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Becoming a Pig Cop
Part 1 of 4

I enter the shower, sore, sweaty, and sticky, contemplating what direction my life had taken. So different from what I had expected or anyone would have ever imagined of me. My name is Tony Reyes. I’m 5’11 “, 175 lbs. with black hair fades about the sides, a clean-shaven face, and hazel green eyes. I work as a police officer in Delaware County, a suburb of Philadelphia. I have an athletic build, although not overly muscular, but defined. I work out three to four times a week. I have a light covering of hair on my chest, legs, and butt, a nice firm bubble buttock. I have always received compliments for my butt, never thinking much of it. I have a nice 7.5-inch cut thick dick. I am masculine and have never had any problems getting women. From as far back as high school, I always had a girlfriend or girlfriends. I was masculine and athletic, playing baseball and running track and field. I was popular and had many friends during high school and as a frat brother in college.

I lost my virginity at 15 with a girl I new in high school. I dated that girl for a while, then moved on to several others before graduating high school. Then went to college in Philadelphia, where I joined a frat Sigma Phi Epsilon and had several hot girlfriends. I experienced my first 3-way with two girls and even fucked one up the ass for the first time. I was a jock, a frat boy, and life was great. I met my wife at work. We both worked part-time as lifeguards at a public pool.

I had started working for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, where I met my wife, Susan. I enjoyed my job immensely from the get-go. It was what I had expected and more.
I had been an officer at this point for almost three years. I am 29, married for almost 3 years, and have enjoyed my life immensely. My best friend on the force was DeMarco, Cuban-born, like me. A group of about six or seven other officers also got together regularly to hang out after work or on days off.

Life became somewhat of a pattern. Most days, I’d wear my uniform to get ready to go to work, automatically changing my demeanor. Hence, I was in `work mode.’ I advised the dispatcher that I was “10-8” on duty and then started my patrol. Most calls were traffic violations, domestic violence, or thefts and burglaries. However, there were some calls that you always remember.

Fortunately, I have not had to use my gun for anything. I had always been able to handle all situations up to then with minor force. It was Memorial Day, and I was on patrol, responding to the 6th or so traffic call. When I arrived, it was a minor fender bender. A red pickup truck was rear-ended by a black Mustang. Arriving at the scene, I see a large black man talking with a petite young Latina and her presumed boyfriend. As I exited the cruiser, I assessed the scene before me; it was clear that the mustang was switching lanes and must have hit either a braking or slower-moving pickup in the lane the mustang was entering. As I approached the trio, I could see they were exchanging information. I started to notice that the tall black guy was staring at me strangely, making me feel uncomfortable. I actually had to look up to see his face and see him staring down at me. I could sense his sight on me but refused to look at him. I ask them for their licensees and registrations, then return to my cruiser to run a check.

I wrote out the incident report and the citation for the woman while glancing at the scene before me. I could see the black man looking back at my car. I was uncomfortable with the way I was reacting. I had never been one to feel threatened or insecure by another individual. Yet, this man had me nervous and self-conscious. My palms were sweaty, and I felt a light sheen of sweat breaking out on my brow. As I exited my cruiser, I began walking toward the group and felt apprehensive as I saw him glaring at me with a smirk on his lips. I tried to compose myself as I handed him back his documents and gave him a copy of the report. I nervously looked up at him and said, “Razi, you should contact her insurance company as soon as possible.” Then I turned to the girl and her companion and said, “Yours too,” handing her a citation for `reckless driving.’ Finally, this situation was over. I could leave and never see these people again. As the couple returned to their car, Razi called my attention and said he needed to ask me a few questions. At this point, I could feel my self-confidence and assertiveness start to wane as a nervousness I never experienced before entered my body. I watched the Latino couple drive away as Razi stared me straight in the eye. Then, an intimidating and powerful voice began asking me a string of personal questions, `How old’r you? Are you married or single? How long have you been a cop? What area you live in? What’s yur favorite part of the job?’

I thought he was just making friendly conversation. Still, he stared straight into my eyes, trying to weaken my confidence. He said that the “pussy" in the other car tried to blame him for the accident, saying he stopped on purpose. I explained that he didn’t have to worry about that and that he wasn’t at fault, and even if they took him to court, I would be there to verify my report and the citation I gave them. He thanked me with a handshake, nearly crushing my knuckles as he patted me on the back rather roughly, then said, “Hopefully, we’ll see each other again.” I told him that was highly unlikely as I turned to walk away. His next and final words then sent me practically running to the car. “Don’t discount me, lil’ pig-cop.”

Though shocked, I ignored his comment and got in behind the wheel. I was literally trembling and unsure of what was going on with me. As he got into his truck to drive off, he waved at me and smiled, licking his thick full lips at me hungrily. I was practically useless for the rest of that day. I performed my duties to the best of my abilities, then went home and jumped straight into the shower. I felt dirty but couldn’t understand the reasons why. I was angry at myself for letting him get the better of me and intimidate me. That evening I fucked my wife harder and rougher than I’d ever had before. I don’t know if I was subconsciously trying to recapture the masculinity I felt I lost temporarily or what? But my wife was surprised at my sudden aggression and said it was the hottest sex we had ever had.

The next few days were like business as usual. Saturday came, and my buddy Marco called, suggesting going to a sports bar for wings and beer and catching a game with our wives and friends. I felt the beer and game would do me good, so I agree. My wife and I got ready and headed to the Dover County sports bar. When we arrived, DeMarco and his wife Angela were there, along with two officers who had their wives as well and three other officers who were solo. Marco had always been a good friend and was the top officer in our station. Still, I was never intimidated by him nor ever felt inferior to him. We were counterparts, yet I sensed a difference in our relationship this evening. It felt like he was taking charge, being the more assertive and demanding one, while I suddenly became more passive. As I walked towards the counter to fetch more napkins, I looked up towards the entrance and immediately noticed Razi walking into the bar. He was with a young red-haired man. Our eyes locked as I felt all the blood drain from my face. My self-confidence quickly disappeared as I felt myself starting to tremble and stutter. He walked straight up to me boldly and said, “Well, hello, officer. What a surprise to see you here.”

“What the fuck?” I thought to myself, unsure how to handle the situation. Technically he hadn’t really done anything, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that he was about to. I didn’t trust him. So why was I so uncomfortable around him? What was this strange hold he had over me? He continued to speak, saying, “I hope yur havin’ a good night?” then added, “Maybe we’ll see each other again, real soon.” Then he leaned in closer and whispered, “Pig-cop.” I felt a shiver of Arctic cold air run up my spine as he smirked and walked away, heading towards a table with his male companion.

I tried returning to my table, rejoining the group, and putting aside my distractions. Still, I couldn’t help looking over at Razi’s table, catching him staring back at me openly, once again trying to intimidate me with just a look. When I averted my eyes, I could still feel him staring, even when I wasn’t looking. DeMarco, a cop at heart, noticed me looking and asked, “Who’s the black guy?”

“Just someone involved in an accident I responded to the other day,” I explained truthfully, unsure how else to describe it. “He was just saying `hi.’”

“Cool,” responded Marco, returning his attention to the game. I felt a great deal of relief, having avoided explaining what I was feeling. After a while, my wife decided she’d had enough and wanted to head home. DeMarco’s wife Angela also decided to leave, both getting bored of the game and offering to drop Susanne home along the way. I walked the ladies out to their cars, then watched as they started up and waved to them as they drove away. I was just about to head back in when I decided instead to hang outside for a smoke. I walked toward the end of the building, adjacent to an alley, vacating the entrance for non-smokers, and lit myself a cigarette, inhaling the smoke into my lungs. I’d only managed a few soothing puffs when I saw the front door open, then walked Razi out.

At first, I’d hoped he was leaving. But then it became evident that he’d come out looking for me specifically, as he walked straight over towards me and said, “Wussup Pig-boy? Out for a smoke?” I pretended my heart wasn’t thumping sorely in my chest, doing everything within my power not to look intimidated when he added, “Thought you’d left without sayin’ g’bye. Hadda come out and see if you were still here for me?”

“Look, buddy,” I said, blowing out a long trail of white smoke from my lips as I mustered up enough confidence to shout, “enough with the `pig’ shit, OK? It’s Officer Reyes. Show me some goddamn respect.”

“Well, look who put on his big PIG-panties and got `em all up in a bunch?” He joked at my expense as I stomped out my barely lit cigarette, ready to return to the bar before finishing it. Razi leaned in towards me, getting only inches away from my face. I could literally feel his warm breath on my skin. “Now, why don’t cha follow me into that alleyway and show me that pig-boy pussy you hidin’ back there,” he smirked, grabbing at my ass. I’d had enough.

“Dude!” I yelled, shoving my hands into his chest, barely moving him. He seemed to be about 230 lbs., five inches taller than me. “What the hell’s your problem? I’m a COP! I’m not gay! Get the fuck out of my face!”

“I never said you were gay,” snarled Razi, unaffected by the anger, frustration, and rage I’d had built up after days of self-doubt. He wasn’t even yelling at me. He simply leaned back in closer to me and added, “and I sho’ as hell don’t give a fuck bout you bein’ a cop.” He stared at me with those piercing brown eyes, looking as if staring straight into my soul. “I know you think yur tough n’shit,” he continued talking to me as if talking to one of his homeboys. “And that might even be true with yur white cracker friends and that bitch-ass wife of yurs, but I see what they don’t see, and I know what you ARE. What yur yet to discover.”

“Yeah? And what have I `yet’ to discover, asshole?” I asked daringly, taking an aggressive stance, gaining courage despite all the butterflies I felt swarming around in my stomach. His face frowned coldly, losing the smart-ass smirk he’d been holding earlier.

“That yur a born PUSSY-BOY, and that this big DICK is gonna show you the way,” he said confidently, more secure than any of my words to date. I stared at him defiantly, refusing to let him see me sweat. I started to brush by him, trying to retreat into the bar where I knew I had reinforcement waiting, but Razi sensing my ploy, suddenly grabbed me by the shirt and wrestled me into the nearby alley. I’d fought guys his size before and came out the victor, although I was fighting with a lot less confident now. We tussled briefly as he dragged me in-between buildings, gripped a handful of my hair, twisting it painfully at the roots, and tossed me around like a ragdoll. I fought back valiantly, wanting to go down swinging. Still, he threw me to the ground within seconds, forcing me onto my knees, my tan khakis damp and dirty from the alley asphalt. I was now facing his crotch, my vision blocked by his prominent dick bulge showing through his gray nylon basketball shorts. I felt my last resolve as I pushed him away by the hips, wanting some distance between his growing bulge and my face.

“Fuck you!” I yelled, staying in position on my knees. “Keep your fucking hands off me!”

“Shut up!” Razi snared back, bitch-slapping me across the face just hard enough to let me know he meant business. For a second, I saw stars, then he roughly grabbed my head and pulled me forward into his crotch, wallowing my face in his junk. I could distinctly feel the hardness of his cock against my face as he laughed, “Welcome home, bitch.” I reached up and pushed against his legs, trying to un-wedge my face from his mallet, but he was too strong. Not just physically strong but, more importantly, psychologically strong. I felt vulnerable and emotionally weak toward him. My only reprieve came when he pulled my head out of his crotch, then tilted my head upwards towards him, making eye contact. “Don’t resist, boy. It’s bout time you met the one thing you been missin’ yur whole life. The ONE thing yur gonna need from now on to survive.” he said, reaching into his waist to undo his drawstring, loosening up the slack around his shorts.

I struggled to get free, pulling back as hard as possible, but he tightened his grip on my hair and slapped me again across the face. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I felt paralyzed to do anything about it as I continued to kneel in front of him, my eyes focusing on his crotch as he pulled open the drawstrings, causing his shorts to drop an inch or so off his hips. Holding onto my hair with one hand, Razi lifted his tank top high enough to show off his abs. With his strong “V” shaped waistline coming into play, I could easily see the curly hairs of his pubes as my eyes once again focused on his package.

“Tell me what you want, Pig. My pig boy,” he said calmly, slapping me in the face again, drawing my attention back to his face and eyes, away from his crotch. “Tell me what you been missin’ in yur life? What you been denyin’ yurself. Tell me.” he ordered, waiting for an answer. I wouldn’t answer. I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I wasn’t gay. I didn’t want this.

‘WHY WAS I STILL HERE? WHY WAS I LISTENING TO HIM? WHY DIDN’T I FIGHT HARDER TO GET UP AND LEAVE? WHY DIDN’T I ARREST HIM?’ I screamed inside my head. I received another swift SLAP in the face. “Answer me bitch. I asked you a fuckin’ question,” he yelled, back-slapping me harder this time. “I’m not lettin’ go til you tell me what you have been missin’ in yur poor pathetic life.”

“Nothing,” I shouted rebelliously, refusing to give him what he wanted. He continued to hold tightly onto my hair and, SLAP!

“I could do this all day,” Razi warned, firmly gripping my hair. “I’ve broken pussy boys like you before,” he informed me. SLAP! “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I really don’t care which,” he added. SLAP! “Unless you want me to pull your pants down and drag you back into the bar and deliver you to yur friends?” he threatened, SLAP! “I can do that,” he warned. SLAP! “I bet they’d all laugh at you.” SLAP! I thought about Marco and the others sitting inside, imagining their expressions when this big muscled black guy dragged me back into the bar by my hair, pantsless, forcing me on my knees in front of them, pulling my face back into his crotch.

No way could that ever happen. I’d be laughed out of the force. It went against everything I learned in my training, but it took every ounce of my breath to say, “A COCK!” I blurted out loud, hoping that would appease him? SLAP!

“Wrong answer,” he responded, gripping my hair tighter, causing me to wench in pain as he raised his hand to SLAP me again.

“Fuck you,” I shouted, feeling dizzy and faint. But this had to stop. “YOUR cock. Your cock.” I screamed out correctly, feeling totally humiliated and emasculated. “I've been missing Your cock! Yours! Your big black cock! That's what I've been missing all my life." I shouted, literally crying as tears streamed down my face. Razi smiled, tapping me gently on my stinging cheek.

"Now, don’t you feel betta after admittin' it?" he smirked at my expense. I cried. Why am I so weak? So stupid. He’s not in charge of me. "Life's gonna get a lot easier for you now that you stop denyin' yur true callin'," he said, pulling my face back against his huge bulge. But this time, he was petting my head and speaking softly. I continued to cry uncontrollably. I could smell his sweaty, manly dick and balls through his shorts. I could feel his coarse black pubic hair displayed about his sagging waistband, where the root of his dick appeared. His bristly pubes were scratching against my clean-shaven face. The scent of his sweat was like an erotic musk filling my flaring nostrils like an aphrodisiac. I couldn't help breathing in his scent, getting high as I became lightheaded off his aroma. I'd never smelt anything like it before. It didn’t smell anything like my own crotch, sweaty or not. His dick was hard after breaking me, making me say what he wanted. I could feel his pants slipping further down his thighs as he got rougher with my face in his lap. Soon I could feel his thick, smooth shaft against my face as more of his cock became exposed.

"Lick it," Razi whispered.

Becoming a Pig Cop
Part 2 of 4

"Lick it," Razi whispered. I began licking at his pubic hair, my tongue washing through the black bristly curls and across the root base of his dick. It was not even a loud, strongly voiced demand but a slight whisper, and I obeyed! He inched his shorts down a little lower, exposing another inch. “That’s a good piggy boy.”I had to obey his command, and did. Then, he slowly slid them down another inch. “Oh, such a good little piggy. Ya, please, yur man, your big strong man.”

“Now, it’s yur turn.” I wondered what he meant. “I don’t need to pull my shorts down, do I? Now you gets to do that. You gets to earn your treat.” I started to grab them to quickly yank them down. But he knew that. “No, not like that, only one inch lower, and then wait for my command to proceed. And this time, you will add kissin’ with yur lickin’” Ah fuck! Why can’t we just get this over with? Let me lick his dick and then go back into the bar.

OK, I lowered his shorts another inch, now exposing four inches of his huge black dick, and I began to lick and kiss his meat all over. I didn't know how long his dick was, but I figured I was about halfway done.

After a few minutes, “Lower.” I did, slowly, as Razi told me. He had his hands on my head, not to force me to go quickly, but to hold me back, forcing me to go slower. He guided my head down, allowing me to lick along the hard shaft as I painted the dark brown skin wet with saliva and planted kisses everywhere. "Yeah bitch, lower. lick yur man’s fuck stick, make your man feel good.” About six inches was exposed, and then, “Lower, and moan like you mean it. Moan loud.” Now I was licking, kissing, and moaning… loudly.

“Lower.” Then, a bit later, “Lower. ‘ And again, “lower.” And I worked it - - no, I worshipped it! I was fucking worshipping his big black, fat, 9-inch cock. Now only the mushroom head-tip was hooked inside his waistband. It was going to spring free at any minute. I was going fucking crazy.

Razi never said “lower” again. He waited for me to please his dick so much that it would free itself. I licked, kissed, and moaned all the way to the barely-covered dick head. When I stuck my tongue to the edge of the crown to lick there, BINGO! His big stiff 12-inch dick sprang upward and bounced like a diving board, fully erect in front of me. I actually fell backward in surprise and just stared at it bobbing.

"Show me how much you want it, Pig." I looked up at him, my eyes begging him not to make me do this or turn me into a cocksucker. Licking was one thing, but sucking?

“Please. Mr. Razi, I’m a Delaware County Sheriff's Deputy. I’m an officer of the law. Please don’t make me.” I teared up and sobbed. “Please don’t turn me into a cock sucker.”

His glare told me that he wouldn't let me off the hook. I knew what he wanted. I knew what I needed to do. I knew it was inevitable. I leaned back in, extending my tongue, then slowly licked up the underside of his cock, where I had not licked before, painting it wet all over. "Don't forget the head, bitch," Razi reminded me. Shit, it tastes like chocolate, doesn't it? Now you know why so many peeps'r addicted to the black dick." I licked along the underbelly, inching my way toward the head, getting my first taste of his pre-cum. It was much saltier than I ever could have imagined. "Much better," he complimented, watching me wash the tip, licking away all the droplets forming at the piss-slit. "Now, let’s suck some dick." I half wanted him to pull my mouth onto it, so I was not doing it voluntarily, but Razi waited for me to do my job. “Open wide and come forward.” I did. He aligned his thick black angry-looking rod up to my shocked, open, and not yet ready to be fucked mouth.

Just then, suddenly, out of nowhere, we heard voices and footsteps approaching the alley as a small group of people was walking by, heading to their cars. Razi and I froze like statues, him with his power tool at my face while I knelt before him on my knees with my mouth agape. I thought this was my chance to get away, yet I just stayed there on my knees, praying no one walking by the alley would see me in this position. How embarrassing would it be to be found on my knees in the dirt with a big 12-inch stuffed down my throat? Neither of us made a sound as the voices faded, then we heard two car engines start up and drive away.

Most guys say a big dick is 12 inches, but they exaggerate. I am not. Razi is a big man with a huge dick, at least 12 inches. I know. I had it down my throat!
Razi glared back down at me and said, "You look hungry, Piggy. You must know it's feedin' time," he joked, picking up where he left off. "Open wide and remember, no teeth, or I'll knock `em down yur fuckin' throat." Then he stuck his cock in my mouth. `OH GOD,' I thought, feeling his big dick pierce my oral cavity, weighing heavily against my tongue, ready to cut off my main source of oxygen. I had a cock in my mouth. I was now officially a cocksucker.

Razi was being careful. He had big plans for me. So he worked it in gradually a couple of inches in my mouth, my lips closing in around it, tasting the indescribable flavor for the first time. My mind was all dazed, and my head was spinning in circles. It was all so surreal, an out-of-body experience like watching a movie on home video. He held his cock in my mouth for a few minutes, letting me get used to the taste and feel before he started moving it back and forth, sliding it in and out of my mouth. I'd had blowjobs from a few girls since my first sexual experience, and up until this point, I'd never wondered what it'd feel like to have a cock in my mouth. I never understood why some women act like it’s totally degrading when so many gay men love it. Until now. Razi sawed his cock back and forth, feeding my mouth his heavy sausage as my lips stretched to accommodate him. I couldn't believe I had a cock in my mouth, choking and gagging when he shoved in too much too soon.

"Urrrkkkggg.." I gagged as he pulled back and started slapping me over the face with it. I was surprised by how heavy his cock felt. It was like a club, the meaty shaft slapping against me with a `THUD' sound. He shoved it back in my mouth, trying to go deeper, pulling my head forward with both hands until the dickhead bunched up in the back of my mouth. I choked on his thick shaft, causing my mouth to cough out spit all over the place. When he released my head, I fell backward on my heels, clutching my aching throat as I gasped for breath.

“Razi, but I’m a cop. Please don’t make me.”

"Don't worry, Piggy, you’ll get better once yur used to it." I took a deep breath as I lifted my head, his spit-wet prick poised in front of me again as I opened my mouth. Razi re-stuffed my mouth full, nearly unhinging my jaw as he pushed to the back of my mouth and started thrusting. I'd never had anything so BIG in my mouth before, finding it difficult to maneuver. Razi pulled back out and SLAPPED me across the face, kind of hard, reminding me about my teeth. Before I could reply, he shoved his dick back in and resumed fucking my face. I had to stretch my jaws as wide as I could, trying to keep my teeth from the thrusting flesh ravaging my mouth. He held onto my hair as he fucked, banging his dickhead into the back of my mouth, making me gag. When he pulled his cock from my mouth the second time, I figured it was to slap me again for scratching his cock with my teeth? But he surprised me by grabbing my head and tilting my face toward him. When I noticed he was starting to lean toward me with pursed lips, I wondered, was this maniac really trying to kiss me? As if this were some romantic moment of sorts? Using his fingers to wedge open my mouth, he leaned in close and spat directly in my mouth.

"Uhg." I groaned, disgusted, feeling totally disrespected as he stood upright once again and physically pushed his cock back in my mouth and continued fucking. I was in total shock, feeling even less of a man than before, feeling his dick flex steely hard in my mouth as he fucked.

"Alright," he said, almost as if he regretted that his fun time was ending. "We're running short on time. So yur gonna have to be a quick study from here on out." Re-adjusting his hand on my head until I was at the desired angle. Unsure what he meant by that statement, I tried to suck his cock normally when he suddenly gripped my head firmly with both hands and started ramming into the back of my throat. "UrrkkggURRKKKGGG.." I choked and gagged as his cock bored through my windpipe, ramming into my esophagus, lodging into my ballooning bullfrog neck, and causing my eyes to bulge wild. He only kept his cock there for a second before pulling back out as I choked and shuttered from the unexpected assault. I'd barely had a second to recover when he rammed himself back in, forcing his way back into my throat, pulling my face into his pube hairs, forcing me to deep throat.

"URGGGKKK. URRKKKGG." I gagged before he released my head, allowing me to fall back against the wall with spit drooling down my face. He gripped my hair and forced his spit-coated cock back in my mouth, face-fucking me frantically, making me vomit when he yanked back out, allowing me to fall forward on my hands and knees. I threw up some of the wings I'd eaten earlier, losing a lot of the beer, as it all spilled out onto the ground, tears streaming down my cheeks. I pleaded for him to stop, but he grabbed my head again and re-rammed my mouth and throat with his big cock, penetrating straight down into the curve of my neck, battering my sore esophagus. He did this several times, leaving it in longer each time until he was finally fucking my slimy spit-soaked face with his fully hard ramrod. Spit and drool were rolling down my chin and neck, drenching the front of my shirt. He fucked my face for what felt like an eternity, crash-course training me with deliberately deep rough strokes.

I, a Delaware County Sheriff's Deputy, was powerless to stop it, feeling his big dick dig through my throat like a power tool, causing my stomach to lurch violently, his thick cock blocking me from throwing up. Every so often, he'd pull me off his dripping cock, then lean down and spit onto my face before continuing my throat fuck. I was so delirious and dazed from a lack of oxygen that I felt near passing out. Razi pulled out a few minutes later, leaving my mouth, face, chin, shirt, and the pavement below drenched in thick drool, phlegm, and pre-cum. My throat was so raw and sore that I could barely speak in protest. He lifted me to my feet by my ears, giving me the impression that we were done. I was so relieved that my unusual torture was finally over. Feeling filthy, disgusting, and ashamed all at once, I needed to get away and get cleaned up. I was still trying to figure out HOW this all happened to me, still at a loss at how he picked me for this. When he suddenly turned me around and pushed me face-front against the wall, shoving his hand into my back, telling me, "We ain't done here yet, sweet pea." I felt fear stranglehold me again as he stood behind me, out of my view of sight.

"I told you I wanted some of that PIG-pussy," Razi reminded me, standing close behind, killing any chances of me bolting for the street. "So why don’t cha take off those fuckin' pants before I rip them off, and you'll have to explain to yur hoe-wife what happened to them." I had no doubt he would do as he said as I started to undo my belt, opening the snap on my khakis and lowering the zipper. Getting impatient with me, he grabbed the waist of my pants and physically yanked them off my legs in one swift move. "We ain't got all night, bitch." He scoffed and shoved my face against the wall while he pulled my waist back towards him. I could feel his free hand all over my butt, gripping, groping, squeezing, and slapping it roughly, imagining how his cock would feel stuffed inside it.

"Please, Mr. Razi," I begged as I looked back at him pleadingly from over my shoulder, trying to spear the last shreds of my manhood, my dignity -trying to save my ass. "Please don't fuck me. I’ll… I’ll… suck you off again, and you can cum all over my face. I won't tell anyone. No one would know. Nothing will happen to you. I promise. Please let me go." Razi laughed hardily. But you’d have a Delaware County Sheriff's Deputy sucking your dick? You’d be the big man. You’d be the boss if a cop.”

"Pig, you ain't understandin' me," he said, ignoring my pleas. "I’m already the big man, your boss. I'm takin' that Delaware County Sheriff's Deputy’s ass! And I'll be ownin' it from now on." Then he showed me his huge fist. "I'll give you 30 seconds to get back on yur knees and get this cock nice and wet with yur slobber, or I'm rammin' it up yur ass dry! You best keep quiet unless you want yur buddies in there to know their friend is a pig pussy for black dick. Startin' now, bitch. 30, 29, 28," he started counting down. I immediately spun around and dropped to my knees, and started slobbering all over the big hard cock in front of me. I coated it in as much spit and drool as I could muster, leaving it dripping slimily with thick strands of salvia all over. He picked me back up and spun me around when he got down to zero. "Lose the shirt. I want you naked, now. Right here in this alley, 10 feet from the street.” He didn’t wait for me. He pulled off my shirt over my head, then rolled it tightly and wrapped it around my head and mouth, tying it in the back and using it as a gag to keep me quiet. "Reach back with both hands and spread that pig ass open for me. I wanna see that virgin pussy." Totally humiliated, I reached back and cupped each cheek in my hand, then pulled them apart, exposing my asshole to someone for the first time.

"That's a nice cunt, Pig," he said with a husky voice, bending down behind me for a better look. I heard him hack up phlegm from the back of his throat, then felt him spit it into my hole twice. I had never felt more vulnerable to anyone before in my life. I felt emasculated, having lost myself and fearing I would never physically or emotionally survive this experience. I’M A FUCKING POLICE OFFICER! I WANTED TO SCREAM. He stood up, grabbed my waist, then pushed the large head of his cock against my virgin asshole. I clenched my jaws around the wadded shirt stuffed in my mouth, closed my eyes, and waited for the inevitable pain. I didn't wait long. A second later, he rammed his hips forward, violently penetrating my rectal ring, the bulbous head piercing straight into me like a punch to the gut. My anal muscles clenched together tightly automatically to try to keep him out. He burst through anyway, ramming 1/4 of his cock into me before stopping. He pulled back, giving me a little relief, but when it felt like his cockhead was about to pull free, he rammed back in, pushing more into me, stretching my hole out.

I screamed out into my shirt, biting down on the material, trying not to yell too loudly or cause unwanted attention from the street. In the distance, I heard voices as panic sat in. I would be found with my pants around my ankles and a big cock stuffed in my ass. But the voices quickly faded as they walked by the alley, paying no attention to what was happening inside. The pain is indescribable. It felt as if my asshole was being ripped apart. It burned like hot coals and hurt like a gunshot wound, and he was just beginning this assault on my ass. He pushed all the way in, causing more pain to shoot through my bottom until he passed a certain point where my ass just opened and was able to slide the rest inside in one long but swift move. I soon felt the coarseness of his pubes scratching against my ass. "Congratulations, bitch," he whispered huskily into my ear, "You've got it all in there. I officially own this pussy now." I groaned, defeated, into my shirt.

Razi ground himself around inside me for a few minutes making himself at home inside me, churning his meaty rod around in my overpacked, overstuffed gut. When he pulled back, it felt like my entrails were being ripped out with his cock, as my sphincter muscles fought to lock it in, refusing to let it go as it slipped out about five or six before being rammed back up inside me, rising me up onto my tiptoes. He started a hard/fast rhythm, fucking me steadily, ignoring my painful groans and grunts as he rammed himself in and out quickly with sharp, long strokes. It was the most excruciating pain I'd ever felt in my entire life. I panicked that my asshole would never recover and that I'd have to have surgery to sow my hole back together again. How would I explain to my wife and colleagues that I slipped, fell down a flight of stairs, and ripped open my asshole?

I leaned in against the wall, my face and chest lying flat against the bricks with Razi's hand pushing straight into my back, keeping my hips pulled back towards him as he rammed my ass with harder, stronger thrusts. "You got a nice tight pussy back here, Pig-boy," he gloated. Then he removed the shirt gag. “Now tell me this is my very own Delaware County Sheriff's Deputy’s pig ass to own.”

“Yes, sir, I’m your Delaware County Sheriff's Deputy’s pig ass to fuck and own.”

He loved the way my asshole tightened and squeezed around him as the sphincter muscles fought for the right to protect the rectum. "luckily for you, this tight cunt's gonna might make me nut quick, spearin' you a longer fuck." he explained, slapping my ass hard, fucking me with deep probing strokes, ramming through me quicker and faster. Razi leaned in closer behind me, pressing his chest against my back, as he suddenly unexpectedly reached in around my waist and grabbed my dick for the first time, causing me to look down as his big dark hand wrapped around my stiff hard-on. `Oh fuck' -I thought to myself, noticing for the first time that my cock was hard. How the hell did that happen? Certainly, it wasn't from the fucking? All I felt was terrible pain shooting through my ass, making me want to pass out. Indeed that wasn't what was making me hard? That's when Razi chimed in

"Yeah, Pig, I knew you’d liked it." Becoming a Pig Cop
Part 3 of 4

"Yeah, Pig, I knew you’d liked it," he teased, licking along the back of my neck, taunting me. "I can tell by yur hard-on that yur lovin' this," he gloated, "no normal guy would have a full-blown erection with a dick as big as mine rammin' his ass for the first time, which could only mean yur a natural born pussy-boy bottom. I knew it from the start. From the moment I saw you in uniform, yur sweet hot ass was beggin' to be fucked hard and raw. Yur finally gettin' what you always wanted. How's it feelin,’ bitch?" I had no idea what he was talking about. I never wanted this. I never wanted to get fuck by a man, by any man. I continued to look down, watching his hand stroke up and down my 7.5" cock, making it look smaller in his larger stroking fist. His other hand was roaming up over my chest and stomach, pulling my body back onto his cock as he thrust his hips into me, driving himself in deeper. I whimpered and grunted through my shirt, feeling the continuous plunge of his cock going ever deeper into my bowels, destroying my anal muscles as my sphincter muscles started to wane in defeat, laying wreckage to my entrails.

"Fuck, this ass is good," he moaned erotically in my ear, his hot breath on my neck as he leaned in against my back, stroking me faster. I groaned and moaned as his hand sped up on my cock, making it throb while he ravaged my aching hole. I tried steeling myself mentally so I couldn't feel any pleasure from his hand, but my cock already felt like it was reaching its boiling point. I could feel my loins heating up as I closed my eyes and fought against cumming. There was no way I could cum with a cock in my ass. That would just be gay. I was torn about how I could have a hard-on while my body was brutally violated. What was wrong with me? I couldn't possibly like this, could I? I’m a fucking cop! No way.

I felt my body starting to tremble as my cock got steely-hard in his stroking hand, causing me to hump his fist. I groaned, finally feeling some sort of pleasure in this assault, as his hand started to feel erotically good. I soon realized there was no way I could avoid coming. Razi was planning my climax to happen when his dick was still up my ass, using that fact to humiliate me further. He grunted angrily, but I’m not giving him satisfaction. I refuse to participate in my own demise. But I could not help it. “AAAAAHHHHHH!” I yelled aloud as the cum suddenly erupted from my flaring cock, shooting my future babies all over the bar wall, coating it in juices.

I could hear Razi laughing in my ear, feeling my cock jerk in his fist as it spits five or six wads against the bricks. I groaned in despair, hanging my head in shame, having lost all shreds of my manhood from coming with a cock in my asshole like a fucking fagot. I'd never known it was possible. How could this have happened to me, a county sheriff? Why did I deserve this? Razi released my cock, wiping droplets of my sperm over my chest and cleaning his hand. He grabbed my waist with one hand, then gripped a fistful of my hair with the other, yanking my head back painfully as he fucked me harder on purpose, making me make more noise, almost as if he wanted us to get caught? Given its incredible difficulty, I tried my best to stay as quiet as possible, with a massive black harpoon spearing through my guts like a lance. I wondered if there would be any permanent damage left behind. Would I ever be able to walk, sit, or shit regularly again?

"Look at me, pig boy," Razi demanded, twisting my head around by the roots of my hair, making me look back at him through tearful bloodshot eyes. "I wanna see yur face when I seed this cunt for the first time," he stated through grit teeth. "Yur gonna get this nut soon, and when I cum, I'm gonna shoot my load in your cop pussie ass, makin' it forever, my cunt." Then he fucking me harder as he slams me into the brick wall.

"No, please, kind, sir, Mr. Razi, please," I begged. “I have a wife. Kids. Please don't cum in me. Shoot it on my back, on my butt, on my face. Yes, shoot it in the face of a Delaware County Sheriff's Deputy. I don't care. Just don't shoot it in me, please? I’m begging you." I pleaded on deaf ears.

"Naw, bitch, I'm gonna breed you, put my brand in you, and claim this pussy as mine."

"Oh god," I groaned fearfully as he fucked me extra-rough for another few minutes solid, his monster cock growing thicker and steelier as it wrecked my vitals like a runaway semi crashing through helpless cars on a highway. I bit my lower lip, nearly drawing blood. It was all I could do to keep from screaming out loud as my asshole was pillaged and plundered beyond belief. Then with one final plunge, Razi rammed himself gut-deep and held himself somewhere in my stomach. I could feel his big dick pulsating wildly inside me like an erratic heartbeat, then it suddenly multiple pulsing EXPLOSIONS!

"ARRHHHGGG..." he bellowed out loud like an awaking bear, alerting anyone walking nearby that he'd just come. I felt him bucking and jerking behind me as his big dick shot 10 to 12 scorching hot molten lava-like spurts of cum directly into my burning colon, coating my aching innards in thick, rich spooge. I groaned the ultimate humiliation and shame, feeling the final degradation as another man's sperm, now seared into my bowels, branded me forever as a broken man. My alpha male cop persona, masculinity, dignity, and self-respect would never be the same again. I'd lost everything in that moment as his big dick pumped fresh seed into me, filling my body with his reproductive juices. He stayed inside of me for a few minutes, letting his cock drain as it slowly softened to half-mast. I could hear him panting breathlessly behind me, his arms holding me tightly, refusing to let me go until his orgasm was complete. Once finished, I felt him pull out, yanking his softening prod smoothly from my wounded, violated, and no longer virgin hole. Leaving me feeling completely empty, sore, and dripping wet inside. With his cock now gone, I could feel my anus throbbing sorely, painfully, as his excess semen started to escape my pulsing hole and run down the backs of my legs, adding to my feeling of disgrace.

As Razi let go of my body, I felt myself slipping helplessly down the side of the wall, my buckling knees no longer supporting my weight. Standing over me, his shorts still down around his ankles, he bent down. He searched my pants pockets for my wallet, pulling out my driver's license to learn my name, "Antonio Reyes," he read aloud, staring at my photo ID, "1441 Christian Lane," he concluded, looking straight at me like I was a disgusting piece of shit. "Now I know who you are and where you live." My stomach was in knots. I looked up at him, defeated, having been fucked and bred by this big black dude who claimed my ass as his and now was threatening to keep it for future use. "Here," he offered, tossing my wallet on the ground beside me, handing me his cell phone after typing something in it. "Enter yur phone number in your list of contacts, and it better be yur real number. I have yur information and will show up at your house if I can't call you." Feeling his threat was real, I entered my real cell phone number into the contact he labeled, `Pig Pussy', cringing when I read it before handing him back his phone.

Razi pulled his shorts up over his hips, tying the front string around his waist, his big dick still showing prominently as a bulge. He started telling me how things were going to be from now on. How I would make myself available to him at any hour of the day at his convenience. "The only excuse I'll accept is if yur workin' and unavailable. Otherwise, I expect you to flip on that police siren and come runnin' to my location as if it was a fire. I don't care if yur on patrol; I'll expect to see you down on yur knees servicin' my dick in uniform. If yur out with yur hoe, I expect the same. I don't care if yur in the middle of makin' love, you yank yur lil' punk dick out of that bitch and come runnin'. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to visit yur house and tell that sweet blonde bitch that her man takes dick probably better than she does. Don't think I won't do it, yur not the only guy I've flipped and turned, cocksucker. Understand?"

"Yes sir, Mr. Razi," I answered meekly, even though I had no idea how to pull this off. He looked down at me and laughed as I sat half lying on the ground, back against the cum-covered wall, with my pants bunched down around my ankles. I must've looked quite a sight, even to him.

"You wanna know how I pegged you a pussy pig boy so fast within five minutes of meetin' you at that accident?" Razi asked. I looked up from his crotch wearily. "How I knew you wanted it from the moment I saw you? I could see it in yur eyes. Every time I'd look at you, you'd look away or look down at yur clipboard like it was a safe zone or somethin', too scared to make eye contact with me. It might not've been noticeable to anyone else there. Still, I read you loud and clear, Antonio Reyes, Delaware County Sheriff Deputy. You wanted it bad. You were makin' my dick so hard. That stupid bitch and her boyfriend, Ramon, kept thinkin' my hard-ons were for her, but I was thinkin' of YOU the whole time, waitin' for a moment like this when I could get you alone and show you what you were created for. I was so tempted to fuck you right there in that parkin' lot after they left, but I knew I had to wait, to build on yur anticipation and fear, to make you really hot for it like you were tonight. I knew we'd meet again, eventually. Yur dick was so hard in my hand, I never had any doubt you'd love it.”

"That Puerto Rican chick kept eyein' my dick and makin' google-eyes at me, tryin' to get me in her pussy, but little did she know that the next day her boyfriend, Ramon, was the one bent over takin' my big dick up his ass. I'd taken his information also and called him the next day to discuss the accident man to man. Ramon tried to play it all tough as you did, but not twenty minutes later, he was chokin' on my dick and takin' it up the ass like a prison cunt. Left two loads in his sloppy pussy too. That accident was the best thing to happen to me in a long time. Got two new pussies out of it." Razi gloated, feeling pretty good about himself. “Yes, I gots me two bitches, a Delaware County Sheriff Deputy, and a Puerto Rican slut, soon to be my other fagot whore. Guess that’s what you’d call a lucky accident.” He laughed.

"You can get dressed, now bitch," Razi told me as he prepared to leave. "I gotta get back to the pussy I came in with," referring to his companion in the bar, who was a 30ish white guy, about 5'7 or 8 inches tall, with reddish hair and a little bit of a belly. He ain’t gonna like that you took her load." He laughed as he walked away, leaving me alone to contemplate everything he said. I continued to sit there for a few more minutes, trying to get my composure. I'd just discovered that my attack, my rape, was brought on because of something I did, something in my eyes. What was it? Was I projecting something that he could read? That I liked this kind of shit? If he could see, who else could see it? Was I a walking, breathing poster screaming out, “fucked and abused me?”

Realizing someone would soon come out of the bar for a smoke or to use the dumpster, I decided to get up and get dressed before I got caught with my pants down, literally. My body, my ass, and my throat hurt severely as I struggled weakly to my feet. My sore asshole screamed in protest as more semen escaped my ruined anal ring, spilling out and down the backs of my legs in tiny rivers. It was so humiliating as I pulled up my underwear and pants, fastening them around my waist. I untangled my shirt before pulling it on overhead, feeling the cool wetness from my spit and drool all over it. I looked down and noticed my pants were filthy and stained, and my shirt was wrinkled and wet. I organized myself as best I could, matting down my disheveled hair, trying to make myself more presentable before returning to my friends, and hoping no one would notice my sudden change. I staggered out of the alley where I'd lost my anal virginity and back into the sports bar. I immediately noticed Razi sitting at his table with his girlfriend. They both looked back at me as Razi smirked, and his lady frowned. I guessed he'd just told her about our encounter in the alley. I walked by their table feeling like I'd just fallen down an elevator shaft and headed towards my friends. I noticed there were only three of them left. I walked up and took a seat, realizing I'd missed the rest of the game.

"Dude, I thought you had left?" said DeMarco. Then, looking back at me strangely, "What the hell happened to you?" I explained that while I was outside having a smoke, I noticed a couple having trouble with their car, so I got under the hood and helped them get it started. Thankfully Marco was drunk enough not to ask any more questions and eager to get home to fuck his wife. He said his goodbyes, paid his portion of the bill, then walked out along with our two other buddies. I noticed Razi and his companion, that 40ish-looking white guy, about 5'7 inches tall, with reddish hair and a little bit of a belly, walking out behind them. I continued to sit for a while, finishing up our beers as I tried to collect myself. How can I go home? What would I say to my wife? Why had I let this happen? I was a police officer, for Christ’s sake. How could I have let things get so far out of hand? How could I be no worse off than any girl unable to defend herself from a rapist? How could I expect to help other people if I couldn't help myself?

I sat terrified that this situation could get a lot worse if the guys in my department were to ever learn about what happened to me. Not only would I be the laughing stock, no one would want to work with me again, and no one would respect me. Who would want a guy as backup who couldn't keep himself from being raped by one Black dude? After about 20 minutes, I decided to head home. I reached into my pocket for my wallet to pay my bill when I noticed my driver's license was missing. I thought back to the alleyway and realized Razi had pocketed my ID when he searched through my wallet. He knew my name and address and could come by at any time to do to my wife what he did to me in the alley. I'd have to change the locks just to be careful. I left the sports bar and headed back to my car, heading for a life of uncertainty.

The drive home was about 30 minutes, all of which I drove in a complete haze, having no idea how I got there. The lights were all off, so I knew Susanne was asleep. I cut off the engine and got out of the car, stifling a scream as another sharp pain shot through my ass. I nearly buckled again like in the alley as I latched onto the car door for support, keeping myself upright.

Once inside, I quietly headed for the bathroom, locking the door behind me, which I normally never did. I remove my clothes, placing them in a plastic bag instead of the hamper, not wanting my wife to find my soiled clothes. When I got to my underwear, I felt my heart beating faster. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband and slowly pulled them off my hips, looking at the inside seat as they slid past my knees towards the floor. My heart nearly stopped when I noticed BLOOD in the ass of my shorts. "oh my god," I said to myself, knowing my asshole had bled during the rape.

Turning on the shower, I adjusted the water to HOT, climbed in, and washed up. The water started to scold against my skin, but I didn't care. I just wanted to wash off the dirt and grime of my ordeal, wanting no trace of what happened to me. I washed up several times, staying in the shower far longer than usual, scrubbing every inch of my body, brushing my teeth and tongue, and washing out any traces of his cock and cum. Then, I bagged up clothes, except for my underwear. They were too far gone with the blood and cum stains in the rear. Now, all cleaned up, I went to bed, being careful not to wake Susan.

I awoke in the morning from dreams of someone grabbing me, physically dragging me into an alley, forcing me to my knees, and slapping me about the face with something hard. My mouth was forced open, and the club beating my face suddenly rammed into my mouth, choking me and making me vomit. I was then pulled to my feet and assaulted further when he yanked down my pants and rammed his thick throbbing club up my unprotected ass, fucking me roughly, violently, until he blasted his hot load in my ass, flooding my once virgin ass with his searing juice. I jumped up in my sleep, realizing it wasn't a dream but reality. An unconscious memory. It was then that I looked down and noticed my wife's beautiful blonde head bobbing in my lap, her dainty mouth sliding up and down my solid 7.5" shaft, sucking my cock while I slept.

"You're awake," she surmised, looking up at me with a grin. "I saw your cock was erect this morning and realized I'd fallen asleep last night, so we didn't have a chance to make love," she stated coyly. “You must have had some wild, sexy dream, honey.” My face turned red.

I usually patrol alone, what with all the city budget cuts effectively cutting the police force in half. It's never bothered me before, but since my `attack,' I suddenly felt all alone out there on the streets by myself. Every call, every incident, every citizen in distress was a potential threat just waiting for an opportunity to happen, another rapist looking to get me alone in an alleyway.

The days became routine and mundane again, as 2 weeks had passed since my `incident' with Razi. My asshole had stopped hurting, and I was starting to feel somewhat like my old familiar self. I'd fucked my wife a few more times just to prove to myself that I was still the man I'd always been. No fags lived here, and I was starting to hope that my encounter in the alleyway was just an isolated incident or that Razi had been a bad dream? I suddenly noticed an unknown number on my phone's caller ID. Almost immediately, I had a feeling of dread washing over me. I fully suspected it was HIM, even though I didn't have his number. I decided not to answer it, wishing to leave that part of my life in the past. But then he texted, telling me I had five minutes to return his call or he was going over to my house to talk with my wife. I called him back immediately. `Why didn't you answer the fuckin' phone?' he barked into my ear, demanding, confident, and angry.

"I'm driving on duty," I explained, "I didn't recognize the number."

“This yur last and ONLY chance, Pig-bitch,” Razi said unsympathetically. “Don't answer yur phone again, and I'll do to that skank wife of yurs what I did to you. Understand?”

"Yes," I answered, pulling my cruiser to the side of the road for privacy as the department records the inside of our vehicles for security reasons.

“What time do you get off today?” he asked as I stepped away from the car.

"6 pm."

“Cool. Meet me at the Motor Inn out by the airport at 6:30. Be naked, kneeling and leave the door unlocked. And don't be late.”

"OK," I said, searching my uniform for a pen and paper. “Could you repeat that?" The phone clicked, and I just heard the dial tone. I Google-searched the Motor-Inn at the airport and saw that it was just about a 20-minute drive from my current location. I called my wife and told her I'd be doing a little overtime tonight. She understood.

I arrived early and pulled up at the motel on an industrial highway, realizing it was a place frequently used for afternoon delights with hourly rates. I couldn't possibly park my Delaware County police-issued vehicle in a place like that, so I drove down about two blocks past the place and parked. I also didn't want to wear my uniform there, so I pulled a change of clothes I had stored in the trunk and got changed in the car. At 6:30, he texted me again, telling me to purchase a room, text him back the room number, and wait naked and freshly cleaned `out' when he arrived. Realizing I needed cash, not wanting a place like that showing up on my debit card, and ducked into the closest store with an ATM and withdrew $200 just in case. I walked back to the motel and asked for a room. The clerk took $100 from me, then gave me a key. I texted the room number to Razi, then made my way up to it on the second level, immediately got undressed, and jumped in the shower to bathe. Halfway through my shower, I suddenly realized what he meant by being `freshly' cleaned out. Then I grabbed the small, scented motel soap and thoroughly washed my asshole, even darting my finger inside to ensure it was also clean inside. I couldn't believe I was doing this, fingering out my asshole and purchasing a room for my own degradation.

Once finished, I got out, dried off, and waited. In a couple of minutes, the unlocked door opened. I was shocked to see Razi with the motel clerk who entered with him. I knelt there nervously, unsure of what was about to happen. Razi walked up and told me to “say hello to me properly, Pig," then pulled my face into his groin, humiliating me in front of the desk clerk. I could hear the man laughing, telling Razi, “I see you've got another one.” Razi laughed back with him, then fished his cock out of his pants and proceeded to SLAP it over my face with it like a nightstick like in my dream. Then he rammed it in my mouth before shutting the door in the clerk's face. Thankfully, I originally feared I'd have to service both of them.

"Where's yur uniform, Pig-boy?" asked Razi noticing my civilian clothes folded neatly on the chair, holding my head down in his lap, his big thick 12" dark dick lodged painfully in my throat, making me choke and gag and unable to answer. I thought I might vomit again, but then he pulled back, sliding free from my throat before shoving it back in again. I could feel his cock forcing its way down into the curve of my throat, making my neck balloon awkwardly. I could feel his hairy balls slap against my chin, his coarse pubic hair scratching against my nose.

"URRKKKGG.." I gag about the thick base of his entire cock lodged deeply in my throat.

"Don't vomit, bitch," Razi commanded, releasing his hold, allowing me to fall backward on the heels of my feet, panting breathlessly.

"Take off my clothes." he barked as I caught my breath and stood up, then started to unbutton his shirt, folding it neatly to place in the chair overtop mine. I helped him off with his t-shirt, then crouched back down in front of him and pulled off his shoes, socks, and slacks, no underwear, folding them all and gently placing them one atop the other.

"Get on the bed," he demanded. I scurried quickly, walking ahead of him, not wanting to anger him. He slapped my ass and shoved me toward the bed. I climbed onto the bed awkwardly, not knowing what position to take. "On yur back, bitch." I laid back and waited for him. Razi climbed onto the bed after me, on his knees, pulling my head closer to his groin as he re-fitted his cock back into my mouth and started to face-fuck me. I merely had to keep my mouth open and my teeth covered as he pulled my head back and forth along the length, making me go deeper and deeper until I felt his cock in my throat again. I gagged a few times, trying to pull back to keep from choking, but he'd simply tightened his hold and forced himself in further, making my throat conform around his shaft. I could feel his cock cutting off my oxygen. I tried breathing through my nose, which quickly became clogged with snot. It became tough to breathe.

Becoming a Pig Cop
Part 4 of 4
I gulped in air whenever I could around his cock, trying to keep from suffocating. Once he was in my throat, he leaned in over my head, body flat and straight, in pushup position, and started to seriously fuck my face on each downward movement.
I could feel his cock pushing into my throat then pulling back, repeatedly, into my esophagus as he fought past my bruised throat muscles and picked up speed and suddenly dumped his huge load into me without any warning.

"Urrhh, I'm comin', bitch," was all he said, holding his cock in deep as the strange sensation of the first four or five spurts shot directly down my throat. I never knew such a thing was possible, as my wife never sucked me as deeply.

"ARRHHHHHHHH," he cried out loud, pulling back slightly to finish off in my mouth, letting me taste his sperm for the first time. I could feel his cock jerking and pulsating thickly between my parted lips, pumping me full of fresh cum. I could feel his sperm pooling in my mouth, feeling heated from resting in his balls all day. I kept the cum in my mouth, even as he pulled out and stared down at me with cruel, angry eyes.

"Swallow it, bitch. Get used to it. Become the pig-hoe you were meant to be." I swallowed as told, staring straight up at him as I gulped down his sperm like medicine, feeling it slither strangely down the back of my now sore throat, emptying in my stomach like a protein drink. I'd just swallowed another man's cum for the first time. I had his CUM in my stomach, having eaten it because he told me to. Why was I doing his bidding? What was this strange hold he had over me? Razi climbed off the bed and grabbed the tv remote off the dresser, turning on straight porn. Then he returned to bed and sat on the edge, telling me to clean his dick. I climbed off the bed and started toward the bathroom to retrieve a towel when he suddenly barked, "Where the fuck'r you goin', bitch?"

"To get a towel."

"You don't need no fuckin' towel, you stupid bitch. Get yur pig-ass over here and clean me up with yur bitch-ass mouth." I walked back and knelt before him, leaning in to lick his cock clean. He suddenly grabbed me by the neck, tightening his huge, strong hand around my throat, squeezing it. "Don't disrespect me again. Next time I call you, you answer the phone immediately, no matter what. Got that?"

"Yes, sir, Razi."

"Good," he said, releasing my neck. "Now get to work. Clean that dick up." I leaned in between his parted legs and started licking up all the uneaten cum and slobber left behind on his cock, eating it all. I took his half-hard dick back in my mouth and started to polish it off thoroughly. Behind me, through a mirror, I could see the TV. A white girl was kneeling between a black guy's legs, sucking his big black cock. The irony isn't lost on me, as I realize I'm in the same position as she, as the guy locked his hand in her long hair and started to throat-fuck her deeply. Razi did the same to me, locking one hand behind my head and forcing me further down on his stiffening cock, making me deep-throat him again and again. Spit and drool oozed down from the corners of my mouth, dripping down off my chin as tears re-stained my face with fresh tracks. "Don't forget my balls, Pig." I slid off his cock as I worked my way down his stiff shaft toward his nuts. I licked, sucked, and polished them separately before he reached down and grabbed a fistful of them, bunching them together to fit in my mouth. I stretched my mouth around them, taking the entire sac in as I suckled as gently as possible, knowing how sensitive my balls get.

"Get back on the bed," he instructed as I left his sack and climbed back onto the bed. He pushed me face down as I feared the inevitable fucking. I knew I would come next. But instead of his cock, I flinched as the pain of his bare HAND landed on my right butt cheek, stinging like a gunshot. `UHG.' I cried aloud before immediately feeling a second sting on my left cheek. `UHG.' I cried again as he repeated this several times. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! I was immediately taken back to my childhood, where I'd get hand-spanked by my father as discipline, tanning my ass good with his open hand as he lay me over his knee. I'd cry like a baby as he held me down and spanked my ass hard.

"Please," I begged, reaching back to protect my buttock, but that angered Razi more, making him twist my arm behind my back roughly as he lay into me harder, making me cry out loud. The pain was intense, but I endured it, taking the unprovoked punishment until he suddenly stopped. Once my ass was bright red and sore, my ass cheeks began to twitch on their own. Then he stopped spanking and started groping and caressing my ass cheeks, molding them before pulling them apart to get a good look at my asshole, the hole he violated for the first time 2 weeks ago. I heard him hack up phlegm, then lean in and spit it directly onto my asshole. Then I felt his dickhead pressing in against my spit-wet ass, then felt him shoving into me.

"URRHHHHG," I screamed aloud, feeling his cock ripping through my hole again, stretching my anal muscles as my sphincter once again fought to protect the anal track from intrusion. But Razi simply pulled back out, then hack-spit more phlegm onto my hole, and re-rammed himself inside until he had his entire cock buried up to the balls. I squirmed around underneath him, my asshole, my innards, on FIRE as his big cock lay inside my rectum like a thick log. Razi pulled back slowly, savoring the moment, watching his black cock emerge from my parted olive-colored cheeks, pulling back until only the bulbous head remained inside of me before ramming back in, burying his cock with one stroke. I screamed out in pain as he repeated this again and again, stretching my asshole wide. I prayed he'd cum quickly as he did orally. But I knew the fucking would take longer, as he'd already busted his first load, and his second would naturally take longer to build.

I lay underneath him briefly as he hammered my ass roughly. "Reach back and pull those bitch-cheeks apart," he ordered. I grasped my sweaty butt cheeks and pulled them apart lewdly for him. He picked up the pace a bit, loving the sight of his cock wrecking my hole. At first, I thought he was building to climax, but he suddenly pulled me out a few minutes later, pulling me off the bed. I watched, confused, as Razi made me stand upright on the floor, bent me over slightly at the waist, and re-entered me balls-deep. “URHHGG," I grunted at the brutal assault. He rammed in deeply, holding me by the waist as he resumed fucking roughly aggressively. The pain was intense, but he kept bending me further and further until my body was bent over like an upside-down “U.” He fucked my ass hard, slamming his hips into me, beating my insides raw with his cock, making me grimace and groan in erotic pain. Then he pulled out again.

I was more confused as he sat on the bed, lying back against the mattress on his elbows, his feet still touching the floor. Then turned me around, facing away from him, and ordered me to sit on his dick. I aligned myself over him, then tried to sit back on his cock but wasn't skilled at it. His cock kept missing my asshole and slipping up over my back or down between my thighs. Razi got impatient and grabbed my waist with one hand while aligning his cock with the other, wedging his dickhead between my ass cheeks before physically pulling me back onto his cock. "OOOHHHHH." I groaned aloud as the cock penetrated me again, boring straight through me as Razi used my weight against me, using it to punch his cock into me as it buried quickly and deeply in one solid plunge.

"URHHGG.." I grunted, feeling his cock in my stomach.

"Now ride it, Pig. Lying back with his hands behind his head, in a fully resting position, he made me lift and lower myself, fucking myself on his cock. It was definitely the most humiliating moment of our encounters, as he was making ME fuck MYSELF with his dick, willingly. "Show me what a hoe you are for this dick, bitch. Get it all up in you. Show me how much you want it. Reach back and pull those cheeks apart. I wanna see that asshole ridin' my dick." I reached back and physically pulled my ass cheeks apart again while riding his cock, letting him see his big brown prick emerging from my gripping hole before pushing back on it, taking it all back up inside me. I actually saw my cock starting to rise and swell between my legs this time, thickening about halfway while I rode. Then Razi grabbed my waist and started making me fuck faster, knocking the breath out of me. I was SURE he would cum, but then he did the weird thing. With his dick jammed fully up my ass, he picked me up and held me pegged, his dick deeply in my hole and my back firmly against his belly.
“OK, now bend your legs and lock them behind me, around my back.” I did. He pulled my upper back tightly back against his shoulders. Fuck, this gave him so much power. I was locked onto his ass, and he could carry me anywhere, even out the front door. I wanted to yell, ”Put me down!” But I loved him being in charge. And, like this, I could not twist, bend, or jerk, and… there was no way I could lift myself off his 12-inch dick to get down. I’m a fucking Sheriff’s Deputy, a police officer, and here I am pegged on a big black man's baseball bat! He giggled as he effortlessly carried me around the rooms. “OK, back on the bed." Razi pulled out of my ass as he dropped me on the mattress. I was getting back on my hands and knees when he suddenly flipped me over onto my back, pulling me back to the bed's edge and lifting one of my legs into the air as he aimed his cock back down at my hole before re-ramming himself back inside me again. "Look up at yurself, hoe." I looked up overhead to see a full-sized mirror over us, giving a clear view of myself lying back in bed, face wet with spit and slobber, sweaty, legs spread, with a big black cock sliding in and out of my ass. "Get a good look at yur punk-ass with your Master’s dick in you, about to breed you again." I watched his cock thrust back and forth. I couldn't help lifting my head to look down in between us, watching his cock sliding through me “live,” his hips pulling back as nearly half his brown cock slipped from my sucking hole, only to be shoved back in balls-deep, as his hairy pelvic bone slapping into my butt like a brick wall. I could feel my cock starting to swell again as I was suddenly hit with shame for starting to get off on what was happening to me.

"Yeah, look at that big dick break pig boy cunt wide open.” He teased, catching me watching. "Look at that cunt trying to earn its place, sucking that huge black dick deep."

"URHHH." I groaned, closing my eyes, trying to escape the visuals as I concentrated on the pains shooting through my violated anus.

"Open their eyes, bitch." He slapped me across the face demanding my attention. "I want you to see yurself when I breed yur pussy. I want you to know what you look like when yur takin' a black man's load in your pig-cunt. You were meant to be fucked and bred by yur betters." I said nothing. I listened to him insulting and degrading me and watched him fuck me live in the mirror. The intensity built as his fucking grew more aggressive and rougher.”Grab your cock. NOW! Beat it off. NOW!” I didn’t want this. I didn’t want to have an erotic climax while he fucked me. I didn’t want to show any pleasure in being his pig-boy-whore. “NOW!” I grabbed my cock and started stroking me, hating the intense, wonderful feeling of erotic bliss. I didn't want to cum again with his cock in my ass, making me feel even LESS of a man, if that was at all possible. But I could feel my climax coming as his cock hammered at my inside. I threw my head back against the bed, then screamed out in pleasure and pain as my cock suddenly erupted, shooting fiery streaks of hot cum across my heaving chest and stomach.

"ARRHHHHHGG," I cried out loud as I came, thrashing about madly, unable to deal with the intensity of my orgasm. Razi let go of my deflating cock, then grabbed onto my hips and thighs, fucking me harder and faster as his cock sped through me, his pelvic bone slamming into me repeatedly before he finally rammed in one last time and held himself inside me.

"ARRHHHHHHHGGG," he screamed out even louder, coming harder as he planted his load in deep. I could feel his cock jumping and jerking wildly inside me as his cum scolded my innards with the searing heat from his balls. "FUCK," he jerked, keeping his cock buried until his orgasm was over. Then he slowly pulled out of me, then flopped down on the bed beside me, exhausted.

"Clean my dick." I now knew the drill. I physically dragged myself off the bed and knelt back down between his legs, and started licking and sucking his soft flaccid cock all over again. This time it didn't re-harden, as it lay satisfied between his spread thighs. "Get a towel and a wash rag and clean me off properly." I got up to do as ordered and returned with a wet, warm, soapy washcloth, gently cleaned his cock and balls, then dried him with the towel. "Good boy." I experienced a moment of pride. His approval. I just realized I wanted his approval. "Know yur proper place, bitch. If I have to train you again, yur gonna be sorry. Understood?"

"Yes, SIR!" I snapped obediently. He pushed me away, got up and headed to the chair where our clothes lay folded. I stayed on my knees, not knowing what to do next, waiting for his next order. Razi finished dressing, then did the thing again, which sent warmth throughout my body. He gently pulled my head to his crotch and held it there as he petted my hair as if I was his big pleasing puppy dog. Rewarding me for doing such a good job. God! Why did I love this … this… sign of approval. No… this is a sign of affection.

He headed for the door. "Leave when yur ready," he said, placing his hand on the doorknob to go, "Place's yurs anyway." He joked at my expense.

Then Razi turned to the desk clerk, WHO I FORGOT WAS EVEN THERE, AND ASKED, “Did you get it all on video?” The clerk held up his cell phone and nodded. I was horrified!

Then, to me, "Just a little insurance. I'll call you soon, and you'd better pick up, or me and yur wife'r gonna become great new friends." The fear of the video and of my wife enduring what I've just endured put the fear of GOD into me.

"Yes, sir," I squeaked out with trepidation. "I absolutely will," Razi smirked, then left with the clerk and closed the door behind them.

I got off my knees and fell back onto the bed I'd just been fucked on, trying to wrap my mind around this whole dom-slave thing. My asshole ached sorely, as did my throat, but it wasn't quite the same ache as before. This time it was more erotic. I looked up at myself in the mirror overhead, seeing myself as if, for the first time, lying back in bed with another man's cum in my stomach and up my ass. I was his cum dispenser. His dumpster. Razi’s sperm deposit. He was using me to get off, training me to take his cock and loads, then walking back out of my life as if nothing happened, Razi’s life completely unaffected by our encounters while mine lay in shambles. I probably wouldn't hear from him until he needed me again, needed my mouth, throat, and asshole. I noticed the cum I'd shot earlier all over my torso and suddenly felt extremely dirty. I took another shower, washing off the stink of sex, washing off Razi. I got dressed and left the motel.

I drove home wondering how to pull off these two separate and distinct lifestyles. I reflected on everything over and over again. It was all so crazy. I was so glad to be away from that bastard Razi.

Two weeks went by, and no call. All I could think of was sucking his monster dick.
I began to have a war in my mind. I could not concentrate on my work or anything. My life was upside down. “What’s going on? Why doesn’t he call me? Doesn’t he need me? Fuck, where is he? I know he needs my ass and mouth. I’m his pig boy cum dump. It's been two full weeks! God! Please fucking call me. You know you need to rape my ass and plug my throat. You need to work me over and abuse me. Please fucking abuse me! Oh, god, pleased, Razi, please. You need me. You need to train me. Please. I’ll do anything. Anything, just please fucking call.”

I felt so dejected. I was lost, floundering. All that training… for what? I even had thoughts of leaving my wife. I don’t know. I was a mindless mess. Then the next day, my phone rang. I saw that it was Razi. I cried, blubbered like a baby. I was so thrilled.

The End