040 Training a Marine

40 Training A Marine
Part 1 of 7

I don’t like the term “gym rat,” but I do work out four days a week for 90 minutes. I’m not one of those grotesquely deformed world champion bodybuilders; no, I am nicely muscled and quite flexible. I’m proud of my body, and women like it, too. At six feet, my weight is 225, and that’s just right. As I start my bench presses, I can’t help but think of how different things are here in San Diego than they were growing up in the Midwest. I wasn’t used to guys coming up to me saying “Hi” and asking to be my workout partner. And before you know it, they’re “accidentally” touching my crotch. It used to really piss me off, but I’ve been in this town for almost a year and am over it now. I’ve gone from wanting to punch guys out to smiling and saying, “Sorry, bud, I’m straight.” I’ve adopted the attitude that it’s okay to be flattered, even by gay men. Seriously, it no longer bothers me.

My name is Vance Blocken. I’m 41, and I must admit I’ve had a bruising but interesting life so far. I served in the Marines for six years but didn’t really like the regimentation. A few years before that, I served some time in prison. Oh, not a big deal: I punched some asshole out in a bar. He had backhanded a woman twice, so I slugged him. My bad luck was that he was an off-duty cop, so the story was told to make him out to be the hero. I served two years and four months. It was okay. It toughened me up, and boy, did the prison system really regiment the inmates’ daily lives. That part was boring. Anyway, I now hold no grudges.

These bench presses are really making me sweat a lot. It’s really humid, and the air conditioning is just not keeping up. I just notched up the weight on my second set.

I noticed the gym was not as busy as usual, probably because of the heat. I’ve been focusing on a guy I’ve seen here, a couple guys, actually, who have these really buffed-up bods. Every time they walk by a mirror, they can’t resist a few quick poses. I’ve noticed their dick bulges … well, they don’t have any. I think the steroids they probably take are dick-killers. I’ve also been checking out some guys who have nicer bodies and are nice-looking. I like the smaller-built guys in the tight shorts. “Wow, why do I get thoughts like that?” I berate myself. I’m married and have a kid. Well, divorced now (we were just not a match); she’s still in Indiana…long story. But I still have a son I love to connect with on every visit back there.

My workout has evolved over many years in the gym. I am much more methodical now, using the best possible form and taking time with each rep for a more thorough workout. I was slowly lifting the bar towards the top of my ninth rep when a pair of hands came into view on the outside edges of the bar.

"Here, I'll spot you," came a voice from the owner of the hands.

With this much weight directly over my head, I wasn't in a position, literally, to have a conversation, so I kept pushing the bar up and to my chest. As I started back up for my tenth and final rep, my spotter leaned in a bit, and I got a better view of who was talking.

In this position, I looked at the upside-down face of a black kid, no older than a middle teenager. Maybe it was because of oxygen depletion from the lifting, but it was hard to tell if he was cute, plain, or hideous. As I slowly lifted the bar towards the rack, I felt the heat from his hands next to mine as he assisted me.

"Thanks," I offered, sitting up and turning around towards him.

"You're welcome," he replied.

He was a good-looking kid with light caramel-colored skin, doe-eyes, long eyelashes, and sensuous lips. He stood about five-foot-nine with a hundred-forty pounds of lean muscle. "I couldn't tell if you were going slow on purpose or what," he added.

"I go slow on purpose. I'd rather have good form than massive weight," I replied, nodding toward a fellow gym-goer who was swinging the weight like a pendulum while trying to do bicep curls.

"That's what I figured out over the years, and it works for me.”

“Yes, it does seem to work pretty well for you."

“By the way, I’m Vance. And you are?”

“Julian Price.”

"Thanks, Julian," I replied. "Gotta' keep moving. I might work out in slow motion, but I try to never stop."

"Yeah, later, Vance." Did I feel the heat from the workout or his eyes on me as I walked away? I wasn't going to go there. Not the time. Not the place. And definitely not the right age. I mean, well, it’s probably OK to just visually check him out, right?

The rest of the workout went quickly. As usual, I was living in my head, trying not to think about that kid, the bulky guys there, or the fact that I was heading into Memorial Day weekend without any plans.

Last rep of the last set, and it was time to go. I felt good. I grabbed my sweat towel off the machine and headed to my car. Some pretty ominous dark clouds were a few miles off, and I realized I'd have to step it up to avoid driving in a storm.

"Hey, can I ask you a favor?"

I looked up from unlocking my car door, and that kid was standing at the passenger door wearing a backpack. "Sure, what, Julian?"

"I live only a few miles from here, and it looks like it's going to get ugly real quick," the kid said, pointing at the oncoming weather.

"Okay, hop in.”

"Nice ride, Vance," he said as he checked the interior. "This is a Hellcat, isn't it?" he asked.

"Very good," I replied. "Most guys know it's a Dodge Challenger, but very few know what a Hellcat is.”

"I enjoy powerful cars, and this is the new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with 707 horsepower. Nice.” Julian said, smiling.

"I see you read the reviews."

"Of course, man, I love cars," Julian replied, "You ever race it?"

"No. I just got it, and those black and white cars with the funny lights on top wouldn’t really like it if I did." Julian laughed.

And so went the trip to Julian's house. Idle chit-chat about cars segued into a short Julian bio. He was a teen and attended the prestigious St. Mark's Academy, where he was an academic all-star. His intelligence and command of language would've been impressive on a grown-up, but on him, it was as spectacular as the smile. I caught a few glimpses of some nicely formed, perfectly smooth pecs through the side openings of his loose-fitting tank top as we drove along. Don’t ask why. I just notice things.

We pulled to a stop sign, and Julian rolled down the passenger’s side window. "Hey, Clay!" he yelled out.

I looked to the right and saw a blond-haired boy about Julian's age and size wearing a St. Mark's jacket walking over to us.

"Cool car, huh?" Julian said with a note of superiority in his voice.

"Very cool," Clay replied as he walked up. Clay would've looked entirely appropriate if a beach had been nearby carrying a surfboard. The complete fantasy would've included him wearing a Speedo. Not that that interested me; I’m just relating a mental image of what he looked like.

"This is my friend, Vance," Julian said.

"Nice to meet you," Clay said, waving.


"You are coming over later, right?" Julian said in a demanding manner.

"Yeah. I mean, yes, Julian," Clay replied, like a private responding to a sergeant.

"Good boy, you know the time," Julian said, rolling up his window and turning towards me. "We should get going. It looks like it's about to really come down."

"Uh, yeah. Okay," I replied. Noting the change in Julian's tone, I drove off and followed the brief route Julian laid out. A few more turns, and I pulled up to the driveway of his home just as the rain started to pour down.

“It’s not good to drive in such a heavy rain. Why don’t you come in and sit it out? The rain should slow soon.” Julian said, pulling a keychain with a small fob out of his backpack. He pointed it at his garage door, and it opened, revealing an open slot next to an older Honda. "Pull it in so we’ll stay dry. We can enter the house from the garage," he added.

"Thanks, I owe you one, but I can only stay a few minutes," I said.

"I'll let you pay me back later," he replied with a devilish grin. "Come on in."

I got out of the car and followed Julian into the house. The inside was of an atypically modern-style. No clutter, nothing too teenager about it. Everything was neat.

"Want something to drink? Water? Juice? Milk? Beer?" Julian asked

"A beer sounds pretty good, actually," I replied, then added, "Are you sure this is okay?"

"So long as you follow the rules," he laughed. "My parents are out of town until next Tuesday. I get to make the rules now."

"Okay, I'll be good," I said, playing along with his joke.

"Good b..." Julian cut himself off, then added firmly, "Good." Julian went to the refrigerator, and I heard the pop as a can was opened. A few moments later, he turned around, went to the cupboard, got a glass, and poured the beer into it.

"Thanks," I said as he handed me my drink. I took a deep swallow. There's nothing like a cold beer after a hard workout.

"You ever drink?"

"No. I don't like to be out of control," Julian replied. "So, what are you doing this weekend?"

"Nothing planned, actually. The forecast indicated a dreary weekend, so no plans,” I said, taking another healthy swallow of beer.

"I can't believe a guy like you isn't going to party the weekend away," Julian replied.

"Hey, I'm not the teenager whose parents are out of town and have the perfect opportunity for a party."

"Not my style," Julian replied evenly. "But it sounds like you've been there?"

"Once, when I was seventeen. It was a disaster. It was the weekend I learned to paint and plaster."

"Huh?" Julian asked.

"When your best friend puts his fist through the wall, you either fix it yourself or face the consequences. By the time my parents got home, the whole living room was repainted because I couldn't match the paint. They gave me fifty bucks for being such a good kid."

"Outrageous!" Julian laughed. "Did they ever figure it out?"

"Years later, I was having a few too many beers with my Dad and told him. He said he already knew. He told me my punishment was feeling guilty all the years afterward."

"Yeah, my Dad's sly that way, too," Julian said. I'd had half a beer by now, but it felt like half a six-pack. I was feeling flush and a bit tipsy.

"Seriously, do you think that being gay and stuck in this town is why you don't have anything to do?" Julian asked, looking directly into my eyes. It felt just like the time Tommy had sucker-punched me in the nose in the Junior High bathroom. A cloud of black enveloped my head for a moment.

"Hey, it's okay. Cool even," Julian said, seeing my reaction.

"I'm not..." I started to reply.

"Bullshit," Julian cut me off. "I've seen you in the gym for months. You don't look at women’s breasts. You stare at guys’ asses."

"I … I..." My head was really swimming now. "You’ve … seen … me in the gym?" was all I could manage in further reply.

"You're hard not to notice," Julian said, reaching out and brushing his hand over my left nipple.

"Hey," I said, stepping back out of his reach. "What do you want?"

"You, of course."

"Not gonna happen," I bluntly replied. “I‘m married and have a …”

"What, too young for you?" Julian leered at me.

"That's one good reason … I mean NO … I am not …" I stuttered, setting the almost empty glass of beer on the counter. "I better get going. Thanks for everything." I went to stand and felt a little woozy, but I continued to the garage door.

"No," Julian said sharply, stepping between the garage door and me.

I started to lift my hands towards Julian to move him aside. "Don't do that," Julian said.

"But I really should go," I insisted. “Besides… I … I don’t think you understand …”

"NO, I'm telling you. You are not going anywhere right now. And I understand everything about you. At least I know your gut and what you need." Julian said firmly. "Look, it's like this. You need to do what I tell you."

"Huh?" I was stunned. And my head felt weird still. “Please, Julian, please. I need to leave.” Then, I thought to myself, “Am I begging a teen, a 16-year-old, to let me leave? What the fuck?”

"See, all I have to do is pick up this phone and make a call," Julian said, then mimicked his phone conversation. "Hello. Yeah, this guy gave me a ride home, then forced his way into the house, touched me, and made me do stuff.” With your past violent history, they'd lock your ass up quicker than your car gets to sixty."

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I yelled. Before I could tell what was happening, I felt Julian's right hand hit my chest and push me back against the wall hard.

As he leaned into me, he said in a low but scary voice, "Don't you ever yell at me again. Do you hear me?"

"Sorry," I replied. “Okay, I am sorry. I should not yell at you. I didn’t mean it. Please just let me go.” I begged him again and asked myself, What am I doing?

Julian's left hand came across my right cheek just as quickly. My ears were ringing from the quick slap. "That's `Sorry, SIR,' boy!"

"I'm sorry, Sir!" I said without thinking. I just wanted to leave. Here I was, a 41-year-old, a former Marine, a weightlifter, 225 pounds … in the home of a 16-year-old KID! But … I was not thinking clearly.

"Good boy," Julian said. He sounded just like when he'd spoken to his friend Clay.

"What do you want?" I asked. And SLAP! SLAP! Went his hand back and forth on my face. I put my hand up to block him before the first hit, but my hand only raised slowly and never to my face to protect it.

“Now, ask me again, in a respectful way.”

I nearly blubbered when I said, “What do you want, sir?”

Let me tell you that when I was in prison, I took down a couple of guys bigger than me. But here, I felt weak.

"Your ass. Your mouth. And whatever else I say."

"What? I mean … what, sir? I don't... you're only 16. How did you … “

"How did I get this way? Hah!" Julian replied. "When I was thirteen, I figured out I liked boys for sex. But it was more than that. I had to be the one calling the moves, in control. When I got on the net, I learned about Masters and slaves. Bondage. S and M." I just stared at Julian.

"But when I cruise the net looking, you think any of those sissy boys out there could possibly understand me? I look like some innocent boy, and all those queens out there want me to roll over so they can take my cherry. Fuck them," he growled. "By the way, your profile on GayTies.com doesn't do you justice."

"Shit," was all I could manage to say to him. Yes, I posted that years ago. I was just exploring. That’s not me. I’m a Marine, for God's sake!

"So see, I already knew your story before today. Now it's just a matter of training."

"I really should go," I said. “I don’t belong here I …”

"Fine," Julian replied, stepping away from me. As I walked towards the garage door, Julian walked to a table and picked up his cell. Pushed a button, “911? Yes, I want to report…”

“STOP!” "I am not kidding, boy," he said.

I stopped and turned towards him. What the fuck? A teen black kid is threatening me? Really?

"Yes, police? Hold on a minute…” Then he stared at me. “You follow my rules, and there are no problems, you got it?"

"Yeah," I said frantically. Julian glared at me. "Yes, Sir," I amended.

"Good boy. Now, get that shirt off." I took my tank top off and laid it on the chair back. “Officer, I misdialed, sorry.” And ended the call.

"Lean over the counter and put your hands behind your back," Julian ordered.

As I did, I heard the zipper on Julian's backpack. Then, I felt a soft nylon rope being wound around my wrists. There was a strong tug as Julian tied the knot and pulled on my shoulders so that I was standing again. I moved my wrists around behind me, testing how secure they were tied; there was no escaping.

"What the?" I started to say.

"What'd you say, boy?"

"Nothing, Sir," I replied.

"That's better," Julian said, turning me to face him. He put his left hand behind my neck while lightly moving his right hand up and down my chest and abs. He then leaned in and put his lips over mine. They felt as good as they'd looked earlier in the gym, but I wouldn't give in. I couldn’t. I held my lips together and immediately felt a searing pain on my left nipple as Julian pinched it tightly with his sharp fingernails. My mouth opened in response to the pain, and Julian's tongue entered my mouth. He continued to pinch and work my nipple as his tongue fucked my mouth.

Julian then backed me into the wall and used both hands to attack my nipples, his mouth over mine, muffling my painful moans. Then he stopped. He took his right hand and lightly played with my now-sensitive nipples, and I moaned. His left hand immediately covered my mouth as the light nipple play again turned to serious pinching.

"Good boy," he said and then stopped. I leaned back against the wall, breathing heavily. Julian leaned in, stuck his hand down my gym shorts, and grabbed my jock. It was only then I realized how hard I'd gotten. I thought Julian's touch would make me cum right then and there. Julian smiled at me. "You're all wet, boy. You like this?"

“No,” I said softly. I felt completely lost. The beer I'd drank seemed to be supercharged. I was tied up and half-naked under the control of some kid I'd known for less than an hour and being blackmailed into doing ... whatever he wanted. Because of my muscular build and serious demeanor, I'd always been in control when dealing with a guy in the military or prison. They seemed to expect it, and I figured that was how it should be.

"Down on your knees, boy." I didn’t respond. SLAP! "Now!"

Training A Marine
Part 2 of 7

Julian held my shoulders as I eased down onto my knees. Julian pulled his gym shorts down and off, revealing a jockstrap filled with a hard, trapped cock. Precum dangled from the tip of his now-freed eight-inch cock.

"Suck it, boy," he ordered, grabbing the back of my head.

I was confused. How could this be happening? SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! I was stunned and dizzy. My mouth fell open from the slapping. Julian slid his cock all the way to the back of my throat in one firm motion. The skin on his cock felt like silk on my tongue. The taste was salty. As his soft, neatly trimmed patch of dark brown hair above his cock hit my upper lip and nose, I gagged momentarily. Julian was kind enough to back off so I could breathe, but only momentarily. He then slid his cock back in and started slowly fucking my face.

I wasn’t doing anything. I was not going to suck his dick. I am a lot bigger than he is, a lot older, smarter, more experienced, and more powerful. I was not going to suck his dick. It’s not because it’ll kill me. It’s just because his a black kid twerp who I can knock out in a single punch. I cower to no punk bastard., certainly not to suck his black dick!

He picked up his cell. I opened my mouth a began sucking his dick. What else could I do? After a few moments, he pulled out and put his hand around his cock, lifting it away from my face. "Lick my balls," he ordered, shoving his hips forward and pushing his balls against my lips. But I would not be this kid’s cock sucker or ball licker. I don’t like being told what to do. I accidentally took a quick lick. The taste was weird, but it was just like it was in the military: no asshole is going to control my life. The smell was bad initially, but I got used to it after a few inhales. If this kid lets me go, the whole world would be right. This is just not what I want. For sure, the shame of the game is to comply as much as necessary, but then get the fuck out of here and him out of my life. I’ll even switch to a different gym!

“Now that’s a good ball licker. I’ll bet you’ve been waiting to lick a good set of big balls for a long time now.” Julian said as he petted my head. But what the fuck was he talking about? “Yes, get that slave tongue all around those balls. You’re doing good, boy, very good.” It was like music to my ears. He was pleased, so maybe he’ll let me go now. Here I am, a 41-year-old former Marine and current bodybuilder, with my arms tied behind me and my face held against a kid’s balls. I fought against the realization that I was enjoying it. Julian pushed his balls into my face harder, so I had to lean back against the wall, still on my knees. In fact, he placed the back of my head firmly against the wall so I couldn’t pull my face off his balls. Then in one swift move, he turned around and planted his firm, smooth bubble butt right onto my face.

"Keep licking, boy. Lick my ass." Since he was now leaning back, pushing his ass onto my face, and the back of my head was solidly against the wall, he no longer needed to use his hands to hold my head in place. My nose was lodged in the crack of his large black bubble butt ass, so I couldn’t turn my face sideways. I felt him adjusting his butt down a little, placing his asshole over my mouth. The back of my head was pressed hard against the wall. I couldn’t move it backward. My nose was wedged tightly in the deep crack, and I was trapped.

ALL OF A SUDDEN, I REALIZED IT WAS VERY HARD TO BREATHE! My nose and mouth were nearly completely sealed off. My hands were tied behind me. I thought I would suffocate soon if he didn’t stop pressing his ass against my face. I wiggled my head, trying to dislodge it. I shook my body. I yelled a muffled scream. I was frantic and couldn’t believe it… he wouldn’t let me breathe! I don’t know why, but I frantically stuck out my tongue and tried to yell again. My tongue found his asshole. With my tongue, I tried to get his attention the only way I could. I was so freaked out. But then … he let up, not a lot, maybe just a half inch. I stopped tonguing his ass and just sucked in air like it was going out of style. Thank God, I could breathe again! I kept repeating the goal to do the minimum, and in a few minutes, I’d be out of here and out of his reach!

There was still that musty, sweaty, manly smell, but at least we showered before leaving the gym and… I could breathe again. I thought he would let me up now, but it didn’t last long. Instead, he pressed his fat black ass fully backward, firmly over my mouth and nose. My air was cut off again. What the fuck! What was he doing? Was he trying to kill me or tell me something? I stuck my tongue out again and felt his asshole. I flicked my tongue all around, desperately trying to get his attention again. I needed air. And … and … there it was. Once again, I could breathe. Since I was given such a small tiny space to breathe, I had to really suck it in. I relaxed my tongue, closed my mouth, and rested as I enjoyed a few seconds of air. That was all I got.

FUCK! There he goes again, pressing my face very hard. I thought my nose was going to break. I used my tongue to rub around his asshole. And more quickly this time, he let up, and I could breathe again. I loved that air. I continued to lick all over his asshole. I kept doing it in a panic and … and … I waited, but he did not cut off my air. I then realized that he was training me to lick his asshole. After every couple of minutes, he let me breathe.

Then I heard something. I think he said, “Rim me.” I’m not sure; I was focusing on being able to breathe. But if he did say that, I was NEVER going to insert my tongue into the disgusting black shit hole of a 16-year-old. Never. I just kept licking his ass lips as I had been doing.

What? Is he pressing back again? Why? I’m licking his ass. I feel the pressure even more. I try to push against him with my whole body, but he is standing. He has the leverage. I can’t move, and now I can’t breathe! I can’t even get the slightest bit of air. The back of my head hurts because he is forcing my head back into the wall. I try in vain to shake my face loose. If I could turn my face sideways, I would be able to suck in air, but my face is locked into his big muscular bubble butt black ass!

I am getting lightheaded. I am going to pass out and die. I stick my tongue out and flick all around his hole. No air. I am passing out. I … I … I stick my tongue in his asshole. I am weak, but I move it around and around. I am losing consciousness. I am trying to rim him. My last effort on earth. I am … I can’t … I …

THEN … AIR! YES! I can suck in air. I keep my tongue working in and out of his asshole. I just do it lightly, but I do it. And the smell is awful. The humiliation is sickening. A MARINE, A BIG MUSCLE GUY, A 41-YEAR-OLD EX-CON … LICKING THE NIGGER ASSHOLE OF A 16-YEAR-OLD FUCKING TWINK.


How in the world did I end up here? I’m licking and rimming a black guy like I’m some two-bit whore. I just can’t … Did he say something? I didn’t hear anything. I just thought maybe. Oh well. I keep working my tongue lightly in and out as I tickle his asshole. Oh shit! My air is gone. I am soaked in sweat. I can’t suck in any air. What the fuck. I didn’t hear what he said. What the fuck did he say? I start to get delirious. I didn’t hear him say “deeper.” I swear to god. I … I’m getting lightheaded again. I stick out my tongue and push it deep into his ass. I push it as far out of my mouth as I can to rim him deeply. I rim his manly asshole deeply; I don’t stop. I can’t believe how wonderful a man’s ass can taste. I don’t stop. I am rewarded with air, and I am so pleased. I can’t believe it, but I’m rimming his beautiful black, manly asshole as deep as my tongue can go. And I am truly glad he is pleased.

"Good boy," Julian finally said soothingly as he turned around and placed his cock in front of my mouth. Without thinking, I opened my mouth and leaned forward, taking his cock to the back of my throat.

"You're going to be a good little slave boy, aren't you?" Julian said, smiling down at me.

Julian's thrusts picked up in tempo as he firmly held the sides of my head. I could feel his cock swell with each quickening thrust. Finally, there was one long, hard thrust right into the back of my throat. I could feel the base of his cock pulse as he came down my throat. Only a little made it into my mouth, but it was incredibly sweet.

"Take it, boy," Julian growled. I could tell it was a happy growl. He held my head in his groin for a few minutes as I swallowed all of his load. His cock never went soft. He then slowly slid it out. I slide to the floor in exhaustion.

"Stand up," Julian ordered. I was so weak and exhausted that he had to grab me under my armpits to help lift me to my shaky feet.

"Drink this," he said, holding the glass of beer to my mouth. I obeyed. I was so thirsty because I must have sweated out a gallon of water. I really needed this. He was being so kind. I swallowed the last of the beer, then I opened my mouth to speak.

"Don't talk," Julian ordered. He reached into a nearby drawer, pulled out a roll of duct tape, peeled off a long strip, then turned toward me.

"What ….?" I started to say.

"Shhhh," Julian said as he closed my mouth as tightly as he could. I let him do that. He placed the tape over my mouth. "You’d better learn now that this is how it will be when you're with me. Tied, fucked, gagged … whatever I want, got it?"

"Mmmmm," I answered affirmatively through the gag.

Julian reached over and twisted my right nipple. He knew it was sore from before. And this time, he pinched it with his fingernails and twisted, pulled, and squeezed. I thought I would pass out, and he did the same thing to my other nipple. I was shaking with pain and fear. This teen had the upper hand now, but I would get it back.

"Good boy. Now come on." That said, he grabbed my cock through my gym shorts and started leading me out toward a staircase.

He pointed up the stairs, and I walked up, Julian walking behind me, holding on to my bound wrists with one hand, fondling my ass with the other. I knew right then I would be raped, and somehow I had to figure a way out of this or never return once I was out of here.

Julian pulled me to the left at the top of the stairs, and we entered a bedroom. Some basketball posters on the wall, a desk with a computer, and a four-poster bed filled up the smallish room.

"First thing I have to do is get you ready," Julian said, leading me through the bedroom and into the adjacent bathroom. Once there, Julian pulled my shorts, jock, shoes, and socks off. He stepped back, put his arms across his chest, and looked me up and down. "Nice," he said.

When Julian opened the bathroom cabinet, he took out what I knew was an enema bag. Seeing my eyebrows raise, he said, "I told you I wanted your ass. Now I'm going to get you ready. Get in the tub and get down on your knees." I stepped over the edge of the tub and stood in the middle, then kneeled as Julian filled the enema bag. He stepped over and pulled me towards the side of the tub. "Lean over the edge," he ordered, holding my shoulders as I did.

There I was, tied up, stripped, the taste of cum and beer in my taped-over mouth. That beer left a strange taste. It made me feel headachy but with no headache pain. Must be a brand I am unfamiliar with. So my manly ass, which I have always liked, is now in the air and properly placed so my 16-year-old “host” can do with it as he pleases. It was so humiliating! I sighed.

"Just do what I say, and you'll be okay," Julian said, sensing my frustration and desire to leave and go home where I could regain my dignity and self-respect. I felt something cold being pushed against my hole. "Relax, I put some Vaseline on it. Just let it in, boy," Julian said soothingly. I felt the tip enter me and snake its way up my ass. Julian reached back and twisted something, and I felt warmth as the water filled me up.

"Good boy," Julian said, kneading my ass as the enema emptied into me. In moments, I was feeling uncomfortably full and started groaning.

"Just a little bit more, boy." Just as before, I was trembling. I don’t like enemas, especially from a controlling black teen. For Christ's sake, I’m not a baby but a 225-pound former Marine! If anyone should be giving another guy an enema, it should be me shoving the hose up his big black ass.

Then he began stroking me. I felt like I was his dog. It did feel good, but I’d feel better when he let me leave. Just when I was about to explode, Julian pulled the tube out of my ass and said, "There now, hold it in. Don't let anything out until I tell you to."

I laid over the tub's edge, taking shallow breaths, trying to do just that. Finally, Julian grabbed my shoulders and said, "Stand up. It's time." I stepped out of the tub and went to the toilet, where Julian helped me sit. As I began to explosively expel my shit, Julian stepped in close and rubbed his half-hard cock around my taped-over mouth.

"You're going to be an incredible fuck, boy," he said, leering down at me. I'd have thought the same of him if the situation were reversed. I mean, if I would ever fuck a guy. Looking up at his face, I could see nothing but smooth, defined abs and pecs. And what a face! He was boyish going on, handsome. Our eyes met, and I saw both lust and power as he looked back at me.

Julian stood me up and walked me over to the bathtub again. "Time to get you cleaned up," he said, starting the shower. It was brutally cold for a moment until Julian adjusted the temperature, stepped into the tub next to me, and closed the shower door. He grabbed a washcloth, soaped it up, and then cleaned me up. Starting on my face, he worked his way down. He was very thorough, making me lift my bound arms behind my back so he could scrub my armpits, rubbing the washcloth over my still-sore nipples. I moaned through the tape gag.

"You like that, don't you, boy?" he said, adding, "It's okay. You're supposed to." Julian bypassed my groin, but not for long. After washing my legs, he tenderly soaped up my cock and balls, moving his fingers around and teasing me into an erection. As he fondled my cock he moved his other hand around to my ass, first using the washcloth, then his fingers as he cleaned. I felt a finger push into my hole. I stiffened as the second finger went in. It was sure forging into me. My wife didn’t even do that. Julian stroked my cock just a little faster.

"Good boy," he said as he continued to finger fuck me and bring me closer to an orgasm. I started moving my hips, fucking his hand as he stroked me. Well? Any straight guy wants to get off when fully erect. Julian suddenly took his hand off my cock. And my hips automatically kept pumping the air. He laughed at me. He’s probably thinking I am so easy to control. Boy, would I have big news for him as soon as he let me go and get back to normal life!

"Not yet, boy, you have to earn it. Get down on your knees." As I knelt, I felt Julian's fingers come out of my ass and found I was face-to-hard cock. "You just take a look at what's going to rape your ass while I clean up," he ordered.

Julian put on a lewd show while he lathered up and rinsed off. I have to admit, if I'd seen him in the gym showers doing this sexy soap dance, I might be staring at him a lot. But for now, I was the one being manipulated, whether I liked it or not.

Julian rinsed himself off and made me stand, and then he gave me another rinse. He opened the shower door, grabbed a towel off the rack, and started drying me off, taking the same care as when he washed me. I stood there as he dried himself off.

"Come on, I’ve got plans for my new slave boy," he said, guiding me out of the bathtub and into the bedroom. "Face down on the bed," Julian ordered, pushing me face-forward onto the bed. I flopped down and heard Julian open the closet door. A small duffel bag was placed on the bed near my head, and I felt Julian straddle my legs and then sit down on my butt.

"I'm going to replace this," Julian said, grabbing the ropes on my wrist. "But first, I'm going to make sure you can't try and get away." I don’t think he was serious because he knew he had me under his control, bound or not, at least for today. Julian reached into the duffel bag, pulled out some leather loops, and turned around, still sitting on my ass but now facing my feet. "Bend your legs, lift them toward me," Julian ordered.

When I did, I felt a leather cuff placed around each ankle, then heard a metallic snap as my ankles clipped together. Julian jumped off the bed and pulled my ankles down to the end of the bed. I heard a chain rattling, then a snap. Julian tugged on my legs, and they moved about six inches before stopping. I was chained to the bed.

Julian got back on top of me, again sitting on my ass. When he did, I realized I was rock hard, and his weight made me grind my cock painfully into the mattress. In a husky voice, he leaned down and whispered into my ear, "If you try and get away from me when I change the ropes, I will beat your ass until you're black and blue, you understand, boy?"

I nodded my head and added a muffled "Mmmmm" for emphasis.

Julian turned around on my back to sit on my shoulders as he untied the rope. I thought about pushing him off and making a run for it, but … then … he had just secured my legs to the bed. Plus, there was still the threat of calling the police. His thighs held my arms tightly to my side as he sat on my shoulders. I heard him take something out of the duffel bag. Something that felt like a thick mitten was placed over my left hand, then a strap was tightened on my wrist, and then the same for my right wrist. Julian turned around on my back and moved down, sitting on my ass again. My arms were free, but I was sluggish to move them because I'd been tied up for so long.

Julian brought my hands around from behind my back, out to my sides, and above my head. I felt his warm, smooth body lay over the top of me as he did so. Julian's big hard cock moved up from the crack of my ass to the middle of my back as he pulled my wrists together. My hard cock tingled at this contact, and I unconsciously ground my cock into the mattress. A metallic click sounded as my wrists were clipped together. A chain rattled as Julian reached between the bed and the headboard. Another click and my hands were now chained above my head, each hand secured in a leather mitt that made it impossible to grasp and undo the wrist straps.

Then he was in that damn duffel bag again. Because I was stretched out on the bed, I couldn't see what he was doing, but I could hear him rustle around in the bag.

"I’ve got lots of toys in that bag. It's amazing what you can buy on the net with PayPal," Julian said, answering my unspoken question about where he got the equipment he was using to make me his slave. Suddenly I felt something cool being pushed in-between my ass cheeks, right up to my hole.

"You can let it in, or I can push it in. Your choice." I relaxed my ass, and Julian slowly, firmly pushed in a dildo. Fortunately, it wasn't one of those stunt things resembling a fire hydrant, but it was still about Julian's sizeable endowment.

"Mmmmm," I grimaced through my gag.

"Trust me, you'll appreciate my opening you up with this before I rape your ass, boy." I believed him. Julian moved off of me, stood beside the bed, and ordered, "Roll over, boy."

I did as I was told, pulling against my bonds and wiggling my ass in order to roll over. As I moved to a face-up position, my hard cock came into view. Julian smiled, and then our eyes met. Julian ran his hand the length of my body, up my legs, across my abs and chest, over my left nipple, and up to my chin, where he rubbed his thumb over the tape covering my lips.

"You are going to be one fine fuck, boy, but first, we gotta' use that mouth of yours for something else." With that, Julian ripped the duct tape from my mouth in one swift move.

"Arrrrgggg!!!" Julian's hand immediately went over my mouth. "Did I tell you to speak?"

"Mmm-mmm," I mumbled through his hand, shaking my head just a little from side to side.

"I'm going to ask you some questions, and you're going to answer either `Yes Sir' or `No Sir' you got it?" Julian asked, removing his hand from my mouth.

"Yes Sir."

"You understand that the only way you're going to get out of this is to submit, right boy?"

Training A Marine
Part 3 of 7

It was just that simple. One question, one answer, a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No.’ I did not want to submit, but there was only one answer. "Yes, Sir."

"You know I'm going to rape your ass, your mouth, do whatever I want to do until I say I'm done, right boy?" Julian asked with a leer on his face.

"Yes, Sir," I replied, biting my lower lip.

"Now, what are you worried about, boy? It's not like you haven't been enjoying yourself," he said, brushing his hand over my cock.

I'd been forcibly tied up, face fucked, finger fucked, and chained to a bed with a dildo up my ass by this 16-year-old. I’d been teased, but I was never allowed to cum. But my desire to cum doesn’t make me gay, as any straight man would want to climax under these conditions, right? He touched my dick lightly, and with that one touch, I started quivering and felt cum moving toward my cock. Julian knew what he was doing. He grabbed my cock and squeezed it like a vise, quelling my impending orgasm.

"I told you you'd have to earn that right, boy, you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," I said, clenching my teeth.

"You ever had sex while tied up before, boy?"

"No, Sir."

"Have you ever bottomed before under any circumstances?"

"No, Sir. I mean, not really, but once I ...”"

"I thought so. You took that dildo like a baby takes his momma's milk," Julian replied, smirking. "Bet you've topped a lot, though, fine-looking muscle guy like you, huh?"

“Well ... I ah … when my wife didn’t put out, so … "Yes, Sir." Julian got up on the bed and straddled my chest, his beautiful bubble butt inches away from my face. The view was short-lived as he pushed his ass into my face. "Get that tongue of yours up into my hole, boy. That's the only way you'll ever fuck this hot ass, got it?"

"Mmm-hmmm," I hummed, moving my tongue into his ass. Julian ground his ass into my face, forcing my tongue deeper into his hole. I smelled and tasted soap and felt smooth skin on my face and velvet on my tongue as I did what I was told. Just as suddenly as he'd jumped onto the bed, Julian pulled off my face and lay down next to me, putting his leg over my groin, trapping my hard cock. I absentmindedly ground my cock into his thigh.

"Stop that boy, you don't have permission," he growled, so I laid perfectly still. Then, he asked about my HIV health status. I said negative. We trusted each other. “Good boy. Enough talking. Let's put that mouth of yours to good use," Julian said as he slid up my body and moved his cock toward my mouth. "Take it," he ordered, putting his hand on the back of my head and pulling me down onto him.

I didn't so much suck him in as I relaxed my neck and head to allow Julian to slide his dick into my mouth. His cock was like silk on my tongue. The small neatly-trimmed patch of hair at the base of his cock was soft as it hit my upper lip and nose at the base of each stroke. I concentrated on keeping my lips around his cock to avoid getting my teeth into the act. Julian gave one final push and held still. Then I tried to shake my neck to vibrate his dick. His cock was deep in my mouth. I felt it pulse for a moment, then stop.

"You trying to get me off so I won't take your ass, boy?" Julian laughed. "Not gonna' work. Remember, I'm a horny teen who can come again and again, and..." Julian paused, reaching back and twisting my nipples, "I'm the one in charge."

Julian got off me, and I heard rustling in that damn duffel bag again. A ripping noise, and then a piece of duct tape was held over my face. "Get those lips together, boy," Julian ordered as he put the tape into place again and gagged me.

“Inexhaustible supply of tape,” I thought. Then what sounded like chains rattled again, but on a higher note. A flash of chrome, and I felt something cold being placed around my neck. Julian grabbed one end of the chain and twisted something. There was a click, and I saw him move his hand away with a small key in it. His tug confirmed what I thought: I was now wearing a slave's chain locked around my neck. I felt something deep inside me quiver, like the first time I had sex with a guy. I tried to put it down to being the feel of Julian's skin on my chest, but I knew better. I didn't have much time to think it over, though.

"Now you're ready to fuck, boy. Roll over," Julian ordered as he moved off of my chest. By now, I knew it was best to do what Julian told me, so I wiggled around until I was on my stomach. I also caught a glimpse of my hard-on as I rolled over: it dripped with precum.

Julian grabbed my hips and pulled them up, slipping a big, firm pillow underneath me. I felt my cock grind into the softness as I lay face down. That pleasant feeling was short-lived, as Julian then removed the dildo up my ass with a quick pull.

"Mmmmm," I moaned through the gag.

"Don't worry, I have something even better for that hot ass of yours, boy," Julian growled. He took a tube from a drawer in the adjacent nightstand and knelt on the bed next to me, cock jutting straight out as he dripped lube onto it. As he stroked his cock he looked at me with pure lust, then got on top of me. With one quick thrust, Julian impaled me on the velvet rod I'd been sucking on since being taken captive.

He didn't immediately start fucking me. Instead, he wiggled his hips a bit from side to side, pushing his dick into my ass, which was angled up by the pillow so that my prostate got massaged with each movement. I felt my cock twitch with each pulse; it was like an electric current coming right out of the tip.

Julian slowly started gliding in and out of my ass in smooth, even strokes. I had always imagined what it would be like to get fucked, and I always figured it’d hurt like hell. I’m not admitting anything right now, but it was a painful but good feeling so far. I realized I was moving my ass to meet each stroke Julian was giving me. Julian whispered, "Good boy."

I fought back. Not against the bonds because I knew I couldn't get out of them. Hell, even if I could, Julian had made it evident he'd fuck me in a different way. No, I was fighting against the realization that I was enjoying being fucked by this ... this … teen black kid! This boy who'd taken me captive and was using me as his fuck toy.

Julian's smooth strokes picked up speed. "Grab it with your ass, boy!" he commanded. I squeezed my ass as best I could. Julian slammed his cock deep into my ass and held it there.

"No, not with your butt, with your ass. Come on, boy; squeeze your ass around my cock. I know you can feel where that is," he said, maneuvering his cock and making me quiver, my ass involuntarily contracting at the sensation. "Yeah, that's it, boy."

I tried out my new found skill again, contracting my ass. My mind flashed to a scene a few months earlier when I'd picked up a trick in Gary, Indiana, and returned to his place. I couldn't remember his face, but man, could I remember the sensation he gave me when I fucked him. I thought, "What a way to learn that new skill as I tried it again.

"Oh yeah, that's my boy, fuck my cock with that hot ass," Julian moaned into my ear. "You're gonna' make a fine cock slave, yeah."

The more I twitched my ass, the faster Julian stroked me. I could hear his breathing grow ragged as he fucked me faster and harder.

"Aaarrwwwahhh!" Julian moaned into my ear as he slammed his cock hard into my ass and held it there. I felt him shoot five times, each pulse making my ass twitch. My cock twitched and danced beneath me, but I did not quite climax.

I don't know if it was five minutes or ten or twenty that Julian laid on top of me. The feel of his cheek on the back of my neck, his chest on my shoulders, his hips on my ass, and his legs wrapped around mine were like a warm, comforting blanket. I drifted in and out of consciousness.

The sound of the doorbell woke me, and I felt Julian stir on top of me. It rang again, and Julian pulled out of me, his cock still half-hard. "You roll over, boy, and I'll be right back," Julian said, tugging my legs as he climbed off the bed. Even though he'd left the room, I obeyed. But what’s this about the doorbell? It must be some peddler. Then I told myself I had only stayed here because I was tied up and forced to, but I somehow knew it was just my way of saving some dignity after having been raped by this kid.

I heard voices talking downstairs for a few minutes. WHAT THE FUCK! Then footsteps came up. My heart started beating faster. What if somebody saw me this way, tied to the bed naked, gagged, with cum dripping out of my ass?

They entered, and I was shocked to see his friend Clay, the schoolmate we ran into while driving here. Julian had his hands over the eyes of the teenager as he escorted him into the room. And Clay was naked! He was completely naked except for a slave chain collar locked around his neck. As I looked him up and down, I noticed that his cock was even larger than Julian’s and growing hard. He had no pubic hair; in fact, he had no body hair visible at all except on his head. Clay was as beautiful as Julian, and as I admired him, I momentarily forgot my predicament.

Once they were in the room, standing at the foot of the bed, Julian took his hands away from Clay's eyes and said, "Okay, here's your reward, boy." Clay opened his eyes, and I saw him focus first on my hard cock, then my bound arms, then my bound ankles, then back on my hard cock.

"You got him, Sir!" Clay called out excitedly.

Clay walked towards the bed, the corners of his mouth turned up into more of a snarl than a smile. He was the exact opposite of Julian, with blonde hair and light skin, yet their lean muscular builds were almost identical. I was so lost in looking at him that I didn't have the chance to be embarrassed about being seen lying on the bed bound, gagged, and helpless.

Clay stood by the edge of the bed, the large dark red nipples on his smooth, creamy chest pointing toward me. His well-toned arm reached for me, and he rubbed his hand up my leg, past the edge of my groin, making my cock twitch. As he trailed his fingers up my rib cage, he stopped and lightly twisted my nipple. I shuddered in response.

"I know you're hungry, boy, so I'm going to have Clay give you a protein shake," Julian said, smirking. "I haven't let him cum in a week, so you'll get quite a feast." Julian looked at Clay and said, "Go ahead, Clayboy." I guess that was Julian’s name for him.

Clay climbed up on top of me, sitting on my stomach so that his smooth butt trapped my cock, the mere feel of his skin nearly sending me over the edge. Clay looked down at me, and his mouth twisted into an evil grin as he teasingly ground his ass into my cock. I pulled against my bonds but couldn't move more than a few inches.

"Don't make him cum yet, Clayboy. He hasn't earned it," Julian warned. Clay scooted up my body, leaving a line of my precum dripping from his butt. I was now face-to-face with Clay's cock, and I was wrong about what I'd seen earlier. He was bigger than Julian, easily a good thick nine inches, and I could smell his scent, clean but tinged with a bit of sweat. I felt his golf-ball-sized balls resting on my neck and knew Julian was right: I'd be drowning in cum soon. Clay reached down, grabbed the base of his cock with his right hand, and slapped it on the side of my face lightly. Then he put his left hand on my head to hold me and forcefully whacked me with his hard cock.

"That's it, Clayboy, get into it. You've earned it," Julian encouraged, then turned to me. "Now you see why I made him my bottom boy? There is no way that monster is ever getting up my ass. Can't say that about your ass, though," he laughed.

Clay obviously took it as encouragement as he slapped me even harder with that large piece of meat. I felt a damp spot of pre-cum on my cheek with each slap. Clay's left hand moved to the side of my face, and there was a searing pain as he ripped the duct tape gag off my mouth. As I opened my mouth to complain, I was immediately filled with the club that had been slapping me a moment earlier. From the look on Clay's face and how he'd been treating me, I knew it wouldn't be easy, and I was right. He immediately started jamming his cock towards the back of my mouth, intent on burying himself to the root. I concentrated on relaxing my throat, which was difficult since I'd been gagged for so long. As I took in as much of those nine inches as possible, I felt the very slight stubble left from the last time his pubes had been shaved. His cock felt almost as silky on my tongue as Julian's, but the size ... my jaw was stretched open almost to its limit. As Clay held his cock buried in my mouth, I felt him shudder for a moment.

A burst of light flashed across the room. Was I seeing stars flash before my eyes? Clay suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved so that he was kneeling over my face. I tasted salty pre-cum as his cock trailed over my tongue.

"Lick my balls!” He said. As I extended my tongue to Clay's smooth, hairless sack, I felt fingers grasp, then twist my nipples. I moaned as I licked, and Clay pushed his balls down onto my face to the point that I almost couldn't breathe.

"Lick my ass!" Clay turned around to face my feet. His round ass cheeks were on my eyebrows. He adjusted his position slightly so that his reddish-brown pucker was right over my face. I licked the skin around his hole, tasting soapy, clean, slightly sweaty skin. Clay ground his ass into my face. And there before his eyes were my sore nipples, on which he turned up the volume with his twisting. I moaned as I tongued him, the vibrations seeming to incite his lust as he ground his ass harder into my face. The harder he twisted, the harder I forced my tongue up his tight ass. Damn, I wanted to fuck this boy or, for that matter, just get off after being tied up and played with for all this time. I pulled at my bonds and was immediately reminded that I was only here to be used and fucked, not to make choices about whether or not I wanted to fuck or cum.

Clay's ass covered my face. WHAT THE FUCK! NOW I’M NOW SUPPOSED TO TONGUE-RIM THE ASS OF HIS SLAVE OF A TEEN TWERP’S PUNK? I’M A FUCKNG MARINE! But… I could not breathe. I knew the drill. I had to earn my air. I force my tongue into this slave’s asshole. Why I started moaning, I don’t know. My mind was too fuckedup. I tongued him and moaned. I couldn't breathe much at all. Just as I felt myself getting light-headed, Clay moved back slightly and held his cock to my mouth.

"Suck it!" I opened my mouth as if a trained seal. As I sucked in a breath, I felt that huge fleshy club force its way to the back of my throat. Clay put his left hand behind my head, pulling me into a better face-fuck position and hammering away. I felt his right hand twist my left, most sensitive nipple. As I moaned, he fucked. I concentrated on keeping my teeth out of the way as his balls slapped against my chin with almost the same force as his cock had earlier slapped my face.

Another quick flash of stars. God, I hope I am not blacking out. Clay's pace quickened, and I could hear his breathing become ragged as he sucked in the air.

When I was about thirteen, I'd been taking a drink out of my friend's garden hose when the pressure suddenly increased. I'd almost choked on the cascade of water, and it was running out of my nose as my friend stood there laughing. He'd turned up the water while I wasn't looking. It was the only thing I could compare to what happened when I heard Clay start grunting. As his legs tightened like a vice around my head, a solid stream of thick creamy cum started flooding down my throat. My natural reaction was to try and swallow, but I couldn't keep up after about six jets of it.

Clay pulled his cock back slightly, still shooting. My mouth immediately filled up, and it was all I could do to keep from choking on the honey-thick sweet, salty cum he delivered. Finally, I felt Clay relax, and I worked at swallowing a week's worth of a horny teenager's cum.

"You like that boy, don't you?" I looked up and saw Julian standing at the bedside, leering down at me. I then realized I was licking Clay's cock like some hungry puppy at nursing time. WHAT AM I DOING?! Julian's cock was rock hard, sticking up towards his chest, a drop of precum glistening at the head from watching the show Clay had just put on.

Clay held out his cell and turned it around so that I could see the screen. There I was, sucking on a cock. Clay's cock. So that’s what the flashing light was. FUCK! He’d been photographing me! I really didn’t want that at all. Damn. You couldn't tell that I was tied down to the bed the way the picture was framed. For all intents and purposes, it was just an adult, me, sucking some underage teen boy's cock.

"You just keep this picture in mind when you think you want to call this off, boy," Julian said intently. I opened my mouth to say something, but Julian cut me off. "Did I tell you to talk, boy?" My mind was ablaze with images of being arrested for having sex with a minor. I was freaking out. I wanted those photos, all of them. I wanted my security when I left here. No ties, no strings, no bull shit, no connection.

Julian turned back to Clay, who was still straddling me. "Take care of this,” Julian said as he handed all my clothes to Clay. “Go lock them up and meet me in the kitchen, Clayboy. Vance boy has more training," he said, handing the cell to Clay, adding, "and make sure the garage door is closed." What was that about?

Clay got off me as he grabbed the cell and lightly stepped on the bedroom floor, smiling at me as he left. Julian reached over to the nightstand, scooped up the key to the locked collar he'd put on me, and then picked up a black leather wristband. He put the key in a slot in the wristband before snapping it around his left wrist.

"Time to get you ready to go downstairs for something to eat, boy." Julian reached into the dreaded duffel bag and pulled out a short length of chain, then moved down to my ankles. I felt them being released, then the chain was snapped between the leather cuffs so that I was shackled and bound but could walk with short steps.

Rather than walk around the bed, Julian crawled over me at the head of the bed, trailing his semi-hard cock over my mouth. As he worked at releasing the chains holding my wrists to the bed, I licked my lips.

"You're just a cum-hungry slut aren't you, boy?" Julian released the chains and snapped my mitt-cuffed hands together, pulling them down to rest on my stomach. It felt good to get the blood moving in my arms after being stretched out as I was.

"You fuck with me, and I'll snap them behind your back, and all hell will break loose, understand, boy?"

"Yes, Sir," I replied, not wanting to discover what the hell would happen if I didn't play along with him by answering correctly. Julian got me out of bed and walked me slowly downstairs to the kitchen, where my involuntary slavery had begun.

Clay stood there waiting for us with three large foam cups holding straws. Sitting on the kitchen counter was also a set of keys. I noticed my shoes and clothes no longer lying around the kitchen.

"This is tonight's second part of your liquid diet, boy. I don't want you stuffed with food because this party is just starting," Julian smirked. Julian nodded at Clay, who handed me the foam cup.

"Go ahead, boy, it's a `normal’ protein shake,’ Julian laughed, adding, "and it's the smallest thing you'll be sucking on all weekend." Clay handed me the foam cup, and I grasped it in my mitt-cuffed hands as best I could. I’LL BE HERE ALL WEEKEND! I screamed to myself, I’VE GOT LOTS OF STUFF TO DO! I sucked on the straw and was rewarded with a nice berry concoction. It tasted like the protein shakes I sometimes got on the way out of the gym, which reminded me of how this had all started earlier today. I looked at the clock and saw it was nearly eight. I'd been held captive and fucked with for almost three hours.

Clay picked up a shake and handed it to Julian. As Julian took it from Clay, I saw him touch Clay's hand tenderly, holding the contact momentarily as their eyes met. Julian turned towards me, catching my stare.

"Clay's been my boy for two years now. He looked at me a few too many times in gym class, didn't you, Clayboy?" Clay blushed visibly.

"He didn't know he could be a slave at first, but he finally figured out that was the only way I'd have him, and he turned out just fine," Julian said, giving Clay's blonde hair a playful rub. Clay looked at Julian as a smile lit up his face.

"I made him a deal that if he got his shit together and pulled his grades up so we could go to college together, I'd find a nice toy for us to play with, and Vance, boy, you’re it," Julian said, his voice dropping as he added, "That's where you come in."

Training A Marine
Part 4 of 7

My face flushed red as I grew angry. Julian had planned this so I could be some fuck-toy. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Look at that 16-year-old teen asshole, hanging out (or pointing up and out) of his stupid jean overalls, such a fucking skinny twerp. He’s fucking laughing at me, his pathetic sex toy. His smile is so sweet, just like at the gym a billion years ago when we met, and oh so phony. OK, so he was damn sexy. What did I say? But it’s true; he and his “slave Clay” were both mesmerizingly hot. But … I was … I am … a fucking bodybuilder, a fucking ex-con son-of-a-bitch! I‘m used to making decisions about who, when, and especially how I have sex.

"You better settle down, boy," Julian said, sensing the change in my mood. "Besides, you should be honored, slave Vance. You see, Clay's never topped before, and I chose you to be his first because you're so fucking hot." I looked at Clay, who was now eyeing me lustfully, and felt a betraying twinge in my groin as I reacted to the news.

"Finish that shake, boy. We've got to get you ready for your big night," Julian ordered. I sucked down the last of the shake and put the cup on the counter as Clay grabbed my ass, moving me towards the stairway.

At the top of the stairs, Clay turned me towards the bedroom, leaning toward me as he did. As his lips brushed my ear, he whispered hoarsely, "I'm going to rape your ass." I was walked through the bedroom and into the bathroom.

"Step into the tub, boy," Julian ordered. "You know the position." I knelt in the tub as Clay prepared another enema.

"Go ahead, Clayboy, it's your turn to prep a bottom slave," Julian said to Clay, smiling. Clay roughly stuck the hose up my ass and let loose the lukewarm water. In moments, I was filled to bursting. As I looked up at Clay, he had that scary smile, and the corners of his lips turned into a snarl.

"Get over there and take care of business, boy," Julian ordered, pointing at the toilet. I stood up, stepped over the edge of the tub, walked over to the toilet, sat down, and followed orders.

"Okay, back in the tub, boy," Julian ordered when I had finished. In the tub, Julian stepped around Clay and grabbed hold of my mitt-cuffed hands. Just then, I realized an escape was possible while I was momentarily un-cuffed. "Remember those pictures, boy. Would you rather have a weekend with us or a few years in prison … again?"

I relaxed my arms, and Julian unclipped the restraints. He lifted them over my head and around the shower curtain rod, then clipped them back together. I was dismayed to see that the ends of the shower curtain rod were plumbing-grade stock bolted securely to the wall. Did this kid's parents know how he hid this sturdy bondage rod `toy'?

I heard the familiar rip of duct tape being torn, and as I turned my head towards the source of the noise, I was gagged. Julian nodded at Clay, who opened a drawer in the bathroom vanity and took out a pair of electric clippers. He then took shaving cream and a razor out of the medicine cabinet.

"As you can see from Clay, I like my boys smooth," Julian said in response to my unspoken question. "Only men get to have hair, not slave boys," he added, stroking the hair around the top of his cock.

"Take those leg cuffs off him, Clayboy," Julian ordered Clay. Clay stepped into the tub and kneeled at my feet, undoing the leather cuffs on my ankles. As he started to stand, he purposely brushed the side of his body against me, from my legs, over my cock, and onto my chest. I let out a moan, but it was drowned out by the buzz of the electric clippers being started up.

"Step back and spread your legs, boy," Julian ordered, holding the clippers in front of him. I obeyed, and Julian went to work on me, buzzing the short amount of hair off under each of my arms. He then grabbed my cock and pulled it out. I cringed as the clippers drew near my groin.

"You better hold still, boy, or this could hurt," Julian said sternly. "Not that you're going to be using this on anybody soon," he added, now laughing. Julian then buzzed off the hair around my cock, leaving nothing but dark brown stubble around the base. He moved the clippers up, removing my pleasure trail. My chest was naturally smooth, so he stopped, turning off the clippers.

He handed the clippers to Clay in exchange for a can of shaving cream. It felt cool and pleasant being put onto my armpits. Clay reached into the tub and turned on the water. Julian then shaved my armpits, handing the razor to Clay after every other stroke to be cleaned. Then he lathered up my cock and balls and repeated the shaving process. This took a little longer, and even though I tried not to, I got hard.

I looked down at a cock that hadn't been this smooth since I was twelve. It was now fully adult sized-and hard. As I moved my gaze up, I met Julian's eyes. "Good boy," was all he said as he squeezed my cock. I moaned into the gag.

"Just one more thing to take care of," Julian said, stepping around to stand behind me. "Spread your legs wider," he added. I obeyed and felt cool foam between the crack of my butt. Then Julian shaved around my asshole, gently stroking away the small amount of hair I had back there.

"Clean him up, Clayboy," Julian ordered. Clay took the moveable showerhead off its rack, turned on the water, and sprayed off the foam. Then he lathered me up with soap, taking extra care of my cock and balls and then my ass. I felt a finger enter me, roughly stroking the inside of my hole, and turned to see Clay with his head turned slightly up, eyes closed. He clenched his jaw as he stuck another finger in me and started working my ass.

"Come on, Clayboy, finish Vance up. You'll have plenty of time with him later," Julian ordered. Clay pulled his fingers out of my ass and started the shower again, rinsing me off completely. He reached over to the rack for a towel and patted me dry as Julian left the room momentarily.

Clay rubbed the towel over my tender nipples and, in a low voice, said, "I am going to fuck your ass raw all weekend." And, after looking to see if Julian was out of earshot, he added, "Boy!"

"Come on, boys," Julian said, returning from the bedroom. He unclipped my mitt-cuffed hands from the shower curtain rod and re-clipped them in front of me. Walking toward the bathroom, the cool air on my newly shaved cock and balls felt strangely wonderful.

"On the bed," Julian ordered as he pushed me forward. "Get up there," he added, motioning to the middle of the bed. I crawled onto the bed and lay in the middle of it on my stomach.

"You're just determined to get fucked aren't you, boy?" Clay laughed, adding, "Get your hands up above your head." I complied. When Julian pushed the pillow at my hips, I arched to accept it. My earlier experience had indeed trained me. Then, there was a rustle of chains and leather, and my ankles were again cuffed and chained to the bed. Julian lay on top of me and fastened my wrists to the bed, his skin warm and smooth on my back. I was again chained to the bed.

"Okay, Clayboy, you earned this," Julian said, getting off me. I turned my head around as best I could and saw Clay walk towards the bed, licking his lips. I swear his cock grew with each step toward me. As Clay got onto the bed, Julian handed him a bottle of lube from the nightstand. Clay sat on my legs, and I felt a cool trickle of lube on my ass. Then, fingers start to massage around my hole. After only a few strokes, I felt a finger invade me and start to fuck my hole. Then two, then three fingers were opening me up. I grunted.

"He's got a nice tight ass, doesn't he, Clayboy?" Julian said. Then his face was next to mine as he added, "After that club of his gets through with you, it won't be so tight." Clay's skin felt hot and sweaty as he laid down on me. For a moment, I thought he'd moved his knee in between my butt cheeks, but then I realized it was his cock, bluntly forcing its way up towards my hole, sliding along on lube and precum, powered by lust. Clay's cock head was up against my hole, pushing to get in, and I felt his hot breath on my neck.

"I'm raping your ass," he hoarsely whispered in my ear as he forced past the muscles of my ring with the first of those nine inches. I moaned in pain as he continued to push in a slow, continuous motion. I kept thinking it would stop, but it was like one of those magicians' tricks where they kept pulling out a long handkerchief, only this was going in me up my ass. It felt like a fist came to rest up against my butt as his two large balls ground into me-tied to the bed, and now fully impaled on all nine inches.

Clay sighed, his chest relaxing on my back like some kind of embrace. He pulled his cock back so far that I thought it would come all the way out of me. Then pushed it back in, hard! His hips ground into me as he started fucking me in earnest, at least six inches of travel with each stroke like jack hammering my guts. Was it because his cock was so long and thick or because I was being fucked for the second time without being allowed to cum that I felt a constant tingle emanate from deep inside my ass right out through my cock?

With each hard stroke, my ankles were being pulled against the chains holding me to the bed. My feet were starting to tingle from the increased pressure.

"Stop, Clayboy," Julian ordered. Clay slammed the last stroke home and held it deep inside me. I could hear him breathing fast.

"Don't you cum before I tell you to, Clayboy. I'm still your Master, got it?"

"Yes, Sir," Clay replied through gritted teeth, his cock pulsing in my ass.

"Pull out of him, Clayboy. We're going to change positions.” I felt a deep void when Clay pulled out, something more than just missing dick meat. My ankles were unchained from the bed and then unclipped.

"Roll over, boy," Julian ordered, and I wiggled around so that I was face up. Julian took out the pillow as I did. I looked down towards my feet and saw Clay at the end of the bed, his glistening cock standing straight up, his face a portrait of lust.

"Get back in there, Clayboy," Julian said, smiling.

Clay got back up on the bed, grabbed my ankles, and raised them, his cock pointing as he walked towards me on his knees. He bent down momentarily, and I felt his cock head immediately find my hole. Clay was back in one smooth, powerful stroke, pushing my legs back and leaning over me. As he started to fuck me again, I watched his defined abs and pecs flex with each stroke. I looked down, and my shaved cock was hard, precum dripping from its slit. With each stroke, my cock was pushed into my smooth abs, making me shudder from the friction. I watched for Clay's stroke so I could wiggle my hips and increase the friction. I wanted to cum, damn it!

Another burst of light flooded the room for an instant. I looked to my left and saw Julian with his cell camera. "Smile, boy!" Julian smirked as he took another picture.

I looked away, and then there was a flash of skin as Julian straddled my chest, his hard cock pointing at my mouth. He ripped the tape gag off, and when I involuntarily opened my mouth to scream from the pain, he jammed his cock down my throat. I summoned what spit I could lubricate this second hole being fucked and moved my lips around my teeth. The last thing I wanted was to piss him off. "Good boy," Julian said, sensing I was doing more than just complying.

His cock still felt like silk on my tongue, smoother than Clay's, which was now raping my ass. His balls slapped at my chin with each stroke. Julian leaned back and started twisting my nipples, and I saw Clay's hands on his shoulders. I was being ridden. Hard.

There wasn't any choice. I was securely tied to the bed and knew I couldn't get away with two horny teenagers doing whatever they damn well pleased with me. The sensations were a combination of pleasure and pain, rhythmically applied. Maybe that was why I started to feel like I was floating.

Every sense seemed heightened. I could hear and distinguish between their breathing. I could feel Julian's cock pulse in my mouth, and Clay's cock head slide deep into my ass. It was like the volume being slowly turned up, the sensations growing stronger as the fucking grew harder and faster. The pain was now a pleasure. The pleasure is now overwhelming. My cock was pulsing to the beat of my heart. Clay was the first to go. Clay's hands gripped Julian's shoulders so hard that his normally dark skin turned light pink.

"Mmmmmm... Mmmmm... Mmmmmm," Clay moaned through gritted teeth. A flash of heat seared deep inside my bowels as Clay came, thrusting into me with each shot.

Suddenly that heat moved through my ass and out my cock. I was cumming without even touching myself. My hips squirmed as I lost control and drew a few more shots out of Clay. I felt my hot cum hitting my abs and chest in spurt after spurt.

The vibrations from my deep moaning made Julian pick up speed. His left hand came around the back of my head, pulling me as far toward his groin as my neck would allow. I felt three jets of hot cum hitting the back of my throat.

"Rrrrrr... rrrrrr... Ahhhhh," Julian growled, holding my head firmly into his groin. As he relaxed his grip on my head, Julian's cock touched my tongue and let out a final sweet spurt. I licked at his cock and sucked everything in that I could, still high from my own huge orgasm. I felt Clay's cock slowly slide out of me.

Clay lay down on my right side. Julian withdrew his cock from my mouth and laid down on my left. They reached for each other, putting an arm over my chest and a leg over my legs. I was blanketed by smooth, sweaty skin in an embrace I couldn't return, my arms still chained to the bed, but I didn't care. Our breathing slowly returned to normal, then slowed as we drifted to sleep.

The sleep was very deep. Only the pressure of something large and blunt pushing against my ass could wake me. I opened my eyes, and the light from the bathroom illuminated Julian, lying asleep on his back next to me. He was gorgeous. The light played on his caramel skin to show off his defined curves. His cock lay half hard, pointing up at his smooth chest. As I admired his body, a hand suddenly clamped over my mouth.

"Be quiet," Clay whispered in my ear, pulling me even closer into me as I lay on my side. I felt a hand push against my leg and moved it in response. Clay's cock immediately slid right up against my hole. It felt slick. I knew then that he'd already prepared himself to fuck me again.

"Let me in," Clay whispered in my ear, one hand putting more pressure over my mouth as the other came around my waist, lightly brushing my cock before gripping my torso. I squirmed from that touch and tried to relax my ass, but evidently, it wasn't quick enough for the horny teenager.

"Let me in, bitch," Clay said with a menacing whisper as he reached up and twisted a nipple. The hand over my mouth shifted up a bit so that a finger was over my nose. It was immediately difficult to breathe. I moved my legs apart as much as the bonds would allow me and felt the tip of Clay's cock enter my ass. I didn't even have a moment to get used to his large cock when he pushed all the way in with one strong motion.

"Mmmmm," I moaned through his hand over my mouth.

"Be quiet!" Clay whispered harshly in my ear as he increased the pressure on his hand over my mouth and nose, moving his other hand down to grip me around my waist. I squirmed involuntarily from the assault on my ass and the lack of oxygen, and it only seemed to make him hornier as he started to grind in and out of my ass. This wasn't like before when I could tell that Clay was enjoying the sensations of his first fuck. This was about taking, about having the power to take my ass when he wanted, how he wanted.

As Clay fucked my ass, he moved his fingers away from my nose, and I sharply drew in a breath. Clay's strokes were long and deep, his nine-inch cock pulling almost all the way out of me before pounding back into my hole. My ass stung from this third assault in less than a day, and as I pulled against the chains that held me to the bed, I felt helpless.

Then I remembered when Julian had raped my ass that first time. He'd told me about my ass fucking his cock. I started to tighten and move my ass when Clay stroked me, and he immediately started fucking harder and faster. I clenched my jaw and held onto Clay's cock with my ass for all I was worth. I knew it was the only way I would get out of this.

Clay started quietly moaning, the pitch getting higher with each hard stroke. Even as I felt his hot cum inside me, he kept stroking until one final strong push was so deep I felt his smooth balls pushing on my butt. His big cock pulsed inside of me, and I felt his hot breath on my neck. I opened my eyes and looked over at Julian, now lying on his side, a wicked smile on his face.

"Good baby. Breaking in Vance boy?" Julian said huskily, looking directly at Clay. Julian sat up quickly and then practically vaulted over me, landing on top of Clay. This move ripped Clay's cock out of my ass and left my ass quivering for a moment, almost like an orgasm. I watched Julian straddle Clay, pinning him down and holding his hands over his head.

"So you think since you topped this tied-up slave boy, you can do things without asking? Huh, Clayboy?"

"No… uh. No, Sir!" Clay got out just before Julian's hand slapped him across the face. Julian moved up so his dripping cock was on Clay's chin. Watching us fuck must've gotten him horny, I thought.

"Since you can't use that mouth of yours to ask permission, then put it to work doing something right, Clayboy," Julian commanded. Clay obediently opened his mouth and lifted his head, taking Julian's cock into his mouth. Julian raised his firm round ass better to slide his cock deeper into Clay's willing mouth. Julian held Clay's hands above his head, his legs on either side of his upper body as he power fucked the blonde boy's mouth.

I felt my cock throbbing as I watched the incredible show beside me. Maybe it was watching Clay submit after he'd raped my ass or just two hot teenagers going at it, but I wished I could break free and touch my now dripping cock. I unconsciously started grinding my hips so that the tip of my cock was brushing against the bed.

Julian's hand reached out and grabbed my nipple and gave it a twist as he warned me, "Don't you fucking cum, boy!" I shuddered from the pain of my nipple being twisted and the electric shock it sent from my chest through my groin and right out the tip of my cock.

My hard cock involuntarily twitched as I concentrated on not cumming. Instead, I concentrated on the sight before me. Julian moved his hand back to Clay, the muscles on his bubble butt contracting as he started pounding deeper and harder into Clay's mouth.

I watched his abs flex each time he drew his cock back, the muscles on his arms standing out as he held himself over the blonde boy underneath. Clay's pretty-boy face contorted as his mouth opened as wide as possible to take Julian's thick cock.

"Mmmmm," Clay moaned. This seemed to motivate Julian even more. Julian grabbed the back of Clay's head, the darker skin of his fingers interwoven with the boy's golden blonde hair as he pulled him close to his groin. With one final thrust into Clay's mouth, Julian threw his head back.

"Fuck yes," he hissed through clenched teeth. After a few minutes, Julian loosened his grip and ordered Clay to "Clean me up, Clayboy." Clay then relaxed his lips from around Julian's cock and licked all around the base and the large smooth balls. He'd obviously been well-trained in their time together.

"You want some of that," Julian said, looking at me. I realized that I had been licking my lips.

"Give it to Vance, boy," Julian ordered Clay, moving to the side. Clay rolled over, facing me, and put his pretty soft lips against mine. "Open up, boy!"

I relaxed my lips, and Clay's tongue invaded my mouth. I recognized Julian's taste as Clay shared his recent load. As Clay's tongue touched mine, I felt a flush come over my body. Our tongues played against each other as Clay forcefully drove his tongue deeper into my mouth. He seemed determined to fuck me with whatever resources he had whenever the opportunity presented itself.

"Okay, boys, don't get all worked up. It's time to get some more sleep. I want both my boys ready for a big day tomorrow," Julian ordered, ending Clay's new method of assault.

"Clay, get our new boy up and let him use the bathroom," Julian ordered. Clay complied, getting up and releasing the chain holding my ankles. As he reached over me to release my arms, I saw his cock, still half hard, glistening from fucking me, a drop of cum leaking from the tip. God, it felt good to have my arms back down at my sides, even if my wrists were still bound together. For a brief moment, I thought about escaping, but I realized that the odds weren't in my favor; Julian had the edge. Clay was another matter. That boy had some issues. He'd already started working out on my ass, and I knew if I crossed him, I'd end up as his own personal punching bag.

During my bathroom break, I caught Clay looking at me. Not like you'd look at a person, but like somebody looks at something they're going to use. "Clean him up while you're in there, Clayboy," Julian ordered from the bedroom.

Clay had me stand in the tub while he used a washcloth to clean the dried cum and lube off my body. When he came around to my ass, he was rough with the washcloth. I felt two fingers push into me and looked at Clay. His eyes were closed, and his jaw was firmly set as he violated me. I squirmed away, and Clay opened his eyes and glared at me.

"Hurry up, boys, I'm getting tired," Julian yelled from the bedroom. Clay toweled me off, and I stepped out of the tub. A shiver ran up my spine as he firmly gripped my arm and walked me back into the bedroom.

"Get Vance into bed, Clayboy," Julian said, laying on his back, his cock flopping over one leg, his abs forming a six-pack even while relaxed. Clay strapped me to the bed, ankles secured with arms over my head. I heard the tape ripping and knew I would be gagged again.

"Wait a minute, Clayboy," Julian said. I felt the bed move as Julian got up and saw him walk into the bathroom. He returned carrying a glass of water. He knelt on the bed beside me and lifted my head.

"Gotta' drink something other than cum, boy," he smirked as he put the glass to my lips. Training A Marine
Part 5 of 7

I drank all the water, realizing only then that I was thirsty. Maybe it was how gently Julian lowered my head back onto the bed or how he gave me water, but it almost seemed tender. A moment's consideration was all I had as Clay gagged me, pressing hard on the tape to make sure it was firmly in place, and I couldn't call for help. The bed bounced as Julian got up to return the glass to the bathroom. Clay leaned down, his face next to my ear. "I'm not done with your ass."
"Get in here, Clayboy. We both need a shower," Julian called from the bathroom. Clay stood next to the bed, his eyes roaming up and down my bound body. As he licked his lips, he turned and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

Julian and Clay had wonderful, playful showers. They gave each other an erection-building sexy soap massage, though Julan never let it get to the point of climax. It was all a part of his masterful erection control.

I lay tied to the bed in the dark, alone for the first time since Friday afternoon. I pulled against my bonds but knew I wasn't going anywhere. I rolled onto my side, pulled my legs up slightly, bent my arms as much as possible, and tried to get comfortable. I wiggled my head around so that the chain collar wasn't pinching and felt the lock lying on the skin around my shoulder. The sheets were cool and comforting. My ass had a nice glowing feel. I knew I'd been taken captive and raped and that it would likely happen again before I could figure a way out of here, but somehow I didn't feel helpless - just warm and oddly satisfied. `Weird,' I thought, and before I could ponder these newfound feelings any further, I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up alone in bed. It was light out, and as I looked around the room, I saw the alarm clock on a nightstand. It read 9:13. Then I heard the clicking of a keyboard and rolled over toward the sound. Julian was sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen, Clay standing behind him, hands on his shoulders.

"You are one hot stud Clayboy," Julian said, reaching back and putting his hand on top of Clay's. As I focused on the screen, I realized it was a picture of me sucking Clay's cock. Julian and Clay turned towards me.

"Good morning, Vance boy," Julian said, smiling. "Hot pictures, huh? Bet I could make some good money selling these on the net." I just stared at the screen.

"Get Vance up, Clayboy. It's time for breakfast, and he's our cook," Julian said over his shoulder to Clay. Clay walked over to the bed and ripped the tape from my mouth, his mouth set in a smirk. I refused to give him the pleasure of responding to the pain. He then released my ankles from the bed, attaching a small chain between the cuffs so I could walk. Clay got onto the bed and leaned over me to release my wrists, his cock on my face. I smelled his fresh skin, a trace of soap from his shower last night, and an unmistakable odor I was beginning to recognize as Clay's. The blood rushed back into my arms as I lowered them to my sides.

"Get the other cuffs on him, Clayboy," Julian said as he put a CD into the computer. Clay leaned over the edge of the bed and came up with a pair of leather cuffs held together by a length of chain. He moved my hands back over my head and sat so that his balls and cock draped lazily over my face. I looked up, and Clay was looking down at me with a grin. I squeezed my lips together in defiance.

The mitted cuffs were removed and replaced by the leather cuffs. I heard clicking noises, and when Clay got off me, I brought my hands down and saw that the leather cuffs had small locks on them, holding both the cuffs and the short length of chain in place. Even with my fingers now free, I couldn't remove them. As I wiggled my fingers around, I looked over at Julian. He took the CD out of the computer and held it up.

"Got some scorching hot pics of my Clayboy breaking you in. What do you suppose your friends and co-workers would say if they saw you sucking teenage cock, huh boy?" I didn't reply.

"I know what I’d say: you’d better do whatever I fucking tell you. Just remember that before you get any ideas of escaping today, you hear me, boy?"

"Yes, Sir," I replied, not wanting to push his patience. The CD glittered in the morning light as he flipped it around and put it in an envelope.

"Finish getting Vance ready, Clayboy," Julian ordered. Clay reached into the duffel bag and came up with what looked like a smaller version of the leather cuffs around my ankles and wrists but with an extra strap on it. He got back on top of me, this time planting his smooth, round ass on my face so that I could barely breathe out of my nose. As I inhaled his musky smell, Clay wiggled his ass on my face as though daring me to react.

I felt my cock and balls being manipulated. The touch of cool leather around the base of my cock and around my balls made me shudder. The pressure around my cock and balls increased momentarily, and I heard metallic clicks. Clay got off me, and I looked down. A black leather cock ring with an extra strap separating my balls was locked in place. A chain ran from the lock to the chain holding my bound wrists together. I tried to tell myself that my cock was hard from being moved around, but I knew that wasn't true. I liked having that boy sit on my face. Fucking betrayed by my own cock again. Clay grabbed my wrists and lifted them away from my body. When they were almost directly in front of me, I felt a tug on my balls as the chain attached to them reached its limit.

`Fuck,' I thought, `what the hell else does he have in that damn duffel bag?' Julian got up and walked to the bed, taking my wrists from where Clay held them. "Come on, it's time for breakfast." I was led downstairs to the kitchen, where this whole thing started.

"Get the stuff out for him, Clayboy," Julian said. Clay obediently got out a frying pan, a mixing bowl, some plates and glasses from the cupboard, and some utensils from a drawer. Then, he produced a carton of eggs, some milk, bacon, and a loaf of bread from the refrigerator.

"I like my eggs scrambled, my toast dark, and my bacon crisp. There are salt and pepper shakers on the counter. Clay will take the same. Get busy, boy," Julian ordered. Clay went back to the refrigerator and got out some orange juice. After giving the first to Clay, he poured two more glasses and sat one on the counter in front of me.

My chains rattled against the edge of the counter as I moved around, making their breakfast. When I went to reach for the salt and pepper, a painful tug on my balls reminded me that the chain had limits. I also realized that my patience did, too. `What fucking nerve this kid has to put me in this position,' I thought. I’m 41 years old. I have a nice gym body. I’m bigger than both of these fucker put together. I know I can bench press 200 pounds! These twinkies are just teens! They've both fucked me, using me in every way possible. Now, they were finding a new way to use me.

"Don't overcook those eggs, Vance boy," Julian warned, returning me to the reality of being their naked slave cook. Julian came over as I finished dividing the eggs and bacon onto three plates. He placed his hand on top of mine.

"Did I say you could eat yet, boy?" he demanded. I just stared at him.

"You and your hot ass made me and my Clayboy work so hard last night we're starving," he said, re-dividing the food onto just two plates. "Here we've been feeding you all this good cum, and now you don't want to feed us back?" Julian reached down and grabbed my balls, starting to squeeze them. "I'm talking to you, Vance boy. You got an answer for me?"

"No, Sir," I replied, fighting the urge to reach down and move his hands away from my balls.

"You go ahead and make yourself something to eat now. We have what we want," Julian said, giving my balls a final painful squeeze. I doubled over a bit from the pain as Julian turned and walked to the breakfast table.

"Now get that food over here," he ordered. I picked up the plates, took them to the table, and set them in front of Julian and Clay.

"Look, some sauce for our breakfast," Julian said, laughing. I followed his eyes down to my groin and saw a small string of precum dripping from my cock. My face flushed with the embarrassment of not controlling my cock liking this situation.

"Go eat, boy. You're gonna' need your strength," Julian ordered as he dug into his breakfast. I returned to the stove, cooked some eggs, made toast, and ate them in front of the counter.

"Get this shit cleaned up,” Julian said as he stood up from the breakfast table, adding, "And don't get those cuffs wet. I keep my leather in good shape, boy."

Julian walked out of the kitchen, and Clay stood up from the table, walked over, and hopped up to sit on the counter close to the sink. As he leaned forward, the muscles in his arms flexed. In the light of day, I could see that his body was truly hairless, nothing but smooth, creamy skin covering lean muscle.

Just as I thought he looked beautiful, he said, "You heard Master. Get moving, boy." Okay, so he was beautiful but also a totally out-of-control prick. Finally, getting to be on top had definitely gone to his head, and being in charge was definitely an overdose for him.

I briefly imagined slapping him, but the tug on my balls reminded me there wasn't enough chain to bridge the distance between that desire and his smug teenage face.

"Get over here," Clay said as I finished the last dish. I just looked at him.

"Do it," he said, his voice low and serious. I stepped over and stood in front of his seat on the counter. His cock was already hard, pointing straight up, tight against his flat belly, the tip well above his belly button.

"I think you need to be fed again," he smirked as he reached up and grabbed my head and pulled it down towards his cock, spreading his legs as he did. I debated whether or not I should open my mouth.

"You want me to tell Julian you tried to get away, or … do you want to suck my cock, bitch?" Clay said in answer to my unasked question. I opened my mouth and took his thick cock in. Clay leaned back a bit, then pushed my head down firmly, and I felt his velvet-skinned cock hit the back of my throat. As I gagged, I thought for an instant that I might lose my breakfast. I stiffened so I could keep from choking any further.

Clay then moved his hands so his fingers were grabbing my hair and started pushing my head up and down on his cock. I realized that the way out of this situation was the same as last night: make him cum as quickly as possible.

"Yeah," he moaned as I moved my tongue around, swirling his large cock head at the top of each stroke. I kept as much suction as possible on his shaft, minding my teeth and trying to get the occasional breath as his cock swelled even larger in my mouth.

"Suck it, boy," he moaned deeply, moving my head up and down even faster on his hot cock. I could feel the small amount of stubble from his shaved pubes on my nose and lips as I bottomed on every stroke. He tasted so good.

"Unnnggghhhh," he moaned as he slammed my head down onto his groin one last time. I felt hot cum shooting into the back of my throat, some dripping back into my mouth and onto my tongue. It wasn't as much as what he gave me last night but still an impressive amount: he was definitely a healthy boy, and I was thankful he was a horny teenager who could cum quickly.

As I tasted his salty-sweet load, I realized I could tell the difference between his and Julian's cum. I didn't have time to become disgusted at this revelation. "You boys done there yet"? Julian yelled from upstairs.

"Yes, Sir," Clay answered, pushing my head away from his groin and adding, "You shouldn't talk with your mouth full." As I swallowed Clay's load, he hopped down from the counter and reached around the back of my head, pulling my face towards his. As he brought his lips towards mine, his other hand found a nipple and gave it a vicious twist. When I opened my mouth from the pain, he jammed his tongue deep into my mouth, searching for whatever I hadn't swallowed. I gave in to the kiss, and our tongues danced momentarily as Clay moved closer to me and ground himself into my now-hard cock.

Just as I lost myself in this surrender to my tormenter, he abruptly pulled away and said, "Let's go." I was led upstairs to the bedroom. Julian was lying on the bed, dressed in baggy gym shorts and a loose-fitting sleeveless t-shirt, the kind with large arm openings. It gave a great view of his defined torso and showed lots of smooth caramel skin. He looked absolutely sexy.

From yesterday: Just as I lost myself in surrendering to my tormenter, he abruptly pulled away and said, "Let's go." I was led upstairs to the bedroom. Julian was lying on the bed, dressed in baggy gym shorts and a loose-fitting sleeveless t-shirt, the kind with really big arm openings. It gave a great view of his defined torso and showed lots of smooth caramel skin. He looked absolutely sexy.

Continuing: `How come I didn't notice him in the gym before yesterday?' I thought. I followed his fingers as he pointed at some clothes on the bed. It was a pair of small white gym shorts and a tank top.

"Listen carefully, boy. Clay will take you out of those cuffs, and you'll get cleaned up and dressed. Then we're going to go shopping, and you're going to go with us, and you're not going to fucking try anything funny, got it?"

"Yes, Sir," I replied, wondering where we were going and whether or not it offered any chance of escape.

"Get him ready, Clayboy," Julian ordered, handing a key to Clay. Clay unlocked the locks holding my cuffs and chains together, placed them neatly on the bed, and handed the key to Julian. I thought he would also unlock the chain around my neck, but he didn't. Then Clay unbuckled the cuffs around my ankles and wrists and put them neatly on the bed. Without thinking, I put my hands down to re-arrange my balls.

"Did I tell you to touch yourself, boy?" Julian yelled.

"No, Sir," I said, quickly pulling my hand away from my groin.

"Those are mine now. And so is your ass. Get used to it," Julian said firmly before turning to Clay. "Take him into the bathroom and let him do his business, Clayboy."

Clay took my arm and guided me into the bathroom. Even though I was out of the restraints, I still felt like their prisoner. Then it dawned on me: I wasn't tied up or strapped down. I could make a run for it. Then I saw the printed picture taped to the mirror in the bathroom. It was of me, lying on my back and Clay fucking me. From that angle, you could clearly see Clay's cock invading my hole but couldn't see that I was restrained. I blushed.

"Nice pic, huh?" Clay smirked. "Now get cleaned up." I took care of my business and was then led to the shower. I got in, and Clay handed me a washcloth.

"Hurry up, we've got things to do," he said, adding, "Don't get your collar wet." I started up the water as Clay scooted up onto the bathroom counter and sat watching me. After showering and drying off, I was led back into the bedroom. Julian was still lying on the bed, now with his hands behind his head.

"Get that cock ring back on slave Vance," he ordered Clay. Clay obediently picked up the cock ring and strapped it around my cock and balls, then picked up a lock and locked the package in place.

"Now get dressed, boy," Julian ordered me. I picked up the shorts and stared at them. They were white nylon with the liner removed, so they usually required a jock underneath. The worst of it was they were tiny.
"You don't like what I gave you to wear, boy? They fit me just fine. In middle school!" Julian laughed, adding, "Now put them on." I pulled the shorts on. I could feel they were a snug fit, and when I looked down, I saw that they were not only small in waist size but super short. As it was, the outline of my dick clearly showed. And if I got erect, half my dick would be exposed.

"Don't forget the shirt," Julian said, tossing the tank top at me. It wasn't as snug a fit but was cut off at the bottom, and it barely covered my nipples with large openings around the neck and arms. It barely came down halfway to my waist. I looked like the boys I'd seen working Santa Monica Boulevard hustling johns; the locked chain around my neck was a lewd accessory.

"Get your shoes on, boy. We're going shopping!" Julian said, pointing to the floor where my shoes and socks from yesterday were laid out, waiting for me. "Get dressed, Clayboy," he added. As I reached down for my shoes, the tight shorts squeezed my balls, and I had to quickly bend my knees to avoid the pain.

"How much you charge for that ass, boy," Julian said, as both he and Clay laughed. I got my shoes on, stood up, and felt my cock on my thigh. When I looked down, there it was, hanging out of the leg of my too-tight, boyish shorts. I reached down to put my cock back in my pants.

"Hey boy, I told you not to touch yourself," Julian said as he stepped towards me. "Hands behind your back." I obeyed, embarrassed to be standing in front of these two teenagers dressed like some street whore with my cock hanging out of the leg hole of my shorts. Julian reached out and fondled my cock, making it start to grow hard. He smiled as he stuffed it into the tight shorts. As I looked up from glancing at the bulge in my shorts, I saw Clay staring at my crotch.

"Come on, boy, it's time to go." Clay had put on a pair of baggy gym shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt similar to Julian's and looked equally as sexy as Julian. I felt embarrassed to be dressed this way and in their company.

Clay led the way downstairs, through the kitchen, and into the garage. My car was still parked where I'd left it yesterday. Clay pushed the button to open the garage door as I walked towards my car.

"We don't need the muscle car. I've got my muscle boy to play with," Julian laughed and pointed at the Honda.

"We're taking my ride." Clay opened the back door for me. As I got in and sat down, I heard the back of my shorts rip. I couldn’t see exactly. I started to mention that I had a problem, but Julian cut me off before telling him, “Did I say you can speak?” He said clearly. “You may speak when you are inside the store.”

I wonder if he heard the thin material tearing. I could not see how they ripped, but the seat was very cool on the part of my ass. I had to move my legs wide apart as the legroom was taken up by the guys in the front adjusting their seats as far back as they could. The only way I could sit was to spread my legs to a 45-degree angle so my knees wouldn’t be jammed against the back of the front seats. The tight shorts were again pinching my cock and balls. Clay pushed the seat back and got in just as Julian opened the driver's door and got in.

Julian turned around and said, "We're going to go out and get some new toys to play with, some videos to watch, then some lunch. If you feel like you want to take off, then go for it. But remember, you have no I.D., you're dressed like some kind of faggot pussy slut perv, and I've got some fantastic pictures of you forcing and raping my under-age Clayboy.

Then he added, you do look hot. "Give me a bicep flex." I did. Julian then put the car in gear and backed out of the driveway. He flicked the garage door opener, put the car in gear, and we headed down the street. Sitting in the back seat, I wondered how this ride would end.

> As we drove out of Julian's neighborhood, I looked at the various suburbanites performing their Saturday chores. Some were gardening or mowing their yard; others were washing their cars. Kids were playing in their front yards. Some high school boys were playing a game of football in a small park. I thought, `Do any of them know that living among them is a completely out-of-control teenager who kidnapped and raped a man and now held him as a sex slave?' After a short drive, we pulled into a nondescript strip mall and drove to the back corner. The sign above the door read, ‘Leather and Chains.’ Julian parked the car at the farthest end of the parking lot, away from the store.

"Okay, boy, go in there, give the list to the clerk, pay for the stuff, and get back out here," Julian ordered, handing me a folded piece of paper with two twenty-dollar bills showing between the folds. "And don't you come back unless you have that list filled, or I'll just pull out of here and let you walk your well-fucked ass home, boy." I opened my door and got out. As soon as I did, my dick fully hung out the leg hole of my super-tight shorts. I reached down to tuck my cock in again … “DON’T YOU DARE!” I saw an extremely stern look from Julian. OK, I thought. I’ll probably get arrested, but I must comply and go into the store with my dick sticking out. I felt so fucking cheap and sleazy. Not even hustlers walk around with their dicks hanging out! FUCK! Now they have me behaving lower than a common trashy street whore!

"Clayboy, check slave Vance’s dick to see if it’s comfortable for him or all kinked up. Make sure it’s not bent in an awkward or painful way.” I stood right outside his car window, standing as close to the car as I could to hide my dick. Hopefully, Clay will tuck it in my shorts quickly for me.

Without saying a word, Clay pulled my hips so my dick was inside the car. He seemed to have difficulty getting it in the shorts. At least it seemed that way because he kept fingering it, pulling it, and moving it around. Then … SHIT! He was intentionally giving me a huge erection! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I COULD SCREAM! I heard Clay and Julian laughing their fucking heads off.

Clay gave me a steel rod hard-on, now fiercely sticking out the leg hole of my shorts. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Now instead of it being flaccid and flopping down, it was FUCKING POINTING OUT LEVEL!

“Turn around,” Clay told me.

“What?” why does he want me to turn around?

Training A Marine
Part 6 of 7

“Turn around. I want to see your ass and the rip in your shorts.” So he did hear it tear.
Great, now he’ll let me back into the car to cover up. So I spun around and showed him the back of my torn shorts. I practically shoved my ass throw the window to stick in his face.

I felt his hand on my ass cheeks. And then along the crack of my ass. There was no fabric there at all. “Sir, I should get back in the car now. As you can see, I’m in no condition to be seen publicly.” I told Clay. This was so awkward because as my ass was in his window, my dick was now pointing to the parking lot.

Julian seemed proud of the way his Clayboy was taking care of me. So he let Clay handle me as he chose. “Well, the back of your shorts are torn from an inch below the waistband all the way down to your balls. Boy, you really messed up these fine shorts.” I could feel his fingertips wiggle and tickle me the full length of my crack. THEN he stuck his finger in my asshole! Fuck. Now my dick is twitching! FUCK!

I whined and pleaded like a little boy as softly as possible to Clay, who was not even my Master. “Please, kind sir, don’t let me stay out here. Please let me in the car.”

Now Clay was wiggling his finger inside me. “Well, I see your point. But I didn’t tear your shorts. You did. So you’ll have to live with it for now. Just hold your head up high, like the proud trash-slut you have become.”

“But my dick is leaking. Can I please wipe it off? Please?”

“Julian is your Master, and he told that you could not touch your dick. But … I’m a good guy, so maybe I can help you out in the front since your ass is impossible. I mean, I can’t do anything about your fat ass showing. That tear is so long, and the tightness of the material forces the slit to be wide open. It looks like you’re a pussy hustler who wants a good public fuck from anyone who can drag you down the alley and fuck you good.” Clay continued to pet and erotically finger my ass as he spoke. I have never been so erect! AND IN PUBLIC! I WAS SO FREAKED OUT!

I could hear Julian on the driver’s side chuckling all along, so I couldn’t make an appeal to him. Then Clay continued. “Well, your ass will be hanging out on display for all to appreciate. But … you say your dick is hard and leaking? That’s weird. Here, let me see what I can do. Go ahead, turn back around, and put your dick through my window again.”

Thank god for small favors. At least I can hide my obscene dick when I am facing the car. So I turned and pushed my dick into the car.

“Oh, I see what you mean. I see a lot of leaking slave slime.” And it is a gooey mess. OK, do you want me to try and fold your slimy fuck stick back under the hem of your faggot pussy shorts? Maybe jam it up into your degenerate little cock sucker’s shorts one way or the other so no one will know you’re a slut cult whore who likes to eat out teen asses? Is that what you want me to try to do, you ass-licking cunt hole? Tell me. Explain EXACTLY what you want me to do for a perverted, disgusting slut like you?” Clay asked all so innocently.

“Please, sir, please put my dick in my pants and …”

”That's not the proper language you need to use. I just gave you a big hint. Do you really want to stay out here all day? Or would you prefer to speak like the cock sucking faggot tramp you are?”

Yes, of course, I knew what Clay wanted, and I definitely didn’t want to be out here one second beyond what was required. So, “Yes, sir. Please help this pussy slut get his faggot cock under my whore panties.”

“Ok, but it is a beautiful dick. May I play with it just a bit first? I mean, only if you really want me to. I mean, I don’t see many nice faggot dicks like this, especially in public. It would please me, though.”

“Yes, sir, please feel free to play with this slut-cunt’s fuck pole, sir.” I was so humiliated. Being forced to degrade myself -- and in public -- is so disgusting. He was making me talk about myself as a trashy-assed, slutty hooker.

“Well, thank you,” Clay said as he slowly moved his hands all over my pole, edging me too much. I needed to climax, and now! “Oh, this feels so good. My, look how hard your pussy cunt dick is!” I was making all my body muscles tense up to avoid climax. “Is my big, strong, macho, US Marine now just a sissy whore on the prowl looking for some black gang nigger’s ass to suck on?”

“Yes, sir,” I responded in my weakest voice, too embarrassed to say it loudly. He kept pumping my dick. And that was it … I was over the edge ... over ... over … the … edge … and … and … THE BASTARD LET GO. My whole body shook and trembled. I now had a full steel rod sticking straight out and dripping even more cum.

“Sir,” I was whimpering, tearing up, “Please let me inside.” I was fighting to hold back tears. I just wanted to get inside the car, out of public view. Me, a 41-year-old bodybuilder. A real man. Dressed up like some fucking street slut. I couldn’t take it. I was trembling. My ass was sticking out of these ripped, faggot little boy shorts. My dick was all boned up and pointing straight out, AND I WAS NOW CONSTANTLY LEAKING PRE-CUM … ON A FUCKING PUBLIC STREET. “Please, sir, I am disgusting. I am a mess. I am such a whore and a slut pussy. Please let me get inside.”

Softly I heard Julian say, “Be quiet, or I will use my cell, here and now, to call the cops. I’d say, ‘There is some dangerous pervert flashing his dripping dick on the street. He’s trying to molest children.’ So … think. Slave Vance, you have ten seconds to get inside. But not inside the car, INSIDE THAT FUCKING STORE!” HE YELLED. I froze. He parked at the far end of the parking lot. FUCK! He intended for me to parade my indecent, slutty self ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE PARKING LOT! I FROZE.

I saw Julian get out his cell and start to use it. I had no choice but to leave the car's security, walk quickly to the store, and hurriedly get inside. I took a deep breath, calmed myself, wiped away my tears, and then hurried to the store door with my hard dick sticking out, pointing the way. My dick was huge and bouncing all the way. When I finally got there – THE DOOR WAS LOCKED! There was a buzzer, which I pushed like crazy.

“Yes? May I help you?” Came a voice through the intercom.

“Yes, please hurry, open the door, please.” I frantically answered the com.

“We see customers by appointment only. Do you have an appointment, sir?”

I cannot believe this! Didn’t Julian know it was by appointment ONLY?! How stupid is he? Here I am with my dick and ass hanging out, and I can’t get into the store. I tried to calm down. “Sir, I didn’t know about the appointment. I need to get in your store right away. I am not decent out here. Please.” I took some deep breaths. I wondered if I should go all the way back across the parking lot to the car and explain to Julian. FUCK! This is shit.

“Well, what is your name? And are you a top or bottom or something else?”

Why is he asking that? And whose name did Julian give? His name? My name? “Ah, sir. I am desperate. Please. My name is Vance, but please just let me in. Several more cars are arriving at this strip mall. Please, I am indecent.” I pleaded.

“How are you indecent?”

WHAT THE FUCK! “Ah, sir, I have my dick and ass kind of exposed. Ah, it was an accident. My pants tore by mistake.”

I had no idea Julian and Clay were in the car listening to all this. Julian called the store owner and left the phone line open so they could hear the degrading situation they set up for me.

“Sir. Please. Just let me in, and I’ll do anything. Please.”

“So your dick is exposed, you say? OK then, step three feet to your left and show me through the large display window. And let me see your ass too.”

FUCK! I bit my lip and tried to contain myself. “OK, sir.” I went to the large front bay window; the bottom was only two feet off the sidewalk, and I’m sure he could see me.

“Oh, I see.” Came his voice from the intercom. I had to step back to the door to respond. I pushed the button. “So, you see, sir? I need to get inside immediately.”

“Well, show me your ass.” FUCK! I went back to the window and showed my ass.

“No, bend over and spread your cheeks. I want to know if the tear is complete so everyone can see your asshole.”

Julian and Clay were laughing so loud that their guts were hurting, and their eyes were tearing up. If this went on much longer, they’d both wet their pants!

What the shit? I did not have time to think. I just quickly stepped to the window again, bent down, squatted, and pulled my ass cheeks apart. I could see people standing back, watching me. Luckily, I didn’t see any children. Then I heard, “Wider, spread them wider.” I did. And everyone else in the parking lot, maybe a half-dozen people now, stopped and stared. A few were coming closer.

“No, stick your finger into your asshole so I can see better.” I saw some cell or camera flashes. I just needed to get this over with. I squatted again and stuck two fingers in my asshole SO THE FUCKING BASTARD COULD SEE MY ASSHOLE WAS SHOWING!

“Oh, OK. I see. And your dick? Let me see that better. Maybe it’s not so bad that anyone would even notice.”

I wanted to die. I should have just returned to Julian and got back in the car. But I am here now. Let’s finish this. I turned around and faced the window. I could not see inside due to all the glare.

“It does look hard. Let me see you pump it, and I’ll let you inside.” FINALLY, HE AGREED TO LET ME INSIDE! OK, I’ll jump through his hoops. I pumped my dick with one hand. A couple of older ladies were walking this way, so I immediately turned my back to them. I had my profile to the window, which I hoped was fine for the store owner. “No, stop clowning around and face the display window.” I did and pumped my dick. I was close. All this humiliating – public humiliation – was driving me crazy with lust. “OK, let me see you climax, and I’ll let you in immediately after you shoot off your dick hose.”

If you could hear Julian and Clay actually screaming with laughter and practically rolling all over the car, you would know they were truly enjoying themselves. Their bellies were sore from laughing. They couldn’t have planned this better.

FUCK! Julian ordered me never to cum without his permission. I can’t do that now. I quickly stepped to the door intercom and pushed the button. “Please! Sir! Please, my Master prohibits me from climaxing without his permission.” I can’t believe I just said that out loud. There might be 10 or 12 men and women milling around, coming closer, maybe just a few yards away on each side of me. They probably think I am a crazed flashing pervert. It's too late to worry about them now. Maybe I should make a run to the car. And Julian might just send me back here.

“Did you say your master won’t let you cum?”


“Well, you still need an appointment. But let me see if I can figure this out. There are several guys I am expecting now. Let me see.” The owner said over the intercom.”

“Well, one guy is a Master, so that can’t be you.” He said as if he were reading from a sheet. “And one guy is a fucking slut whore who likes to wear faggot panties in public and show his dick and ass all over the place, begging guys to let him suck their dicks.”

“STOP! That’s me! Please let me in!” I shouted. “I’m that slutty guy in faggot panties. That’s me. I’m the whore you want. Please let me in.”

“Oh wait … that guy is only five foot tall and is blonde. He’s coming to have me fit him for chaps. So, that can’t be you. Oh darn.” There was a pause. “And the third and last guy I have coming is a US Marine. So that can’t be …”


“Oh really?” another pause.

“YES, really.” I pleaded. “I was in the Marines for six years. And I just became a faggot slut. I enjoy wearing these little boy panties and publicly showing my big hard dick. I am just a slut, through and through. I take it up the ass all the time. I am a deviant degenerate. I let teens fuck me so I can suck their dicks.” No response from the store owner. “Please. Look, I like to get enemas and drink piss ... all the time. I am a whore and a disgusting tramp. I long to get raped. In fact, I was raped twice yesterday. Please. It’s me. Julian is training me to be a complete …”

“Oh, your Julian’s slave slut. So why didn’t you say so?” The crowd of some 20 people, who were all hearing this, applauded and cheered. I was so happy. My face must have changed into a “happy face.” Finally, he knew who I was.

The buzzer sounded, and the door lock clicked open. I went in. Julian and Clay were in the car laughing so hard that they couldn’t stop. And, at least one of them, Clay, did wet his pants.

"So, you’re Julian’s slut slave. My, you are a nice big muscle boy, aren’t you? Ok, now, how can I help you?" He was about six foot tall, bleached blonde hair, and was so thin you'd be tempted to say skinny. He raised his head toward my eye level as he finished checking me out. Not the kind of guy I'd pay much attention to in a bar. A bit too skinny and a lot too girly for me.

"Well, do you have the list, honey?”

What? I almost forgot the list. I had put it in my shoe with the cash. That was the only place on my body to hold anything. I retrieved it. "Yeah," I replied, holding it out.

"You have an amazing vocabulary, by the way," he smirked, taking the list and the money from me. "Go ahead and look around while I go to our Toy Department and fill this order," he added. As he turned from me, he walked not towards the back of the store but to the front door. He then turned the `Open' sign around so that it read `Closed' on the outside.

"I'm about to take my lunch break, and you're my last customer," he said as if in reply to my questioning look. He walked past me, and I saw him go to the back of the store, then through a black door and out of sight. I looked around at the shelves of videos. It was straight porn mostly, row upon row of nothing but big tits and pussy. I came to the last row, close to that black door, and there was a rack of gay porn, mostly with pictures of big cocks and tight asses.

I heard the door open and looked up to see the clerk coming out holding a black paper bag about the size of a grocery bag, stapled closed at the top. He drew it back as I reached for the bag, saying, "You still owe me a dollar."

"But I... don't have any more money." I stammered.

"Yeah, carrying a wallet in those shorts would be hard. You can’t even carry your dripping dick in them." He said, not taking his eyes off my boner. "Well, no toys unless you pay," he added, turning back towards the door.

"But it's only a dollar! I'll come back later and ..."

"How many times do you think I've heard that before?" he asked. "That's as old as `I promise I won't cum in your mouth,' honey." There was no way I would walk back to Julian's car without the goods. I reached out for the bag, but the clerk pulled it back.

"Are you trying to rob me?" he said, exaggerating the “rob me” part.

"Please," I said.


"I said, please. I can't go back without that bag," I pleaded. "Hmmm. Well, why don't you come with me for a moment," motioning towards the black door? I opened the door, walked in, and was immediately overcome with the smell of leather. I looked around and saw shelves filled with wire mesh crates overflowing with the same kind of restraints that had been used so effectively on me recently.

"Over here, honey," he said, pointing towards a dimly lit area behind the shelves. Walking around, I saw that the store's back wall had been converted into a rack with various hooks and rings installed. Leather restraints hung there like some kind of S and M fitting room for customers.

"Right over here," he said, grabbing me above the elbow and directing me towards that wall.

"Wait a minute, what's …"

"Do you want the bag or not?" he said.

"I do, but ..."

"We come in all shapes and sizes, honey," he said as he pulled down a pair of leather cuffs and was about to put them on my wrist. "First thing, let's get these silly shorts off you." He leaned over and helped me wiggle out of them. This asshole clerk held up the tiny nylon shorts and bent over, laughing at me! Me, a bodybuilder, an ex-con, a fucking Marine!! All this humiliation, frustration, embarrassment – ALL IN FRONT OF THIS SILLY, SKINNY, NERDY, FLAMING CUNT – just ALL came to a head. "YOU FUCKING LET ME GO!" I yelled. “YOU FUCKED UP QUEER PIECE OF SHIT!

"I really don't like your tone of voice, Mister." Surprisingly, he did not sound mad or excited but rather calm, as if he was in control and he knew it. He grabbed my muscle shirt and ripped it off as if he had all the authority in the world. I stood there with my mouth open. Then he turned around and reached onto a shelf out of my sight. He brought down a blue ball with some straps on it.

"I think this will take care of the noise problem. KNEEL." Then he jammed the ball into my mouth. His slender fingers worked quickly, and I was securely gagged in moments. I wanted to just reach up and unstrap the fucking thing, but then I thought it’s better to just comply and get this fucking thing over with.

I thought my jaw would crack. The damn ball was so large. I tried to yell at him, but all that came out was muffled, incoherent moans.

"Oh, that's much better," he stepped closer to me and put his hands all over my skimpily-clad body. "Julian told me you were hot." His voice was now boyish and smooth. My dick was poking him.

"You like being tied up, don't you, boy?" he smirked. "You're the kind of guy who wouldn't give me a second look out there," he said, nodding his head towards the door, "but now things are different, aren't they, boy?" All I could do was moan in reply. He kneeled in front of me and put both his small hands on my cock, stroking it gently. The leather straps from my cock and ball harness caused my dick to expand even more. I had forgotten Julian securing my junk in that complex leather harness.

"This looks so fucking sexy on you," he purred as he touched the tip of his tongue to the head of my cock. I shuddered as he licked me. He then stood up, ripping my tiny t-shirt off. His hands roamed over my chest, stopping on my sore nipples. As he started to twist them both, he said, "Julian told me you liked this." I moaned loudly through the gag.

"Oh yeah," he said in a whisper. "You have no idea how much I've wanted to rent a muscle boy, a Marine, and get everything I've always wanted."

He then turned around and grabbed something from a nearby shelf. As he turned back towards me, I saw something shiny and felt cool metal on my nipples. The sensation went from cool to hot instantly as the tit clamps were pinched down, and I moaned in pain into the unyielding ball gag.

I felt his hands stroking my cock as that now familiar jolt of electricity went from my nipples and out through the head of my cock. I unconsciously moved my hips, pumping my dick in his hands. The clerk knelt in front of me again and instantly took my cock deep into his mouth. I felt the back of his throat give way as he pulled on my ass, drawing me in deeper. His finger found my exposed crack through the tear in my shorts.

I gave in to the pleasure, drawing my hips back and then jamming my cock deep into his hot throat. He responded by digging his fingers into my asshole and devouring my cock. Suddenly, I felt more pain in my nipples! I opened my eyes to see him pulling on the chain between the two tit clamps. I moaned as I fucked his face harder in response. Then he stopped.

He stood up, grabbed me by the waist, and spun me around, pushing me into the wall as he leaned into me. I could feel him pulling on the ends of the tear, making the opening in my shorts larger as the nipple clamps tore into me from the pressure. He must have lowered his pants because I felt his cock touching my asshole. I panicked as I realized he was about to fuck me bareback, and I had nowhere to go.

"That's right bitch," he hissed as he jammed his cock against my clenched hole, "I'm going to rape your ass." I moaned into the gag, taking sharp breaths through my nose as he tried to invade my raw ass. Then he stopped again.

His hands started caressing my back, then my shoulders, gently turning me around. I guess he was bluffing about raping me, or was he? As I leaned against the wall, he started kissing me around the edges of the ball gag as I hung there, suspended by the wrist restraints.

"It's okay, baby. I just had to go there. See what it was like to kiss a Marine.” He paused: "Here's what I really want to do." With that, he knelt in front of me once again and took my hard dripping cock all the way to the back of his throat in one fluid motion. He held it there momentarily as I felt his hot breath on my balls.

Training A Marine
Part 7 of 7

Then he started sucking with a vengeance. I could hardly get my body to wiggle so that I could pump it in him. He jammed my cock deeper and deeper into his throat. His small fingers dug into my asshole as he made my hips move in rhythm with his sucking. I could feel the restraints pulling at my wrists. It was strange being bound yet being the fucker instead of the fuckee. Top and bottom had become meaningless in my now topsy-turvy world.
After a day of being sexually used by two horny teenagers, I was more than pent up. I could feel my balls tighten, and my thrusting went into overdrive, the clerk sucking every bit of my cock deep into his throat.

"Mmmmmmmmm," I moaned. "Mmmmmmmm!" I saw stars as I repeatedly shot into the clerk's mouth. I looked down, and I could see his right elbow moving rapidly as he jerked himself off. He continued to hold my dick in his mouth. As he came, he moaned, and the vibration made my cock tingle yet again.

After licking my cock clean, he stood up and took the ball gag out of my mouth. I worked my now sore jaw around as he planted his lips on mine, sticking his tongue deep into my mouth. I tasted my own cum. When he took off the nipple clamps, I moaned loudly, muffled by his mouth on mine.

Stepping back, he took a rag, cleaned himself up, pulled up his pants, and buttoned his shirt. He was once again the unassuming video store clerk. He smiled at me as he lowered my bound wrists and took off the leather cuffs.

"Here you go," he said, handing me the bag, "you earned it." I didn't know what to say. I took the bag. I noticed that my dick had FINALLY gone soft. And that he tucked my dick inside my shorts. At least I wouldn’t be so indecent walking back to the car.

"You know, you’re missing some critical slave gear.” He paused as he thought it over. Then went to get something and returned with the tit clamps. “Yes, you need these.” I thought he was going to hand them to me. But he clamped my nipples. And WOW! They were sore before, but having them put on a second time was excruciating!

“Then he checked me out, up and down. “OK, you’re ready. I'll let you out." I looked around for my shirt but remembered he had ripped it off. After he unlocked the door, he turned the sign around so it once again read ‘Open.’

"I told you I was going to eat lunch," he said, giggling. I walked back into the afternoon daylight towards Julian's car, my legs weak.

When I got there, "Give me the bag, boy," Julian ordered from the front seat. I handed it to him as I got into the back seat.

"Wait! Wait!" I heard a now-familiar voice scream. It was the clerk, and he was running towards the car.

`Fuck, now what?' I thought.

"Your boy forgot this," the clerk told Julian as he handed him a videotape.

"Thanks, Jeff," Julian said with a wicked smile. I already knew he'd set me up, and the look on my face showed it.

"You think I'd let anybody take my boy without my permission?" Julian said, turning toward the back seat. "Besides, I made a whole dollar off your ass," he laughed, adding, "and this hot new release," as he held up the tape. The urge to say “Fuck you” was so strong that a sound came out of my throat that sounded as if I was clearing my throat.

"You got something to say, slave Vance?" Julian demanded, sensing my anger.

"No, Sir," I replied.

"Good boy," Julian said as he started the car, and we headed out of the parking lot. "Time to eat." As we drove down the street, I felt something cool on my crotch and looked down. A small wet patch had formed on the outline of my cock head in my tight white boy shorts. As I looked up, I saw Clay staring at my crotch, his lips slightly parted, tongue licking his upper lip. When he came out of his lustful stupor, he saw me looking at him. His eyes narrowed, and his jaw clenched as he glared back, then turned around.

Julian pulled the car into a McDonald's and parked across the parking lot from the entry. It was going to be another walk of shame.

"You should be pretty hungry by now, boy. What with all the action you've been getting," Julian leered. "Let's go." We got out; thankfully, my dick was tucked away. The niceness was short-lived, as I felt a push from behind. They were making me walk in front of them into the McDonald’s. I could feel eyes staring at me as I walked across the parking lot. I was dressed as such a slut, with my tight, white boy shorts displaying my ass, the outline of my cock and balls in the tight front pouch, and the now large wet spot. My muscular ass was sticking out of my torn shorts, and the tit clamps were dangling from my nipples.

Walking towards the entry, I saw my reflection in the glass door. I thought, “I was a Marine, a husband, a father, a brawny gym goer, and look at me now. What has Julian done to me?”

It was between lunch and dinner, so McDonald’s was not too busy. Maybe a dozen people were in there, some at the counter ordering, some sitting and eating. Julian sat us down at a table in the corner and then sent Clay to order food. As I looked into Julian's serious stare, I knew something important would be explained to me.

“OK, here’s the deal. Tomorrow, the weekend is over, and I will release you as promised. However, I am not releasing you from my slave service. I am your Master for as long as … YOU wish it. So, you get to choose. And you have until Clayboy gets back here with our order to decide. If you choose to leave my service, I will destroy all the degrading videos and other evidence I have of you.” I could tell Julian was being sincere and honest.

“WOW! Finally, this nightmare is over. It is truly over! I can get back to my NORMAL life and never be a pussy cock sucking faggot whore again!” I screamed in relief to myself in complete delight but tried not to show it on my face.

“Or, if you choose to serve me, please me, and be my Slave Vance on demand, I will treat you like Clayboy. You would have your own life, but when I wish for your presence, you will come to me and serve me in any way I desire with no limitations. Sometimes, I may want you for a few days a week or a few days a month. And just like Clayboy, you come when you are told.”

“I don’t want you to feel you can have me as your Master for a few weeks and quit. No, you cannot do that. Under this condition, I will keep all the humiliating videos of you and use them to keep you in my service. There is no out for you unless I choose it, which would be when I no longer want you.” Julian concluded.

I was listening intently. This was more complex than I first thought it would be. If I quit now, I will be free of Julian forever, and he will do nothing bad to me. If I stay, I will be under his authority for as long as he wants me, maybe many years. Something is appealing about Julian, but I do want my life back. So much to think about. I see Clay seems happy, but he’s just a kid. I’m 41, and that’s a big difference. I have been a Marine, an inmate, and a bodybuilder … I am a lot bigger and stronger than Julian. Why in the world would I surrender my full-adult self to a twink? It doesn’t make any sense.

“In a couple of minutes, Clayboy will be back with the food. If you choose to stay in my service, you will go down, under the table, remove my shoes and socks, and tenderly lick my feet.” Julian said. What? Am I supposed to do that in a public restaurant? We’d be breaking the rules that say no bare feet in a restaurant. Not to mention that he is asking me to humiliate myself – willingly -- here and now!

“However, if you choose to never see me again, just remain seated; this will be our goodbye meal,” he said.

I saw Clay at the counter, picking up our order; he was getting extra napkins. I saw him start to walk back and knew I had only moments to decide. I then realized as a man, a Marine, a person of character and dignity, as a former husband and a current father, I had only one choice, really only one.

As Clay approached our table, I slid under it. I was on all fours, unlacing both of Julian’s shoes. Then I removed his socks. I graciously gently placed my mouth and tongue on Julian’s wonderful black, smooth skin. I noticed someone coming this way toward our table. I was about to abruptly stop and pretend I had dropped something, but I didn’t; I just kept licking and sucking his delicious toes. Clay said, “Oh, here’s Michael, the Manager.”

Then I heard the man speaking. “Julian, how good to see you again. It’s been a while.”

Did he not notice me? I continued to worship Julian’s feet as lovingly as possible, hoping not to be noticed, even though I had my muscular ass sticking out of my ripped shorts, displaying my naked ass.

“I’m fine. All is good and well. Hope you are, too.” Julian said to the manager.

The manager, in his dark suit and beige tie, looked nice. “Things are great, but I need to get back to work. Oh … I see you have a new boy enjoying his Happy Meal.” He chuckled and walked away.

Yes, and he is on his way to being well-trained. I mean, when he sees a pair of shoes, he does not hesitate to lick them. Like, right now.” Julian repeated himself louder, ”Like right this minute!”

I get it. I scooted toward the manager’s shoes and began to lick them.

“Oh, I see,” the manager looked doe-eyed and enjoyed the unexpected service.

“Yes, and do you have a moment? I see you have your coffee in hand. Are you on a break? Would you like to sit for a while?”

“Well, just a moment.” And he sat and chatted.

Curious, what kind of slave is this fellow. I see he is more mature and really quite muscular, what I can see of him.”

“He’s aMarine, Michael, and a bodybuilder. When I met him, he did know he loves to suck cocks.”


“Yeah, when a cock is presented to him, he knows his job is to please that cock and suck it just as the cock owner wishes. In fact, even when that cock is tucked away in dress pants like yours. He doesn’t need any command or signal from me to do his job.”

I heard him. Julian did not present it as an order, but I knew it was. I stopped licking the manager’s shoes and used my hands to open the fly of his pants.

“Oh my,” the Manager said in surprise as he felt my hands at work.

I maneuvered his underwear to one side and fished out his plump uncut dick. And then squeezed my head between the table and the manager’s lap and brought my face up to his exposed cock, and began sucking it hard. I wanted to get this over with as soon as fucking possible. I’m so fucking tired of this twerp teen ordering me about.
“Oh, Julian, I see.” He paused and sipped his coffee. “You know, I like to sip my coffee slowly, gently. Not gulp it down quickly. I make love to my coffee.”

I change to licking and sucking his dick gently, using a soft, loving touch. I heard the manager moan.

“Oh, wow, Julain, this is wonderful coffee. You said it was not fully trained yet, but he seems to be to me. “It’s so wonderful to lightly tease the coffee in my mouth. Slurp it. Use my tongue to taste the essence of it.”

I change to gently sucking his dick and rubbing my tongue all around.

“Sometimes I like to stick my tongue into the coffee and blow warm air all into it.”

My mind was so dizzy, all these commands. I started blowing warm breath over his dick as I held it in my mouth. I heard him moaning. I started to get pleasure from his compliments. I felt valued.

“Michael, you sure are enjoying your coffee.” Julain laughed.

“Oh yeah, I like it even better when I have a couple of small muffins alongside my cup. I like to lick them all around and make love to them, always gently. It keeps them moist, warm, and comforted.”

I could not help moaning at the command to lick his balls. I reached into his wide-open fly and gently pulled out his balls, letting them hang free. I first sniffed them cautiously. Then, I inhaled greedily. I’m sure I was making snorting noises. Then I began to gently lick his… his… his muffins. I was about to climax. But I knew that was not allowed. In holding back, I involuntarily made gasping sounds, strange animal noises, like a horse neighing. My body was jerking, but I teased and licked his balls.

It was not the pleasure of sucking this man’s dick and now licking his balls that excited me so much. Julian insisted that I do it on command, to anyone, even in public. FUCK! I loved being humiliated and used like this. I never knew what an erotic high public humiliation and abuse could be like. My mind spun around as I licked and lovingly teased the manager’s balls.

And it wasn’t even Julian telling me what to do. It was this manager guy telling me what to do. No… he was not even telling me. He was only suggesting, merely mentioning what he liked and how he liked it done. WORSE! He was not even being explicit. He told Julian how he liked his coffee and muffins enjoyed! FUCK!

“Wow, Julian, I am on cloud nine. My coffee and muffins feel so wonderful. You know, I’ve had a headache all day, but now it disappeared. What a fabulous mouth you own,”

“Will, he’s a people pleaser, Michael. I’m so glad you are enjoying your coffee and snack.” He chuckled. Julian told me later how proud he was of me.

Michael jerked his body and gripped the table with both hands. As he blasted load after load into my hungry, greedy mouth.

THEN… I shot my load, also. FUCK! I knew that would happen. I tried to be as quiet as possible during my climax and shot it into my hand, caught most of it, and quickly lapped it up, hoping Julain would never find out.

It took a few moments for Michael to recover, and Julian knew he had climaxed and was in a bit of an afterglow. After he came down, he calmly said, “Well, I need to get back to work. My staff needs attention.” And he thanked Julian for the wonderful coffee break.

Well, I want my toes back to being warm, wet, and tongue-massaged. See you soon, my friend.” And Michael left.

That was my cue to return to Master Julian’s toes, and I quickly did. Then I heard Julian say aloud, “Did you enjoy your Happy Meal?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, sir. It was an excellent ‘Happy Meal.”

With me still under the table, making love to his feet and toes, I heard him give me some ominous news, “And don’t think I did not detect your climax. You will be punished for that, and not in a pleasant way.”

I swallowed hard and, in a low mutter, “Yes, sir.”

“Climaxing without permission has the maximum penalty, being banned, disowned, never to see me again.”

FUCK NO!’ OHG God, Please. Don’t!” I knew I was in public, under a table. But it did not care who heard me or saw me. I kissed my Master’s feet and bear-hugged his legs in desperation, and I cried. I sobbed out loud and pleaded. “Please, Oh Master, Please don’t disown me. Please, kind sir, please use me, abuse me, beat me, humiliate me. Oh God, I am so, so sorry for fucking up. Please, keep me, my Master.” I have never been so terrified in all my life! Yes, a big, muscular, marine, and ex-con, on my knees begging this fucking shinny black boy punk to own and abuse me. I could not stop begging, sobbing, hugging, and kissing my beautiful teen Master. “Please don’t. Please don’t. Please…”

I had no idea Julian was calmly sitting at his table at McDonald’s, quietly sipping his soda, smiling, and enjoying my misery. I never realized he found me to be his most prized slave and would never let me go. He had the perfect tool to push me into greater, more intense humiliation.

The End

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