279 Lost Hiker

279 The Lost Hiker
Part 1 of 6

Boyd was truly lost. Why on earth had he taken what he thought was a shortcut when he didn't know this mountainous terrain? He'd left the village campsite where he stayed for the week to explore some longer hiking trails. He’d packed some water and just a few nibbles since he had planned to return within four hours, and about ninety minutes into his trek, he saw a flimsy, homemade path sign that read, ‘Shortcut.’ Never thinking it might be a prank, he just took it. The path was windy and, at times, dense with foliage, which caused Boyd to lose his orientation, so he didn’t realize he was actually hiking farther away from his campsite. At some point, the path evaporated into a dense forest and was no longer clearly marked. Still, he thought, ‘Shortcut’ as he continued in the primary direction anyway. As he walked through the forest with thick underbrush, he finally realized he was lost. It was a warm day, so he removed his T-shirt and looked around, trying to get his bearings.

Boyd wasn’t worried. He was a pretty good hiker and found his way back. However, his backpack was getting heavy, so he stopped, dropping it off his shoulders. The sweat trickled slowly down his broad back and down his hairless chest, across his tight stomach. He had a good body due to his swimming and hiking. He didn't lift weights but often put several heavy textbooks in his backpack when hiking. His baggy shorts were soaked, molding themselves over his four-inch flaccid cock and heavy balls.

Boyd surveyed the topography as he stretched out his five-foot-eight-inch body. He looked through the trees in all directions, trying to determine which way to head back when he could see a clearing just to his right. He picked up his backpack and walked maybe a mile in that direction. Once there, his spirits lifted when he saw a most inviting small lake. Dropping the backpack, he removed his trainers, dropped his shorts, left them on a rock, and then waded into the water. He swam out toward the center of the lake, about 100 yards. There Boyd floated on my back, and closed my eyes. Ah, bliss!

Ten minutes later, still floating on his back, cool and relaxed, he stared down his smooth body at his limp cock, which was casually pointed at his navel. He remembered the previous night in the village campsite showers where he met Hans, a twenty-two-year-old German hiker six feet two inches tall. They had been glancing at each other until Hans moved by him and took his lengthening cock into his big hand, and started to massage it. Boyd was straight, but there was no denying that it felt wonderful. Reaching over, he did the same to Hans, and they were both soon hard. Boyd’s seven-inch dick was straining upward to touch his belly as Hans kept a light hold while rubbing him sensuously up and down. Boyd similarly held Hans, marveling at the nine-inch member throbbing in his hand.

Boyd didn’t think too much of it. It was just a quickie, an erotic moment, no big deal. His heterosexuality didn’t feel threatened - hey, sex is sex - it’s always fun. But then, as Hans teased Boyd’s dick, he used his other hand to lightly pet Boyd’s body all over. He tickled his nipples and sensuously touched his face. Boyd thought that felt good, too. Hans tenderly rubbed his ears and brushed his hair like a comb.

OK, it was a little weird, more touchy-feely than just sex, but Boyd moaned. Hans released Boyd’s now bobbing dick and reached for the soap. He began lathering up Boyd’s chest, paying close attention to his pointed nipples. He delivered little pinches to the peaks, and without waiting for Boyd to thank him or object, Hans pulled Boyd close against his body and soaped up his back. Boyd didn’t reciprocate the embrace - his hands remained at his sides. Even when Hans slowly, romantically let his hands drift lower and lower to his ass, Boyd didn’t overtly react. Then, Hans teasingly grabbed Boyd’s ass cheeks and massaged them vigorously. “God, that feels so good,” Boyd thought. Hans then slowly let his hands rub Boyd’s ass crack and, with his finger, lightly and gently began encircling the asshole couched in-between those wonderful, milky-white mounds.

Boyd had his eyes closed, thinking about his girlfriend. He moaned. Then, with one hand tickling Boyd’s ass bud and the other lightly stroking his rigid dick, Hans’ dick rubbed against Boyd’s belly. Hans continuously went up and down on his tiptoes, heightening the erotic sensation. Boyd’s body shook while volleys of cum spewed forth, which triggered Hans’ dick to shoot off as well. It was awesome! Boyd didn’t realize his arms were fully wrapped around Hans' body in a tight embrace. He was actually hugging him as a natural reaction to the overwhelming erotic sensations he was experiencing.

Then, Hans used his fingers to gently push Boyd’s chin upward so he could stare into his eyes. As Boyd finally opened his eyes, Hans lovingly kissed Boyd on the mouth. Boyd was jolted back to reality as their lips met, causing him to recoil. He slowly but firmly pushed Hans away.

Sex with a guy is one thing. He could find that OK, though he never had in the past. This was new to him, and as a quick sex thing, it could be OK. But to kiss a guy? Romantically? On the lips? Really? No, he had his girl back home to get romantic with - he wasn’t going to marry her, but she was a fun sex thing he got into.

Hans smiled anyway and said, "See you tomorrow afternoon at the pool?” Boyd never responded. He wanted to say something like, “Thank you,” or “No, thank you,” or “Maybe,” or “I have a girl back home,” but he said nothing and did nothing except flash an awkward smile of embarrassment. Yet something was intriguing about how Hans fondled his dick, held and caressed him so tenderly. Boyd had never before thought about a muscular man such as Hans as being erotic, and the kissing thing? Well, it was too strange - not for him. Boyd loved the ladies.

Relaxing there in those memories, Boyd's cock started to harden. “Fuck! A boner? Where the fuck did that come from?” he wondered. Embarrassed, he looked around as if someone were going to see it, and what the fuck? He suddenly noticed two guys on the shore examining his clothes and backpack where he had left them. Must be stupid locals, by the looks of them. One was helping himself to the munchies Boyd had packed for the hike.

"HEY! You guys, what are you doing?" he shouted as he made his way closer to the shore. The older guy, about thirty years old with lean muscles, looked up from rifling through Boyd's bag and muttered something in Italian to the other guy, who quickly scooped up Boyd's clothes. He was about six feet tall, smooth-chested, and was wearing just a pair of ragged shorts. The other guy was in a T-shirt and dirty, faded denim.

"We are just gathering OUR belongings and going home. Ah … Boyd. Why do you ask?” He spoke in quite reasonable English.

"Those are MY clothes,” shouted Boyd, standing with the water up to his navel, "And how do you know my name?"

The guy waved Boyd's passport at him, the passport he'd forgotten to put back in the village campsite safe!

"Just leave my stuff and get the fuck out of here!” Boyd was getting quite excited and angry. “You’re committing robbery! You can’t do that. Just go!”

“Well, for someone you’ve just met, that sounds rather rude,” the taller robber guy said.

“Look, I'm lost. Just leave my shorts, trainers, and passport and point me toward the village campsite. You can have the other stuff. I won't tell anyone. Please," he said in a calmer, more pleading tone.

They then stopped and turned, "Come over here, then,” the older guy said, pointing at his feet. Boyd was at a loss. Should he let them take everything, and he’d be in a mess, or go over and confront them properly and try to reason with them? He chose the latter.

Trembling with fear, Boyd left the water, his hands automatically covering his shriveled genitals. "Put your hands by your sides, NOW!" barked the older guy. Boyd obeyed instantly, his whole body breaking out in goosebumps. He walked gingerly forward over the rough shale, his cock and balls shrunken to nothing. He felt embarrassed and humiliated … but, most of all, just frightened. With his head down, he slowly walked over to the two men.

"On your knees, hands clasped behind your back,” came the order. "Good. Now listen carefully, and don't interrupt! I am Franco. this is my cousin, Ramon. You may come out of this alive if you do exactly as we tell you."

Boyd felt tears run down his face as he saw Ramon move directly behind him, taking something out of his pocket. Boyd was toned, but what he was seeing scared him, though he didn’t know if any harm would actually come to him.

"Ramon will now tie your hands together, then blindfold you. Then we'll take you somewhere more suitable for what we have in mind. The less trouble you give us and the faster you react to my commands, the sooner this ordeal will end. In fact, you may grow to like it. BUT, any attempt to escape, speaking unless I ask a direct question, or ANY disobedience will result in punishment. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, BOY?" shouted Franco.

Automatically, Boyd mumbled, "Yes, Sir."

"Oh, you can moan, though," he laughed. He felt Ramon tying his hands with rope, then a dirty rag was tied over his eyes.

"Stand," ordered Franco.

Boyd rose shakily to his feet. "One last thing for you," said Franco. Then he felt someone's hand on his genitals, and he flinched.

"Are you disobeying?" queried Franco.

"Na … na … noooo," stammered Boyd, forcing himself still as the hand roughly got him half-hard. More rope was wound around the base of his cock, under his balls, and tied off tightly.

"That is your lead," sniggered Franco. Then they set off, Boyd being pulled along by the rope tied around his cock. He was in total confusion about what was going to happen to him. “I guess this does agree with you, to some extent, as I see your dick is hard and drippy.” Boyd felt so humiliated. Now, added to that was the fact that his cock was standing stiff and leaking precum. He heard his kidnappers talking and laughing in Italian, then they stopped. He felt a hand fondle his dick, then a finger ran over his glans, gathering his precum.

"Delicious," Franco whispered, making a lip-smacking sound. “Just a refreshment for our short journey. Not far now."

Boyd heard a dog barking quite close in what seemed like fifteen or twenty minutes. The air had turned cool. Boyd supposed they had entered some sort of old building or barn as he heard a door close behind him with a distinctive, creaky sound. He was then pulled forward, causing more precum to ooze out, and again it was collected, but by a rougher hand this time. They began to untie his hands, then immediately stretched them out and up, tying them to wooden beams. His legs were forced apart, and a spreader bar, or wooden stick, was tied to each ankle.

The rope around his cock and balls was pulled down and tied fairly tightly to the spreader bar. He was spread-eagled, totally at their mercy. The blindfold was removed, and Boyd blinked his eyes. He was trying to take in his surroundings as he got used to the sunlight streaming in through an opening ten feet up on the opposite wall, about twenty feet away. The wall in front was fully shelved, and he could see dildos, chains, belts, harnesses … a fully-equipped torture chamber!

As Boyd was taking in all the sights of the barn's interior, he realized that these guys must do this regularly and have planted the ‘Shortcut’ sign. Franco and Ramon stood before him, their eyes gleaming as they undressed. Ramon was totally hairless, apart from a small rectangle of thick black hair above his massive cock. Franco had a more muscled body covered with short, curly black hair. He fondled his cock, which grew to eight inches and was thicker than Boyd's. Precum started to seep out. Ramon leaned over and scooped it up, popping his finger straight into Boyd's gaping mouth. Boyd recoiled, but there was no way to back away, so he had no choice but to suck it clean. “Bene, bene,” encouraged Ramon in a deep voice. Franco began playing with Ramon's meat until it, too, stiffened. Boyd gasped. It must have been ten inches long and thick as his wrist.

"OH, MY GOD!" Boyd screamed inside his head.

"Enjoying my cousin's beautiful prick, are you? You'll enjoy it even more when it's choking you or splitting that fine white ass!"

"I can't take that," Boyd pleaded. “Please, just let me go. Keep all my stuff. PLEASE!” his eyes glazed over with fear.

"Did I ask you a question, boy? And where was the 'Sir'? I think you had better learn what happens to naughty little boys, and if you scream, it’s okay since no one is around here for miles."

He then turned and spoke to Ramon, who went to the shelves and returned with a table tennis paddle. Going behind Boyd, he gave him three hard slaps on each cheek. Boyd slumped in pain, tears welling up and streaming down his face. His half-hard cock shrank to nothing again. The lightweight paddle couldn’t have hurt much, but it scared Boyd because he assumed it was just the beginning.

Franco moved in closer, lifting Boyd’s chin with his hand, "Now, do you see what happens when you disobey me?" Boyd nodded, sobbing, then gasped as Franco gently licked the tears away. "If you are good to me and Ramon, we can be nice to you, too.” He moved closer and kissed Boyd full on the lips, pushing with his tongue until Boyd opened his mouth. Franco fucked his mouth with his tongue for several seconds. As he withdrew, he gently stroked Boyd's cock until it started to harden again. This reminded Boyd of Hans’ attempt to kiss him just the night before. Franco reached with his other hand and wrapped it around Ramon's monster, squeezing it from base to tip. The copious amount of precum he gathered on his fingertips was offered by placing his fingers on Boyd's lips. Franco waited.

Boyd did not move or even open his mouth. Franco held his finger right under Boyd’s nose to let him get a strong whiff of the manly Latin cum. Boyd knew what he wanted. With great hesitation, he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue.

“It’s nice you want to eat up all this Latin juice, but it is not right to just do it without asking,” Franco said calmly and waited.

“OK, I’ll eat it,” Boyd finally said.

“No, it’s not OK,” Franco told him. “Look, when an unworthy child wants the sweetest treat he can ever imagine - and he really hungers for that one thing, even though he knows he does not deserve it - what does he say?”

Of course, Boyd knew what he wanted, and he knew he had no choice. There was no way out. No way to get away from these two men, who already told him they would hurt him. Boyd said in his weakest, most pitiful, squeaky voice, “Please, Sir.” Franco waited.

“Please, kind Sir? May I have your finger-coated cum? Please, Sir. Please?”

"Good boy, good boy,” Franco said as he inserted his slimy fingers into Boyd’s mouth. But Boyd didn’t just lick them - he forcefully sucked those fingers clean. He wanted to show them both that he was cooperating so they would release him ASAP.

Franco smiled at the boy’s sucking and wanted to reward him for making the right decision. He knelt and, in one expert thrust, took Boyd's cock into his mouth and straight down his throat. Boyd gasped at the wonderful sensation. His cock stiffened like a rod of iron. Then, he bucked his hips forward as Ramon forced a dry finger right up his tight boy hole, pushing it firmly in until Boyd loosened up and started moaning in pleasure. Ramon found his prostate and began rubbing it furiously. "OH, MY GOD!" Boyd screamed as his cock grew bigger than ever before, blasting his load of hot spunk into Franco, who quickly drew back to Boyd's cock head, letting the hot boy's thick spunk fill his mouth.

Boyd collapsed, letting just the ropes hold him up. He had NEVER cum like that before. It was awesome! As he came around, he felt Ramon's finger gently stroking his prostate, and his flaccid cock began to rise again. Seeing this, Ramon unceremoniously pulled his finger out, creating a loud “plop.” Franco felt his burgeoning prick and quickly untied the rope binding it.

"We'll forget the punishment for your words and pretend they were screams," Franco said as he straightened up. "Now it's our turn,” he leered as they stood before Boyd, fondling each other’s rigid cocks.

Ramon bent and untied his ankles from the spreader bar, then he and Franco untied Boyd’s wrists. They waited a few seconds as Boyd tried to restore the circulation in his limbs. Next, they led him to a padded slave-training bench that had been out of sight behind him. Placing him on his back, they positioned him so that his head hung off the edge of the bench. They then placed a stool under his head, a few inches lower than his shoulder level, to place his mouth and throat in a straight line. A thick strip of cloth was passed around his forehead and tied under the stool, immobilizing his head.

Boyd started to tremble and sweat, imagining Ramon's monster cock fucking his throat. His cock shriveled away again. Another thick cloth was placed around his waist and tied tightly beneath the bench. They pushed his legs up, back, and apart, tying a rope around his ankles, which they secured to two steel rings hanging from chains attached to a beam about eight feet high. Then they ran rope along the beam and down one wall. Ramon pulled the chain down, raising Boyd's legs in the air. Franco called out, "Bene," and the chain was fastened off. Boyd moaned. His ass was just off the padded slave-training bench, which now supported him from the neck to the middle of his back. His legs, stretched wide and pulled back, were already beginning to ache. They took his arms and tied them to the bench's legs. He was opened up and totally vulnerable … at both ends.

Without thinking, he pleaded, "Please stop now. Please! Please, I can't ta ...." but then he shut up, realizing what he'd done, and softly started to cry.

"Oh, Boyd. If only you'd remember and be obedient. And no ‘Sir,’ either. I'm afraid this punishment will be far worse than the first one."

Turning to Ramon, he spoke rapidly in Italian. Ramon went to the shelves, returning with a tray of various objects, which he placed on the floor by Franco. He then stood, handing Franco a paddle larger and sturdier than the lightweight table tennis paddles, still holding one himself. They then stood on either side of Boyd's exposed ass.

"Listen carefully,” instructed Franco. "You will get two strokes from Ramon and me alternately. I want you to shout out the number of each stroke. You may scream or moan BUT, for any other word I can understand, you will receive one lash of the cane. Do you understand?"

"Ya … ya … yes, Master,” Boyd stuttered.

"Master’ is good. I like that."

The Lost Hiker
Part 2 of 6

Boyd gritted his teeth and clenched his eyes tightly shut. Once again, he felt terrified. Would his ordeal never end? THWACK! The first stroke landed. "God!” Boyd thought. “This is far worse than the other paddle." Then remembering, he shouted, "ONE!" By the time he'd received eight, he was a blubbering wreck, croaking out the numbers almost inaudibly. After ten, he could no longer cope. "Please. No more, Master,” he whimpered. THWACK! “Eleven,” he moaned, twisting his ass, which felt like it was on fire. THWACK! "Twelve,” he managed weakly, almost passing out from the incredible pain he felt in his whole body.

"Boyd? Oh, Boyd? That was four words I heard. But you did say, 'Master.' You must learn that I will carry it out when I say something. Speaking will only make things worse.” Franco bent down and showed Boyd the cane as he swished it in the air, a thin, whippy bamboo switch. Ramon approached Boyd's head, bent forward, and began to kiss him gently. Boyd was so confused that he never kissed him back. Then THWACK! The cane landed, "Aaaaaagggghhh,” he moaned into Ramon's mouth. "One,” he mumbled. THWACK! "Two,” he cried. His ass felt numb, but the cane felt like a red-hot poker. He never said “four” because, at that moment, he passed out.

It was brief, but Boyd came around in a few seconds to find it was now Franco kissing him. Still, Boyd just allowed it, keeping his mouth slack and open. There was no kissing back. “Now we must start the four-cane smacks again and give you a few extra, so you’d better not pass out, or we will be here all day.”

As Ramon started the caning, Boyd openly wept like a child. He uttered, “ONE!” And again, THWACK! “TWO!” Boyd was crying all-out now because the switch hurt so much. He was envisioning his ass with long, bloody red cuts in it. Franco placed his open mouth against Boyd’s quivering lips, sealing his mouth over Boyd’s. Ramon waited a longer time between the biting, burning strokes. THWACK! The smacks felt terribly intense, partly because he had never been subjected to any other such punishment before, not even a little boy’s spanking, so this was just too much. It was blowing his mind. He was sobbing and, at the same time, thrusting his tongue into the welcoming mouth of Franco. He didn’t even know what he was doing - he was just seeking a distraction through this show of affection. Franco used his tongue to rub and caress Boyd, deep kissing.

THWACK! Boyd didn’t count, but that seemed OK as his mouth was busy crying and kissing. He was simultaneously experiencing comfort, care, kindness, pain, and pleasure from the paddling and the French kissing. Franco began using his hands to softly pet Boyd’s body, gently rubbing and caressing him all over without breaking their kiss.

As he was marched to their secret place, Boyd thought back to the previous night in the village campsite showers where he had met Hans, the twenty-two-year-old German hiker who was six feet, two inches tall. They had been glancing at each other until Hans moved by him and took his lengthening cock into his big hand, and started to massage it. Boyd was straight, but there was no denying that it felt wonderful. Reaching over, he did the same to Hans, and they were both soon hard. Boyd’s seven-inch dick was straining upward to touch his belly, as Hans kept a light hold while rubbing him sensuously up and down. Boyd similarly held Hans, marveling at the nine-inch member throbbing in his hand.

Boyd didn’t overthink it. It was a quickie, an erotic moment, no big deal. His heterosexuality didn’t feel threatened. Hey, sex is sex. It’s always fun. But then, as Hans continued to tease Boyd’s dick, he used his other hand to lightly pet Boyd’s body all over. He tickled his nipples and sensuously touched his face. Boyd thought that felt good, too. Hans tenderly rubbed his ears and brushed his hair like a comb.

Boyd wondered why he was suddenly developing these feelings for Hans. Was there something between them? But Boyd was straight. He didn’t want to think of Hans again.

THWACK! Ramon swatted Boyd’s ass very hard while Franco kissed his face tenderly. Boyd was focusing on the tenderness of Franco’s touch and the erotic sensations of the warm, wet kissing. He wondered if Hans’ kiss would be as sweet. THWACK! Boyd wished he could hold Franco in return, but his hands were bound at his legs. THWACK! Ramon continued his slow-paced swats as Boyd realized he was beginning to love how he was being treated. He was immersed in the tenderness and the affection he was getting … and needing. THWACK! Boyd was so conflicted. He was still crying but simultaneously loving his Master’s touches.

All the while, Franco was petting the boy everywhere, rubbing his skin lightly all over, kissing him most passionately as Boyd kissed back. Boyd wasn’t even aware that the caning had stopped, but he had at some point ceased sobbing and just continued to kiss his Master back. After a few moments more, Franco broke the kiss and straightened up. "There, there, my beautiful boy. Please do as we say next time. We don't want to hurt you, only to give ourselves pleasure. You have such a lovely body, so full of youth and promise. But you must obey us, OK?"

"Yes, Masters,” Boyd said timidly to both captors.

"Now, open your mouth and suck my prick. It's been waiting so long,” murmured Franco, moving directly above Boyd's head, which was slightly hanging off the end of the padded bench and aligned with his throat. "Soon, we will feed you and let you sleep. Wait, would you like a special drink?"

"Yes, Master,” said Boyd, only now realizing how thirsty he was. He did not consider the qualifier “special” as significant, but there was something very “special” about that drink.

Franco then lifted the stool, raising the boy’s head to a drinking position as Ramon put a large glass of yellowish liquid to his lips. It smelled of aniseed as he sipped it. It tasted delicious, so he let Ramon feed it to him until it was all gone. Franco replaced the stool and rubbed his thick eight inches across Boyd's lips. As Boyd savored the oozing precum, Ramon massaged his reddened ass, running a finger up and down his pucker. Boyd opened his mouth wide, relishing the thought of Franco's beautiful brown cock. He ran his tongue lovingly around the mushroom head as it slowly entered his mouth. He felt great, and, in the back of his mind, he thought, "They've drugged me, but so what?"

Boyd let Franco feed him more of his thick eight inches until it hit the back of his throat. As Franco pushed, he gagged. Franco eased back and said, "Breath through your nose, Bambino,” he encouraged, pushing forward again. "Relax your throat,” said Franco, as Ramon's mouth started sucking Boyd's cock at the same time that Ramon was playing with his boy hole. Franco’s cock went in. Boyd breathed quickly through his mouth, and he started to gag again as Ramon forced two fingers straight up into his ass, all the way to the hilt. Boyd gasped and choked around Franco’s huge cock until his breathing had settled.

Ramon now had three fingers up the boy’s rapidly twitching ass, hitting his prostate every time. It felt wonderful! His body glowed as his throat opened and closed around Franco's cock, and Ramon's fingers were bringing his rigid cock to orgasm. The boy’s balls tightened. Franco forced his cock in as far as it would go until Boyd's cock erupted once more, sending boy cum all over his body. Franco erupted as well, filling Boyd’s gullet with spunk. Then he withdrew his dick until just the spurting cockhead lay in the boy’s mouth, who sucked and swallowed for all he was worth.

Franco and Ramon changed places as the boy came down from his high. Once again, he started to tremble in panic, "No, no, Boyd! Don't panic. All I want you to do this time is to suck his prickhead. It’s too soon for anything further." Boyd relaxed and started to enjoy the feeling in his body again while Franco eased two well-lubed fingers back into his asshole, searching for his prostate. He licked the enormous knob of Ramon's huge ten-inch cock, relishing the steady trickle of precum. Opening his mouth wide, he let Ramon ease his knob inside as he started to suck. His cock began to rise when Franco found his prostate and began to massage it again. His body glowed even more when he felt a warm mouth envelop his cock, swallowing it down to his pubic hair. Franco's throat started massaging his precum-leaking prick.

As Ramon was busily wanking his shaft, Boyd felt his huge knob swell even bigger. His jaws were aching, but he knew Ramon was close. That erotic intensity seemed to spur him toward his third orgasm of the day. Ramon shot load after a load of hot, thick, sticky spunk, filling Boyd's mouth to overflowing, leaking from his mouth and running down his cheeks. Ramon scooped it up and put it back into Boyd's mouth just after he withdrew his softening cock - it was too much for his overexcited young body. Boyd tensed, and for the third time that day, his cock exploded. Franco moved back to his cockhead, greedily swallowing Boyd's sweet boy juice as he thrust a large butt plug firmly up his ass. Boyd bucked and fed even more of his cum to Franco, who lapped it up.

Afterward, all three of them slowly came down from their highs. Ramon and Franco released him from his bonds. Franco began to anoint his aching body with an aromatic ointment that eased away his aches and pains. "Gypsy magic,” said Franco. Meanwhile, Ramon went out the door and soon returned with a large jug of what looked like thick, creamy milk. He filled a glass, giving it to Boyd. "Drink this. It's a food supplement. I think " better for you than solids,” Franco said, continuing to massage his body.

Boyd finished three glasses of the rich, delicious drink and began to feel drowsy. "There's a mild herbal sedative to help you sleep easier. If I judged correctly, you'd sleep like a baby for a good eight hours." These words sounded as if they came from very far away to the boy. He felt strong arms easily lift him and carry him out of the barn as he drifted off to sleep. He was carried through a corridor with several more doors leading off it. Franco opened one, which contained a single cot. They placed him on it, and Franco tied his wrists together with rope, attaching the other end to a chain hanging above the bed head. It afforded him a little movement, but he couldn't reach the butt plug firmly in his ass. They left, closing and locking the door behind them.

Boyd came slowly round as soft morning light streamed through a small window above the bed. He went to stretch but felt the restraints that prevented him from moving his arms. Memories of yesterday's ordeal flooded his clearing brain, bringing back his fears. He heard a key turn in the lock. The door opened, and in walked Franco. He was dressed only in cotton shorts, his hirsute body glistening with water droplets. "Good morning,” he said cheerily, "sleep well?"

Boyd began to answer, then stopped, looking at Franco with fear. "Come, come, Bambino, you may speak. In fact, today, the rules are different. You may speak at any time as long as you are positive. No ‘It hurts' or ‘Please stop.' Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master." Boyd sighed.

Franco untied his wrists, helped him to his feet, and led him into another room via the corridor. It was a bathroom, and Franco pointed to the toilet. Franco told him to remove the butt plug and use the toilet and shower. "When you are done, press the button by the door once, and we'll get on to the next stage."

"Yes, Master." Franco left again, locking the door.

Boyd quickly took in his surroundings, full of conflicting emotions and a desperate need for the loo. The room was about twelve feet square, covered all over in white ceramic tiles. There was a large, stainless steel shower with a shelf but no curtains. There was the usual shower head, with another hose running down from it with a long, seven-inch steel nozzle. He shuddered, guessing what it was for. On the opposite wall was a floor-to-ceiling four-foot-wide mirror. Before sitting on the toilet, he reached back and removed the butt plug, giving himself an “Ouch!” of excitement. He let it drop onto the shower floor. He wondered, “This building, all these rooms … here in the forest? What the hell is this complex?”

Afterward, he took a long, hot shower, wondering how he would get out of this mess, but what worried him most was that he knew he was beginning to like certain aspects of it all. When he finished, he noticed no towel to dry himself. He skimmed as much water off his young body as he could and stood there, trembling slightly from the cool air. Then, the boy pressed the button a few times.

He waited for what he thought was ten minutes, then pressed again. Ten seconds later, the key turned, and Franco walked in. He was also naked. His hair was plastered to his body. It was obvious he had showered, too. He glared at Boyd. "What were my instructions?” Franco asked sternly.

Totally confused, Boyd stammered, "To … to … to use the toilet. … um … to … to sh … sh … shower and to push the button ... ah … Master."

"To push the button ONCE, boy,” emphasized Franco. "When are you going to learn to do as you are told? Much more of this, and I will have to think about replacing you. You are an intelligent boy, but you must learn to think before you act or speak."

Boyd started to tremble again. What did he mean by “replacing you”? What was his punishment to be? He felt totally lost and vulnerable once more.

"Kneel in the shower and put your forehead on the floor, resting it on your arms. Get your white ass high in the air,” commanded Franco. As Boyd hurried to obey, Franco went to a wall-mounted cabinet, removing several items from the shelf. He handed Boyd a pad for his knees and a thick, short piece of leather. "You may use this to bite on while I punish you,” he said. Then, he showed Boyd a rubber hose about eighteen inches long. "You will receive ten strokes with this. You know what will happen if you ask me to stop in any way?"

"Ya … ya … yes, Ma … Ma … Master, I do deserve to … to … be pa … pa … punished for being dis … disobedient,” Boyd stammered, trembling and frightened. Franco noticed the boy’s dick was starting to get firm. Franco stood and admired the quaking boy's beautiful ass, so white against his tan back. It was smooth, hairless, and well-muscled … a true bubble-butt.

Raising his arm, he snapped the rubber hose quickly across that beautiful, smooth ass.

"ONE!" Boyd shot forward, howling. He'd never felt pain like that before. His tears streamed as he involuntarily bit deeply into the leather piece. Franco continued quickly to “TEN!” Boyd lay on the shower floor, sobbing. His ass was on fire. The pain was excruciating. He felt as if his heart was beating in each painful cheek.

Lifting him up gently, Franco held him and rubbed his reddened ass. "All over now. You did well. I'm proud of you, but today there will be no soothing balm to comfort your ass. You must remember what happens if you don't obey."

"Th … th … thank ya … you, Master,” sobbed Boyd into his arms, which he was leaning on.

"Look in the mirror!” Franco ordered. Boyd turned his head and cried out. The lashes were turning into welts. Franco had placed them so precisely that they looked like arrows pointing to his asshole. "Feel them.” The boy lightly touched one, wincing on contact. It was red-hot and so very tender.

"Thank you, Master, for giving me something to remind me to obey." Boyd was learning fast.

Franco thought Boyd was a natural submissive, the way he humbly spoke and thanked him for a ‘deserved’ punishment. "Good boy! Now, for your enema." Franco took a dollop of Vaseline from a jar on the shelf and coated the steel rod end of the shower hose. He took another glob of Vaseline and said, “Grasp the rail under the shelf and stick your butt out again. I'll do this gently. I think your ass has had enough punishment for the moment."

Boyd did as he was told and felt Franco gently insert a finger into his asshole, working it around until he relaxed. He removed his finger and slowly inserted the steel rod fully. Boyd's cock began to rise. "The water is body temperature,” explained Franco. "Hold it in until I tell you to let it out." Then, he turned on the tap. Strange emotions coursed through Boyd's body as the water slowly filled him. He grasped the rail tighter as Franco gently massaged his distending belly. Just as Boyd thought he would have to risk further punishment, Franco turned the tap off, still massaging his bulging belly. Boyd was moaning in discomfort.

"Hush, hush. Now, clench and just hold it in for a few more minutes.” After what seemed like an eternity, Franco slowly pulled the hose nozzle out. Boyd concentrated on keeping his asshole closed, even while his stomach cramped. Franco kept rubbing, murmuring encouragement in his ear. Boyd thought he could hold on no longer. Then, "OK, now,” Franco said, helping him up and to the toilet. Boyd sighed in relief, his bowels exploding into the toilet bowl. By the time this procedure was repeated three times, Boyd was at ease. "Well done, mi lindo perrito! You are spotless inside. Now, for your hair!"

“What hair?” Boyd thought. His body barely had any hair anywhere. Franco knelt before him and applied shaving soap to the little hair he saw on the boy’s navel trail, his cock, and his balls. Boyd went bright red with embarrassment, but what could he do? Franco picked up a razor and expertly shaved him, massaging his balls till they were relaxed and hanging proudly. He then lovingly caressed them with the razor. Once again, Boyd felt totally humiliated. Where would this end? Franco stood and gently said, "Lift up your right arm." He lathered up and then shaved the boy’s pit. "Now, the left.” And the process was repeated. “Now, turn around. Good, your ass is young and perfectly hairless, so pleasure will be mine when you're older."

“When I'm older? What does he mean?” Boyd wondered.

"Kneel!” ordered Franco. Picking up a pair of scissors, he cut the hair on Boyd’s head as short as possible, then shaved his scalp bare. "I think I'll leave the eyebrows this time. Get under the shower and rinse everything off." Obeying instantly, Boyd stood under the warm water. It stung his red, bruised ass terribly, and he began to whimper quietly. When he had finished, he stood and looked down at the floor, dejected. "Look at yourself in the mirror,” Franco told him, lifting his chin in his hand. Boyd stared, fascinated. He looked about fourteen years old. His head looked as if he were wearing a white skull cap because the shaved area was the only area on his head with no tan. He suddenly felt very sexy! "Beautiful, beautiful,” Franco whispered in his ear. He took his boy’s hand and led him, totally naked and shaved, down the corridor and into the barn.

"Go and kneel on the mat in front of the slave-training bench,” he ordered. "Oh, I almost forgot. Do you have any thoughts about your young German friend - Hans? – coming to look for you, you can forget them. My cousin Rafael, who does the reception at your campsite, told him you phoned to say you had met some Italian friends and would not return anytime soon. Rafael told me Hans left the reception desk in a foul mood, disappointed. But don't worry, Bambino, you have me to take care of you now."

Boyd didn't know what to think. He had started to accept - even to experience moments of pleasure from - what was happening to him. Not the beatings, though. His ass was still reminding him of the harsh pain he had taken. And now this bombshell! His last lifeline, Hans, whom he was having some feelings about, lurked in the back of Boyd's mind. This gave the boy some small comfort until he realized Hans was gone. He felt truly abandoned, totally lost, and really frightened once more. He couldn't help himself as he choked away the tears rolling down his smooth cheeks.

Franco then stood before him and said, "Enough of that. Forget Hans and all those thoughts - that’s over. Get your Master hard, or do you want more punishment?"

"No, Master,” sniveled Boyd. "All I want is to please you." His survival instincts were kicking in. He put his hands on Franco's hairy legs and moved his head forward, taking Franco’s dick into his mouth. He licked all around the foreskin and then sucked his dick in deep, almost to his throat. Up and down, he bobbed his head on the rapidly enlarging dick, sucking for all he was worth. Franco began to moan as his cock rose to its full, rock-hard eight inches. Boyd began to swallow it, but Franco eased back from deep-throating the boy.

"No, no, Bambino. This time I want you to suck my big prick until I fill your sweet mouth - not your throat - with my hot, thick man juice. Your throat will have other pleasures today."

Boyd returned to the task with rising pleasure. His throat still remembered yesterday. “Fuck it!” he thought. “I'll take one thing at a time, enjoy what I can bear the rest, and try not to let this juicy bastard fuck with my mind. I'm sure that's what he's doing.”

Boyd felt his own cock begin to stir as he kept sucking. He moved his hands onto Franco's muscled ass and kneaded his cheeks. That did the trick! Franco tensed. His balls drew up, his buttocks clenched, then his knob swelled as he shot rope after sticky rope of hot spunk into the waiting mouth. Boyd was almost choking on the amount as he kept rapidly swallowing. It tasted wonderful, he thought, slightly stronger than Ramon's but delicious in a very male way.

Boyd thought back to only days ago when he was fucking girls. All vanilla, all kind and loving. He had never sucked a dick before. And then there was Hans, back at the campsite, who wanted to make tender love to him. It was too strange, too fast, so much in just a few short days. And now he was loving sucking dick and even being fucked. It was just the pain he hated, but he seemed willing to accept even if it was coupled with getting the gentler sex. Was this Franco and Ramon’s training program? How strange all this was, going out on a hike, getting lost, and having these two guys kidnap him. How much stranger could it get?

Franco relaxed, easing his cock out until just the head remained. "Clean it!” he ordered. Reaching down, he scooped up the little that had escaped and pushed his finger into Boyd's mouth alongside his cock. Boyd sucked and licked them both. He gently pulled back the foreskin, running his tongue everywhere. "Bene, bene!” said Franco as he took his cock from Boyd's mouth.

"Ramon cannot be with us today, so I have arranged a pleasant surprise for you. I have a nephew.” he chuckled. "His name is Mario. He is seventeen and would like to get to know you. He has enjoyed watching you and now insists he wants to work on you. I think we will make it a little bit harder for YOU to get to know HIM, though. He took a rope from the shelf and told Boyd to place his hands behind his back. He took them in his strong hands and tied his wrists together. They rested on top of his ass, reminding him of how sore it was, so he curled his hands up as far from his ass as he could. Franco started to blindfold him but stopped. "No, we'll save that for another day. He looked up and said, “Mario, vieni qui in fretta,” (Mario, come here quickly) he called.

Realization sank in. There must be a viewing room or cam somewhere! Boyd heard someone coming downstairs, and then the corridor door opened. In walked a vision, a naked wonder. Mario was roughly the same height as Boyd but slimmer. Cinnamon brown, he was hairless except for a rectangle of black hair above his cock and a thick mane of lustrous black hair pulled back in a ponytail. His cock was a rampant seven and a half inches, almost hard, against the flattest stomach Boyd had ever seen. His cut dick was impressively long, with a lollypop head thicker than his shaft. His legs were long and muscled. “God!” thought Boyd, "he is beautiful!”

"Mario dances flamenco and is physically very strong. And he speaks English, too. I think you two will get along just fine,” said Franco into Boyd’s ear. Mario walked forward until he was directly in front of Boyd's face.

Wasting no time, he ordered, "Suck my prick, boy. Make love to my pene e palle. Drink my milk,” Mario demanded.

“WHAT THE FUCK? What's this … a mini-Master?” Boyd thought. “Was he Franco’s protégé? His Master-apprentice?” But Boyd was overwhelmed by Mario’s young and powerful body and deep and husky voice. “Oh, this is so sexy. I think I'm in love,” Boyd thought as he leaned forward, tonguing his way from Mario’s big balls to the tip of his gorgeous dick. But not being able to use his hands caused him problems, and his balance was iffy - every time he tried to maneuver, his hands unclenched and bounced on his ass, which was painful. “I don't care. Give me pleasure, give me pain, as long as it comes from my Master,” thought Boyd. “I want this pain. I want this pleasure!” There was a sort of war going on inside Boyd’s head. He was conflicted.

Boyd sucked one ball into his mouth. "Open more,” ordered Mario, pushing the other large ball in also. Boyd's mouth was filled. He jiggled them around inside his mouth. Sucking and tonguing them was amazing! They felt alive, and the skin was so wonderfully smooth, like silk. "Now, suck my prick. I want to fill your throat,” ordered Mario in his beautiful, manly voice. Boyd reluctantly pulled off the balls and licked his way up to the pulsing rod. Boyd took the head into his mouth, running his tongue around the knob and up across the piss slit - it all tasted great. Tightening his lips and sucking harder, Boyd felt Mario’s dick kiss his throat. He relaxed and swallowed as the cock slid down to home. He paused to get into a nose-breathing rhythm. Then he started to move up and down the smooth cock, savoring Mario's aroma every time his nose ground into the pubic patch.

Mario grabbed the boy’s ears and started dictating the pace: faster, slower, faster, slower. Boyd sucked and sucked, feeling his cock start its rigid bobbing dance. Mario was moaning continuously now, and Boyd felt the knob swell even bigger. cum started to pulse up the shaft. "Ooooohhh,” moaned Mario as his cock erupted down Boyd's throat. Boyd started swallowing, which caused Mario to moan and shoot again. Pulling back from the depths of his mouth, Mario said, "Taste me, boy. Taste my prick. Taste my Italian cream,” and he shot again. Boyd was in heaven. He could stand no more. Moaning around Mario's cock, he shot his load all over Mario's legs as he sucked the last drops of Mario's “Italian cream.”

The Lost Hiker
Part 3 of 6

Boyd slumped against Mario's legs, totally enervated. He was exhausted. These sexual experiences at first seem so awful, but now maybe not so totally weird. But they still weren’t long-term for him: he’d escape or somehow be freed soon. In those few moments of calm, he let his mind wander back to his encounter with Hans just a few days before.

Boyd didn’t think too much of it. It was just a quickie, an erotic moment, no big deal. His heterosexuality didn’t feel threatened - hey, sex is sex - it’s always fun. But then, as Hans continued to tease Boyd’s dick, he used his other hand to lightly pet Boyd’s body all over. He tickled his nipples and sensuously touched his face. Boyd thought that felt good, too. Hans used his gingers to brush the boy’s hair as if he was using a comb.

OK, it was a little weird, more touchy-feely than just sex, but Boyd moaned. Hans released Boyd’s now bobbing dick and reached for the soap. He began lathering up Boyd’s chest, paying close attention to his pointed nipples. He delivered little pinches to the peaks, and without waiting for Boyd to thank him or object, Hans pulled Boyd close against his body and soaped up his back. Boyd didn’t reciprocate the embrace - his hands remained at his sides. Even when Hans slowly, romantically let his hands drift lower and lower to his ass, Boyd didn’t overtly react. Then, Hans teasingly grabbed Boyd’s ass cheeks and massaged them vigorously. “God, that feels so good,” Boyd thought. Hans then slowly let his hands rub Boyd’s ass crack and, with his finger, lightly and gently began encircling the asshole couched in-between those wonderful, milky-white mounds. Hans slowly let his hands rub Boyd’s ass crack, but only lightly, which was about to light a fire in his soul.

And suddenly, Boyd was brought back to reality. "What do you think you're doing, boy?" Franco shouted. "Clean me up. My slave rests when I tell him to, not when HE feels like it. His Master must be served first!" Boyd quickly leaned forward and started to tongue his spunk from Mario's smooth, hard legs. Franco reached down, untying his wrists, allowing Boyd to balance himself and do a better job. As he moved his hands away, he brushed himself across his ass, reminding himself of how painful it still was. "Don't swallow any,” Mario ordered in his deep, rich voice. "I want to taste YOU." As he finished, Mario raised Boyd to a standing position and then embraced him in his arms. To Boyd’s shock, Mario kissed him, pushing his tongue deep into Boyd's waiting mouth. Boyd replied in kind, and his boy juice went back and forth. Mario broke away and stared deeply into his eyes, "Swallow,” he murmured. Mario did the same. Now Mario knelt, taking Boyd's flaccid cock into his mouth and cleaning it. Boyd moaned in ecstasy, feeling movement in his balls and cock. "You taste delicious. I look forward to draining you today.”

Mario looked over at his Uncle and then turned back to Boyd and said, “Now clean the cum drippings from Franco’s prick. You excited him very much." Boyd turned to Franco and knelt. He took his still-hard cock into his mouth and, using his tongue everywhere and gently squeezing the hard shaft, he forced out another large drop of precum. He eagerly swallowed it, savoring Franco's saltier taste.

"Enough," said Franco. "Let’s get you ready for the next level." Knowing the next step, Mario retrieved something from the shelf and handed Boyd another glass of the aniseed drink. "Drink!” ordered Franco. But Boyd didn't need telling. He knew that it would help ease the pain in his battered ass. He drank it down in one continuous series of gulps.

"Master, if I am to give you both as much pleasure as I can, as I want to, would it help if I had some more?" Boyd cunningly asked, his brain beginning to work at long last. Franco looked surprised and then laughed, "Oh, Bambino, sometimes you amaze me. And yes, you may have more.” Mario poured him another half a glass."

When Boyd had finished it, they led him to a three-foot-high padded bench. They placed him on it, belly up so that the back of his head slightly hung over the bench’s edge. Course rope was wound around his body at various parts, including his forehead, to keep his head down and still. Like that, the boy’s head couldn’t move. With his head leaning back to the floor, his throat was straightened out to create a better fuck path. A big dick could now slide smoothly all the way into Boyd’s throat … whether he wanted it to or not. His mouth and throat were totally under his Master's control.

Boyd started to tremble and sweat, imagining Ramon's monster cock fucking his throat. His cock shriveled away again. It’s one thing to deep-throat a dick when you can move your head around to accommodate the size and shape of that dick, but it's another thing when the throat-fucker does it all his way. They then pushed his knees toward his head, spread them a little to each side of his torso, and fastened padded cuffs around each ankle. Then, they attached the end of the two hanging chains to the D-ring in each ankle cuff. The chains hung separately from two pulleys to pull Boyd’s legs in different directions, spreading them apart.

Ramon went to the other end of the chains and pulled down on each. Boyd's legs were thus raised upward and a little toward Boyd’s head so that his knees were bent above, and to the outside, of his shoulders: now his asshole was in perfect fuck-position. The padded bench was wide enough for the fucker to stand on it with his feet at each side of Boyd’s ears. Boyd’s ass was now just the right level and angle for a good Master fucking.

Franco called out, "Bene!" and the two chains were fastened off at the exact position so that, with his ass off the padded bench, he was now supporting his weight from the neck to the middle of his back. His legs, stretched wider than before, were already beginning to ache. They took his arms and secured them under the bench - he was perfectly opened up and totally vulnerable … at both ends.

This training setup differed from when the stools were used in the last session. Apparently, Masters like to alter the training room set-up each time to prevent the slave from becoming too accustomed or comfortable during his training. Now, with Boyd’s body all trussed up and tightly secured, he needed no bidding. Quickly taking the head into his mouth, he began to lick and suck and was rewarded with its rapid growth. It hit his throat, and after minimal gagging, he was able to swallow it all, feeling Mario's silky ball sac on his nose and eyelids as if he were blindfolded. He felt Franco apply lotion to his ass crack. A finger lingered around his asshole, pressing slowly inwards. He tried to relax, concentrating on pleasuring Mario's beautiful seven-and-a-half-inch cock, which Mario was gliding in and out of his throat with ease. Every time it was fully in, Boyd would start a swallowing motion which had Mario moaning in ecstasy. Meanwhile, Franco had gained entry to Boyd’s ass. He inserted a second finger, concentrating on rubbing Boyd's prostate, which inevitably caused Boyd to sigh and moan. The fingers were removed but quickly replaced by two more covered in ointment. An ointment-covered hand spread more along his crack. Boyd's crack and hole began to tingle as the fingers kept fucking him and rubbing along his asscrack. Suddenly, Boyd was itching like crazy in his hole and on his ass-crack, distracting him from noticing that a third finger had been inserted into his ass.

Boyd squirmed but could hardly move as the itching increased inside his now-flexing asshole. Then, Boyd felt a new sensation as Mario leaned forward and down on top of Boyd’s upper body. With Boyd’s legs held up and back, it was a tight squeeze for Mario to fit his head near Boyd’s stiff, hard dick. It only worked, just barely, because Mario's body was small. And because the bound boy’s legs were spread so wide, it offered a cozy place for Mario to insert his face, to suck the slave’s dick, in what was kind of an abbreviated ‘69’ position. Mario couldn’t get into that tight space enough to swallow Boyd’s dick, but he could at least reach his tongue out to expertly run it over the piss slit and all around that mushroom head. Boyd oozed precum, which was eagerly swallowed by Mario. When Boyd could tolerate no more, his body stiffened. His dick blasted into Mario's mouth and mostly all over his face, giving Mario a cum facial, which he eagerly licked up and held in his mouth. Mario couldn't hold back any longer either, as he thrust his stiff dick deep into Boyd's throat and exploded.

They were both transported to la-la land. Franco took the opportunity to quickly pull his fingers out and to roughly shove a thick seven-inch butt plug straight up Boyd's stretched hole. Boyd jolted, rudely brought back to earth. Mario awkwardly slid back to extract himself and then bent down and kissed him, filling Boyd’s mouth with his own cum. He stood up and commanded, "Swallow your juices, boy.” Boyd swallowed and was rewarded with Franco's cock being pushed, none too gently, into his mouth. Mario stood behind Franco, easing one, then two, fingers into his tight hole, searching for his prostate. Franco, totally aroused by the two boys, came immediately, flooding Boyd's aching mouth. Boyd valiantly tried to swallow all the thick, creamy spunk, but there was too much of it. So, once again, it was scooped up and re-fed to him as fingers poked into his mouth alongside the softening cock.

Franco looked down fondly at Boyd and gently said, "Rest, mi Amor, while Mario and I have some refreshment. You drink this,” he continued when Mario placed a straw between his lips. Boyd drank eagerly to quench his thirst. The itching in his asshole kicked in, and he felt the butt plug keeping his hole stretched open. "We will be back shortly. Here's a little surprise for you." Leaning towards Boyd’s ass, Franco flicked a switch, and the butt plug started gently vibrating. Laughing together, the two Masters walked off. Boyd's body was awash with sensation, his mind in confusion and plagued with concern about whatever would happen next.

Boyd lay there, panicking. The Masters had been gone at least twenty minutes. His body felt so different than anything he'd ever felt before. The sensations he was feeling were incredible. His seven-inch cock was stiff and erect. He was covered in sweat. His ass cheeks still ached from their last beating. The inside of his asshole felt as if it were filled with tiny, biting ants, and his sphincter was stretched too wide. All this, combined with the vibration from the large butt plug, would surely get Boyd off again, but would that earn him more punishment? He had no idea. But, as the precum began to leak almost in a stream from his piss slit, he felt he couldn't care less, as his mind began to shut down and his body took over.

Then the door opened, and Franco and Mario returned. Franco walked over and switched off the butt plug seconds before Boyd surrendered to his body’s carnal desire. "Just in time, I think. We wouldn't dream of letting you cum alone." Boyd sighed deeply, more in disappointment than relief. With his thighs on each side, Mario stood over the boy’s head and lowered his body to plant his ass directly on Boyd’s face.

"Lick and suck my ass. Fuck my hole with your tongue,” he hissed. "Fuck it and suck it till I shoot my Italian cream all over your pretty body." Boyd eagerly applied himself to the task, savoring the delicate muskiness from that smooth, hairless ass. Feeling Boyd’s tongue, Mario gently rocked, causing Boyd to moan loudly.

Meanwhile, Franco was wiggling and twisting the butt plug in Boyd’s asshole but never pulling it out past his sphincter. Mario got off Boyd’s face and went to his side to feast on the bound boy’s dick, taking Boyd deep into his throat. Franco yanked the plug out and quickly replaced it with a longer, well-greased dildo, which he rammed home to its full nine inches. It was a thick five and a half inches around, with a huge six-inch corona. Boyd bucked as much as he could under his restraining circumstances, groaning loudly as his asshole stretched to the breaking point. He screamed out in agony. SMACK! Mario's hand hit Boyd’s already sore ass cheeks. His ass hurt like hell, and he could feel tears trickling down his cheeks. His ass felt like it was on fire again, the feelings in and around his hole defying description.

Watching Franco start to work the dildo in and out of Boyd's enlarged hole proved too much for Mario, who repositioned himself as he sprayed his cum all over Boyd and then pushed his knob into his mouth. "Clean me,” he ordered. Boyd quickly did so as Mario leaned over and tongued up his own cum off Boyd’s body wherever he could reach it, savoring his own sticky spunk. Missing Mario's expert mouth, his cock softened. Boyd’s only sensation now was the relentless pounding in his hole, but even the corona continually rubbing his prostate caused no arousal. Mario pulled his dick from the boy and joined Franco. Together, they watched with mounting pleasure as Franco brought the dildo further until only its thick knobhead was left in on the outstroke. Then he pulled it fully out, eliciting another scream of agony from Boyd, who thought he would pass out. Franco paused for a second, then rammed it fully home, causing Boyd to scream even louder, a real turn-on for the two Masters. Boyd was in absolute agony at this abuse, the pain on his whipped buttocks totally forgotten. He was sure his hole must be ripped open and bleeding, and he wanted to die of shame. And then, as his ass lips accommodated themselves more and more around the well-greased dildo, his prostate kicked in, and he began to feel less and less pain and more and more pleasure. His screams and groans became moans of pleasure and lust. Boyd couldn't believe it: HIS COCK WAS HARD AGAIN! Well, when you constantly feed a boy these sex drugs in his drinks, what else could you expect?

"Look,” said Franco, "he is ready for the next level." He eased the dildo out of Boyd's hole, and they both looked approvingly at the beautiful asshole gaping open before them. But Boyd felt empty - he wouldn’t admit it, but he felt denied. He wanted something back up his chute, rubbing his prostate, stretching his hole, FILLING him.

Franco then obliged him by stuffing his rigid eight-inch thick cock straight into him, not stopping until his pubes ground against Boyd's burning flesh. "More, Master, more! Feed me your beautiful cock. Don't stop! Fuck me hard! Please, Master, do it now. I want all of your big fat cocks!" Then, another sensation - Mario began to push his own dick into the boy’s asshole, just below Franco's cock. A double fuck! Boyd was ecstatic at this extra intrusion and gasped whenever they pounded into him. Mario started fucking him in unison with Franco, and the additional friction and pressure brought Franco close to the edge. When Mario began fondling Franco’s balls, Franco couldn't hold back, and he erupted into Boyd, filling his guts with shot after shot of steamy man juice. All this was too much for Boyd. When he felt Franco's hot spunk hitting his insides, his balls tightened, and, unbelievably, he shot another load high in the air, landing on his chest and belly. That, in turn, caused Mario to blast off as well.

The two Masters then eased their dicks from the boy’s burning hole. Franco walked to the other end of the bench and said: "You have done so well, Bambino. Now, finish the job and clean my prick!" As he placed his cock in Boyd's waiting mouth, Boyd eagerly applied himself to the task. Mario picked up a jar of ointment and gently re-applied it to the boy's bright red, welted buttocks. "This will help them heal quicker and ease the pain,” he told Boyd. Mario also applied the cream to the inside of the stretched hole. The cream felt so soothing. Boyd began to feel a warm glow of contentment as he continued to nuzzle on Franco's softening cock.

"Enough, mi Amor,” whispered Franco, drawing his cock from the boy's beautiful mouth, "or you'll have me hard again!" Both Masters moved to his torso and tongued off his drying cum, playfully nibbling his nipples and kissing his chest and belly. Mario took the bound boy’s cockhead in his mouth, gently cleaning it.

All these orgasms were so unreal but explainable. The milk-like drink Boyd was given a few times a day contained a powerful drug, an extract really, discovered by the Botocudo, a South American Indian people who live in the Brazilian Andes. Hunting bands of fifty to two hundred members were led by men considered the most powerful in the supernatural realm because they could climax up to twenty times a day. The Botocudo believed that the semen produced by men was a gift from the gods and needed to be produced in large amounts. It was used in holy ceremonies and in the rite of passage for teen boys who had to have ten climaxes a day for five days, all with other men. No one knows if this is true, but the few remaining Botocudo of today still concoct this special mix of herb roots and sell it on the black market. Not only did the Masters give this Botocudo mystery potion to Boyd several times a day, but they also took it themselves. When Boyd came down from his Botocudo high and was all cleaned off, he was released from the restraints. Both men then massaged his aching limbs. After that, they fed him more of their mystery potion milk and helped him to bed. Boyd’s arms were tied as yesterday, and then they left him to recover in sleep. But just before he drifted off, Boyd thought, "I think it's worth it,” referring to the harsh pain he had endured to receive that exquisite pleasure. Yet it still frightened him that they might do something horrible, although what more could they do to him, he wondered?

He slept for a long time. As Boyd slowly awoke the next day, the memories of the previous day’s events came flooding back. He was so confused. He hated the pain but enjoyed the sex. He finally admitted to himself that he enjoyed being controlled, but the uncertainty of being a long-term captive worried him - no, frightened him. What would the final outcome be? This was his third day - could his body take whatever they would do today? Would Franco ever let him go? Could he afford to let him go? The aching in his body stopped any further conjecture. He was DESPERATE to piss, and the large butt plug reminded him how badly he needed to shit. And he was so very thirsty. "God,” he thought, "If someone doesn't come soon, I'll piss myself and probably force this plug out like a rubber bullet!" Even in his predicament, that thought caused him to giggle. He swung around and found the rope securing his hands to the ceiling chain, discovering enough play for him to stand. Relief flooded him when he felt no pain in his buttocks - the ointment must have worked well. He moved from one foot to another to ease his need to piss.

He didn't know it, but when he stood, he triggered an alarm so his captors knew he was awake. Mario was sent to deal with him.

Boyd heard a key turn in the lock and looked at the door expectantly. "Buon Giorno, boy,” greeted Mario, dressed in baggy shorts and a towel draped around his sensuous neck. "Which is worse, your need for the toilet or your thirst?"

"My thirst, Mari … I mean, Master,” Boyd replied, remembering his place. Mario handed him the milk bottle, chilled this time, which he had brought into the room. Then Mario untied his hands.

"Not too much, though. Then I'll take you to the bathroom." Boyd drank eagerly from the bottle and was disappointed when Mario took it from him. "You can finish it when you've been to the bathroom and have showered,” he said. When they got to the bathroom, Mario told him to use the toilet and shower, then to press the button and kneel on the mat in front of the door. "Make sure you do just what I told you. Oh, of course, you may flush the toilet after you've used it."

"Yes, Master,” Boyd replied as Mario left, locking the door behind him. Boyd used the toilet after gingerly easing the butt plug from his asshole. What relief flooded his body! After using the toilet, he took a long, leisurely shower, gently cleansing his tender buttocks. He was pleased to feel that the welts had gone down considerably. He was about to give himself an enema when he remembered Mario's words, so he soaped up a couple of fingers and eased them into his asshole. It felt tender but nowhere near as bad as he had expected after yesterday’s double insertion. His cock began to stir, so he turned the water to cold and finished up. He was afraid he'd get more punishment if he wanked. “Fuck!” he thought. “Why am I so horny all the time?” he thought. He hadn’t yet equated the milk drinks they were giving him with his more or less constant arousal, but the milk was the cause of his need for sex.

After drinking the rest of the milk, he put the bottle down, pressed the button, knelt expectantly on the mat, and waited. For what, he did not know.

The Lost Hiker
Part 4 of 6

Within seconds, the door opened, and Mario stood naked now but for the towel. Behind and to his side was Ramon. He, too, was naked. "Very good boy. We were watching you on camera. You did all that you were told,” said Mario. Boyd blushed at the thought of being watched while he fingered his asshole, but he felt relieved that he hadn't given in to his body's desires and wanked!

"Suck me, boy! Get your Italian cream,” ordered Mario, stepping forward. Boyd gladly took the delicious cock into his mouth and teased it. "Not like that, boy. Just swallow me. I need to cum." Mario then pushed slowly forward, and Boyd gagged a little, but he found it much easier to take Mario’s smooth, stiff cock down his throat that way, quickly finding his nose in the surprisingly silky pubic hair of his favorite Italian.

As he was sucking Mario, he saw Ramon move to his side and stoop down. Then, Boyd felt him lift his cock. Before he could react, Ramon fastened some metal contraption around his dick and ran it between his legs and around his waist. Lastly, it was secured to his balls. Mario placed his hands on Boyd's head in order to regulate his fucking.

Mario explained. "I think you call it a chastity belt. That tube that your dick is in will feel OK, but if you get hard and it expands, the tip of your dick will push against needle tips inside. That pain will cause you to lose your erection.”

"Oh, God!” thought Boyd. "How many times will I do that today?" All further conjecture stopped when he felt Mario's throbbing cock begin to thicken. Mario pulled out a little but rested the tip of his dick on Boyd’s tongue. Boyd felt the spunk race up Mario's shaft and erupt into his waiting mouth. He swallowed, greedily savoring the warm, sweet saltiness. Mario held back, then plunged all the way back into Boyd's throat and spasmed again.

Boyd's cock stiffened. "Aaaaaagggghhh!” he screamed, muffled by the softening cock in his mouth, as he felt a thousand pinpricks on his dick head. His cock immediately deflated.

"Works well, doesn't it?” chuckled Mario. Ramon, too, was laughing. Mario then removed his cock.

"Let me clean it, Master?” Boyd pleaded, thinking it would take his mind off his stinging knob.

"After you have milked Ramon. Then, we'll see to your beautiful behind."

"His monster cock will take my mind off anything!” thought Boyd.

Ramon took Mario's place and presented his enormous knob to Boyd's lips. Boyd took it into his mouth, grateful it wasn't yet hard. He licked all around and over the hole that was the cock slit. Ramon began moaning loudly, "Succhiare! Succhiare!” he moaned.

"Suck! Suck!” translated Mario. So, Boyd sucked. The monster stiffened, filling his mouth to capacity. Suddenly, Ramon went rigid without warning, and Boyd's mouth was flooded with Ramon's hot, tangy man seed. Valiantly, Boyd tried to swallow it all, but it was to no avail as the rest escaped his mouth and streamed down his cheeks. Mario knelt beside him, licking the excess off his face. As the monster softened and slid from his aching mouth, it was replaced by Mario's tongue. They kissed, and Mario fed him the spunk he had just licked up.

“Stand up,” Mario commanded Boyd. "Bend forward and hold onto my waist,” he ordered. Holding his cock to Boyd's mouth, he said, “You can clean it while Ramon treats your ass." Boyd willingly took Mario's soft cock back into his mouth so he could clean it off. He could feel Ramon spreading ointment on his buttocks - it was very soothing. He gasped slightly when Ramon inserted a thick ointment-covered finger into his asshole but soon relaxed as the ointment started to work. "OK, that should be enough. Now, relax and let Ramon put your butt plug back in." Boyd relaxed and felt the butt plug slide easily in.

"God,” Boyd thought, "I think I actually missed it. What the hell is happening to me?"

Mario then led him away from the bathroom and down a hallway. Boyd couldn’t help staring in awe at his lovely, firm, tan ass jiggling before him. "Fuck,” he prayed. "Don't let me get hard again!" He was taken to a kitchen and told to sit at the table. Mario and Ramon left, carrying a plate, and a boy came in. He was blonde, with blue eyes, about five-feet-five, with a tight, trim body. He had no muscles to speak of, but he carried not an ounce of excess fat. He was naked, too, except for a pair of denim cut-offs cut so high they were almost obscene. Boyd felt his cock stirring and tried to think of anything to take his mind off the blonde, but to no success - his dick lengthened and smashed into the pinpoints in his chastity device. "Oh, shit!" he groaned, writhing in his chair, which only made him more aware of his butt plug. Knowing what Boyd was going through, the blonde boy sniggered quietly as he placed the tray in front of the new slave boy and left the room.

Steak and potatoes! It looked and smelled delicious. He suddenly realized it had been two days since he'd had solid food and was starving. In ten minutes flat, he had cleared the plate and finished the glass of creamy milk that accompanied it. When Mario came back in, he then sat back, fully satisfied. "They must have cameras everywhere," thought Boyd. "No need to ask if you enjoyed it," Mario said, "as we saw you did." That confirmed Boyd's suspicions. "We're going to have a light workout now, then I'll massage you to eliminate any kinks still in your muscles. Afterward, you are to nap to refresh yourself for tonight's activities. Any questions, boy?"

"Yes, Master. I'll probably need to piss again before I nap, but I have this on.”

"Look carefully at it. You see, there is a slit at the tip so that you can piss.” Boyd nodded. THWACK! Mario smacked his cheek. THWACK! Once again. Boyd recoiled and looked at him in amazement, tears welling up in his eyes. "Never ever nod to a Master when he asks you a question. You speak when spoken to. DO YOU UNDERSTAND … SLAVE?"

"Ya .. ya … yes, Master," Boyd blubbered.

"If Franco were here, you’d be getting the cane again, but I want tonight's ceremony to go ahead, so I want you unmarked, if possible. But one more lapse and I WILL MARK YOU MYSELF, ceremony or no ceremony! GOT IT?"

"Yes, Master, I understand," Boyd replied. "Will I ever learn?" he thought to himself. Then he wondered what the ceremony was that Mario had spoken of.

So, for the next couple of hours, they worked out. A couple of times, when the sight of Mario working out was too much for him to stay calm, Boyd got hard and paid the price. After the workout, he returned to his room for his nap. As Mario fixed his chains, he wondered again what mysteries, horrors, and pleasures were to come at the ceremony tonight.

"Wake up! Wake up! Slave, wake up!" The words came loudly in a guttural accent and brought Boyd out of a deep, dreamless sleep. He went to rub his eyes, but, of course, the rope stopped him. Standing by the bed was the blonde lad from the kitchen. Sensing that Boyd was about to speak, he discreetly put a finger to his lips. Boyd caught on immediately that a slave wouldn't be allowed to speak to another slave unless given express permission from a Master, and the slave was right. The blonde wore a thick leather collar with four equidistant steel rings attached to it. Both ankles and wrists had similar leather straps around them, and around the waist, there was also a matching leather belt. The only other thing this slave was wearing was a pair of very tight, white cotton boxers. They were so tight that they showed the outline of his dick down his right leg and the outline of his balls down his left leg. Boyd noticed that he had surprisingly large balls.

"My Master has instructed me to tell you that you will come with me and do everything I tell you. You are not to address me at any time. Any hesitation or talking will be punished," explained the blonde slave. Now fully alert, Boyd knew that cameras watched his every move and that there was no way he would get caned again. The blonde tied him up again and gave him a milk bottle, ordering him to "Drink it all.” Boyd drank it steadily down. He was very thirsty. "I wonder what drug is in this concoction?" he mused, finally suspecting that drugs were responsible for his kinky, erotic behavior.

The slave with the blonde hair reminded him of Hans, who also had blonde hair back in the village. How he regretted not having responded to Hans more properly, having instead been too chickenshit to admit he liked him. Boyd then lapsed went into another momentary daydream about Hans, who was the only male-to-male sex experience he had had up until then. But Hans was different, more tender. Boyd thought back to a few days before, to the village campsite showers where he had met Hans. The twenty-two-year-old German hiker was muscular but not too muscled. They were glancing at each other until Hans moved by him and took his lengthening cock into his big hand, and started to massage it. Boyd was straight, but there was no denying that it felt wonderful. Reaching over, he did the same to Hans. They were both soon hard. Boyd’s seven-inch dick was straining upward to touch his belly. Hans kept a light hold while rubbing him sensuously up and down. Boyd similarly held Hans, marveling at the nine-inch member throbbing in his hand.

Boyd didn’t overthink it. After all, it was just a quickie, an erotic moment, no big deal. His heterosexuality did not feel threatened. Hey, sex is sex. It’s always fun. But then, as Hans teased Boyd’s dick, he used his other hand to lightly pet Boyd’s body all over. He tickled his nipples and sensuously touched his face, and Boyd thought that felt good, too. Hans tenderly rubbed his ears and brushed his hair like a comb.

Boyd had kept his eyes closed, thinking about his girlfriend. He moaned. Then, with one hand tickling Boyd’s ass-bud and the other lightly stroking his rigid dick, Hans’ dick rubbed against Boyd’s belly. Hans continuously went up and down on his tiptoes to heighten his erotic feelings. Boyd’s body shook, and volleys of cum spewed forth, which triggered Hans’ dick to shoot off as well. It was awesome! Boyd hadn’t realized his hands were now fully around Hans' body in a tight embrace - he was actually hugging him as a natural reaction to those overwhelming erotic sensations.

“I said drink this. You want to get battered again?” Boyd came to and quickly drank it steadily down. He finally realized he was being trained, which eased his mind somewhat. If he was being trained, he would be useful to someone, so the threat of death - which had been worrying him so much - was finally gone. He finished the drink, and the young slave took the bottle from him, dropping it on the bed. "Follow me, slave," he ordered, leading Boyd from the bedroom, down the corridor, and into the bathroom.

Boyd couldn't take his eyes off the perfectly-rounded bottom that preceded him, the boxers tight into the crack. "Owww!" moaned Boyd as his dickhead was treated with a shock of pinpoints. He was sure he heard the blonde snigger.

"You are to use the lavatory, and then I will give you an enema. Then, I will shave your whole body, apart from the areas covered by the chastity belt. The Master will deal with that later. Start!" Boyd could feel himself going red with embarrassment - he didn't want to take a dump in front of this slave boy, but he was desperate to. Taking orders from Master A and doing it was bad enough, but the blonde was a kid younger than he was. It was humiliating. Gritting his teeth, he located the butt plug and was just about to remove it when he suddenly froze.

"The chastity belt." Boyd thought, "Am I supposed to wet this chastity belt? Do I wear it in the shower?” He was concerned and confused and looked at the blonde slave in panic. “If I speak up to ask, I'll be punished for talking. If I don’t speak up, I’ll get punished for ruining the belt.” Boyd stared imploringly at the grinning blonde, who was enjoying Boyd's obvious discomfort. Boyd held the chastity belt in one hand and pointed to it with the other just as the blonde began to tell him to get on with it.

"Stop!" Mario yelled as he immediately entered the room. The young blonde slave turned to face the door and lowered his head to his knees. Mario, dressed only in tight white boxers, looked really angry. Ignoring the blonde, he came up to Boyd. "What do you want? Say it loudly enough for that moron to hear."

"Master, I didn’t want to make a mistake. I wanted to ask if it’s OK to shower with the chastity belt on. I didn’t want to ruin it, Sir.” Boyd said cautiously.

"Did you hear that, slave?" Mario shouted as he turned to the blonde.

"Ya … yes, Master." he stuttered.

"You were trained on these procedures and failed here and now!” Mario yelled. “Go bring me the cane.” The young boy scurried away quickly and returned with the thin, whippy branch. “Assume Position One, facing the door," Mario ordered. The blonde hurriedly complied by stripping off his boxers and kneeling, with his head on folded arms and his beautiful tan ass totally exposed upward.

Boyd could see tremors running through the vulnerable boy’s body. "Do your business while I attend to this insolent child. You did well, Boyd. I would have had to punish you if you had soiled the belt. He was given precise instructions on what to do, but apparently, he enjoyed your discomfort too much to remember them." Mario told him.

Boyd knew the young slave boy would be severely punished and that it would be intense. That saddened him, but at least he could be thankful that no punishment was going to be doled out to him.

Boyd gingerly removed his butt plug and threw it into the shower. Mario removed Boyd’s chastity belt, saying, "I don't think you'll get excited for a while.” Boyd then commenced his bathing. Mario quickly whipped the air as he practiced a few strokes. He stood to the right side of the trembling blonde. "Watch and hopefully learn!" he barked out at Boyd. He then delivered six hard blows to the blonde's right buttock, pausing only to hear him count the blows. The blonde shouted out the numbers almost in a scream. By the sixth, he was sobbing uncontrollably, and tremors ran through his body. Mario had placed the blows in parallel lines, from the small of his back to the bottom of his buttock.

Boyd could see that they had almost broken the skin. "God," he thought, "he was struck far harder than I ever was!"

Mario then moved to the left and dealt him six more, all placed almost identically opposite the first six. "Ta … ta … twelve," groaned the boy, his voice almost inaudible beneath the sobs that racked his body. Mario moved to his head. "Position Two!" he ordered the blonde slave. His eyes glued to the blonde's tortured behind, Boyd saw him shuffle his legs apart, bringing his tiny, pink, rosebud hole into view. “SWISH! THWACK!” he heard as the cane descended into the boy's ass crack, landing fully on his pucker. "THIRTEEN!" screamed the blonde in pure agony, his head shooting forward off his hands. "That is only part of your punishment. The rest will be carried out at the ceremony tonight. You may thank me now," Mario said, totally unperturbed. "Ya … ya … yeess, Ma … Master," stammered the boy between sobs and chokes and tears, breathing in ragged bursts.

"Boy, are you finished?" Mario asked, looking at Boyd.

Boyd dragged his eyes from the blonde's ravaged behind. "Yes, Master."

"Then come here and put this potion on his ass," Mario said, taking a jar from the cabinet. "And you needn't be gentle." He handed Boyd the jar. As Boyd started to apply it as gently as he could, he was amazed at how hot the blonde’s buttocks were and how tender the welts were to the touch. He hoped this potion stuff was as good as the lotion that had been put on himself, but it seemed to soothe him just fine.

"Stand," ordered Mario. The blonde got shakily to his feet. "Do you think you'll be able to hold the razor steady enough to shave him without cutting him?"

"Na … na … no, Master," the blonde stuttered.

"I don't think so either,” Mario told the young blonde slave. Then he added, “Give him his enema. I want him as clean as you can. Then, a quick shower. Then, press the button." Mario chuckled as he left the bathroom. Boyd leaned over, grasping a handrail as the blonde gently inserted the rod into his asshole. Looking over his shoulder, Boyd caught the boy’s eye and smiled tentatively. The young slave tried to smile back but instead started sobbing again. Boyd told the boy his name, and the slave said he was Timmo. Boyd knew he could do no more, so he let him continue his task. By the time he had washed Boyd out three times, the young blonde was almost back to normal. When all was done, both slaves kneeled after the young slave had pushed the button ... once.

Mario, still wearing nothing more than tight white boxers, then came in. With him was a middle-aged guy in jeans and a T-shirt. "This is Juan. He will shave you rather than that slave boy. He is very good at it but must physically move you into the various positions as he is mute. He will bring you to the barn for the ceremony when he is finished. And you," Mario said, turning to Timmo, "did you clean Boyd out properly?"

"Yes, Master."

"We'll see!" said Mario. "Boyd, come here," Mario ordered. Boyd did and bent way over as he was thus directed. Then he felt the shower rod gently enter his asshole as Mario turned the water on long enough for about a pint to enter him. "Keep it in," he said, easing the rod out. "You!" he ordered Timmo. "Empty him out!" Slave Timmo rose and knelt behind Boyd, placing his mouth firmly over Boyd’s asshole, sealing his mouth to it. Catching on, Boyd started to release the water, trying to control the flow so that he didn't flood Timmo's mouth. He almost succeeded, as only a little trickled down Timmo's face. "As Boyd is only a slave, you will not be punished for letting some escape."

"Thank you, Master," Timmo said, with his head still downcast.

"Now get the butt plug," Mario said as he examined Boyd's hole. Timmo knelt with the butt plug in hand. "Clean it!" He put the plug into his mouth, running his tongue all over it. "Good. Now wet his asshole and insert the plug." Timmo did as he was told, and Boyd felt the familiar object gently pushed home. His cock stirred a little.

I really am beginning to like this, thought Boyd.

Signing to Juan to start shaving Boyd, Mario turned and looked down at Timmo. "Go to the barn and join your Master. He will prepare you for the rest of your punishment. Tell him I said that I was very hard with your beating. He'll know what to do."

"Thank you, Master, for punishing me for my disobedience," slave Timmo said as he rose and went out the door. By then, Juan was well into his shaving task. He had ignored Boyd's genitals at first while he worked on the rest of Boyd’s body, starting on his face and head. Mario left the room but soon returned with a large glass of the now-familiar liquid. Juan then knelt and gently shaved Boyd's genitals as Mario looked on with growing lust. Boyd could see Mario’s bulging package stirring as Juan finished. Mario then handed Boyd the drink and said, "While you are drinking this, Juan will put some cream on your buttocks. It will finish off the healing process. When you are ready, he will blindfold you and bring you to the ceremony. Do not be afraid. You will come to no lasting harm as long as you are obedient. Eventually, you will enjoy all that is done to your body."

"Yes, Ma … Master," Boyd replied a slight quiver in his voice. Mario left, and Boyd began the drink. It tasted delicious, as usual. He could feel Juan gently massaging a really soothing cream into his buttocks, and his cock twitched. He finished the drink. Feeling Juan's hands on his shoulders, he sank to his knees, and a blindfold was put around his eyes. Juan took the empty glass from Boyd, helped him to his feet, and guided him out of the room. Boyd couldn’t help being afraid of the unknown - his cock and balls had shrunk again, and his pulse quickened as shivers ran through his body. Fear of the unknown he thought as he was led into the barn.

The Lost Hiker
Part 5 of 6

The room had a strong, musky odor. The only noise Boyd could hear was a soft sobbing, then a gentle slap, followed by a choked "Ee … Ee … EIGHT!” Juan led him over to a bench that he felt was different from the other wider bench at the last training session. He was made to sit on it, then others came over to manipulate him. Boyd felt strong hands lift him and reposition him onto his back while soft leather cuffs were placed around his wrists, ankles, upper thighs, waist, and neck. He envisioned them being the same as the ones the blonde slave Timmo wore, with steel rings attached. He then heard chains rattle and felt them being attached to the leather straps he was wearing. Next, he heard them rattle as his legs were raised, pulled apart, and slightly back towards his head. He could feel the sharp edge of the bench across his tailbone and was relieved when a pillow was placed under him. This was somewhat the same as the last training, yet different. Boyd imagined how he looked: Legs spread wide, the most intimate parts of his body in full view to everyone in the room.

"Your arms will be left free for the moment." Boyd recognized Mario's voice as it continued, "However if you do anything stupid with them, they will be fastened as before. Before we start, we will remove the blindfold for you to see your tormentors." Boyd blinked a couple of times as his eyes adjusted to the light. Someone lifted his head. He looked up at a now naked Mario, whose magnificent balls were slightly above his forehead, his beautiful seven-and-a-half-inch dick stiffly pointing upward. Behind Mario, Boyd could see Timmo suspended upside down with his legs pulled apart. His purple-reddish ass was now facing him.

Franco, who stood at the other side of Timmo, brought a leather strap gently down on one buttock. "Na … Na … NINE!" howled Timmo, sobbing even louder. "Ta …Ta … TEN!" he yelled, as the strap stroked his other buttock. "Th … th … thank you, Ma … Ma … Master, for pa … punishing m … m … me, Sir," he managed to stammer before bursting into tears. Franco walked around him. He, too, was naked, and his rigid eight-inch cock was clearly dripping precum.

"So that makes Mario the Master," thought Boyd. Franco went to the wall and, adjusting the chains, slowly spun Timmo around until he faced Boyd. He could see the tears streaming from his eyes. Amazingly, his stiff prick had shot spunk all down his chest and face - it was dripping off his hair as he was hanging upside down.

Looking around the rest of the room, Boyd saw Ramon, who was also totally naked, his ‘snake’ dangling down his leg, half hard. Three other naked men were in the barn, but they all wore masks. One was about Franco's build, with the same body hair. He was slowly stroking a thick seven-inch uncut cock. The other two were tall and well-built, with smooth, muscled bodies. They were also stroking their big, cut cocks. Mario lowered Boyd’s head back and replaced the blindfold. "As you can see, there are six of us for you to pleasure. The new dark-haired Master is Juan, another cousin. The other two are Masters A and B, as far as you’re concerned. And we are all hungry for your body," he said, stroking Boyd's face. "Please us, and you will be pleasured. Disobey or ask us to stop, and you will be punished. Do you understand, boy?"

"Ya … Yes, Master." Boyd noticed Master A’s nice blonde hair and loved his body shape. Master B was almost reddish-haired and a bit taller. He then felt hands all over his body, fondling, stroking, and rubbing his cock, which responded immediately. He figured the special drink had something to do with his immediate arousal. He felt fingers lightly on his cock, very lightly, causing him to exude a large pearl of precum. He gasped in pleasure as someone's tongue slurped it up. Being blindfolded was making him feel really sexy! Next, he felt a hand on his ass which yanked out his butt plug, roughly causing Boyd to jump. However, he began to moan in pleasure as a tongue - no, two tongues - began to lick his crack and push at his rosebud pucker.

Suddenly a stiff cock was running across his lips, so he opened his mouth to search for it with his tongue. It was eased into his mouth. He knew it was Mario's from its size and aroma. Boyd used his hand on Mario's firm buttocks, forcing the cock head into his throat. Mario pushed steadily forward. Boyd started swallowing and took all of the cock until his nose was buried in Mario's ample ball sac. Mario left it there for Boyd to get used to, then started to slowly fuck his throat. Bringing his cock head into Boyd's mouth, who worked it with his tongue, Mario then steadily pulled it all the way back. Boyd was in heaven. For a while, his mouth was enjoying Mario's beautiful cock as his asshole was being alternately penetrated by two stiff, playful tongues. Boyd’s rigid, bobbing cock spewed copious precum, which other tongues were constantly licking away.

Boyd gasped, then moaned around Mario's stiff cock. The tongues were then replaced by two fingers simultaneously, which began to rapidly fuck his ass. Then, there was another, then another, all fucking his asshole, stretching it wider. When another finger squeezed into his hole to join the others, he began to moan in pain, as well as pleasure, as they began to stretch his asshole open even further, causing his throat to massage Mario's cock even more. Boyd felt Mario’s spunk course up his stiff shaft as Mario pulled back to leave just the knob in Boyd's mouth as his spunk erupted from his cock slit. Ignoring the pain in his asshole, Boyd swallowed every drop of the Master's nectar. Mario removed his dick, and Boyd felt another hard cock brush his lips, leaving a trail of precum. Boyd licked this off and opened his mouth wide. He was rewarded with another stiff cock sliding into his mouth. "Uncut," he thought. "One of the new guys." This cock was pushed straight down his throat. He gagged a bit, trying to accommodate it, but didn't panic and had his breathing back under control by the time his nose hit the guy's ball sack. The guy began to fuck his throat at a much stronger pace than Mario had, and Boyd almost forgot about his asshole until he felt a huge knob pushing against his sphincter. It had to be Ramon! "Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiii!" he screamed, as it was forced all the way in one shove.

Boyd's jaws ached from trying to accommodate the nine-inch cock now assaulting his throat. He brought his hands up to grasp the guy's muscled thighs, careful not to try and stop him - that would be construed as disobedience. Boyd couldn't take a beating like the one slave Timmo had just had, so he was careful to just hold onto them as a sort of balance. When Master A began to play with his nipples - rubbing them, squeezing them, pinching them - he moaned around the cock that was invading his throat. "How much more can I take?" he wondered, his whole body wracked with pain and pleasure. He was so grateful that the pain in his asshole was beginning to subside. The six fingers - or whatever number they had inserted - had prepared him well for Ramon's ten-inch monster. And, as it began to bang against his prostate on entry and exit, he began to dribble precum like piss. His balls ached, longing for release. "Why can't I cum?" he wondered. "Was there something else in that 'special drink?' “

If he could have looked around the barn, he would have cum instantly. The guy fucking his throat, blonde Master A, was being rimmed by Reddish Master B, whose own cock was being deep-throated by the bent-over slave Timmo. Mario sat between Timmo's legs, sucking his cock while he raped his asshole with a large black dildo. Franco was rimming Ramon while Juan was screwing Franco. The barn reeked of male sex. Master B pushed Timmo away, who immediately bent over and started sucking Mario's hardening cock. Master A repositioned himself to take Boyd's rigid, pulsating member straight down his throat. Being screwed by Juan, Franco aimed his thick eight-inch cock at Ramon's pucker. He looked to Master B, and they both pushed forward together.

The effect on Boyd was instantaneous, as Master A's and Ramon's cocks penetrated his body further than ever. His hips bucked, and his boy juices erupted into Master A's throat. As his moans of pleasure reverberated around Master A's nine-inch cock, Boyd's ass spasmed around Ramon's ten-inch monster. He had never had an orgasm like it. It was as if his insides were shooting through his piss slit. It was too much for the two men as they tensed, then began shooting their thick man cream into Boyd's abused body. It was a domino effect, causing everybody else to cum.

Then they began to come down from their own personal highs. "Go bring some more of the drink," Mario ordered Timmo. "You did well, mi Amor,” referring to Boyd. “Let us hope you do as well for the next part," he told Boyd. ‘The next part?’ Boyd thought. "I'm totally wrecked now! I'm sure my mouth and my ass couldn't even handle a finger, let alone any more of these big cocks!"

Timmo returned with a large jug of the milky liquid, and Ramon brought glasses for everyone. They all had a drink. Then, Mario lifted Boyd's head and gently fed him a glass. Boyd drank it as quickly as he could, relishing the taste. He was pleased when Mario replenished his glass and gave him another glassful. He couldn't believe it when, after such an orgasm, his cock began to stiffen once again.

Although Boyd’s cock was stiffening, his asshole felt really sore. And, from the air, he could feel moving across it. He knew that it was still unnaturally open. Add to that his sore and tender nipples and his aching jaw, and he was one well-and-truly-fucked boy!

"Oooooooohhh," Boyd sounded off as he came back to life when the men began to manhandle his body.

Undoing the straps, they carried him across the room and placed him in a sling. "Timmo's body will support your head," Mario told him as he removed the blindfold. "We want you to watch what happens next." He placed Boyd's head against Timmo's chest. Timmo brought his hands to either side of it, caressing it gently. Boyd looked down at his quivering body as his legs were once again positioned to bring his most intimate parts into full view, ready for total access. Master A opened a jar and liberally applied the cream it contained all around and into his asshole.

"Uuuuhhhh," groaned Boyd as the thick fingers applied even more cream into his aching, twitching hole. The others began to play with his body, paying special attention to his balls and aching nipples. "Ooohhh, God," he cried. His nipples were so painfully erect that, when Franco and Juan began nibbling on them, he almost cried out for them to stop, but he bit his lip just in time. The memory of Timmo's beating was a powerful deterrent. The men's hands and mouths were everywhere. He was soon moaning in pleasure as well as in pain. Once again, the drink was doing its job. Master A turned to a side table covered in ass toys and selected one fifteen inches long but not as thick as Ramon's monster cock. Boyd looked at it in terror. "God, no," he thought. "Why won't they leave me alone? Or at least let me recover for a few days!"

Master A then lovingly coated the dildo with the cream and, placing it against Boyd's open hole, began to push and twist it in. Boyd was amazed at how his inflamed lips opened around the head. The dildo easily passed his sphincter, causing him only a little discomfort. The Master then steadily pushed forward. Boyd could feel the dildo filling his spasming passage as all of it was fed into him. The Master stopped while Boyd's hole got used to its invader. Boyd continued moaning. The others were still playing with his body, tenderly and roughly in equal measure. After a couple of minutes, the Master started fucking Boyd's hole steadily. Boyd started to groan louder as the dildo continually rubbed his prostate.

All at once the attention to his body became too much for his overexcited nerves. "Oooooooohhhh. Yesssss!" he screamed as his rigid, throbbing, bright red cock erupted like a geyser, sending boy cum flying everywhere. As his quivering, spent body began to relax, the others stopped toying with his body, and the Master slowly removed the dildo, leaving Boyd feeling empty. He could feel cum and cream dribbling from his still-spasming, open asshole. "Clean his body," Mario ordered Timmo, who quickly began to lick up all of the cooling spunk. He knew not to swallow it. When Timmo finished licking, Mario told him to feed it back to Boyd. Timmo bent over and passionately kissed Boyd’s open mouth, pushing all the cum into his mouth in the process. "Swallow it all, boy!" ordered Mario. "We want it back out of your boy prick again." When they were finished, Mario let Timmo resume his kneel-and-wait position.

Then there was Master A, always wearing a large, black leather mask over his eyes, just like Master B. Boyd supposed these two Masters were just too closeted to risk being seen, and he understood that - he would certainly not want to be seen being a slave. Maybe they were prominent businessmen or government officials. Master A began applying more cream to his gaping hole, which helped remove the soreness though it still ached. Boyd then began a low moan as the others approached his body, but this time they only gently stroked and licked it. "You did so well with that, mi Amor, that we are going to go straight to the last part of the ceremony," Mario told him. Juan re-adjusted Boyd’s body in the sling so that he was on his back and his head was hanging over the edge of the leather support. Then, Juan placed a wide leather belt under his head, adjusting it with chains until it was at the perfect angle for face-fucking.

Next, his hands were inserted into ‘puppy paws.’ These are leather mitts where the hand is forced to remain in a balled-up fist. This type of restraint does not allow finger movement, so his hands become useless. Even so, his useless hands were then bound together under his body, under the sling, and fastened together as if his arms were secured behind his back. This had the added effect of causing his chest to be thrust out as if he were offering his hard, erect nipples for anyone’s use.

Next, his ankles were attached to a spreader bar. Metal clips were fastened to the rings in his ankle straps and then to the ring at each end of the four-foot-long bar, causing Boyd’s legs to be spread wider than ever before. It took him a while to get used to the stretch, but in a few minutes, he did.

So, there he lay on a big leather sling. The sling was hanging from heavy chains from the ceiling, a pair of chains at the head end and a pair of chains at the butt end of the sling. Then Boyd’s legs were raised but not attached to the first pair of chains at the butt end. No, his hips were bent toward his head so his ankles could be stretched and pulled up about his head. This nicely exposed his ass, and his legs were spread wide and pulled headward.

Finally, the sling was dropped to a more accessible height so that his mouth was at dick level of anyone standing. Boyd gasped as he felt Master start to push the dildo back into his aching asshole. But it wasn’t the fifteen-inch one that he feared - on second look, it was just a regular large one, about ten inches. All along, these Masters had been pushing Boyd to accept bigger and bigger ass toys so that he thought he’d be fisted at the next higher level, but this was a relief to him. He could actually relax and enjoy this dildo, or even one smaller.

But then there was another surprise: the ten-inch dildo wasn’t jammed up his ass and jerked quickly in and out. No, it was pushed in him rather slowly and was moved in and out quite gently. Boyd actually wanted to free his hands and grab the dildo, to force it harder and faster in and out of his ass, not because he wanted it to hurt, which it would have, but rather because he was in a hurry to climax, to get the ‘last step’ over with. He was worn out! But his hands were now cuffed together under him. They were useless, so he tried to be content with Master A’s approach and personal delights.

Mario then came over to stand on Boyd’s right side. Once there, he placed his long dick over Boyd’s mouth. Boyd opened his jaw wide to take it in to suck on it, to deep-throat it, but Mario only gave him enough of his dick to lick. It confused Boyd greatly, frustrating him to no end, so he did his best with his tongue and licked it as much as he could. He really wanted it in his mouth and throat, but Mario kept his dick lying in his mouth. Boyd’s tongue was going everywhere. He was straining his neck to twist it this way and that, to try to suck it into his mouth, and Mario was just enjoying Boyd’s torment.

Master A then gently removed the dildo and, in its place, inserted his own dick. He also pushed in only about an inch or two and let it stay like that. Boyd wanted to scoot his ass back toward Master A’s dick, but, of course, he was too tightly bound to the sling and couldn’t move.

Next, Franco came to stand on the other side of Boyd and used his fingers to tease and scratch Boyd’s nipples with his fingernails. Franco was indeed a Master of control, either giving a lot or, like now, giving just a little. He began applying clothespins to Boyd’s nipples and twisting them carefully.

Ramon carried a stool over to where Boyd’s foot was suspended above him and stood on it. His face was positioned right at Boyd’s barefoot. Ramon used his fingernails to lightly scratch-tickle the bottom of the boy’s foot, and, at times, he sucked on those five precious little toes. Boyd went bananas. “PLEASE! STOP! PLEASE!” Then out came blubbering, giggling sounds - he was laughing like crazy! He knew he wasn’t supposed to tell anyone to stop, but it was just the most natural thing, a human reaction.

Boyd’s boner was leaking precum as it did its jerky dance, and although no one was touching it, it seemed to have an erotic mind of its own. He knew he shouldn’t speak or beg, but he had already pleaded. So, what the fuck! “PLEASE! OH, GOD! PLEASE STOP!” Boyd twisted his body wildly to try to avoid Ramon’s tickling fingers. He tried jerking and pulling his foot away, but of course, his ankles were secured to the sling.

Ramon had already stopped his tickle torturing: he was now focused on licking and sucking those delicious toes. And Boyd had calmed down also, to the point where he wanted to grab his dick and beat off. He actually wanted anyone to beat him off, to suck him off, to fuck him off … ANYTHING! HE JUST NEEDED TO GET OFF!

Master B then came over, adding a tormentor to those ‘Master-full’ men encircling Boyd in his suspended sling. Master B went directly to Boyd’s lonely dick and began to play with it - not to pump it, not to suck it off, just to play with it - with his fingers. But it wasn’t what Boyd wanted. He wanted a pumping fist, if not a hard-sucking mouth, but he got very light touching with fingers, teasing the dick head and the shaft, taking all the precum that had bubbled out and coating his shaft all over, making it slippery and smooth.

Then, Franco finally, FINALLY spoke up.” Easy, easy, mi Bambino, mi Amor. You are not getting anything unless you calm down. You begged and told us to stop, and you spoke without permission. You have become quite demanding.” Boyd didn’t know what to do or to say. Of course, Franco was correct - he’d beg for forgiveness if allowed to talk, but he didn't want to make things worse. All the while Franco was speaking, none of the Masters stopped what they were doing.

Franco went on to explain. “Perhaps the foot tickling was a little unfair, but we enjoy that torment. And you will soon take any tickling without objection or movement, but that is a higher level for later.” Meanwhile, Ramon continued to suck Boyd’s toes, Master A kept the dildo only a scant inch inside the boy’s asshole, and Mario kept his beautiful, hard dick resting on Boyd’s mouth without allowing him to suck it in. Master B was still fondling Boyd’s hair-trigger dick oh-so-slightly, and no one was stopping.

Timmo was then called over to place a second stool in front of Boyd’s other barefoot and suck those toes. With Boyd’s foot so high in the air, Timmo had to stand on the stool to be able to reach Boyd’s toes with his mouth. Both Ramon and Timmo were expert shrimpers. “Slave Boyd, so far we have trained you pretty well, I think, mi Bambino, in taking big dicks up the ass and in your mouth hole,” Franco said proudly. “But you have not learned patience. You have not learned to forget your wants and needs and think of only your Master’s pleasures.”

“I am pleased to see your dick standing tall like a cannon, ready to shoot. We all love that. But do you want to take away our pleasures? Do you think you're better than all of us? Do you only want to indulge your selfish desire for climax? How ashamed you should be to be in our magnificent presence and to think only of yourself.”

Boyd couldn’t help it: he immediately felt so ashamed and embarrassed that he began to cry and blubber like a child. Tears seeped down his cheeks, knowing how he had hurt his Master. He was stupid, silly, foolish, unkind, rude, and, most importantly, disobedient. He saw himself as disrespectful and undeserving - he wanted to burst out, to beg for forgiveness, but he knew not to speak. He just cried. At some point, he accidentally mumbled, “I’m sorry, I’m so fucking sorry.” He spoke to himself, not intending to be heard, but it just came out.

Franco went on, “Mi Bambino, don’t live in the past. Instead, show us how you should behave. Stay still, stop interfering, don’t move.” Then Franco added, “You must be very thirsty by now.” Boyd responded with a nod, hoping that more of that special drink would help him gloss over his mistakes and make it easier for him to comply. “But there is no more drink for you. It’s time to transition into your new reality and do so clearly.”

Meanwhile, every Master there, including the other slave, Timmo, continued Boyd’s erotic stimulation. Boyd’s dick was slowly but continuously leaking out precum. As his body shimmered with the barrage of sensation, Boyd thought, “If they would allow me to blast off, I could pull myself together and be a better sub-slave. I just need to shoot, and I’ll be fine again, ready to continue, ready for anything.”

Boyd was lost in just being and in controlling nothing. He thought he might as well just close his eyes and attempt to make no effort at doing anything, to just be, but Franco interrupted his train of thought, “If you behave and surrender, we will be pleased. We will know you are succeeding when we see no movement.” Boyd just nodded his agreement, not really knowing what he was agreeing to.

The Lost Hiker
Part 6 of 6

So, Boyd just laid there in the sling, with his wrists bound together under him, thrusting his chest out like some sex slut. His ankles were attached to a spreader bar hoisted in the air, setting his feet four feet apart. This positioned his asshole up in perfect alignment for any Master’s use, like a fag whore. All the while, all five men tickled and teased his every body part. His stiff dick was doing its hypnotic dance like a wind-up robot toy, twitching up and down and oozing out slave juice at regular intervals.

All this stimulation caused Boyd to once again reflect on Hans, the guy he had played with so briefly in the camp showers a couple of days before. He was the twenty-two-year-old well-built German hiker at the same village camp where Boyd was vacationing. Boyd didn’t overthink it back then. It was a quickie, an erotic moment, no big deal. His heterosexuality didn’t feel threatened, but then, as Hans continued to tease Boyd’s dick, he used his other hand to lightly pet Boyd’s body all over. He tickled his nipples and sensuously touched his face. It felt so good as Hans began soaping up Boyd’s chest, paying close attention to those pointed nipples. He delivered little pinches to the peaks, and without waiting for Boyd to thank him or object, Hans pulled Boyd close against his body and soaped up his back. Boyd didn’t reciprocate in the embrace - his hands remained at his sides - even when Hans slowly, romantically, let his hands drift lower, and lower, to Boyd’s ass.

Boyd’s eyes were closed, and he moaned with pleasure as Hans used one hand to tease Boyd’s asshole lips and his other hand to lightly stroke his rigid dick. Hans’ dick was rubbing against Boyd’s belly, pointing upward. Hans continuously went up and down on his tiptoes to cause his dick to rub against Boyd’s belly. Boyd’s body shook, and volleys of cum spewed forth, which triggered Hans’ dick to shoot off as well. It was awesome! Boyd didn’t realize his hands were now entirely around Hans' body in a tight embrace - he was actually hugging him as a natural reaction to the overwhelming erotic sensations he was experiencing.

Hans smiled and said, "See you tomorrow afternoon at the pool?” but Boyd never responded. He wanted to say something like “Thank you,” or “No, thank you,” or “Maybe,” or “I have a girl back home,” but he said nothing and did nothing except flash an awkward smile of embarrassment. But now … now everything was different. He was still attracted to women but never wanted to marry one. Boyd now realized he had just been using them for sex.

And now he was being used for sex. He was finding a deeper, more meaningful connection with these Masters than he had ever found in any relationship with women. He wondered how Hans was doing. He felt odd and a bit sad that he had never allowed any kind of relationship to start between him and Hans, but that was four days ago. It felt like a billion years in the past. It was over, so he had no choice but to move on, learn, and become enriched by this new experience. He was now open to discovering whatever these Masters had in store for him.

“BOY!” shouted Franco. “Don’t you hear me when I’m talking to you?” Boyd’s eyes shot wide open. “You’d better pay attention when I am talking to you.” Boyd nodded. “Master A is going to fuck you, but if you move or jerk your body in any way or if you speak, he will stop.” Boyd nodded again and then lay still. Franco well knew that the boy would involuntarily move. He knew he would jerk and spasm and shake. Those involuntary reactions were fine with Master as long as Boyd physically made no movements or showed even the slightest bit of taking control.

Master A, still wearing his oversized mask, removed the dildo and replaced it with his dick. But still, it was inserted only about an inch and held there. Boyd’s ass twitched and jerked, wanting more dick to enter. Then, very slowly, Master A slipped his hard dick fully inside but, oddly, didn’t pump it in and out. Boyd felt so wonderful and comfortable with that dick inside him so completely that his body spasmed and jerked. However, his body still wasn’t fully satisfied. It wasn’t Boyd’s fault - he wasn’t doing anything - his ass just wasn’t satisfied.

The dick inside him was now just holding still there, teasing his asshole. Boyd’s nipples, too, were teased, but only gently. His dick, mouth, and all of his toes were touched and lightly teased, frustrating all of Boyd’s desires to be manhandled everywhere. It was as if Boyd’s body was humming like a finely-tuned engine on high idle. He was doing nothing alone, but his body was reacting, each part independently, wanting more stimulus than it was getting.

Now Master B removed his hands from Boyd’s intensely electrified dick and placed his mouth over it. He didn’t suck it or lick it. He just encased the angry tower. Master B went down on that dancing dick as far as he could without having it touch any part of the inside of his mouth. Boyd’s dick involuntarily bobbed and twitched. And when Boyd’s dick moved, it would touch the sides of Master B's mouth. When it thrust upward and became a bit longer for a second, it touched the entrance to Master B's throat. So, it wasn’t Master B initiating the touching, nor was it Boyd’s doing. It was that hungry dick bobbing, lurching, and touching wherever it could.

This was a specialty of Master B's. He only wanted the dancing dick to touch and rub itself against the inside of his mouth. In other words, if Boyd’s dick was to receive pleasure from Master B’s mouth, it was Boyd’s dick that had to create those wonderful sensations. Boyd, of course, couldn’t move any part of his body. He certainly couldn’t move his dick in any direction. He couldn’t even slightly hump or thrust upward - his dick had to dance all on its own. It made an erotic touch here and there inside Master B's wonderful, warm, wet mouth, which, of course, caused the dick to dance all the more.

Boyd had his eyes closed most of the time. He was dizzy, and the room was spinning. He felt so much but couldn’t control anything.

Then, all of a sudden, the dick held on top of his lips was inserted into his mouth. It was Mario’s beautiful cock. Boyd wasted no time sucking that dick. He went wild, sucking it with every bit of energy he had.

BUT IMMEDIATELY, the dick was removed completely. Boyd whimpered. A few moments later, the dick was again entering his mouth slowly. It felt so good! He loved that dick - he loved the dick of every Master there. He craved to have this or any other large piece of man flesh inside his hungry mouth, but when he started to suck it, it was withdrawn again. Boyd was shaking with involuntary tremors. He waited. All the other sensations were having their way with him as he lay there, all strapped in and immobile.

Mario again slowly inserted his dick, and, this time, Boyd didn’t suck on it. He kept his mouth open and slack. To his surprise, the dick remained inside his mouth. It felt so good! He kept his mouth open and motionless for as long as he could but then gave way to his animalistic needs and started sucking like crazy. Again, the dick was immediately removed. Finally, Boyd realized he wasn’t to suck it at all - he wasn’t to engage that dick if or when it decided to re-enter his warm orifice.

Boyd began to plead in his mind. He prayed one more time for Mario’s dick to dart into his mouth hole. He was mentally promising not to molest that dick if it would be so kind as to park itself in his mouth. He’d be honored to let it do its thing and not assault it again.

Then, maybe for the last time, that dick slowly began to enter his mouth again, and Boyd didn’t move his head or tongue at all. His mouth was already open, but he was resolved that he wouldn’t encourage the intruder to move inside. More of Mario’s dick was inserted, then a bit more, but Boyd consciously did not engage it. Now it was fully inside, all the way into Boyd’s mouth. Mario poked his dick around and jabbed one cheek, then the other, then rested it on Boyd’s servile tongue for a while. Then, it cautiously moved farther and farther into Boyd’s mouth until it had sealed off the opening of Boyd’s throat, plugging his airway. Boyd did not react. He did not panic. He successfully avoided resisting, even knowing he couldn’t breathe at that moment - he had learned not to resist. He allowed that huge dick to own his throat.

Mario’s dick was home. Boyd was allowing Mario’s dick to tease inside his mouth and plant itself anywhere it wanted. Soon, Mario pulled back slightly, just enough to allow Boyd to breathe. It was Boyd’s reward for his obedience. Boyd wanted to be the good host and to allow the dick to do as it chose.

“Oh, mi Amor, you have done so well. You have exceeded all our hopes,” Franco said. “You will have a reward now, but if you interfere, your reward will be taken away. Clear?” Boyd nodded as best he could with a dick in his mouth. He wondered what the reward would be. Whatever it was, he had already decided to accept it without question.

Mario began to fuck Boyd’s mouth in a pumping, in-and-out rhythm. Boyd loved it, but unfortunately for Boyd, it wasn’t the strong and hard mouth-fuck he needed to climax. But Boyd didn’t interfere - he didn’t suck or close his mouth or lips around that wonderful dick - he remained passive. Boyd didn’t even move his head up and down, trying to encourage that dick to move faster. No, he had learned to let his head be still, to let his mouth remain open, and to allow the welcome invader to do what the fuck it wanted. He knew his passive response was proper since the dick continued its rhythmic movement. He was learning.

Master A then began to fuck Boyd’s ass. Not harshly, which Boyd needed to nudge him over the edge to climax, but slowly and gently, giving Boyd a heightened erotic sensation. But it wasn’t enough friction to cause him to shoot. Boyd wanted so badly to wiggle his hips up and down or back and forth, to kick that fucking cock into high gear, but he knew he was in no way in charge, not even of his own body. He lay there all tense as his asshole was spasming. His ass muscles were twitching. His dick wasn’t erupting but slowly and continuously oozing his slave juice out of its piss slit. The juice was devoured by Mario.

Master B then started his up-and-down licking motion on Boyd’s rigid rocket, treating it like a Popsicle. He licked upward on every side, then downward on every side, but of course, it still wasn’t enough of a firm sensation to cause Boyd to blast off. More than any other sensation, this light teasing of Boyd’s dick gave him a tremendous urge to raise his hips upward to fuck the shit out of that mouth that was only lightly playing with his dick. If only he could thrust his waist up and fuck that mouth, he could climax! But two things stopped him. One, he absolutely knew what his Master wanted: his non-response. Boyd didn’t want to lose favor in any way, not at this point. And two, he was so secured to the sling that he could not physically move much anyway. So, what the fuck was he thinking? No, no resistance, no more trying to control his body, no more stupid lack of self-control.

Everyone was present and encircling Boyd. Whoever did not have a mouth on - or a dick in - Boyd was busy tickling and teasing other parts of his trembling body. His eyes were completely glazed over, and he was emitting an involuntary humming sound as his whole body continuously trembled. Did he realize he was being softly fucked in the mouth and ass? He likely did not. This went on for about thirty minutes. Then, the most beautiful and very rarest of phenomena happened.

When Master B felt Boyd’s cum welling up the shaft in his mouth, he removed his head from Boyd’s dick and leaned back. The sight was amazing: Boyd’s dick, without jerking or twitching, suddenly released a continuous flow of cum. Everyone continued their stimulation except for Master B. All watched Boyd’s dick intensely as it stood up like a mighty tower, straight up, and held that silent position, motionless as it spewed a steady stream of cum. It was like a volcano spewing lava, but without the initial eruption, just the flow. Timmo was there with a spoon to scoop it off his belly and groin, placing the slave juice in a little glass dessert cup.

As Boyd’s cock was involuntarily self-draining its copious cum, his body stopped trembling. He continued to make a humming sound as his eyes remained unfocused. Slowly, the cum fountain ended … and without a single twitch. Though Boyd didn't close it, Mario removed his dick from Boyd’s wide-open mouth. There was silence. No one moved or spoke. It was as if a holy ritual, a rite of passage, had just occurred.

A few minutes later, Franco broke the silence with his soft words, “There, Bambino. There, there,” he said as he patted Boyd gently to get his attention. “I am so pleased - we all are! - that you have learned to turn yourself over to your Masters completely. You have learned to surrender. Your initial training is nearly over.”

Boyd tried to speak, but his throat was so dry. Franco signaled slave Timmo to bring water. Then, Boyd spoke up shyly. “Thank you, Masters. I am so pleased to be of service. I am so sorry I have been such a foolish, difficult, stubborn bitch.” He fought back tears of emotion. “I promise to submit to whatever you want of me, without question to you, Masters … and for your use.”

“Come, let’s remove him,” Franco said to the other Masters. And they all gently unstrapped him from the sling and helped him off it, onto his knees, where a pad had been placed. He was not bound, butt-plugged, or collared for the first time in a long while. He was just totally naked. Boyd was thinking of Franco’s words that “this was nearly over.” Those were bittersweet words to hear, for what did they mean? Was he to get up, get dressed, and leave? For good? Were any of these Masters going to see him in the future? Was his new life going to be all about sex with no love or affection, just man-to-man sex?

Boyd was so confused. Yes, the sex was very, VERY erotic, but what about love? Prior to this, he had only one male sexual experience with Hans at the campsite where they had just both happened to be, and he wished he would have explored that further. As he thought back, it was nice, very nice, but that was then, way back then, when he was just too afraid. Gay sex was just too weird. He wanted to ask, “Do I leave now?” Or “May I continue here?” And, “What more is there?”

Boyd looked up, lost in his wandering thoughts, and saw that slave Timmo and all the Masters had formed a wide circle around him. All except for Master A, who stood directly in front of where Boyd was kneeling. Boyd had always focused more on Franco and Ramon, his kidnappers and lead trainers, and Mario, who was also frequently involved in his training. Still, this Master he had never thought much about, except that his blonde hair reminded him of Hans. Looking up at him now, he took a good look: Master A was tall. His body was nicely muscled but not overly bulked up. He liked the blonde hair on his head and the sparse light-colored hair on his arms, chest, pubes, and legs. Master A had nice feet and sexy toes, he thought. Master A was one hot, fucking Master!

“Slave Boyd!” Master A called sharply to get his attention. Boyd jerked his head up to look at his masked face. “This is a slave collar. Your slave collar, if you will freely accept it. I will place it on you soon, but you can take it off later if you wish. But do not answer yet.” Boyd was surprised to hear this Master’s pleasant voice. “First, you must complete this rite, after which you will be free to answer.”

That was an odd thing, Boyd thought. I get the choice to answer yes or no? That’s a relief! Ok, the sex, training, and even the punishment were erotic. Fuck, it was incredibly wild and sexy! But -- and here was the pregnant pause in his thinking – whatever it is, I’ll have to bow out. I need to stop all this crazy excitement and return to my former world, my female friends, and my old job. OK, it isn’t spectacular. Maybe it’s even boring, but it's stable. As Boyd considered these thoughts, he was unwittingly touching his dick, his very soft dick. The Masters had drained his entire body of every drop of erotic energy and cum it had. He was bone-dry, probably for the first time in the four days he was there, and that was fine. He needed a rest from all this awesome excitement. He’d likely stay flaccid for a week, if not for a month. He sure didn’t want to hurt their feelings, but hell, they gave him a free choice, and he’d let them down easy. He really had a fantastic experience, an unbelievable time in his life. He regretted none of it, not even the punishments. Still, he would have to politely decline.

Master A then stepped closer to Boyd and placed his hard dick on the boy’s lips. And, without a moment’s pause, the boy opened his mouth, welcomed it in, and took it all in. Boyd closed his eyes and exhaled a pleasant sound of contentment. “Make love to my dick, boy,” Master A commanded. Boyd was so happy - it was such a beautiful dick on such a beautiful man. Boyd wasn’t being forced or encouraged, but he was on his knees and lovingly sucking and licking his Master. Boyd emitted cooing sounds - he was taking his time touching his Master’s body, rubbing his strong legs, his ass-cheeks, his hard belly. This was heaven! He had no thought of, “Fuck! Now they’re going to make me do this again?” No, this was exactly what Boyd wanted. And he was in no hurry for it to end.

Boyd closed his eyes and didn’t even open them when he felt the slave collar being fastened around his neck. He knew his Master was bending over, securing it on him himself. It felt good. There was no ‘special drink,’ no drug, no covert seduction. Boyd would gladly suck this Master’s dick as long as he would be allowed to. He loved the feel, the aroma, the firmness, and even the honesty of what the Master was doing. With one hand, Boyd felt his new black leather collar with metal studs and rings around it. As he made love to this wonderful, warm dick of life and he rubbed the leather collar with all its metal trim, he knew he just wanted to do this forever. Then, Boyd used both of his hands to massage his Master’s ass-cheeks and to tease them and rub them all over. “What a great, nicely-muscled man,” he thought. With his hands there, he pulled his Master’s ass toward him to force an even harder dick into his throat. Boyd was cutting off his own air supply each time he pushed his Master’s hard dick into his throat, but it was fine with Boyd. He’d go without air for a minute just to feel the power of that mighty, masterful dick, then he’d ease off and slowly breathe again. No fear, no panic, no hesitation. He was just making love to his Master, all in calm order and just as it should be, as if that were nothing out of the ordinary. Boyd never even realized that his own dick was now sticking out, parallel to the floor, like a thrust-out saber. He was only concerned about making love to that wonderful dick.

“If you accept your collar, you will have Master A as your owner,” Franco announced. “He actually picked you out five days ago as his slave-to-be.”

Boyd was busy sucking on that wonderful dick, but he did hear that a Master had picked him out as his slave-to-be … five days ago? As he sucked – and nothing would stop his mouth from sucking that dick - he thought that no one even knew he was in the area five days ago. That was the day he first arrived at the village campsite, at the start of his vacation, so how could any of these guys have known him five days ago? He was baffled but continued to suck and lick his Master’s fabulous, hard, juicy dick.

The other thing Boyd didn’t know was that Master A had removed his leather mask. Boyd was too busy working on that dick to even look up. But then, Master A leaned down, placed his hands under Boyd's armpits, and pulled him up. It took a little effort to get Boyd off the dick, but he was finally raised to a standing position. And FUCK! Boyd was now staring into the exposed face of Master A. It was Hans! He was HANS, the handsome guy who had stayed at the same vacation campsite a few days ago. FUCK! This was the guy who came on to him and whom Boyd had rebuffed. The man whom Boyd had stupidly rebuffed. The man whom Boyd had not stopped thinking about. The man who first stirred man-to-man passions within him when Boyd wasn’t quite ready.

Boyd was speechless, “Wa ... wa … what are you doing here, Hans? Ha … how did you …who … why are you...?” Boyd was in shock, a pleasant shock, as this was an odd but welcomed surprise. Boyd was so disoriented. he didn’t know what to say or how to respond.

Instead of Hans answering him, he just pulled Boyd’s face to his and kissed him. He opened his mouth, as did Boyd, and they kissed wildly.

Then they broke their passionate kiss and stared at each other with loving eyes and profound comfort in their souls. Hans then said softly, “I own a small business in town, and you and I can run that together. It’s the same work you do now, but you will have the forest for your backyard here.” Boyd just nodded, still overwhelmed but feeling fantastic.

“You will start your thirty-day trial period as Master and Slave,” Franco announced as he produced two small, tiny glass cups. One contained Hans’ semen, and the other, Boyd’s. “Now, if you, Hans, and you, Boyd, agree to engage in the thirty-day trial, you will bow your heads in agreement.” They each did. Then, Franco took the contents of one cup and poured it into the other. Then, he poured half back into the first cup so the two fluids were totally mixed together. He handed one cup to each partner and commanded: “Drink.” Both Boyd and Hans drank up. It was a commitment ceremony if only a trial one. If, after thirty days, they wanted to part ways for any reason, there would be no bad feelings. They kissed and embraced each other.

Boyd and Hans spent their ceremonial night together, and the next day, Boyd left to take care of some business and a few family matters. Three days later, he returned to Hans, who lived about thirty miles from the forest village campsite.

That was four years ago, and they are still lovers, business partners, and … Master and Slave.

The End

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