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GayTies News for Sunday, January 25, 2015

How April DeBoer And Jayne Rowse Became The Focus Of A Landmark Gay Marriage Case

HAZEL PARK, Mich. — On a snowy night in 2011, April DeBoer, Jayne Rowse and their three children were driving in their minivan down a rural road when a truck, attempting to pass another vehicle, came barreling toward them. “At the last second, he swe...
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Martin Luther King Jr. Would Be 'Mortified' By The Gay Marriage Movement, Gary Bauer Claims

Conservative activist and former Republican presidential hopeful Gary Bauer believes that Martin Luther King Jr. would not have supported same-sex marriage rights. "There is nothing in the Constitution of the United States that says that same-sex marria...
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Bobby Jindal Endorses Ted Cruz's Push To Ban Same-Sex Marriage

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) said Sunday he would support an amendment to the Constitution that would enable state legislatures to outlaw same-sex marriage if the U.S. Supreme Court were to overturn various state bans. “If the Supreme Court were to ...
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Transgender Individuals In Italy Share Stories And Photos

When he first realized that he wasn’t interested in playing with dolls or trying on his mother’s makeup, he was seven years old, dressed in lacy pink clothing and at that time regarded as first of four sisters. Forty years have gone by since then. Fou...
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Snooki Of 'Jersey Shore' Will Officiate A Gay Wedding

Same-sex couples who are planning to tie the knot with an unorthodox (but nonetheless well-known) officiant need look no further than the Garden State, as Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is now officially an ordained minister. The "Jersey Shore" veteran, 27, re...
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Ranking 25 Of The Best 'American Horror Story' Characters Ever

"American Horror Story" gives us the chance to watch a cast of actors reinvent themselves each season with some of the most terrifying, ass-kicking and cunning characters on television. But free of good and evil, or amount of screen time, who were the mos...
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Article of the Week

California Judges Barred From Joining Boy Scouts and Other Anti-gay Youth Groups

Another group has been barred from participating in the Boy Scouts of America: California judges.

Following the recommendation of its ethics advisory committee, the seven justices of the Supreme Court of California voted Friday to prohibit judges from participating in nonprofit youth groups like the BSA that discriminate against a class of persons, reports The Bay Area Reporter.

Although the Boy Scouts lifted its ban on gay youth last year, the youth organization still denies membership to gay adult leaders. In 1996 the Supreme Court of California banned judges from becoming members in organizations that practice invidious discrimination, meaning they deny membership to others based on classifications like race, gender, or sexual orientation.

However, an exception was made for youth groups and religious organizations in the California Code of Judicial Ethics, which sets standards of conduct for judges in and out of the courtroom. This exception against youth groups has now been unanimously removed.

“The only remaining exception to the general rule is membership in a religious organization,” stated Fourth District Court of Appeal Justice Richard D. Fybel, chair of the Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on the Code of Judicial Ethics. “One other exception – belonging to a military organization – was eliminated as well, because the U.S. armed forces no longer restrict military service based on sexual orientation,” he added.

The new rule will go into effect January 21, 2016.

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How to Start Online Chat

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