractions of his balls at the base of his cock already now. He didn't realize that his brother's heavy workout during their afternoon lovemaking session had profoundly weakened his stamina.

"Oh yeahhhh," The lustful moaning increased, and kyle’s sun-tanned skin developed a fine layer of male sweat. All ideas of a fight had been dissolved in the churning cum boiling now in his heating balls.

When he saw the flushed expression on his brother's face, Timmy knew he had him. The cocksure Lance Corporal, with his bragging attitude, had been reduced to a throbbing cock and a swollen set of balls.

Resting limply on top of his teen brother, the brawny Marine was caught in a horny stupor. Although the muscle-packed body was heavy, Timmy had good leverage as his raised ass supported his brother's hips. When Timmy lowered his ass, his brother's dick slipped halfway out. When he rocked back, the dick was slipping back, pushed by the hunk's body weight, which also stimulated pressure on his balls.

"Uuuh. fuck,” Kyle's lean hips started bucking, driven by primal instinct. He had no choice but to adapt to the rhythm commanded by Timmy's further accelerated rocking. Knowing that his brother would now follow blindly what his cock told him to do, Timmy stopped his motions. Instead, he wrapped his arms around his brother and pulled him towards him with all he was worth.

"Come on fucker! Show me what kind of stallion you are!" Timmy spurred the jock. With his upper body trapped in a brotherly embrace, Kyle could only buck his hips if he wanted to relieve the tension that had built up in his groin. As Timmy had expected, he didn't hesitate an instant. Kyle's hips started to hammer in a frenzy, pushing him over the top.

"Yes, bro, give it to me, harder, let me feel your hot bull rod. Fill me with your Marine cum," Timmy spurred until his brother's eyes glazed over when the juice was sucked from his contracting balls.

"Oh fuck. Oh yes. That's iiiiiitttt, aaarghhh," Kyle panted," here it comezzz. Huh. Huh. Huh. Yeahhh!" Kyle collapsed, exhausted, on his back beside his brother. Still caught in spasms in the aftermath of his orgasm, he heard Timmy whispering into his ear:

"I hope you enjoyed that bro because that has been for the last time that I allowed you to fuck me."

He forced the still dizzy bloke down to his knees and stood in front of him. "Wha…" Kyle started to ask when he was silenced by a slap across his face.

"Shut up, soldier boy!" Timmy said. Kyle had no chance to answer because when he opened his mouth again, Timmy shoved his teen dick all the way down his throat. "Now, you better suck me good," Timmy said. He seized Kyle's ears and pulled the head into his groin.

"Urgh. Mmh," Kyle gargled. It was the first time he had to deal with a cock in his throat. He felt completely helpless and rising panic when he couldn't breathe.

"You are a lousy cock-sucker, bro," Timmy commented, the retching sounds emanating from Kyle's throat. He pulled his cock out and hustled his coughing brother over to the motorcycle. The heavy machine was Kyle's pride. He spent hours tuning it and polishing the chrome accessories.

Timmy pushed the swaying hunk against the bike. "Assume the position, Lance Corporal," he commanded, bending the husky body over the leather saddle. Timmy couldn't resist and whacked the bubble butt in front of him.

"OOWUW!" it was not really painful. Kyle was more shocked about being spanked by his younger brother.

"Spread 'em, bro!" Timmy kicked his brother's legs apart. Timmy dug his fingers into a jar of grease on the shelf behind the bike and spread it between the ffffffffffffffffffffffffff’s sculpted butt cheeks. "Let's grease you up, good. A virgin like you needs some comfort," Timmy chuckled.

Before Kyle could even protest, his ass was lubed nicely by his brother's index finger. He pushed his finger fully into Kyle's shit chute and moved it around as he continued to speak. Kyle groaned when that finger rubbed against this prostrate. "I may not fit into your league," Timmy smirked," but I sure as hell will make you a member of my league."

"No man, not that, you cannot do that. You can’t fuck me!" Kyle protested desperately. He struggled to evade the finger fucking, but he was mesmerized by it. Still, he needed to show this was not for him. He was not gay. Kyle tried pulling himself over the bike seat to escape the finger work. He wriggled forward and succeeded in crawling on the bike sideway so his belly rested on the seat. But there, he got stuck. Now his feet were off the floor, and he had no leverage to maneuver himself. His ass is on display for the taking.

Timmy laughed as he stroked his dick firmer a couple of times. He moved closer between Kyle’s parted legs and pulled his hips towards him, impaling him and on Timmy’s hard dick up to the hilt. "Fuck! Aawww… no… shit, shit, shit ! " the jock howled in pain."Get it out, get it out. That hurts. please, no more!" His body was writhing on the saddle. "Aaaawwwww!" Kyle's high-pitched screams filled the garage.

"Shut up, you sissy! You'll wake the neighborhood, not to mention mom and dad!" Timmy was concerned about the noise his brother was making. Looking around, he saw the dog’s two-inch diameter rubber ball. "Ah, that will do fine," he said with a devilish grin that Kyle couldn't see. He was almost paralyzed by the unbearable pain from his popped cherry when he felt his head pulled back sharply. His mouth fell open, and the doggie ball was inserted… pushed fully. Forced between his jaws and catching behind his teeth, it was an effective gag he could not spit out. And before he could reach to his mouth to remove it, Timmy grabbed his wrists and forced them behind his back.

Why didn’t Kyle simply push Timmy off him and remove the ball? He couldn’t. He was off the floor, bent over at a weird angle, and had his ass pegged by Timmy. Timmy was leaning forward with all his weight and with his feet firmly on the ground. Kyle was overpowered…. for the moment. Plus, he was dazed and confused. Plus… did he want to fully resist? Kyle could only gunt with the doggie ball gag, and grunt he did. Timmy was freely thrusting his dick repeatedly up his brother's ass. He was holding Kyle’s arm tightly behind his back. He could feel the muscle tension in Kyle’s arms as he unsuccessfully resisted. It took the twink’s constant attention to hold his arms in check.

After a while, Kyle’s grunting stopped and turned into heavy breathing through Kyle's nose. Oddly, Timmy felt much less tension and resistance in Kyle’s arms. He didn’t have to struggle to hold them. The sear pain Kyle had, at first, slowly subsided and was replaced by a new, entirely different sensation while the twink nerd’s dick was sliding in and out the greased fuck channel.

Timmy realized that his brother wasn’t fighting anymore. He cautiously released his brother's wrists. The big jock Marine allowed himself to slump fully over the bike, with his head and arms full down on the other side of the bike and his legs relaxed. His limp body made an upside-down “U.” He could have simply raised one hand and removed the doggie ball gag. But he surrendered. He wasn’t hurt. He just realized he had been resisting something more powerful than what he thought his natural urges told him. He surrendered to his little twink, nerdy, scrawny 120 lbs. bro, who had been right all along. And if that twink Master wanted him to have a doggie ball gag wedged between his teeth, who was he to say that was wrong? After all, he had been wrong, and the twink bro had been right. A sigh of relief came from Kyle. Was the war over?

Timmy may not have understood this metamorphosis, but he welcomed it. "That’s it, Lance Corporal Kyle Henderson of the U.S. Marines. Good boy.” Timmy paused his fucking. “Now, let's explore that nice new pussy of yours.” Timmy probed his brother's deflowered ass by aiming his thrusts from different angles. His hips wriggled in spiraling motions. When the sweaty body below him suddenly tensed, he knew he had struck gold.

"Oh yeah. Sir, that feels good!" Kyle said in a clear voice, "Fuck me, bro! Fuck me harder, sir! Fuck me harder, Master!"

"See, I knew you'd like it. They are all alike - after they’re broken in." Timmy laughed, “Now keep your pussy tight."

He started to plow his brother's ass in earnest. You need a cock up your fucking ass," he said almost in a lecturing tone while impaling his brother. Each thrust caused another crack in the wall surrounding the Marine's alpha dog personality.

"You always wanted to get it from me." The lecture continued. Again and again, Timmy probed into the depths of Kyle's manly muscular asshole, pounding the hypersensitive prostrate, and sending the moaning dude into an orbit of insane lust. "My muscle stud likes it to be dominated by his little brother, isn't it?" It took about half an hour of hammering Kyle's macho attitude until it shattered.

"Yes, Sir, give it to me! Fuck my brains out!" Kyle had the urge to get fucked senseless by his brother. The pounding stopped abruptly. Timmy's cock left Kyle's ass with a wet plop.

"Shit, no!" the horny Marine complained in frustration, "I haven't fucking cum. What happened?" he protested in shock?

"Oh, you fucking whore!" Timmy was mocking disgust, "do you need it that bad?"

"Yeah, man, I need it," Kyle hollered.

"Yes, 'Sir'!" Timmy objected sternly.

"Yes. Sir. I need it bad!" Kyle hurried to correct his mistake.

"Shall I make you cum, bitch?" Timmy asked.

"Yes, Sir, please make me cum," Kyle begged. His swollen dick was jerking helplessly between his legs.

Timmy fetched a wooden board from the shelf. "To ensure you have learned your lesson, here are the rules," he said.

"Promise you will treat me with respect!" Whack! The board hit Kyle’s bubble butt ass cheek. His legs were jerking.

"Awww. Fuck!" Kyle winced. His toes were curling. Whack!

"Yeah. I'll do it!" Kyle shouted while his cock throbbed. Whack!

"I can't hear your soldier!" Timmy shouted back.

"Yes, Sir, I promise!" Kyle sobbed.

"Promise you will follow my orders without questioning!" Timmy demanded. Whack!

"Yes, Sir, I promise!"

"Promise you will dump that Mindi bitch!" Whack! The ass cheeks turned red.

"Yes, Sir, I promise!" Whack!

"Your bike is mine now!"

"Yes, Sir, it is yours!" Whack!

"You will cum NOW!" Kyle felt his balls leaping to the base of his cock. Whack! Whack! Whack! The moderate paddling continued.

"Yesss Sssir! Awww! Unngh. I'm cumming. Fuck. Huh! Huh! Huh!" Kyle's cock twitched wildly. Each whack triggered a blast of white jism splashing at the side of the bike.

Timmy continued the spanking until his hunky brother begged him to stop. The Marine cock was completely deflated and unable to produce even the tiniest dribble of cum. The once heavy nut sac had shrunk to a wrinkled pouch. The gooey streams trickled slowly down the bike, finally dripping to the concrete floor.

"That's what I call beating the cum out of someone," Timmy referred to Kyle's earlier threat. “We have to do this again sometime." He helped his groaning brother to get up. Kyle looked at him almost shyly, with a sort of newfound respect. "Now give your little brother a kiss, will you?" he smiled at the exhausted jock.

Without any resistance, Kyle hugged him and kissed him warmly. The brothers' tongues were playing in their mouths. Then Timmy squeezed his brother's butt and broke the kiss.

"That's my boy. You may return to your room now, but first, clean my bike."

"Sure. Uhm… I mean. Yes, Sir," Kyle answered respectfully. He fetched a polishing cloth and rubbed the cum from the bike.

"Stop! You have to do this thoroughly."

"But I always do it like th..." he stopped when his bother cast him a disapproving glance. "What do you want me to do, Sir?" he asked.

"Lick it!" Timmy ordered. "I don't understand." Kyle looked desperate and confused.

"You brainless jarhead!" Timmy grabbed the Marine by his shoulder and pushed him to the bike. "On your knees!" he commanded, and Kyle obeyed instantly. "Open your fucking mouth and show me your tongue!" The teen seized his big brother's head and pushed his face against the bike’s cum covered tank. He started to rub the face and the tongue dangling from the open mouth up and down over the surface.

"You lick it clean, understood?" Timmy asked again.

"Mmm. yesss. Sir!" came the muffled answer.

"Do a good job. I'll check it out tomorrow," Timmy said when he left the garage.

Kyle overslept in the morning as well. "I don't know what's wrong with the boy," his mother wondered. "Hmmm. I think he was working late on his bike," Timmy replied innocently. "Ah, that's why the lights were on last night," his father added," and his bike was never as shining as I found it this morning."

Their parents were glad to see how well the brothers went along. Timmy made sure that his brother stayed with the Marines. He needed him to be fit, strong, and handsome. His position with the Marines stabilized to ware was at home every weekend. That was great for Timmy because they went out with Timmy's buddies on the weekends after Kyle had done his chores at home. Sometimes they needed the big Marine to beat up some faggot haters, but most of the time, they drove out of town to a barn.

There was always plenty of beer to get the jock drunk. Then the guys took turns engaging in naked wrestling bouts with Timmy's muscular brother. Kyle behaved like a good boy and played his role as a loser, which granted the winner a victory fuck. True to his promise, Timmy never allowed his brother to fuck him again. But Kyle had learned his lesson well and knew when he was allowed to cum.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon in September, and Kyle was mowing the lawn, as he did most weekends. The athletic-built, dark-tanned Marine was clad only in his dog tags and skimpy bikini briefs. Here’s the deal, He let it be known that he preferred skimpy clothing when doing outside work so he could work on his tan simultaneously. But, not true. Kyle HATED those bikinis. He hated being shown off. It was humiliating and embarrassing to be seen dressed like a faggot whore. But, that bikini “uniform” was required by Timmy.

Kyle was frustrated. His parents always took the side of his younger brother. And the brat played his cards too well. Their parents didn't know that he was sucking dick and taking it up the ass. They had no idea that he was hanging around with a gang street faggots, or how bossy he is to Kyle when they are alone. Straight A’s and a cute, boyish appearance don’t cut it!

Timmy kept this second identity well hidden. He was bright and produced an A- grade average. Their parents were proud of the "little one," who would make it through college and graduate as a genius, maybe a future lawyer or an MD. While Kyle had disappointed his parents by quitting college. He had always despised studying and preferred sports, the outdoors, and the military. It had been only little consolation to his old man that he did well in the military academy, and his mother had never understood nor accepted his decision at all.

Kyle had been happy with his life in general. But all that changed when Timmy took charge. He had never expected what had happened and still had to accept that muscle and sexual prowess could not counter his nerdy twink bro’s manipulations and schemes.

Finally, his job was done. He pushed the mower into the garage and went to the kitchen, red-faced, soaked in sweat, and bloody thirsty. Timmy was reading a comic book and heard his mother and Aunt Margie laughing from the living room. Saturday was the traditional coffee and gossiping time for the two women.

Having learned his lesson, Kyle suspiciously rejected the opened beer can Timmy was offering him. "Nah, relax, it's not spiked, bro," Timmy smirked while his hand wiped across his brother's sweaty abs. Kyle writhed back to avoid his brother's touch.

"Better safe than sorry," he muttered while fetching a new beer from the fridge. He took a big sip of the ice-cold drink with one hand resting on his hip.

"No need to trick you, big bro. I can have you any time," Timmy reached playfully for his brother's crotch and squeezed the hefty bulge barely contained by the tiny bikini fabric.

"Fuck! Stop that shit!" Kyle jumped and brushed Timmy's hand away. But his younger brother continued to charge at him, trying to pull his G-string down. Kyle grabbed Timmy's wrists, turned him around, and forced the teen’s arms across his chest.

You see, Kyle was working on mowing the lawn and wore what Timmy required him to wear, a black tank top and a G-string. After the mowing, Kyle came into the kitchen for a cold drink. Immediately, Timmy started to grope him. "Stop it!" he hissed angrily into Timmy's ears. “Look at this obscene outfit you make me wear while moving the front yard lawn. A fucking G-string?”

"Why? Are you suddenly shy? Besides, I’m now the boss. I now decide what you wear." Timmy laughed while he pushed his ass-backward onto his brother's bulging groin until he felt close contact with the meaty prick. He knew his brother all too well. After one week at the base, the stud was horny as hell when he came home on weekends.

Little Brother in Charge
Part 4 of 4

Kyle was working on mowing the lawn and wore what Timmy required him to wear, a black tank top and a G-string. After the mowing, Kyle came into the kitchen for a cold drink. Immediately, Timmy started to grope him. "Stop it!" he hissed angrily into Timmy's ears. “Look at this obscene outfit you make me wear while moving the front yard lawn. The neighbors are all gawking at me from their windows. A fucking G-string?”

"Why? Are you suddenly shy? Besides, I’m now the boss. I now decide what you wear." Timmy laughed while he pushed his ass-backward onto his brother's bulging G-string pouch until he felt close contact with the meaty prick. He knew his brother all too well. After one week at the base, the stud was horny as hell when he came home on weekends.

Timmy ground his ass into Kyle’s groin. A surprised grunt and the swelling of the bulge told him that he was achieving the desired effects. Kyle knew what his brother was up to and moved backward. He wanted to slip away, but his back was nudged back up against the fridge door. He was trapped, and the brat continued to wriggle his zass. Kyle's dick responded fast.

"Hey, leave the little one alone, will you?" their mother had entered the kitchen.

"He started it," Kyle protested while nervously trying to squirm his pelvis away from the bucking hips of his teen brother.

"No, he's bullying me again," Timmy was suddenly sobbing but did not back away from his brother.

"That's not fair. A big strong Marine like you should not treat his little brother like that."

"The little one is old enough to know better,” Kyle said with a sullen voice.

"Leave him. It's enough!" their mother's voice went stern.

With a sigh of resignation, Kyle released his brother.

"OK, now hug your brother," their mother commanded.

Timmy turned around and faced Kyle. Quickly and unnoticed by his mother, Timmy reached behind his brother's back and pulled the briefs, exposing Kyle's dimpled butt. As he hugged his big bro, he ran his fingertips up and down to tickle Kyle’s ass crack. His groin rubbed against his brother’s, inflicting even more "damage."

Kyle had just managed to pull his briefs up again when to his utter embarrassment, his dick betrayed him again and rose to an impressive erection. His entire cock was on the loose, 9 inches sticking out fully. No way would it fit back into that tiny bikini.

Kyle blushed and froze in shame. He was throwing a fucking boner in front of his mother! And now Timmy turned back to their mother and began stepping aside, exposing his predicament. Kyle firmly stopped Timmy from moving away. He needed his little bro as his shield and kept him between himself and their mother. Embracing Timmy and trying to appear playfully from behind, he whispered into Timmy's ear, "You move, and I swear, you die!"

"Now, you two boys behave, will you?" their mother returned to the living room.

"Yes, Mom," both brothers replied.

Their mother had hardly left when Kyle hissed enraged, "You are such a mean cowardly bastard, you know? You've got a big mouth only when Mom or Dad is around. Just be warned, I'll get you alone one day, and then I'll teach ya' some respect!"

"Oh really?" Timmy grinned. "You are the one throwing a fucking boner every weekend when you’re home! Why do you blame me if you can't control your dirty prick?"

"You faggot, you'll never understand," Kyle replied with a red face,

“It's the normal thing to do for a healthy gay man.”

“Normal! No fucking queer is normal."

"Hehe, and that normal strong buck seemed to like it pretty much when I was screwing him, huh?" Timmy interrupted his brother.

"That was just `cause you were lucky! If it were a fair fight, you wouldn't last a minute,"

Kyle grabbed Timmy's shoulders, furiously shaking his brother. "Is that so?"

Timmy pushed his brother away. "I don't think so. I am better because I don't wear my brain between my legs, jarhead!"

"Sucker!" Kyle snorted.

"Oaf!" Timmy retorted.

"Mama's boy!" Kyle smirked.

"Well, if you have the guts, why don't we decide here and now who's the boss, huh?" Timmy challenged.

"What do you mean?" Kyle frowned suspiciously.

"Exactly what I said, dumbo! Show me what you've got!" Timmy said.

"But Mom." Kyle didn't get it.

"The one who cums first loses!" Timmy said.

"I won't cum first. I’m a Marine." Kyle exclaimed.

"So, then you are in?" Timmy asked slyly.

"Yeah!" Kyle replied, not too sure about what Timmy had in mind.

"OK, then." Timmy unzipped his baggy cargo pants. Kyle watched in disbelief as his brother pulled his dick out and started to stroke.

"What?" the startled Marine stammered.

"It's a cockfight, jarhead. Whoever cums first will be the winner's slave until the end of the year," Timmy said without interrupting his stroking.

"But here? Now? Are you crazy? Mom could come in any moment, we'll get caught for sure, and you'll talk yourself out of it," Kyle objected.

"Bullshit, Mom is busy chatting with Aunt Margie. And besides, what’s wrong with being daring? He looked at the living room door. His mother's and his aunt's voices could be heard. Was he falling into one of the brat's cunning traps again?

"Now listen, I'll cover you, and she will never realize." Timmy said while he lubed his hand from a can of shortening from the kitchen table, “Honestly!"

"I don't understand," Kyle said, still hesitating.

"Sit down, jerk!" Timmy pushed his brother to a chair facing his mother in the other room. He pulled Kyle's briefs down and off to display his full body. Timmy was mostly fully dressed in pants, unzipped and opened. Then Timmy straddled his brother's lap, facing Kyle. For an unsuspecting observer, it looked as if the two brothers were holding a playful chat in the other room. They would see Timmy’s back and that he was wearing cargo pants and a T-shirt. Kyle’s nudity was covered up by Timmy. They would be safe if the two women chatting never entered the kitchen.

"Oh, come on, look at you! That's crap! I'll crush your tiny 6-inch prick in no time with my 9-incher," the Marine smirked, "and then I'll make you suck me off, just for starters."

OK, simple rules, each of us can touch the other anyway he wants to try to get him to cum first. Only thing is, if you touch a dick, you have to touch both dick together. No fair jerking on only the opponent's dick.”

Timmy started by encircling both dick with his hands. "Oh no, not like that, bro," Kyle pushed Timmy's hands away and closed his big hands around the two hardening cocks. Timmy scooted himself closer to Kyle so their balls actually touched. He began to grind his groin into Kyle's. He started to rock back and forth, sliding on Kyle's sweaty bare thighs. Kyle released the entwined dicks and instinctively grabbed his brother's hips to assist in rocking.

"Yeah," Timmy whispered," you like that, don't you? I am riding you raw, my big horny stallion."

"Fuck you! I don't like it. I ain't no fucking queer," Kyle hissed angrily.

“Not yet, bro, but soon,” Timmy thought while his greasy hands cupped over his brother's sculpted chest and deftly squeezed the layers of hard pectoral muscles.

"But you liked it when I busted your cherry for the first time," Timmy said aloud, "Actually, you were moaning like a cheap whore. Couldn't get enough? begging for more?"

Timmy rested his head on one of Kyle's sweaty shoulders. Kyle felt Timmy's breath on his neck. His brother's nose was now nuzzling into his neck. Soft bites ignited little burning spots at his earlobes, around his throat, and under his chin. They were sending thrilling sensations into his system. The damned brat knew all too well how to make him hot.

"Shut the fuck up and stop it!" Kyle was trying to squirm away while Timmy started to massage his nipples, knowing that this would turn on his brother even more. Indeed, it wasn't before long when Timmy felt the two meaty knobs of purple flesh rising from the broad orbs in the center of the defined pecs.

"Ahh…" Against his will, a satisfied moan escaped from Kyle's lips while his brother squeezed his nipples between his index and ring fingers and wiggled the sensitive buttons back and forth between them.

"And you liked it when I fucked the cum out of you while I had you bent over your precious bike." Timmy continued to torture his brother with embarrassing but exciting memories from the past. “you liked it when I paddled the cum out of you, didn’t you?” Kyle could almost feel again the delicious pain radiating through his buttocks, remembering his first spanking since his childhood. This time it had not been his Dad but his little brother, but he had instinctively surrendered and accepted his brother's superiority as he had accepted his father's authority.

All the sex talk was making Kyle too excited. Of course, that was part of Timmy's plan. Kyle’s athletic Marine body had been squirming like that of a sex slut. He recalled the day's events when Timmy had him bent over the leather seat of his bike. Involuntarily his muscular legs had fanned helplessly while blow after blow from his brother's hands smacked his quivering buttocks. How he surrendered to getting fucked, then. How humiliated he felt then.

“When your straight memories of the past fade away, giving way to today’s reality, you’ll realize who you are,” Timmy whispered. The memories had triggered a full erection, and now his throbbing rod pulsed between their bodies. Timmy pressed his entire front pecs, stomach, and groin tightly against his brother's. Kyle could feel Timmy’s nipples protruding from under his T-Shirt. He gathered a little hope that he could get to his bro as well but realized that the brat had outwitted him again by leaving his clothes on.

He was practically naked, offering the whole body to sexual invasion, while Timmy had his pants on, mostly, and his T-shirt. And that was exactly what was happening. Timmy knew all too well how to turn a man on. His skilled fingers were traveling up and down Kyle's spine. When Kyle leaned back, trying to trap the hands between the back of the chair and his broad back, Timmy's hands escaped and instead started kneading his shoulders, tempting him to relax, to give in to the soothing sensations. But the true battle was raging further down between the grinding crotches.

Relentless, Timmy was driving his smaller cock into his brother's bigger fleshy tower. The huge Marine cock was made to drill pussy. He easily could fill cunts and drive chicks over the edge into an endless sequence of climaxes.

But now, the smaller flexible attacker could not be subdued that quickly. The hard dickhead was rippling up and down the 9-inch shaft. Like a battering ram, the teen cock hit the sensitive glans right where the frenulum separated the mushroom head below the piss hole.

With each hit, sparks and fiery circles were exploding in Kyle's mind, blinding his inner eye. Timmy's weight was sufficient to press the upper side of Kle's dick against his stomach, where it ended trapped inside the crevice of the Marine six-pack. Timmy pushed and ground rhythmically and sensed his brother's meat swelling more and more. Desperately Kyle slid his hands under his brother's T-Shirt, which was already damp from his sweat, and tried to reach Timmy's nipples.

"Oh yeah, dude," Timmy laughed. "Don't let me do all the work. You do it and do it properly!" He raised the T-Shirt up and pulled Kyle's head to his chest. The jock's head disappeared under the fabric, and before he could react, a teen tit was pushed between his lips.

"Yeah, brother, suck my tit," Timmy commanded. "That's how I like it”

“Mmmmppfhhh," Kyle replied meekly.

Grinning, Timmy slipped one hand down Kyle's back to his flexing muscle butt. In a panic, Kyle felt fingers gliding down his ass crack and began to wriggle his way to the asshole. “That's it,” he thought, even if it meant shameful surrender. He would get out now before he made a fool of himself by climaxing in his Mom's kitchen. He spat the nipple from his mouth.

"Stop, that's enough! I quit. This is bullshit," Kyle started to push his brother away and wriggle out from under the T-Shirt. But when he tried to get up, the whole weight of his brother's body rested on his groin. At this moment, it was not just Timmy's cock but the teen's abs sliding up and down his shaft and squeezing even his churning balls. It felt as if his jizz was squeezed by force from his swollen nuts.

"Aaaaauuuuuuuughhhhhhhhh, shiiiiittt," Kyle grunted as a guttural moan left his throat. Barely able to hold back from climaxing.

Timmy recognized what had just happened from the startled look in his brother's eyes. His mouth closed over his brother's, and his tongue butterflied and wrestled inside the squirming jock's mouth. Simultaneously his fingers were playfully tickling the sweaty armpits and the sensitive spots alongside his trunk.

Kyle knew he was going down. He had been too close to the edge for a safe return. The brat was all over him, kissing, biting, squeezing, and tickling. His body wanted relief, and he could not put up any substantial resistance. "Fuck, yeah." he moaned in resignation.

Finally, it was too much. Kyle felt electrical shocks from his dick. An intensive shockwave of pleasure erupted from somewhere deep inside his body. Lust surged through his veins while his racing heartbeats sounded in his ears like a giant drum. The sexual impulse traveled alongside his nerves to every edge of his convulsing body. Goosebumps were forming on his skin from head to toe, and whole groups of muscles started to twitch in uncontrollable spasms.

"OOOHHH fuck, don’t… Stop touching me… please, bro…..please… Give me a moment. Please.” Kyle was cocked and loaded.

He heard Timmy's hoarse voice whispering into his ear, "Yea, it; OK, bro, Yes, go ahead and shoot. Shoot your fucking load of hot Marine jism." Kyle's ass was now involuntarily humping up and down. The sweaty buttocks made a squeaking noise on the plastic cover of the kitchen chair. Timmy knew he had his brother again. Kyle's eyes opened wide.

Again, Timmy chimed in, “If you’re a good boy and shoot for me now, I’ll let you eat out, my beautiful asshole. My wet, juicy, warm, wonderful asshole.”

That did it. -- "Shiiiiit," Kyle groaned in desperation. His head lolled back while he gasped for air. At this moment, he surrendered all control of his hunky body, now at the point of no return. Timmy grabbed Kyle’s head and forced him to look down right at his pulsing dick.

“Here she cums. Now open your mouth really wide, baby.” Kyle did. Timmy seized his brother's throbbing dick and aimed it straight up at the gaping mouth.

"Uuuuuuhh, uuurghh, ahhhhhh," Kyle grunted and hollered as he shot load after load into his face and mouth. Much f the um covered his face, hair, chest, nose, and eyes.

"Nice baby, you've been a good boy," Timmy smirked while he pumped the remaining jizz from Kyle's still-hard cock. Without allowing Kyle to recover, Timmy stood up, still blocking the view from the ladies, and pulled his brother's head to his cock. Before Kyle realized what was going on, Timmy pushed his dick into his mouth, forcing it completely down his brother's throat. "Yeah, soldier boy, suck it!" Timmy commanded. He was close as well.

"Mmmmphhhhh, rrgh, rrgh," Kyle gargled when his mouth and throat were coated by hot teen cum. Timmy forced his brother to swallow his entire load. Ironically there was a roar of laughter coming from the living room. His mother and aunt were definitely enjoying their chat.

Kyle was still breathless when Timmy aided him t stand. As dizzy as he was, he stood tall before his new Master.

"I guess that settles who's the boss," Timmy said. "Let’s seal our deal with a kiss.” And Timmy placed his mouth over Kyle's, and they remained Frenching each other long.

Looking up, Aunt Margie spoke softly, “My, the boys are getting along so well. Aren’t they the cutest?”

The End

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