003 Tarzan

Part 1 of 3

“Hey, Charlie… cough… cough. Buddy, man, am I sick. Cough! I need your help … Cough … I have a bad cold. So I can’t keep my contractual agreement to be the sexy server for a lady’s birthday party tomorrow,” Doug said, gaspingly, over the phone to his buddy and new coworker at a company called Sexy Party Helpers.

“But, Doug, I just went through training and haven’t even had a job yet. I don’t know what to do yet. I know it’s just being a server and helping with the event and stuff. I’m feeling nervous and inexperienced. I need more training. I am not ready yet.” replied Charlie, who was only 22 and the newest employee at Sexy Party Helpers.

“Calm down, buddy. It’s not difficult … cough … cough. They provide the costumes. You get to wear a complete costume and help with food and drinks. It’s no big deal, Charlie. This is a birthday party for a lady who is turning 80. Her friends thought it would be nice to give her some fun entertainment, like… like… a cute young man to help with stuff.” There was a pause; then, “I can’t find the contract, but you wear the costume they provide, be pleasant, and wink at all the nice old ladies,” Doug said, sounding very nasal and coughing more.

“Are you sure, Doug?” Charlie asked, feeling much better knowing this event was a simple deal. “And what’s the pay?”

“This is one of those events where I chose to work for tips, not hourly pay. That usually works out to be much more money. You can easily make $500 at an event like this. Man, you could finally get your piece of crap car fixed. Even without a lot of money, wouldn’t it give you a warm fuzzy feeling to make a lot of elderly people happy?”

Now Charlie felt foolish. Yes, he thought it would be a neat thing to do, and of course, he did need the money. Doug started to have another coughing spasm and needed to hang up. “I need to go, buddy. I’ll text you the address, time and all, and your contact person for the party. Thanks for taking my gig. Bye.”

Charlie hung up, feeling happy about stepping in for his sick friend. When he received Doug’s text info, he called Suzie, the host, to tell her Doug was ill and that he would take Doug’s place. Suzie asked if all was OK with the contract, including his joining in on the games and being a good sport. Without seeing the contract, but understanding it would all be fine, he responded, “Of course, Suzie, I want you, all your guests, and especially the birthday girl to have a wonderful time.”

Suzie told Charlie, “As I explained to Doug, about 40 of us will be celebrating my sister, Betty’s, 80th birthday. It will be at her home because it’s large enough to contain everyone. The guests will arrive at her place tomorrow at noon, so you need to arrive at 1 p.m. Then I’ll have you lead some games and such, and help serve food and so on. As per the contract, I have a costume for you. It’s one of those one-size-fits-all things, so I’m sure it will work out.” Suzie confirmed the address and a few other details, and all was set.

As guests began to arrive, Betty was seated in her over-stuffed chair and so happy to see all her family and friends. The guests included men, women, and a few teens. At 1 p.m. sharp, Suzie worked her way through the group to answer the door. Even though they had never met, Suzie assumed the attractive young stranger was Charlie. She greeted him with a big smile as she ushered him into the living room, down the hall, and to the bathroom so he could have privacy to change into his costume.

“Charlie, I’m so glad you could stand in for Doug. You are such a nice-looking young man. And don’t worry about money; I know you are working for tips only, as stated in the contract. Just make sure Betty is happy, and make certain all the guests are pleased that you are here helping to celebrate her birthday. And remember, I tip very well.” Suzie winked and smiled as she held the door open for him to enter the bathroom. “Just go in here and take off your clothes. I’ll be back with your costume in a minute.”

Charlie asked if he should keep his underwear on, to which Suzie told him that the costume was complete. “We don’t have much time, Charlie, so please hurry and just put all your stuff on the counter. I’ll be right back with your costume and find something to put your stuff in,” she said, leaving abruptly.

Little Elliot was a curious teen who watched as Charlie came in and listened to what Aunt Suzie told him about a costume, how he would be paid afterward, the mysterious contract, and whatever else he could cleverly glean from the brief discussion. He was a rather smart “kid” and figured out that Charlie was some sort of surprise entertainment for Betty. Elliot listened through the door. When it sounded like Charlie had stripped, he opened the door, just walked in, and surprised the naked man who wrapped himself in a white bath towel.

Charlie, being so modest, was shocked to be seen in just a towel. He awkwardly grabbed for it and leaped behind the shower curtain to hide behind it. In the process, his towel slipped off. But he was now behind the plastic shower curtain, from which he poked his head out to address the lad. “Hey there, I’m in here. I’m changing, pal. Do you mind?” Charlie never thought to lock the door. Maybe he thought Suzie locked it when she closed him in.

“Yeah, I know. I’m Elliot. My Aunt sent me in here to put your clothes in a safe place. I hope I didn’t startle you. Ah… your name is Charlie, right?”

Of course, Elliot was lying. He was only to give Charlie the costume and leave. But he was being a little prankster. Charlie just nodded as he watched Elliot pick up all his clothes off the floor, including his shoes, and make a large bundle of everything Charlie had been wearing in his arms.

“Hey, Elliot. Hold on there, kiddo.” Somehow, everyone just assumed Elliot was a kid and treated him as such. He just had the skinny, freckled-faced, little-kid look about him. “I can do that. Just leave that stuff on the counter, and I’ll take care of it. Besides, my wallet, keys, and stuff are all in my pants pockets.”

“Not to worry,” Elliot said, holding everything tightly, “I got your back. I’ll keep these in a safe place for you. Don’t worry.” Then Charlie watched Elliot do something weird. While leaving the bathroom with all his clothes, Elliot grabbed the one towel still on the rack, picked up the other towel Charlie dropped on the floor, and walked out. He left Charlie, totally naked, behind the shower curtain, with a puzzled look.

After Elliot hid Charlie’s clothes in a backroom closet, he reflected on the sense of power he now felt over this handsome, sexy stranger. He did not understand it, but he liked the feeling of control. Elliot wanted to experience a bit more power, so he sought out his Aunt Suzie, thinking he could assist her in getting Charlie into his costume. He had no clue what it was, but he figured it would be something cute to please Betty.

Finding his Aunt busy in the kitchen and setting out more drinks, he played the angle and offered to help her. “Hi, Aunt Suzie. Charlie asked me to bring him his costume so he could change. Is that all right?” Another lie. Elliot was getting good at lying. However, Suzie was pleased to have his offer to help.

“Oh darn, I forgot to do that. Yes, please, honey, you are such a dear. That would be so sweet, Elliot. Go into the first bedroom and on the bed, there is a box with a Tarzan costume. It’s just a full-body leotard. Flesh color. It’ll cover him all over. Just take him the box of stuff and he’ll be fine. If he doesn’t think it is right for him, just tell him, nicely, that this is the costume mentioned in the contract. Then have him come out and start mingling with the guests. I’ll be busy in the kitchen for a while. My two kitchen helpers never showed up. But that’s OK. I can handle the food preparations myself if I stay here working.”

Elliot went into that bedroom, saw the box, and examined the Tarzan costume piece by piece. The first thing he took out was a flesh-colored one-piece leotard. This would cover the wearer from his neck to his wrists and ankles. Then he picked up the loincloth. It was much smaller than the ones he saw the Tarzan character wear in the movies. It was quite skimpy and made of super soft tan suede. The small size was not an issue because it was to be worn over the full-body leotard, so it would provide complete modesty and coverage for the wearer. There was also a sturdy, half-inch wide leather belt to secure the loincloth around the waist. The last items in the box were moccasins, so this Tarzan would not be barefoot. He read the loincloth instructions as well.

Little “kid” Elliot’s brain was in overdrive as he reflected on all the pieces of the Tarzan costume. Tarzan would be a neat character, but this costume was too much. Since when did Tarzan, king of the jungle, wear a full-body leotard? Or even moccasins? No, this was just not right, he thought.

The first thing Elliot did was to set aside the stupid leotard and the moccasins. He figured a real Tarzan did not need either. The other thing that bothered Elliot was the sturdy leather belt. To him, it looked too manufactured and civilized, unlike something made from a vine in the jungle. That had to go, too. He noticed old leather hiking boots in the closet and pulled the rawhide lace off. He thought it was old, ugly, and badly frayed, not very strong, so he declared it perfect. He tossed the belt and replaced it with old worn leather lace.

He realized Charlie was in the bathroom, totally naked, waiting for his outfit, and that he’d better get back there with his simplified Tarzan costume. He hurried back to the bathroom carrying only the skimpy loincloth and the old worn leather bootlace. Elliot knocked on the door saying, “Charlie, it’s me,” and just entered. Shy Charlie peeked out from the security of the shower curtain and reached for the costume, but Elliot just stood where he was, wanting Charlie to come out from the shower stall and over to him. Elliot caught him off guard as he waved him out of the shower to stand in front of him, bare ass naked. Charlie nervously did to receive his costume. “Bingo,” Elliot thought. There was an older, 22-year-old, naked as the day he was born, standing there asking him for something to wear. Ah, the sense of power he felt. “Here you go, Charlie. You’ll be Tarzan. That’s Aunt Betty’s favorite character. This should fit you fine.

“But… but… where is the rest of it? I can’t go out in only this. There are all kinds of people out there, elderly and … and … and … twinky teenagers, for Christ’s sake. Besides,” Charlie held up the small loincloth and stared at it, “this is too small for me. You can’t be serious.” Charlie was staring at the tiny piece of cloth, so he did not notice when Elliot displayed a devilish smile.

Charlie did not know the details of the contract since his friend never told him, but it should not matter since the company conducted only events suitable for all ages. The other issue was that this was Charlie’s first job for his company, so he was unaware of how these things generally go. He thought he would just do whatever the host, Suzie, wanted. Charlie would be as helpful as possible and hoped to make a lot of tips to meet some unexpected bills he had due.

Elliott placed himself in the center of things. He was Betty’s little nephew, a scrawny, nerdy, brainy type who overheard conversations that indicated that this was Charlie’s first job assignment, and that this helper was not aware of what all was required of him, either in general or in the contract details. The mischievous little nerd started to wonder and even scheme about taking advantage of Charlie’s ignorance. Elliott did notice that Charlie was a very handsome, sexy, well-defined young adult who he quickly fantasized about dominating.

The first thing that Elliot did was to carefully examine the Tarzan costume Aunt Suzie got for the helper to wear. It was very modest. It consisted of a neck-to-ankle, flesh-colored, bodysuit-type leotard over which a loincloth would be worn. No skin whatsoever would show. Elliot thought, “this will just not do.” So before bringing the costume to Charlie, who was now naked in the bathroom waiting for it, Elliott removed the leotard and moccasins and replaced the sturdy waist belt with a frayed shoelace. This ragged string would be the only thing holding on Charlie’s only item of clothing, his skimpy loincloth. He brought that tiny, one-piece, “costume” to Charlie who stared at it in shock, saying, “It’s too small. I can’t wear this out there.”

“Yeah, I thought it might be too small. So, I asked Aunt Suzie if this was your required costume, and she looked at me seriously and said absolutely.” Elliot lied. Of course, Aunt Suzie wanted the helper to wear the full-body covering Tarzan costume. But Elliott bluntly told Charlie, “Yah, Aunt Suzie wants Betty to have a sexy Tarzan. She said this was all spelled out in your contract.” Elliot smiled, making this all up, wondering how much Charlie knew about the contract. He loved catching Charlie at a loss for words.

“It’s in my contract?” Then Charlie said, under his breath, “Fuck, I wish Doug gave me a copy of it.” It was loud enough for Elliot to hear. Elliot began to salivate over discovering more power over Charlie since he now knew Charlie never read it.

At this point, Elliot felt he could tell Charlie to do anything he wanted as long as he started with “My Aunt Suzie said …” or “Dude? It’s in your contract.” Apparently, Charlie was going to go along with whatever he thought he was obligated to do. After all, he wanted, actually, really needed a huge tip.

“Yeah, dude, I tried to talk her into a costume with more material, but she wanted something to show you off. I remember her telling the clerk at the costume store, ‘I just want something big enough to cover a man’s average dick and balls in the front.’ Then she said, ‘Even if his dick slips out occasionally, like when he bends over, that’s fine with me.’ So, sorry, dude, but this here is your complete costume. It’s all you get to wear. That is, according to your signed contract. But don’t worry. I’ll help you secure it in the back so you won’t have an accident.” Elliot was so convincing in his daring lies. He stuck his chin up in a devilish gesture of superiority. He was feeling his power.

Charlie was stunned. Saying to himself, “That sweet lady Suzie? Wow, I guess this is it.” He looked at the loincloth and the old leather string lace and posed with a blank look. “How is this going to stay on? I don’t think I can even …”

“Don’t worry, dude, I have your back. We guys have to stick together.” Next, Elliot bluntly said to the stunned naked model, as he moved to exit the bathroom, “So, do you want me to help you put this on and use the tie technique that will keep it on tight? Or do you want to put this on yourself and risk it falling off in the middle of Betty’s 80th birthday celebration with her entire family watching?”

“No, wait! Please. Elliot, please help me. I don’t know how this is supposed to be tied on. I don’t think I can do it by myself.” Elliot just looked at him. He wanted to milk it a little, waiting for a bit more begging. “Please, Elliot, will you help me?” Again, Elliot just looked at him. “Oh come on, man, I need your help here, please.”

Elliot thought that sounded more like a proper whimpering 22-year-old hunky man. “Sure, dude, sure. Hand me the suede loincloth.”

Elliot held it up. It had jagged, cut ends that would show front and back, but it was essentially a piece of soft cloth about eight inches wide and two feet long. The wearer would stand up, spread his legs wide apart, place the narrow middle of the cloth under his balls, and bring each end up, one end up his front to his chest, and the other end up his back. While the wearer held the cloth like that, a second person would wrap the leather tie (or shoelace) around the waist and tightly tie that leather string. Then the front end of the cloth is allowed to drop down to cover the front of the groin area, and the back end is dropped down to cover the ass area. So, the leather tie would all hold the loincloth in place.

“OK, then. Spread your legs wide and stand still. Now hold this end up over your belly and let the rest of it fall down. Now, I will take this other end, pass it under your dick and balls, and run it up your back. Now hold both ends, front and back, against your body.” Charlie did as he was told. He placed one hand on his chest and twisted the other hand around to his back to hold that end there. “OK, now hold still, I’m going to adjust you.”

Elliot felt the front of Charlie’s now covered-up groin, found the long dick tube lump, and wiggled it to point it up to his belly button. Charlie objected and moved back, but Elliot maintained control. “Look, dude, hold still or I’ll just leave. I have to point your dick upward against your belly before I tie this in place. OK?” Charlie just nodded.

With nerdy Elliot being sort of a late bloomer, and not very endowed, he was very fascinated with a man’s dick becoming bigger and stiffer. Elliot took the opportunity to fondle Charlie’s growing dick as he pretended to need to reposition it pointing directly upward. “No, that won’t work. Your dick is too big, and the loincloth is too small to contain it all.”

Charlie wanted to say, “Please just stop.” But he had no choice but to allow this kid to do as he wanted. “Here, let’s place it at an angle pointing to your left hip. This way, it won’t peek out over the top front edge of the loincloth.”
Elliot was not touching Charlie’s dick directly but under the soft suede cloth. But he was rubbing it and wiggling it through the cloth to get it to move over to point at an angle. Charlie groaned. “OK, now I’ll tie this leather cord in the back and make it as tight as possible. There,” Elliot said proudly, as he intentionally tied it low on his hips so that the waistline of the loincloth was lower than his hip bones.

Elliot was curious about how big a boner Charlie could get. Even though he felt Charlie’s enlarging dick under the suede cloth, he thought it was just semi-hard, and if Charlie got aroused, he would get bigger. Elliot intentionally tied the loincloth on Charlie in such a low-waisted way that there would be no cover for his dick if it did get bigger. It would definitely slide its head further up to peep out to the world. “That’s it. Now let the front and back flaps drop down. See, your look just like Tarzan.”

Charlie stepped back to check himself in the mirror. “Oh god, I look indecent. Are you sure your Aunt wants me to come out there like this? With her family all out there!”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what’s in your contract. The host picked it all out herself.” Elliot found lying to Charlie so easy now. He told him so many lies it had become second nature to keep bull shitting him. “Look on the bright side, you ARE all covered up. And the back flap over your ass hides the leather tie.”

The one key thing Elliot did not tell Charlie is that he DID NOT tie the leather strap in a knot. He tied it in a bow. That devilish little nerdy twink wanted to be able, at any time of his choosing, to accidentally bump up against Charlie’s back and quickly pull the end of the leather string to undo the bow, which would cause the loincloth immediately to drop to the floor.

“OK, dude… ah… I mean, Tarzan. Let’s go. My Aunt wants you to meet and congratulate Betty on her 80th birthday. She’s the lady in the big chair in front of the fireplace. Go to her and kiss her on the cheek and do something funny like pretend to sit in her lap,” Elliot said pointedly, anxious to see how his nearly naked Tarzan prank would play out.

Charlie mentioned to Elliot that he was concerned that as he appeared as Tarzan, he would soon be escorted out the door and forced to leave because he would be seen as a pervert for indecent exposure. But Elliot had other plans to keep Tarzan at the party and get him naked.

Charlie did as he thought he was required to do. He went to Betty and yelled, “Happy Birthday, you beautiful woman, you!” Then Charlie smiled at everyone in the room and shook his skimpy loincloth-covered ass in her direction. The room was silent. No one knew what was happening or how to react. Suzie was still in the kitchen and hadn’t seen Charlie in his skimpy costume yet. “Me Tarzan, you my sweet Jane,” Charlie yelled out as a joke and then pretended to sit on Betty’s lap, just barely touching it.

“Oh, my Lord!” Betty screamed, causing everyone to think she was distraught at the near nudity of Tarzan. But that scream was immediately followed by wonderful laughter. All the guests were relieved and busted out in cheers. And simultaneously, everyone joined in clapping, knowing it was all OK. Betty totally loved this scene. Betty laughed so much her eyes were tearing up as she lightly hugged her sexy Tarzan placing her arms around his belly. She yelled back at Tarzan, “Oh Honey, I’ll be your Jane anytime!” Everyone laughed.

There was a roar of cheers. Elliot was shocked to see such approval for skimpily-dressed Tarzan, but it actually worked for the best since everyone was having a great time. Then Suzie came into the room in shock and saw this nearly-naked man pretending to be sitting on Betty. Suzie, the host and responsible for the party, was just about to tell Charlie to get off Betty, get dressed, and leave when Betty shouted, “Suzie, Oh, Suzie, Suzie, how did you ever plan such a wonderful, crazy event? Where did you ever find such a sexy Tarzan as this? From now on, just call me Jane.”

Everyone clapped and laughed. Suzie was taken aback but quickly understood that whatever misunderstanding created this, she was happy to see Betty having so much fun. No one thanked Elliot, even though he was the one who created the sexy Tarzan.

Everyone was having a good time, and Tarzan was helping to pass out drinks and munchies, wearing only his very skimpy loincloth. Little did he realize that Elliot had provided a shredded, frayed shoelace as the only tie to hold up that flimsy cloth, and it would not take much, only a sharp pull to break it or untie it and allow the loincloth to fall.

Nerdy 16-year-old Elliot was so in awe of himself for successfully turning this hunky 22-year-old into a skimpily-clad stud for his amusement and the party’s. He could not resist pushing it further, especially since he had already set up his Tarzan to lose his loincloth altogether. Elliot did realize that his power over the Tarzan character was simply due to his ability to convince Charlie, with his innocent charm, that he was speaking for Aunt Suzie, the party host. This person would be paying him after the event.

“Games! We should have a party game.” Elliot said to himself. The only game he thought of immediately was the child’s game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. This is a game with a large poster of a donkey presenting his tailless ass. The poster is hung on a wall. Then partiers are blindfolded, one at a time. Each person is given a paper donkey tail. Then each contestant blindly moves toward the poster to attach it to the donkey’s butt. Whoever positions the paper tail nearest to where it should be, wins a prize.

No one had brought such a game, but Elliot did find some broad-tip felt pens on the desk. He quickly thought up a version of this game where they could use Tarzan instead of a poster of a donkey’s ass. Instead of pinning a tail on him, they could use black marker pens to make a mark on his naked ass. Whoever made a dot closest to Tarzan’s… well… naked tailbone would be the winner.

Part 2 of 3

Elliot thought, “We need some kind of game where my Tarzan can be stripped naked. But how … what can I do to start this up so it looks innocent?” He was the nerdy twink nephew and knew he needed Aunt Suzie’s approval. So, in the kitchen, he found his Aunt super busy preparing various tasty treats. “Oh boy, Aunt Suzie, you got your hands full in here. Want me to start a party game or something?” Elliot said as if wanting only to help his Aunt manage the party.

“Oh, you are such a dear. I’ll be tied up here for a while. If you would find something to entertain our company, it would be wonderful, sweetie.” That’s all Elliot needed to hear. He could manipulate events from here on.

Cleverly, Elliot did not want to seem like he was running the show and guiding things, so he approached two of his male cousins, who were 15-year-old twins, and asked them to get some felt-tip pens from the desk as well as something they could use as a blindfold. “Aunt Suzie wants us to lead the party game, which she and Tarzan have worked out. I’ll be like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, sort of thing.” He lied.

The twins returned with a couple of black scarves and black felt tip pens. He tested the markers to see if they were fresh and working, and they were. Elliot did not want to loudly announce that his Aunt Suzie would hear from the kitchen. He just wanted to start this with a few people and let others join in once they saw what was happening.

“OK, you guys,” Elliot said to the twins, “Get a couple of volunteers lined up to be the first to be blindfolded and give each a black marker. I’ll take one of these blindfolds and get Tarzan ready.” He approached Tarzan and pulled him to the doorway between the hall and the living room. His skimpy loincloth-covered ass faced the living room, where everyone was milling around, as Elliot spoke quietly to him.

“OK, Charlie, you’re on. Aunt Suzie wants us to begin playing “Pin the Tail on Tarzan.” It’s a cute game she thought up to entertain Betty, so I’ll help you get ready.” It was all a lie.

“Well, that’s fine… I guess. What do you want me to do?” Charlie asked, assuming he was following Suzie’s desires.

“Don’t worry, dude, it’ll be cool. I’ll be doing all the work. You need to stand here holding on to the doorframe. The most important thing is to please Suzie; to do that, we need Aunt Betty to have a great time. Now, first, let me put this blindfold on you; bend down a bit.”

Elliot was much shorter than the 22-year-old muscle-toned college stud, so he had to bend over so Elliot could tightly secure the black scarf blindfold around his head. OK, Suzie wants you to stand in this doorway and place your feet against the bottom of the frame - your right foot pressed against the right side, left foot pressed against the left side. Keep your feet wide apart like that, pressed against the wood.”

“Good. Now reach up with both hands and grab and upper right corner of the doorframe with your right hand and the upper left corner with your left hand. No matter what, don’t let go … or you will ruin the entire game for everyone and disappoint Aunt Suzie.”

With Charlie blindfolded, he could not see how Elliot was beaming at the sight of this hunky, nearly-naked Tarzan, holding his body in an “X” formation. The tiny loincloth flap was barely covering his bubble-butt ass cheeks. Charlie could not see how vulnerable he looked with his feet and hand holding fast to the four corners of the door frame. His ass and groin were so unprotected. But he assumed he was following the necessary instructions from Aunt Suzie.

Elliott looked at the twins and asked who was going to be first. It was Mrs. Timmons, the school librarian. “OK, just blindfold her so we can get started.” Mrs. Timmons was giggling as she was blindfolded and handed a black marker. She had to walk about 12 feet to Tarzan’s ass target.

Now, to execute Elliot’s diabolical plan. Elliot slipped in front of the blindfolded Tarzan so he was in the darkened hallway. He wanted to be out of the way so the first contestant could approach Tarzan’s ass directly and give everyone in the living room a clear view of Tarzan’s rear. There was also another evil reason for Elliot’s position. He wanted to be in front of Charlie to grope him without anyone noticing. The light was in the living room where everyone was, not in the hallway, where Elliot was now positioned.

Now that everyone was in place and eagerly waiting to see how Mrs. Timmons did, Elliot placed his hand on Tarzan’s hip as if to steady him. That was a ruse. He spoke softly to Charlie, telling him what a good sport he was. In fact, Elliot’s touches served as a distraction so he could gently use his fingers to snap the old worn shoelace holding up the loincloth. He did and then tossed the skimpy suede piece down the hall, out of sight. Tarzan’s naked bubble-butt was oohed and awed by most of the partiers. “Birthday girl Betty” was laughing so hard her eyes were tearing up. The only two people who did not know Tarzan was now naked were the two blindfolded people, Mrs. Timmons and Tarzan himself.

With his blindfold still on and Elliot’s hand on his hips to … ah … em … “steady” him, Charlie never felt his loincloth being gently snapped away. Mrs. Timmons was nudged forward and encouraged as people laughed, “A little further, and more to your right, … further, keep going …” She proceeded to step slowly with the ink marker leading the way like a small sword.

“Charlie,” Elliot whispered sternly, “Look, don’t move your hands or feet. If you do, you will ruin Betty’s 80th birthday. OK? But … I want you to know I just removed your loincloth.” Charlie stiffened in his pose and swallowed hard, but without moving his limbs. He was visibly jolted, at least visibly to Elliot. “Calm down; it’s no big deal. Besides, people seeing your ass is cool; they love it. As long as they don’t see your dick, you’ll be fine.”

“All these ladies and gents are just having a great time.” Elliot explained, “Look, I can see you’re nervous, not wanting to be naked and all, but it’s just your butt. Just continue to face me, and no one will see your dick. Ah … this is your first … ah … gig, isn’t it?” Charlie nodded. “Well, I can’t help what arrangements your friend, Doug, made with Aunt Suzie, but this was all planned this way. So just do your job, and I got your back. Hold still as various people, wearing the blindfolds, can come up and make little dots on your… your… ass. Here comes Mrs. Timmons; hold your pose, dude.”

Elliot noticed Charlie’s dick was naturally relaxed. Elliot got on his tiptoes to place his mouth closer to Charlie’s ear and whispered, “Whoa, dude! You’re starting to sport some wood, man. Your dick is getting longer. Whatever you do, don’t turn around. By keeping your ass to them in the room, they can’t see your dick. If you turned around and showed them your bone, they might think you’re some awful pervert. And in case you don’t know, Uncle Ed is out there, he’s a cop. But don’t worry, I’ll protect you. Just do as I say, and I’ll keep you safe.” Charlie’s dick was not erect, just hanging nicely. But Elliot wanted to embarrass him. Oh yes! So much more was on Elliot’s agenda.

Then it happened. Mrs. Timmons’ pen touched the small of Charlie’s back. But instead of making a dot, she put out her other hand to try to feel the contour of Charlie’s backside. She wasn’t trying to be weird or sexual in feeling his ass cheeks. She was just attempting to make her ink mark about where Tarzan’s tailbone would be.

She felt Charlie’s hip and moved her hand down his left cheek. “Oh dear!” she said aloud, realizing that Tarzan was completely naked. The crowd laughed louder at her surprise. Oddly, Mrs. Timmons did not pull back but rather moved her maker to the top of Charlie’s ass crack and made a circle there. With her mark made, she undid her blindfold, and her shock morphed into a smile of pleasant embarrassment. Then she saw that instead of just a circle she intended to draw, she had made a few dots and short lines down Charlie’s lower back and on his ass. Uncle George yelled out, “OK, who’s next?” He just wanted to see more people playing this hilarious game. Mike had already been selected as second and stood up to be blindfolded. Unlike Mrs. Timmons, he and everyone else now knew they were now playing “Mark the Tailbone of Naked Tarzan.”

As Mike approached Tarzan’s ass, he was quite confident that he’d be able to do this quickly and precisely. However, he pretended to be a little wobbly and put his hand out as if to help find his way to that asshole. “A little further, Mike, a little more. To your left, a bit,” several shouted. His hand touched the middle of Charlie’s back. And Mike could tell what he was touching, so he moved his hand down innocently to fondle the right ass cheek first and then the left.

Mike placed the pen at the top of the ass crack, but instead of drawing a circle, he pretended not to know what he was doing and moved the pen lower down the crack, tickling Charlie’s ass lips by “accident.” No one could see directly in front of Mike, so he was in no hurry. He poked Charlie’s asshole and took his time making a circle on the ass lips, which could not be seen. He did not care.

He then removed his blindfold and said, “Shoot, I think I went too low.” Then he used both hands to spread Charlie’s cheeks apart, took one step to the side, and showed everyone where he marked Tarzan’s puckered hole. “Yeah, I almost lost that pen.” Everyone roared with laughter. More shouts and hoots. It’s not that any of these folks were being sexual or lewd. It’s just that it was presented as a good-sport event for Betty. Most assumed, incorrectly, that she had planned this herself. Mike gave the pen to the twins, who were blindfolding another player, and then he sat down to watch the show.

Standing in front of Charlie in the darkened hall, Elliot noticed Charlie’s dick was semi-erect but not stiff, … yet. It was fuller, heavier, and pointing downward. But that was not good enough for Elliot. So, he did what he did best. He lied. “Look, dude, you are sporting some serious wood there. It’s important that you just keep your backside facing everyone, so no one will see your big boner and know you’re a pervert and getting off on this.”

Charlie whispered, “Elliot, that’s not true. I’m not a pervert. I am very humiliated; please end this so I can slip out of sight and get back into my loincloth.” He didn’t mind being in a loincloth for Betty’s sake, but he didn’t want people writing on his body and trying to stick pens up his asshole. “Please, Elliot, help me out.”

“Hey, big fella, I got an idea. This will help you avoid this embarrassing situation so no one will see the huge boner you’re sporting there. No one will know you’re a pervert excited by these lovingly old ladies.” Charlie was not paying attention. He was distracted when he felt someone making circles on his ass cheeks and more laughter. Someone yelled, “Next!” Charlie was so frustrated he even thought about just turning around and running out the door. Boner or no boner, he could make a run for it. He even mentioned that to Elliot.

“Whoa, now that would be interesting. I know you can’t see anyone now, but I told you about Uncle Ed. Maybe you remember seeing him when you entered. Is he the tall guy with the trimmed beard? The cop? Works on the vice squad.” Of course, there was no cop there, but it worked to scare the shit out of Charlie and to make him more compliant. Elliot continued, “So if you’re thinking of showing everyone your big fat, dripping dick, you’d better think twice.” Charlie’s body was twitching as his back showed more black ink marks. He was confused and now scared. “Look, dude, I told you I have your back. I’m your bud. I’m going to help you. Under these circumstances, I’m the only one who can. You just better show me a little more respect, especially now since your dick is dripping.”
Standing in front of Charlie in the darkened hallway, Elliot whispered in his ear, “Hey dude, you‘re starting to sport some wood. You’d better stay exactly as you are, do as I say, and for Pete’s sake … do not turn around.” Charlie was blindfolded, so he assumed he was throwing a bone, but that was just a lie Elliot told him to embarrass him. Charlie begged Elliot for help. He never knew that Elliot had caused all of this to happen. Elliot came up with the skimpy Tarzan costume, the sexy game they were playing, and removed his loincloth while pretending he had nothing to do with it. “Charlie, my man, this was all arranged by the host, Aunt Suzie, and it’s in your contract. Too bad you never got a copy of it. But don’t worry, I’ll help you through this. Just don’t turn around and show your boner, got it?”

Elliot kept coming across as Charlie’s friend, but it was all lies, even when he told Charlie that his uncle Ed, sitting in the living room, was a cop. Charlie, not wanting anyone to see him naked, especially his dick, kept his back to the group, as he was told, and pleaded with Elliot to help him slip into the bathroom to put on his costume or some other clothes, … anything.

Elliot continued his lies, “If I help you out here, you must do exactly as I say. If you don’t, I’ll leave you here to deal with my cop uncle Ed. Agreed?”

The helpless, naked, blindfolded Charlie pleaded, “Yes, Elliot, please, just end this stupid ‘Pin the Tail on Tarzan’ game, so I can cover up, OK?” It was kind of funny, as well as erotic. The older, muscular-built Charlie was acting like a whimpering puppy dog, and the skinny twerpy, nerdy teenager was taking control. Charlie did not care what Elliot had in mind to help, but anything was better than this. He certainly did not want to be arrested. “Please hurry, Elliot. Do something.”

Standing in front of Charlie, hidden by his hunky naked body, Elliot wet his fingertips and reached down to make slow, gentle circles on the tip of Charlie’s dick. Elliot only lied when he told Charlie his dick was getting hard, but now Elliot wanted it to actually get erect. Charlie, still blindfolded, complained in a low voice, “What are you doing? Stop that.” Elliot continued lightly to tease Charlie’s flaccid dick to wake it up. “Elliot! Elliot! YOU ASSHOLE!” He whispered in an angry raspy voice. But Elliot knew Charlie was unable to move a muscle or make demands.

As Elliot played more vigorously with Charlie’s now expanding dick, now pointing straight out, parallel to the floor, Charlie felt another partier moving their ink marker over his ass cheeks. He had forgotten about the guests and that the “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game was still in progress. People, one at a time, each blindfolded, approached his naked ass with a black marker, trying to mark the tailbone of Charlie. Waves of laughter covered the room.
No one was aware of Charlie’s boner or what Elliot was doing. Elliot’s hand movements were shielded by Charlie’s muscular body. With Charlie’s dick secretly fondled by Elliot and his ass publicly teased by tickling black felt-tipped pens welded by the guests, Charlie released a moan, and his dick bobbed once. One partier yelled out, “This is not Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It’s Mark the Ass of Tarzan.” Everyone clapped and cheered. When Elliot noticed a blindfolded player finishing trying to mark the center of Tarzan’s ass, he would let go of Charlie’s dick, knowing the player would remove his blindfold and look about. They would notice Elliot just standing there, innocently in front of Tarzan.

Then, when the player moved back to take a seat, Elliot would continue pulling and tickling Charlie’s dick. But Charlie did not move from his ridged “X” position in the doorway. He feared that Elliot would carry out his threat to leave him alone and with a boner he could not explain, especially believing the lie that one of the guests was a cop. So, Elliot felt comfortable and in total control, as he again worked Charlie’s dick so nonchalantly, with everyone watching Tarzan’s ass gaining more and more black ink marks. No guests saw Tarzan’s front side in the darkened hallway. Up that studly dick went, now pointing more to the ceiling like a steel flagpole and now leaking more precum.

Charlie was asking, … no begging, Elliot to please stop and help him sneak away to get back into his loincloth costume or… to leave the party altogether since this was too daring and dangerous. If he was caught with an erection at an older woman’s birthday party, his life would be over, he thought. He was helpless, though he still considered Elliot as his only potential rescuer. How wrong he was. Elliot had set this all up to make him and keep him a humiliated, helpless, sex-toy captive.

“Look, dude,” Elliot whispered harshly, “I’m only playing with your fucking dick to get you off so it will go down, and you’ll be able to turn around quickly and grab something to wear. You can’t do that with a leaking, bouncing boner, can you?” Charlie was subconsciously shaking his head no. “I was trying to help you shoot so you’d lose your boner. Then you could put the costume back on and continue helping out at the party. You’ll still get paid the big bucks promised to you.”

Elliot now pretended to get angry as he continued to whisper, “If you want me to leave you here, all boned up, just say so. I don’t fucking what to touch your slimy fuck stick. I wouldn’t do this for a friend, let alone some faggot who just called me an asshole. I’m fucking standing here getting your fuck snot all over my hands, humiliating and demeaning myself, … just to help you out. I hate touching your junk, playing with your junk, pumping your pole, tickling, and teasing your hairy balls, reaching under you and raking your ass crack with my fingernails, being careful that no one behind you, sees my fingers, then pulling on your balls sac as I finger the tip of your peephole. This is so disgusting to me. Fuck, I’m not your fucking servant! I quit.” All the sex talk made Charlie more aroused. He was so pent up and needed to shoot more than ever

Elliot let go of Charlie’s bobbing dick and bouncing balls just before he guessed Charlie would explode. Charlie trembled and shook. He only needed a few firm pulls on his dick, and he’d squirt his load. Charlie moaned as his body was controlled by the nerd. “I am never going to touch you again. I’m not a faggot, and I’m a servant of a faggot.” Elliot lied. Of course, he wanted to play with and control hunky Charlie and would as soon as Charlie caved in and succumbed to what Elliot wanted. Charlie was in a helpless, suspended erotic state with nowhere to turn.

So far, a dozen blindfolded guests have participated in marking Charlie’s ass with black ink. They came and went, and everyone laughed. Elliot abused Charlie to the max between those moments in endless erotic tickle torture. Now, Charlie was left with a dripping, bobbing boner screaming to be allowed to climax, and Elliot was just standing there, waiting for a full capitulation from this older, muscle-toned, naked, sexy stud. “Don’t stop, please, Elliot. I can’t reach down and beat myself off. Everyone watching from behind me will know what I am doing. I need you, please. Finish me off so no one will know, please?”

“You just called me an asshole? Now you want me to play with your big boned-up dick? Because you can’t? Because all the people behind you will know you are beating off? And they will know you are a pervert, and my cop uncle in that room will haul your ass to jail? I don’t think you are being very encouraging. I best just leave you alone. … Unless … you can begin to respect me, big time, and treat me like I am the most important person in your life.” Charlie’s dick bobbed a couple of times like it was reaching out to Elliot, begging for attention. Charlie remained motionless in the doorway, repeatedly mumbling, " Please, " knowing only Elliot could rescue him.

“Elliot, don’t leave me. Please,” Charlie whispered, now in a very remorseful tone. “I am such an asshole. I have mistreated you; you are correct. And … and …. I should shut the fuck up and just obey you, … sir. I promise. Please help me, sir. I am begging you. Sir. I don’t know how to get out of here discreetly.”

“Tell me what your problem is, and why you need my help, and you better sound humble and submissive when talking to me.” Charlie was blindfolded still, so he could not see the devilish grin on Elliot’s face.

“Sir, I can’t do anything with my dick all boned up because I need to keep my hands up here, holding onto the upper door frame. I can’t leave this position because your family will see my erection. I ….” Elliot stopped him and told him to be more descriptive and detailed about his dick, helplessness, and desperation. So Charlie continued, “I mean, sir, my huge fuck stick is desperate to shoot. It needs to be milked of all its snot and goo, and I am unable to grab my fuck pole and pump it and squeeze all its cum juice shit out because I am such a helpless fucking helpless faggot asshole cunt wad.” Elliot did not want his dick to deflate even a tiny bit, so he placed a couple of fingers on the dick tip and made tiny circles using the dripping slime as an erotic lubricant but insisted that Charlie continue explaining himself.

Charlie gasped with a sharp inhale of exotic sensation but immediately continued, “I … I … need you to get me off, sir. I can’t do it without you …” Again, Elliot interrupted him, telling him to describe what he was asking for in detail. “Sorry sir, I want ... I mean … I need you to take some of my dripping precum and rub it all over my fuck stick and all around its mushroom head and then rub it up and down my shaft. Slip your fist firmly over the entire length of my dick and pump it, pull it, rub it, and play with it. Oh God, please, sir, please use your other hand to tickle my low-hanging hairy balls. That always sends me over the edge. And tease them as you pump my ramrod pole simultaneously and use firm pressure to allow me to shoot. I need firm pressure to shoot. Please. I’ll do whatever you ask; just make me cum, sir.”

“Well, Charlie, there is a problem with what you said.” Elliot continued to apply only light pressure to provide erotic stimulation. “The problem is all this goo that’s leaking out. I know you can’t see with your blindfold, but you can feel all this slimy shit I’ve coated rubbed on your dick. But who will lick it off my hand and clean me up?

“Oh God, that’s repulsive.” The idea of licking his cum was sickening to him. “OK, fuck, Elliot, sir, I’ll do it if I have to.”

“You’re not very enthusiastic, are you, Charlie? I mean, I won’t make you do something that repulses you. I’m not mean; I’m your new best friend. I’m here to help you out, not make you miserable.” Elliot lied and was grinning from ear to ear. He relished toying with his helpless blindfolded 22-year-old naked stud. The houseful of Betty’s family, all gathered here for her 80th birthday, was oblivious that this skinny, nerdy twink was erotically torturing their hunky Tarzan.

Elliot continued to manipulate Charlie’s boner very gently, not wanting to allow him to unload. Charlie was trembling and moaning, so pent up he could not stand still. Charlie realized that Elliot would not let him shoot unless he pretended he wanted to eat his cum. “Oh God, yes, please, yes, let me suck your fingers clean, please. I need it so bad. I have to eat my cum as you so graciously feed it to me. Please, sir, I need my cum badly. I just crave it. I hunger for it; please kindly feed me all my slime juice.”

“Well… if you are sure.” Elliot wiped off a palmful of precum and put his palm over Charlie’s mouth. Elliot immediately felt Charlie’s tongue lick it up and even kiss his hand. Elliot scooped up more as he teased the leaking steel pole with one hand and caught it with the other, then fed Charlie more gobs as he stuck his fingers fully in Charlie’s mouth. He slurped Elliot’s fingers clean. Elliot was amazed at how he had trained his new toy stud to obey. “Now, one final question, will you obey me completely?” Charlie immediately nodded yes, thinking that was the answer that would allow him to climax and then get out of there.

“OK, Tarzan, you did good. I know I said I’d let you climax, and I will, but not now. I love your boned-up dick. And I am not finished with it yet. I will, however, get you discreetly take a bathroom break. Then you will finish serving drinks at the party. I will let you shoot your juice later if you wish. That’s a promise.

Elliot stuck his head to the side of Charlie’s torso and yelled loudly enough for all to hear, “OK, folks, I think we marked up Tarzan’s back and ass enough. Time to give him a round of applause for being a good sport, and let’s let him take a bathroom break.” Charlie had a confused look; he thought he had to walk through the living room full of partiers to get some clothes, and that was why he could not leave the doorway with an erection. But Elliot kept the second bathroom a secret from him. It gave him power.

Charlie now realized he could just slip into the darkened hallway to the other bathroom and not be seen getting there. So, he rushed to it, bouncing boner and all. Finally, Charlie had privacy to hide his nudity. He never questioned Elliot. As weird as Elliot had acted, at least he came through and rescued him from disaster. How naive can this stud be? Elliot? His rescuer? Fuck! How blind was Charlie not to see that scrawny little Elliot was his true diabolical tormentor? Charlie was the puppet, and Elliot, the puppet master. Oh god!

“Way to go, dude!” Elliot said as he rushed into the bathroom. “See, I told you I’d get you out of that mess.” Charlie looked up at him blankly. “Well, dude, aren’t you going to thank me?” Charlie did just that, never realizing Elliot orchestrated the entire humiliating scene. Then Charlie asked for his clothes and pay so he could leave early. He had had enough.

“I’m afraid not, dude. Aunt Suzie has your clothes and your pay. I’m afraid I can’t get you either until you complete your contractual obligations.” Elliot lied. His clothes were just down the hall. And Aunt Suzie, the host, would never withhold his payment, especially the way her sister, Betty, was enjoying herself so much. “But here is the good news. I just talked to my Aunt Suzie, and she said if you help pass out drinks and munchies for just ten minutes, she will be satisfied, and you will get full pay. Charlie agreed in an instant and then asked for his clothes.

Part 3 of 3

“Well, she did have one catch, though. She said you couldn’t wear clothes when you serve her guests. You'll complete your contact if you do it without any clothes on. And get the big bucks.” God, Elliot was creative!

“Without clothes? I can’t go out there naked! Please, Elliot, talk to her. Your cop uncle will arrest me. What the fuck!” Charlie sat naked on the bathtub's edge, eyes wide, staring at the kid, pleading for help with his panicked expression. And, of course, Elliot was lying. Oh yeah, lying big time. No way would Aunt Suzie or Betty want a completely naked man walking around at the party. After all, there were teenagers there.

“Not to worry, dude; I just thought of a plan.” Charlie did not notice it for what it was, but Elliot flashed a delicious, devilish smile. “Yeah, dude, I got you covered. I have a plan.”

“Elliot, no, absolutely not. I am not going to entertain Betty’s guests without my clothes on. And no one can make me.” Charlie, the Tarzan character for a birthday party, said as he sat naked in the bathroom. “If I can’t get the stupid, tiny, indecent loincloth back on me, then just find me anything to wear. I’m out of here, Elliot.”

“Dude, if you leave, you won’t get paid, and after all she made you do, making a fool out of you and humiliating you as her nude Tarzan and all.” Of course, this was all a lie.

Sweet, elderly Aunt Suzie would never have told Charlie to get naked, nor did she even want him naked. After all, this was a family event with teenagers included. Aunt Suzie wanted the Tarzan party helper to wear a full-body, flesh-tone leotard and put the skimpy loincloth over it, so he would be all covered up. Elliot presented Charlie with ONLY the tiny loincloth and told him, “This is what the host requires you to wear.” So, it was all Elliot’s lying and manipulating Charlie to control him into doing humiliating things. That devilish Elliot learned that as long as he told Charlie, “It’s what the host wants,” Charlie believed him and felt obligated to do it.

“Well, Charles, I have a plan. Aunt Suzie wants you to serve drinks and stuff without any clothes on. So you will, and you won’t even be naked!” Elliot was lying, of course.

“No! And that’s final. I quit!” Charlie said with a whisper-like yell, still seated naked on the bathtub's edge. “I don’t care about my pay. I’m leaving anyway. I have to.”

“Well. … OK, dude. Whatever you want. It’s no skin off my nose. I’m not the one who will get fired for walking out on a legal obligation to be the party helper.” Elliott told him sheepishly.

“You mean if I don’t complete my contract here, … my company will fire me? … Oh shit! … And I need a job. Damn it!” Charlie was shocked. Charlie was also naïve, believing this twerp knew all about his work obligation.

“Your failure to perform goes against you. You’ll be fired tomorrow. That’s what the contract says.” Actually, no one would get fired, but Charlie had no way of knowing that since he never read the contract. He trusted Elliot, believing he was trying to help him. Charlie just stared with his mouth open, saying nothing for a while. Then he asked the twink what his plan was.

“Toilet paper. It’ll be simple, Dude. Don’t worry. I’ll just wrap you in a lot of white toilet paper. You’ll look like Gandhi of India wearing his cloth wrap-around waist thingy. At least you will be all covered up. You can serve the guests, and you’ll complete your contract. Suzie can’t complain because you will not wear any clothes, only paper. You’ll get paid and … you won’t get fired. Think of it as a paper swimsuit or whatever.” Of course, host Suzie said nothing of the kind, but Elliot was convincing.

“I can’t go out in the living room wearing a … a … toilet paper swimsuit? That won’t stay on and cover me up … is it … Elliot?” Elliot explained that he would wrap the toilet paper around and around his waist dozens of times and between his legs to cover his groin completely. Charlie thought it could work with all that paper since he would only be dressed in this silly way for ten minutes. Then he could get paid and leave. So once again, he asked for Elliot’s help. A huge mistake.

“Sure, I’ll help you. I told you I got your back. I’ll get some Scotch Tape to ensure the toilet paper firmly sticks to you.” Elliot left and quickly returned. He took the role of toilet paper off the rack and told the naked Charlie to stand up, still naked, with his feet apart. He did. “The first thing I will do is make sure the end of the paper is firmly attached to you. We don’t want the whole thing just to slip off.” Without needing to think it through, since he already planned this out in detail, Elliot grabbed Charlie’s dick and began to wind the clear Scotch Tape around the base of his dick, making loop after loop and doing it tightly.

Charlie yells out in surprise, “Ouch! That’s too tight! But what are you doing that for? Don’t wrap the tape around my dick. I thought you were going to wrap me around with toilet paper?”

“Look stupid, what-da-ya got? Shit for brains? I need a secure place to start one end of the paper. God, you sure don’t know much, do ya, dude? You ask for my help, and now you want me to do a sloppy job? You want these paper shorts to fall off? Remember, my Uncle Ed is a cop, and he is sitting out there. Charlie blushed with embarrassment and felt immediately stupid, indeed, questioning the one young fellow who, at least in his mind, was helping him out of a jam.

“OK, OK, I’m sorry, Elliot. Just help me. I want this event over with soon. OK, I’m just nervous, didn’t mean to bark at you. I mean, Aunt Suzie was so nice when I first met her, and now, as you say, she is really out of line, demanding me to be her naked server and all. So, yeah, thanks for helping me. Just do what you need to, so the toilet paper won’t fall off and make me look like a fool when serving drinks.”

Charlie was just too frustrated to think it out; it never dawned on him that Elliot was making all this up. But, then again, Elliot became a master at manipulation and trickery. Charlie just stood still as told, naked, with his legs spread apart, as the young nerd tightly wound several loops of tape around, first, his balls to pull them tightly down, and second around his the cock and balls together. It was like a cock and ball harness Elliot had seen on an S and M website. This would have the effect of his dick protruding straight out if it ever got even slightly erect.

As Charlie’s mind reflected on how he would quickly serve the drinks and leave, he did not realize that Elliot had finished winding tape around his dick and balls, creating the makeshift cock and ball bondage. Nor was he consciously aware that Elliot was still lightly holding and gently massaging his private parts. Only Elliot saw the intended result of a gentle stimulation, a little twitching, and a little expansion of Charlie’s re-awaking dick. Of course, it would be very difficult to cut off, but that was not a concern of Elliot’s.

As Elliot used another piece of tape to adhere the end of the toilet paper to his home-made cock ring, Charlie came back to reality and saw his young geek friend wrapping the toilet paper around his waist and under his balls and ass, then around his hips and applying many layers of the thin paper to fully cover his groin. Elliot pretended he had difficulty wrapping and winding the toilet paper evenly over Charlie’s groin so he could continually finger and “accidentally” tease Charlie’s bulging dick. Charlie tried to speak up, protesting Elliot’s constant fidgeting and groping.

“Ah, Elliot? Do you think this will fall off?” But before Elliot could respond, “You know what? I think I’m getting an erection under all that paper. I can’t see it, but I feel it. I need to wait until ‘it’ calms down before going out there. Don’t you think?”

“Dude, as you just said, you can’t see it, so no problem. Your dick will relax. You’re fully covered.” It looked more like a bulky diaper than any kind of swimsuit. But at least he was covered up, and he thanked Elliot for his help. As Charlie started to leave the bathroom, Elliot stopped him. “Wait a sec. Let me straighten the section under your balls. It doesn’t look right from the back.” And Elliot pretended to fix the wad of paper there, but he was squeezing Charlie’s balls and trying to tickle his asshole to ensure Charlie had a raging hard-on under that flimsy paper. Once erect, the tightly wrapped tape would not allow his hard-on to go down. Charlie’s concern about showing his basket in flimsy paper disappeared when he looked down at his crotch. All that bulky toilet paper wound around his groin was so thick; no one would notice that he was fully erect under it. He took a deep breath, exited the bathroom, and rejoined the party. Everyone first stared and then cheered at his return.

Elliot quickly grabbed a tray with eight large, brim-full cups and handed it to Charlie, saying, “Aunt Suzie wants you to go around and let people take one, but first, let me load you up more. Come to the side table and let me put more drinks on there.” At the side table, not only did Elliot load up his already heavy drink tray, but also the nerdy bastard fondled Charlie’s taped-up cock, “I need to check that the tape is secure around your dick.” And he fondled that erection to make it harder yet.

“Hey! Cut that out! You want people to see my boner?” But Elliot lied that he was just checking to protect him and that no one could see his big erect dick under those many layers of tissue.

“Besides, I just wanted to test that you can hold the tray still in case someone gropes you.” Elliot giggled, noting the confused look on Charlie’s face. “Hey, dude, trust me, you’ll perform nicely for your final bit of entertainment.” The last part sounded weird. Charlie thought, “What entertainment am I supposed to perform?”

I’m just serving drinks and then leaving.” And then, again, there was that devilish, sadistic look on Elliot’s face. Charlie shook off the weird feeling and went to the center of the living room to present his tray of beverages to each one. Since he was holding the heavy tray, he could not hand people drinks. Each had to take his own off the tray. That’s what Elliot wanted.

“Hey, everyone, may I have your attention?” Elliot shouted out. “Our Tarzan here was a little embarrassed to announce this.” WHAT the FUCK! Charlie yelled inside his head. I’m embarrassed about what? “You see, Charlie wanted to present himself as a little boy Tarzan, so he wanted to put on this silly paper diaper and strut around the room to show you what Tarzan looked like as a little boy. Let’s all give our Tarzan a big hand.” Everyone cheered and laughed as Charlie now felt ridiculous and fully embarrassed. “Tarzan, you want to say anything?” Charlie stared at the family group like a deer caught in the headlights.

“I… I… I’m no … I… ah…”

Elliot interrupted him, saying, “I guess he’s bashful. I mean, it took a lot of balls… er… I mean guts to wrap himself up in toilet paper. I tried to talk him out of it, but he insisted. He wanted to wear his stupid diaper to show off. So, let’s just enjoy him, as he will be leaving us soon.” Another round of applause and some whistles and catcalls. Charlie’s face was red with embarrassment. He could not say anything. There was no way he could explain what that nerdy twerp just said. Anyway, he’ll be finished, paid, and gone in a few minutes. It’s a good thing no one noticed his bulging “diaper.” His dick stayed hard because the tape was wound so tight around it.

Then, as the toilet-papered Tarzan presented the tray to some guests to take their drink, Elliot approached with two very full 16-ounce cups. Charlie assumed these were to load up his tray more. “Elliot, I don’t think we need any more punch; can’t you see I still have a dozen drinks here to give out?”

“Oh, these are not cups of punch; these two cups of water, warm water, to be exact. And they are for you.” Charlie just stared, puzzled, as he looked at the two large plastic cups, each filled to the brim. “I mean, you have been such a good sport that I thought you might like some nice, warm, soothing water. You know, it would be so relaxing. You could let them just wash over you, wash away your tension. You worked hard, very, very hard. Don’t you think?

“I… I don’t want any warm water. I just need to finish my last bit here and leave. But thanks anyway, Elliot, and thanks for getting me out of here with as little embarrassment as possible.”

“But that’s just it. This here is for your last little bit, your last performance. You worked so hard. Your muscles must be so stiff and rigid. This warm water will feel so fucking soothing. And, the most important part is, Betty would love you to have these. It’s her grand finale surprise.”

“Elliot? What the fuck’ are you saying? Let’s finish this so Betty will be happy and I can get on my way. OK?”

“OK, Charles, now just raise your hands. I know that tray is a little heavy, but just raise it above your head as high as possible and hold it there.” He did not know why, but Charlie complied and lifted the tray, showing off his fantastic muscular chest. “OK, guys, let’s all give our Tarzan hero a toast,” Elliot yelled to the family crowd. “Let’s all lift a glass to Tarzan, who has worked so very, very hard here.” And as everyone lifted their cup of punch, Elliot lifted his two huge plastic cups of warm water toward Tarzan, and in taking one step to face him; he faked a trip and “accidentally” drenched the front of Charlie’s body. In an instant, the water washed away the flimsy toilet paper that had covered his groin. Now his stiff boner was seen by everyone.

Charlie was only aware of the warm water bath he received while holding the tray above his head. He was concentrating only on not spilling the drinks. He was unaware that he was now naked with only small bits of soggy white paper remnants at his hips and the scotch tape cock bondage around his dick and balls. His fierce boner pointed directly at the 80-year-old birthday girl, Betty, who broke up in uncontrollable laughter. Since Betty laughed, everyone felt comfortable laughing too.

Aunt Suzie came into the living room and, at first, covered her mouth in shock and horror. But she looked at all her guests, especially her sister Betty, and saw that everyone was having so much fun. No one could stop laughing. When Charlie realized he was the center of attention, he felt so ashamed; he just wanted to crawl into the nearest hole. He could not even cover up his jutting boner since both his hands held the heavy drinks tray. And there was nowhere close for him to set the tray down.

Aunt Suzie was still in shock, but the guests yelled at her, “Oh, Suzie! Oh my god! How did you ever find a wonderful entertainer as this Tarzan?” And another exclaimed, “Suzie, what a fantastic surprise. Thank you so much for setting this all up. What a wonderful host you are, and such a wonderful party.”
Betty called out, “Let’s get some pictures with Tarzan. Come here, Tarzan, and you, too, Suzie. Let’s have a photo with Tarzan in between us.” Charlie was stunned; no one took the tray from him as this made for a better picture of him as the server. It also made it impossible for him to cover up his raging boner. Everyone wanted a photo of the bonerized Tarzan. Cameras flashed, capturing his dick sticking straight out like a hefty sword.

At one point, even Elliot wanted his photo taken with the boned-up Tarzan he created. As Elliot stood close to Charlie’s left side, he covertly placed his right hand behind Charlie, under his ass, to tickle those Tarzan hairy balls. With all the commotion and everyone milling around, no one noticed Elliot’s hand. Charlie moaned and immediately lowered the tray of drinks to his waist to cover his raging boner. His dick was pointing upward, lightly touching the bottom of the tray. Charlie pushed the tray down a bit more, which forced his dick to point straight out, parallel to the floor. Now the full length of his dick was erotically rubbing against the tray bottom, and unbeknownst to anyone, it started dripping precum.

Even though the picture-taking was over, and the guests were all talking to each other, neither Charlie nor Elliot moved from where they were standing. Naked, boned-up, dripping, Charlie couldn’t move because he was being overwhelmed by erotic fingering sensations provided by Elliot. And Elliot didn’t move because he did not want to. Charlie moaned some more, and even his hips started to move involuntarily back and forth, causing the top of his dick to rub erotically against the tray bottom.

Elliot, pleased with all his manipulations of this hunky, older stud standing in the middle of a family birthday party gathering, whispered to him. “That’s right, dude, just stay exactly where you are and enjoy my masterful dancing fingers owning your cum-filled balls.” Charlie’s eyes were glazed over, and he uncontrollably moaned softly. Elliot continued, “You did good, stud, and I told you that you could climax before you left here.” Elliot moved his tickling fingers off Charlie’s balls and placed them on his asshole, tickling the ass lips.

Charlie now moaned in a low voice, “No, please, don’t … please stop… I’m too fucking close. … please … all these people … “Then, Elliot gently pushed one long finger into Charlie’s, twitching asshole and slowly, oh so very, very slowly, moved that finger in and out. Charlie’s body jerked even though he tried not to show any reaction to this erotic torture. “Please, not here … oh god, … I’m too close. Please … no … please … I … I …” Elliot’s finger never stopped. It never moved fast or slower. It only methodically continued its tortuous in-and-out teasing. Charlie maintained a stupid fake smile as he pretended to look around the room, not wanting anyone to sense anything erotic was happening. “Please … Sir … please … oh fucking please …” Elliot could feel his asshole tightening and clinching his finger.

The tray Charlie was holding started to shake. Elliot whispered to Charlie that he was a good boy. Charlie’s dick was trying to push up the tray as it expanded and attempted to bob upward. The guests assumed the two guys were standing there, innocently chatting away.

“Hey!” Elliot whispered louder to get his attention. “Fuck pole, this is not about you. It’s about me. Here you are totally naked, with all these people milling about, men, women, and a few teens like me. And you are all boned up with a dripping fuck stick in my Aunt’s beautiful home at her 80th birthday party. Oh, and let’s not forget. My uncle Ed, you know the cop I told you about, that’s him sitting over there.” Elliot pointed to a bearded man, but he was not a cop. It was all lies to help him control Charlie. Charlie didn't want to climax here, not in front of all these people, not being naked. Not with a cop in the room.

Elliot finally finger fucked Charlie’s twitching, pulsating asshole faster and faster, “OK, shoot the wad for me … Now!” And Charlie shook as he blasted, so publicly, totally humiliated, so controlled by this nerd. Elliot had already placed his other hand under the tray to catch Charlie’s load, and, well … he caught most of it without anyone noticing. They were so busy watching Betty open her presents. “That was great. And guess what, I have a present for you.” Elliot took that hand full of cum and placed it over Charlie’s mouth. “Now, lick it off … yes … good boy … lick my hand clean.” And Charlie moaned and did as he was told, as he was still in an erotic fog, not knowing what was going on or caring. With that done, Elliot finally took the tray from Charlie, exposing his now mostly deflated dick, and led him off to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

As far as what Betty, host Suzie, and all the guests saw and enjoyed, Charlie was seen only as a helpful, fun-loving, sexy entertainer who performed creatively and willingly. They never saw or realized the heavy-handed, erotically sadistic maneuvers Elliot orchestrated. He finally returned Charlie’s clothes, except for his underwear, which he kept as a trophy. As Charlie dressed and was about to leave, Elliot pulled his zipper down, fished out his long flaccid dick, and let it hang out. “There, stud. There you go. You may leave now.” Charlie walked out through the still-crowded living room and left in a submissive daze.

The End

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