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GayTies News for Friday, August 1, 2014

The 8 Things Gay Men Need to Say Less Often

1. "Dealbreaker": In today's gay world, "dealbreaker" is tossed around so much that it's surprising that anyone manages to find common ground -- and I think I just figured out why half the men I know are single. Musical preference is a potential dealbre...
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How Do You Find Joy After a Positive HIV Diagnosis? This Poet Has an Answer! (VIDEO)

What messages do we send people about being HIV-positive? One of my favorite poets, Timothy DuWhite, explores the concept of finding joy while dealing with reactions from others as he grappled with his own positive HIV diagnosis. Does it challenge your ow...
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Why I'm Absolutely Sure James Franco Is Straight

When I was at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), one of the most legendary campus rumors was that James Franco had once crashed a Halloween house party wearing a mask of his own face. According to the rumor, everyone at the party thought he was ju...
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Ted Olson and David Boies Talk Virginia Gay Marriage Win and More (AUDIO)

This week I was invited to join a media conference call immediately following the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals' favorable ruling in Virginia's Bostic v. Schaefer marriage-equality case. The call was hosted by Adam Umhoefer, Executive Director of the Am...
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'Being Gay Meant Sadness, Illness, and Death' (VIDEO)

I'm From Driftwood is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit archive for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer stories. New stories are posted on the site every Wednesday. What was your first impression of the gay community? For Tom Wicker it was illness, deat...
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Transgender Woman Raped At Immigration Center Should Be Released, Activists Say

By David Schwartz PHOENIX, July 31 (Reuters) - Rights activists called on Thursday for the immediate release of a transgender women allegedly raped by her cellmate at an Arizona immigrant detention center, accusing authorities of refusin...
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The Kinksville story displayed today is one of my favorites. If you want to read the full story now, be a Premium Member or higher. Then click the "Full Story" link.

Article of the Week

Armond White: The Long Day Closes Is The Greatest Gay Film Ever Made

If asked to name the greatest gay film ever made, I’d say, with no hesitation, The Long Day Closes (1992) written and directed by British auteur Terence Davies. It’s the first film explicitly featuring a gay child — and so it is about the innocent essence of all of us. It is also Davies’ self-portrait of his youth in 1950’s Liverpool.

The candor and emotionalism of Davies’ recall makes the movie resonate the most poignant parts of everyone’s gradual growing-up process, but especially that aspect of sexual awareness that comes early in life — though it’s usually confessed only in horny hetero teen movies.

The young Davies character, who his mother and three older siblings call “Bud” (played by 16-year-old Leigh McCormick), is openly infatuated with the movies. (It’s part of that outreach toward show tunes, poetry, dance and fashion familiar to every youth seeking escape from an inverted reality.) Sounds from old films echo throughout The Long Day Closes as influences on Bud’s private emotional life (comedies like The Happiest Days of Your Life convey his hope; musicals like Love Me or Leave Me convey his desire; melodramas like Great Expectations and The Magnificent Ambersons express his tragic sense of doom). But these resonances are also cultural premonitions — the sound clips, as up to date as the sampling in hip-hop records, express an adult knowing of the larger world. They predict Bud’s future and fit both Davies’ personal recall and the outsider status that classically defines gay identity.

Bud’s sense of difference is memorably conveyed in an early scene when he looks outside his bedroom window and sees a shirtless, dark-curly-haired bricklayer who returns his glance with an inviting wink. The flirtation is devastating. Bud’s shrinking reaction to it is a powerful illustration of that self-conscious moment when a gay person’s first rush of affection makes them realize their uniqueness. The crushing beauty of The Long Day Closes is that it confirms what feels unique is, in fact, universal.

In the years since the American release The Long Day Closes in 1993, no other movie dealing with gayness has come close to that moment of self-recognition. (Only André Téchiné’s 1985 Wild Reeds can match it.) Yet watching The Long Day Closes in this new millennium in Criterion’s new Blu-Ray DVD restoration does not throw one back to dark days of closeted self-loathing. The film is existentially liberating, rich with Davies’ emotional embrace of his family, community, and the experiences that comprise his growing up. The embrace is overwhelming precisely because it does not exclude sorrow, loneliness, homophobia, or racism but includes it all as a realization of an intelligent gay consciousness.

The Long Day Closes is a world away from the P.C. acceptance of troubled gay youth half way out the closet as flaunted in TV’s Glee series, and that gives the movie its special relevance. Davies’s tribute to pop culture and use of pop songs is hard won because it’s personal — the language of private feeling. His “Tammy” sequence, where Bud feels betrayed by his best friend then consoles himself by thinking of Debbie Reynolds’ 1958 Top Ten hit, uses the song as the soundtrack for a montage of his mundane rituals (school, church, the movies). It is one of the magnificent moments in all of cinema.

Armond White (born 1953) is a New York-based film and music critic known for his provocative and idiosyncratic film criticism, which some have characterized as contrarian. He is currently the editor of CityArts, for which he also writes articles and reviews. He was previously the lead film critic for the alternative weekly New York Press (1997–2011) and the arts editor and critic for The City Sun (1984–1996).

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