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GayTies News for Sunday, October 19, 2014

'The Marco Marco Show' Premieres On World Of Wonder

Couldn't make it to Los Angeles for the 2014 Marco Marco collection show? World of Wonder, the production company behind hits like "RuPaul's Drag Race" and "Million Dollar Listing" has you covered. Designer Marco Marco made waves last year when his 2013 ...
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'Spa Night,' Film About Korean And Queer Identity, Launches Kickstarter

The coming out process is complicated and unique for everyone -- especially when there are familial or cultural tensions involved. What can the experience of coming out be like within the context of a Korean-American family? Filmmaker Andrew Ahn aims to...
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Chase Marie Reflects On Journey As A Transgender Individual

Everyone's story is unique and deserves to be heard, and that's exactly what one student thought when she received an interview video assignment for her class. Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology student Ashli Amador decided to feature her ...
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After Dark: Meet Kayvon Zand, Artist And Nightlife Personality

This is the twenty-third installment in HuffPost Gay Voices Associate Editor James Nichols' ongoing series "After Dark: NYC Nightlife Today And Days Past" that examines the state of New York nightlife in the modern day, as well as the development and prod...
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Catholic Bishops Scrap Welcome To Gays

VATICAN CITY (AP) -- Catholic bishops scrapped their landmark welcome to gays Saturday, showing deep divisions at the end of a two-week meeting sought by Pope Francis to chart a more merciful approach to ministering to Catholic families. The bishops fail...
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Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

The ladies of Twitter were on their A-game while dating this week. We need to take a page out of Gaby Dunn's book of pick up lines after she tweeted, "'You're telling me you made it this far in life without knowing your Hogwarts house?!' - another success...
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Article of the Week

David Walton, the Actor who Plays Gay

David Walton, the Actor who stars as rakishly charming man-child Will Freeman in NBC’s About a Boy — based on the Nick Hornby novel that was made into a Hugh Grant movie — which returns October 14 for a second season. More charming but less childish, the 35-year-old sitcom vet tells us about the boys who can’t take their eyes off of him. But then there was Burlesque.

You played Mark, a gay wedding DJ and Stanley Tucci’s love interest in Burlesque. Yeah, I was supposed to be this fit, younger dude, but Tucci’s totally ripped! I had to wrap myself up in a towel during our morning-after scene because I felt so embarrassed.

You and Tucci had nice chemistry. Was more of that relationship left on the cutting room floor? A lot of that little morning-after scene, which I thought was a pretty good scene, was actually improvised, so there may’ve been a couple moments left out. I just remember us having a lot of fun and that Tucci was a fantastic improviser. I was surprised how funny he is.

Did you notice more gay fans after became an instant camp cult classic? I’ll sometimes get that look from guys, but I don’t necessarily know if they’re fans. To be perfectly honest, I’ve gotten attention from gay men for a long time.

You also played a gay guy named Henry on a Halloween episode of Happy Endings and said, “I can’t wait to see your penis” to a girl mistaken for a drag queen. What a great pickup line, huh? I’m not sure I told my family to watch that one. My 7-year-old nephew may never have recovered if he’d heard me say that.

You avoided swishy stereotypes and played both gay characters as butch. Was that your choice? Well, the big mislead on Happy Endings was that he was hetero, but yeah, it was my choice. I have straight married friends that other friends think are gay, and I have gay friends who don’t throw that vibe at all. I know there’s a full range out there, but I feel that gay men who aren’t flamboyant are underrepresented on-screen.

Were you ever hesitant about taking gay roles? Public perception is obviously important to an actor’s career. When you play a character, especially for a long run on TV, people do think that you are that person, so I get why it’s something an actor might consider. But I’ve taken each gay role that I’ve been offered. I’m two for two and waiting for the third.

What type of gay role would interest you next? I like playing characters who show one thing on the outside but are actually something very different on the inside, so I’d like to play a gay character that no one knows is gay. I think the hiding of that would be interesting to play. If someone writes a part like that, I’d be really into it. Gay or straight, an interesting life is an interesting life.

Will, your character in About a Boy, has befriended Marcus, a precocious preteen who’s bullied because he’s awkward and unathletic. Did you anticipate that the show would resonate with the gay audience? One of my agents is gay, and he and his husband really, truly love the show. He was one of my first friends who really responded to it, so I was aware of that resonance right away. I understand that bullying is a big issue within the gay community.

Did you get teased for being involved in theater? Fortunately, I went to a boarding school where it wasn’t uncool to be into a lot of different things. It was a wonderful place. You could be a star athlete and it was still cool to do theater. At least I thought I was still cool.

Was there a gay scene at your boarding school? Well, there was a lot of hazing way back when I was there, and a lot of hazing tends to be sexual. You’d be a freshman and a senior would jump into your bed buck-naked and start spooning you. You’d be like, “Dude, you’re the captain of the football team. What the fuck is going on?” [Laughs] There were kids I thought might be gay, but no one was out. A good friend of mine, one of my best friends from grades 7 through 12, actually came out much later. We had lost touch, and I just saw him recently. That was interesting. It wasn’t a shock, but I didn’t really see that coming.

What was your introduction to the LGBT community? I had a pretty conservative, WASP-y family in Boston, and it wasn’t the most open and free-spirited of families, but my mom certainly had gay friends. I didn’t fully comprehend the details of that journey while in high school, but then I went to Brown University, where you basically have a transgender a cappella group singing in the archway on your first day. The LGBT community was a powerful force the minute you walked on that campus.

Are there any upcoming LGBT story lines on About a Boy? Your guess is as good as mine. But they can’t do the show without me, so I can threaten to walk off the set unless we get a nice juicy story line that satisfies you guys.

What is your understanding of sexuality? I believe that sexuality is on a continuum. I’m never surprised to hear that a straight man has dabbled or that a gay man used to sleep with women, because sexuality’s the most powerful force on earth. With 1 being the strictest hetero and 10 being a gay person who’d vomit thinking about sleeping with the opposite sex, I feel like the vast majority of people lie between 3 and 7.

Where are you? Maybe 3.

Does anybody raise your number? It used to be Tom Cruise, but now my wife and I are both obsessed with Ryan Gosling. He just does cool stuff and seems incredibly curious about the world, and I want to be like that. On second thought, nevermind, scratch Gosling. Tom Brady, the American football quarterback for the New England Patriots is such a stud. I met him once playing golf and couldn’t stop shaking his hand. I’m like, “Hey, it’s really nice to meet you,” but I made it this weird moment where I wouldn’t look away. He’s a guy who really locks eyes, too, so we had five good seconds of eye lock. Seriously, I’ll never forget it.

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