179 Subway Cock sucker

Subway Cock Sucker

This is the background to the video, Subway Cocksucker. This video is not staged; it is not a clip from some creative movie writer. This video is for real. It’s an actual spy cam set up to capture whatever would happen in a particular subway train seat, with real passengers on it. Got that, so far?

The naked reality of this makes it one of the hottest videos (seen nowhere else) that catches our young men, commuting home from college, who are having sex right on the train. Many people (and we have lots of other videos to prove it) seek discreet public sex. They wish to be seen, but only discreetly seen, usually by only one observer. They don’t want to risk being arrested, so they are not too bold or too daring in their adventure.

Subway Cocksucker is easy to find, simply click on Video Library, then click on the “filter” tab, then type in “subway,” as one word. It will pop right up for you. You’ll see the preview as well as the full, unedited version. But don’t go there yet. I have to tell you how this all happened, and what it means. There is more to explain – a lot more.

This is not one of those discreet public sex dares on a train. It appears that these two college students don’t mind strangers seeing them. You can tell that the one guy, who stands up (with his pants down), nervously looks around at the other passengers. He’s the older, bigger, guy. He’s probably the guy, who is in charge. Right? But, look closer. Is he really in charge? Or has he been duped, or tricked into participating in this very public exhibition sex show? It’s not too obvious, but there is something about his apparent anxiety that makes me think he is not a willing participant.

Now, what about the other cute young man? The one who is the cocksucker. He’s only 18, and smaller-built, kind of skinny. What’s he all about? Cock-sucking, yes. But what else is going on here? He certainly seems like the passive, submissive, sort of silly, bottom boy. Is he the one who has to do as told? Why is he on this subway train? Was it the top guy who set this up? Notice that the cocksucker is unconcerned about being seen. He is not worried about being caught. This is your key to why and how this public sexual exhibition came about.

Whom do you see as the one really in charge? Watch their body language. Who wants this public sex display to end, who wants it to continue? Who is the least concerned about being caught? Let’s examine the details.

The top, the guy who is having his dick sucked, is the more nervous. He is the one looking around for possible trouble. He is the one who is more likely to stop, push the cocksucker off his dick, pull up his pants, and run at the first sign of any commotion from the other train passengers.

Take a harder look at the supposed passive bottom boy, the cocksucker. He seems to be telling, if not by words, by gestures, the top guy what to do. It’s the cocksucker who opens the top’s pant, pulls them down, and pulls out the guy’s dick placing it straight out in sucking position. The bottom boy makes the top guy stand, more than once, and holds those pants down, exposing his naked ass to all who want a peek, or maybe a good long stare. You will notice that the standing top guy even tries to pull his pants back up to limit the view of his exposed ass, but the cock sucking bottom will have none of that. He holds those pants down. He does not give a fucking-shit who sees the top’s ass or the stiff bone he is enjoying sucking.

The bottom cocksucker is in no hurry to complete his mission to drink up the gallons of cum soon to spew out of that hard, fat dick that he is in charge of. You might think I am being too specific and overly presumptuous in my interpretations, but I did have the benefit of speaking with the bottom cocksucker, who submitted this video.

The fellow’s name is Blare. He admitted that he is a cocksucker and that he rarely gets enough cum to suit him. Cum is this boy’s life-blood. He wants it, craves it, and demands it. He also corrected me when I referred to the other guy as his lover or life partner. I made that assumption when I saw the end of the video where the two of them hug each other while exiting the train. Blare explained that the top was just a guy, who shared his science class and later met up with for sex or more aptly put, for cum. Not a lover, just what he called a manly cum producer – his “conquest.”

As we talked on the phone, Blare explained the set up to this video, “Subway Cocksucker.” Blare has the authoritative personality that feeds on finding attractive men, macho men, which he feels can produce higher quantities of man juice. Blare was a self-proclaimed cum-pig and proud of it. At the same time, he enjoyed mind games of trickery, manipulation, and deceit. He was proud of his ability to build up a man’s supply of ball juice and then suck him dry. He was so proud, in fact, that he wanted others to witness his conquest publicly.

As Blare explained, he would first seek to establish a friendship, albeit a short one – perhaps for one week. He presented himself as a mild, submissive, non-threatening cocksucker. Level two: he would express an interest in sucking the dick of his new “friend,” coming across as a pro in the art of oral pleasuring, which he really was. Blare talked about his ability to molest a hard dick with his dancing tongue, and using that talent to control the guy’s body and soul.

After the first time Blare sucked a guy’s dick, the guy would experience the most awesome, erotic high he ever had. At that point, he had the guy’s undivided attention. So Blare had all the leverage he needed to seduce and control anyone who made it to this level and wanted to experience Blare’s creative oral pleasing a second time. Does that seem to be a bit of a stretch? I don’t think so. If you experienced the most wonderful sex you ever had, the next thing you’d do is seek more of it. You’d hunger for it; live for it.

Blare’s erotic, mesmerizing cock-sucking techniques, would require you to do it as he commands, when, how, and where he commands. You would not, could not, refuse or resist his will. Of course, his intricate scheme is to make you think YOU are the one who is controlling HIM.

Once a man experiences the unique erotic pleasure Blare could deliver, and, of course, wants more, he would mention his new rule: “If you wanted me to suck your dick again, you need to refrain from climaxing for a full week. Otherwise, you will never experience my special cock sucking talents ever again.”

How could any man turn down Blare’s request after getting a one-time “taste” of his artful techniques? Waiting a week is a small price to pay for a repeat performance of such a mind-blowing experience!

Most would readily agree and caused themselves to get all blue-balled and become uncontrollably dick-drippy for days. That is how it was for the “top” in this video. He eagerly refrained from any sexual climax for a full week, finding it difficult to concentrate on schoolwork, as his boner would periodically develop with every passing thought of Blare.

I should explain, as the video shows, Blare (the 18-year-old cocksucker) presents himself as a nice, mild, passive, considerate submissive. That was part of Blare’s allure. The projected unthreatening image was important to draw guys he wanted to use as cum suppliers into his web, his very sticky web.

Another one of Blare’s tactics was to give his… ah… “conquest” a powerful nickname, like Stallion, or Stud. In the video, you are looking at Blare’s “Bruiser.” These nicknames give the top a greater, albeit phony, sense of power and control. The powerful nicknames also, in contrast, enhanced Blare’s image as a weak, mindless, and helpless individual. Blare wanted to build up false senses of security and superiority in his conquests, giving them a false sense of control.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Blare was as controlling, manipulating, and domineering as they came. Yes, he was a cock sucker, but he used his “bottom” talents to erotically seduce, emotionally capture, and physically own, anyone he wanted, anyone, especially the guys who came across as strong-headed, powerful, macho types. They became his most cherished prey.

So Bruiser, as this top guy is now known, waited a full week, avoiding climax, and looking forward to seeing Blare again and having that wonderful mouth and tongue massage, tickle and tease his dick to extreme erotic passion, just as he experienced a week earlier.

They finally met in Bruiser’s apartment, just as Blare promised. And as promised, Blare immediately got on his knees, opened up Bruiser’s pants, pulled them down along with his underwear, and fingered Bruiser’s already fully-hard dick, as “it” anticipated its journey into heaven. Blare began to tongue it playfully, and Bruiser began to pump his hip forward and backward, in and out, fast and faster, into Blare’s open mouth, forgetting all about Blare’s special erotic expertise. In less than one minute, the over-heated, blue-balled, Bruiser was joyfully ready to shoot, his eyes were closed, his face toward the ceiling, his hips gyrating on automatic, moaning in rhythm, and… all… of a… sudden… that mouth was gone. Bruiser’s dick was abandoned. Blare had pulled his mouth off and away, releasing that rhythmic pumping cum-filled tool, to let it poke the frictionless air. It took a moment for Bruiser to realize he was no longer jabbing a warm wet mouth hole. In confusion, he looked down at the kneeling Blare and wondered what was going on, what was wrong. “What’s the matter? I was ready to shoot I just going to explo …”

Blare interrupted, “I thought you wanted me here to honor you and give you a masterful, creative blow job, better than anything you have ever experienced, even better than what I gave you a week ago. But you don’t respect me or my talents. I’m really crushed. You actually want a quickie? You want me to suck you for 30 seconds and then blow your wad? Any two-bit whore can give you that. You don’t need or want me. I’m a pro; at least, that’s what you called me after I sucked your dick the first time.”

Bruiser’s dick was all deflated, as was his ego. “Look, I’m sorry, Blare. Let’s just have another go at it, OK?”

“So, is that want you want, just another go? You don’t care about me at all, and how I prize my talents at giving a handsome, dominant guy like you what he deserves. I’m just a worthless, trashy, common, cocksucker to you. Aren’t I? When I first saw you in my class, I took one look at your air of power, confidence, and manliness that you exuded all over the place. I wanted to show you, in my own way, on my own terms, exactly how much I wanted to please a ‘Bruiser’ like you and worship you. Let you use me. You obviously deserved it, I thought. I felt I owed that to you. That that is what you wanted, appreciated, and required of a powerless sub like me.”

“But… but… but…” Bruiser was out of words and was completely embarrassed when he realized Blare was right. He was only thinking of himself. He was now realizing, though falsely, that Blare’s ego needed to be fed by receiving compliments and recognition over what a unique and fabulous cock sucker he was. Blare needed to be wanted, used, and appreciated. “Look, how can I fix this, I am powerful and smart, just as you noticed. I can create a solution. I can make this right. I am Bruiser, your Bruiser, and I can handle this. I can fix it.”

“Well, this time you’ll need to prove it to me. You need to let this humble, lowly, nothing sub please you exactly as you deserve. Agreed?” Blare faked a hurt-feelings look.

“Of course. Absolutely. Let’s just finish it here and now. I am so hot for you I can’t stand it. Let’s do it exactly how you want to, to please me. Deal?” Bruiser spoke out hopefully.

“No, you deserve better than just a quickie. You did fuck this up for now. But I will give you another chance, but only one more chance. Look, today is Friday, and you have not climaxed for a full week; right?” Bruiser just nodded in agreement. “Good. To show me you are serious about being worshipped by me. We will wait until Monday. We’ll take the train home from school as usual, and I will explain it then.” Blare and Bruiser live only a few blocks apart. So riding the subway train to and from school together had already become commonplace.

“But, Blare, that’s ten days without me sockin…” Bruiser shut up immediately when Blare shot him a pouty look of disappointment. Bruiser gave in. “OK, all right, Blare, I’m fine doing this your way. I can wait another three days.” Since Bruiser never pulled his pants back up, his dick was still hanging out, not hard, but a little plump, and it was now oozing precum in a long, slimy string. This was going to be a challenge for him to refrain from climaxing for an additional three days. But it was also going to be a long time for Blare because he was so anxious to see how his plan to seduce and use Bruiser as his next large-volume cum producer. And to do it in public, in front of others, on a public subway train.

We think of cocksuckers as subs, those that follow the instructions of the Doms. But Blare, the cock sucker was very deceitful. More than that, he was sneaky and manipulative. He not only liked to suck cock, he wanted guys, who he thought would produce a higher volume of cum, like very masculine men. He would tease them sexually for days, tricking them into avoiding climax for up to ten days. Then, when they were all blue-balled and sex-hungry, he would manipulate them into doing what he wanted them to do. All the while, pretending to be the cute, little, helpless, submissive guy they thought he was.

Bruiser, which was the nickname Blare gave his new “top” guy, was having difficulty waiting the 10 days Blare requested, but he somehow managed to avoid climaxing during that time. Why? Because Blare had promised him the most fantastic oral sex he could ever have. All along, Blare had teased and toyed with him, getting him all sexed up and horny. Blare wanted, no, required, any dick he sucked to be so erotically over-charged from climax denial, that that dick would begin to continually leak streams of precum in sexual frustration. Blare craved super large loads down his throat. Macho men with blue balls were what he liked to create and guzzle down when he finally allowed his now extremely desperate sexed-up, “top” to explode.

Monday came; he and Bruiser were both in their shared science class, but few words were spoken until just after class. “How’s my Bruiser?” Without waiting for a response, or even caring about any words, Blare continued, “Meet me in the men’s restroom in the gym in ten minutes.” It sounded to Bruiser like an order, which was strange in itself, but the restroom visit would also make him late for his next class. He waited ten days to shoot off with Blare working his dick. He was not going to fuck it up now. He complied and went directly to the gym men’s restroom, then waited a few minutes for Blare to show up.

“Hey, Blare, what goes? I’ll be late for class.” Bruiser tried not to be pushy or sound annoyed as he stood in the restroom next to the sinks. No one else was in there at that moment, but anyone could walk in at any time. “What do you want, Blare? We are still going to meet when school is over in… like in four hours, aren’t we?”

“That’s the plan. I want to give you such an exquisite, mind-blowing, cock-expanding, dick-worshiping, experience, unlike anything you will ever have as long as you live. I’m going to roll my big flat tongue into a cylinder and push it onto your dick like a sleeve over an arm.” As Blare spoke, his fingertips scratched at the material covering Bruiser’s dick. He felt it getting stiffer. Bruiser kept his hands to his sides. If anyone came in, he did not want it to look like he was hugging another man. But he let out a shaky moan. “Then I’m going to put your dick under my tongue and squeeze it downward, hug it, massage it with the bottom of my tongue, and roll it over your dick from side to side.”

Bruiser had his eyes closed, fantasizing the erotic imagery of those words. “Then, I do what I call ‘bat in the cave’ and use my tongue to push your dick as deep into my cheek pocket as possible. Then I’ll make my tongue tip flick at your big hard sensitive boner continuously as it tries to bob up and down.” Bruiser’s dick was leaking, slowly dripping strings of precum, all by itself.

Bruiser became weak-kneed, showing difficulty in standing straight up and still. He had not climaxed in ten long, painful days, and worst, for the last five days, all he could think of was only about receiving Blare’s magical oral pleasures. His body started to shake and tremble uncontrollably. Blare was in no hurry, as he had no class this period, but his toy Bruiser did. He did not care.

“Yes my handsome, macho, hunky Bruiser, I will be all yours to control and use, starting from the time we get on the subway. Then my whole purpose will be to please you, obey you, serve you, and worship you. I am in awe of your complete authority and power over me. I am a silly cocksucker, of no value or purpose without my powerful Bruiser to please.”

Bruiser never realized that his pants were undone by Blare and that his wet with pre-cum underwear was gently pushed down to his ankles. Blare was very lightly tapping the sensitive underside of Bruiser’s now rigid, dripping dick. “Keep your eyes closed, my hunky stud. Think about all I will do, everything you command me to do, every pleasure you desire is my honor to give.”

Blare stared at the huge dick he was teasing along the sides so delicately, never touching the leaking tip. The piss hole was dripping strings of glistening slime, puddling on his bunched-up clothes, at his feet. Bruiser was exhaling aching sounds of neediness. “Tell me you will use me. Oh, Superman, tell me I am your tool for you to use and control. Tell me, who you are and what you want to demand from me. Say it.” Bruiser was in a mental erotic mind meld with his eyes closed and just making soft animal noises in agreement to whatever Blare was saying.

“I… I ... am your Bruiser that you will… you will… obey. Ah…you will please me… and worship me ... you are nothing but a silly, stupid, cocksucker. Ah… ah… you will worship and serve me. It is… your… your… only job. You will show me more talent… more creativity… more cuck whipping, as I am everything and you are nothing. Do all I demand…” Bruiser didn’t think it out; he just spouted it out. Words did not matter; only what he felt mattered.

“Yes, yes, yes… my handsome Bruiser.” Blare said, as he now very lightly rubbed the slimy precum up and down that bouncing dick, ready to erupt. More precum was leaking in long strings. Blare smiled as he watched his helpless Bruiser’s dick twitch. Pause. Twitch down. Pause. Twitch up again, pause, then down, over and over, like a little bobble-head doll saying yes, yes, yes. He was now ready to spew up the tons of cum Blare forced him to store in his blue balls for the past ten days. This was Blare’s preparation to make Bruiser weak and cooperative on the train ride home. This was another tool Blare used to make his victims – his high-volume cum producers – easier to control. Blare giggled silently, and then finally just laughed aloud, knowing Bruiser was in another world, hearing little, making sense of nothing.

“Bruiser! Bruiser! Hey, wake up, Sir! Snap out of it! You’re late for your class. You have a mid-term. Remember! Oh, you better hurry and get to class right now.” Blare pretended to be excited and helpful.

“Oh, what ... my dick? I… I… need to shoot first. I want… I need… Oh fuck, look at me!” He looked down and saw he was all boned up and dripping gunk all over his bunched up clothes. “I’m so… so sorry. What… happened? I am a mess… Can I just shoot my load now and…” Bruiser was completely out of it, trying to regain his whereabouts.

“Come on Bruiser, snap out it. Pull up your pants, now.” He did not want Bruiser to think too much. “This is so fucking embarrassing. I can’t believe you’re trying to seduce me in a bathroom.” Blare was good at blaming his prey for being horny. Of course, it was all Blare’s doing, all a part of his game. “Snap out of it, Bruiser. Gheez, you wanted to show me your big dick, your big fat dick, dripping love juice all over the fucking place. OK, OK, I see it. You proved to me you kept your word that you did not climax. I get it. But do you want to miss your exam? Do you? I just want to help you, Sir. I’m just here to please you; remember?”

Coming down from his blissful mental side trip to Eroticville, “Wow, thanks, Blare. God, I almost really fucked up. I am so sorry I embarrassed you. I got a ... ah ... you know. Can I just quickly beat off? Ah, I know, I promised. OK. I’ll just get dressed. I am so sorry … I … I …” “Bruiser, I never thought about this before, but seeing you with a huge erection like this while in school, makes me feel so fucking proud. I mean; you have an erection because you want me. You have been thinking about me. Oh, Bruiser, I am so pleased to serve you. I am just putty in your hands. Just a silly know-nothing ready-to-obey dick slave to serve you. I can’t wait until our train journey home together.” Blare was heaping on the compliments, building Bruiser’s ego.

“Sir? May I ask a favor, please?” Bruiser nodded yes, as he pulled up his pants and tucked in his still stiff boner pointing upward and to the left hip, the way it naturally rests. “I would be so impressed if you would change how your dick is positioned in your pants.” Bruiser just nodded, not understanding what his friend was talking about, as he stood there with his pants up and his zipper still fully down and open wide. “Here, let me show you.” Without waiting for any approval, Blare stuck his hand into Bruiser’s underwear, grabbed his heavy, full, still-throbbing dick, and pushed it down and into the left leg hole. Now his stiff boner was held down by the pant-leg material.

More importantly, to Blare, Bruiser’s dick was now held tightly down the pant leg, in the exact opposite direction, as it naturally would rest. Blare wanted his dick to feel unusual and different so it would be on Bruiser’s mind all day. Every time he moved, he would be feeling his dick. He would be reminded that Blare placed that dick there, exactly that way, just how Blare wanted it to stay. “Keep it like that for me, Sir, please? Being forced down like that will remind you how I long to serve you. Even time you feel it twitch and touch against your pants, you will remember my adoration of you.” Blare pulled the underwear back up and immediately zipped up his Bruiser’s pants. “There you go, Sir. Thank you for wearing your dick like this, just for me.”

Bruiser just nodded, but he was concerned that his dick, bulging his pants like this, would be too noticeable to others. He was so sexed up, every time he thought of Blare's cock-sucking abilities, his dick would flex out away from his leg, pushing the material outward, exposing his growing boner. Bruiser was dumb-founded and confused, but that is exactly how Blare wanted him to be. “Better get to your exam, Sir, quickly.” Blare spoke to him as if he was a subordinate, who was finally dismissing him. Bruiser immediately took off for his class. His dick was still firm, stiff, leaking, and pointing obscenely down his leg. How strange he thought, but he did not know why.

After school, they met at the front gate, as usual. Blare was so glad to see his Bruiser-toy sporting a big bulge and with the front of his pants all wet with dick snot exactly where his dick head was placed four hours ago. Not wanting Bruiser to think too much, he told him, “We’d better hurry if we don’t want to miss the train. The subway was only a few blocks from the school, and they got there on time and boarded it. Oddly, to Bruiser, Blare pointed to seats in the front of the car, even though they usually sat in the back. But Bruiser did not mind, really. He had waited ten days to have Blare do his magical erotic work on his dick, and soon they would be at his place, in the privacy of his bedroom. He’d have Blare please him all afternoon.

Bruiser reflected back to earlier in the day when he and Blare were in the gym restroom and, somehow, he had his dick out and hard as a rock. He could not believe it. No one came in, but if anyone had, he would have been so embarrassed and humiliated. Bruiser was just shy and very private. How in the world would he feel if someone had seen him in the restroom with his boner out? He felt relieved that that did not happen. And now he was so anxious to get to the privacy of his own bedroom, to have the most wonderful oral sexual experience of his life with Blare.

Shortly after they boarded the train, “Hey, Bruiser, Sir, I see someone in the other car, I’m going to make a quick trip and say, ‘Hi.’ I’ll be right back. Oh, I almost forgot, I put a magazine in your backpack. I just thought you might enjoy it. I’ll be back in a jiffy.” As Bruiser stayed seated, Blare picked up his small backpack and went quickly to the other train car, opening the large windowed door and hurried through. It closed automatically. Bruiser wondered why he took his pack, but, oh well. He stayed seated, opened his own backpack, and found the magazine Blare must have been talking about and pulled it out.

“Oh my Lord!” Bruiser said to himself in shock. He was looking at a gay magazine of two guys sucking dick in a 69 position, right on the cover. Bruiser’s eyes were as wide as tea cup saucers. He opened it and found photos of guys in every position, with big dripping hard-ons. He flipped through the pages and stared at every photo. Without any conscious thought, he started to rub his dick bulge, slowly, methodically. He was even drooling fuck slime and wetting his pants more. You think he is "gone?" I refer to guys in this foggy erotic state as mush-minded.

From Blare’s position, looking through the glass window from the adjacent train car, he could see his Bruiser-toy sitting there reading the gay photo magazine and mindlessly rubbing his boner through his pants. He smiled at his “Bruiser,” then took out a small, cubic-shaped, cardboard box from his backpack. It was about five-inches square, in which he previously cut a large hole in one side. His camcorder was already secured inside this box cube with the lens facing the open end of the box. This was all set up the day before. He held the box next to the window glass, made some adjustments on the cam, adjusted it to wide-angle, and turned it on to “REC.” He then reached into his pack and took out a standard roll of heavy-duty duct tape. He looked at his boner Bruiser, still gawking in shock and lust at the nasty photos, still with his hand over his crotch, oblivious to all around him, and totally unaware that Blare had planned and schemed this entire scenario out in detail.

Yes, this little cute, 18-year-old, silly, dumb, submissive, cocksucker was about to own his brawny, 22-year-old Bruiser – big time. He could not believe how every little detail of his scheme was going exactly as planned. Of course, and you could not know this, but this was not Blare’s first time in making a macho man his conquest. No, Bruiser was his sixth victim, so he knew how to do it most … ah … efficiently.

I know you’ll want to see the video. It’s called, “Subway Cocksucker.” Easy to find, simply click on “Video Library,” then click on the “Filter” tab, then type in “subway,” as one word. It’ll pop right up for you. You’ll see the preview as well as the full, unedited version. But don’t go there yet. I have to tell you how this all happened and what it means. I did see the personal write-up on this video, so there is more to explain.

Back to the task. Blare took that duct tape and tore several strips from the roll, about ten-inches long or so, then placed the box, with the cam lens facing the window, tightly against the glass and proceeded to tape the box to the glass. The box was taped at the edge of the window glass, so it was not that easily seen by anyone. It was kind of in a shadow, but it captured the seat he and his Bruiser-toy would soon both occupy.

Blare gathered up the few things that were out and placed everything back in his backpack, took a deep breath, opened the train car door, and strolled quickly to Bruiser and took the seat on the far side of him, not wanting to block the cam view of his Bruiser, his afternoon’s entertainment.

Blare said, pretending shock and disgust, “What are you doing? You are rubbing your dick! You promised it was mine to play with. You promised! I have been waiting ten days to please you, to serve you, to tease your dick, and you want to take my enjoyment away? You promised I could. You promised!”

“I … I … I’m sorry, Blare, really sorry. But keep your voice down, someone will hear. I was just looking at this. I mean … I was waiting for you and ... and … I … Please, Blare, don’t be upset. My dick will be yours, as soon as we arrive at …”

“But you’re touching it now. That hurts my feelings. You really don’t want me to have it, play with it, lick it, suck it, and please you. Oh, God! You don’t want to use me? You are taking away my most important job ... you don’t even want me here.” Blare pretended to whimper in rejection, disappointment, and misery.

“Please, Blare, if you keep your voice down, and stay calm, you can place your hand on my lap. OK? Just stay calm, no one must see. You’re going to embarrass me. No one must see us do anything. OK?”

“Are you sure? You’re really going to let me play with your dick? Bruiser? And serve you? You will honor me that much by letting me be your cocksucker and cock-worshiper?”

Bruiser replied in a whispered, “Of course.”

That was Blare’s signal to not only place his hand on his Bruiser’s crotch, but without asking, he undid the zipper, pulling it fully down, and immediately try to work the underwear down. “Lift up your butt off the seat, Sir. I need to adjust your underwear out of my way.”

“Whoa, not here! For Pete’s sake, we are on a fucking public train! Wait until we get to my place. People might see.” Bruiser spoke is a raspy whisper.

“But I just want to make you feel good now. It’s my job; you said it was my job. Just lift up your butt, and I’ll be careful that no one sees us. I know what I am doing. You said I was a pro, remember?” Bruiser was afraid others would hear Blare who was talking loudly and pretended to be in a panic. In order to avoid any unwanted attention from the other passengers, Bruiser had no choice but to give in and allow Blare to have his way. Trusting Blare would be extremely discreet and not attract attention, Bruiser lifted his ass off the train seat just long enough for Blare to pull his underwear down, off his hips. Blare immediately kissed him passionately and continuously on the mouth, as his hands remained busy also. As the wet kissing went on, Bruiser did not realize that his pants and underwear were both pulled down by Blare, lower than Bruiser expected and his ridged cock had sprung free like a flagpole. Blare just kept on kissing his Bruiser-toy, and each stuck his tongue in the others mouth.

The kissing was such a nice distraction that it allowed Blare’s hand to reach into Bruiser’s exposed lap and gently take charge of Bruiser’s raging stiff and now precum-sticky boner. Blare, having that steel rod in his hands, both hands, meant he was now in control of his boy toy. Blare began to pump Bruiser’s dick, slowly, gently, and seductively. Remember, Bruiser was not allowed to climax for ten days, and earlier in the day, he was given a huge dripping hard-on by Blare in the men’s restroom. Then, just minutes ago, Bruiser was feasting his eyes on the sexy photos in the magazine Blare planted in his backpack. Fuck! How much can you erotically charge-up a man before his mind is all numb-numb, and his dick is leaking streams of slut juice?

Imagine. All his life, Bruiser was this very private, shy, macho man. But after ten days of Blare sexing him up in every way, mind-fucking him, and edging him, what else can Bruiser think about other than satisfying his extreme desperate need to climax? Bruiser was now in such a needy erotic state, and under the circumstances, Blare manipulated he to believe that only Blare controlled his ability to climax. He just needed to wait until they got home to the privacy of his bedroom. Blare would satisfy him there and then. To accomplish this, Bruiser needed to comply with Blare’s wishes. That’s it.

For now, he only had to submit to anything Blare wanted, even while on a fucking public passenger train, even with passengers seated nearby, even with a passenger occasionally walking by. Yes, Blare had his macho toy Bruiser all primed up, sexed up, and ready to shoot. If only Blare would just hold off until they were home. But that was Bruiser’s thinking, not Blare’s scheme. Blare had other plans. Blare was manipulating this shy, private, macho man into putting on a show for all these passengers. He wanted his big Bruiser boy toy to stand up and show his gorgeous ass to all the passengers. Was it going to happen? Could Bruiser prevent it? Was he too sexed up and bonerized to disobey Blare? Bruiser was, powerless, helpless, fucked up, and fully boned-up. All that Bruiser-toy could do is incoherently mutter, “Yes, Sir.”

I don’t want to spoil the video for you. So far, I have not. But you don’t have to imagine with my words; you can believe with your eyes as you watch Subway Cocksucker.

There is one thing I should explain to you. At the end of the video, you will see Blare and Bruiser hug as they exit the train. What the video does not show is that Blare tells Bruiser that he left something on board and must go back to get it. Blare goes back onto the train to retrieve his camcorder. After all, he wants this video, so he will be able to blackmail Bruiser into doing whatever he wants. And, to a pro cocksucker like Blare, that means Bruiser will have to present his dick for sucking, anytime, anywhere, and under any conditions Blare so chooses.

The End

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