332 Eddy's Magic cap

Eddy’s Magic Cap
Part 1 of 4

“And so, these living cells produce the complex molecules we call nucleic acids ...”

Mr. John Roberts was a 27-year-old Black man and a Biology teacher at Kennedy High School. He gave a slide presentation to his 12th-grade students in a darkened science room. Mr. Roberts was a good-looking man and very friendly. He had many secret admirers at the school - mostly female students. Three of his students were troublemakers. That would be Eddy, Rick, and Billy.

Having finished his slides, Mr. Roberts switched off the projector, turned on the ceiling light, and started walking around the room. The students couldn’t help but see the bulge in his slacks.

“Now, let’s see how much you’ve learned from my lecture. There are two types of nucleic acids, DNA and RNA. What does DNA stand for, and what is it? Rick?”

Mr. Roberts had stopped and stood near Rick, a Latino student with black hair and big brown eyes.

“DNA? Um ... deoxy something ... deoxyrrr ... deoxyrrrrr ... Oh, I give up. To me, it’s just an abbreviation of ‘Do Not Ask,’ Sir.”

Barely suppressed chuckles could be heard throughout the classroom.

“Seems like you had a good nap in a darkened room, huh?” Mr. Roberts said, rolling his eyes. “Are you trying to say ‘deoxyribonucleic acids’ by any chance?”

“Bingo! That’s what I wanted to say. Well done, Mr. Roberts!”

The bell rang, and the students started closing their books, one after another, giggling as they prepared to leave.

“Chapters 3 and 4 by tomorrow, people,” shouted Mr. Roberts to the students streaming out of the classroom.

It was such a beautiful day that Eddy, Rick, and Billy decided to have lunch together outside, so they went out to the school courtyard, which was flooded with energetic kids. “Hey, I’ve got something exciting to show you - you’re gonna love these,” said Eddy, a round-faced teen as he pulled his cell out and played a video. Rick and Billy crowded in to watch it.

“Hey,” said Rick. “Is this Scott?”

“Scott, the quarterback?” Billy exclaimed in disbelief. “Is this really him?”

“That’s right,” replied Eddy, grinning slyly. “That’s him.”

“I don’t believe this,” Billy declared strongly.

The video showed blonde trim Scott Corbin, the swim team captain, in a state of panic—twisting, squirming, and wriggling his body. As the video went on, he was seen stripping off his clothes piece by piece - a polo shirt, jeans, sneakers, a T-shirt, and even his socks. Toward the end, the blond jock was stark naked, exposing every inch of his big swimmer-built hot physique to cam. Oddly, he looked as if he were brushing his body all over with his hands as if he were trying to brush something off.

“What’s he doing, anyway? What happened to him?” asked Rick.

“Well, I hypnotized him.”

“You what?” came Rick again.

“I hypnotized him,” Eddy bragged. “I made him believe that he had hundreds of ants crawling inside his clothes. He believed it and had to immediately strip … totally naked.”

“You’re joking,” said Billy, almost bursting with laughter.

“No, I’m dead serious.”

“This is cool, man,” said Billy, devouring the video. “He may be arrogant, but he has a really nice bubble butt. My mouth is watering.”

To see Scott Corbin in such a humiliating situation was a real treat for the trio, as pride and arrogance were Scott’s trademarks. He always behaved like a king at school, acting as if everybody else were beneath him. And, as one might expect, the trio was a frequent target of his bullying. Corbin had first caught them when he had noticed the three boys staring at him with starry-eyed admiration in the school corridor; ever since then, Scott would call them “fags” whenever he came across them. And naturally, his girlfriend was a glamorous brunette, tall and gorgeous, and a cheerleading squad member.

“How did you manage to hypnotize him anyway? I didn’t know you could hypnotize people,” asked Rick.

“Well, I’ve got this.” Eddy then produced a baseball cap from his knapsack and put it on his head. It was a strange-looking cap with two small lights attached to the front, which could be switched on and off.

“What the heck is that?”

“Introducing my Magic Cap. I bought this on Amazon for $49.95 with an instruction booklet and cassette.”

“50 bucks? For THAT? That’s a rip-off, man, “Billy responded.

“I wouldn’t say that - just look at the proof in your hands.”

“Hmmm, you may be right ...” Billy reflected.

“Now we’re gonna have lots of fun with this stuff,” Eddy offered.

“Well, well, well. Look who’s here.” The boys had been so engrossed in their conversation that they hadn’t noticed someone standing by the bench until they heard a loud, threatening voice booming up from next to them. Standing there, looking down on the trio with a confident smile on his face, was none other than Scott Corbin himself.

“How are you fag boys doing today?” asked Corbin.

“You know what?” said Eddy, grinning mischievously, “We’ve just been talking about you. Would you care to have a look at a video of yourself?” Then Eddy showed him the video.

“What ... what ... what’s the meaning of this?” demanded Corbin, his hands trembling.

“That ... that ... that’s you, Scotty. Can’t you tell? It must have been really awful to have thousands of ants in your clothes, huh?”

“But this can’t be me! You doctored this. What’s going on here?”

Scott then seized Eddy by the breast of his shirt and forced him to stand up and off the bench, gathering the attention of all the nearby students drawn by the commotion.


“I ... I can explain everything, Scotty, but don’t forget to water your fig.”

“What? What did you just say?”

“I said, ‘Don’t forget to water your fig,’” Eddy repeated.

A moment of silence followed, and then Corbin suddenly took his hands off Eddy. His face was burning. Shock and confusion were written all over his face.


“What’s the matter, Scotty? YOU DIDN’T HAPPEN TO WET YOUR PANTS JUST NOW, DID YOU?” Eddy deliberately yelled. For indeed, Scott’s jeans were rapidly becoming soaking wet from the crotch to the thigh area and then gradually down his right pant leg, all the way down to his cuff. The students milling around started pointing and laughing at him.

“I ... I don’t know what kind of nasty trick you worked on that video, but you’re gonna pay for this, faggot. DID YOU HEAR ME?” Scott screamed tremblingly as he dashed off to the clubhouse to change his pants.

“Wow! That was amazing!” said Rick excitedly.

“Great job, dude. I’ve never felt so good in all my life,” said Billy. “So, was that part of your hypnotic trick?”

“Yup. It was a post-hypnotic suggestion. ‘Don’t forget to water your fig’ is the trigger phrase that made him wet himself.”

“Cool! So, from now on, we just say those words whenever Scott threatens us?” Rick asked.


“This is getting interesting,” Rick noted as he rubbed his palms together. “Hey, but why not make him do something even more outrageous?”

“Like what?” asked Eddy?

“Like quacking like a duck or barking like a dog? Turn him into a pig and make him grunt and squeal on all fours in front of his girlfriend,” Rick said.

“Smashing idea! I can do that for you, no problem.”

“Now we’re talking!” Billy chimed in.

“But for now, guys, I have something even better on my mind. How about me hypnotizing Mr. Biology?”

“What? Mr. Roberts?” Billy asked.

“Exactly. I’m gonna hypnotize one of our school’s most narcissistic but way-gorgeous teachers and have lots of fun with him.”

“That sounds awesome if you can manage it,” said Billy.

“You know what I think?” said Rick. “He sure looks great, but he also knows it, and that’s what gets on my nerves sometimes.”

“Yeah. Just look at the way he walks. He thinks he’s a model or somethin’,” Billy said.

“And his glossy hair. He combs it all back with gel and then lets just one strand of hair fall over on his forehead, like Elvis Presley.” Then Rick added, “I bet he spends as much time in front of the mirror as most women do.”

“Exactly. And he completely ignores me,” said Billy, who had had a crush on Mr. Roberts ever since the start of the semester. “He’s fooling around with chicks all the time,” Billy continued, “But why not with me? Let’s bust that narcissistic bastard.”

“Oh yeah. Let’s knock down his pride and turn him into a clown,” Billy said, but then had a second thought. “But can you really do it?”

“Of course, I can! I’m 100% positive.”

“Well, we’re talking some seriously risky business here. I don’t want another detention, man,” said Billy.

“Don’t worry about that - just trust my invincible Magic Cap, OK? Now, here’s my plan ...”

Upon hearing the plan, Rick got this weird look on his face. He just stood there, still as could be, as if he were lost deep in an intense thought. “What is it, Rick? What’s wrong?” Eddy asked with concern for his friend.

“Oh … ah … nothing. So, we’ll meet up after our last class and go to Mr. Roberts’ room after school? Say … about three hours from now?”

“Sure,” Eddy confirmed.

“Fine, but I need to go to the audio-video room to take care of something first, though,” Rick said a bit frantically, “So can we all meet up at 5:00 instead? Deal?” The other two boys agreed.

Rays of late afternoon sunshine poured into the science room, coloring Mr. Roberts’ face in their orange glow. It was nearly 5 PM, and he was grading papers which he could have done at home. Still, he wanted to finish them so he could enjoy his date with Stacey later that evening without having to worry about schoolwork. Everyone in the school knew about his relationship with Stacey, and sometimes he’d even announce his personal after-school plans with her to his students; it was his way of bragging. A few days before, he had casually mentioned that Stacey was planning to cook a special dinner for them at her place that night. He had said that he’d buy her a bouquet of flowers. He had already bought an exceptional bottle of Sauvignon Blanc for just that occasion a couple of days before, and it was chilling in his fridge.

When Rick knocked on Mr. Robert’s office door, the teacher said loudly, “Come in.”

“What’s up, boys? I was just grading your papers,” said their teacher, looking at the students suspiciously.

“How did I do with my paper, Mr. Roberts?” asked Rick, smiling.

“Um ... you got a C plus.”

“YES!” Rick exclaimed as he clenched his fists in a triumphant gesture. “That’s what I call an improvement!”

Mr. Roberts just rolled his eyes and continued.

“Whereas you, Eddy, got a B minus and a C minus for Billy. Now there’s still enough time for all of you to up your grades, so please consider that. Anyway, how can I help you?”

“Mr. Roberts,” said Eddy. “I’m sorry to barge in like this, but there is something I wanted to ask you about.”

“Ah ha ... but you’d better make it quick. I’ve got to leave in just a few minutes.”

“Don’t worry. This will only take a few minutes. You see, I found this cap in the gift shop at the science museum last Sunday,” Eddy said, pointing to the Magic Cap on his head.

“Well, that’s one silly-looking cap, isn’t it?” Mr. Roberts giggled.

“But this is exciting stuff, Mr. Roberts. You see the lights flashing? If you look at them closely, an image of a little mouse will appear.” After a brief pause during which Mr. Roberts stared at the blinking lights on the front of the cap, Eddy continued, “And he’s dancing … with a top hat and cane.”

“Really? Is it a hologram or something?” Mr. Robert’s asked seriously.

“I don’t know. That’s what I wanted to ask you - how does it work? It looks fantastic,” Eddy said, which was what Eddy had read he was supposed to say from the instructions in the booklet.

Mr. Roberts stared at the flashing lights intently, left and right, left and right. “I don’t see anything,” he said in a low, calm voice.

“You’ve got to watch more closely, Mr. Roberts. Relax your eyes as if you were looking beyond the lights, and the image will slowly appear.”

Mr. Roberts kept looking at the lights flashing rhythmically, left and right, left and right...

“Don’t give up, Mr. Roberts. Beginners always have a problem seeing it, but once you get the knack, it’ll become second nature.”

“Oh yeah?” Mr. Robert’s said without breaking his stare.

“Yeah. Calm your mind and watch intently. Feel the rhythm of lights. Fascinating, isn’t it? Feel the soothing effect of the lights. Feel the soothing effect of the lights, which relaxes you. Keep looking, and you’ll start to get very, very relaxed. Very relaxed.”

“I ... ah ... I’m starting to feel a little light-headed,” said Mr. Roberts, blinking his eyes frequently as if to resist sleepiness.

“Yes. You’re well on your way to seeing the image. Just keep watching, Mr. Roberts. Your body is becoming lighter. Your mind is becoming lighter.”

Mr. Roberts’s eyes were now glazed over and completely transfixed on the lights.

“That’s right, Mr. Roberts. You cannot take your eyes off the lights anymore. You’re feeling so content and happy. Very, very happy.”

A nutty smile appeared on Mr. Roberts’ face. His eyes became unfocused, and his eyelids began to droop.

“Now it’s time to close your eyes, Mr. Roberts. Your eyelids are getting heavy. Your eyelids are getting very heavy ...”

Mr. Roberts closed his eyes and drooped his head.

“That’s fine. You’re feeling calm and relaxed now. You can remain in this happy state as long as you listen to my words, Mr. Roberts. Do you understand?”

Mr. Roberts nodded with a silly grin, reclining lazily in the chair, arms dropped to the sides.

“YES!” shouted Rick excitedly. “He’s out, isn’t he, Eddy?”

“Shhhhh,” said Eddy with his index finger crossing his lips. “Be quiet, guys. Let me do this. We’re not there yet - I must program his brain a little more. “Now, Mr. Roberts, listen to me carefully. From now on, you will feel a need to do ANYTHING we tell you to do. Do you understand me?”

Mr. Roberts responded by nodding his head with his mouth half-opened.

“That’s fine. You are in a deep sleep. Now, you WILL do anything we tell you to do, won’t you?”

“Yes, I’ll do anything you tell me to do,” Mr. Roberts slurred.

“VERY GOOD! You’re doing very well. I am so proud of you, and you are so thrilled. You’re in a deep sleep. You can remain in this happy state as long as you obey my commands. Do you understand me?”

Mr. Roberts nodded sheepishly.

Eddy turned to his cohorts and said, “OK, guys,” smiling triumphantly. “He’s all ours now.”

Eddy’s Magic Cap
Part 2 of 4

“Yes. Yes. Yes,” shouted Rick, pumping his fists in the air.

“So, what shall we do to Mr. Roberts? Any ideas?”

“Turn him into a stripper,” said Billy, watching his entranced teacher through horny eyes. “Let him take it all off. What do you say?”

“Luuurv that idea,” said Eddy. “How about you, Rick?”

“Turn him into a ... um ... CHICKEN. Make him lay some eggs, too,” said Rick, smirking. “Now THAT would be hilarious, wouldn’t it?”

“Love that idea too.”

“Good. Oh, there’s one more thing.”


“Make him change his mind about our papers, and let him give us all A pluses.”

“No prob - let’s work on that first. Now listen up, Mr. Roberts. You will change your mind about our papers when you wake up in a few minutes. You shall give us all A pluses, is that understood? Talk to me.”

“Ah, give you all A pluses,” Mr. Roberts murmured, still drooping.

“Good boy. Now, let’s program him to be a stripper, shall we? Mr. Roberts, when you hear this piece of music ... um, wait a sec ...”

Eddy then pulled out a portable CD player from his knapsack.

“OK, when you hear this piece of music ...” Eddy switched on the CD player, and it started playing, ‘Funky Cold Medina.’ “You will instantly become a gay stripper. It’s your job to entertain and delight the audience, so make sure to give the gay audience a good look at your ass shake. Do you understand me?”

Mr. Roberts nodded, completely slumped over in the chair.

“Very good. Now, on the count of three, you will open your eyes, but you won’t remember any of this hypnotic session when you awake. You won’t even remember you’ve been hypnotized, but as soon as I say “sleep,” you will instantly fall into a deep sleep. Is everything clear?”

Mr. Roberts nodded.

“Good boy. Now, when you hear the groovy music, what will you become? Tell me.”

“I will become a stripper,” Mr. Roberts answered thickly.

“And you really, really want to do this because it will make me very happy. That is your goal, to obey and make me very, very happy, isn’t it, Mr. Roberts?”

“OH GOD, YES!” Mr. Roberts nearly yelled with enthusiasm.

“That’s right. And you’re allowed to take off everything. You know that, don’t you?”


“Good boy. Now, on the count of three, you’ll wake up feeling good and refreshed. Ready? One, two, three! Open your eyes.”

Eddy snapped his fingers.

Suddenly the biology teacher opened his eyes with a start.

“Are you all right, Mr. Roberts?” asked Eddy, grinning mischievously.

“I feel great ... but ... um ... I’m a bit woozy. What’s going on?”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Rick. “By the way, how did I do with my paper?”

“I believe I got an A plus. Let’s see ... Oh, that’s strange. It’s marked C plus.”

“Perhaps you should change all are grades to A pluses then?”

“Of course. There … now you have all have A pluses.”

“Please don’t ever make a mistake like this again from now on, Mr. Roberts.”

“Sorry about that. My apologies to you ... Oh God. I’m running late for my date, and I still need to go home and shower.”

“Never mind the date, Mr. Roberts,” said Eddy with a wicked grin. “You should be in the mood to strip dance in a minute.”


“Never mind. Just listen to this,” Eddy said as ‘Funky Cold Medina’ began to play. Mr. Roberts was unaware of how popular that song was, and the three boys had chosen it because they thought it was a flash in the pan.

No sooner had the music started to play than Mr. Roberts’s eyes glazed over, and he jumped out of his chair; his pelvis was already gyrating in a horny fashion.

“Way-hay. That’s the spirit, Mr. Roberts! Let’s get out on the floor, c’mon,” said Eddy.

With a spaced-out smile on his handsome face, Mr. Roberts danced his way around and in front of the boys, shaking his hips really well.

“C’mon everybody, let’s clap our hands for our gorgeous entertainer,” Eddy said, and the trio started clapping to the energetic rhythm.

Thanks to Mr. Roberts’s dancing and Eddy’s skill, science room Number 109 had turned into a virtual dance club. The hypnotized teacher loosened his elegant silk tie and, grabbing one free end, pulled it quickly out of his shirt collar, swung it around over his head, and finally tossed it up into the air. Next, he took off his shirt in a most dramatic way: as the teacher made wild, gyrating motions with his hips, he simply grabbed the little openings between the button holes and literally ripped it open, sending all the buttons flying all over the room.


Having tossed his shirt at the marveling students, Mr. Roberts now exposed his impressively muscular V-shape torso. Next to come off were his shiny black leather shoes, which he awkwardly kicked away, leaving his feet clad only in navy blue socks. Mr. Roberts then licked his index finger suggestively, inserted it deeply into his mouth, and smiled. “You wanna see more, boys?” asked Mr. Roberts, with a lewd twinkle in his eyes as he swished his butt around and teased.

“Go for it, Mr. Roberts. Take it all off,” shouted Rick.

“Yeah. Take it all off! Don’t be shy. SHAKE YOUR GAY BOOTY!” shouted Billy.

Mr. Roberts responded to their calls by loosening his black leather belt and pulling it out of his pants loops in one go. He then twirled it around and threw it to the boys, where Rick caught it. Mr. Roberts then shook his hips briskly, causing his pants to drop onto the floor, and awkwardly stepping out of them.

The energy was high in science room Number 109. All Mr. Roberts was wearing now were his flesh-colored bikini briefs, clinging tightly to his huge bulge and big, round bubble ass. He had taken a semi-crouch position, which made his butt protrude even more – he was actually twerking at the three boys! The hunky biology teacher then turned around, hooked his thumbs into the elastic waistband of his underwear, and pulled them down just enough to expose his mouth-watering full moon. Still, immediately he teased by pulling his briefs back up again. He then repeated that ‘flash and cover’ routine, moving his briefs up and down to completely tantalize his audience.

“God, his ass looks good! It’s worth a million, don’t you think?” said Rick, drooling.

“Yo, teach, take it all off. I wanna take a good look at your hot ass,” shouted Billy.

Mr. Roberts, a Black man, then turned his head around and, with a seductive smile, gave the boys a killer wink. He turned back and bent all the way over while pulling his briefs down to his ankles in one shot, thus offering his firm bubble butt and his long, smooth legs up for full view. And Mr. Roberts didn’t forget to wiggle his derriere briskly to further entice the audience. Now having become stark naked, the teacher turned around to finally reveal his impressive manhood, which he started shaking to the rhythm, causing it to whirlybird, all the while with his arms swinging in the air.

“Wow, this is so unreal!” Rick shouted, lustily feasting his eyes on his tall, dark, and handsome teacher dancing around before him butt-naked. The other two boys, too, were utterly enchanted by this surrealistic scene, witnessing their dream teacher strutting his stuff in front of their very own eyes.

“Hey guys,” said Eddy. “This is great, but let’s cut this out for now, OK?”

“Why? Do we have to?” said Billy.

“I could watch this all night,” said Rick.

“I know, but we don’t have all night. Let’s move on to the next act, shall we?”

Rick and Billy reluctantly agreed to his suggestion.

“OK, stripper, that’s enough.”

Eddy then pressed the stop button on his CD player, and the room suddenly became quiet. As the music stopped, Mr. Roberts’s pelvis movement stopped, too.

“What ... what’s going on?” said Mr. Roberts, looking around the room in confusion.

“Never mind that, Mr. Roberts. Just look into my eyes. Good boy. It’s time to SLEEP.”

Eddy then snapped his fingers, and Mr. Roberts immediately closed his eyes, dropping his head.

“That’s it. Now gentlemen, let’s turn him into a chicken, shall we? But before we do that, I wanna program his brain a little more for extra fun. Now, Mr. Roberts, I want you to carefully listen to me. From now on, as you follow our commands obediently, you will become happy. You will, in fact, become SO happy that you will get sexually excited, and your cock will get hard. Is that understood?”

Mr. Roberts nodded, “My cock gets hard,” he murmured, gently swaying his body.

“Good. The better you obey, the more aroused you will be. You will also get great pleasure by serving us ALL; it will not only make you very happy to obey us, but it will make you very sexually excited. If we laugh at you, you will become horny. The bigger the laugh, the hornier and more excited you will become, understood?” Mr. Roberts nodded. “Good boy. Now listen to me, Mr. Roberts - when you wake up in a moment, you’re gonna become a farmhouse chicken. You will run around the barn cackling, laying some eggs as you go. Do you understand that?” Another nod. “VERY good. Now let the show begin. Open your eyes.”

Eddy snapped his fingers.

Mr. Roberts suddenly opened his eyes and immediately took a semi-crouched position with his knees bent, his ass sticking out. His hand tucked under his armpits, causing his elbows to stick out.

“BUC BUC BUC BUC BUC,” he sounded off as he thrust his head out forward and backward, repeatedly.

Cackling like a chicken, he started running around the room bowlegged, with his elbows flapping. All the boys started laughing like crazy, watching their gorgeous teacher joyously running around the room completely nude, wiggling his ass, believing he was a farm chicken.

The three boys were laughing so hard and loud that it made Mr. Roberts even more sexually excited - his dick was now at full, hard length.

“OK, chicken, time to lay some eggs. Come over here,” Eddy shouted.

The hypno-chicken happily ran up to the trio with a goofy grin on his face and positioned himself in front of them. His cock was pointing straight out, level to the floor. He then lowered his ass while cackling and obviously pushing hard. A sign of relief on his face indicated that one imaginary egg had safely popped out of his ass hole. The science teacher then started flapping his ‘wings’ even more proudly.

“Cock-a-doodle-doo,” crowed Mr. Roberts in a loud and uninhibited falsetto voice.

The trio gave a big applause for his performance, which encouraged the teacher’s cock to start bobbing.

“Great job, chicken, but now it’s time to lay another egg. Only this time, it must be a square egg. Go on,” Eddy ordered. This was a more difficult task for Mr. Roberts to accomplish. He took up his stylish chicken pose again and pushed hard to let it out, but it apparently couldn’t because it was stuck. Another-try! He wiggled his butt several times, but the imaginary square egg still remained in his ass. One more try. With his eyes firmly shut and his face turning red, the hypno-chicken shook his ass vigorously, much to the delight of the trio. Then, with one final push, voila! A sign of relief appeared on his face again because, after having had so much difficulty, one imaginary square egg had apparently safely popped out. With a grand smile, the hypno-dazed hunk stretched his arms and started flapping them fiercely up and down, proud of himself.


This time, he managed to crow even louder. Showered by the jeering laughter of his delighted students, Mr. Roberts’s cock finally reached its fullest glory and was dripping precum.

Suddenly, a door opened, and a young, dark-blond hunk stepped into the room. He was shocked to see his fellow teacher in a semi-crouched position, stark naked and sporting a full erection, flapping his arms up and down with a stupid grin. The dark blond then recognized the three students sitting on their chairs. The boys were in a state of shock. Was all hell going to break loose? Were they all going to be expelled? The trio sat there frozen, staring at the unexpected intruder with their mouths gaped wide open.

“Scott. SCOTT!” Mr. Duncan yelled at Mr. Roberts. “What is the meaning of this?”

But Mr. Roberts didn’t pay any attention to his colleague. He continued walking around the room, shaking his firm, round ass. He was also squawking at the top of his lungs.

Getting no response from his obscene and indecent co-worker, Mr. Duncan then turned to the boys and demanded, “What ... what’s going on here? I heard strange noises coming from this room. Why is Mr. Roberts naked and cackling like a chicken? Can anybody explain what’s going on here?” the 29-year-old PE teacher, asked angrily.

“I can explain,” Eddy said as he stood up from his chair, putting the silly-looking cap on his head. “I can explain everything, Mr. Duncan.”

Within moments, Mr. Duncan was also hypnotized, but he was hypnotized to forget what he saw and to leave the room, which he did. After that, with the excitement of the naked chicken dance having burst, the trio decided they had had enough fun for the day and released their teacher from his hypnotic bondage. Mr. Roberts arrived home around 8:30 PM. He was feeling good and refreshed, yet he felt a nagging memory lapse; he couldn’t remember what he had been doing from late afternoon until then. His shirt was a mess, having lost all of its buttons. What the hell had happened to him? There was a message from Stacey on the answering machine. Obviously, she was angry for his having stood her up. And speaking of Stacey, another inexplicable thing was that he had brought home a bag full of women’s underwear, panties, and stockings, all in their original packaging. Weird. Did they belong to Stacey? Confused, Mr. Roberts decided to have a drink before returning the call. Mr. Roberts couldn’t bother to hang his suit on a coat hanger, so he draped it over the sofa, fixed a drink, and sat down on his sofa stark naked, sighing with frustration. Odd … he had never sat around naked in his home before - what the fuck was going on? He massaged his temples with his fingers while sipping a glass of straight whiskey, a drink he had never had before and never even liked. Then the phone rang.


“Hello, Mr. Roberts?”

“Yes. Who is this?”

“This is Eddy, your student.”

“Eddy? What’s the matter? How did you get my number?”

“You gave it to me this afternoon, Sir.”

“I gave it to you? I don’t remember giving you my number. In fact, I don’t remember anything at all. I do remember seeing you this afternoon, and I remember your silly cap, but …”

“Never mind, Mr. Roberts. It doesn’t matter. What matters is this. Chin-Chin.”

As soon as Mr. Roberts heard the words ‘Chin-Chin,’ everything went white in his head. He arched his back immediately.

“Yes, Master,” Mr. Roberts replied in a monotone voice.

Eddy’s Magic Cap
Part 3 of 4

“Very good, Mr. Roberts,” said Eddy. “First off, we’ve picked out a nice name for you. While you are under our hypnotic control, your name shall be Mr. Asshole. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“What is your name then?”

“My name is Mr. Asshole.”

“Very good. And we came up with an excellent plan for tomorrow. I want you to listen to my instructions very carefully, Mr. Asshole.”

“Yes, Master.”

The next morning, Mr. Roberts woke up from a profound sleep. The digital clock on his bedside table read that it was 6:37 AM. He was feeling good, refreshed, and energized and was looking forward to a great new day. He took a hot shower and ate a healthy breakfast before hitting the road. For some reason, he just had this gut feeling that something wonderful was going to happen to him that day - he didn’t know what it was, and he didn’t care; all felt right with the world.

Everything went smoothly that day, and Mr. Roberts had more than enough energy left over for the extra lecture that had long been planned for that afternoon. For some reason, Mr. Roberts knew that lecture was paramount, although he wasn’t quite sure why. It was supposed to start at 4 PM in science room Number 109. When Mr. Roberts entered the classroom, he saw Eddy standing at the podium, speaking to his classmates. But when Eddy noticed the arrival of his teacher, he quickly returned to his seat. There were 12 students in the classroom, and they were all male. For some reason, they were all grinning at him with a strange glint in their eyes. What’s going on, he thought? It didn’t matter, though, he thought, because he knew it would be something great, whatever it was.

“Good afternoon, class,” said Mr. Roberts authoritatively, placing his lecture note on the podium.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Roberts,” the students enthusiastically greeted in unison.

“Today, I’m gonna talk about DNA,” Mr. Roberts said, putting on his Giorgio Armani glasses which added that certain ‘intelligent’ element to his tanned, handsome face.

“Excuse me, Mr. Roberts,” Eddy interrupted.

“Yes, what is it, Eddy?”

“Just listen to this. OK, everybody? 1, 2, 3.”


All the students then shouted in unison, grinning wickedly. As soon as Mr. Roberts heard the words, something clicked in his head, and a sense of euphoria washed over him immediately. He suddenly remembered his mission – yes - there was an important task he had to carry out, and he needed to do it. He didn’t know why, but he knew it was important. He didn’t have any of his lecture notes, but somehow, he knew how to proceed, and there was nothing to be afraid of.

“Well, I was going to talk about DNA today, but I have changed my mind,” he said. “I’m gonna lecture on male anatomy instead,” Mr. Roberts announced solemnly.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” Rick yelled excitedly, pumping his fists in the air repeatedly.

“What’s the matter, Rick?”

“Nothing,” Rick replied, with a big smirk. “Continue with your lecture, please.”

Suddenly, a door opened, and Todd Duncan, the PE instructor, entered the room. “Hi there, everybody. I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I would drop by. Is there anything I can do to help?”

The hunky PE teacher, dressed in a wine-red tracksuit with the school logo “Kennedy High School” printed on it in white, asked with a friendly smile. A whistle was hanging from his neck.

“Why yes, in fact, there is. I’m gonna lecture on male anatomy today, Todd, and I planned to use my body for the demonstration. Perhaps you would like to join me? Two examples are better than one, so our students get to compare,” he chuckled to himself.

“OK, that sounds like a good idea, Mr. Roberts.”

So, Todd went up onto the podium and stood beside Mr. Roberts. Being a PE teacher, he was well-built, tanned, and looking hot.

“OK then. Let’s start with the upper part of the body first. Would you like to remove your jacket and T-shirt, Todd?”

“Of course,” Todd replied with an innocent, sunny smile.

The two handsome teachers then started stripping, revealing their impressive upper bodies to their students in no time. Todd’s torso was sculpted to perfection, whereas Mr. Roberts’s was slightly less defined, yet spectacularly robust and muscular nonetheless. Chuckles, murmurs, and whispers were buzzing all around the room.

“Now these are called nipples,” Mr. Roberts declared as he directed his audience to Todd’s nipples with a pointer. “Men’s’ nipples do not have any particular biological function, but they can be useful in arousing a man sexually. Please allow me to demonstrate this on Mr. Shithead - watch his reaction carefully.” ‘Shithead’ was Mr. Roberts’ name for Mr. Duncan. He had no idea where that name came from, but he used it, and Mr. Duncan answered it.

Mr. Roberts then pinched Mr. Duncan’s nipple between his thumb and forefinger. The dark blond teacher closed his eyes and groaned pleasurably, visibly shuddering throughout his body. A big, nervous laughter erupted in the classroom.

“Quiet, class! This is an important scientific experiment,” Mr. Roberts shouted, tapping his pointer on the desk loudly for emphasis.

“And now, we will conduct a more thorough nipple stimulation experiment. Shithead, would you like to pinch your own nipples? I’ll do the same here.”

“Absolutely.” What surprised Todd Duncan, the handsome, sexy PE instructor, was how he actually hurt himself. But it seemed that he could not control how hard he pinched himself. But he could not release his nipple until allowed to.

The two handsome teachers then began pinching their nipples with their forefingers and thumbs. Suddenly, a zany smile appeared on their faces. Crossing their eyes, they started gyrating their asses in a lustful fashion, with tongues hanging out, moaning and groaning shamelessly. Wild laughter, hoots, and whistles erupted in the classroom. After a short but erotic performance, the two teachers stopped stimulating their now enlarged nipples, and both instantly returned to their previously placid state.

“And that concludes our nipple stimulation experiment. Did you all take note of our reactions, students?”

“YES, MR. ASSHOLE,” the students answered unanimously.

“OK, then we will move on to the lower part of the male anatomy now. Shithead, would you like to remove your pants as I remove mine?”

“Of course, Mr. Roberts.”

While the students were gasping excitedly, the two handsome teachers removed their shoes, socks, and pants without hesitation until they stood on the podium with nothing on but their underwear. But that underwear was far from ordinary: Mr. Roberts wore a pair of white ‘Ooh-La-La’ frilly French maid panties, and Mr. Duncan wore a skimpy pink G-string, totally incongruous with their masculine physiques. Both pairs of panties highlighted huge bulges, clearly outlining the shape of their now erect dicks, which was obviously the result of their previous nipple stimulation experiment. Furthermore, Mr. Duncan’s balls were squeezing out of the sides of his panties, and his cock head was popping out from the top due to the skimpy size of the material. The classroom was filled with wild laughter, and both teachers had to shout several times to make the crowd quiet. Mr. Duncan even had to blow his whistle several times to calm them down. After the noise subsided, Billy raised his hand.

“Sirs. You’ve both got nice panties there. Do you wear them every day?”

“No,” Mr. Roberts answered with a sober face. “On my way home yesterday, an idea suddenly popped into my head that I should dress up for today’s occasion lesson. So, I dropped into the lingerie shop at Macy’s and, quite unexpectedly, found Mr. Shithead there as well. We got together and asked a female shop attendant for assistance, and she was accommodating, wasn’t she, Shithead?” as Mr. Duncan cheerfully agreed.

“Yeah, very friendly, but she looked shocked when we told her the panties were for ourselves, not my girlfriend or Shithead’s wife. But I didn’t mind that, did you?”

“No, not at all. Nor did I mind the female customers around us pointing and laughing at us.”

“Me either. Anyway, I bought a dozen beautiful items of lingerie yesterday. I guess I’ll wear them every day because they feel so smooth and delicious on my skin. How about you, Shithead?”

“Me too. I feel so sexy wearing these decadent, feminine things. Hey, why don’t we show the backs of our lovely panties to our students, Mr. Roberts?”

“Good idea!”

The two teachers then turned around. Mr. Roberts’s French maid panties featured row upon row of gathered lace across his derriere for that certain cheeky French look, whereas Mr. Duncan’s G-string generously revealed his mouth-watering perfect globes, which were obscenely separated by a narrow lace string. Both teachers happily poked out their asses and shook them rapidly and coquettishly to the cheers of their students. Eddy stared at them contentedly – the poor teachers were completely under his hypnotic control.

“OK then, let’s continue with our lecture. Let’s remove our lovely panties now,” Mr. Roberts said.

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

The two macho teachers then stripped off their panties without any reservation. They were now stark naked, shamelessly exhibiting their hard cocks and big hanging balls in front of their students.

With the pointer still in his right hand, Mr. Roberts first directed it at his own cock and then Mr. Duncan’s, in turn.

“OK, class, this is called a penis. Repeat after me, PENIS.”

“PENIS.” The whole class answered in unison.

“Good. Now the penis is an organ that can be used for urination. When your bladder is full, a male expels his urine through a slit at the very end. But it also has another important function - namely, it’s also the tool used for sexual intercourse. When men get excited sexually, the penis becomes erect. We’re now going to demonstrate an erection for you. You may think we are already fully erect, but there is more to it than this. Are you ready, Shithead?”


“We are going to tickle each other’s cocks and balls, and we are going to do it very lightly, like this … let’s show them.”

The trio, Eddy, Rick, and Billy, were front and center in the room, eagerly taking in the results of their Master Plan. Or was it the plan of the Masters?

Both of the teacher’s cocks got even harder and began to bob up and down. They were now fully erect, pointing their heads proudly at a 45 degrees angle. A big applause erupted in the classroom. The two hypnotized teachers beamed brightly, revealing their gleaming white teeth and rock-hard cocks bobbing with every slight touch from the other man.

“Alright, class, when the penis is erect, you can insert it into various holes. When that happens, both the giver and the receiver experience a significant erotic sensation; in other words, you both feel fucking fantastic! One can insert it into another man’s mouth or even his asshole. Which one do you prefer?”

“Well, Mr. Roberts, I enjoyed inserting my erect penis into a woman’s vagina until recently. But somehow, I changed my mind yesterday. Now I prefer to have a man’s erect penis inserted into my asshole.”

“Oh yeah? That’s strange, but for some reason, I feel exactly-the-same way,” Shithead agreed. “And I changed my mind only yesterday, too!”

“It’s a small world, Mr. Roberts.” The two men then stopped touching each other dicks and briefly paused.

“Yeah. Anyway, let’s get back to our lecture. The size of the penis varies from man to man, so let’s measure Mr. Shithead’s erect penis. Let’s see ... it’s seven inches, and mine is ... eight inches.”

“NO, IT’S NOT!” Mr. Duncan interrupted angrily.

“My penis is obviously bigger than yours.”

“No way! I’ve measured mine correctly, and mine is bigger.”

“No, mine is!”

The two teachers then started fighting, ignoring the mocking taunts from their students.



Eddy stood up and shouted sharply, causing the two teachers to stop fighting immediately. Somehow, they felt intimidated in front of that student despite being older and having bigger physiques. And, after all, they were his teachers, too.

“This is no time to fight, you fools. Why don’t you behave yourselves?”

“Sorry, Sir,” both teachers replied in sheepish voices. As they demurred, they cast their eyes downward, which made for a good contrast to their rock-hard cocks, which were pointing upward.

“Stupid teachers like you need to learn a lesson. Why don’t you write on the blackboard “I MUST BEHAVE IN CLASS” five times each?”

“Yes, Sir,” they both replied in unison.

The two teachers then turned around and picked up a piece of chalk. The students were thrilled to watch them follow Eddy’s order obediently by writing on the blackboard exactly as they were told while exposing their bare bottoms to the class.

“Very well,” Eddy said. “Now you WILL behave yourselves from now on, understood boys?”

“Sorry, Sir. It will never happen again,” both teachers replied simultaneously in a timid voice.

“Alright, time to move on to the lecture,” Eddy commanded. “We all understood the functions of the penis, but now it’s time to move on to the ass. I kinda enjoy the sight of your asses, so why don’t ya turn around again and explain about your ass and asshole?”

“Yes, SIR.”

Both teachers excitedly turned around and exhibited their mouth-watering butts to their students. Todd’s was a typical bubble butt, smooth, firm, perfectly round, and distinctively white, showing the mark of a swimsuit on his tanned body. Mr. Roberts was equally mouth-watering as Mr. Duncan’s smooth, full, and deliciously round buns.

“OK, class. Did you look at our buttocks well?” said Mr. Roberts. “We will now show you what the ass crack looks like. Shithead, take a crouching position for the students so that they can observe your ass, please.”

“Certainly.” Then Mr. Duncan bent over with his knees slightly bent.

Mr. Roberts then grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart to reveal Mr. Duncan’s ass crack, drawing the student’s attention to his asshole.

“Now, class, this is called an anus. Repeat after me. ANUS.”


“Good! The anus, or better put, the ass, is an organ for defecation. However, it can also be used for another purpose, namely, a type of sexual intercourse. One can insert a finger or fingers, a dildo, or an erect penis in there, which causes fantastic sexual excitement. Today, we will demonstrate a finger-inserting procedure for you by using Shithead’s asshole as an example. Now let me lick my middle finger here and slowly insert it into his hole. Now, class, I want you to observe Shithead’s reaction very carefully.”

“Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God!” Mr. Duncan shouted loudly in total ecstasy as his hole was invaded by Mr. Roberts’ middle finger.

“So good. This is SO GOOD. Ah. Ah. Ah. Give it to me!” Mr. Duncan pleaded. “Please give it to me. Ah. Ah. Ah.” Then Mr. Duncan, being so turned on, grabbed his own cock and began feverishly beating his dick. “Please don’t stop. Please don’t stop!”

“SHITHEAD! STOP TOUCHING YOUR DICK IMMEDIATELY! WHO SAID YOU CAN TOUCH YOUR DICK OR TRY TO BEAT OFF? YOU’D BETTER FUCKING STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” Eddy shouted as loud as he could and was practically screaming! He was furious or was at least pretending to be. Mr. Duncan’s hand immediately flew off his dick in compliance. “AND THAT GOES FOR YOU TOO, FUCKFACE ROBERTS! YOU’D BETTER NOT TOUCH YOUR OWN DICK WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION EITHER, DO - YOU – BOTH – HEAR – ME?”

Both teachers clearly felt stupid and embarrassed. “I am so sorry, so very sorry, Sir,” Shithead said, followed by Mr. Roberts’ apology even though he had not touched his dick. They felt as if they had let down their best friend, and their sad faces showed it.

The trio of Eddy, Rick, and Billy then huddled together and devised a suitable punishment. “Mr. Duncan,” Eddy yelled out, “for your punishment, Mr. Roberts will give you 20 very, very hard, stinging, red-welt-producing smacks on your ass with his wooden pointer.”


Eddy’s Magic Cap
Part 4 of 4

That was all it took for Mr. Duncan to realize that the subsequent 19 swats would be very painful and hellish. He was trembling. Four more swats came raining down on his big, athletic ass cheeks quickly. It had only been five stinging swats when…

“OH GOD, SIR, PLEASE! OH, FUCKING PLEASE, PLEASE STOP! I FUCKING PROMISE, I’LL NEVER TOUCH MY …” Needless to say, he had lost his erection; his dick was hanging down completely limp.

SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! Mr. Duncan began to cry loudly, begging and pleading as Mr. Roberts received no order to stop.

“STOP!” Eddy finally commanded, and Mr. Roberts did. “Mr. Duncan, stop crying - it’s embarrassing. You have only received nine of the 20 swats. The next 11 will be just as hard, but you will really enjoy them. You will love them and find them very, very erotic. In fact, the more pain you receive, the more heightened your sexual arousal will become.” Eddy paused. Mr. Duncan, you will take the next 11 standing, facing the audience, to see your dick become harder and bigger than ever. You do want to show off your cock to your students, don’t you?”


Then Eddy nodded to Mr. Roberts and said, “Do the next 11 harder than the first nine, but space them out, about one stinging swat every 30 seconds.” The next swat smacked the already reddened ass as soon as Mr. Duncan had stood and turned to face the cheering boys, revealing his limp, hanging meat.

Another swat and, 30 seconds later, another and soon another.

“Oh Christ, that feels so good,” Mr. Duncan mumbled, mostly to himself. More swats then followed in the spaced-out manner that Eddy had commanded. “OH, FUCK YES. YES!” he cried out in a dizzy, mindless state of bliss.

“OK, Mr. Shithead, stand over there and show us your backside. The entire class wants to see your red ass checks.”

“Of course, Sir. You are so kind.” Mr. Duncan said. And walked to the front of the class and faced the wall.

Then one of the boys in the trio, Rick, pointed to Mr. Duncan’s dick … his growing dick…and said, “Look, he’s getting a boner.” Everyone laughed.

More slowly applied swats followed. “Now Mr. Duncan is fully hard, and his dick is bobbing up and down,” another boy said out loud. By the time the 20th swat was delivered, Mr. Duncan’s bright red ass was practically showing a half-dozen lines of bloody skin, yet he was also dripping precum.

“Let us get a closer look at his ass,” the first boy spoke up again.

“Oh, yes, Sirs,” Mr. Roberts agreed. “Yes, this is all part of today’s lesson, which now includes this element of sadistic, erotic pain.” Then, to Mr. Duncan, he said, “Shithead, go from student to student and show each boy your ass. You will bend over in front of each student and stay there until that boy excuses you, then go on to the next boy and bend over, and so on.”

Just then, Eddy shouted out the phrase, “rusty butterfly.”

“Oh my, students, I just remembered. We need to end our little lesson now, but as a wonderful reward for you all, I will kneel here in front of my desk, and any boys who want their delicious, sexy cocks sucked, just come up here and face me. It will be my job, and my honor, to suck off each and every one of you students who wish me to. And when Shithead finishes showing his striped ass to each student, he will join me up here and kneel so that you may choose either one of us to orally service your beautiful cocks.” He then paused as if trying to recall some detailed instructions. “Now, here is an orderly way to do this. All you need to do is come up to one of us and stand here. My job will be to unbuckle your belt, undo your pants, and let your pants fall to the floor. Then I will, or Shithead will smell your wonderful boy cocks by sticking our noses into your underwear material and inhaling deeply; I know it will be an intoxicating experience for all of us. Then we will gently and slowly lower your briefs down to the tops of your shoes and begin to orally pleasure you until you shoot your fantastic, warm, creamy loads of boy juice. You will relax and enjoy as we each take your massive, manly, powerful cocks in our mouths and suck you off to a yummy climax.”

Some boys chuckled, but many just sat there in awe, wondering if this would happen or, if it did, exactly which of their fellow students would be sucked off. At first, only three students got up. They went to the front, two standing in front of Mr. Roberts and one standing in front of Mr. Duncan, who had just finished showing his ass to the individual students.

Mr. Duncan had trouble staying calm when he heard that; his whole body was trembling and leaking strings of precum. He wanted to grab his own dick and beat off, but he knew better. So, instead, he moaned continuously as his body twitched in obvious erotic excitement.

“Oh, I almost forgot: if any of you would prefer to have your asshole licked and eaten out, that would be fine too. When you come up here, just turn and present your backside, and Shithead or I will reach around your waist, unbuckle your belt, and drop your pants. Even though you will be facing away from us, we can still do that by touch and feel. That way, we push our faces into your ass crack and plant our noses into your asshole.”

Mr. Roberts spoke in spurts and had trouble getting out all the instructions he had received while he was still hypnotic. He was also leaking precum from his bouncing dick as he stammered.

“To … to … to facilitate this, we will grab you firmly with our fingers on your hips, and then we will use our thumbs to spread your ass cheeks apart. After we inhale your musky shithole scent for a minute or two …”

“Oh god, Oh, fucking yes …!” He said to himself.

“We … we … we will then lower your briefs down and hold your bare-naked asses for sniffing, and again, spreading your ass crack as wide as possible, licking around your heavenly fragrant, tasty asshole. Then we will shove our tongues into your boy hole and rim you for as long as you wish us to.”

“Oh, fuck yes … yes … yes …!” Mr. Roberts concluded.

Just then, the boy immediately in front of Mr. Roberts turned around. The kneeling teacher reached around him to undo the boy’s jeans and dropped them. There it was! Two wonderful mounds of boy flesh! And, as promised, he used his thumbs to spread those mounds apart and leaned forward to lick. Just as he began to lick the warm boy’s flesh, Mr. Roberts shot his first load right then and there. He couldn’t help it, but at no point did he stop his licking, which became more and more aggressive as he pushed his hungry tongue into the fresh, funky-tasting shit channel before him. And Mr. Roberts never lost his erection even after shooting, but, unfortunately, as he was on his knees licking, his hard dick was between the boy’s legs. He shot all over the boy’s bundled-up underwear and pants.

Mr. Duncan’s first ‘customer’ was now facing him, so he undid the boy’s pants and brought his nose inward in order to press against the brief’s material; he was moaning and dripping precum. Then he sucked, gentle at first and harder as he became greedier. “Oh my god,” Mr. Duncan mumbled as clearly as he could with a mouth full of hard and solid boy dick. Even though this student didn’t have any sexual experiences - likely none of these boys did – he started to thrust his hips powerfully into the coach’s throat.

“Yeah, take it, you faggot; take my fuck stick. Take it down your fag throat, you slime cunt!” Where did that come from? Who knows, but it continued, “You disgusting shit hole! You pussy garbage mouth!” And the boy then pushed his rather long dick fully down the coach’s throat and held it there by holding the back of the coach’s head tightly against his boy’s pubes.

Mr. Duncan, the Kennedy High head coach, was gaging and trying to push his head away from the boy’s belly so that he could breathe.

No one noticed at first, but Rick had begun videotaping the entire ‘lesson.’ No one remembered, but when the trio was planning to work their hypnotic magic on their teachers, Rick had oddly excused himself to go to the audio/visual equipment room. That was when he had made arrangements to sign out the video camera. These guys were more organized and creative than anyone could have imagined.

Rick stepped forward to get close-ups of the teachers doing their dirty deeds of licking a boy’s asshole. Eddy shouted, “Mr. Roberts, please explain who you are and your job here?”

But Mr. Roberts, who was fixated on licking a black student’s asshole, wasn’t paying attention to Eddy or anything else. “Mr. Roberts?” and again, “MR. ROBERTS?”.

“Oh … um … yes?” he finally responded, looking up from the black boy’s hairy ass valley.

“I said, would you look up and into the camera and explain who you are and your job here?”

“Certainly. I am Mr. Scott Roberts, one of the science teachers here at Kennedy High School.”

“No, no, Mr. Roberts. I’m asking you what your job is right now with these underaged high school students.”

“Oh gosh ... em ... well … this is embarrassing,” Mr. Roberts chuckled to himself. “Well, my job … and it is an honor to be here doing this … I mean offering my services to these needy kids … ah … my job is to suck their penises and to lick and eat out their … ah … ah … anuses.”

“I see you have a boy in front of you right now. We aren’t going to mention the names of any of the students., but give us a description and a demonstration of your current endeavor.”

“Well ... oh my … see … this hunky black student prefers that I pleasure his backside and clean out his asshole instead of orally working on his penis. So … ah … my job is to … ah … is to lower his pants and underwear and then spread his beautiful, gorgeous butt cheeks as wide apart as I can and … and then lick all around his funky, hot, sexy butt hole. Ah … and then … ah, stick my tongue way up his fucking, inviting, shit hole and rim him out for as long as he wants me to …”

Then the teacher paused. “Oh fuck … I’M COMING! I’M SHOOTING ANOTHER LOAD! AAAAHHHH!”

Rick was getting great close-ups as Mr. Roberts described and then demonstrated his ‘job.’ The student then pulled up his boxers and pants and returned to his seat, and the next boy stepped up to Mr. Roberts’ hungry mouth.

“Mr. Duncan, I see you are on your knees. Can you please explain what you are doing and why, and how you feel about doing it … in detail?” Eddy asked, sounding so innocent.

Rick had his video cam zoom in again, capturing a close-up of Mr. Duncan’s completely naked body and showing his face clearly. “Why … I am here with these boys, on my knees, ready to service them as they wish.” When he had stopped, Eddy made a motion with his hand for him to continue.

“Oh yes, well … I want to please these boys and suck their dicks … I mean, penises and clean their asshoo … I mean anuses.”

Mr. Duncan still needed encouragement to continue talking, so Eddy made a gesture by touching his fingertips together and slowly pulling his hands apart, thus making a ‘stretch’ signal to the coach to keep talking.

“Oh, OK ... well … yes, as you can see, this young lad, who is now facing me, well, I unbuckled his pants like this and … and …” Mr. Duncan then went on and on in detail, like a motor-mouth; he was really caught up in explaining his job there.

Mr. Duncan, the high school coach, had been divorced three times and never had children with any of his wives. Maybe the difficulties in his three childless marriages showed he was bisexual? Or maybe he was an outright closeted gay man? Similarly, Mr. Roberts had dated several women, some of whom were beautiful young ladies. Still, he had never found the right one. He had even been engaged to several, but he always ended up chickening out at the last minute.

The thing about hypnosis is that you can hypnotize people to do something contrary to their core character, or in this case, contrary to their true sexuality. The fact that Mr. Duncan was thoroughly enjoying his homosexual interactions with these male students would, however, indicate that, in reality, he was a gay man deep in denial. There he was, side-by-side with his fellow teacher Mr. Roberts, just loving eating out asses and sucking dicks - he was in heaven, and he had already climaxed more than once.

Of the boys that were there, only about half of them actually went up to the teachers to be sexually serviced. The other half found it too weird, so they only watched in amazement.

The following Monday morning, as the trio entered the coach’s office without knocking, Coach Duncan reviewed his usual paperwork at his desk. “Hi, boys. I don’t think you have an appointment, do you?”

“Coach Shithead, we don’t need an appointment,” responded Eddy, who usually served as the trio’s leader.

In complete disbelief, the coach scrunched his forehead and asked, “What did you just say?” He was sure he had misheard the boy.

“Shithead, we are here because I want to get onto the Varsity Basketball team,” Eddy said with a cocky smile.

“How dared you,” Mr. Duncan said, raising his voice. “You can be expelled for such impertinent, disrespectful behavior.” He immediately stood up and angrily went over to a shelf, picked up a rather large, ¾-inch thick wood paddle, and threatened Eddy with it. “You come here right now, and bend over my desk, Mr. Eddy Jakes!”

“Of course, Coach Shithead, but first, you’ll want to see this.” And without a moment’s hesitation, Eddy placed his laptop on the Coach’s desk and clicked ‘play’ on a video icon.

The video recording was loud and clear: “Oh, OK ... well … yes, as you can see this young lad, who is now facing me, well, I unbuckled his pants like this, and I pulled down his underwear and …” He paused to correct himself. “Well, actually, before I pulled down his underwear and pushed my face into his crotch to smell the fantastic, sweet, musky, boy sweat smells which I ... I … I find so heavenly…well, I hope he didn’t mind, but I snuck my tongue under the leg hole of his briefs and tried to snake my tongue between his legs to lick his balls … I mean testicles. AAAHHHH, MY GOD! Oh, that is some sweet boy sweat odor! FUCK!” Mr. Duncan was clearly lost in what he was doing; he wasn’t even paying attention to the video cam.

As the coach watched his image and heard his voice, he was shocked and completely stunned. He stared at the video with his mouth open and couldn’t believe what he was seeing or hearing, nor could he look away. None of the students’ faces showed; in some scenes, their bodies showed only from the waist down.

“You can see how much his boy’s dick has grown and how hard it has gotten. Now, let me show you something else as I turn his lad around,” Coach Duncan said as he put his hands on the student’s slim waist, turned him around, and rotated his ass toward himself. “Now, see here? This ass cannot be properly licked clean in this state, so here’s a little trick I always use: I put each of my hands on one of his ass cheeks…I mean buttocks… and then pull them apart. Now I have a clear shot at his asshole...I mean anus. The idea is not to just lick up and down the butt cheek crease … ah … ass crack, but to stick my tongue in as deep as I can, like this … nath thy can thich heep thin hide his thass than teeth thimming thy thohge theep.”

Mr. Duncan then withdrew his tongue and took a much-needed breath. Now I can also eat his asshole, place my fingers on his dick ... I mean penis…and tickle his balls ... ah … I mean his testicles … and then …”


“Calm down, Mr. Shithead,” Eddy said slowly, almost in a whisper. “No, you did do this. True, it’s not your fault - you were hypnotized the same as Mr. Roberts was. You saw him in the video also, didn’t you?”

“Huh? What? Hypnotized? When?”

“None of the logistics matter, not at this point. In fact, as long as you behave, this video and all its copies will never see the light of day again.” Oddly, hearing that brought a sense of relief to the coach, and he did calm down. “And so now what?” Coach Duncan asked like a pleading little boy.

“Well, so that means I’m on the varsity basketball team starting today. Go ahead, make that change in the paperwork,” Eddy told him. Eddy knew he could put him under right there and then and cause Mr. Duncan to cheerfully make the promotion happen. Still, it was much more satisfying to not use hypnosis and to have the coach do what Eddy wanted knowingly. It was more fun that way, and Eddy felt much more powerful.

After careful thought and realizing he really had no choice, Coach Duncan nodded that he would do that. “OK? Are we done? And the video will never surface again?”

“Well, not exactly. You see, Rick also has a request.”


“Yes. Rick is a good first baseman and wants to be on the varsity baseball team.” Again, Mr. Duncan stared blankly and nodded in agreement. Mr. Duncan tried to spin different solutions in his mind. Every which way he tried, his imagined scenarios were disastrous. He was spent. After seeing the video, his answers to whatever the kids wanted could only be “yes.” His only hope was that they would eventually have mercy on him … at some point.

Then Mr. Duncan looked up at Eddy and said, “And … Bill Niles, here? What variety team does he want to be on?”

“Oh, Billy hates sports. He just wants to be excused from all sports and Phys Ed classes for as long as he is at this school. Just make up an excuse that he has a back injury or whatever, OK?”

“OK,” Mr. Duncan replied. “Well, is that it?”

“Yes. I don’t think we’ll put you through any more requests as long as you continue to behave … Mr. Shithead.” But at the last minute, Eddy explained something to Mr. Duncan to sort of let him off the hook. “You see, Shithead, this whole hypnotism thing really doesn’t involve you. We actually did this to get Mr. Roberts’ attention.”


“Mr. Roberts is one hot stud! God, we love his muscle-tight body. We love the flimsy, lightweight jogging shorts he wears on the track during his lunch hour. We’ll love making him our after-school sex slave. You just turned up somehow in the process, so we thought we’d as well work on you, too. We decided we could get the sports we wanted, or in Billy’s case, the no-sports he wanted. So, Mr. Roberts will be our on-call sex toy whenever we get horny, not you. Sorry, Shithead, but we don’t see you in the same light, with your flabby belly and such. I may want you to stay late some days and let Mr. Roberts fuck you up the ass, but ... well … it depends on my mood. But … if you keep us happy, we may just leave you alone for good.”

“We’d better be off, Shithead. Oh, and by the way. Do you have any personal problems like … wetting your pants?”

“NO! OF COURSE NOT! How absurd you are!”

“Oh, OK. Well, we’ll be seeing you around then. And by the way, don’t forget to water your fig,” Eddy said and paused.

“OH, FUCK! WHAT THE HELL?” Mr. Duncan was suddenly surprised to see himself pee in his workout sweats. The trio giggled and left.

The End

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